What We Do


Norman, with his highly experienced and professional team  offer a range of bespoke therapeutic support , strategies, packages and approaches tailored to your busy lifestyle:

The Wright Initiative embraces an attitude towards the individual, family, team, organisation or company that affirms their inherent differences, diversity and uniqueness. TWI champions an approach that unifies, responds appropriately and effectively to the individual at the emotional, relational, psychological, behavioural, and physiological levels of functioning, as well as addressing the spiritual dimension of life.

Bespoke ERP Support Initiative – Designed around YOU

TWI offers bespoke brief and focal sessions that look at your current and recent events, transitions, changes, concerns and issues as well as longer term sessions to explore more chronic, deep rooted and recurring ERP issues and concerns.

The Wright Initiative’s core model is a bespoke Emotional, Relational & Psychological (ERP) approach, which considers the person as an integrated whole that is connected to and co-exists with themselves, significant people in their lives and the environments they occupy.

TWI works with and supports you by offering bespoke session plans that meet with your specific requirements.

The ERP Support Initiative is brief and focal, solution focused, time limited and uses techniques to help you explore and discover what the core concerns are around your presenting issues. The aim of the ERP Support Initiative is to assist in identifying the ERP well-being in relation to your issues.

Your ERP Support sessions are designed with, around and for you. During your initial 90 minutes assessment you will be encouraged to engage with your UKCP registered Psychotherapist. Together, you will looking at and explore the consequences of your presenting issues on your ERP. You will have a further six 60 minutes sessions that progresses you towards an identifiable, achievable and satisfactory outcome that fits with your needs and expectations.


Our team of UKCP registered Psychotherapists works with and values you as a unique and inter-connected human being, to realise your uniqueness whilst supporting you in accepting your uniqueness and locating your potential to know what you need and how you might get those needs met.

Through the exploration of your own thoughts and feelings about your experiences, The ERP Support Initiative approach presents opportunities for you to increase your awareness of who you are, how you relate to yourself, others, the world you live in and assists you in understanding what improves and what limits you in your experiences and relationships. At TWI our Psychotherapists support you in your personal development towards acceptance of who you are, acknowledgement of your needs, your healing and the realisation of your journey of self-discovery in a holistic, ethical non-judgmental context.


The questions and thoughts below, we might all ask ourselves at some point in our lives;

  • Overwhelmed and distressed by thoughts and feelings from recent and current events and relationships?
  • Feeling lonely and isolated in my professional role?
  • Finding it a challenge to balance my personal and professional responsibilities?
  • About to experience significant changes? Divorce. New job.  Redundancy.  Starting University…….
  • I am considering or have had a non-elective procedure?
  • Feeling uncertain about consequences of recent decisions you have made ?
  • Am I prepared for my Children to be leaving home?
  • Have I finished grieving for a loved one?.
  • Do I have any concerns about relocating?
  • Overwhelmed and distressed by thoughts and feelings from recent and past events and relationships?
  • Is there unfinished business in my life?
  • I feel as though I am not achieving my potential.
  • Feel as though it is time to make changes in my life, but find it hard to change?
  • Always making changes but I still feel and think the same?
  • Seeking better satisfying relationships without repeating past suffering?

It is okay. These thoughts and feelings are part of every day living. TWI are here to support you in finding your solution. We are with you every step of the way.


  • Bespoke ERP Support Initiative
  • The Drop In Initiative – support that fits in with your busy schedule
  • PaPPS Initiative dedicated and focused based support for patients
  • Personal ERP Support –  for you when you need it
  • Couples Therapy with a difference
  • Clinical and Personal Supervision
  • CPD Workshops
  • The Professional Initiative – support for both you and your business

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