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Take a personality test - Open Source Psychometrics Project

This website provides a collection of interactive personality tests with detailed results that can be taken for personal entertainment or to learn more about personality assessment. These tests range from very serious and widely used scientific instruments popular psychology to self produced quizzes. A special focus is given to the strengths, weaknesses and validity of the various systems.

Recommended tests

Big Five Personality Test: The general consensus in academic psychology is that there are five fundamental personality traits. This model is assumed in most personality research, and is the basis of many of the most well regarded tests employed by psychologists who maintin close connections with academia. The "big five" tend to not be popular in consumer focused personality assessment or self-help because to many people the feedback of the model seems relatively basic. This test uses public domain scales from the International Personality Item Pool.

Statistical "Which Character" Personality Quiz: This tool will compare your answers to a database of 2,000 fictional characters. The database is made by crowd-sourcing ratings of the characters, and the goal is to match people to characters they will agree are similar to them using techniques from recommendation engines. There also is a peer report verison, which is even more advanced. And a version for couples.

Other tests

Fisher Temperament Inventory: The FTI is general measure of personality that traces human behavior back to the function of the neurotransmitters in the brain. It categorizes people into one of four temperaments, each of which is associated with specific neuro-chemicals.

Inventory of Phonetic Associations (Experimental): Humans are biased towards making associations between sound and meaning in specific ways that appear to be consistent across cultures. This test measures how strongly you show the typical bias, and explores what that means. Research has indicated that individuals with autism show less of this bias than neurotypicals.

Firstborn Personality Scale: This test was desgined to produce the maximum possible difference between scores of first-born (oldest) and later-born children. It correlates with birth order more than any other self-report scale, but the correlation is still extremely small because most of the common claims about the effect of birth order on personality are exaggerated and wrong.

Analog to Multiple Broadband Inventories: Most personality tests ask the same kind of questions, they just organize their results in different ways. This one computes all the scores you would likely get if you took 8 different well regarded personality tests, from just one bank of items.

Multidimensional Introversion-Extraversion Scales: The idea of introversion and extraversion is one of the oldest and most well known ideas in personality psychology. The evidence indicates that people can mean several different things when they describe themselves as an introvert or extravert, so the trait of introversion-extraversion should actually be broken down into a couple different, though related, traits.

Open Extended Jungian Type Scales: The system of personality types proposed by Carl Jung (1921) and later refined by C. Myers and I. M. Briggs has become an extremely widely used personality theory in self-help, business management, counselling and spiritual development contexts, but it is not commonly used in academic research where, like all type theories, it is treated skeptically. The system produces 16 personality types on the basis of four dichotomies and is the system used in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and Keirsey Temperament Sorter instruments, among many others. The OEJS is a free and open source measure of the four dichotomies which yields an equivalent result to the usual tests.

OSPP Enneagram of Personality Scales: The Enneagram of Personality is a system of nine personality types organized by a geometric diagram. It has been promoted as a spiritual and self-help tool by many authors and there exist several different popular tests of Enneagram type. The OEPS was developed by this website and reflects the average idea of what each type is in the population of on-line Enneagram enthusiasts.

Zodiac-sign Associated Personality Scales: The ancient practice of astrology connects the way a person is to their date of birth. This survey will determine if your personality matches the stereotypes for your astrological sign.

Multifactor General Knowledge Test: A test of general knowledge measuring four facets of general knowledge.

Artistic Preferences Scale: Rate paintings to find out what your preferences are for art in terms of style and content.

Full Scale IQ Test: An IQ Test measuring across the full spectrum of human abilities.

Woodworth Psychoneurotic Inventory: Often cited as the first personality test, the WPI was developed by the United States military during World War I to screen for recruits at high risk of developing shell shock. Finished too late to be put to such use, the WPI instead found its place as the dominant self-report personality measure in academic psychological research during the 1920s and 30s, but has mostly been forgotten since then.

Nonverbal Immediacy Scale: This scale measures individual differences in the use of body language in communication.

Evaluations of Attractiveness Scales - Male / Female: The EMAS and EFAS measure individual differences in preferences for the looks of men and women respectively.

IIP RIASEC Markers: The Holland Codes (the acronym RIASEC refers to the six Holland Codes) is a typology of occupations that groups jobs into six categories and describes the different personality characteristics of people who are inclined towards each category. Since its developed by John L. Holland in the 1950s the theory has become dominant one in the field of career counselling and it has been incorporated into most of the assessment you might take at a university career planning centre. The RIASEC Markers from the public domain Interest Item Pool were developed by James Rounds and colleagues in 2008 for use in psychological research.

Short Dark Triad: The "dark triad" is a name for three personality traits that are commonly seem as malicious or evil: narcissism, machiavellianism and psychopathy. The study of these three traits together as the dark triad became popular in the 2000s. In 2011, Delroy Paulhus and Daniel Jones published the Short Dark Triad (SD3) as a single short test to measure all three traits at once.

Protestant Work Ethic Scale: There is sociological theory that Northern European countries developed faster in the industrial revolution than southern ones because of the additudes towards work promoted by Protestantism (versus Catholicism). This idea has been taken by some psychologists who believe that individuals can have different levels of Protestant work ethic.

Nerdy Personality Attributes Scale: A measure of personality attributes that distinguish those who call themselves nerds from those that do not.

Open DISC Assessment Test: The DISC personality model is a system that divides people into four personality types. The model is promoted commercially by several different orginizations for use in the workplace.

Four Temperaments Test: If you had asked a well educated western person in 1850 to describe themselves, they would have responded using the language of the four temperaments, an extension of the ancient four humours theory of medicine to personality by Greek physician Galen (129–216 AD). The four temperaments as the accepted way to describe personality was vanquished by the development of psychology after 1900, but recently they have seen a resurgence and been promoted in spiritual and self-help contexts.

Cattell's 16 Personality Factors Test: In the 1940s Raymond Cattell proposed a model of human individual differences with 16 factors based on a statistical study of responses to personality questionnaires. Cattell's model has never been widely accepted and his statistical analysis that revealed 16 factors has never been successfully replicated, but the test he produced, the 16PF Questionnaire, has been very popular in applied psychology like contexts such as counselling and human resources. This test uses the public domain scales from the International Personality Item Pool that were developed by Lewis Goldberg to be equivalent to the 16PFQ.

Rosenberg Self-esteem Scale: Developed in the 1960s by Morris Rosenberg for a study of adolescent self image the RSES has become the most widely used general purpose measure of self esteem in psychological research.

Survey of Dictionary-based Isms (SDI-46): The SDI is a measure of sociopolitical attitudes developed by Gerard Saucier. Its name references the fact that it was derived from searching the dictionary for words describing different philosophies (which often end in "ism", e.g. liberalism, hobbism), which were then reduced down to underlying factors with statistical analysis. The SDI-46 revision was published in 2013.

Open Hemispheric Brain Dominance Scale: A measure of left-brain/right brain thinking, a scientifically discredited but still popular idea.

Generic Conspiracist Beliefs Scale: A measure of belief in conspiracy theories.

Exposure Based Face Memory Test: Measure of face memory and face blindness.

Vocabulary IQ Test: Vocabulary test giving an IQ score like result.

Nature Relatedness Scale (NR-6): The NR-6 measures the strength of an individual's psychological connection to nature, something that is presumed to be psychologically healthy.


All of these tests are provided for educational and entertainment uses only. They are not clinically administered and as such the results are not suitable for basing important decisions off of. These tests are also not infallible, if the results say something about you that you don't think is true, you are right and it is wrong.

Create personality and Buzzfeed-like quizzes with SnowQuiz

Until now, you've been able to use SurveyNuts to create beautiful surveys and questionnaires that you can embed on your website or short surveys.

Today (April 2018) we have launched a separate site SnowQuiz dedicated only to creating quizzes! In the past year, quizzes with fascination and fun quizzes have been sweeping the internet on media sites like BuzzFeed. Or as a way for brands to reach their audience on social media. The reason is that, when done right, quizzes provide a way to interact with the community in a simple and refreshing way. nine0003

To create quizzes on SnowQuiz, you must start by creating a standard questionnaire with a series of questions. After the poll is created, you can visit the "Quiz" section on the left side of the admin panel. This page has two main parts.

First, the result profiles.

Quiz Section / Results Profiles

Here you set the types of results that will be displayed once the respondents have submitted their answers. For example, if you put together a quiz titled "Which Superhero Are You?", you can add 4 result profiles for Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. You must select a name and an HTML message for each result profile. The name isn't important because it won't be displayed to the respondent, but it will help set things up in your dashboard. Thus, you should choose a short name, one or two words. The HTML message is the important part. Respondents will see it. You can post a standard text message or add links and images and whatever you see fit. We have an interactive HTML editor which is very easy to use (WYSIWYG / WWWWETCHWP: what you see is what you get). nine0003

Secondly, the "points" system.

Quiz Section / Scoring System

Once the score profiles are set, the scoring system will allow you to assign more points to each answer on your questionnaire. For example, in a superhero questionnaire, if one of your questions is "What color do you prefer?", you can assign 2 points to "black" for the "Batman" profile and 2 points to red for the "Flash" profile and 1 point to red for " Superman (you know because he still has some red in his suit!)0003

The way it works is that after passing the test, SnowQuiz will automatically calculate all the scores assigned to the respondent's answer and display the outcome profile for which they scored the highest.

To create quizzes with SnowQuiz, you need the PLUS plan (prices here). Contact us via email (contact@snowquiz. com) if you would like a 7-day free trial to test the product. You can also use other types of tests, such as quizzes and assessments, to show how many answers the respondent got correctly. nine0003

Start making quizzes and strengthen your brand. As BuzzFeed has shown, when used correctly, quizzes can be a very viral and addictive weapon!

Example of test results (what the respondent sees)



Developed history teacher Zekunova L.V.

Bad one a people that does not remember, does not appreciate and does not love its history. nine0003


Subject Rus, Russia, Russian Empire.

Goals and objectives : repeat and generalize the knowledge of students on the history of the Fatherland with ancient times to the beginning of the XX century, to consolidate ideas about the activities and role of historical figures in history of Russia and encourage students to further penetrate the world history, to continue the formation of an active life position of high school students.

Procedure and quiz rules:

In the game all students are involved. This game is an individual championship.

Game design : name of the game, theme, on the stands are portraits of prominent figures in the history of Russia, historical maps, sayings of famous people.

Topic 1 : The Rurik dynasty.

- O which Russian prince of the 10th century the chronicler said that he walked easily like a leopard, did not take with him tent, no cauldrons, but slept under the open sky, putting a saddle under his head, and warned his opponents before the campaign "I'm going to you." nine0047 (Svyatoslav)

- What the ancient Russian prince, according to legend, hung his shield on the gates of Constantinople? (Oleg Prophetic.)

- Princess, the first female ruler in Rus' and the first to accept Christianity in 957 (Princess Olga.)

- In 988 he baptized the people of Kiev in the waters of the Dnieper River (Vladimir I Svyatoslavovich )

- He paid much attention to education, translation of books, creation of libraries, construction. Seventeen articles of collections of ancient laws of Russian Law belong to the prince. He was in family ties with the royal houses of England, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary. ( nine0047 Yaroslav the Wise.)

- Russian the prince, an experienced military leader, made 83 long-distance campaigns and travels. For a long time secured Rus' from predatory Polovtsian raids. Writer. He was the author several literary works that glorified him for centuries, as well as victory over the Polovtsy. Perhaps most famous is his Teaching to Children. ( Vladimir Monomakh.)

- In the summer of 1097, in the ancient Russian city of Lyubech, on his initiative, a congress was held Russian princes in order to stop internecine strife . (Vladimir Monomakh)

- He himself gained fame at a fairly young age. In his honor was established the order is one of the highest awards of the Russian Empire. In the USSR during the war, in 1942 the order of his name was also established, which was awarded to officers of the Red army for the shown personal courage and ensuring the successful actions of their parts. ( Alexander Nevsky)

- Thanks Moscow was first mentioned to him in the annals, when in 1147 he received his ally - Prince Svyatoslav. nine0047 (Yuri Dolgoruky.)

- Taking Kyiv, he plundered it and, leaving, took with him the shrine of Rus', which became shrine of the Vladimir land - the icon of the Mother of God. (Andrey Bogolyubsky).

- First from Moscow princes received the right to collect tribute from Russian lands in favor of the Horde, and, collecting which, he kept a considerable share for himself, for which he was nicknamed "monetary bag". This is him at the beginning of the 14th century. moved the princely residence to Moscow. (Ivan Kalita.)

- « Ours, - says the chronicle, - they hit many of the squeakers, and the arrows of the Horde fell and no one was hurt. And they repulsed them from the shore, without entering the battle. (Ivan III , 1480 standing on the Ugra River. )

- This is one of the most controversial personalities in Russian history. A talented statesman, a wise reformer and at the same time a bloody a tyrant who plunged his people into chaos of monstrous repressions. His was unhappy. AT three years he lost his father, and at the age of eight he was left an orphan. To their own he retained unkind feelings to his guardians for the rest of his life. nine0047 (Ivan the Terrible)

- be it was simply not enough for Ivan the Terrible to be a tsar. He added this to the title word as a sign of complete independence from the Horde khans. Name this word. (Autocratic)

- Name the city in which Tsarevich Dmitry, the youngest son of Ivan IV, died. (Uglich)

Topic 2 : The Romanov dynasty.

- Since the beginning of which new dynasty, the question “what is higher - church power or royal power” temporarily lost relevance, since the father of the first king from this dynasty, Patriarch Filaret during the reign of Michael the actual ruler of Russia. nine0047 (Romanovs, since Tsar Michael and Patriarch Filaret were the son and father.)

- This tsar from the Romanov dynasty was the first tasted tea in Rus'. (Mikhail Romanov)

- It was he who ordered the creation in Moscow and Petersburg apothecary gardens. (Peter 1)

- Who was the first editor of the first Russian newspaper. (Peter 1)

- Possessing an indefatigable temperament and wild energy, this man tried yourself in a hundred professional and human roles - from a dentist, artilleryman, carpenter and barber to blasphemer and executioner of his own son. It is symbolic that usually not too ceremonious with the fates and even the lives of the people around him, he died from a disease that he caught while saving soldier during the flood. nine0047 (Peter I ) A.S. Pushkin:

- To academician, then hero,

then navigator, then carpenter.

He all-encompassing soul

Na the eternal throne was a worker.


- Who was Peter II to Peter I ( grandson).

- January 12, 1755 (old style), on Tatyana's day, issued a decree on the establishment of Moscow University. ( Elizaveta Petrovna)

- Russian history was taught to young Alexander by M.N. Muravyov, mathematics - Masson, geography and natural science - Peter Simon Pallas, physics - Kraft. AND textbooks for the future tsar were compiled by a very enlightened person, a correspondent Marat, Linnaeus and Grimm, author of the play "Oleg". What was the name of this human? ( Ekaterina II )

- Who named the river Yaik Ural? ( Ekaterina II )

- annexed to the Russian Empire Crimean peninsula? ( nine0047 Ekaterina II )

- Desk book for young Alexander I, by which he was taught to read was "Grandma's ABC. 211 sayings, elementary information and instructive anecdotes". And who was its author. ( Ekaterina II )

- In memory, the era of her reign remained as the era of the power and prosperity of Russia and its main class - the nobility. ( Catherine II )

- The emperor noticed a drunken officer on the clock at the Admiralty and ordered arrest him. However, the officer remarked: "Before you arrest, you must...". After his words, the emperor ordered the officer to be promoted to the next rank, saying: “He, drunk, better than us, sober, he knows his business! What did the officer say to the emperor? ( Officer said: "Before you arrest, you must relieve me, Your Majesty") Who was this emperor? (Paul I)

- Before ascending the throne, he bore the nickname "Russian Hamlet", later he was called the "crowned Don Quixote". Who are we talking about. ( Pavel I)

- Russian emperor, knighted Order of Malta .(Paul I)

- Manifesto, which established a 3-day corvee, as well as forbidding landlords force the peasants to work on weekends and holidays, the emperor signed (who considered herself a knight on the throne), in which the words nation, fatherland, patriot forbidden to use in Russia. (Pavel I .)

- "Nobleman in Russia - only the one with whom I speak and while I speak with him, ”said this emperor. nine0047 (Pavel I .)

- The historian and writer G. I. Chulkov wrote about the emperor: “He had to enter the stage of history, poorly knowing his role. However, others thought that he was then a good prompter - the Russian people. Who was this emperor? (Alexander I)

- The beginning of his reign was marked by the removal prohibition of travel abroad, permission to import foreign literature, a decree on prohibition to print advertisements in newspapers about the sale of peasants. nine0047 ( Alexander I .)

A.S. Pushkin:

- Captain -educated under the drum , Our king was dashing:

under the Austrilian, he fled,

in the twelfth year,

But was fruity professor!

But the hero is tired of the front -

Now he is a collegiate assessor

As for foreign affairs! ( Alexander I)

- topic: "To prove that military service is not the only service of a nobleman, but there are other occupations that are just as respectable and useful for him, "he does not wrote nothing at all, he could not imagine a more absurd statement. Who was this future emperor? nine0047 (Nicholas I)

- On the morning of December 14, he said: "Tonight, maybe both of us there will be more in the world, but at least we will die having done our duty." He survived this day, like his interlocutor, a participant in the Patriotic War, and lived for nearly thirty years. Name it. (Nikolai I)

Commentary 0005 Nicholas I said this phrase, referring to Benckendorff.

- June 25, 1796 Catherine II reported in a letter: "Today at 3 o'clock mother she gave birth to a huge boy ... His voice is bass, and he screams amazingly; long he is an arshin less than two inches, and his hands are a little smaller than mine. In my life for the first time I see such a knight. If he continues as he began, then the brothers will be dwarfs in front of this colossus. "And, indeed, in the history of this "throat knight" entered not only thanks to his command voice. Say his name. nine0047 ( Nicholas I).

- His fate was closely connected with the Decembrist uprising. You can say it life and freedom, because of this rebellion, hung in the balance. Not without dark humor in personal letters he called the Decembrists "my friends on the 14th". Name it. ( Nicholas I).

- He is without a doubt one of the most prominent members of his family. Born on April 17 (29), 1818 (in the same year as Karl Marx), received brilliant home education. Suffice it to say that his mentors were outstanding lawyer M.I. Speransky, the great poet V.A. Zhukovsky, talented financier E.F. Kankrin and many other most respected learned men. nine0047 ( Alexander II )

- For this important reform, he received the name "Liberator" ( Alexander II )

- On the occasion of this emperor in the palace was given a feast. Soup was number one on the menu. The soup was subtext. He was tortoiseshell - a hint of the wish for a long reign. (Nikolai II)

- It was founded in 1721 and named after the FIRST, and found its death in it SECOND. I don't ask you what it's been called since 1924 to 1991, name FIRST and SECOND. ( Catherine I, Nicholas II).

Comment: This Yekaterinburg, named after Catherine I. In it, in 1918, he was shot with with his family the last Russian emperor Nicholas II. In Soviet times, the city was called Sverdlovsk.

Subject 3: Statesmen.

According to rumors, during the days of his meetings with Alexander I, Napoleon proposed to the sovereign to exchange this man for some kingdom. Who was it about? (M.M. Speransky)

- Arrogant temporary worker, and vile and treacherous,

Monarch cunning flatterer and ungrateful friend.

O whom did K. Ryleev write to? (A.A. Arakcheev.)

Liberals called the time of his reign "the dictatorship of the heart", and the leading critic N.K.Mikhailovsky with the policy of "fluffy fox tail" and "wolf mouth". nine0047 (M.T. Loris-Melikov.)

"Fortress the state is a powder magazine under the state, ”he reported to the king. (A.H. Benckendorff.)

B as a result of the reform that he carried out, the state peasants received a new system of bureaucratic guardianship over them in the form of the Ministry of State property. (P.D. Kiselev.)

- As a result of his monetary reform, the main means of payment became silver ruble. nine0047 (E.F. Kankrin)

- This the man is a well-known statesman and patriot. Was by origin hereditary nobleman, among his ancestors came across senators, Cossack chieftains, generals and other hotheads, caring for the good of the Fatherland. Far relatives of his family were Lermontov and Tolstoy.

He led a healthy lifestyle: did not smoke, did not drink alcohol used only in exceptional cases, did not like playing cards, considered it an empty and even harmful occupation, which often put him in a difficult position their colleagues and subordinates. But with all this, those around him considered him hospitable, cheerful and witty, superbly educated and comprehensive educated, that is, a very positive person. nine0003

(P.A. Stolypin)

- After graduating from high school with a gold medal, the young provincial entered the legal Faculty of Kazan University, but was soon expelled. With head dipped into self-education, which he did not stop doing all his life, he was an external student Graduates from the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg University.

From a young age, he begins to work productively writing career. It is curious that in various questionnaires in the column "genus occupations" he invariably indicated "writer". And in fact, he had everything grounds. Over the years of his life, he wrote a huge number of books, articles, pamphlets, notes. From his pen came out both current journalism and serious scientific works, and literary criticism, and philosophical writings. nine0047 (V.I. Lenin)

- He spoke about himself like this: “When I die, they will put a lot on my grave garbage, but the wind of time will mercilessly sweep it away. It is known, almost aphoristically, his saying about writers: "Engineers of human souls." (I.V. Stalin)

- He was born into a family of an artisan. His mother came from a peasant family. lived they are poor, as a child he was often sick and did not have a presentable appearance, but he was distinguished by perseverance and purposefulness, which in the future, certainly contributed to his advancement on the state ladder. Studying at a religious school did not meet his interests, and he left the school and carried away by other opposing ideals. nine0047 (I.V. Stalin)

Subject 4: Figures of science and culture.

- His life has been studied day by day and even minutes. This is dedicated to the giant, powerful science. But so far she has not developed a holistic view of about what this phenomenon is. He is perhaps the most studied, and remains the most mysterious and controversial. Westerners see him as a bearer of European culture, Slavophiles - the guardian of the "Russian spirit", traditionalists - the founder of traditions, modernists - the destroyer of traditions, etc. It is different for all of us. At Tsvetaeva - his own, Tynyanov's has his own. Well, where, in what other history is there such a phenomenon? nine0047 ( A.S. Pushkin)

– Studied in Moscow, Petersburg, Germany. According to A.S. Pushkin, ... "historian, mechanic, chemist, mineralogist, artist, poet…”. (M.V. Lomonosov.)

- Talented writer, in his book, which frightened Catherine II, were depicted with unprecedented force the horrors of serfdom, the condemnation of the monarchy.

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