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34 Best jobs for introverts to work alone 2022 (Hiring Now)

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Have you been looking for the best jobs for introverts?

These jobs not only offer good pay, but an independent and spacious environment with as few distractions as possible. 

Often times, that environment is in the comfort of your own home.

Some of us really can’t function at our best in a traditional work environment such as an office or building. If there are a lot of people at a job, we come home feeling emotionally drained and not in the mood to talk with others in our personal life.

 I am a naturally introverted person, so I know how it feels.

In case you were wondering what an introvert is or whether or not you are one, let me tell you:

An introvert is a person who is naturally shy and socially reserved. Introverts also tend to be great listeners, thoughtful, and creative.

Introverts are the opposites of extroverts who are “the life of the party” and thrive off an abundance of social interaction.

If you’ve been feeling nervous or anxious about making money in a traditional work environment, this post has you covered with the absolute best jobs for introverted people in 2022 & beyond. 

Some of these jobs pay as high as $108,000 per year. That’s over 9000 per month!

Here are the kinds of jobs you can expect in this post:
  • 9 Best Online jobs for introverts in 2022 & Beyond.
  • 8 Online jobs for introverts with no experience or degree.
  • 4 High-paying jobs for introverts.
  • 13 Minimum wage jobs for introverts.
  • Bonus: 14 Best online side hustles for introverts.

This list was made for introverts by an introvert. You won’t have to worry about doing stressful customer service or sales jobs that peak your anxiety.

Instead, these jobs are calm, pay well and give you the distraction-free space you’re looking for. A lot of these jobs are online and allow you to work alone as well.

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Best Online Jobs for Introverts in 2022 & beyond



Are you an introverted grammar nerd that always catches people’s written mistakes?

You should monetize your superpower by becoming a proofreader!

There are more blog posts, e-books, articles, and other written content being created than ever before. As a proofreader, you will be reading this kind of content and correcting any mistakes you see.

But before you begin, you really should get some training under your belt to get online proofreading jobs.

Don’t worry.

Getting yourself trained up doesn’t take long at all.

Let me tell you about the go-to expert in the proofreading space, Caitlin Pyle. In one year, she earned $43,000 proofreading from home part-time. She ended up getting so good at it she decided to help others earn a part-time and even full-time income just through online proofreading alone.

Caitlin is a complete lifesaver for anyone new to online proofreading as a career. For a limited time, she is offering a free online workshop that will explain the ins and outs of proofreading and how it can be a great career choice for you.

Click here to watch her free workshop on proofreading from home.

I also want to recommend a little hack you can do to give yourself an edge in pro

Before you get started, I recommend using a free grammar tool like Grammarly.

Grammarly will make your proofreading tasks 10 times easier. As a writer, I was kicking myself for not having on my browser and Word documents sooner.

Click here to download Grammarly for free.


Freelance Writer

A lot of us introverts, (myself included), love to learn, convey information, and have outlets for our creativity. I have found writing to be one of the best ways to do all of the above. In fact, writing is my overall favorite career for introverts.

As a freelance writer, you can write about subjects (niches) that you’re passionate about.

And you can get paid quite well as a freelance writer! The average pay for freelance writers is $63,000 with some making well into six figures.

More blogs, websites, companies, and individuals than ever before are looking for writers who know their stuff in a specific niche. Some of the most popular freelance writing niches in 2022 include:

  • Finance & Cryptocurrency
  • Alternative Health & Medicine
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Digital Marketing & Entrepreneurship
  • Gaming
  • Fashion
  • Parenting & Stay at Home

As you can see, there is quite a diversity of writing topics available to you.


How to start a freelance writing career and become successful fast

You love writing, and you’re ready to start freelance writing now. So, the next big question is how do you find legit, high-paying freelance jobs, or get the skills you need to be a successful freelancer?

The answer is simple. Learn from the best in the business and model their success. And, if you heed this advice, you will save a lot of time and money in the long run as opposed to going into the industry alone. I just so happen to know of one of the most profitable freelance writers around. Her name is Holly Johnson.

Holly went from making $0 as a writer to now making $225,000 per year as a freelance writer.

She now writes for major publications and has been featured on Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and many more. Her passion and success in freelance writing inspired her to help others create the same kind of success. This led to the creation of her Freelance Course on Earn More Writing School.

In this course, she teaches you everything you need to achieve financial freedom through freelance writing. Before you begin, I recommend taking advantage of her free workshop! You’ll get unique tips and techniques for becoming a successful freelance writer.

Click here to take her free online workshop on Freelance Writing.


Virtual Bookkeeper

Do you love numbers and have a knack for keeping things organized?

Bookkeeping may be an ideal job for you.

Every company makes financial transactions such as calculating or tracking the prices of their goods and service. These companies hire bookkeepers to keep these transactions organized, and handle employee reimbursement of their expenses.

You can think of bookkeepers as a specialized kind of accountant.

For introverts, bookkeeping is ideal because you are typically left alone, and in many cases, you can work from home!

As a bookkeeper, you can get paid up to $80 per hour!



Are you an introvert with good listening and typing skills? Then, you’ll love this next job.

It’s called a transcriber (and sometimes transcriptionist).

If you’re curious about what a transcriber is, let me tell you. A transcriber listens to an audio file and records it in a word document or processor.

Transcription is greatly important for record-keeping purposes. I mean think about it. Without transcribers, so much of our human history would’ve been lost with time!

According to ZipRecruiter, transcribers who work from home make an average of $58,441.

How to get start transcribing the right way and making money fast

I know you’re ready to get started right now as a transcriber.


Even though it appears easy to jump right into transcription, you could end up wasting a lot of time or not getting paid what you’re worth if you don’t do it the right way.

For this reason, I recommend taking a course from an experienced, profitable transcriptionist who already knows what it takes to succeed. It turns out I know just the person! Her name is Janet Shaugnessy, owner of Zoom Transcription Services and founder of TranscribeAnywhere.

She has been a high-earning transcriptionist for over 10 years and has parlayed her expertise into helping others become high-earning transcriptionists as well.

For a short period of time, she’s offering a free 7-day online course that will show you what you need to do to be successful at transcription, and how to find good-paying clients.

Click here to enroll in Janet’s free online course on general transcription.



Do you love capturing the moments around you and freezing them in time? I certainly do in my spare time.

Photography is a solid, introvert-approved career choice that is here to stay.


Well, think about it. Looking at pictures and using them to convey feelings and information will never fall out of style. You can be a photographer in-person or from home which is more important than ever.

Plus, there are so many ways to make money as a photographer whether it’s working for a company or freelancing.

You can work as a freelance photographer or even license your photos out on a website such as iStock. 

Some of the most common places for photographers to get employed will be in real estate, advertising, fashion, and art.


Data entry

As a data entry clerk, you are tasked with reading information, verifying that it is correct, and inputting it into a data entry software program. 

The pay isn’t usually that great and the work can be kind of tedious, but it’s easy and checks all other boxes for a job made for an introvert.

You will have limited interaction with other people since most of your time will be spent in front of a computer. 

Click here to join Flexjobs and land a legit data entry job.


Live chat support operator

Live chat support jobs provide a great opportunity to interact with people without the added anxiety of being in-person.

As an introvert (and in my socially awkward days), I’ve found it much easier and calmer to talk to people online than in real life. This was mainly because I could go at my own pace during the interaction, and I didn’t have any self-conscious feelings about how I’d look or sound.

Having said this, it’s still a customer service job, and you will have to answer people’s questions in a relatively timely manner.

You will do fine at this job as long as you have a good working knowledge about the company or service you’re representing.

Click here to join Flexjobs and land a legit chat support job.


E-mail support

If you’re a person that’s shy, an e-mail support job in customer service can be a good fit for you.

This job bears similarity with chat operator jobs since it’s essentially online customer service.

What’s great about e-mail support is that you don’t really have to converse with anybody. Typically, you are just answering a central question for an inquiring user or customer on behalf of the company you’re working for.

Click here to join Flexjobs and land a legit e-mail support job.


Video editor

There is more video content being produced in 2022 than at any point in history. Just think about the countless videos you see posted on YouTube, TikTok, and elsewhere. Many have had video editors work on them.

A lot of video editor jobs nowadays are location independent which means that you can work from home too!

These aforementioned points make video editing an in-demand career choice for introverts and shy people.

You don’t need a formal education to get video editor jobs or to freelance. However, having a good understanding of how to use popular video editing software like Adobe After Effects or Final Cut Pro is essential.


Online Jobs for introverts with no experience or degree


Online survey taker

An online survey taker is one of the easiest jobs available to introverted people. You are essentially getting paid to fill out opinion-based surveys on products, services, and popular topics.

You don’t need any experience to be a survey taker and you can start making money right away.

My favorite website to take surveys is called SurveyJunkie.


They pay fast and they are high-paying for a survey site! You can also transfer the money you make on SurveyJunkie straight to your PayPal account the same day.

Click here to sign up for SurveyJunkie.

If you really want to maximize your earnings, read my simple guide here on how to earn up to $1050 per month taking online surveys.

Online Task worker

If you’re looking for a job or side hustle that is super easy which you can start right now, you should start doing simple online tasks!

And when I say simple, I mean simple. For example, Swagbucks will pay you to search the internet on their search engines, play mobile games, redeem online shopping offers, watch videos, and more! None of these tasks requiring any talking or even conversation.

So, if you’re feeling socially anxious, but you’re in need of some quick cash, Swagbucks is one of the best side hustles for introverts. Plus, they are offering a $10 sign up bonus for opening a free account!

Click here to sign up for Swagbucks and claim your $10 sign up bonus.


Other online task jobs for introverts

Complete super easy tasks such as viewing pictures, categorizing items, or taking fun little tests. Sign up for Remotasks here.

Amazon Mturk

Work for Amazon by completing simple tasks online known as HITs which stands for human intelligence tasks. Click here to apply to Amazon Mturk. International workers accepted.


Get paid to play mobile video games from home or anywhere in your spare time! Join Playtestcloud by going to their official website here. Then, click “become a tester.”


Become a tasker on the TaskRabbit app to start making money completing oddjobs such as putting together furniture, mounting TVs, and more.


Delivery Driver

Delivery driving is a low pressure and calm job for introverts with anxiety.

You pretty much don’t have to interact with anybody. And. you can go at your own pace on your own schedule!

The two main delivery jobs that I like as an introvert are the free apps DoorDash and Instacart. Both jobs pay well and they don’t require any experience to get started. All you need is a car (or even a bike with DoorDash).


As a delivery driver for DoorDash, your job will be to pick up food from local restaurants and deliver the food to customers.

That’s it!

Whenever a new delivery order becomes available, it will show up for you on the DoorDash app. Each time you complete a delivery you get paid real cash. You can cash out instantly, and the money deposits in your bank account within a few hours. You can get paid between $15 – $25 an hour!

How do I sign up to be a DoorDash driver? 

  1. Download the DoorDash mobile app here.
  2. Fill out your details such as name, e-mail, phone number, etc.
  3. On the next screen, DoorDash will ask you for permission to perform a background check.
  4. After you give permission, you will be mailed a welcome package, including your red card. The red card will be used to pay for food if necessary.
  5. Once you get your welcome package in the mail, which includes your red card, you will need to complete an orientation. Orientation can be done online or in-person and takes about 30 minutes.
  6. After orientation, you are ready to start making money as a delivery driver!

Click here to sign up for DoorDash and start earning real cash on your own schedule



With Instacart, you have two jobs available. You can either shop for groceries on behalf of a customer (in-store shopping) or shop and deliver groceries to a customer (full-service shopping). You can get paid up to $25 an hour!

Getting started is easy.

  1. Download the free Instacart app.
  2. Fill out your details such as name, e-mail, phone number, etc. Choose to be a full-service shopper (shop for groceries and deliver them) or in-store shopping
  3. You will be asked interview questions and undergo a quick background check.
  4. Once approved, you are ready to start working on your own time and getting paid weekly!

*Quick tip: Download GetUpside to save money on gas for free. GetUpside is a completely free app that essentially pays you to get gas. For every gallon of gas you put in your car, you can get paid up to 10 cents! All you have to do is snap a quick picture of your gas station receipt and send it to the app so it knows how much to pay you.  Click here to download GetUpside for free.


Rover pet care

I keep reading about people who prefer being around dogs or cats more than people most of the time. If this sounds like you, getting a job with the free Rover app would be a dream come true!

Rover offers 5 ways for cat and dog lovers to make money on their own schedule.

They are:

  • Dog boarding: Your client’s dogs come to your home and stay overnight.
  • House sitting: Visit your client’s home, stay overnight and take care of their pet(s) and home.
  • Drop-in visits: Stop by your client’s home while they’re away a few times a day for 30 minutes each time to feed and play with their pet(s).
  • Dog walking: You pick up your client’s dogs at their home and provide a 30-minute walk.
  • Doggy daycare: Your client’s pet(s) come to your home during the day, dropping off around 7–9am, and picking up around 4–6pm.

You can expect to earn between $1000 – $3300 per month depending on if you treat Rover like a part-time or full-time job.

How to create your free account on Rover
  1. Download the free Rover app by clicking or tapping here.
  2. Upon opening the app, tap “More” on the bottom of your screen (iOS) or tap the menu bar in the upper left corner of your screen (Android).
  3. Tap “Become a Rover sitter or walker.”
  4. Lastly, tap “Get Started,” fill out your profile and submit.

You should hear back from Rover in an e-mail within five business days with an account approval or rejection. Once your profile has been approved and you pass the background check given by Checkr, you are ready to offer your pet services on the Rover marketplace!

Click here to create a free account on Rover.



High-paying jobs for introverts



Some of us introverts really do have a thing for numbers and data. Becoming an actuary is a lucrative and in-demand way to put your skills to good use.

Actuaries manage, mitigate, and assess financial risk using specific financial theory and mathematics. 

You can do actuary work from home or online which means social contact will be as minimal as you need it to be.

To be considered for an actuary job, you will need a degree, preferably in math or science, relevant internship experience, and to pass actuarial exams. 

Median salary for actuaries: $108,350

Average salary for actuaries: $94,596

Software Developer

When it comes to high-paying jobs for introverts, software development is probably the first that comes to mind.

And, for good reason.

Many of us introverts love dealing with computers, numbers, and creating things. As a software developer, you will be tasked with all of that and more while you create, test, and manage computer programs.

Software developer jobs are also in-demand and are expected to continue growing for the rest of the 2020’s at least.

You may have also heard of computer programmer and coder jobs. These are essentially the same as software developers but with a different title.

Median pay for software developers: $107,510


Information Technologies (IT) Manager

Do you have a passion for computers and information systems?

IT managers mostly manage the operations of a company’s information system(s) and ensure that they are secure.

You will also be responsible for leading and coordinating computer-related activities within a company.

A degree in information science, computer science, or a similar field and years of experience in those fields will be needed for a managerial job in information technologies.

Average salary for an IT manager: $88,490



As introverts, we love our spaces nice and quiet. Now libraries are synonymous with that kind of environment!

Librarians are the perfect career for introverts who are interested in books and are good at organizing.

So what do you need to become a librarian?

In most cases, a master’s degree in library science (MLS), preferably from an American Library Association (ALA) accredited program is required. The main exception to this is if you are interested in becoming a school librarian.

For more details on becoming a librarian, click here.

Median salary for librarians: $66,355

Click here to search ZipRecuriter for librarian jobs near you.


Minimum wage jobs for introverts

Are you an introvert with a high school diploma or just looking to get your working start?

Then, these entry-level jobs are what you’re looking for.

You will see that several of these jobs involve working in the backend of the business or late in the evening. This is because social interaction will be minimized, you’ll have plenty of alone time, and space to work.

These jobs typically pay minimum wage with no interaction between you and others. Most of these jobs don’t require a degree and you can get hired with little or no experience at all!



If you’re an introvert who loves being around plant life and nature like I do, gardening could be what you’re looking for. You will be spending most of your time cultivating a garden with very little contact with other people. 


After-hours janitor

Janitorial work may not be the cleanest job in the world, but you’ll have plenty of boundaries and alone time. This is especially true if you take a janitorial job after-hours or really late at night.


Night-time security

As a night-time security guard, your contact with other people will likely be minimal.

Your main responsibility will be to monitor your designated area to ensure everything is running smoothly. Sometimes this is done remotely from a room that has camera monitors. 


Warehouse stocking

This stocking job doesn’t require much communication but it may require some physical strength. Your main task will be to physically move materials from one area to another area.

Because you work in a warehouse, you will be working alone most of the time. The only interaction you will have is with your management and possibly other staff depending on which warehouse you work.



Washing dishes in the back of the kitchen. For many introverts in the past, including some in my own family, dishwashing was their first job. And, because well, we all eat food, dishwashing is still a job that is always hiring!

Now there may be other dishwashers near you, depending on where you are working, but social interaction should still be minimal.


Truck driver

If you love to drive and have an adventurous side, truck driving is an ideal career choice for an introvert. 

Your interaction with other people will be virtually non-existent as it is just you and your truck most of the time making deliveries.

Truck drivers can make good money too. This is especially true when you compare truck driver salaries to those who have four-year college degrees. 



Housekeeping is a job that’s been around for a long time. You will be tending to the home by doing cleaning work or doing things such as trimming plants.

How ideal your housekeeping job is for an introvert will depend on the homeowner. Many times, the owner of the home and any other residents will be gone while you’re cleaning or at least out of sight. 


Plant nursery 

A planet nursery job is similar to a gardener except that you are focused on caring more for plants, trees, and shrubs. 

Your main responsibilities will be identifying and tagging plants correctly, setting up pots and tables with plants, and moving plants from place to place.

You will need a little bit of strength for that last part. However. If you’re dealing with lighter plants such as a cactus or even marijuana, the amount of lifting won’t be as bad.

Click here to find the best plant nursery jobs in your area.


Kennel attendant

For dog lovers who prefer to be around animals more than people most of the time, kennel attendant is an easy entry-level job you will likely enjoy.

Most of your time will be spent doing one or more of these duties: cleaning cages, caring for animals, pet-boarding, and scheduling appointments.

Contact with other people while on the job will be minimal to zero depending on where you work.

Job search terms: kennel, animal shelter, pet boarding, dog groomer.


Lawn mowing

Mowing lawns is another classic job for people that are shy and introverted.

Most homes in suburbia have lawns, and those lawns need to be properly cared for. You will be using a lawnmower to get the job done, and your contact with other people will be minimal. 

Some people who have been mowing lawns for a while go on to start their own business.

Lawn mowing businesses can be surprisingly lucrative. I have a friend who’s made six figures doing it in his local area.


Garbage collector

I don’t think there’s anybody out there that truly ‘likes’ garbage in and of itself (I’d love to be proven wrong on this)!

But, this is a surprisingly important job that someone has to do. Garbage collectors contribute to a cleaner, sanitary, and more sustainable society for all of us.

As the name implies, your main job is to pick up garbage or recyclables, transport them to a designated facility, and processing those collections.

You will be doing plenty of driving in your waste collection vehicle, so human contact is minimal to non-existent on most shifts.

Garbage collection is always needed and therefore hiring. So finding a job shouldn’t be much of an issue.

Garbage collector jobs

Waste Management



Cook & Food preparation

Love to cook? Think about becoming a cook!

As a cook or food preparer, you will be working in the backend. Any social interaction you have will be with other cooks if there are any, but you won’t have to deal with customers.

Job search terms: pastry chef, food prep, line cook.


Fire tower watcher

Did you know that there are jobs to watch for wildfires?

It’s true. I just found this recently!

This is practically a job made for an introvert, especially one that cares about the environment. You won’t have to talk with anyone (unless you radio dispatch if you see smoke), and you can be doing your part to prevent forest fires, just like a certain bear from our childhoods!

Most firetower jobs are completely solo with you being inside a tower. You will likely be located in remote areas near a hilltop so that you can have maximum viewing distance. 

There aren’t too many of these fire watch jobs available, but all openings in the United States are posted here. Just type in “fire lookout,” “fire watch jobs” “fire tower jobs” or “forest detection. ” Fire tower jobs are competitive, so keep applying and being persistent.


Bonus: Best online side hustles for introverts


Ideally, this list has given you a much better insight into what kinds of jobs are available to introverted people, or better yet, led you to your next job!

If you’re in-between jobs or need to make extra money, getting a side hustle may be exactly what you need.

But, are there actually side hustles for introverts?


I wrote an article that will surely help you out. It’s appropriately named the 14 Best online side hustles for introverts that pay well.  

This article was carefully researched and draws from my own experiences as an introvert needing to make money. You can view the article here.


Frequently asked questions


I am socially awkward and don’t like it. What’s the best job for me?

Speaking as someone who knows what it’s like to be socially awkward, it’s no fun.

If you’re looking to improve your social skills, I’d recommend working as a waiter, retail, call center representative, bartender, or any other job that makes you get out of your social comfort zone.

I have social anxiety and prefer to be alone. Are there any jobs where there is no human contact?

Yes. Other than minimal contact with your boss or clients before you start, data entry, freelance writing, editing, and proofreading are good-paying jobs for people with social anxiety where you work alone.

If you want to work offline, I’d recommend backend jobs, watchtower jobs, and nightshift jobs, especially with graveyard shifts.

What are the best jobs for introverts?

Any job that gives you plenty of space, is distraction-free, and has a good deal of flexibility qualifies as a good job for an introvert. I am particularly fond of jobs such as proofreading, freelance writing, photography and computer or tech-related jobs. However, any of the jobs for introverts in this blog post can qualify for the best category.

I am natural introvert but still like talking to people, just not A LOT of people. What are some good jobs for me?

I can relate since I’m the same way. You should definitely look into jobs where you work in the back end such as cook jobs, warehouse jobs, or dishwasher.

If you prefer to go virtual and still talk to people, look into jobs where you’ll be apart of a small team like software development, programming, or jobs where you speak to people 1-on-1 such as chat support.

10 Great Side Jobs for Introverts

Wise Bread Picks

A second source of income is not only a nice financial safety net; it's also a way to broaden your work experience. In fact, many side jobs are often very different to the full-time careers people have. And, speaking as an introvert with a side job, this topic is near and dear to my heart. So if you're a little on the quiet side, and would like to spend some of your spare time earning money, here are 12 great jobs for you. (See also: 6 Reasons Introverts Make the Best Employees)

1. Thrifting for Cash

Thrift and charity stores are home to so many hidden treasures, and if you know what to look for, you can make some great money selling them on eBay, Craigslist, and various Facebook groups. It helps to start with a subject you have some interest and enthusiasm for. So, if you're a fan of vintage clothing, start browsing the aisles at your local thrift stores. For a few bucks, you can pick up sweaters and coats that can go for 10 times what you paid for them, and often a lot more. It's a job you can do in your spare time, and requires little-to-no contact with any of those social situations that can raise your anxiety levels to Defcon 1.

2. Drive for Lyft or Uber

Taxis are quickly being replaced by the very convenient Lyft and Uber services. If you have a car in excellent condition, and don't mind putting extra miles on it, you can make a good bit of extra cash being a driver. Most of the time, you're driving just one or two people around, and with the aid of smartphone GPS services, you never have to worry about getting lost or asking your fare for directions.

I have had drivers who were very chatty and social, and others who clearly liked to just do the driving with as little conversation as possible. As long as you're okay with strangers getting into your car (and both Lyft and Uber have a lot of safety measurements in place) you will do great. Plus, you'll get to see more of your city than you ever thought you would.

3. Writing

Be it blogging, journalism, copywriting, or even writing jokes for comedians, writing is perfectly suited to introverts. You can do it at home, or if you have a laptop, you can write wherever and whenever you want. For instance, if you have a long commute on public transportation, you can fill that time earning extra money. Writing, in its many forms, can be fit into a regular full-time schedule, using evenings and weekends, holidays, and personal days. And it's something that can be done without having any real contact with anyone, if you desire.

4. Medical Transcription

Make no mistake, you cannot just decide to become a medical transcriptionist one day, apply for a job, and get it. Although you don't need a degree, you will need some training in this arena. Vocational schools, community colleges, and even online schools can give you the skills you need. In particular, a strong knowledge of medical terminology must be acquired, but once you have this, you can make a very good side living transcribing written reports (which can be very tough to read), or more often, recorded memos from doctors and nurses. It can be done in the comfort of your own home, and the pay can be close to $20 per hour.

5. Janitorial Work

I actually made some good money doing this to put myself through college. The hours were very flexible, and I rarely had to interact with people on a regular basis. Jobs ranged from cleaning windows and mopping floors, to small DIY jobs, changing light bulbs, and unpacking boxes and crates. Most of the time, I would wear headphones and listen to music while I did my duties. Reach out to local places that have janitorial services — including schools and community centers — and see if they need help.

6. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

If you're more at home with animals than you are with people (and let's face it, animals rarely give us the social anxiety problems that people do), then a part-time job with animals may be just your thing. Advertise your services as either a pet sitter, or dog walker on a site like Craigslist. How much you charge is completely up to you, but obviously you don't want to charge so much that you never get any work. Also keep in mind that with pet sitting comes additional expenses, like food and supplies. You may want to have the owner provide those, or include the additional costs in your hourly rate.

7. Answering Service

All you need is a phone, a pleasant phone manner, and the willingness to work some unfavorable hours. As an answering service, you will be taking calls and relaying messages to a variety of professionals, including doctors, insurance agents, and hospitals. Obviously, the major drawback is that you will be required to work outside of normal work hours, and that can mean answering the phone at 3:30 a. m., and doing so with alertness and amiability. However, if that's no problem for you, this can be a great way to earn extra income.

8. Tutoring

One-on-one tutoring with someone eager to learn is a great side job for any introvert. You may have some excellent skills in any number of school and college subjects, include math, chemistry, biology, or music, and you should share that knowledge.

Personally, I have taken guitar lessons from a guy who did it evenings and weekends to pay for his own equipment. When I asked where he was next playing a gig, he looked like I had smacked him with a wet kipper. "Oh, I'm way too shy to gig, I just love playing at home." But, he had absolutely no problem with the tutor/student dynamic. If that sounds like you, give tutoring a try. You can travel to other people's homes, or have them come to you.

9. Deliver Pizzas, or Newspapers

These are not just jobs for college kids looking to make a bit of extra cash. Anyone can become a pizza delivery driver, or deliver newspapers. All you need is your own car, and the available time to get it done. Most pizza deliveries happen after the workday ends, and most newspapers are delivered long before the workday begins. So, if you are willing to sacrifice some of that time, you can earn some good income.

10. Data Entry

If you have a computer, and have good typing skills (accuracy and speed are essential) then data entry could be ideal for you. As the world goes digital, there are literally millions of pages of documents that need to be typed up and stored. The money varies, from as little as minimum wage, to around $20 per hour.

However, it can be done from home, with some music in the background and your feet in slippers. And you will never have to talk to anyone, as it can all be done via snail mail and email.

Are you an introvert? What's your ideal side gig? Let us know in the comments!

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Introvert, programmer, introvert programmer / Habr




We all know perfectly well that a lot of stereotypes revolve around the profession of a programmer. Of course, there is some truth in them - no one has canceled professional deformation, but most of it is still fiction, over which the developer himself is sometimes not averse to laughing.

In my opinion, the concept of introversion is also sometimes interpreted incorrectly. And in a bunch of a programmer-introvert, absolutely crazy ideas are born. nine0005

A bit of theory

Start by understanding the nature of an introvert. According to the theory of Carl Jung, the type of temperament is inherent in a person from birth and depends on his physiological structure. So the cerebral blood flow in the internals is more complex and long. With what it is connected, and even more so, whether it is good or bad, we will not consider. It will be more interesting for us to analyze the differences between introverts and extroverts.

First of all, introverts differ in that they replenish their vital energy reserves on their own. For this, their inner ideas, emotions, experiences are enough for them. They are slower and less social as they conserve their powers. They can easily be overexcited by what is happening around, even if it is something joyful. They are accustomed to being more self-aware than receiving from outside. The interior is distinguished by the predominance of depth over the breadth of thinking. At the same time, introverts, in comparison with extroverts, are able to better feel the task, focus more deeply. The positive aspects are also perseverance, perseverance, perseverance. nine0005


Why did I start developing this topic? The fact is that we live in a world of extroverts and without understanding their essence, an introvert will experience certain problems, and after that, the people around him will feel the difficulties.

So what should you pay attention to?

  1. The most important task is to realize the type of your temperament and if you are an introvert, then get ready to take care of yourself and love yourself. It turns out that insiders have unique qualities that allow them to solve a number of certain tasks better than extroverts and experience pleasure from this. We are talking about long-term projects in which they are ready to immerse themselves completely. nine0029
  2. An introvert needs to carefully prepare his workplace. It is desirable to be able at a certain moment to plunge headlong into work and thereby close oneself from the outside world, replenishing one's energy reserves. Partition walls, hedges, or earmuffs are great for this.
  3. An introvert is advised to plan his working day in advance. So, the insider needs to know today the topic of tomorrow's meeting or brainstorming. Then the environment for him will be more comfortable and natural inhibition will be replaced by the ability to consider the problem from all sides. nine0029
  4. It is desirable for an introvert to choose a communication system that is convenient for him. Personal meetings and large companies can dry it out. So, if possible, use other methods of interaction, such as Skype, mail or notes on the walls.
  5. An introvert, like no one else, is advised to divide his tasks into smaller ones. A clear work schedule helps them calculate their energy reserves and control the progress of the work. This is very essential for the inner peace. nine0029
  6. An introvert needs to provide a margin of time in advance when planning the timing of a task. It is extremely important for the insider to know that there is some kind of insurance. As a rule, this helps to finish the work even earlier than the deadlines.
  7. It is important for an introvert to learn how to relax. Most often, he does not understand what an incomprehensible contribution he makes to the solution of the problem and neglects rest, refusing to take vacations as well. This is fundamentally wrong and can lead to overvoltage.
  8. nine0042

    Introverts are unique people who are able to solve a problem in a way that no one else can. Their unique character is a very important link in the system, without which humanity could not have achieved many results. It is important to understand this and live in harmony with yourself and with others.


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      Artem Bezlepkin @Artemchk

      Server development

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      Introverts against open space / Sudo Null IT News

      What does a typical office of a modern IT company look like? Usually it is a large open space without walls with sparse columns, with rows of computer tables standing quite close or close to each other. At best, individual workplaces are separated by small partitions. In some places, these rows are interspersed with islands of greenery, tables with office equipment, coolers and coffee machines and other traditional "inhabitants" of the workspace. All this is a characteristic description of a typical open-plan office, the so-called "open space". This is a classic standard for organizing corporate space in large organizations with a large number of employees. nine0005

      Until recently, the concept of an open workspace was the best form of office organization. It was believed that "open space" not only likes employees, but also contributes to the free creative exchange of ideas. However, scientific studies have shown that this is far from the case - it turned out that the benefits of "open space" were greatly exaggerated.

      In 2020, most IT companies around the world had to switch to a completely opposite mode of work - “remote”. However, this form of work is also not suitable for everyone. nine0005

      Is there an alternative that is somewhere in the middle between these two poles: on the one hand, the constant work of all employees side by side with colleagues in a large noisy office, on the other hand, a working day spent in a cozy atmosphere in the company of their beloved cat for home computer?

      Open floor plan as seen by companies

      The idea of ​​a shared workspace is far from new. Let us recall, at least, the layout of the statistical organization in which the famous characters of the Soviet feature film "Office Romance" worked. What is not "openspace" version 1977 years old?

      Of course, large open spaces have existed since time immemorial. But the mass construction of such premises without partitions became possible after the invention of reinforced concrete - architects were able to create huge open office spaces without a large number of load-bearing walls. Large companies immediately jumped at this opportunity. At first, the cabinets were replaced by large spaces, divided into individual compartments-cubes with low plasterboard walls. Partitions of individual cubes gradually decreased, and soon disappeared altogether - now they are rarely seen in the office. nine0005

      The classic standard is a completely open space in which the desks of employees are close to each other. The open office layout was until recently used by most high-tech IT companies.

      Why is this principle of workspace organization so good, why has it become the most common? The most commonly cited benefits of an open floor plan are:

      • it encourages creative communication, exchange of ideas and collaboration; nine0005

      • such a layout saves the working space of the office - more workers can be placed on the same area;

      • open office is cheaper to build and maintain.

      At first glance, a lot of pluses.

      Open layout through the eyes of employees

      However, the feedback from employees themselves about working in an open office space is far from unambiguous. For example, the possibility of constant free communication with colleagues usually appeals more to extroverted employees. At the same time, introvert employees are very keenly aware of all the inevitable irritants of a large office: conversations and movements of colleagues, noise from office equipment, drafts and extraneous odors. nine0005

      Let's imagine how an extrovert feels in an open office. He likes that you can exchange a few words with colleagues at any time. If a lively dispute arises at the other end of the office over work or any other issues, he will definitely take an active part in it - you can start with a loud remark right from your workplace. You can also discuss with colleagues a controversial article on Habré, regular insidious scammers, news from the film industry, and all sorts of other interesting things. During the day, you can constantly drink coffee together, absorb goodies and just chat with colleagues. An extrovert in an open office usually feels great - this is his native element: communication, contacts, conversations, exchange of opinions. nine0005

      Now let's think about how an introvert feels in an open office. Imagine that you are preparing for an important exam at a noisy metropolitan train station. Conversations, announcements, extraneous sounds are heard from all sides. Someone constantly passes or runs past you, something passes by. It's good that it doesn't fly! You re-read the same line for the twentieth time and try to understand its meaning, but you fail - your head is torn from constant external stimuli. The only way out is headphones with good noise absorption. They help to remove at least some of the external interference (at the same time, others, for sure, consider you a real music lover). After a day at work, you feel squeezed like a lemon and often return home with a headache. nine0005

      This does not mean that introverts do not want to communicate with colleagues. It's just that introverts prefer calm, thoughtful, pre-planned discussions of work issues. They have no equal in deep analysis and research of complex problems. In addition, introverts prefer to communicate in a personal conversation with several interlocutors, rather than in a large group meeting - this way they can communicate their thoughts and ideas more efficiently and quickly.

      Of course, we are all different. Introverts and extroverts perceive and process information differently and, accordingly, can more effectively solve tasks that are better suited to their personality type. Also, for example, in a game raid of some online game, different characters are needed: in some situations, a magician is useful, in others, a warrior. Modern research shows that with the right organization of interpersonal interaction, introverts and extroverts make up strong and effective teams. In addition, according to the results of some experiments, most people in the world are the so-called "ambiverts", which are somewhere in the middle between introverts and extroverts. Depending on the mood and circumstances, they approach either one pole or the other. nine0005

      Open floor plan as seen by scientists

      In any case, even if we ignore the psychological characteristics of employees, modern science calls into question the effectiveness of open floor plan. Here's what Paul Kidwell writes about in his book The Psychology of the City:

      Polls show that open floor plans are frowned upon unless there is a space for concentrated work where nothing distracts. Youngsu Kim and Richard de Diar of the University of Sydney's Department of Architecture found that office space is the most preferred office space among workers. It's a choice between interaction and personal space, and the balance is tilted in favor of the latter: the absence of visual and noise stimuli is more important than the convenience of communication. The inability to control social contacts and constant distractions cause stress, as a result - overexcitation and a decrease in the ability to focus on current tasks. In addition, several studies have found that open-plan offices are less likely to interact with employees, as talking distracts colleagues. It turns out that such a layout is undesirable, whatever one may say. nine0005

      In Susan Cain's book Introverts. How to Use Your Character Traits tells about a study conducted by Tom DeMarco and Timothy Lister. It was called very unusual and intriguing - "Military maneuvers of programmers." Susan Cain writes:

      The purpose of this study was to determine the characteristics of the best and worst computer programmers. More than six hundred developers from ninety-two countries took part in the study. Each programmer was given the task of writing and testing a computer program during their working hours at a regular workplace. In addition, each participant in the experiment had a partner from the same company. However, the partners worked alone, without maintaining any contacts - it was this condition of the experiment that turned out to be extremely important. nine0005

      The scientists obtained the following results:

      • The ratio of the best employees to the worst ones was 10:1. This is a huge gap.

      • The best programmers achieved 2.5 times the results of the average programmers.

      • The result of the assignment was not affected in any way by work experience and the amount of time spent.

      • Programmers from the same company performed at about the same level, even if they did not work together. nine0005

      Researchers began to figure out what was the main factor that influenced the results. In the end, they came to a surprising conclusion:

      The reason was that the developers who showed the best results, for the most part, worked in those companies that created all conditions for their employees to have privacy, provide them with personal space, provide them with the ability to control physical conditions work and protect yourself from external interference. Sixty-two percent of the top performing developers reported having an acceptable level of privacy in their workplace, compared to 19the percentage of developers who performed the worst. Seventy-six percent of the worst-performing programmers, and only 38 percent of those who performed at the highest level, reported that other people frequently interrupted their work unnecessarily.

      Other later studies also confirmed these findings. Here are the main findings from Susan Cain's book: nine0005

    • Companies that use open office space experience a higher rate of employee turnover. In such offices, people are more likely to act hostile; they have no motivation and they don't feel safe.

    • People who work in open-plan offices are more likely to have high blood pressure; they are more prone to stress and get sick more often. They are also more likely to argue with colleagues.

    • Employees are less likely to engage in personal and confidential conversations with colleagues. People stop communicating with each other, quickly fall into a state of anger, become aggressive and are in no hurry to help others. nine0005

    It turns out that the concept of an open office layout does not contribute to the productive exchange of creative ideas, moreover, it hinders it.

    The opposite pole is remote work

    In 2020, a new forced trend appeared in our lives — remote work. If earlier this form of work was rather an exception to the rule, now more and more large companies are partially or completely switching to this form of organizing the work of employees. Again, like open space, remote work is not a new invention. Recall another wonderful Soviet film - "Pokrovsky Gates", the main characters of which - Lev Evgenievich and Margarita Pavlovna Khobotov - undoubtedly worked "remotely". nine0005

    With the transition to remote work, introverts breathed a sigh of relief — finally, they can work in peace and quiet. At the same time, extroverts began to create applications that mimic the noise of a large office. But again, everything is not so clear. Introverts are not at all recluses who want to spend 24 hours in four walls. Even the most inveterate introvert sometimes has a desire to take a laptop and work in some cozy cafe. As Arkady Velyurov from the already mentioned "Pokrovsky Gates" said: "It's vague and painful, I want to be among people." nine0005

    Extroverts also sometimes need privacy - if you have a deadline and need to urgently finish a project, then colleagues pestering with empty talk are completely inopportune.

    Also, let's not forget that the conditions for remote work are different for everyone. Someone has his own private office with a panoramic view of, say, the Mediterranean Sea. And someone at home completely lacks the conditions for productive work and all sorts of annoying and distracting factors even more than in any "open space". nine0005

    Remote work is the exact opposite of permanent office work. This is the other extreme in the organization of the workflow. And, like any extreme, it also suits far from everyone.

    The sweet spot — a hybrid office

    How can you find a solution that suits everyone – from company management, introverted employees, and extroverted employees? It turned out that there is a solution - a "hybrid office". In fact, this is an "office on demand", in which managers agree with employees on the application of the most effective model of work - remotely or in the office. Someone constantly works remotely and appears in the office a couple of times a year only for important events. Someone comes to the office several days a week. Someone works in the office all the time. It all depends on the specifics of the employee's official duties, agreements with the management and his personal wishes. But in the workspace there are now almost no places assigned to a specific employee. To work in the office, you need to book a workplace in advance in a special online system. nine0005

    The same booking system is used for meetings. If you need to organize a meeting of the working group, the leader reserves a meeting room in advance. The concept of a hybrid office implies a certain flexibility - if necessary, the meeting space can be expanded or a new temporary space can be organized. It all depends on the needs and requests of the company's employees. Of course, the hybrid office has retained some features of the "open space" - there is still a large open space with jobs. But now each employee can choose the balance between working in the office and remotely. It is also important that over time this balance can be changed if necessary.

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