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Personality has interesting correlations with your color season.

Although personality alone has no bearing on your color season and how your skin reacts to color, there are some really interesting correlations with behavioral characteristics. I am not the only style expert who holds to this theory, as several others create clothing methods based on personality.


Before we dig into some of the season attributes, we need to first explore some of the theories of personality that apply to this reasoning.

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The History of Personality

The concept of the four temperaments dates back to greco-roman medicine pre-dating Christ. Based on the movement of certain fluids (humors) within the body, it was developed by Hippocrates more fully. Although this theory has long been devalued by western medicine, the concepts within form the basis for many more “modern” psychological constructs of personality theory.

Many of the popular construct of personality theory are loosely based in this model via the work of Carl Jung. The Myers-Briggs and Keirsey temperament borrow and expand upon the model of four.

For the purposes of this article we’re going to expand them all together to find some common personality traits attributed to each season.

Spring Personality

The Spring personality is the one named Sanguine in the four temperament model. The Spring personality can be characterized by the keyword excited! These people fun-loving, high energy, and a joy to be around. All the parts of their body exhibit these characteristics, from their jaunty walk to their voice which tends to pitch high when excited.


Spring personalities are true extroverts and love being the life of the party. They enjoy being the center of attention and don’t shy away from groups. They are often quite agreeable and optimistic.

As with any personality, there are negative characteristics to the Spring type. Most notably the Spring personality is indecisive and frequently struggles to complete projects or tasks once started. They are also a bit flighty, needing a lot of change and stimulation and they can be unpredictable.


Summer Personality

The Summer personality has the phlegmatic designation out of the four temperaments. The keyword for this person is calmSummers are typically those people who seem to be relaxed and have a lot of grace. Not in a broody intense way as we’ll see with the winters, but in a gentle way. They speak in quiet tones and tend to be great listeners. As such, they are natural diplomats, avoiding conflict.


Avoidance, however, transcends throughout many of the Summer personality traits. They avoid conflict and attention, but they also avoid dealing with unpleasant issues. They can be intensely strong-willed and stubborn, and are quite reluctant to change. This severity also extends to finances, as Summers are typically frugal.

Autumn Personality

The Autumn personality is a force to be reckoned with! These people are defined by the keyword focused. They are determined and typically successful at the things they endeavor to accomplish. They wake up in the morning ready to tackle the day. Their movements are confident, and their speech rings with authority.


They function in the world by requiring truth and facts, and in return they are honest and frank. Busy and enterprising, they are not the type to relax and laze around.

Their negative characteristics exacerbate these traits, and they can be blunt and hurt people’s feelings in their honesty, although they rarely mean to. They are stubborn and intractable and do not take well to criticism. Because of their determination, they can come off as dominating and overbearing.

Winter Personality

The Winter person is our melancholic, and the keyword for these people is intense. These people seem very dignified and elegant, and their voice may be melodic. They are quite poised and graceful, imagine the swan in relation to the ugly duckling.

Winter personalities are exceptionally introverted, and have a strong desire for privacy. They are very internal people, and quite loyal to those they have allowed in. They can be a calming influence, but they may often seem aloof.


The Winter personality is plagued by pessimism and worries frequently how others perceive them. The are overdramatic and self-centered and may be paralyzed by perfectionistic tendencies.

Blending the Seasons

No one is going to tick all the traits of one season alone, so we get blends in our behaviors and in our seasons. So let’s see how blending those together creates our twelve sub-seasons.

For Spring as the primary season, the secondary seasons would be winter, autumn, or summer. The Spring-Winter would be sanguine-melancholic and labeled a Clear Spring. The Spring-Autumn is a sanguine-choleric and labeled Warm Spring. The Spring-Summer blend is sanguine-phlegmatic and labeled a Light Spring.

The primary Summer seasons have secondary seasons of spring, autumn, and winter. The Summer-Spring is phlegmatic-sanguine and labeled Light Summer. Summer-Winter is phlegmatic-melancholic and we label them Cool Summer. The Summer-Autumn is phlegmatic-choleric and labeled Soft Summer.

The Autumn primary individuals have blends of spring, summer, and winter. The Autumn-Summer type is choleric-phlegmatic and labeled Soft Autumn. Autumn-Spring is choleric-sanguine and we label them Warm Autumn. The Autumn-Winter type is choleric-melancholic and they are labeled Deep Autumn.

Finally, the Winter personalities have secondary seasons of spring, summer, and autumn. A Winter-Autumn is melancholic-choleric and is labeled as Deep Winter. Winter-Summer is melancholic-phlegmatic and they are labeled Cool Winter. Last, but not least, the Winter-Spring is melancholic-sanguine and is labeled as Clear Winter.

Myers-Briggs Types by Season

Let’s explore another personality theory, the Myers-Briggs, and most people are pretty familiar with this one. If you don’t know your type you can go take an assessment at 16 Personalities.

Myers-Briggs types people on four dimensions and each have two options, so there’s the first dimension of introversion versus extraversion, the second dimension of sensing versus intuition, the third of feeling versus thinking, and the fourth of judgment versus perception.

It’s really interesting to see that the first of these, introversion versus extraversion, is pretty well-defined in our seasons. Summer and Winter are usually an introverted personality, and Spring Autumn are usually extroverted personalities.

The 16 Myers-Briggs types actually break down in the 4 seasons, and some color analysis theories do actually use 16 instead of 12, so consider a bonus in each one!


  • ESFP – Entertainer
  • ENFP – Campaigner
  • ENTP – Debater
  • ESFJ – Consul


  • INFP – Mediator
  • ISFP – Adventurer
  • INTP – Logician
  • ISFJ – Defender


  • ENTJ – Commander
  • ESTP – Entrepreneur
  • ENFJ – Protagonist
  • ESTJ – Executive


  • ISTJ – Logistician
  • ISTP – Virtuoso
  • INFJ – Advocate
  • INTJ – Architect

Final Thoughts on Personality

Personality is a really fun addition to color season, and I usually ask these questions at the beginning because it helps point me in a direction for analysis. We do tend to pick up some of these traits as we go through and it’s so interesting to see the correlations.

I have a minor in psychology and personality theory, and personality assessment is an interesting thing to me. I like to think about how people tick and how they think and how their mind works.

But I want to end with this nugget of wisdom. It is my experience that we never fit into personality assessments perfectly, because God made each of us uniquely beautiful. I went to a Christian women’s conference over a decade ago, and one of the speakers said something similar to these lines. She was giving a talk on personality as well, and I want to reiterate strongly that this is just a fun part and it can have some bearing on the beginning of analysis, but you ARE unique.

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Let me know in the comments! What personality type(s) are you? Do you think these correlate with your color season and best colors?

Personality is a fun addition to color analysis and has interesting correlations with behavioral traits.

Stacey Herndon

Stacey is the owner and creator behind Radiantly Dressed. She is a certified image consultant and AICI member focusing on creating simplicity in wardrobes via color and style.

Seasonal Personalities - which are you? - Holistic Training Courses

Published on 3 November, 2020 | Colour Therapy

Did you know that our personalities can be broken down into seasons. For instance you maybe a winter personality or a spring. Find out which type you are?


The Spring Personality – Warm Colours

A spring person can be brunette, blonde or redhead but will never be very dark or heavy.

They are light on their feet and have an indefinable quality of lightness to their being.  Lively, vivacious, effervescent and impulsive, the spring personality has a great deal of charm.  They may have lots of fresh ideas but could have too many projects going at once. They make friends easily are positive and have natural energy. The challenge for the spring personality is single-mindedness; they have the gift of attending to many things simultaneously but might be accused of being superficial and frivolous.

Colours: warm and clear; they can also be bright. The ideal palette for the spring personality will include soft peach, cream or turquoise, alongside the brighter scarlets, cobalt or sky blues, warm emerald greens and pure yellows.


The Summer Personality – Cool Colours

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Summer people are often brunette or blonde, usually blue eyed but can also be grey, green or brown eyed.

They are cool, calm and collected. Although they are good listeners, they can be analytical and judgmental. They can also find it hard to express their feelings and often deny themselves opportunities to use their talents. They have a subtle, dry sense of humour and can be very witty.   The challenge for the summer personality is in trying not to appear aloof and unfriendly and to try not to resist the efforts of their livelier friends to jazz them up!

Colours: usually cool and subtle, they can be dark but never heavy. Some typical colours are raspberry, rose pink, lavender, sage green, powder blue.


The Autumn Personality – Warm Colours

Physically, the autumn personality can be blonde, brunette or redhead and their eyes can be blue, brown or green but will almost invariably have flecks of gold or tan in them.

Being earthy characters, they are very aware of environmental issues. They are independent and career-minded, good organisers and able to deal with many projects at one time. The challenge for an autumn personality is to keep their sense of proportion. They can be perceived as bossy and tedious but, although sometimes unpredictable, are warm and friendly.

Colours: the autumnal palette can be considered to be offbeat – there are no pure primary colours. Examples are burnt orange, olive green, moss green, golden yellow, terracotta, vermilion and aubergine.


The Winter Personality – Cool Colours

Physically, whether blonde or brunette, the winter person’s features are well defined and their eyes compelling; redheads are rarely winter personalities.

Seen as strong, self-assured and aloof, these people are in fact shy and prefer the peace of their own company. They are often very efficient and precise in everything they do. They have good career minds, are loyal and reliable in a crisis, being good organisers and leaders. The challenge for a winter personality is to pay attention to other people’s feelings.  They can sometimes be seen as elitist, cold and uncaring.

Colours: strong contrasting colours such as pillar box red, magenta, crimson, midnight blue and indigo. Winter personalities often favour wearing monochrome and are the only type who look good in unrelieved black or white.

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Source: Luna Holistics IPHM approved Training Provider



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What is the color type "Winter" | MARIECLAIRE

Audrey Tautou

Most often, the winter color type can be confused with the contrasting "Summer", but, in fact, their difference is obvious: the coldness of the summer color type lies in a grayish undertone, which muffles the colors and creates a restrained, aristocratic image; the coldness of "Winter" is based on sparkling blue, which fills the colors with saturation and brightness.

Skin color

The skin of a "winter" girl is quite dense and even and, as a rule, has a transparent bluish tint. Depending on the natural color, skin color can be brown-olive, beige, ash-brown, porcelain, pinkish, white-beige. The paler the skin of the representative of the winter color type, the weaker the sun affects it, but the darker “winter” girls in the summer can boast an even brownish tan. Occasionally, freckles may appear on the skin of a winter girl. nine0003

Hair color

The hair of the representative of the Winter color type is usually dark: black-brown, black, chestnut, ash-brown, plum. Sometimes you can meet light "winter" girls, but their hair color will be bright white with a clear ashen reflection.

Color of eyes, eyebrows and eyelashes

Eyes always stand out with their piercing color, bright and dark: dark brown, deep brown, black, ice green, dark gray, bright blue or blue. nine0003

Eyebrows and eyelashes, to match the hair, can have either a dark (almost black) shade or a bleached light one.

Lip color

Winter girl's lip color is usually cold and has a lilac-pinkish tint.

Dita Von Teese


Like any color type, "Winter" has 4 characteristic colors.

In natural color , all indicators (color of skin, lips, eyes, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes) are equal in terms of contrast level: earthy-olive skin tone, ash-brown hair, dark brown eyes. nine0003

In contrast color , three indicators contrast with each other: black hair, pale skin and green eyes.

In the light color , all three indicators are light: porcelain skin, light ash hair, ice blue eyes.

In the bright colors of , as a rule, only one indicator stands out: beige skin, brown hair, blue-green eyes.

Celebrities with the Winter color type Litvinov. nine0003

Perfect makeup:

Liv Tyler


makeup. The color of the foundation will also depend on the skin tone: porcelain tone is suitable for white skin, olive for dark skin. Makeup powder can be transparent (for fair skin) and grayish-beige (for dark skin), and for evening makeup: in the first case, transparent powder with a silver shimmer effect will be ideal, in the second - powder with gold (but not bronze) cold glitter. In the case of blush, depending on the skin tone, all shades of pink with a cold undertone, as well as lilac-beige colors, are suitable for a winter girl. nine0003

Eye shadow:

Representatives of the Winter color type will suit almost all cold (including bright) shades of eye shadow: pink, lilac, anthracite, night sky color, dark purple, silver, dark green, snow white , lemon gold. To make the look more expressive, you can bring the upper eyelid with black eyeliner or a pencil: purple or blue metallic, to emphasize the inner eyelid, you can use a white or blue pencil. Mascara can be both classic black and extravagant blue, green, purple, as well as other trendy shades. nine0003

Lipstick and lip gloss:

All cold pink palettes are perfect: plum, lilac, fuchsia, cyclamen, raspberry, cherry red, transparent silver.

The ideal wardrobe

Renata Litvinova

Basic group: outerwear, dresses, trousers, suits, skirts

blue-violet. Also, things of burgundy, azure, phlox, lilac, coniferous green, dark emerald, ruby ​​and red-brown colors will look great on a “winter” girl. Of the gray shades, charcoal gray, steel and anthracite will come in very handy. A distinctive feature of the natural color of the girl-winter is that, like no other, it withstands deep black and boiling white (snow-white) colors. nine0003

Light group: knitted tops, T-shirts, underwear, shirts, sundresses.

In the light group of the representatives of the “Winter” color type, pastel shades of ice should prevail: white, white-sand, gray-beige, moon yellow, bluish-white, ice-pink, ice-blue, rich mint, light lavender .

Bright group: clothing for sports, parties and outdoor activities.

As we have already said, extravagant and dynamic colors suit a girl of a winter color type. A bright wardrobe group is a real field for experimentation, because the “winter” girl has no restrictions on flashiness. Ideal colors for a bright group would be: purple, lemon, bright turquoise, fuchsia, rich purple, azure, juicy green, cyclamen, indigo, ultramarine, bright red. nine0003


When choosing fabrics, a winter girl needs to pay attention to texture. It is worth choosing materials with a brilliant sheen (thick silk, satin, patent leather, organza, velvet) or textured materials that hold their shape well (lace, brocade and cotton). The representative of the winter color type is one of the few on whom fur products will look great: silver fox, dark broadtail, arctic fox (black), dark chocolate mink.

Salma Hayek


The pattern on the fabric should be dynamic, exotic and expressive. The patterns should have clear lines. Welcome: patterns, cold in tone, as well as a cage of various sizes, a contrasting "chicken foot" and "animal" print.

Footwear and accessories

Shoes and bags are better to choose from dense, harsh leather with a distinct sheen (varnish). Exotic skin will also look good: crocodile, ostrich. A win-win color scheme will be black, black and blue, dark gray or any other color from the base palette. In order to emphasize the extravagant image of a "winter" girl, you should choose bags of a rigid, clear shape, pumps with a pointed toe, a straight stuffed heel or a "bold" hairpin. nine0003


Accenting, highlighting, bright spots: the main rule of the winter color type applies in jewelry - cold colors. Jewelry of a winter girl should shine, sparkle and sparkle, and, of course, diamonds come first. Other stones are also acceptable, but it is important to remember about flashiness: blue sapphire, rich turquoise, red garnet, black onyx, rock crystal are the best friends of a “winter” girl. Black or white pearls with a mother-of-pearl undertone are perfect for creating a classic “going out” look. For everyday outings, a winter girl can afford jewelry made of icy-cold materials: glass beads, shiny beads, rhinestones, glass. A good frame for jewelry will be metals that have a bluish coldness: gold: white or cold lemon color and silver. nine0003


Spectacular spectacles with black, metal or white frames and lenses in tinted shades: black-blue, bottle green, deep brown, grey-violet, anthracite or chameleon glasses will be a universal option.

Photo: Getty Images

Maria Milerius

Types of appearance by colors and seasons: how to determine your

Especially for you, we have done a lot of work on what types of appearance are, how to determine your color type of appearance by season . The text turned out to be voluminous, but very informative. In addition to theory, we have added several checklists that will help you determine your type of appearance by colors and seasons. nine0008

Look around, what do you see? From all sides we are surrounded by a variety of colors. They complement our lives and adjust our mood. Colors affect us in the same way as our surroundings, they decorate us in clothes, makeup or a new shade of hair.

However, the same colors are not for everyone. In some we look very fresh and joyful, in others we look pale and dull. And it is the color that plays a decisive role when choosing clothes and cosmetics. Therefore, nature and seasons were taken as a criterion for determining the color type of a person. nine0003

As you might have guessed, there are 4 types of appearance according to the seasons:

  • spring;
  • summer;
  • autumn;
  • winter;

Spring and summer are classified as warm types, while autumn and winter are classified as cold. Let's decide together what type you are. Go to the mirror and carefully examine your skin, hair and eyes. You can keep small notes in a notebook, as it will be very difficult to decide at the very beginning.


Type of appearance - spring

I would like to start studying the types of appearance from spring. The appearance of the owners of this type is characterized by the following properties: a fresh natural pink complexion, the skin is predominantly light. Regardless of this, girls of this type can tan to a beautiful bronze hue. Hair color is most often light, golden or honey blond. The eyes are mostly deep blue, clear green, olive or turquoise.

Delicacy, serenity and radiance - these words can describe girls of this type. For them, outfits made of natural materials of one tone, discreet with a simple cut, are best suited.

Girls with a similar appearance will look perfect in joyful, warm colors associated with spring and awakening. If the above description suits you, then immediately make a note to yourself and decide on the color of the clothes. So, what colors should be in your wardrobe if you are Spring? nine0003

Spring colors

  • white : dull, cream, eggshell color;
  • brown : light, delicate shades of brown, light chocolate, caramel, honey, coffee with milk;
  • beige : cream with a yellow or gold sheen, unsuitable is beige with a gray or sky tint;
  • gold : girls like spring are very gold;
  • yellow : sunny yellow, pastel vanilla; nine0154
  • pink : delicate pink, pastel pink, coral;
  • orange : intense orange, peach;
  • red : poppy red, orange hue and fiery red, tomato, red with golden sheen;
  • purple : delicate, light lily;
  • blue : shimmery yellow, marine, pure garnet, cobalt, turquoise;
  • green : refreshing, spring green, apple green, light tones with a yellow sheen; nine0154

Spring makeup

As for makeup, we use foundation in more natural skin tones: beige, golden beige, ivory, peach, porcelain. After applying it, the face is covered with powder in a yellow-beige shade.

Eyes are best accentuated with shades of gold, yellow, honey, peach, turquoise and mango. A Spring woman should always remember that her choice is light and medium tones.

The ideal color for eyebrows is gray, beige or matte brown. During the day it is better to use dark brown mascara, in the evening - black, intense green or blue. Spring eyes can be further emphasized with a turquoise, brown or light green pencil. nine0003

But for girls with pinker skin, all kinds of shades of beige and light brown are recommended.

Lips are painted only in light and delicate colors. If you use a lip liner, it must be the same color as the lipstick. And regarding nail polish - spring colors are suitable, the main thing is that it is combined with your image. Spring is associated with flowers and awakening. Therefore, floral and citrus aromas will suit you!


Type of appearance - summer

The second warm type of appearance is Summer. So what are the distinguishing features of this type? If you have light skin with a cold sky tone or pale, but always with a blush, regardless of the weather, feel free to classify yourself as a Summer type. But even with the palest skin, a summer girl can tan to an even bronze hue.

The hair is light, dark brown, or blond in its various varieties, most often with an ashy tint. The eyes are predominantly gray, gray-green, brown or blue, as well as in intermediate tones. nine0210

Summer girls and their looks are always associated with femininity, elegance and aristocracy. It is important to take this into account in the selection of clothes. It should look more restrained and elegant, so a classic cut is the right decision.

For you, summer ladies, light fabrics, romantic-style outfits and small, simple accessories that emphasize aristocracy are ideal. A summer girl will look win-win in pastel delicate colors, which will also emphasize the complexion. nine0003

A common mistake is to complement your outfit with huge bags and, in addition, lulled with numerous sequins that cross out the whole chic of the image.

If you identify with this type of appearance and this time of year, then immediately check your wardrobe for the presence of the following colors and shades.

Summer colors

  • white : muted white;
  • yellow : light lemon, vanilla, pastel shades of yellow; nine0154
  • pink : delicate pink, powder shades, muted pink, pink with a hint of gray;
  • red : dark red, celestial, red to crimson, fuchsia, cherry, avoid orange;
  • blue : steel green or bluish, smoky blue, sky blue;
  • green : mint, pistachio, sea green, green-blue, turquoise;
  • violet : all light and dark shades, eg light lavender, aubergine, violet with a touch of grey; nine0154
  • beige : light shades are suitable, such as pink or ash beige;
  • brown : light colors with a touch of blue, gray and pink;
  • gray : can be used in all shades;
  • silver : great as jewelry;

Summer make-up

For make-up we use foundations in medium and light tones. Powder pink-beige. The eyes will become brighter if they are emphasized with gray-beige, steel blue, medium gray, gray and beige-purple, pink, mint, or pastel shades of shadows. nine0041 It is important to avoid bright and sharp combinations.

Eyebrows delicately complement: beige, gray or matte brown pencil, or eyebrow shadow, in the same combinations. Thanks to black mascara, the eyes will look more impressive. In addition to black, blue, gray and purple are suitable. As for the eyeliner, we choose in medium or dark blue, medium gray, gray-violet.

And don't forget about the cheekbones, because nowadays it is very fashionable to emphasize them, we use cold, pastel shades of pink or beige-pink. But if you are the owner of a pink complexion, it is better to bypass this color, with its excess, the skin looks patchy. In this case, beige is your color! nine0003

Lips look seductive in cold pink or dark red. Nail polish in summer colors, the main thing is that it should be an addition to your look.

Summer is associated with the sea, flowers, sand and sun. Therefore, cool marine and floral aromas are for you!


Autumn type of appearance

Warm, golden sheen is a distinctive sign of the autumn type of appearance. They are associated with comfort and coziness. Autumn beauties can be seen on advertising posters, in a warm blanket and sweater, holding a mug of hot coffee or rejoicing in yellow falling leaves and red mountain ash, conveying to others a feeling of warmth and home comfort. nine0003

Autumn girls look perfect in clothes of both simple and complex cut, plain and with patterns. Fabrics of a denser, warmer, autumn texture will do.

Autumn's skin is very light, sometimes with a slight bronze or warm, yellow-gold tone, often with freckles. In the sun, she reacts with significant redness, so autumn girls often avoid strong tan.

When it comes to hair, Autumn always prefers the following tones: dark blond, medium and dark brown with a copper sheen, turning into intense red. In girls of this type, the eyes are most often in a warm olive color or green-brown. Owners of the so-called beer eyes often have a gold or greenish rim on the iris. Autumn gamma combines warm, rich colors of the earth. nine0003

Autumn colors

  • white : ivory and champagne;
  • beige : warm or cinnamon, golden yellow beige;
  • yellow : yellow-golden, mustard, curry and corn tones, as well as more delicate shades of green, brown or orange;
  • red : warm tones, such as brick or rusty red, red-brown, garnet, coral, pepper red; nine0154
  • orange : intense orange or more subtle variations such as rusty or brownish orange;
  • gold : perfect color for jewelry;
  • brown : warm, rich brown, brown with a touch of gold or yellow, dark cocoa, coffee with milk, ocher;
  • purple: shades of dark eggplant and plum;
  • blue : only shades with a yellowish-gold touch, such as jade; nine0154
  • green : moss, delicate, spring green, olive, persimmon, dark green;
  • gray : only in warm shades, mixed with brown or green, graphite;

Autumn makeup

For Autumn, a foundation in a medium, beige-gold shade, as well as peach and ivory, is suitable. The powder is beige-yellow. Bright Autumn is characterized by the presence of freckles, and if you want to disguise them, a corrector in skin color or a tone lighter is perfect. nine0003

Earth brown, gold, various shades of beige, green gold, dark brown, olive, copper or bronze, yellowish blue are the ideal eyeshadow colors that will emphasize the eyes.

skin tone, medium to dark brown mascara will be suitable. As for the eyebrows, we emphasize them with a taupe, beige or matte brown pencil.

We choose blush in warm saturated shades, like terracotta or brown red: you need to apply it very carefully so as not to overdo it or choose a blush of a light orange hue. nine0210

Autumn's lip color: rusty, copper, brick, fiery red, orange red. Lips in brown tones look very neat. Bright nails are not for you! Beige or colorless varnish would be more suitable.

Autumn is associated with red mountain ash, fallen leaves. Therefore, sweet aromas and aromas of the earth are for you.


Appearance type - winter

Strong and full of energy - this is how girls of this type of appearance can be characterized. nine0041 They are distinguished by very bright features, especially expressive eyes of always saturated colors: green, gray, dark blue, brown, brown-black.

Skin may be very light, almost pale or pale. Only slight sunburn is possible. But there are girls with olive skin, who tan very easily and quickly. The owner of the Winter type is characterized by medium and dark brown or black hair.

Winter Girl is the only type that black is perfect for. Therefore, feel free to use it both everyday and in the form of evening dresses. This type of appearance is characterized by the predominance of pure expressive colors. And this means that there is an opportunity to experiment with the cut. nine0003

When it comes to accessories, silver or white gold items are ideal to add elegance and brilliance. If all this is about you, be sure to stock up on clothes in the following range.

Winter colors

  • white : pure white, snow white;
  • black : pure, intense black;
  • gray : ice gray, silver, anthracite;
  • red : cold, sky red, red wine, purple, ruby; nine0154
  • pink : hot pink, ice pink;
  • violet : ice violet, lilac with a touch of black or blue, dark violet;
  • yellow : ice yellow, lemon, intense shades of yellow;
  • green : shades with a strong admixture of blue, dark green, turquoise, emerald green, spruce green, ice green;
  • brown : dark brown;
  • silver : perfect color for jewelry; nine0154

When it comes to the "Winter" type of appearance, makeup artists know for sure that big beautiful eyes are the most striking part of their image. Painting Winter is a pleasure! Light to medium beige foundations are recommended. With olive skin, tonal can be mixed by adding a little yellowness. Powder only neutral or beige.

To make your eyes look more impressive, use the following shades of shadows: silver, light gray, ice or a more intense shade of pink. They will look perfect in combination with dark green, dark purple or pomegranate. nine0210

Most Winter girls have very expressive eyebrows that rarely need to be emphasized, but if necessary, colors from brown to black will do, depending on the color of the hair.

Black mascara will emphasize the beauty of the eyes and allow them to shimmer with natural beauty. But besides black, dark shades of green, blue and pomegranate also look perfect.

Cool blush: burgundy, rich pink, cool brown red. In addition to the eyes, lips can also be emphasized: intense pink, red blackberry, dark purple. Colorless nail polish looks elegant, as well as red and black.

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