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  • nounegotism

synonyms for self-love

  • conceit
  • narcissism
  • vainglory
  • vanity

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  • modesty

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How to use self-love in a sentence

In this case, I suspect, there was co-operant a strongly marked childish characteristic, the love of producing an effect.


Let the thought of self pass in, and the beauty of great action is gone, like the bloom from a soiled flower.


The well-known "cock and bull" stories of small children are inspired by this love of strong effect.


Now this setting up of an orderly law-abiding self seems to me to imply that there are impulses which make for order.


At present, Louis was too self-absorbed by the struggles within him, to look deep into what was passing around him.


Women generally consider consequences in love, seldom in resentment.


And as she hesitated between obedience to one and duty toward the other, her life, her love and future was in the balance.


But to wave this discourse of Heathens, how many self-contradicting principles are there held among Christians?


Nothing but an extreme love of truth could have hindered me from concealing this part of my story.


Y was a Youth, that did not love school; Z was a Zany, a poor harmless fool.



  • conceit
  • good opinion of oneself
  • self-esteem
  • self-love
  • vanity
  • airs
  • aloofness
  • audacity
  • bluster
  • braggadocio
  • brass
  • cheek
  • chutzpah
  • conceit
  • conceitedness
  • contemptuousness
  • crust
  • disdain
  • disdainfulness
  • ego
  • egotism
  • gall
  • haughtiness
  • hauteur
  • high-handedness
  • hubris
  • imperiousness
  • insolence
  • loftiness
  • nerve
  • ostentation
  • overbearance
  • pomposity
  • pompousness
  • presumption
  • pretension
  • pretentiousness
  • pride
  • priggishness
  • scornfulness
  • self-importance
  • self-love
  • smugness
  • superciliousness
  • swagger
  • vanity
  • amour-propre
  • arrogance
  • complacence
  • complacency
  • consequence
  • immodesty
  • narcissism
  • outrecuidance
  • pomposity
  • pride
  • self-admiration
  • self-conceit
  • self-exaltation
  • self-importance
  • self-love
  • self-regard
  • smugness
  • snottiness
  • stuffiness
  • swagger
  • swelled head
  • vainglory
  • vainness
  • vanity
  • egocentrism
  • egomania
  • narcissism
  • self-absorption
  • self-centeredness
  • self-importance
  • self-love
  • selfishness
  • egocentricity
  • egomania
  • narcissism
  • self-absorption
  • self-centeredness
  • self-importance
  • self-love
  • selfishness
  • arrogance
  • assurance
  • boastfulness
  • boasting
  • bragging
  • conceit
  • conceitedness
  • egocentricity
  • egomania
  • egotism
  • gasconade
  • haughtiness
  • insolence
  • megalomania
  • narcissism
  • ostentation
  • overconfidence
  • presumption
  • pride
  • self-absorption
  • self-admiration
  • self-confidence
  • self-importance
  • self-interest
  • self-love
  • self-possession
  • self-regard
  • self-worship
  • selfishness
  • superiority
  • swellheadedness
  • vainglory
  • vanity
  • vaunting

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

Self-Love and What It Means

What is self-love? 

Before a person is able to practice it, first we need to understand what it means.

Self-love is a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth. Self-love means having a high regard for your own well-being and happiness. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being to please others. Self-love means not settling for less than you deserve.

Self-love can mean something different for each person because we all have many different ways to take care of ourselves. Figuring out what self-love looks like for you as an individual is an important part of your mental health.

What does self-love mean to you?

For starters, it can mean:

  • Talking to and about yourself with love
  • Prioritizing yourself
  • Giving yourself a break from self-judgement
  • Trusting yourself
  • Being true to yourself
  • Being nice to yourself
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • Forgiving yourself when you aren’t being true or nice to yourself

For many people, self-love is another way to say self-care. To practice self-care, we often need to go back to the basics and

  • Listen to our bodies
  • Take breaks from work and move/stretch.
  • Put the phone down and connect to yourself or others, or do something creative.
  • Eating healthily, but sometimes indulge in your favorite foods.

Self-love means accepting yourself as you are in this very moment for everything that you are. It means accepting your emotions for what they are and putting your physical, emotional and mental well-being first.

How and Why to Practice Self Love

So now we know that self-love motivates you to make healthy choices in life. When you hold yourself in high esteem, you're more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well. These things may be in the form of eating healthy, exercising or having healthy relationships.

Ways to practice self-love include:

  • Becoming mindful. People who have more self-love tend to know what they think, feel, and want.
  • Taking actions based on need rather than want. By staying focused on what you need, you turn away from automatic behavior patterns that get you into trouble, keep you stuck in the past, and lessen self-love.
  • Practicing good self-care. You will love yourself more when you take better care of your basic needs. People high in self-love nourish themselves daily through healthy activities, like sound nutrition, exercise, proper sleep, intimacy and healthy social interactions.
  • Making room for healthy habits. Start truly caring for yourself by mirroring that in what you eat, how you exercise, and what you spend time doing. Do stuff, not to “get it done” or because you “have to,” but because you care about you.

Finally, to practice self-love, start by being kind, patient, gentle and compassionate to yourself, the way you would with someone else that you care about.

- Written by Jeffrey Borenstein, M. D., President & CEO of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation. This blog post also appears on the Gravity Blankets Blog.

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what is it and what is needed for it?

The term "self-love" is not one that can be explained with a few words. This is a fairly broad concept with many manifestations. Unfortunately, not everyone has come to this feeling and do not accept themselves as a whole. The article will discuss what can be called self-love, why it should not be confused with selfishness, and how confident individuals build long-term happy relationships.

What is self-love? nine0005

Self-love is a complete acceptance of one's spiritual qualities, appearance, constant self-care and self-development. It can be argued that people do all of the above, that is, they love themselves to some extent. But many are still far from complete harmony with the soul and body; they need to work on themselves, to realize why this is necessary.

Self-love is directly related to self-confidence . Aware of his own value will not be insecure, timid; he is not disturbed by the thoughts “what will the rest think if I do just that”, “would they laugh at me”. This does not mean that a person who loves himself does not think at all about the feelings of others. He knows how to take care of loved ones, does not violate the personal boundaries of unfamiliar, random interlocutors, but is ready to defend his interests, leaving the pressure of society behind. nine0003

Often those who love themselves are contemptuously called selfish. But the concept in this case is not entirely accurate. Egoists can be called those who always put their own interests above all else, ready to go to any meanness. To some extent, we are all selfish, because we take care of ourselves first. However, pride and selfishness are two different things. The first does not exclude sincere concern for others, warm feelings for loved ones, readiness to sacrifice. Egoists are not capable of this, because their interests are usually limited by their own needs, requests, desires. nine0003

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What does "I love myself" mean?

1. Forget about self-abasement.

Learning to love yourself means giving up self-flagellation. This does not mean that you should ignore all the mistakes, continue to make mistakes and be sure of the right choice. Being able to draw conclusions, learn from mistakes, admit defeat, but not give up, is one thing, but constantly reproaching for wrong actions, engaging in self-abasement, is completely different.

In some situations, you need to be able to say "yes, I'm wrong, it was not worth behaving like that", but this should not be combined with depressing thoughts. Everyone makes mistakes, does stupid things. The main thing is not to ignore what happened, be guided by the conclusions and move on towards your goal - harmony and happiness.

2. Do not try to show your own importance.

The one who loves himself has no desire to prove his own importance to someone. It is impossible to “take him weakly”, to force him to do what he does not want. Only those who have complexes go out of their way, trying to show the rest that they are the best. It is impossible to please everyone, just as it is impossible to be an authority for everyone. Attempts to prove superiority always indicate insecurity, a desire to become more significant than it actually is. nine0003

Teenagers usually have dreams of being different in any way. They are not too confident in themselves, suffer from complexes, try to show character in all situations. When an adult does such things, this is a wake-up call for him. In this case, it is worth working on yourself, finding the cause of the behavior. Perhaps a person simply suppresses the complexes left from his youth, trying to cover it up with self-confident behavior.

3. Take good care of yourself.

For those who accept themselves, there is no polar division into spiritual and physical. Some go to extremes, trying to focus on self-development, but forgetting about the physical shell. Others pay maximum attention to appearance, believing that this is the main thing. nine0003

Those who love themselves do not draw a line between soul and body; they are trying to find complete harmony. They have an awareness that caring means not to lose sight of anything, not to focus on one thing. Mind and body must be in harmony; due to the “skew” in one direction, there is a clear discomfort, the causes of which can remain a mystery for a long time.

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4. Be ready for a relationship.

Without self-love, it is hardly possible to have real feelings for others. Only harmonious individuals who have got rid of complexes maintain long-term happy relationships. Those who have not learned to respect themselves often try to find a person who will feel sorry for them, listen to the constant "I'm ugly / s, stupid / s, no one loves me" and refute these statements. nine0003

People who do not realize their own value are not ready to give to others; they only want to receive, to fill the void that has formed inside. Many relationships break up just because of the unwillingness of partners to sacrifice something, because of their immaturity and dislike for themselves.

It may sound strange to some, but it is self-respect that helps a person to do something for others without expecting anything in return. Those who do not love themselves are capable of sacrifice for the sake of their loved ones, but it will be insincere, tortured, with the prospect of return. A person with self-respect knows how to accept the other as a whole, does not expect certain reactions from him, and even more so does not want to constantly cry in a vest - he simply does not need it. nine0003

5. Don't lie.

First of all, to myself. People around will accept excuses that the boss is unfair, therefore small salaries; there is no friendship, it is impossible to trust people; everyone is mercantile, and relationships cannot be established without money. But at least in private it is worth realizing that it is not the rest who are to blame for the small earnings, the absence of friends and a loved one.

It is superfluous to take the blame for all the world's problems, but it is necessary to give an account of what is happening and be able to take responsibility for one's actions. Yes, and others should not lie - they deserve to know the truth, not even very pleasant. Those who practically do not lie are few now, so sincerity and straightforwardness are valued. In addition, you do not have to suffer, inventing another lie. nine0003

A person who boasts of achievements and constantly talks about his positive qualities is by no means always loving himself. Self-love is a much more complex concept than selfishness and inflated self-esteem familiar to many. The last two practically exclude the first; you should get rid of them if you want to become a harmonious personality. Selfishness and an overestimated level of self-esteem imply hidden complexes, and a person who has learned about self-love is deprived of them, as well as the need to compare himself with others, to try to achieve unnecessary goals. His main desire is to be truly happy and feel the fullness of life. nine0003

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What is self-love?

Film "How women take care of themselves"

Self-love is a natural and joyful care of yourself: your body, mind, soul and spirit.

Self-love is not selfishness. Self-love may or may not be selfish. Love is a reflection of our personality, and if a person is selfish, then his love for himself will be selfish. Strictly speaking, here it is more correct to speak not about self-love, but about self-love. Fascination with oneself, preoccupation with oneself, exaggeration of one's own merits - these are signs of falling in love with oneself, and such falling in love is really quite selfish. nine0003

If a person thinks about others and takes care of them, then his love for himself is in no way connected with egoism, it is easy and natural for him to love both himself and those around him. Forces for this - quite enough. He who loves himself for a long time and naturally does not devote too much time to this, just like a good gardener, a well-groomed garden does not require too much trouble. Taking care of yourself as a healthy and vigorous person is not difficult.

Are you awake? She raised herself dear with pleasure, washed herself beautiful, rejoiced at herself vigorously - and there is no great need to do something else for herself. Everything is already great, I already want to do something or someone else: cook a delicious breakfast for myself and my family, kiss everyone and help get ready. nine0003

The reality, however, is that those who are preoccupied with self-love, at least at first, become more selfish - simply because the main attention in this case begins to be paid to themselves. Beloved yourself. Complementing self-love with attention and care for others may not be difficult, but it is a completely separate line of work. Love for others in itself does not follow from love for oneself and does not follow.

What is it, self-love? Self love is self care. But true love is not just care, but joyful care, when you want to take care, when there is joy in the soul from the very process of caring. If this is not there, there is self-care, but there is no self-love, there is simply self-service. So, some people seem to take care of themselves: they wash themselves, develop themselves, feed themselves, treat themselves - they seem to take care of themselves. But look at this: no, he does not look like a loving person! Someone smart and healthy seems to do everything for himself, but he will not be called loving. What does he lack? Light and joy in the soul. He takes care of himself - without joy, and when there is no joy, there is no love. nine0003

One of the secrets of self-love is in this inner joy and in its simple formula, namely: heat, light and energy. When there is warmth in your soul, when there is light and sun in your soul, when you have energy in your soul and body, you feel love in your soul, you live with love. It's fine! But sometimes it is cold in the soul, and when you feel cold in the soul, you have no love. Sometimes it is dark in the inner world, and when the inner light goes out, love goes out. And if you run out of strength to live, energy is gone - along with this, love also leaves. If a person describes the picture of his inner world as - gray, well, some kind of winter, some evening, maybe the lights went out, and there is neither joy nor energy in his voice - such a person lives without love. nine0003

And how do you create and maintain light and warmth in your soul? What needs to be done for this?

It is often thought that self-love consists in satisfying your simplest needs with pleasure, forgetting about duties and other people.

Allow yourself to do what you want, allow yourself to shop, surround yourself with romance and give yourself gifts - an exciting program for a human child who does not want to grow up. Can you call it love? It is possible, but the level of this love is the same as the love of a mother whose child feeds mainly on lollipops and Coca-Cola, spending time mainly playing computer games and other entertainment. Does the mother love her child? nine0003

Strictly speaking, these can hardly even be called needs. These are the desires and whims that spoiled children insist on. And the most important thing is that they do not give joy for a long time, only while it is new and while others envy it. After a while, everything gets boring, joy - goes away. Sometimes a girl seems to have given herself everything: slept, fed and drunk herself, arranged shopping for herself - but inside everything is bad. It's dreary. The world is gray, and the girl is still biting herself for something. Does she love herself? No. It happens that a woman is fond of shopping just because she feels bad about herself. And if a woman is somehow offended by life, she can arrange shopping for herself, and then she looks at these things, but there is no joy. In itself, the satisfaction of needs is not self-love, and far from always it ends with inner joy, light and warmth. You can’t seriously fill yourself with any purchases, this is just some snag. As a temporary measure, as a substitute for self-love - this is possible, but you should not believe the TV, the joy of life is not in this and self-love is not in this. This is a low-quality life, this life is not serious, and a smart man with such a woman will not talk about something good, good, real for a long time. nine0003

Satisfying one's needs is not yet self-love. Someone after that begins to love himself, but someone does not. Satisfying one's needs is sometimes only a substitute for self-love, when a person seems to pay off with gifts from the fact that he does not love himself. Of course, the need for the need is different. If you have a need to move forward, develop, a need to take care of other people, a need to be needed, or a need to master any business with dignity, quality, then by satisfying such needs, you will have more reason to love yourself. You will have something to be proud of. If all needs are reduced to eat and entertain yourself with shopping or TV, then such self-love is unlikely to last, and the one who turns into a pig ceases to be a person. nine0003

The following recipes are often recommended as help and hints "How to love yourself": "Accept yourself", "Don't bite yourself", "Forgive yourself and others", "Don't envy", "Be here and now". These are good recommendations, they just do not relate directly to the topic of self-love. They are not about how to love yourself, but about how not to beat and torture yourself. If your boss stopped swearing at you, does it mean that he loves you now? If you have forgiven someone, this does not mean that this person has even become your friend. If you have risen from minus to zero in relation to yourself, you have not yet risen to plus. This is a normal psychotherapy, but it has nothing to do with the state of love, just as a traumatologist has nothing to do with the work of a cosmetologist. A traumatologist treats an injury, a beautician brings beauty to a healthy body. If a person comes with a sick soul, he needs to make repairs to the soul, but a soul without pain is not the same as a soul with love. These recommendations are not about love, but about repair. nine0003

Film "Private life: the joy of close relationships. The lesson is conducted by Prof. NI Kozlov and psychologist Marina Smirnova"

On the other hand, if the soul hurts, then at first it really needs to be treated. If it is completely dark in the soul, if there is a problematic swamp in the soul, then you cannot build a palace on such a swamp. Yes, you need to remove the position of the Victim, deal with the inner saboteur, remove limiting beliefs and bodily negativity, give up sweet idealizations, wean yourself from bad habits - there is a lot of work. Someone here will be shown treatment and psychotherapy, someone - the path of study, characteristic of the synthon approach. It is important to understand that when you have done all this difficult, but paramount work, you will not automatically have love for yourself. The house has just been renovated - it is not yet a holiday space, the holiday needs to be arranged separately. The repaired soul simply works flawlessly, and filling it with love is another, separate job. nine0003

Is this a difficult job? The most amazing, most amazing answer is that it is simple. It's just not for everyone, but only for mentally healthy people, but for a mentally healthy person, there really is nothing complicated here. How long does it take to love yourself? And how long does it take to turn on the light in the apartment? A good host has one second to just hit the switch.

Suppose you come to visit friends, or want to congratulate a bright person on his birthday... Remember what happens to you: immediately, at the very second you see the birthday person, you charge yourself with joy, you charge yourself with light and warmth, and convey to this good person everything that you want to tell him. Or, if your baby woke up at night and cried: you need to get up, and also rock him, and even with love, because otherwise he will not fall asleep. What are you doing? You jump up at that very moment and turn to him with love, because it is necessary. Where do you get this love? Out of thin air, nowhere. This is just the ability to love, an ordinary skill, and those who know how to turn on light and joy in their souls do it easily. It's no more difficult than feeding yourself and your kids three delicious (and healthy) meals a day. If you're good at cooking breakfast, you can handle this as well. Start loving yourself, you will love it, and after that you will do it for the rest of your life. Yes? Don't believe the books that tell you how hard it is to love yourself, that it takes years of psychotherapy. It is not true that healthy people do not need psychotherapy, mentally healthy people, like just normal healthy children, know how to rejoice and know how to love themselves. Just do it! nine0003

However, not everything that is easy for us, we will always do, even if it is in our interests. The fact is that we have many different interests, and the game of melancholy and boredom also has its own internal benefits. Lovely beautiful girls know how to flare up with joy at once, but just like that, once again they will not do it. They do not want to warm themselves with light and warmth, they do not want to turn on the energy until they pamper themselves in meeting their needs. The consumer society and all those who are accustomed to making money on women inspire women that a woman who loves herself is sure to please herself with purchases. They suggest that shopping is an integral part of women's self-love. Studies have already been conducted that have shown that for modern women, shopping is a more psychotherapeutic procedure than visiting a psychologist. nine0003

This has its own truth: in modern Atriums of Sales it is light, warm, colorful, people with lively eyes walk there, good music sometimes sounds there, and a woman, plunging into this world of light and colors, more easily includes a state of joy. Joy includes the woman herself, but at the same time she learns the formula that shopping, doping, spa and sleep is the formula of women's self-love. But it's not, it's not true.

Joy in the soul is turned on not by shopping, but by the woman herself. When a woman has satisfied her needs, she, as it were, includes warmth, light and other joys for this. So the child cries to himself until he gets a toy, and stops crying when he has achieved his goal. Did the toy calm him down or did he do it himself? nine0003

Women know how beneficial massage is for health, how massage is a source of joy. In all magazines, women write that massage is an absolutely miraculous procedure, and that only these secret oriental techniques will return you to all your health. It's true, massage is really helpful. What women do not know at the same time is that the masseur is here and close to nothing, that the woman herself makes joy and health. The masseur only needs to participate in the holiday that you create for yourself, only stroke you in all the places that you like , you will do the rest yourself. For three hours he did you well, and for three hours you regained your health. Massage for health is useful, but the beauty of it is that when a woman is pleased, she herself makes herself joyful and turns on her health. nine0003

In summary, be careful: self-love begins not when you satisfy your needs, but after that, when you like yourself and you decide to love yourself, that is, you turn on the light, warmth and living energy within yourself. Accordingly, you can begin to love yourself right away, without waiting for anything from yourself.

Have you started? Yes, only then should you pay attention to the quality of your self-love. The fact is that self-love can be both right and wrong. Crooked self-love is short-sighted, love in which concern for today's desires overshadows tomorrow's needs. The girl decided to love herself more and began to eat delicious cakes without restrictions. Having ruined her figure, now she is forced to seize her loneliness with cakes. Mistake, right? nine0003

Love is a reflection of our personality. What a personality - such a love. Self-love can be narrow-minded, sometimes selfish, sometimes dangerous. And if we are not wise, then our love is not wise, and if you love yourself not wisely, your joy and self-satisfaction will not be very long. The one who loves himself is satisfied with himself, lives with himself in joy and harmony, but only the one who loves himself wisely will please himself for a long time. Joy accompanies all life only those who love themselves wisely, who are demanding and critical of themselves. nine0003

A pig's love for himself is to eat from the belly and lie down in a cozy puddle.

Perhaps you are attracted to other perspectives. Your self-love doesn't have to be shortsighted, and it's not healthy if it's selfish. Not everything that pleases you does not always please those around you, and, apparently, it is worth learning to love yourself so that your love pleases and warms not only you, but also people close to you. Locking yourself in your love for yourself only on yourself, you, in the end, complicate and impoverish your own life. Self-love is honed, refined through the experience of loving other people. It can be said more definitely: only by learning to really love other people - your husband or wife, your children, parents - only in this case a person begins to love himself not blindly and not crookedly, but attentively and reasonably. nine0003

Speaking about love, one should take into account the peculiarity of male and female language. Men and women are different. For women, self-love is usually natural, coming from the heart, joyful care for yourself, for your body. When a woman takes care of everything that she has, feels and appreciates the best that is in her, takes care of herself with joy, and lives with inner light, then we can say about such a woman that she loves herself. Love for a woman is a feeling, her love is a warm attitude, and at the center of her love is joy and a sense of comfort. nine0003

So, men have a different understanding of self-love, and I understand this also worth listening to. Men talk about love less often, but if you can once say that this man loves himself, then responsible actions, his actions will always stand behind this in a man’s life. He will wash himself, educate, play sports, work with his character, that is, for a man, self-love is action. What to do with yourself to be cheerful, smart and healthy all your life. Love for a man is action, his love is demanding, and the focus of his attention is his strength and capabilities. nine0003

If we take from men the tendency to clearly define everything, then the essence of self-love can be formulated as follows. There are four important areas in self-love: inner well-being (inner light, warmth and energy), taking care of your health (healthy lifestyle and sports), developing your culture (education and good manners) and taking care of your appearance, which should please you too and those who are dear to you.

And all this must be done. Indeed, to love is a verb, and to love yourself is to do something for yourself. What? nine0003

If you love yourself, you will give yourself the power and the right to control your life, you will choose to become the Author of your life. Start by never complaining. Asking for help is fine, but complaining is not. To complain is to experience your helplessness, which you have created for yourself. It's empty. If you love yourself, you will give up resentment: being offended is just a childish habit. We ourselves immerse ourselves in resentment, we make ourselves bad, so that they pay attention to us and give us what we want. And when they don’t give us, we are offended again, but it doesn’t work anymore, because it worked in childhood, and in the adult world you make yourself feel bad for nothing. The one who loves himself is not offended. nine0003

The one who loves himself knows well and remembers his strengths and virtues. Many need to learn this too, and sometimes it's easier to start by noticing the virtues in the people around you. Take it to work to write every day ten new virtues of your own and ten virtues of one of your relatives, acquaintances or work colleagues. When you know at any moment that you are a worthy person living among worthy people, it becomes easier to love yourself.

If you love yourself, you will make your inner world bright, and then the outer world, sanctified by the light of your soul, will become beautiful for you. If you love yourself very much, you will turn on the warmth in your soul, and you will feel comfortable. .. How to do it? Make a list of what makes you happy, and cross out everything that is harmful. On Psychologos, find huge lists of things that make people happy, which causes surprisingly bright feelings in the soul. Choose the best for yourself and after that just do not be lazy to please yourself! As a background of life, master the exercise "It's good, and you will feel good, and after that you will consolidate your success with the" Sunshine" exercise. The sun is an expression of the inner Good outside, to people. go out to people, because you will do your make-up and fix your hair beautifully, but where is the glowing face, why do we go gloomy? If you live with a smile, you like yourself and other people more. You go to people - shine, it will be better for you! nine0003

In order to have enough strength for this, start going to bed on time, that is, today, always only until 12 am. During the day, watch your rest, do not work drearily and to the point of exhaustion: either give yourself a rest, or work cheerfully. That's what everyone who loves himself does.

If you love yourself, you will start to live in an organized way, start writing your tasks for the day and plan for the week, later - and goals for the year. The one who loves himself makes sure that his life does not go stupidly, not by accident, but in the direction that beckons you, in the direction where you see prospects. nine0003

If you love yourself, you will believe in yourself and set big goals for your height. The one who loves himself short-sightedly sets small goals for himself so as not to strain now - and is forced to strain later, when he is no longer satisfied with what he has. Postponing going to the doctor, you only accumulate problems, and if you love yourself, you will pack up and go to the doctor, even if it is now troublesome and uncomfortable. The one who loves himself is not the one who sits in a comfortable chair and feels how he loves himself, but the one who lifts himself out of the chair, teaches himself, makes himself a man. If you love yourself, you will always learn. Imagine - you believe in yourself, believe in your future, you believe that this is the best you can pass on to your children. You have enough mind, culture, soul, light, love, sunshine, joy, good breeding. It is the result of you always learning. You will have a Maximum Life and a plan for its implementation, and you will be proud of yourself, knowing that you deserve it! Then you have something to pass on to your children, there is something to give to men. And the man who will live with you, he will definitely be happy. And if you don't know how, you will learn. nine0003

There are four important areas in self-love: inner well-being (inner light, warmth and energy), taking care of your health (healthy lifestyle and sports), developing your culture (education and good manners) and taking care of your appearance, which should please both you and your loved one.

Joy to us, energy, and quickly! And to make it all faster and more organized, get on the Distance: this is a system that will definitely help you along the way.

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