Pull push technique

The Push Pull Method of Flirting (Examples + Research)

Push Pull is one of the most stimulating flirting techniques out there, but how effective is it?

Our brains love contradiction, I mean… even the opening line of this article was a contradiction posed as a question.

Strangely enough, many women are great at the push pull technique without even trying, but because many guys come off desperate or needy, it takes some practice to even become adequate at this technique. 

What is it?

Push Pull is defined as “Saying something nice and dove tailing it with something mean or saying something mean and dove tailing it with something nice.

You might be asking, “What is the Push Pull Technique?”: 

  • Push: Expressing disinterest in a girl. 
  • Pull: Expressing interest in a girl. 
  • PushPull: Expressing interest, then disinterest to increase attraction.

So in this video (and article), I’m going to teach you how to show interest, which is also called the pull; and how to show disinterest, which is also called the push. I’ll also give you some examples and explain some expert opinions on the effectiveness of it.

Many people think the push pull technique is a style of flirting where you can just memorize lines, but to effectively attract a girl through interest and disinterest, you must cater the style to the girl you are using it on, which means you must do some research or already have a good foundation of attraction – which you can learn from taking my Psychology of Attraction course. 

Push/pull is a very difficult skill, with a very simple process which can make you lose the girl entirely. So when you think about using any of these, be sure that it won’t come off as if you’re an idiot. 

Think of this style of flirting as hanging a toy in front of a cat. If you hold the toy in front of the cat, they won’t go after it – in fact if you lay it on the ground they won’t even look twice, but if you dangle it and pull it back right when they swat at it, creating movement… they’ll go crazy and want the toy even more.  

Lets move on to ways to show interest, or how to pull a girl. If you’re interested, I’ve also written an entire article on ways to get a girl to like you!

How to “Pull” a Girl you like

So you can obviously compliment her in a physical manner. Say something about her hair, her smile, the dress she is wearing, something about how she looks. The catch to this is that it’s very surface level but it’s also very easy. Anyone can complement someone else based on their physical appearance. 

Mention something you like about her

The next thing you can pull a girl in is by talking about a characteristic you have noticed. Maybe you did you research and know she likes to dance, ask her for a dance. Perhaps she’s really good at mixing drinks, or is amazing at decorating cakes. You gotta know something about her characteristics to complement her on these. These are a level deeper than just physical, but you should have met her once or twice. A cool psychological trick is to mention something you both like to do – because we automatically like people who like the things we like, something else I explain in full in my new course. Maybe she likes to ride horses, say that you grew up on a farm and loved riding them too. 

“Haven’t I seen you before?”

Another way to pull her in is to mention that maybe you’ve seen her before, or have heard of her from a friend. “Are you the girl that won first place in the marathon?” “Are you related to John Doe?” and maybe even “My friend said you could paint better than anyone he’s ever seen, is this true?” Basically, you can pull someone in by relating their world to your world somehow. Find a connection between you two and execute on it to go in for the approach and pull. 

There’s also nonverbal cues to pull a girl in. The most obvious is body language. Keep your body language open, which means don’t cross your arms, make sure your feet stay pointed towards her, and stay close in proximity. Basically give her the opportunity to approach you. 

Eye Contact

Eye contact is probably the most important non-verbal cue simply because one 7 second glance is sometimes the most attractive thing you can literally do. There’s studies that prove this. Just look at her and smile if she looks back. Hold the eye contact for a just a little bit longer than when you start to feel awkward and attraction just happens. I explain why and give more details in my course, but to keep it short – just remember eye contact is important. 

Finger Gestures

A lesser known cue is to simply look at the girl you are trying to flirt with and make the “come here” motion with your hands. This is literally pulling her in. An alternative is to look at her and make a phone out of your hand like you’re saying “call me”. 

How to “Push” a Girl you like

You can show disinterest by pointing out something physical about the person you’re talking to. This is hard because you can offend someone super easily. You know “I think you’re really cute but it’s too bad you’re not my type. High Heels, I mean really?” I would avoid using these, but I’ll give some push examples in a little bit. 

Use a Time Restraint

Another way to push her away is to add a time restraint. This is basically just limiting the time you are in conversation with her by saying you have somewhere else to be. Say you’re in a good conversation, but you interrupt it “I told my friends I’d meet them 5 minutes ago, I have to leave!” or something like “As fun as it is talking to you, I really need to go switch my laundry”. By pulling away from her, you are essentially pushing her away by committing to an alternative activity.

Restricted Request

Restricted Request is basically asking her to do something, but adding a clause, or a string to the gesture. “I’ll give you my phone number, but you have to promise not to text me right away or call me too much”. Another example is like “Want to go to a concert tomorrow? You have to promise not to embarrass me though, I’ve heard you can be wild” The idea is to ask for something, but add a relevant joke or restriction to the asking that pushes her away.

Look Away

One simple way of pulling away is to just look away, look at something else. Look over her shoulder like there’s something there you’re interested in, or maybe look at outside or at someone else.

Closing your body language

It’s easy to push her away just with your body language. Point your toes away from her and towards the closest exit if you’re in a building. Cross your arms like you’re upset, and even make the anger microexpression if you missed my video on it. Make some space between you two, and even grab something to create a barrier. 

Examples of Push Pull Flirting

  • Hug her and then say “Ok, that’s enough” physically pushing her a little bit
  • Get away from me, I can’t have you around. You’re way too cute and tempting
  • If I was into brunettes, I would be all over you
  • I get the feeling you spend a lot of time in the library.
  • If she cuts you off or interrupts you, “Did you just cut me off again? I’m going to have to teach you some manners.”
  • You blink a lot.

Many girls will say this method is rude and not authentic, according to my own personal survey, Reddit comments and many other sources. In fact, tons of people say the Push Pull Dating Technique is quite unreliable. Check out how it works in texting:

Remember that if you do end of picking up a girl with this method, she might have a tendency to need attention – because girls who respond well to this type of flirting enjoy attention otherwise they wouldn’t “chase” you when you pushed them away. 

Imagine if someone did the same to you. You’re in a business situation and the guy goes, “Well, we think we can pay you this year, but we also need a new copy machine”. It happens all the time, not that rude, and it’s quite effective in negotiations, but how does it make you feel in the relationship?

What about if a girl did this to you? “You’re cute, but you look like my brother”.

Well, that’s okay you might say. “My brother also killed 3 women and is currently serving life, but you definitely have his smile!”. Yeah… see? There’s a line, and if you cross it you can kiss your chance goodbye instead of kissing her.  

There’s also a few differences between emotional vs physical push pull. In one example, you can pushpull a girl without ever physically touching her: “Hey, that’s a beautiful dress, too bad your shoes don’t match”. While there is also physical push pull when you physically pull her in to hug her, but then push her away in the middle of the hug. You could say something like “You’re not the best hugger”.

Scientific Research

I wasn’t able to find very much academic research on the effects of push-pull flirting, however there was one particular study that showed some interesting results. 

In a study titled “The Ups and Downs of Dating”, researchers found that fluctuations of security in the early days of a relationship was really, really bad.

It stated “Individuals who exhibited greater fluctuation in their repeated satisfaction ratings were more likely to be in relationships that eventually ended” and also “they had relatively lower commitment”.

Basically, you may be able to get her using manipulation, specifically using the withdrawal of affection, but you won’t be able to keep them.

So I’d say long-term push pull doesn’t work – I’d say it’s best to keep this style of flirting as a teasing method. If you want to learn more about attraction girls, and some pickup methods that are actually really helpful and lay a foundation of a great long-term relationship, check out my Psychology of Attraction course in the sidebar! Hope you guys enjoyed this video and learned something!

6 Powerful Push-Pull Attraction Techniques With Examples

In this guide, you’ll learn 5 of the most powerful push-pull attraction techniques to make women obsess over you. This psychological technique is so powerful that it has been criticized by some for being too manipulative. Make sure to use it for good and not evil 😉 

To effectively use the push-pull attraction techniques listed below, you first need to understand what you’re trying to achieve and why it’s so powerful.  

So, let’s get into that right now. 

What Is Push-Pull?

Push-Pull is two actions, which metaphorically pull someone closer to you and push them away. A nice action combined with a nasty one, essentially. A push-pull can be verbal or it can be a physical action. 

The push-pull technique is an old and OG concept that arose from the old-school pick-up artist community. The idea of push and pulling simultaneously is to create interest and ambiguity that women find attractive. It can be expressed verbally or non-verbally. You can “push” by demonstrating more attention and interest. You can “pull” by disqualifying yourself as a potential partner.

There are different degrees of push and pulling. You can do it verbally, non verbally, or a combination of both. If you wish to use it effectively, then understanding when you need to push and when you can pull is going to contribute a lot to your success. If you do it right, you can even get women to push on you hard.

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How To Perform A Push-Pull Correctly   

The push and the pull need to occur in quick succession to have the biggest impact on the other person.

Your push doesn’t need to be too harsh. While a hard push can be really effective on some low self-esteem women, it’s a tightrope you don’t need to walk. Most emotionally healthy women will walk away if you push them too hard - and if you’re rude about it - that’s a great way to get a drink thrown in your face. 

One final tip: don’t ever dwell on a push-pull. 

If you stare waiting for her to react, she’ll sense that you’re just saying things to get a reaction from her. That’s a turn-off. It’s better to do what you’re going to do, then change the topic like it was no big deal.  

Why Does Push-Pull Work? 

A woman makes romantic decisions based on emotions, not logic. If you can make her feel strong emotions, you’ll capture her attention. In most cases, you’ll be more interesting to her than the serious guy who could give her the world. 

The thing is: if you’re just supplying positive emotions, she tends to find this boring and predictable. In this scenario, she knows you can have you. There’s no excitement. There’s no doubt. To her, that’s the dullest love story of all time 

It gets even worse when you consider this is how most guys try to flirt with women. So, actually, it’s like the dullest love story of all time that she’s seen hundreds of times already... 

In most cases, a woman prefers the emotional rollercoaster of not knowing whether she can have a specific man. This is fun and different for her. It makes her want to stay inside the love story that’s brewing because she doesn’t know how it ends.

When she chases your rapport, it makes the catch more satisfying for her. Also, the fact that it’s not easy to win you over communicates that you’re a high-value guy. No one values what comes too easily, after all.  

Yes, it’s highly illogical for her to go for the man that pushes her away. But what did I already tell you? Women make romantic decisions based on emotions, not logic. 

Not a lot of women will admit they do this. But here at Modern LoveSystems, we give advice based on women’s actions not their words. 

The Push-Pull Method: Understanding Where You Stand in Her Eyes

The 'power scale' is a means of understanding where you exactly stand in any interaction with a woman. Is she interested and should continue to push and pull? Or are you pushing too hard and you need some investment from her end (and you need to pull). Or is she already interested and you can pull to generate even more investment to get her to chase?

  • If you haven’t gotten her attention or her interest, then you can try to ‘manufacture it’ by pushing and/ or pulling.
  • If she’s pulling, you can push by ‘giving up some of the power in the relationship’, by outrightly demonstrating affection or interest.
  • If you’re overreaching to a girl, she’s feeling suffocated, you can ‘pull’ to balance the dynamic of the relationship.
  • You can also pull when she’s pushing to attempt to generate more investment when she’s pushing.


Teasing a girl is one of the most effective and easiest manners to demonstrate interest and flirt. In theory, just about any cheeky tease can be considered a push and pull. A tease is negative verbally. However, it’s a positive non verbally. Hence, it’s a ‘push pull’.

Think about it, you only tease your old friends. You tease them ‘negatively’, for example, for their childish or slobbish behavior. However, you also do it as a means of affection. They are alright with it, everybody laughs and it leads to further bonding.

Examples of Push-Pull Lines - Steal my Lines

There are lines you can use in text and/ or in-person:

“You’re so adorably annoying”
“You look interesting” (ambiguity, what the hell is interesting? Is that good or bad? This implies a push pull)
“You were attractive until you said X”
“That’s a great looking dress, I’m not too sure about the shoes though”
“We totally should not be doing this” (done whilst escalating physically on her)
“You’re so hot, but thankfully I’m a moral rock ;)”
“We should totally grab coffee, provided you’re not a psychopath”
"I should totally take your number, provided you're not a secret psychopath that's going to text 27 messages past midnight"
"Aw, you are ridiculously adorable"

Pushes are generally any demonstration of interest and affection. Pulls are generally any demonstration of disinterest or the fact that you are willing to lose the interaction. You get the idea. There are positives and negatives in your actions and statements. You can also combine outright pushes or pulls when the right time calls for it.

5 Of The Best Powerful Push-Pull Attraction Techniques

As we said before, use these techniques to win the attention of the women you like. Don’t use them to be an asshole!

1. Giving and taking attention 

This is one of the most basic forms of push-pull, but it’s also one of the most powerful. 

In a group setting, communicate with everyone around you apart from her. Provided you’re the most fun and outgoing person in the group - and it’s clear that everyone else likes you - this will make her fight for your validation like crazy.  

Once she starts doing that, you can give her a taste of your attention, only to remove it and start focusing on everyone else once again. 

When done correctly, this will make her fight your attention even harder. In the most extreme cases, you can expect her to start acting more sexually or gregariously. Whatever it takes to win your attention. 

Then, when you eventually move her away from the group (perhaps to grab a drink at the bar with you), she’ll be only too happy to oblige. 

2. A conditional invite  

Invite a woman somewhere, then add “but only if” followed by a small hoop for her to jump through. 

Some examples include: 

“I’ll talk you out for wine, but only if you promise to be nice.”

“I’ll introduce you to my friends, but only if you promise not to embarrass me.” 

“You can come back to my place, but only if you’re not mean to my dog.” 

This condition for the invite can and should be easy for her to agree to. It can even be a bit silly. If you treat it seriously and make her promise to meet that condition, this helps to maintain the illusion that maybe you’re not sold on her yet. 

Remember, deep down, women want this illusion to remain in place as long as possible.  

3. Disqualifiers 

Give her a compliment, followed by a reason you can absolutely not hook up.

“I’d totally take you on a date, but I’m washing my hair that weekend.”  

Or you can do it the other way around. 

“If I was into brunettes, I’d be all over you right now.”

Again, the disqualifier can be as illogical and silly as you want. If you treat it like it’s serious, it creates that doubt about your intentions and will make her fight to change your mind.  

4. Back-handed compliments 

Now, we’re really getting into dark territory. 

This is essentially “negging,” which has got a bad rap from a lot of people.

Some examples of back-handed compliments include: 

“Nice dress. A few women here bought that one!”

“You make this cute little face when you laugh. It’s so adorable.”  

The key here is to innocently continue the conversation like you didn’t realize it was a back-handed compliment. Better yet, change the subject so she’s less likely to call you out on it. 

5. Physically push and pull her

You can playfully push her away - or turn your back - when she says something dorky. Then, pull her back close to you and let her know you were only joking. This works well when you’ve already been up close and personal.

There are ways to push and pull whilst flirting physically. This is what pick-up artists call 'calibration'.

You can show direct interest with direct body language and attention (push) and then disqualify using negative body language (pull) and alter them to different degrees depending on where you are at in the interaction.

You can push-pull by escalating physically but disqualifying verbally.  Saying "I should not be doing this" whilst you're making out with her is a push-pull.

Taking her to your place and saying outrightly that you're going to kick her off your bed, is somewhat a push and a pull. You're pushing for sex and simultaneously disqualifying. Groping her intimately and then saying you are "not supposed to be doing it" is a push-pull. In this example, push-pull can be used as a means to set the right frame for sex to 'just happen'.

Using push and pull physically can be as simple as flirting with her physically (increasing the frequency of touches) and then suddenly dropping it (using negative body language), then escalating it and dropping it. Push-pull ultimately can be used as a means to build sexual tension.

6. Stop kissing before she does 

Not much of an explanation is needed here. When you pull away from the kiss first, that leaves her wanting more. It also allows her to maintain some doubt about how far you’re willing to go with her. You better ensure that doubt remains in her head at least until after she’s back at your place.

If you’re aggressively making out for hours at the bar, then you invite her back to yours, she knows you want to have sex with her. Even if she wants to have sex too, she may feel like a hussy for accepting that invite.  

But what if you share a tiny kiss, then pull away? Then, you invite her back for a drink at yours...   

Now, she’s still a bit unsure about what might happen - and for that reason, she can justify going back without feeling slutty.

How to Get Good at Push and Pull Naturally

So, how can you push and pull in the moment without relying on memorizing lines? To get good at pushing and pulling, you need to get good at the art of improvisation.

This means taking an interest in language and appreciating comedy. You can take up stand-up comedy classes, watch comedians on Youtube or take up improv classes. There are improv tools on the internet where they generate random words and you're forced to improvise off that.

I started bettering my conversations by taking joining improv classes and sooner or later push-pull became natural to me. There's also no need to go crazy on this. In the most fundamental manner, teasing a girl is the most basic push-pull. You're saying something negative but your intentions are positive.


However, there are limitations. I used to over-rely on wit and came off sarcastic in my interactions. You cannot rely on words alone. In the art of seduction. You need guts. Yes, you can calibrate. (if you see her feeling uncomfortable with your advances, you reel back with a 'pull'). However, there's no technical replacement for taking a genuine risk in your interaction. You can’t push and pull your way into kissing her. Kissing her is mostly a matter of just pulling the trigger.

Furthermore, just relying on push and pulling is a horrendous manner to build a genuine and deeper connection. You need to have other conversational skills outside of teasing and coming up with witty push-pull lines. Furthermore, you and I are all here to have awesome relationships with women, it’s not about proving who’s more quick-witted.


Understanding the push pull dynamic and how to implement the lines are only about 10% of the entire equation. These days, I only use them as a means as an end, as a means to spark attraction or generate and interest. I always tell my dating coaching clients that I don't really pay attention to memorizing lines consciously because once you get good at improv, teasing and flirting comes naturally to you. However, nonetheless, it's a good model of understanding where you stand in a relationship.

There are many other facets to generating grounded, lasting attraction such as being able to connect on a deeper level to attempting to better your life. You can’t replace and attractive identity with only push and pull lines.

Push-Pull Program for the Gym

Competent preparation of workouts directly affects the result. At some stage, the body begins to demand diversity and classical methods no longer bring the proper return.

If you are tired of doing regular splits, then the Push-Pull program is perfect for you.

The main idea is to separate pulling and pushing exercises on different days. And to find out more about what it is, how it helps to pump up and how to use it correctly, read on. nine0003

The main principles of the program

Strength training should be built in such a way as to create a harmoniously developed figure and muscle strength indicators.

All types of movements must be used for this. And all of them are in the Push-Pull program.

In total, there are 9 truly basic movements, among which there are paired and unpaired.

Pairs include:

  1. Vertical Press and Row
  2. Horizontal Press and Row
  3. Exercises for the posterior and anterior biomechanical chain (eg deadlifts and crunches)

There is an opposite movement and muscle group for each exercise.


  1. Squats

There is no opposite action for them and both pulling and pushing muscles work here.

  1. Shoulder abduction movements (rear delta, snatch in weightlifting)
  2. Lateral rotation movements of the torso (turns of the body on the press)

An important aspect of the Push-Pull program is that pushing and pulling movements are performed on different days.

The main principle of training is to use comparable amounts of load in paired movements and antagonist muscles (performing opposite movements).

For example, any vertical press exercise requires the same amount of work as the vertical pull.

This is not about one workout, these movements are performed on different days. But in the training cycle, they must be present on an equal footing. nine0003

Not observing the principle of uniform distribution of the load, there is a disproportion of the figure.

Athletes who bench significantly more than they pull are at risk of strong chest and weak back development, resulting in poor posture.

In the Push-Pull program, all the rules for developing body balance are followed. That is why it has become popular and for many effective in working out all the muscles of the body.

Example of push and pull movements

Pushing movements primarily engage the chest, anterior and middle delts, triceps, and quads.

The main exercises for the pushing function are called presses and push-ups. This refers to horizontal, vertical and angled options.

When performing pulling movements, the back, biceps, rear delts, hamstrings and forearms work the most.

The main exercises are pull-ups and various pulls. These include, for example, bent over rows or deadlifts. nine0003

There are also muscles that perform two functions at once. Among them are calves, abs, buttocks and neck.

In order to make a competent scheme, we need to achieve the correct distribution of exercises within each workout.

Program options

Now let's look at the practical application of the program.

Let's start with a two-day split. It is suitable for athletes with a minimum experience of training, who have already managed to master the first steps in the gym.

2 days program

Bench Day:

This program can be done in the usual 3 days per week. It’s just that one week you get 2 pull workouts, and the next week you get 2 push workouts. This alternation will occur throughout the cycle.

For example, on Monday you have bench presses, on Wednesday you have deadlifts, on Friday again bench presses. And on Monday, you start with a day of pulls.

Push-Pull with separate leg day

The classic program according to this principle is designed for 3 workouts per week and divides the muscles according to their functions. Nevertheless, in practice, several schemes and variations of such training are used at once. nine0003

Consider a split of 3 days, in which the pulling and pushing muscles are divided into two days, and the legs are placed on a separate day.

Many people find it more efficient to do one workout exclusively for the lower part, but keep the push-pull principle for the upper part.

So, on the first day, we put the back, rear deltas and biceps, as pulling, the second is carried out for the legs, and on the third, we pump the pectoral, frontal deltas and triceps as pushers.

This system is a classic. The program option is suitable for a person with little experience. nine0003

Monday - Pull:

4 days program

Full body program, designed for two days of pulling and the same number of pushing. The legs are trained here along with all muscle groups.

For example, on the first day we have chest, front delts, triceps, legs (pushing exercise), calves and abs.

On the second day again legs (pulling), back, biceps, forearms and abs.

On the third and fourth days, repeat the push and pull workout, but this time add the middle delta to the first session and the rear delta to the second session. nine0003

We also divide abdominal exercises according to the same principle of pushing (twisting) and pulling (hanging leg raises).

Monday - Bench:

There is another option that is designed for four days. This scheme is already more advanced and is very similar to a regular split.

In it, we put the chest and triceps on the same day, after them come the legs, then the deltas in a separate workout and back with biceps on the fourth day.

At the end of each workout, we do the press. The program is designed for a more experienced athlete with experience from one to one and a half years. nine0003


In essence, push-pull training can be done in a full body or split style. In this program, we are primarily attached to the functions of muscle groups.

It is important to use the correct proportion in all schemes. For example, if we do three movements on the chest, then the same number on the back. The same goes for the quads and hamstrings, biceps and triceps, as well as the front and middle deltas against the back.

There should be an equal number of pushing and pulling exercises per program. At the same time, harmoniously select repetitions and weights. nine0003

The disadvantage of such training can only be excessive for some athletes.

If the workout stretches for more than 60-75 minutes, then it makes sense to remove some movements, observing all the principles.

Having analyzed the program, we come to the conclusion that it is excellent for building muscle mass. Its undoubted advantage in adapting to each individual. So be sure to try this system in your workouts. Perhaps this is just what you lacked for progress! nine0003

Upper body workout: push-pull principle.

The main and very significant reason for the effectiveness of this upper body training technique is that it includes two powerful exercises for the back and chest muscles, combined in a superset.

Whether your goal is to build muscle, get stronger, or shed excess fat, the push-pull combo is a great tool for all of the above. nine0003

The legendary Arnold used supersets, chest + back in his workouts, which helped him build mountains of muscles on his torso. It is this principle, pull - push, combining exercises for the pectoral muscles and back muscles.

Also, this technique is a very effective pastime, because in a relatively short period of time it will allow you to perfectly work out the muscles, achieve their density and, subject to a balanced diet, also relief.

During training, the agonist and antagonist muscles are worked in supersets, allowing your pushing muscles to rest while you train your pulling muscles and vice versa. nine0003

In other words, when the agonist muscle contracts, the opposing antagonist muscle relaxes. This in turn allows you to use the optimal weight to increase muscle growth.

In a pull-push combination, a large number of muscle fibers are involved at the same time, resulting in a good surge of growth hormone, increased blood flow to the muscles

If you are looking for an increase in muscle mass in the upper body, and you want to save time, the pull-push combination is for you. nine0003

In my opinion, the best pull-push combo is flat bench press and wide grip chin-ups.

If you want to combine these two movements in the gym, or you're just not in the mood for a long, detailed upper body workout, or don't know where to start, this principle is what you need to get your torso under pressure.

It's not an easy task in and of itself to do as many reps, bench presses and pull-ups as possible. nine0003

Explanation of push-pull training.

1. Set your clock timer to 30 minutes and try to complete as many sets and reps as your strength and muscular endurance will allow.

2. Load the barbell with a weight that you can lift 10 times and not more than once.

3. On pull-ups, simply use your body weight or add weight if you are pulling up more than 15 times.

4. On the press, make sure you perform each rep through a full range of motion, fully extending your arms but keeping your elbows engaged and the bar touching your chest, but not rebounding. nine0003

5. On a pull-up, rise until your chin is over the bar and lower yourself until your arms are fully extended. No half movements.

6. Leave at least one rep under each set, work not to failure, this will give you less time to rest and the ability to perform more repetitions in each subsequent set.

Let's say you press the bar 10 times, squeeze consciously - 9. Failure occurs when you are no longer able to approach the projectile and perform at least one repetition. nine0003

7. Add up the total number of full reps you were able to complete with a full range of motion and try to increase that number the next time you do this workout.

8. It also works great as a cardio workout without the use of additional cardio equipment.

9. Train like this twice a week and + one leg workout. A split might look like this:

Week - 1

Day - 1 pull - push

day - 2 legs, press

day - 3 pulls - Tokai

Week - 2

Day - 1 Leg

Day - Bushing

Day - 3 legs

Training, Tyani - Push.
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