The Supervision Initiative

TWI offers professional issue focused supervision and consultations that are designed to be an addition to existing professional support and aimed at increasing overall capacity for proactive, confident and professional workforce/team, not afraid of meeting the challenges and demands of service delivery and productivity.

TWI is aware of how important supervision and consultation can be to the Clinical Practitioner, Team Manager, Managing Director or CEO in order to understand and achieve targets and positive outcomes

The TWI Supervision Initiative aims to: –

• Offer additional support (expertise) to the Clinical Practitioner, Team Manager, Managing Director or CEO to add to their existing skills and knowledge.

• Be a supportive role to the clinical practitioner, Team Manager, Managing Director or CEO who has responsibilities for practical and human resources.

The TWI Supervision Initiative provides

• Consultation and diagnostic assessment of the issues, needs and concerns

• Professional Proactive Support – This means TWI are involved in a real and lived way

• Advice and information –

• Input about issues relating to the ecological, psychological, emotional and relational well-being of end users, practitioners, teams,   companies and organisations

• Therapeutic formulation of significant issues, themes and advice on strategies for effective support.

• Sign posting to services/practitioners/resources that have a focus/expertise on the needs of your business concern.

• Support advice and information on clinical, practical, supervisory and training issues relating to the needs of you, your teams and your company.

TWI is very aware that the twenty first century Manager, Director and Executive will have responsibility for the management and productivity of people and resources, with their inherent complex systemic, psychological, emotional and relational concerns.

There are a number of Supervision Initiatives allowing you to choose what is right for you:

Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is part of what we do and who we are. The Wright Initiative supports students, counsellors, psychotherapists, social care, health professionals and educationalists

Your minimum commitment is 12 times a year where, together, we address different issues, themes, concerns of your professional work or any other aspects of what you want to discuss on a monthly basis.


“… a very comfortable supervision for me.”

Personal Supervision – for you the employee

If you feel that you are not supported in your working or personal life The Wright Initiative has the answer: Personal Supervision giving you the opportunity to discuss your relational, psychological & emotional wellbeing as you meet the demands of your executive position.

You will have an initial assessment so that you can see and recognise what you need. We will then offer you a dedicated Supervision program that fits into your busy life.

We will show you how to embrace and accept change within the company giving you more confidence in both yourself and the company.

Professional Supervision  – for your business

This Initiative is for both businesses and senior management, be it whole teams or one to one supervision where we work with HR to look at your employees addressing any specific needs your business has.

We also offer Professional Supervision to senior management showing you the importance of you and your teams’ emotional, relational and psychological wellbeing within a business environment.  By introducing Professional Supervision into your business it will increase productivity as well as profits.

The Wright Initiative will perform an initial assessment and we will then present our findings with your dedicated Supervision program.

The Professional Initiative is here to support you and your business call 0115 8890 330 or visit our contact us page

We are with you every step of the way