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The Top 5 Personality Traits of a Good HR Manager

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Human Resources, or HR, is a crucial part of any business and a HR manager can look after everything from office culture and performance reviews to health and safety and employee training. Almost all companies have some sort of HR structure, and as businesses worldwide focus more and more on the importance of the human element of running a successful business, trained HR professionals are in high demand.

The business HRM (Human Resource Management) course at Griffith College is the ideal option for those considering a career in HR. Not only does the course allow you to specialise in HR in your final year of study, it also allows you the benefit of studying all disciplines of business. Rather than focusing the whole study period on HR, we believe it’s crucial that students have the right knowledge of various operations and structures of business in order to be successful in the working world. That’s why our course teaches students about all areas of business, giving them a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the world within which they will operate.

In order to be successful at gaining a HR manager role after university, candidates need to have a range of personality traits that recruiters are looking for. Read on to find out if you have the personality traits of a successful HR manager.

Strong communication skills

A key element to any HR role is communicating between employers and employees. HR managers are often called upon to relay information to a range of audiences in varied ways, therefore it’s important that you’re comfortable and adept at communication face-to-face, via email and letters and on the telephone. HR managers will be the first point of contact for people with problems or questions and will play a key role in any negotiations that may arise between employees and their employer. It’s important that anyone considering a career in HR is able to convey messages and information clearly and concisely.  


HR roles are made up of a variety of tasks, and in any one working day you could find yourself juggling multiple jobs at once – therefore, it’s essential that you’re organised. It’s also likely that your role will come with a degree of administrative duties, so being able to keep everything filed correctly will be essential. Time management is crucial if you want to be a HR manager people can trust; you’ll be dealing with people's personal lives as well as their careers and they will want to have faith that issues will be dealt with in a timely manner.


The ability to show empathy to other people on a range of topics is essential for a good HR manager. HR managers are responsible for ensuring that employees are happy and supported in their place of work and often have to deal with a breadth of issues impacting employees in the workplace. HR managers need to be people fellow staff feel comfortable approaching for help and advice.

A problem solver

As a HR manager you may find yourself dealing with conflicts that arise within the workplace from time to time. Being able to deal with these in a harmonious and professional manner will be important. Diffusing tense situations and being able to see a positive outcome from a difficult situation will stand you in good stead in a career in HR.

A comfortable leader

HR managers are often seen as the beacon of all knowledge within a company. From answering employees’ concerns to managing charity fundraising and organising staff socials, HR managers need to be comfortable leading groups of people and projects. Many people will look to you for guidance, and it’s important that you’re able to balance being approachable and friendly with the ability to take control and lead staff.

If you think you’ve got the right characteristics to excel as a HR manager, then the Griffith College HRM course is the perfect way to get the training and experience you need to start your career.

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HR ESSENTIALS: Best Personality to Head Your HR Dept

Part two in our HR ESSENTIALS series

Part one: HR ESSENTIALS: Does Your HR Manual Need Updating?


The head of the human resource department in a company serves as the middle person between the management and the employees, and he or she plays a crucial role in ensuring workforce effectiveness.

If you are aspiring to hire a human resource director or manager, it is important to know what type of personality is best for the position.The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator has identified 16 different personality types, each of which is suitable for certain jobs and careers.

Although that are several personality types that are favorable for a career as a human resource head, the ENFJ personality type is widely regarded as the most appropriate.

What Does ENFJ Mean?

ENFJ is an acronym that stands for "extraversion, intuition, feeling and judging. "

Being an extroverted person, an ENFJ is an outgoing person who enjoys being around people and feels energized in social situations. The "intuition" part of an ENFJ enables him or her to have a deeper insight into people and situations, and come up with creative ways to solve problems. An ENFJ also has strong feelings towards people, and he or she is genuine, empathetic and loyal. With a good sense of judgment, an ENFJ can recognize potential in people and help them develop their talents and abilities.

What are the Common Characteristics of ENFJs?

An ENFJ usually has the following personality traits >>>

  • Outstanding social skills
  • Has a diverse group of friends and acquaintances
  • Genuine and warm towards people
  • Values other people's feelings
  • Feels good about helping others
  • Honest and loyal
  • Supportive and encouraging
  • Good leader and mentor
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Strong desire for order and harmony
  • Imaginative and creative
  • Enjoys undertaking new challenges
  • Dislikes discord and criticism
  • Seeks other people's approval

Being a Good Human Resource Leader

As a human resource director or manager, the person you hire needs to be able to deal with people from all walks of life.

Having excellent people's skills enables that person to communicate comfortably and meaningfully with their subordinates, peers and superiors. Since they are hopefully an empathetic and intuitive person, they can understand the thoughts, feelings and needs of the people in the company, which can go a long way in resolving conflicts and maintaining a harmonious work environment. Also, their genuineness and honesty can help you as a business head build and maintain trust in the workplace.

Leadership and mentoring skills are qualities that are essential to the success of a head of human resources.

With these skills, the individual can motivate their subordinates to perform their duties more competently, as well as discover, develop and manage talents effectively.

Since they also have excellent organizational skills, they will be able to develop effective ways to manage employee records and ensure that work duties are performed in a coordinated manner.


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7 personality types: how to communicate and work with them

When we see a person for the first time, we get only 5% of information about him. To build the right communication, this data is not enough.

Alexander Malygin, co-founder of the Human Detector Business Services Center, told how to learn how to instantly read information about people.

We have recorded key points from his seminar “Effective Communication. We read the interlocutor at a glance.

How is our personality?

If you depict a person in the form of a diagram, it will look like this:

1. Essence, or that which is unchanging and given to us by genetics. So to speak, "factory settings".

2. Education and the influence of society.

3. Social mask, or what we broadcast to the outer space.

These aspects determine how our communications are built in real life. When people do not yet know each other, they communicate at the level of social attitudes. nine0003

That is, they use a social mask. When they get to know each other a little, the upbringing of society comes into play and the essence is partially manifested. If the interlocutors have known each other for a long time, the leading role in communication is played by the essence and a little - upbringing.

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Although we are all individuals, we can be divided into groups according to formal characteristics - like cars or smartphones. nine0003

With technology, everything is simple - there are images by which we immediately determine the characteristics. What about people? Our behavior is controlled by the ratio of hormones in the blood.

Knowing which of them prevail in the human body, it is possible with a high probability to predict his psychotype and character traits.

The experience of Human Detector shows that with the right typing, in the first seconds of meeting a person, you can:

- recognize his principle of thinking

- Understand the principle of communication

- Determine the Professor

- Make assumptions about hobbies and hobbies

- to understand how active your interlocutor

is to find out with whom it will be compatible with

- and even - how to sell him correctly

Tip: choosing a business partner like us, we make a serious mistake, because both of them have the same attitudes. This means that sooner or later everyone will start to “pull the blanket over themselves”, and the partnership will grow into open competition. nine0003

Business partners should not be the same in subconscious values. They must complement each other.

If both strive to earn as much money as possible, a struggle for resources will begin between them.

As a result, there will be a crisis of confidence, and the paths will part. It is important to strike a balance: for example, one wants money, and the other wants to create a cool product. In such a tandem, success is possible. If, of course, the distribution of roles is correct.

What are people like?

It would seem that the general rules of communication are simple and have long been known in marketing. To enlist the confidence of the interlocutor, you need:

- Call a smile of

- Interesting with communication

- Lift

- to make a compliment

- not irritating

- offer to continue communication in an informal setting

- take into account the peculiarities of the interlocutor's communication

Still, these are general techniques. What works for one is unacceptable for another. To find a personal approach to a person, it is important to build communication, taking into account the type of his personality.

For more than 100 years, scientists have studied the influence of the hormones that prevail in the human body on its behavior and performance. The experiments were carried out in 80 countries of the world, and more than 25 thousand people took part in them.

As a result, seven personality types were identified. Today, this knowledge is used in communication, as well as to assess the potential of employees.

Let's consider each type in more detail.

Of course, exceptions are possible. In one person, the qualities of two endotypes can be combined. Nevertheless, the technique is considered quite accurate and allows you to get 80% of knowledge about a person at a glance.

Type #1. Fidget

What they look like: are usually people of average height, thin, very active, with thin wrists. They look younger than their age and are very active due to their increased metabolism. nine0003

T3 and T4 hormones from the group of thyroid hormones predominate in their body.

Prominent representatives: Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Pavel Durov.

Principle of thinking: people of this type are very fond of talking. Speech is a vital resource for them. At the same time, the listeners of them are unimportant.

Favorite phrase of such people: "Forgive me for interrupting."

They live by emotions and sensations. Information is also perceived emotionally. They are prone to distrust, looking for a catch in everything. nine0003

How to communicate with fidgets? It is necessary to let them speak, to be on a positive wave in conversation, to try not to arouse doubts with their speeches.

How to work with fidgets? No need to be offended by a fidget if he didn't do something or forgot to call you back. The constant flow of thoughts in his head does not allow him to concentrate on one thing.

Do not hesitate to remind about the agreements, always control the assigned tasks. Fidgets are not very consistent managers. There is always a risk that deadlines may be missed or something overlooked. nine0003

Type #2. Skeptic

What they look like: skeptics are often overweight. They have sloping shoulders, pale skin, and some puffiness. The main hormone in their body is melatonin.

Outstanding representatives: Elon Musk, Angela Merkel, Steve Ballmer.

Thinking principle: this type of people seeks to be safe, loves solitude and does not believe in success without super efforts. Self-will and stubbornness are their hallmarks. nine0003

How to deal with skeptics? It is important to become their ally and let them know that you will not harm them. These people cannot be pressured. Speak calmly and slowly, do not show stormy joy.

Especially if it is causeless.

How to deal with skeptics? Do not expect instant results from them, do not set urgent tasks. These people work at their own pace, not fast at all. The skeptic works best in the evening.

Therefore, they can take "homework assignments". They also work remotely.

Type #3. Sun

What they look like: is the rarest type of people. There are only 5% of them in the world. In terms of appearance, this is a classic standard of beauty. Men are distinguished by high growth and broad shoulders. Girls of this type have an ideal figure.

Outstanding representatives: Lawrence Ellison, Pierce Brosnan.

The principle of thinking of these people: "I am the center of the world", "Everything should be my way. " They love holidays and parties, they cannot stand loneliness, they always strive to be in the thick of things, they are emotional and selfish. nine0003

This type of person is so accustomed to compliments that over time they simply stop responding to them.

They have fits of sadness, but usually they do not last long: 5-10 minutes of sadness - and these people are ready to have fun again.

How to communicate with the sun? Play along with the sun, admire it, share positive emotions. Let you feel like the main character, do not disturb the atmosphere of the holiday.

By the way, such people can be useful not only in society, but also in business. nine0003

They will not understand your product, but they will be able to attract the attention of an investor to your company. Communication and the ability to interest are their strengths.

How to work with the sun? Do not forget to praise such people for their achievements, and they will conquer new heights. Slightly flatter the vanity of the sun, but do not let it sit on your neck.

Type #4. Fighter

What they look like: are people of average height with wide wrists and short fingers, of a dense build. They are always internally tense. Adrenaline dominates in the body of fighters. nine0003

Representatives: Mike Tyson, Jason Statham.

The principle of thinking: fighters are distinguished by straightforwardness in judgments, negative perception of the world, irascibility. These people see a problem in everything that needs to be solved urgently.

At the same time, they have a heightened sense of justice. They are able to protect others if they believe that they have been undeservedly offended.

People in life and business love directness and honesty, even if the truth looks ugly. nine0003

How to communicate with fighters? Talk about the problem directly, do not try to smooth corners and hide negative facts. Don't get into arguments. Be equal, but be respectful at the same time.

Appreciate their time: it is better to submit documents to such business partners in electronic form.

How to work with fighters? This type is the most conflicting. Don't aggravate your relationship with him. A fighter can be rude and harsh in communication, but all his efforts are directed only to the cause. nine0003

For him, there are no obstacles on the way to achieving the goal.

Type #5. Pedant

What they look like: they are tall and thin. Restraint can be traced in movements and speech. Somatotropin (growth hormone) and adrenocorticotropic hormone are responsible for all processes in the body of these people.

Outstanding Representatives: Steve Jobs, Henry Ford, Keanu Reeves.

Principle of thinking: these people always stick to the plan in everything and always like to make lists. They are systemic, they keep everything under control. Rational in all actions and actions - from movements to spending. nine0003

How to communicate with pedants? Use the principle of "first things first", be consistent and logical. In support of your words, give arguments, figures and facts. Speak slowly and without fuss.

How to work with pedants? They live and work in their own way. And carefully calculated. If you do not set specific deadlines for Pedant, he will calculate his time in a way that suits him.

This will probably not suit you: Pedants are usually slow and prefer to act measuredly. nine0003

Type #6. Boss

What they look like: are people with a big head, broad shoulders, with a developed chest. As a rule, they have muscular legs. The dominant hormone is oxytocin or the hormone of happiness.

Outstanding representatives: Steve Wozniak, Evgeny Chichvarkin, Gerard Depardieu.

Principle of thinking: the boss wants everything at once. He is characterized by leadership, a large-scale vision of any situation, a sense of justice. Such people know how to make decisions and are not afraid of responsibility. nine0003

If you don't live up to your boss's trust, he will cut you out of his life forever. There will be no second chance to secure his favor.

How to communicate with the boss? Be respectful, praise him for accomplishments, speak clearly and to the point. Show that you value his time. Gifts for these people should be expensive, food should be tasty and of high quality, and the interior should be luxurious.

How to work with a boss? Give him freedom of action. At the same time, highlight the area of ​​​​responsibility where he will be the full owner. Give the boss all the necessary resources and the ability to independently select a team. The result will meet your expectations. nine0003

Type #7. Good-natured

How they look: are usually people with rounded features, short. They are distinguished by sloping shoulders and a good-natured appearance. There are two main hormones in the body of these people: estrogen and insulin.

Outstanding Representatives: Mark Zuckerberg, Oskar Hartmann.

The principle of thinking: kind people are always ready to help, while they themselves are embarrassed to ask for something. Change is hard for them: most of all they value stability and constancy. nine0003

Often these are creative people who are able to see the unusual in everyday life. Kind people love moderately original clothes, they know how to create a beautiful interior around themselves, they are endowed with excellent taste.

How to communicate with a kind person? The motto of these people: "Let's live together. " When talking with them, it is important to radiate kindness, not to show negativity. Speech should be calm and unhurried. It is important to create an aura of serenity.

How to work with kind people? These are good performers. They are afraid to let the team down and are ready to help everyone around them. The main thing is that there is no emotional tension in the team and the atmosphere helps to reveal the creative potential of good-natured people. nine0003

All processes in our mind are controlled by the endocrine system. Knowing its type, a person can be read like a book: find points of contact and remove barriers in communication.

The typology can be used both in marketing and during behavioral interviews.

If some basic qualities are not inherent in the endotype of a person, then it will be difficult to develop them. Simply put, a fighter will never become the sun, and the boss will never be a fidget.

But knowing the strengths inherent in each type, you can use the natural potential of a person to the maximum. nine0003

Personality types

Type personality

Contents activities


Orientation for handling tools and mechanisms.


Orientation to search.


Orientation for emotional manifestations self-presentation.


Orientation to interact with people.


Orientation to influence people.


Orientation to manipulate data and information.

Research type of personality inherent focus on search for rational ways to organize labor and innovative technologies production activity, aspiration to participate in scientific experiments and innovations, implementation of professional, research or pedagogical business career.

Artistic personality type is characterized by a tendency to emotional manifestations and self-presentation based on pronounced leadership qualities, which implementation of administrative business career and team building like-minded people to achieve organizational goals. nine0003

Social personality type is focused primarily on interaction with people, which is extremely important for successful administrative careers, especially in public and municipal government, and to lead organizations in the budgetary sphere.

Entrepreneurial personality style is associated with the possibility greater influence on people organizing mutually beneficial partnerships commercial connections, management career in competitive market environment. nine0003

special is a conventional personality type with focus on data manipulation and information that provides possibility of realization as a professional careers in information technology, and administrative career performing managerial functions in conditions of high information loads.

So manner, realistic and exploratory personality types tend to choose professional career while as artistic, social and entrepreneurial personality types may prefer administrative business career. nine0003

Manager on personnel, as a rule, faces with an established professional however, it is important to know how the person did own choice. There are four main situations of choosing a profession: tradition, occasion, duty, target choice.

Family professional traditions are effective for internal readiness for the profession parents, which they literally absorb in the process of education, however In recent decades, children, more often in general, are inclined to receive education in new specialties characteristic of the age of high technology. nine0003

Accident choice of profession due to the influence the media, which have an increasing impact on professional orientation of young people. In addition, often the profile of the future professional activity is chosen following the example of a charismatic personality or at the same time with friends, that is “for the company”, which is fraught with errors and frequent change of the chosen field of activity.

Vocation or duty are characteristic when choosing a profession for specialists of law enforcement agencies, in education and health system, what usually characterizes "sociality" personality, her idea of ​​a noble missions to parents, family, homeland, people. nine0003

To Unfortunately, there is a significant reduction in the number of young people driven inner sense of duty. it indicates a negative impact on the consciousness of the young generation of Western mass culture with its focus for quick enrichment and comfortable spending time without much personal efforts, as well as weakening the ideological installations in the State due to lack of a national idea.

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