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  Word Pronunciation Score ?
1 ammonoid aamuhno_id 2045 Definition
2 solenoid soluhno_id 1976 Definition
3 aneroid aanuhro_id 1921 Definition
4 alkaloid aalkuhlo_id 1906 Definition
5 paraboloid puhraabuhlo_id 1905 Definition
6 anthropoid aanth_ruhpo_id 1902 Definition
7 tetraploid tet_ruhp_lo_id 1891 Definition
8 asteroid aastuhro_id 1885 Definition
9 celluloid selyuhlo_id 1875 Definition
10 haemorrhoid hemuhro_id 1869 Definition
11 polaroid puh_uuluhro_id 1831 Definition
12 myeloid mah_iuhlo_id 1831 Definition
13 choroid koro_id 1824 Definition
14 colloid kolo_id 1824 Definition
15 subarachnoid sabuhraakno_id 1820 Definition
16 hominoid homino_id 1820 Definition
17 crinoid k_rino_id 1820 Definition
18 sigmoid sigmo_id 1810 Definition
19 epidermoid epiderrmo_id 1810 Definition
20 schadenfreude sharduhnf_ro_id 1786 Definition
21 toroid toro_id 1786 Definition
22 rheumatoid ruumuhto_id 1769 Definition
23 conchoid kongko_id 1737 Definition
24 maladroit maaluhd_ro_it 1711 Definition
25 avoid uhvo_id 1679 Definition
26 rhomboid rombo_id 1679 Definition
27 toxoid tokso_id 1679 Definition
28 amyloid aamilo_id 1675 Definition
29 android aand_ro_id 1675 Definition
30 centroid sent_ro_id 1675 Definition
31 chancroid shaangk_ro_id 1675 Definition
32 diploid diplo_id 1675 Definition
33 fibroid fah_ib_ro_id 1675 Definition
34 haploid haaplo_id 1675 Definition
35 hypocycloid hah_ipuhsah_ik_lo_id 1675 Definition
36 negroid neeg_ro_id 1675 Definition
37 triploid t_riplo_id 1675 Definition
38 trapezoid t_raapitzo_id 1675 Definition
39 thyroid thah_iro_id 1675 Definition
40 tabloid taablo_id 1675 Definition
41 polyploid polip_lo_id 1675 Definition
42 parathyroid paaruhthah_iro_id 1675 Definition
43 ovoid uh_uuvo_id 1674 Definition
44 steroid s_ti_uhro_id 1673 Definition
45 discoid disko_id 1671 Definition
46 lymphoid limfo_id 1671 Definition
47 mucoid m_yuuko_id 1671 Definition
48 polypoid polipo_id 1671 Definition
49 sarcoid sarrko_id 1671 Definition
50 spheroid s_feero_id 1671 Definition
51 typhoid tah_ifo_id 1671 Definition
52 xiphoid zifo_id 1671 Definition
53 sinusoid sah_in_yuuso_id 1666 Definition
54 adroit uhd_ro_it 1646 Definition
55 dacoit duhko_it 1627 Definition
56 cardioid karrdio_id 1626 Definition
57 epithelioid epitheelio_id 1626 Definition
58 geoid jeeo_id 1626 Definition
59 hyoid hah_io_id 1626 Definition
60 balconied baalkuhnid 1615 Definition
61 cuboid k_yuubo_id 1612 Definition
62 deltoid delto_id 1612 Definition
63 ellipsoid ilipso_id 1612 Definition
64 fungoid fanggo_id 1612 Definition
65 schizoid s_kitso_id 1612 Definition
66 cyanamid sah_iaanuhmid 1603 Definition
67 droid d_ro_id 1585 Definition
68 floyd f_lo_id 1585 Definition
69 freud f_ro_id 1585 Definition
70 lloyd lo_id 1585 Definition
71 royd ro_id 1585 Definition
72 unemployed anemp_lo_id 1585 Definition
73 introit int_ro_it 1580 Definition
74 pyramid piruhmid 1579 Definition
75 leonid liuhnid 1523 Definition
76 void vo_id 1522 Definition
77 devoid divo_id 1522 Definition
78 boyd bo_id 1522 Definition
79 compassionate kuhmpaashuhnuht 1522 Definition
80 dispassionate dispaashuhnuht 1522 Definition
81 passionate paashuhnuht 1522 Definition
82 companionate kuhmpaanyuhnuht 1521 Definition
83 unaccompanied anuhkampuhnid 1508 Definition
84 accompanied uhkampuhnid 1508 Definition
85 detroit dit_ro_it 1490 Definition
86 droit d_ro_it 1490 Definition
87 droits d_ro_it_s 1490 Definition
88 exploit eks_p_lo_it 1490 Definition
89 quoit k_wo_it 1486 Definition
90 galleried gaaluhrid 1484 Definition
91 bergamot berrguhmot 1482 Definition
92 joaquin juh_uuuh_ik_w_n 1472 Definition
93 annelid aanuhlid 1468 Definition
94 affectionate uhfekshuhnuht 1465 Definition
95 salaried saaluhrid 1463 Definition
96 internode intuhrnuh_uud 1463 Definition
97 byroad bah_iruh_ud 1450 Definition
98 bayonet be_iuhnit 1447 Definition
99 gastropod gaast_ruhpod 1444 Definition

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2 syllables:

Aja, bria, chia, dia, Freya, Gaea, Gaia, glia, Goya, Leah, lia, Maia, maya, Mia, Pia, playa, raya, rhea, Shia, Shiah, soya, stria, Thea, Theia, Tia, via, zia

3 syllables:

Achaea, Achaia, Aglaia, aliyah, Althaea, althea, anoia, Ardea, asea, buddleia, Chaldea, chorea, Crimea, dulia, elia, golilla, Hosea, Hygeia, idea, Isaiah, Josiah, Judaea, Judea, kaffiyeh, keffiyeh, Korea, latria, Malaya, maria, Mariah, Medea, messiah, Moriah, Nagoya, Nicaea, ossia, papaya, pariah, philia, puntilla, rupiah, sangria, sequoia, Sequoya, Sequoyah, shariah, Sofia, Sophia, spiraea, spirea, tortilla, urea, Uriah, vigia, yautia

4 syllables:

Achillea, banderilla, barathea, Caesarea, cherimolla, cherimoya, chirimoya, cinquedea, Cytherea, dahabeah, dianoia, diarrhea, diarrhoea, Dorothea, Eritrea, Galatea, galleria, gonorrhea, gonorrhoea, hamartia, Heraclea, Hezekiah, himalaya, Idumaea, ipomoea, jambalaya, Jeremiah, Kampuchea, Kilauea, latakia, leucorrhea, leucorrhoea, leukorrhea, logorrhea, logorrhoea, malvasia, menorrhoea, mesoglea, mythopoeia, Nehemiah, Nicosia, Obadiah, panacea, pitahaya, pizzeria, propylaea, pyorrhea, pyorrhoea, ratafia, rhinorrhea, rosalia, Samaria, seborrhea, Zachariah, Zechariah, Zedekiah

5 syllables:

alfilaria, amenorrhea, amenorrhoea, Boadicea, calabazilla, Carpenteria, Cassiopeia, dysmenorrhea, glucosuria, glycosuria, hyperdulia, Laodicea, peripeteia, pharmacopoeia, prosopopoeia, thiourea

6 syllables:

malonylurea, onomatopoeia

7 syllables:

allylthiourea, phenylthiourea

9 syllables:


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  • paranoid - paranoia
  • paranoiac
  • Paranoiker
  • paranoid Genitive (who, what?) paranoid paranoid Dative (to whom, what?) paranoid paranoid Accusative (who, what?) paranoid paranoid Creative (by whom, what?) paranoid paranoid Prepositional (about whom, about what?) paranoid paranoid

    Paranoid sentences

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    2. The miserable paranoid looked especially at the prominent outlines



    3. The lively paranoid was sorry to leave for crystal Petersburg



    Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" Album History - ROCK FM

    Half a century ago, on September 18, 1970, Black Sabbath released their second album, "Paranoid", by far one of the most influential records in the history of heavy music. We are publishing a translation of a 2010 article from Metal Hammer magazine about the history of the creation of this legendary album with memories of drummer Bill Ward.

    It was 1970. After the 60s, there was a deep hangover feeling and people played this newfangled "heavy metal" to somehow cheer up. And on the other side of the planet, the Vietnam War was raging, but a bunch of sleazy hairies from the Birmingham wilderness had something to say about this ...

    Actually, today's metal bands are just a bunch of slobs. Do you think releasing an album every three years is hard work? Imagine what it was like four decades ago when heavy metal barely existed and primitive technology was used in the studio and you were still forced to record two albums in one year...

    “If your band was in danger of breaking up, they told you: “We need to go back to the studio, guys”, – remembers drummer Bill Ward, – our first album came out in February 1970… and four months later we were told that we needed to record another!".

    Fortunately, Black Sabbath — which included Bill, vocalist Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, and bassist Terry "Geezer" Butler — was made of durable material. Firstly, the musicians of the band come from the slums of Aston, a suburb of Birmingham, which was bombed to smithereens during the Second World War, five years before the band members were born. Teenagers in Aston at 19The 60s did not complain about life: the main thing was to look both ways so that you would not be stabbed with a knife for your long hair.

    By the time the self-titled debut album was released in 1970, the desire to avoid the fate of many of their countrymen and work hard at the factory turned Black Sabbath into a band with iron discipline.

    “We worked really hard, ,” says Bill, “was up early in the morning and was playing by 9:30. We played in a rehearsal studio in Birmingham until lunch, and then we went to Tony's house, had tea, ate toast, and shot cigarettes at his mother's. And then they performed - almost every evening.

    Even though the 'Black Sabbath' album had a huge impact on heavy music, the band members still shuddered and dreaded at the mere thought of having to return to the terrible job they had at the end 60s.

    “I was a truck driver at a cement plant, ,” recalls Bill, , “it was hard work: you had to lift fifty-kilogram bags of cement. Two under the armpits, and the third on the back.

    All this meant that Sabbath were determined to make a name for themselves on their second album. They considered other options as to how else they could release the vinyl, since life in Birmingham was not conducive to creativity.

    “We wanted to try something different, get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, ,” Bill recalls, , “Birmingham had too many distractions. We were starting to become famous, both in the Midlands and generally throughout England, so we rehearsed at Monnow Valley Studios in Monmouthshire, Wales, where we rehearse to this day.

    Going out of town is a proven way to really focus on your music, and it was certainly a great option for the Sabbath guys, who immediately wrote a bunch of near-perfect songs as soon as they crossed the border. Thoughts of the hateful job in Birmingham didn't bother the boys as much anymore, because they were going to work with a professional management team.

    “We recorded a Paranoid demo and changed managers to Tony Hall and Patrick Meehan, explains Bill, - then, in general, we could barely make ends meet: and the money began to be seen only when we contacted Patrick. We got 500 pounds for the performance and thought: “Fuck! Are you kidding?" We haven't seen that kind of money for two years. In 1970, those were huge bucks. When we needed money, we just went and asked Patrick. There were no checks and statements then.

    Still unaware of the ominous consequences of dealing with the financial practices of their new management, the band resolutely set about recording new songs. It was here that their performance experience came in handy - after all, the guys gave hundreds of concerts a year, so the new material turned out to be of high quality and unique.

    “We had fantastic teamwork, – notes Bill, – we have been playing together for more than two years; traveled to Germany and Switzerland. When we played together, we wanted to improve our technique and become better. We should not forget that we came to the studio being a well-played live band. Producer Roger Bain has to be given credit too, but I think in the studio we managed to show the aggression and dynamics that we had at the shows – maybe not to the full extent, but for the most part.”

    Since the band was disciplined, writing the album went smoothly, says Bill: “Geezer and Ozzy wrote the lyrics, we worked together on the arrangements, and Tony wrote the riffs and then showed them to us. We all turned them into songs together. Some parts were so obvious that we played them intuitively: we had a spiritual connection.”

    Any drummer who has ever tried the first song of 'Paranoid' 'War Pigs' will know what Bill is talking about. Against the backdrop of a heavy "classic" riff that leads the song, a soft groove sounds, and the song itself is heavy both lyrically and musically. As you know, 'War Pigs' is considered to be the first political Black Sabbath song, but Billy clarifies the situation:

    “'War Pigs' is a protest song: it's not anti-war, but against the people who make wars and put young boys and girls in danger. War is an incredible responsibility and the government knows that people will die. In this song, we sang about the Vietnam War. The counterculture had blasted political activism years before, but Sabbath made a much more aggressive musical statement. Ozzy's delivery in this song, as in all the others, is just brilliant."

    Words of wisdom as Ozzy's doomy heavy monotonous voice suits these songs perfectly. A vocalist with a wider range wouldn't fit into the apocalyptic lyrics of 'War Pigs' and the other songs on 'Paranoid'. However, over the years, Geezer Butler's decision to rhyme "masses" with...um... "masses" in the first two lines of the song has been ridiculed more than once. When asked if Bill is aware that this little piece of text is often ridiculed, the musician laughs in response.

    “There you are! I laugh because I never knew about it. And what word did he need to rhyme with "masses"? "Asses"?

    After the colossal "opener" that has since been covered by countless metal and rock bands ( "I liked the Faith No more version" says Bill), it's time for the title track - one of the most famous songs to this day groups. But she was almost rejected, the drummer admits.

    “Producer Roger Bain decided we needed to write a commercial song. We were totally against it, but he said, "Think about what you can write," and we went to lunch, and when we came back, Tony came up with a riff. I sat on the drums, Ozzy came up to the microphone, Geezer picked up the bass, and we started playing. What you hear on the album is literally 25 minutes of work! The only thing we added was Tony's solo, which he recorded the next day. I could not believe that we got such a song: everyone was just delighted!

    A surprise for Sabbath fans is 'Planet Caravan' as it is much softer and even more artful than most Sabbath songs. Here the emphasis is on tessitura rather than aggression.

    “We always knew we could write softer songs, – explains Bill, – we have already hinted that we were going to play something other than 'War Pigs'. We put Ozzy's voice through a rotating loudspeaker, and everything sounded very cool. Tony played some great jazz chords, a lot of people have no idea what an amazing jazz guitarist he is."

    The next three songs - 'Iron Man', 'Electric Funeral' and 'Hand Of Doom' - are like the Armageddon of 70s-style metal music: nothing like that existed then, and these songs inspired almost every doom band. Metal musicians are quick to recognize the huge impact these songs have had on their music: for example, Opeth musician Mikael Åkerfeldt once told Metal Hammer: 0220 . Bill laughs at these stories.

    “Yes, ,” he admits, “ is a dark album, but I like this darkness! Geezer, like Ozzy, likes dark and terrible themes, and Tony likes to play dark riffs. So I didn't make a mistake with the band…”

    In the song ‘Hand Of Doom’ Billy sees himself as a heroin dabbler himself, though, thank God, not for long.

    “It's a sad song, ,” he reflects, , lyrically, it's quite rough and the lyrics are really about drugs, but at that time I had already given up heroin. I hated him. I preferred alcohol and cocaine. I also liked the "wheels", although I had not eaten them for almost 30 years. I'm sure people who die from this shit will see themselves in this song."

    On the penultimate song from this epic album, 'Rat salad', you can hear Bill's virtuoso drum solo ( "I had three minutes to fill this piece, so I tried to cram in as many parts as possible, which I used to perform at the concert" - he explains).

    After the album was recorded, Sabbath returned to Birmingham and began their non-stop tour. The final sound of the 'Paranoid' album turned out to be very relevant for its time.

    “It's a realistic album, ,” says Bill, “ we used to turn off the mics a lot after we hit the drums to get a better sound.

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