Why am i so screwed up


A lot of people feel like an emotional wreck most of the time and you basically want to curl up and die somewhere. I’m not going to lie for a long time I wasn’t any different, I used to feel the exact same way and once in a while I still do. Most of the time you can’t help it, you feel like a mess physically, mentally and emotionally. You feel like you are not good enough and just broken overall, something is broken in you and you don’t understand how to get it fixed. Life just simply sucks for you sometimes, infact I would say most of the time. Life has a way of making you feel super high just to bring you right down and then we feel like we just hit “rock bottom”,one minute you are full of life, you really feel like you got this and things might actually go well this time and the next thing you know nothing feels good, you suddenly feel like a faliure and honestly a lot of times you would rather isolate yourself from the world than actually facing it because sometimes the world has such a curel way of hurting you and taking so much from you and at this point you feel like you have nothing else to give and you are just done.

If you feel this way a lot then it might be a sign that things are clearly messed up somewhere. Sometimes you feel this way so often that you basically think you are normal and its okay to feel this way because that’s how the world works and you start seeing everything from a broken and damaged point of view


1. YOU AVOID CLOSE RELATIONSHIPS DUE TO FEAR OF GETTING HURT; If you have been hurt a lot, multiple times by a loved one, family, friends or a partner then you naturally start having this idea that everyone is the same and nobody is trustworthy and they are all basically all out to get you. You think they are going to hurt you so you build a very high wall to protect yourself, you hide and run very far away, you make excuses to distance yourself as much as possible and you get so comfortable behind that wall you have built. You basically draw back from anything that can possibly make you feel good and that is a very disturbing sign that something is wrong somewhere.

2. YOU THINK YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH; When you start seeing someone nice or decent or something good finally happens to you, you are happy for a split second but because you are so broken you start asking questions






It’s almost like you are convinced that you don’t deserve to be happy and you don’t deserve good things like love and happiness in life. Only an emotionally fucked up person would have this prespective about life, you can’t afford to think life only has bad things in store for you, you need to start seeing the beauty of life and all the great opportunities you can get from it.

3. YOU SABOTAGE YOURSELF; When you have a low-self esteem and zero self confidence, you sabotage good things that come your way. You would rather cheat on someone you think you love rather than admitting that you love them because you are too messed up to accept love and happiness and good things so you feel the need to ruin it, destroy everything that comes your way intentionally.

4. ANGER ISSUES; When you are emotionally messed up, you are always angry and resentful. You snap back and forth between being perfectly pleasant and being extremely furious. You’re not able to control your emotions in a healthy manner. Your anger can be damaging, you may shout and scream and even break stuff when you are angry and sometimes you become violent to the people around you.

5. YOU ARE A LONER; Nobody should feel better when they are alone all the time, I enjoy my own comapny but sometimes I want to hang out with my friends and have a good time. If you would rather lock yourself up in your room every second of the day, playing video games, eating and sleeping there might be something wrong. No man is an island.

6. YOU ARE ADDICTED TO DURGS; So many people take drugs and alcohol just because they want to feel something else, something they can’t seem to feel in their everyday lives but the truth is if you have to turn to drug and alcohol to feel better about life or even distract yourself about how you really feel emotionally then you should really dig deep down and think about it, sometimes you just have to face whatever you are going through rather than always drinking, smoking, injecting yourself or sniffing stuff to avoid your problems because the second everything wears off, your problems and feelings rush back and gradually addiction sets in.

7. YOU HURT YOURSELF; If you hurt yourself, go out of your way to inflict pain on yourself then this might be a sign of emotional and even mental disability. So many people cut themselves up, hit their heads on the wall, try to drown themselves or even scratch themselves till they bleed, all these done intentionally because some how they would rather be in pain than be happy, they believe they deserve to be punished for making a mistake and feeling a certain way so they go out of their way to actually hurt themselves.

8. YOU ARE SUICIDAL; When you find yourself obsessing about death and constantly thinking about thaking your own life, feeling fed up of the world and hoping that whatever is on the other side has to be better than what you are going through now, then you might be unstable and you need to speak up and get help because it means that you have already given up on yourself and given up on life.

9. HAPPINESS UPSETS YOU; I have been in a place where seeing other people happy upsets me, you compare yourself with other people and when other people are doing better than you are or are happier than you are, you get jealous, upset, mad and even depressed. It means you are carrying so much hurt, hate and negative energy around you that somehow you have forgotten how to be happy.

10. YOU ARE ALWAYS ANXIOUS; Every broken person suffers from an anxiety period. You always have that dose of caution because you have gone through a lot in life, so you are anixous everytime you are around new people or situations where you feel like you have no power or control over.

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11 Reasons Why your Life Could be Fucked Up


If you have ever asked yourself, “Why is my life fucked up?” this entry is for you.

Modern culture provides abundance and we don’t know what to do with it. Most of the problems in the modern world have something to do with having too much.

Abundance problems are hard to track and hard to control. You have to uphold jocko-willink levels of discipline to stay on the path in 2019.

It’s easy to identify problems with scarcity. If you’re hungry, you don’t have enough food. Get more food. If you’re thirsty, you don’t have enough water. Get more water.

What do you do if you feel like your life is fucked up, and you can’t figure out what to do to change your life? How do you fix being depressed? How do you fix anxiety? Depression & Anxiety are two wrecking-balls smashing through young American hearts all over the country.

Sad Times in the modern era

  • The Suicide rate has tripled for young adults since the 1950’s
  • Normal children today report more anxiety than mental patients in the 1950’s
  • Depression is a disease of the modern world

It’s hard to find out what’s wrong with your life in the modern era without the help of systems. Everything today runs on systems, instead of cues, like how society used to work before numerous technological advances.

In Tim Ferriss’s book, Tribe of Mentors, Tim sends the same questions to a large pool of notable high-performers. High-performers generally meaning people who are good at what they do and have some notoriety in their sphere.

The common habits shared across a majority of the high-performers includes meditation, exercise, reading, journaling and eating healthy.

The entries below include systems to help identify why your life is fucked up and habits that people of excellence tend to have. Assuming, that the exterior of excellent people match the interior, which isn’t always the case. However, mimicking habits of great individuals then tweaking the habits to your lifestyle is a sturdy rope out of a deep rut.


We all need to find our own way and the process is beyond difficult. This is your life’s mission. Find this and win. Don’t, and morph into a civilian with a whatever-happens-is-out-of-my-control attitude.

Below are 11 reasons why your life could be fucked up. If none of the reasons apply to you, you will at least find some new habits to steal from individuals who enjoy a position of authority in their sphere.

Look for meaning while you read.

1. You don’t know what’s wrong with you

You don’t know what’s wrong with you because you don’t know who you are. You don’t talk to yourself or spend time with yourself. You don’t understand yourself. Technology skewered alone time and now there is no reflection.

You are on your phone whenever you are alone or bored. Not processing thoughts. Without alone time, your brain overflows with junk files, trash, and spam, like a phone that ran out of storage. It doesn’t work anymore.

I walked everywhere as a kid. Alone and with my friends. I didn’t have a smartphone. I couldn’t take a taxi or call an Uber. Almost every day was hanging out with friends, walking miles alone to a friends house in hopes they could come out and play.

These walks were times I spent with myself. I didn’t have a smartphone to entertain myself; I didn’t even have headphones. When I walked I spent the time alone. Meditating. Alone.

No one spends time alone anymore

Look at people walking, sitting on the bus, waiting in a lobby. Everyone is on their phones taking in information. When you take in information it’s impossible to process what is already in your head.

Imagine if an invading alien race came to our planet today. The Glorians, ancient conquerors of the galaxy, defeated by smartphones. We already have masters.

You don’t know yourself because you don’t spend time with yourself anymore

Sitting at home, watching Netflix, isn’t alone time. You’re spending time with Netflix.

To know yourself you need to spend time in your head without any input. Spending time alone allows you to sort and filter through your personal history.

People are anxious and depressed today for many reasons. One of which is undoubtedly that no one has personal time anymore; notifications won’t allow it.

One of the best ways to get to know yourself is daily journaling. I journal every night for personal therapy and understanding, which also allows me to review every day of my life whenever I want to, even on my deathbed.

You don’t know what’s wrong with you because you don’t know who you are. Spend more time hanging out with yourself.

2. You don’t have a routine

Many of the greatest who ever lived followed a schedule, which is really a daily plan of attack.

If you want to be a great man, a good, fundamental strategy is to find a mentor, or a character model, and learn how they lived then copy their lifestyle. This method is a shortcut to becoming the greatest version of yourself.

Many great former American presidents have biographies with details into their lives like the details of glass shards under a microscope.

Early American presidents did not engage in the dog show that is modern-day politics. Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the united states, fought in duels. He faced opponents with a pistol to settle his arguments.

He was shot. Presidents today are silky soft.

Recommended presidential biographies:
  • Andrew Jackson: His life and Times
  • Washington: A life
  • Grant
  • The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt

Find someone you look up to and learn everything you can about them.

Steal bits of their personality and copy/paste their schedule components into your life. By copying and innovating upon your heroes, you can become greater versions of them and become a greater version of yourself.

Read often. Listen to audiobooks for free with our exclusive two-book deal and get started on the presidential biographies or listen to the autobiography of the baddest man on the planet.

You need a schedule to prevent chaos. Jordan Peterson’s book 12 rules for life talks about the relationship between chaos an order. Chaos is great for art but bad for almost everything else.

You need order to get something done which includes fixing parts of your life that aren’t meeting your needs. You still need chaos but most people live in a tornado when an orderly summer breeze is a much better experience.

Find a schedule or create one. Follow it.

3. You don’t meditate

If you don’t spend time with yourself you don’t know who you are. You need time alone from your smartphone–and so does your posture— time away from Netflix, social media, porn. And entertainment.

According to Tribes of Mentors, nearly every mentor has a meditation practice.

Meditation benefits
  • increased confidence
  • decreased anxiety
  • a calmer state of mind
  • more focus
  • larger penile girth
  • better sleep
  • greater mind-muscle connection for training
  • fewer distractions
  • clearer thought
  • general happiness and gratitude boosts

There is no excuse for skipping meditation and doing so is a statement of self-loathing. You can meditate anywhere, for any length of time for zero downside and unlimited upside.

You know a massive number of influential winners meditate daily. Do it.

Start a small meditation practice

Five minutes in the morning and five minutes before bed. Once you get used to the process you’ll want more. I started meditating for one minute twice a day. Really, I did.

Now, I meditate twice a day morning-and-night for twenty minutes each session. Whenever I get a lull in my life I meditate instead of using my phone.


4. You’re never alone

This point is the same as the first, repeated because it matters so much and you spend too much time on your phone.

Your phone is not your friend

Your phone is a marketing device used to extract time and money from you like a blue-chip prostitute sent from The Matrix.

People who spend hours on their phone are more depressed, more anxious and less satisfied with their lives.

image sources | BGR

Set a screen-time tracker on your phone. I use the Quality Time app with my Samsung S8. I refuse to update to a new phone. I have a timer set up to alert me when I spend thirty minutes on my phone and another alert for when I open my phone fifteen times.

My goal is to use my phone for less than an hour a day and open my phone less than thirty times a day.

I’ve been tracking my screen time for about a year and now I hit my goals almost every day. When I first began using a screen tracker I set no goals to set a usage baseline. I need you to do the same thing for your baseline.

My baseline phone usage was about four hours a day and around 150 unlocks per day. Yeah, not good. 16% of my day spent looking at social media, looking at, whatever–all of it fake. I was losing days of my life to my phone. You are too.

With most Americans spending 25% of their day on their phones, it’s no surprise people are anxious and depressed. Their addiction cuts 25% of their day from their lives.

Track your phone time and cut it down.

5 You don’t invest in your future

Humanity has unique advantages over other species. We can think about the future and prepare for it, for one.

If you aren’t preparing for your future the habits you have in the present are destructive.

Everything you do needs to involve making tomorrow better. Alcohol is the best analogy; drinking today makes tomorrow terrible. Spending money today makes tomorrow broke.

You need to invest in your future. What you do today prepares for tomorrow. Working out today is investing in a healthier, sexier, body for tomorrow.

Investors make better choices

Don’t watch Netflix; watch Masterclass. Don’t watch empty YouTube videos, watch free, forever Khan Academy lessons. You can learn how to code, finance, math; almost anything you want to learn is free over at the academy.

A life without investment is normal at best. Without investing, you will always work for money instead of letting money work for you. A gross & overused phrase that can change your life with execution.

Investing today is easy. The investment landscape is changing. Fast. Anyone can make sound investments from their phone and learn about investing too.

There are infinite investing strategies and the easiest is dollar-cost averaging. The Intelligent Investor made this strategy popular. The book is a bible of value investing.

The way to dollar-cost average is easy. Invest a set amount of money every month–regardless of market conditions–and leave the money alone for at least ten years.

If you look at stock trends on a five-year or longer chart, you will see the astronomical gains the patient investor achieves.

If you’re wondering what to invest in, a good place to start is the SP500 or a specific sector that interests you, like technology or manufacturing. You can find a sector fund traded on the stock market, an ETF, with a simple Google search; Technology ETF. Industrial ETFs. A.I ETFs.

If you aren’t ready to invest and want to learn more first, check out the best apps to learn investing from your phone.


Invest using Robinhood. Use our link and get a free share of a company like Apple, Netflix, or other just for signing up.

We recommend Robinhood because there are no trading fees. Most brokerages charge $5 per trade. Expensive, if you expect to trade and not invest.

Once your money goes in keep it in the stock and don’t check its price. The best investors don’t touch their money. Trading is gambling. Don’t trade unless you know what you’re doing.


You can also invest using Acorns. Acorns rounds-up your purchases and invests spare change for you. Save money, without having to think about it.

If you sign up using our link, Acorns will give you $5 to start investing.

The method I use involves checking Acorns once every few months, pulling out the balance, and dollar-cost-averaging it with Robinhood.

My friend Craig uses Acorns as a vacation savings fund. He makes his kids use Acorns so they understand the potential of investing.

Using Robinhood and Acorns will help you prepare for your future while making tomorrow better for you.

  • Get free stock from Robinhood
  •  Get $5 to start investing with Acorns

These two services will start you off right.

6 Your relationships are toxic

It’s been said so much it almost hurts to write–you are the accumulation of your five closest friends.

If you hang out with losers, you’ll become a loser. If you have toxic relationships, your life and your mind live in a constant shower of radiation, like vacationing to Chernobyl for Instagram likes.

People fear being left behind.

Your strong friends–your best friends–will always encourage you to improve and follow your goals.

When you’re making mistakes they won’t coddle you. Instead, true friends will mercilessly attack you for not achieving what you want to achieve.

True friends will encourage you to move across the country for a new job and give up everything. Toxic friends will convince you to stay in your home-town and make another go at the 2004 Prom Queen.

Toxic friends don’t want you to change because they don’t want to be left behind. If you look for this one indicator, you can dig up almost any toxic friend and quarantine the amount of time you spend with them. If any, at all.

Once you remove your toxic friends you may feel lonely. Occupy yourself by hanging out with virtual friends and mentors by listening to the best podcasts for men.

Having two good friends is much better than having ten toxic friends.

Cut the fat and indulge in the fine marbling of your top-shelf teammates.

7. You don’t read

An author transfers his thoughts into a vessel when he writes a book. His thoughts can be shared. By reading, you can download the thoughts of anyone you want.

Read books about great individuals and become them.

People with limited knowledge believe there are secrets you need to understand before getting what you want.

People who believe there are “secrets”, gods or idols that permit them to win, or prevent them from doing so, will never get what they want.

They aren’t empowering themselves to get what they want. Playing the victim, or blaming the patriarchy for why you don’t have what you want is a guarantee you will never have anything you want.

Blaming the patriarchy, white men, immigrants, black men women, men, feminists; whomever, for the reason you can’t get what you want is no different than blaming a family curse Grandpa started when he stole a golden calf from a Aztec cave.

The Patriarchy is a God

The patriarchy is an idol the weak worship to explain why they don’t have what they want.

No different than the ancient people of Earth blaming the sun, God, or a miniature cow for their problems. People do this because they don’t have a large enough body of information to draw from, or the confidence, to solve their problems.

If you make excuses outside of your control you are powerless. You hand over the power to control your fate to groping, invisible hands.

Books are the best way to increase your knowledge and experience is how you become confident. Both are low-cost high-effort.

You can have whatever you want if you try.

Many books from great minds are free or 99 cents. You can get the Bible of Stoicism, Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, for free.

Read often

Read all the time as much as you can. Be careful with what you read and pick interesting content that doesn’t sell. Buzzfeed tricks you into reading their content with clickbait titles. The Secret preys on your fear of missing out, promising diamonds but providing sand.

There are no secrets to success. Your problems come from not knowing enough or not being confident enough to do anything for yourself. David Goggins new book is a confidence creator.

Reading is accessible today with physical books, Kindle books, and audible audiobooks. You can listen to books while driving, at the gym, or at work. However you want good information you can get it.

CEOs tend to read a book a week. 25% of Americans haven’t read a single book in the past year.

You can significantly unfuck your life by reading.

8. You’re too plugged into the news

God is dead. The new Gods are Republican & Democrat, Vegan & Paleo, iPhone and Android.

You would think people would be more unique than identifying with their phones and their diet plans.

Even though we are in the age of technology, we’re still using the operating system from thousands of years ago.

America’s biggest tribe

The biggest tribe in America is political affiliation. Every day, even without looking for it, people are wet-slapped in the face with news about Trump’s tweets, acts of racism, school shootings and sexism.

Nearly everything you read on the news happens in places you don’t live.

Almost all of the news stories you read do not affect your life in any way. Regardless, when you read the news you feel like what you are reading affects you. The news isn’t sharing good news, either.

Mainstream media is dying and cannot be trusted. The news shares the worst news possible because, as humans are barely evolved from thousands of years ago, paying attention to danger saves lives.

The news isn’t news. It’s ideologically driven entertainment. You don’t have to believe it, but you can at least see it for yourself.

When you cut news programming out of your life you’re no longer carpet-bombed with every terrible event that happened this month. You realize the world really isn’t that bad.

You’ll feel even better with an information diet and a social media restriction.

Social media has turned away from being a method of connecting and towards a lame and whiny victim Olympics with paper-mache virtue medals.

9. You don’t take care of your body

Your body and mind are connected. A weak body produces a weak mind. Roughly 60% of Americans are obese or overweight. Over half the country is eating their way one fry at a time to an early grave and a feeble mind.

You can be in the top 40% of the country just by exercising and having a milkshake once a week instead of once a day.

If you’ve never worked out before, there are some thousands of resources to help get you started. One of the best, no-nonsense books on lifting and eating, without fluff, is Bigger Leaner Stronger.

Mike Matthews wrote Bigger leaner Stronger and also manages a popular blog, Legion Athletics.

Two excellent training publications are Tnation and Rogue Health and Fitness.

My friend Dennis runs the Rogue health and fitness blog. He’s 64 and looks better than 80% of guys in their twenties.

His book Dumping Iron is one of a kind health book that is truly one of a kind, touching on the effects of excess iron in men and what to do about it.

10. You aren’t emptying your thoughts and emotions

Your mind and your body are the same. You strengthen your body through lifting and sport, you strengthen your mind through challenge and education.

Advanced lifters know they need to spend as much time recovering as they do lifting.

Dr. Kelly Starett, author of Becoming a Supple Leopard recommends spending one to two hours performing mobility and recovery training for each hour training.

You train your mind and body. You do recovery for your body.

What recovery do for your mind? Most people do nothing. You need to release stress and metaphorically foam roll your brain every day.

You strain, chase goals, deal with stress, and none of that gets released.

Mental-strain with lagging trauma is like trying to bench press with a torn pec while your angry ex-girlfriend throws ceramic plates at your head.

There are multiple methods for mental recovery and your best choice is whichever you can do consistently. I’m listing some below that I use; but please, find what works for you. If you have something good, share it with me.


Youper is a mental health app on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

Use Youper to empty your thoughts like talking to a therapist via text message. Youper shows you metrics for your mood. Data for your health. And, Youper will remind you to check in once a day.

Youper is an A.I you can use anytime to empty your thoughts and indulge in mental recovery. We reviewed Youper in its entirety here.


You can journal for mental recovery. Julia Cameron recommends doing “morning pages” in her Tim Ferriss recommended book, The Artist’s Way.

Morning pages are two pages.

Your journal is your therapist. Your, “safe space”, as the sensies would say.

Tell your journal everything. Everything. All of your deepest secrets.

The accidental gay experience you regret, the time you smoked crack, when you were raped, your porn addiction, violent attacks.

Process your problems

Your trauma won’t leave until your process it. Face it. Spear your demons through the chest with a trident.

Recovery sucks. Think of physical therapy. It hurts a little bit but after months you feel better. Journaling your mental injuries will hurt but soon you will become much stronger.

Hide your journal somewhere you know it will be impossible to find. Buy a safe.

If someone else looks at your journal the benefits are gone.


Go to therapy. It’s cool now.

Guys like Charlagmane Tha God admit to going to therapy because he knows it gives permission for other men to get therapy. Therapy made his life better. He says this in his latest appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience.

11. You have no code for your life

You need a code for your life. A philosophy.

Philosophy is a guide for life. You can have a philosophy and a religion if you’re religious.

Your religion can be your philosophy but cover your bases. Your philosophy needs to set a framework for how you live right now. Before the afterlife.

The best philosophy is the one you create yourself, stealing from great minds and great philosophies of the past and present.

The Andreian Philosophy publication, the site you’re reading, is a magnet for the Andreian Philosophy Code. A free, forever, code for men available in multiple formats; coming soon.

Create a code for your life.

"I'm sorry. I screwed up." Crypto exchange FTX is on the verge of collapse: we understand what is happening and whether its fall will be “Lehman Brothers for the crypto market” :: RBC Pro

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nine0004 Section material Investments

Investments   · Crypto

Predictions RBC

One of the largest crypto exchanges, FTX, was about to be taken over by the crypto giant Binance, and then suddenly abandoned the deal. Now FTX could collapse, dragging cryptocurrencies with it. Understanding what is happening and whether it can cause a mega crisis in the industry

Photo: Shutterstock

A new storm in the world of cryptocurrencies: on November 8, it became known that one of the largest digital currency exchanges, Binance, was going to absorb a competitor, the FTX crypto exchange. She was forced to put up for sale: the company had a "liquidity crisis". The intention to make a deal and “save users” was announced by FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and Binance founder Changpeng Zhao.

However, the very next day after FTX's corporate due diligence, Binance pulled out of the deal. “These issues are beyond our control or ability to help,” the exchange said in a statement. It all happened literally in online drama mode on the Twitter accounts of Zhao and Bankman-Freed. nine0003

FTX is now on the verge of collapse: Bankman-Fried said the company is running a deficit of $8 billion due to massive withdrawal requests and that the site is in need of emergency funding.

“Sorry. I screwed up,” Bankman-Fried said to employees on the evening of November 9, according to Reuters. Now the head of FTX is trying to find alternative sponsors.

The exchange’s FTT token lost 80% of its value between Monday and Tuesday, falling to $5, and on November 10 it fell by more than half, to $2.3, reducing the total value of tokens in circulation to about $308 million.

FTX problems dragged other cryptocurrencies with them: for example, Bitcoin fell below $16 thousand and updated the minimum since November 2020, Ethereum approached the $1 thousand mark, and Solana fell by 25% in a day. Shares of publicly traded crypto companies like Coinbase have also fallen.

How to participate in a hackathon and screw up at the last moment / Sudo Null IT News0001

I recently participated in a hackathon for the first time in my life. My friend invited me and I decided to try. It's a new experience after all, plus it's quite interesting to check whether I can do something in a short time. Regarding the classic hackathons, this one can be called lightweight, the task was completed within two weeks.

The team consisted of two people. I was in charge of planning, backend and deployment, and my friend was in charge of design and frontend.

With these inputs, we applied for participation. nine0003

In general terms, the task was to create a service for calculating the cost of real estate based on similar listings. Real estate for calculation comes in the form of an excel file.

Since the TOR was rather formal, at least a holistic vision of the task appeared only on the third day after the start. Just the day after the Q&A session. Up to this point, we have been creating registration and login pages, as well as trying to think through a prototype design of pages that we understood the functionality of. nine0003

The following problem occurred while choosing the method to receive advertisements. Initially, it was planned to obtain a complete database and locally select analogues. But in the process, it turned out that sites with ads do not display all ads, even with the presence of pagination. Therefore, it was decided to parse the site every time at the request of the user. Then I had to turn the selection of analogues into an essentially separate service, which, by timeout, sent a request to a site with analogues.

Further, the whole process went more or less calmly, so let's omit this period of time. nine0003

The final version was ready three days before the deadline. Since I do not specialize in server administration, the deployment process took a day, at the end of which it turned out that the service for selecting analogues was not working. It turned out that the server IPs that were provided to us by the organizers are blacklisted by the site with ads. I had to urgently resolve this issue. To do this, I tried to use free proxies, but it did not help - the site was still blocking requests. Then it was decided to buy a VPS server from a noname provider (so that the ip was definitely not already blocked) and proxy requests through it. For this, a ready-made proxy server code was found. But that didn't help either! Since there was no time to figure out the reasons, a proxy server was written in just an hour, which finally worked. As a result, all these frauds took another day, but the result was achieved - our application worked, and we still had a whole day left. On the same evening, we fully tested our service. Having fixed the discovered bugs and finally making sure that it is fully functional, we went to rest. The next day, only cosmetic changes were made. We were almost sure that we would go to the finals, because judging by the Q&A sessions, the rest of the teams did not feel very confident. nine0003

A week later we found out that we didn't make it to the final. In search of a reason, we decided to try again to check that our solution worked, and to our surprise it turned out not to be so! The problem turned out to be not in the interaction with the database, not in the operation of the service for the selection of analogues, and not even in mathematical calculations.

Learn more