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Long Waiting Times Cost You Sales

Long queues scare away customers. Anyone who has ever shopped knows this. How likely are you to wait in a line that stretches out the door?

Businesses have to be concerned over this fact. After all, if customers refuse to wait in line or leave your store with a sour taste in their mouth because the line was too long, it will affect the business’ bottom line.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few ways in which long waiting times have a negative impact. By seeing the ways in which long lines hurt sales, businesses can begin to rectify them.

The Negative Effect of Long Waiting Times

When customers wait for a grudgingly long time they may check out but they’ll never return to your store. First impressions matter: one bad experience can scare away a customer forever.

After all, research has shown that people are wired to remember negative experiences over positive ones. It might even be an evolutionary advantage, but it’s certainly not an advantage for business.

This means that bad queues stick to our minds like glue and ultimately inform the perceived waiting time customer satisfaction. As Dr. Queue himself, MIT researcher Richard Larson, says:

“Often the psychology of queuing is more important than the statistics of the wait itself.”

What happens when businesses can’t figure out how to reduce customer waiting time?

Customers Refusing to Wait

A customer wait time analysis has conclusively shown that people won’t wait very long before leaving your store for good. In fact, customers are willing to wait only 14 minutes before being served.

In one survey, businesses reported that they lost 75% of customers due to waiting times. And when a customer leaves the door with nothing in their hands but frustration, they’re unlikely to ever come back.

We are now a society that wants instant gratification, or at least gratification with the least amount of waiting possible. That means utilizing the best way to reduce waiting time.

But outdated queueing strategies like ineffectual take-a-number systems can’t keep pace with the modern world.

However, it’s not just long lines that can scare customers out the door. Businesses have to pay attention to other aspects of their store if they want to figure out how to reduce waiting time.

  • A confusing in-store experience can make finding items take too long, leading customers to leave.
  • An unfair queueing system sees customers become frustrated when other customers queueing after them check out first.
  • Customers initially don’t mind waiting, but as they become bored, they grow increasingly more stressed and frustrated.

The point being quite simple, but with huge ramifications: long waiting times cost your business sales. So, it’s paramount to understand the psychology of queueing.

Behavior of Queue Standers

Thanks to substantial research in queueing theory over the last three decades, we can determine how people behave when lines are too long. Nearly 50% of customers will wait in queue despite feeling irritated.

And feeling irritated leads customers to behave in distinct ways. Ways that make your bottom line shrink up.

So, let’s take a look at three behaviors customers that exemplify what happens while waiting in long lines.

1. Jumping From Line to Line

Trying to secure the best line in the store is called “jockeying.” This behavior can only occur in stores that stick to that aforementioned model of multiple lanes. A model that fails to reduce customer waiting time.

Why exactly are multiple lanes bad?

Well not only are multiple lanes proven to be less efficient than single serpentine lines, but when customers see multiple lanes, hey become anxious.

Imagine there are 10 lanes in a store. That means there’s only a 10% chance you’ve chosen the right lane when checking out.

Uneasiness leads customers to doubt themselves. So they jump (jockey). And jumping from one line to the next only creates confusion, hiccups, and slows the line down for everyone.

2. “I’m Not Waiting in That Line!”

When customers look at a line and decide the better strategy is to leave their items on the nearest the shelf, they’re balking. Waiting is judged as not being worth their time.

Again, it’s a perceptual issue. A long line may move fast, and a short line may be very slow. It all depends on context.

But context isn’t important for customers. What is important is that a business knows how to reduce waiting time.

Whereas Disney World promises thrill-seeking and joy at the end of their lines, typical retail purchases are just another item to be checked things off a to-do list. So, customers aren’t as invested.

If businesses can’t convince customers that waiting in line won’t pay off, they’re likely to not wait around at all.

3. Frustrated Enough to Leave

Perhaps the worst behavior businesses face with long lines is reneging. This is when customers have waited to make a purchase, but leave the line because they become frustrated.

Waiting in line is painful.

In fact, it can even become physically painful when waiting in environments like healthcare turns to extreme stress. That stress only exasperates the perceived waiting time customer satisfaction.

That frustrated uncertainty resonates well after leaving the line too. An entire shopping experienced can be summarized by the negative emotions associated with waiting in line.

The Effect of Boredom and Anxiety on Customers

When customers feel bored they can’t help but think about how long they’ve been waiting on line. They’re minds expand their boredom until it’s all they can think about. And their perception makes the situation seem far worse than it actually is.

Studies have shown that perception of time is often longer than the actual waiting time when bored.

The trick, of course, is to keep customers entertained. But too many businesses fail to recognize the value in distracting customers waiting in line.

Giving customers something to do while they wait is the best lesson businesses can take away when finding ways to reduce queue waiting times. It’s one of the 4 ways to make queues enjoyable.

To briefly mention a few ways businesses can increase perceived waiting time customer satisfaction:

  • Use digital signage, which means HDTVs with entertaining programs or the latest deals to entice customers.
  • Form the line around checkout aisles, with items that may lead customers to a last-minute impulse purchase.
  • Request customer feedback: ask customers to report their experiences on social media, an online survey, or physical survey.

There are more ways to keep customers entertained. Many international airports will feature musicians near the security line to keep customers distracted from an impending pat down.

What method a business adopts isn’t important. What is important is the golden rule of queue management: keep customer’s minds off the time.

If long waiting times are plaguing your store, it’s time to develop a new strategy. Identifying some of the aforementioned issues is a start. Then it’s time to head to the drawing board and create a strategy that works for your business.

One of the most helpful tools a business can adopt when discovering ways to reduce waiting times is a queue management system, like Qminder. Qminder not only improves the efficiency of queues but also provides tools to improve your customer experience.

Qminder is free to try for two weeks, no credit card required. Give Qminder a try and see your sales soar.

Rocket-Boost Your Customer Service

Chapter 716 - Waiting for a Long Time | The End of an Era of Magic

Chapter 716: A Long Wait

Translator: Shiraishi Editor: TheAlliance

Lin Yun landed on the ground and carefully examined Elsa's wound with a grim expression. Elsa was already unconscious and could not wake up. The health potion barely allowed her to save her life.

The mana inside her body had already become chaotic and mixed with this dense bottomless power. Its toxicity had already tainted Elsa's Mana and it was impossible to save her. nine0006

Lin Yun stood up and took off into the air before looking at Lodni.

After a while, both silently made their moves. The whole body of the lodni was covered in black smoke. This smoke with a dense bottomless force spread into the horizon.

Several dozen arcing flames converged in multiple directions to engulf Lin Yun.

Lin Yun held a dragon staff in his right hand, and opened the book of death with his left hand. Mana shuddered and turned into a blue halo covering him. nine0006

In an instant, an icy blue light covered Lin Yun's body and quickly expanded to three to four meters in diameter. Countless decorative patterns were also on this shield, reminiscent of the convergence of several snowflakes.

As the flame rushed forward, this shield suddenly exploded, and countless snowflakes flew into the surroundings.

Snowflakes swirled and collided with flames, instantly creating steam. All the flames were dispersed after colliding with the snowflakes, turning into black smoke drifting around. nine0006

And when the snowflakes cleared, Ling Yun Yun's silhouette was revealed. He raised his Dragon Staff, and four beams of light flickered on it, and four beams of light also flickered on the book of death, as if reflecting the staff.

Fire, ice, wind, earth… four types of spells formed a four-color whirlwind in front of Ling Yong.

The whirlwind was filled with a violent and erratic power, and when Lin Yong carefully touched the center of the whirlwind with his magic staff, that violent energy began to seep out. nine0006

In an instant, countless four attribute spells flew out of the whirlwind before colliding in the air. Complex elemental clashes rendered these spells unable to move forward.

All spells turned into the purest elemental force, and the original eight-meter wave of spells turned into a ten-meter elemental stream a dozen meters thick. The purest chaotic elements created the most ferocious destructive force.

As the flood rushed over him, the six skulls revolving around Lodnya suddenly released six green beams of light. nine0006

But the addition of these beams of light made this chaotic current even more violent. The elements continued to collide and devour each other, and the six beams of light were eventually destroyed as well, turned into the purest elemental power, and sent back along with the flow.

The Lodni's expression changed and the wind rose around his body as he suddenly retreated. He gestured with his hand, and the black smoke connected, turning into a pitch black bottomless gate, from which a huge flaming hand emerged. nine0006

This huge hand came out and blocked the elemental flow. Upon impact, the flood element also drew in the flames swinging on the hand.

It barely took three seconds for the fingers of the demonic hand to completely disappear, turning into pure elemental force with an elemental flow.

The palm was now only half as large as before, and as the hand slowly extended out of the Abyss Gate, the power of the elemental current also began to weaken.

A few seconds later, a body emerged from the bottomless Gate. nine0006

— Roar!”

A furious roar rang out as the flaming demon's hands ruthlessly ripped apart the elemental current, its powerful force tearing it apart.

A dense stream has turned into two streams flowing from both sides.

Seeing this scene, Lin Yun frowned slightly. He knew that Lodney had already signed an agreement with the Abyssal Demon before, but he did not expect it to be something like a fire demon that had the characteristics of an elemental life form. Until the flame is extinguished, the Fire Demon will not die. nine0006

Even if he was injured, he would quickly recover in a place with a high concentration of fire elements, just like elemental life forms could.

With Lodni on the side, it was impossible to kill the fire demon before it completely exited the Abyssal Gate. Taking advantage of the fact that the fire demon had not yet passed all the way through the gate, Ling Yun decisively poured a large amount of mana into the Tome of Death.

The head of the element emitted a dazzling four-color light before the three colors disappeared, leaving only a blue glow behind. nine0006

The light began to tremble, but Ling Yun did not stop, continuously pouring more and more mana inside until a sphere of light appeared in Ling Yun's hand.

As soon as this sphere of light shook violently, as if ready to explode, Ling Yun stopped pouring Mana into it.

In an instant, a blue column of light shot through the sky, suddenly causing dense clouds from which lightning continued to fall.

The air temperature continued to fall as a large number of snowflakes fell from the sky. The clouds were spinning rapidly, forming a whirlwind covering more than a kilometer. nine0006

Then a layer of blue light flashed as the clouds turned into shards of ice. In the center of the vortex, another dark blue vortex was slowly spinning.

— Roar!”

The dragon's roar echoed as the Ice Elemental Dragon, seemingly carved from ice, burst out of this whirlwind.

The dense ice elements erupted when the ice elemental Elemental Dragon appeared, and the activity of the ice elements in the surrounding area continued to increase.

This was the most powerful ice elemental dragon that Lin Yun could summon at that moment. He was at the peak of level 38 and could be compared to this fire demon. nine0006

The Ice Elemental Dragon was immediately attracted by the Flame Demon. Fire was something that ice elementals disliked the most, while a fire demon couldn't help but watch its counterpart closely.

The two of them immediately started their magic attack.

The movements of the two colossi were simply devastating. Spells fell like rain, forcing the beastmen below to hide away.

Ice and fire clashed in the air, and the weaker Weremen simply couldn't handle the sounds of these explosions. nine0006

The Purple Dragon Incarnation flew out of Lin Yun's dragon staff and turned into a huge shadow behind Lin Yun.

Incarnation support greatly increased the power of Ling Yun's elemental spells.

And the four-color glow of the Book of Death flickered and increased the power of Ling Yun's elemental spells.

At this moment, Ling Yun's mana fluctuations had already greatly exceeded the limits of a high mage!

Countless blue wind blades turned into whirlwinds that flew towards Lodnya. A slight spatial wobble alerted Lodney that these were no ordinary wind blades. nine0006

Lodnei summoned a large amount of green fire and hid his body in it. Countless blades of wind cut through the sea of ​​fire, but failed to damage anything.

The Space Rip Blades were free as they entered the sea of ​​fire, Ling Yun's line of sight was blocked, and he couldn't even explore Lodny's location with his mana.

And this seemed like a prologue to an all-out battle.

A large number of green fireballs flew towards Lin Yun as the latter began to demonstrate his formidable casting ability. nine0006

Every second, over a hundred spells clashed between them. Endless collisions spawned a chaotic elemental storm in the sky.

After a few minutes, they realized that they were approaching a final decision. The battle turned into a war of attrition. The mana consumption was huge, and whoever made the first mistake would have lost.

Lodney forced himself to carefully shape his spells so he still wasn't wrong, but it also meant that he would consume more mana. nine0006

His expression was rather heavy, and a few minutes was enough to see that his opponent was throwing in a mechanical manner and not make a mistake. Also, the man didn't seem to care about the mana consumption when casting his spells, and it didn't look like he was even using mana. Lodney was really at a loss, now he knew what he needed to do to win.

But the battle was too fierce, and no one could stop. The frenzied fluctuations in mana had already caused all the elements within a radius of several kilometers to go berserk. The density of the elements increased with each spell, and even space began to tremble slightly. nine0006

At this time, the ground shook and ripped apart as violent spatial vibrations swept through the entire area.

Lodni and Ling Yun had no choice but to return to earth.

The beastmen army was in total chaos.

The peaks crumbled and the earth split apart, as if the world would turn upside down again.

Lin Yun reacted extremely quickly, not at all agitated by the appearance of spatial fluctuations. "I `ve been waiting for you for so long!"

He instantly flew towards his group, and a light flashed, causing Ling Yun and his group to disappear…

As soon as they reappeared, everything around changed fundamentally.

The light was dim, and the most prominent thing was an eight by ten meter gate with countless runes and ancient lifeforms carved into it.

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Troubleshooting slow queries caused by ASYNC_NETWORK_IO - SQL Server

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  • Article
  • Reading takes 2 minutes
  • Symptoms

    When SQL Server creates result sets and sends them to the client application, placing the results in the output buffer, the client application retrieves them from the output buffer. If the client application stops or does not receive results quickly enough, SQL Server needs to wait for confirmation that the client application has received all the results before sending additional results. This wait will be displayed as ASYNC_NETWORK_IO . For more information, see the video on page Understanding ASYNC_NETWORK_IO Waits in SQL Server.

    ASYNC_NETWORK_IO waiting too long can cause two problems:

    • Requests can slow down because their total duration will be longer.

    • When SQL Server is waiting for results from a client, it cannot release the acquired locks. If the lock is not released for a long time, other sessions will be locked on SQL Server. nine0006

    Causes and Solutions

    The following sections list common causes of this wait type and the corresponding steps to correct the problem.

    Large result set

    Some application clients query thousands or even millions of rows and then process the results using filters, sorts, and aggregations. Large result sets can lead to unnecessary network usage and client application processing. nine0006

    Permission: Application developers must carefully distribute processing between SQL Server and clients. Filtering or aggregations may be performed by SQL Server, and the final result set may be small. Limit the result set that comes in for clients. Any other calculations with data, presentation and formatting more appropriate on the client side after the data has been received.

    The application is not getting results fast enough

    If the client application does not get the results fast enough to notify SQL Server to get the result sets, ASYNC_NETWORK_IO the server will wait.

    To illustrate the use of ADO.NET, by default the DataSet and DataTable will get all rows to completion before the client can access them. However, classes such as SqlDataReader allow the application developer to choose what to do after each row is received from the server. The application can receive one row at a time and then process that row according to business requirements. For example:

    • Write a line to a file.

    • Send a string to another application over the network.

    • Wait some time or until user input.

    Resolution: To resolve this issue, retrieve all results as quickly as the client can with a hard WHILE/FOR loop. This means storing the results in memory and only then doing further processing.

    Application client computer is under load (I/O, memory or CPU)

    Even if the application code is designed to produce results as quickly as possible, system resource problems can cause the entire client process to slow down. For example:

    The application cannot retrieve results quickly if the computer running the client application has resource limits. For example:

    These resource limits can cause incoming results to be slow to process and cause SQL Server to experience type ASYNC_NETWORK_IO waiting .

    Resolution: To resolve this issue, use tools such as Performance Monitor to diagnose the system that the application is running on and then resolve any resource limits.

    Learn more