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Take This Personality Test And We'll Guess Why People Hate You!

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Do you find that there are just a lot of people in this world whom you don't really like? Do most people, even your friends, get on your nerves and you wish you didn't have to be around them so much? The problem is likely not them; it's you.

We're guessing you've known this for a while. There are probably a few honest souls who've actually told you that there's a way about you that's off-putting, yet for some reason, you just can't put your finger on it. After all, how could somebody not completely think you're awesome?

Well, we're here today to help. We've put together a personality test for you today that will measure many different aspects of your being and help to isolate exactly why it is that nobody likes you. In fact, they hate you, and it's time to find out why.

Remember, this test isn't about whether people like you or not. We already know they hate you, and you already know the same. Let's break down exactly why that's happening. Then maybe, you can do something about it.

Question 1

What is this woman doing?

Odds are, when you see people, you immediately think the worst. That's OK. It's probably a big part of the reason people don't like you, and we'll figure out why that's happening through this test. So, lady in a white dress laying in the grass... what's happening here?

Question 2

What do you think when you see this meal?

We're not sure what restaurant it's from, but you've got some deep-fried chicken, hand-cut french fries, and dipping sauce. This kind of meal is available at just about any restaurant in the world, but what's your immediate reaction to seeing it right here, right now?

Question 3

Your computer password...

Computer passwords are like designs on checks in that they really tell a lot about a person. From your early days in school to your very last job, you're always told to create a password that nobody else can guess. So what are you using to keep unwanted people away from your data?

Question 4

How does the saying on the mug make you feel?

Coffee... because Adulting is hard. There's a company that believed they could mass-produce this mug and turn a profit. Maybe they have, and good for them. People will buy anything in this world, it seems. If you walked into work and the person next to you had this mug, what would you think?

Question 5

What do you think about memes with inspirational sayings?

You've got to wonder who invented internet memes and if they realize that they even did it? What used to just be a business of hanging inspirational sayings on office walls has sprung into a hobby for way too many people with way too much time on the Internet, right?

Question 6

What was your opinion on the popularity of the fake moustache?

For a stretch of a few years, ending about 3 years ago, you couldn't go anywhere and avoid fake moustaches. Women especially seemed to like the idea of holding up a fake moustache to their lips. Why? Maybe that's a better question for a different test. What'd you think of that whole thing?

Question 7

If Charlie Brown had been an adult, he would've...

Peanuts has been an iconic comic strip in most of our lives and still is the gold standard for animated holiday specials, but the main character, Charlie Brown, was a depressed worrier who rarely had anything good to say. What do you think happened when he grew up?

Question 8

What's this?

It looks like a toilet paper roll with a paper towel roll inside. There's a couple of black tube-like things on the side and a green string. What in the heck could this thing be? Does it serve any real use? If you saw this sitting on a table, what would you assume you were looking at?

Question 9

When people say, "Hey, how are you?" what do you say in your head?

We hear it a million times a day, and you probably even say it yourself. It's the international greeting that's probably actually uttered even more times than "Hello." But what does it really mean? What are you thinking when you see somebody and they say "Hey, how are you?"

Question 10

What do you think about clever people?

You know the people we're talking about. They've always got an idea or a way to improve upon things... and usually, they're right. They're the kind of people who always have a witty comeback and have the kind of charisma that attracts people. Things just seem to go their way.

Question 11

What do you think about this shade of lipstick?

A lot of women like to wear make-up. Some do it to attract men, some do it to improve their appearance, while others just say it makes them feel better. Take a walk down the make-up aisle at the drug store and some of the shades are ridiculous. What do you think of this one?

Question 12

Have you ever felt love like this?

There's somebody in this world for everyone, or at least that's what they say. Maybe love has come your way easy, or maybe it's been a challenge to find Mr. or Mrs. Right. Check out this photo. The couple in it seem very happy. Looking back, have you ever felt love like this before?

Question 13

Whose responsibility is the birth control?

So, let's assume that you've got enough game that you're able to convince somebody else to consent to having intercourse. Neither of you want disease, and it's a hetero hook-up. Neither of you want a baby. One of you should've planned ahead. Whose job was that?

Question 14

Who thought this billboard was a good idea?

Sure, these quizzes are meant to be fun and not to be taken too seriously, but every once in a while, we like to slip a message into them hoping that we can make the world a better place. For those of you who were unaware, murder is not OK. You learn something new every day. But who thought this billboard was a good idea?

Question 15

People who use LOL.


It's true that every language has colloquialisms, and they evolve and change over time. It's also true that texting and instant messaging has helped develop a new kind of language, and it's true that unless you can hear or see someone, you can't tell if they're laughing. People who use LOL...

Question 16

What do you think about Keanu Reeves?

Like it or not, Keanu Reeves has had a long career starting with the Bill and Ted movies, through the Matrix movies, and up to the John Wick films. Heck, they're even remaking movies he was originally in, like Point Break. What's your opinion on this Hollywood denizen?

Question 17

What do you think when you see a baby?

There's no hyperbole in saying that babies are our future. Every day, millions are brought into the world - some wanted, some not so much. They're the most vulnerable among us and deserve the most care, but what do you think when you see one, honestly?

Question 18

Now that I think about it, Ronald McDonald.


The 1970s and '80s were a simpler time. People were freaked out by creepy types, and things were allowed in pop culture that would probably seem like a bad idea today. Looking back, what do you think about the McDonald's iconic spokesperson... or spokesclown?

Question 19

Look, a child wrote a note... what's your take?

There was once a show called Children Say the Darndest Things, where the entire premise was to put a child on the spot and hope something funny or cute rooted in deep honesty came out of their mouths. When you see this note, how does it make you feel?

Question 20

Miss this guy yet?

There were few presidents who were able to get the kind of response Barack Obama did and still does. He's either greatly loved or deeply hated. The only president we can think who gets even bigger polar opposite reactions is our current one. So, based on where we are today, are you missing President Obama much?

Question 21

How do you behave when you have too much alcohol?

Unless you're under 21 and strictly following the rules of your government, odds are that you've had too much to drink at least once in your life. Being drunk affects people's personalities in some extreme way. What happens to you when you've had a few too many cocktails?

Question 22

I see this picture, and I think...

So we've got a woman hiking on a beautiful morning... or maybe it's the end of the day... the sun is low in the sky. She's made it to the top of this small mountain or big hill, and she's now stretching her arms out to the heavens. What did you think when you first saw this?

Question 23

What do you think of this kid's haircut?

He doesn't seem to mind it one bit, but is this something that you would do to your own head, much less your child's? What if you had a kid who said they specifically wanted his hair cut in this manner? When you see this long-on-top, short-on-the-sides hairdo, what do think?

Question 24

She wants to date you.


Here's a perfectly beautiful person who's interested in you. Ladies, just pretend it's a good-looking guy. This person approached you about going on a date but doesn't tell you why. When a friend asks you why they asked you out, what's your response?

Question 25

Do you like cats?

You're either a dog person or a cat person... unless you don't like either. This is an especially cute tiger kitten, unless of course you hate kittens. You gotta admit those eyes are a beautiful blue, unless, of course, blue eyes make you upset. Do you like cats?

What Do People Dislike About You Most?


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Find out what your little quirk is that breaks the laws of perfection…oh so perfectly.Once you answer all the questions, you will get your results from this quiz. Submit your answers by selecting an opShow More

Why strive for perfection when we can all have absolutely adorable, annoying and weird flaws!

Find out what your little quirk is that breaks the laws of perfection…oh so perfectly.Once you answer all the questions, you will get your results from this quiz. Submit your answers by selecting an option below each question. All answer options will load for you once you reach them. For best results, answer the questions in a row. Once you know your results, don’t forget to check the rest of the fun quizzes we’ve prepared for you. Good luck!

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You're about to have a really busy weekend, but you've got just enough time to schedule one thing for yourself. What do you pick?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • Catch a critically acclaimed Broadway musical.
  • Spring clean your entire home top to bottom, including the windows!
  • Start that book that you’ve been dying to read.
  • Netflix binge a show you’d never admit to liking.


One thing I keep hidden from everyone is:

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  • My diary. It’s soooo dishy!
  • My tattoo — it was a drunken mistake.
  • My love for daytime television!
  • My desire to be on Dancing with the Stars.
  • Nothing. I’m an open book!


One thing that drives me absolutely batty is...

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  • Long lines and waiting.
  • Bad driving.
  • Body odor, strong perfume or weird smells.
  • High prices for movie snacks.


I find re-gifting to be:

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  • A non-issue. Someone might was well get some use out of it.
  • The height of ill manners.
  • Not sure – never done it.
  • A thrilling endeavor!


Which food do you like the most?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • Kale chips.

  • Store-bought pizza.

  • Licorice.

  • Baked potatoes.


You’ve got an important job interview and you're already running late. You notice there is a stain on your clothes. You decide to:

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  • Go with the flow. Just explain to the employer that you only human and didn’t notice.
  • Completely freak out and try and wash the stain out in a public bathroom.
  • This is an impossible scenario for you because you are JUST THAT ANAL.
  • Run into the nearest store — even if it’s a drugstore and try and find something else to wear.


People can get a REAL education...

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • …at the rodeo!
  • …at the circus!
  • Getting their master’s degree.
  • Living life at it’s fullest.


Ewww! I will NOT touch...

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  • Cat puke.
  • Hair from the drain.
  • Moldy food.
  • Public bathroom door handles.


If I could have a superpower it would be...

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  • To magically create a million dollars every day.
  • To fly!
  • To never age or grow old.
  • To be invisible.


If I could only wear one color, it would be:

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If I could, I’d indulge in the following every day:

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  • Full body hot stone massage.
  • Food delivery from any restaurant.
  • Having my house cleaned inside and out (including bed linens and laundry!)
  • My own personal physician at my beck and call for free.


Which word annoys you the most?

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  • Nosh.
  • Crudites.
  • Moist.
  • Snot.


Should pets be allowed to sleep in your bed?

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  • Yes.
  • No.
  • What kind of pet?
  • Maybe.


I sleep best when I am:

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  • On my side.
  • Alone.
  • On my back.
  • On my stomach.


I will absolutely break into dance or song if I hear:

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  • “Highway to Hell” by AC/DC
  • “Oops! I Did It Again” by Britney Spears
  • “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond
  • “Hot n Cold” by Katy Perry
  • “Chicken Dance” by Werner Thomas


You’re on the subway and notice someone across from you crying. However, they are reading a book. You decide to:

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  • Ask them what’s wrong and listen to their story with complete focus.
  • Try your damnedest to see the title of the book. You love a good tear-jerker.
  • Ignore them – they really need to pull themselves together.
  • Hand them your dirty hanky — it’s the only thing you have to offer.

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Why doesn't anyone love you?

You enter a cafe during lunch. All tables are occupied. But then you notice that there is a table for four, where three are already sitting. What will you do?

I will silently sit down at the table and eat, paying no attention to anyone

I will come up and, sighing sadly, I will ask you to sit next to me

I will look at everyone with a contemptuous look and leave

Excellent! I'll meet new guys. We will become friends!

What do you think is the first thing others notice about you?

How can I know what they think

My restraint

My friendliness

My eyes full of sadness

A cheerful friendly party. You are a little late and come when everyone has already gathered. What will you do as soon as you enter?

I will approach those closest to me. I’ll start chatting with them and see how it goes

I’ll stand in a corner and wait for someone to come up to me

I’ll find another lonely wanderer and tell him about my problems

I will stand against the wall and look at this overly cheerful crowd

What annoys you the most in people?

They always walk around happy and positive, but there is nothing to be happy about

Everyone is always so busy, there is not even a minute to talk heart to heart

When someone behaves stupidly and irresponsibly

conference with a report. After the end, everyone starts applauding. What do you think?

"Sure. You never would have thought of this yourself"

"It must be a joke, it can't be that good"

"They love me. Now I'm a celebrity"

"So what?"

If you realize that a person really likes you, how do you feel?

The satisfaction of knowing that someone likes me

My armor is gradually fading and I open up

I want to get to know this person as close as possible

I'm afraid that it might end too quickly

How do you feel in a company where there are a lot of strangers?

When someone compliments you, the first thought that comes to mind is:


This is the perfect occasion to get to know each other

The main thing is to behave calmly and calmly

Is this true or just rude flattery?

If a person appears in the team who immediately becomes the center of everyone's attention, do you think that he is:


Just funny

Knows how to get attention

Cool guy, you should invite him somewhere

If two days after the date, no one called you, what will you do?

They don't call me, I'll call!

I'll pretend that I don't care

I'll die of longing and sadness

I don't care

Negative energy

Every day we ask each other "How are you?" Sometimes even more than we would like. And if the answer is positive, people like it. If you start telling a sad story from everyday life or complaining about a crowded bus, they don't like it. Of course, each of us has problems and difficulties, but we must try to keep it to ourselves. Sharing troubles is only with close friends and relatives who really want and are ready to help. More positive! Share this result on social networks. Suddenly someone is tormented by the same question!

Coldness and closeness

Your strict appearance, attentive and concentrated look can tell people about closeness to communication, coldness or heaviness of character. Even if it's not, you come across as a self-confident person with selfish tendencies. No, in fact, we hope that these words are not about you. But still try to be in a good mood and make it visible to others. Interested and smiling eyes, a slight smile - that's enough! Share this result on social networks. Suddenly someone is tormented by the same question!

Less talk, more action

We all know people who always push others to talk to them. If someone talks non-stop and only takes a breath between topics, it is unlikely that there will be volunteers willing to listen to this stream of consciousness. Of course, this is not about you, but sometimes it seems that you have an endless supply of questions and answers, and even a moment of silence annoys you. Remember that listening to the interlocutor is still the most important rule of communication! Share this result on social networks. Suddenly someone is tormented by the same question!

Center of the universe

As experience shows, you always get the better of everyone, you prove your case, and sometimes you look down on your acquaintances. This is not very impressive, rather, on the contrary, it shows how selfish, and inability to listen to others. Competing is good, but being always ahead is against the rules. Of course, if you do not plan to be alone with your ego. Share this result on social networks. Suddenly someone is tormented by the same question!

Quiz: Girl, why do people dislike you?

in Psychological tests for girls, Tests for girls

published Psychologist

Do you want to know what makes some people crazy about you? Then on to the test!

    • I'll go, but I'll remind them several times that I didn't want to go.

    • What difference does it make if I don't want to? I'll go anyway!

    • I will force them to be with me.

    • I'll tell them that only narrow-minded people go to clubs.

    • I will say so.

    • I'll go, but I'll keep saying how bored I am.

    • I will try to tell more about myself so that they understand that I am a good person.

    • At first I'll pretend to be good, and when they start doing everything wrong, I'll show who's boss.

    • I will complain to everyone that the teacher is unfair and my classmates are terrible.

    • Horror! How can I do something in such conditions?

    • I simply refuse to do anything.

    • I don't care, I'll just be in charge and tell them what to do.

    • I will go out with my friends, but only if we go where I want to go

    • Every day something new! You can't keep track of everything

    • I will sleep

    • I will stick in social networks

    • Umm, does anyone do something on Sundays? I do not understand!

    • Nothing special and it makes me sad

    • Well, it won't get any worse!

    • I advise you to ignore its existence until the end of days

    • This is a disaster! I'm terribly sorry for you

    • Why? They were still a so-so couple

    • Why are these relationships at all? Eat something and don't worry!

    • I'm for revenge! We need to spread some rumor about her

    • Pfft, who gets tattoos these days?

    • I'd rather tell others about it so we can laugh at her

    • Simple. Not. Do it. This!

    • I will lecture her for three hours on why this is a bad idea

    • Why dissuade? That's a cool idea!

    • This is a terrible idea!

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