The Wright Initiative Team

Here at TWI we believe that no one operates/functions in isolation, even when it looks and feels this way. We acknowledge the importance of the environments we occupy and come from, our families and significant relationships and the workspaces we regularly attend. When we say “we are with you every step of the way”, we mean it, to get you to where you need to be and for you to discover what is right for you rather than what is easy for everyone else

Mr Norman Wright MSc Int Psych. Dip Clin Sup. Dip SW.

team2Integrative Psychotherapist

Having  trained at SPTI achieving a Master of Science Degree and being honoured with the Mairi Evans award, my perspective and concern for individuals, families, teams and companies is firstly, to enable them to find a language for and appreciate those known and unknown aspects that get in the way of having quality nurturing relationships. Further, my focus is on increasing their functioning with themselves, others and the experiences they have in their lives. My approach to providing therapeutic support and raising emotional literacy is by facilitating and encouraging individuals to face each moment of living experience as openly and freshly, without the restrictions from earlier ingrained conditioning about self and others. Further, my approach reflects principles of self-identity, self-knowledge, self-actualisation, self-autonomy, personal responsibility interdependence and change in relationship with self, others and the environments we exist in.

As a psychotherapist and Clinical Director I provide private therapeutic support, advice and consultation for individual adults, couples, children and families, teams and companies for a variety of psychological, emotional, relational issues and concerns, alongside providing clinical and teaching supervision for the psychotherapist, trainee, social care, health, education and business managers and executives.

My experience as a psychotherapist in the role of a link tutor on a BSc programme, Vice Chairperson and independent panel member to fostering and adoption panels, and consultant to social care, health, education and cosmetic/aesthetic professionals has encouraged me to develop, coordinate and implement proactive assessments, programs and approaches that appreciate engage and facilitate groups and individuals in a variety of settings towards healthy, supportive interactions with themselves others and the world around them. The core strengths and attributes which I have acquired, I use to enable the student, the trainee, the client, the couple, the family, team or organisation to identify needs, discover potentials and achieve goals within a holistic and integrated view and sense of themselves and their surroundings.

I draw upon my Humanistic view of humanity and knowledge of Humanistic Person Centred and Integrative concepts, approaches and perspectives to help me enable others to discover their needs and what gets in the way of healthy functioning, interactions and experiences.

As an Integrative Psychotherapist I aim to bring together the emotional, psychological, cognitive, behavioural, and physiological systems within a person. In addition to this, I recognise the social and transpersonal aspects of the varied systems the individual is related and connected to. These are utilised within a perspective of human development in which the ‘crossroads’ in people’s lives intensifies developmental needs, sensitivities, crises, and opportunities for new learning and change. This is achieved by sensitive inquiry, curiosity and attuning to an individual, family, team, business narrative (script) of experience with the aim of reducing the defence mechanisms that inhibit contact with oneself, others and the situations we experience regularly. This is achieved also, within an ethical framework that places confidentiality, safety and discretion of ‘clients’ as paramount.

In the spirit of integration, TWI and I are committed to promoting and championing the personal growth in the Individual, the family, team, the business and the therapist themselves, within an ethical framework. I also support the ethical obligation on integrative psychotherapists to engage and dialogue with colleagues from diverse orientations and disciplines. This is in order to inform and remain informed of developments in the field, by way of teaching counselling and psychotherapy at post graduate level, providing clinical supervision to trainees, therapists, psychotherapist’s, social care, health education professionals and developing ‘unplugged’ senior practitioner CPD workshops and inter – disciplinary CPD workshops.

Samantha Tayor – Practice Manager

Samantha has over ten years experience managing cosmetic clinics across the UK as well as 24 years in PR and marketing. She spent 5 years working with Consultant Forensic Psychiatrists both within the public & private sectors & placed social care workers into facilities for local health authorities for 3 years.

In her work Samantha manages the day to day running of the practice, the team, clients and the Initiatives. She is here to ensure that the practice runs smoothly offering our clients a serene, calm and safe environment.