Should i marry my fiance quiz

Are You With The Man You Should Marry?

Marriage is no bed of roses, that’s for sure. Living with someone for the rest of your life, facing all kinds of difficulties, and remaining supportive even when your partner is having a bad time – all these can be hard to swallow. Unfortunately, many married people feel at some point they have chosen the wrong person. It can be a moment’s impression or it can be the truth. If you want to avoid that bitter moment when you realize “I shouldn’t have married this man!” take this quiz and find out now if he is the right person!

Questions Excerpt

1. Do you know where you want to be in 5 years’ time?

A. Yes, we even know how we want to name our children

B. Generally yes

C. Not really and we don't agree on some matters

D. We have never talked about future plans

2. Does he mind if you leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink?

A. No, he understands I must have hurried and forgot to clean

B. No, but he admits he doesn't like it

C. Yes, he grunts and complains

D. Yes, he starts a fight

3. How do you feel when you are away for a few days?

A. I miss him very much

B. I miss him but I can still concentrate on other things

C. I feel fine

D. I feel liberated

4. You are invited to a wedding. Do you take your boyfriend with you?

A. Absolutely! I even choose a new suit for him

B. Probably yes

C. I am not sure

D. No, and I hide the invitation

5. What is his reaction when you give him good news, like a promotion at work?

A. Says "Way to go!"

B. Texts back "Cool, nice."

C. Posts it on Facebook and tells everybody how proud he is

D. Congratulates me warmly and makes me a surprise

6. You’ve had a bad day and all you want is to stay in bed and cry. Does he notice?

A. Yes, he knows it before I even say anything

B. He gives up on questioning if I say I am fine

C. I don't know, but he probably doesn't care

D. I take care he does not see my ugly cry face

7. What do you do with him when your mom comes to visit?

A. Ask him if he wants to go out together all three

B. Introduce him to my mother, of course

C. Tell him to come back when my mom leaves

D. Hide him and not even let my mother know about him

8. You are frustrated and need to vent for a bit – what does he do?

A. He gets it and lets me blow off some steam

B. He doesn't like the situation, but doesn't say anything

C. He tells me my issue is not such a big deal

D. He starts to fight with me

9. Is he willing to help you with menial tasks?

A. Yes, with him even laundry day feels like a date

B. Most times

C. Rarely

D. Never

10. Does he look out for your best interest at all times?

A. Yes, he does

B. Yes, most of the time

C. Yes, sometimes

D. Not really

11. Has he shared his emotional shortcomings with you?

A. Yes, he has

B. Yes, at times

C. In rare moments

D. Not really

12. Is he open to constructive criticism?

A. Yes, he is

B. Yes, only it is for the better

C. Sometimes

D. No, he gets defensive

13. Can he sense when you are not feeling okay?

A. Yes, he does

B. Yes, most of the time

C. Yes, sometimes

D. Not really

14. Has he made sacrifices for the betterment of the relationship?

A. Yes, he has

B. Yes, at times

C. In rare moments

D. Not really

15. You get an excellent job in a new city. What does he do?

A. Looks for apartments that are big enough for both of us

B. Is stunned and doesn't know what to do

C. Tells me he needs time to make a decision

D. Decides we have to break up

Should You Marry Your Significant Other?


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‘Tis the season of proposals! It seems like everyone around you is getting married, even people who are already married seem to be getting married AGAIN! Although you might be suffering from major FOMO (fear of missing out), it’s important to note that you don’t have to get married just because soShow More

‘Tis the season of proposals! It seems like everyone around you is getting married, even people who are already married seem to be getting married AGAIN! Although you might be suffering from major FOMO (fear of missing out), it’s important to note that you don’t have to get married just because society places an importance on it. But if you do want to get married, then we’re not here to judge you. Do what you want! Live lifeeeeee! So if you’re about to take this quiz, then I’m assuming you have a significant other, and you’ve probably thought to yourself from time to time, are they the one? Should I marry them? It’s also important that you be ready for the ring as well. So let’s settle this once and for all and see if the person you’re with right now is the one! Take the quiz to see what the future holds for your love life.

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How often do you tell your partner "I love you"?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • Every day, duh!
  • On special occasions.
  • I don’t, they should already know.


Why do you want to get married?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • I’m ready to move onto the next phase of my life with my partner.
  • All of my friends are getting married!!!
  • I’ve been dreaming about my wedding since I was a child!


Have you talked to your partner about marriage?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • Uh, no, why would I?
  • I’ve been dropping some hints *cough cough*
  • Of course! We’ve discussed it quite a bit.


How often do you see friends or engage in hobbies without your partner?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • Not that often I’m afraid.
  • We do everything together!
  • I think we have a good balance of me time and we time.



Your partner goes out for a night without you. How do you feel?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • We’ll be texting back and forth the whole night.
  • I get a little jealous, but I’m glad they’re having fun!
  • I don’t really care. We should be able to do our own things.


You want to get a new pet. Do you discuss it with your partner first, or do you simply do it?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • Discuss? You mean the pet that’s already in my house? Oops!
  • I’ll mention it, but the final decision is mine.
  • We’ll sit down and have a proper discussion about it.


What are you most likely to fight about?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • We have little arguments here and there.
  • We fight about almost everything! I’m getting annoyed just thinking about it.
  • We fight about movies, TV shows, and about spending quality time together.


How often do you tell your partner directly what you would like from them?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • I try to be as straightforward as possible.
  • Sometimes. But it means more when my partner knows what I want without me having to tell them.
  • Never. They should just know!


What sorts of things do you do with your significant other?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • We play games/sports, EAT ALL THE GOOD FOODS, watch movies, and hang out with friends!
  • We mostly spend time cuddling and watching TV, but occasionally, we go out to dinner.
  • What don’t we do together?!


You're fighting with your partner. Which of these sentences is most likely to come out of your mouth?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • Do you even care about me?!
  • I don’t get you sometimes.
  • It really hurts me when you do that.


Do you kiss hello and goodbye when you see your partner?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • Every single day!
  • Pretty often. Sometimes we forget.
  • Uh, that’s really cheesy.



Do you feel like there are things that your partner should change?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • Definitely! Improvement is part of any relationship right?
  • There are some things that bother me, and I’ve mentioned them before.
  • There are things about my partner that annoy me, but they’re only going to change if they want to.


Last question - how would you rate this quiz?

Ready? Scroll down to answer

  • I loved it!
  • It was pretty okay.
  • Not great…

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Quiz: Will your girlfriend make a great wife?

Secret knowledge: 17 signs of a future ideal life partner.


Dreaming of a wedding in the third minute of dating is more common for girls. Men are not so hasty, and this may be our problem. By her twenty-five, a girl manages to mentally rehearse the wedding so many times that when something even remotely similar to the chosen one appears in her field of vision, she clings to it with all her manicured nails. Well, what about us? Without clear criteria, with only a vague image in mind, we often make choices on the spur of the moment. It is worthwhile for a casual partner to respectfully say: “Oh, what you have!” - and for some reason we begin to think that she is the one, the fateful one. And in the second year of marriage, it turns out that she meant the scar from appendicitis. nine0003

We can't let you make such a fatal mistake! And so, surrounded by psychologists, they compiled this test. It contains fourteen signs of an ideal companion, given in the form of questions-situations. Your task is to read the questions aloud to your girlfriend, then compare her answers with ours and come up with a ruthless verdict. In particularly difficult cases, Viktor Makarov, President of the All-Russian Professional Psychoanalytic League (, will comment on the answers.

Did you understand everything? Now the most difficult thing is to find a girl who would consider herself yours and agree to answer all the questions. nine0003

Bride test

Bride test

1 / 17

I am offered a new job. The schedule, however, is not normalized, I will sit in the office until late. But you can never work, because my salary will be enough for everything! Cool?

  • We barely see your stupid job anyway. I miss you so much! You will work, what about me?

  • I knew it! Got yourself someone in the office! Is she red?

  • Cool! I will have more time for my friends. And I always dreamed of learning how to draw and fly a plane! nine0003

Correct answers

Do not read these answers to the girl! And don't expect her to respond with the same words as in our examples. Only the essence of the answer is important, the logic and motives that make the girl answer one way or another.

Risk group

If you're dating one of these girls, maybe you shouldn't have even taken the test.

Snow Queen

If she herself doesn't know what to do in order to experience an orgasm, then she won't be able to teach it to you either. And even under the condition of adequate simulation, you can not count on harmony. She may not show it, but her psyche will still be poisoned by the complex: “What kind of person am I if I don’t get my own even with my beloved?” nine0003


Constant complaints about work, environment, or health are a sign of complete inability to live. Yes, of course, you are ready to provide care and support, but the girl herself must climb somewhere while you support her. If she is unhappy with something, but at the same time does not change anything, you can be sure that soon she will begin to blame you for helplessness. Unfortunately, this cannot be changed.


People from a difficult childhood, brought up without love, as a rule, are incapable of showing feelings. The stern you may not be very affected. But your children will suffer greatly from the behavioral patterns that their mother learned in an unhappy childhood. By the way, a separate category is the daughters of divorced and abandoned women. If the father's departure occurred at the tender age of 7-10 years and the mother cultivated gender hatred in the girl, the relationship may not work out simply because of the fear of history repeating itself. nine0003

Text: Alexey Karaulov

“If you return, you will disgrace your family.” 5 Stories of Forced Marriage - Snob

According to the UN, 15 million people around the world are married against their will. Women who were kidnapped by men or who got married at the insistence of their relatives told Snob about persuasion and threats and why they remained married or separated from their husbands

“At the wedding, I found out that my husband was also forced to marry me " nine0039

Maryam, 22 years old

I grew up in Tajikistan, in an ordinary Muslim family. We were not too religious: no one wore a veil, we read namaz at will. I was lucky: my parents paid for my education and even allowed me to attend additional classes. However, my older brother constantly controlled my every step. However, this did not prevent me from studying, walking with my girlfriends, posting pictures on the Internet. The guys at that time did not interest me: I was forbidden to communicate with them, and I thought about the reputation of my family and did not risk it. nine0003

Our girls usually get married at the age of 17-18, but I was too modern for our society: I wanted to build a career first and only then find a person with whom I could spend my whole life. I sincerely believed that it would. She grew up as a kid and a feminist. It bothered my parents. Dad constantly scolded my mother for not being able to raise a girl out of me, and my mother, in turn, scolded me. Scandals every day.

As soon as I turned 17, matchmakers began to come to the house. There were many admirers, but I refused them all. She specially dressed like a scarecrow so as not to please anyone, she was rude to women who tried to marry me. I resisted marriage for three years. nine0003

I first saw my husband on the day of the wedding, but we talked with him only after the celebration. It turned out that he was also forced to marry in order to break off his relationship with a Russian girl.

One day my father's second cousin came to us to woo her son. Dad could not stand it and, without my and my mother's consent, gave the go-ahead for the wedding. We cried for a whole week. I begged my father not to marry me, because I knew the groom's relatives. I never liked them because they were very out of date. I have never seen my future husband: he lived in Russia for 11 years and rarely came to our city. I knew that he was very religious, and it scared me a lot, because we have too religious people, very unfair. It was useless to resist the will of my father, and I had no idea of ​​escaping: I did not want to dishonor my family. So I got married at the age of 20 - quite late for the girls of our country. nine0003

I saw my husband for the first time on the wedding day, but we talked to him only after the celebration. It turned out that he was also forced to marry in order to break off his relationship with the Russian girl he loved. For me it was a blow: I was afraid that he still loves that girl. However, my husband and I quickly became friends. A week after the wedding, we flew to Russia. We didn’t like each other enough, so we lived together as friends for six months. Fortunately, my husband did not press and respected me.

Everything would be fine if not for my mother-in-law. I lived with her for two months, she considered me a slave and controlled my every step. I hurried with the pregnancy, counted our money, complained about me to my husband and constantly said what a clumsy and unkempt freak I was. Naturally, this influenced his attitude towards me. nine0003

I was just lucky that my husband turned out to be a very religious, but very understanding and educated person.

I got pregnant, but I was not particularly happy about it, because after the birth, his whole family would have moved to us. I fell into depression, because of this there was a miscarriage. And that was the last straw.

I started arguing with my husband often, but then I looked at my friends who were also forced to get married. For some reason, their husbands loved and listened to them, gave them gifts and flowers, but nothing from my husband. I talked to psychologists on the Internet, read articles and realized that my husband did not see me as a woman - only a friend, and the main woman in his life was my mother. Then I calmly told my husband that the attitude of his mother does not suit me, that she offended me very much. I began to take care of myself and love myself more. And my husband changed his attitude towards me: he began to be jealous of me, gave me flowers, gifts, sometimes arranged romantic surprises (and he is not a romantic at all), began to consult with me. My parents always told me to obey my mother-in-law and my husband and keep quiet. But now I always tell my husband what I like and what I don't. And it helps a lot. My husband and I are not perfect, but we will work on it. nine0003

My mother-in-law has fallen behind us. We still have a difficult relationship: she is jealous of my son, wants to move in with us to control our lives, constantly complains and demands money from my husband. She's annoyed that we hit it off. I try to communicate with her as little as possible, my husband is sometimes offended by this.

I still think it's terrible to marry against your will. I was just lucky that my husband turned out to be a very religious, but very understanding and educated person. He immediately told me that everyone chooses how to live, and that he will not force me to live the way he wants. My husband prays five times a day, doesn't drink or smoke, and I can easily wear short dresses and drink on holidays. There are girls who are less fortunate, they have no one to help: the reputation of their parents is at stake, and if a girl gets divorced, her parents will not accept her. nine0003

“When I refused to get married, my relatives decided that a genie was in me”

Taisa, 28 years old

A few years ago, my daughter-in-law’s cousin, who at that time lived and worked in Moscow, saw me in a photo and he liked me. They gave him my phone, we talked a little, and I quickly realized that this was not my person. I immediately said that I was not interested in a relationship with him and that he would leave me alone. However, relatives on my mother's side began to say that it was high time for me to get married and that he should be given a chance. nine0003

Soon he came to Chechnya and came to visit us with my cousins ​​and their children. I told him again that we would not succeed. Then my sister offered to go to the center, take a walk - she just had a birthday. I calmly got into her car. Her son was driving. And that guy in another car with his sisters followed. After a while, I realized that we were going in the other direction. I asked my sister why, and she: “You are getting married.” I didn't believe it, I thought she was joking. It would never have occurred to me that my cousin could steal me for someone. Moreover, in Chechnya it is forbidden by law to steal girls. Then she called my mother and asked if she agreed to marry me to that guy. Mom agreed, and then I realized that they were not joking. I panicked, started yelling at my sister, even tried to open the door and jump out of the car. As a result, we stopped, I went out onto the road, shouting: “Creature! How could you do this? They tried to take my phone away from me, but I didn’t give up so easily. I called my aunt, explained everything and asked to come for me. She advised me to go to that guy and promised that she would pick me up. I obeyed. nine0003

My father's relatives were very unhappy that I was kidnapped. But the story was hushed up because maternal relatives were involved in the theft.

We arrived in the village. There was a lot of people waiting for me. They took out sweets, brought them into the house, put a scarf on me, and I burst into tears. Women on their knees begged me to stay. When the persuasion did not work, they began to threaten. They said that if I return, rumors will spread, and after this no one will marry me. I just cried and said that I would not get married. One woman even thought that I had a genie in me. I saw that not a single person was worried about my state of mind, did not think about my desires. They only thought about their own skin: if the police knew that I had been kidnapped, they would have to pay a huge fine. nine0003

I cried for a long time and prayed to Allah for help. I firmly decided that I would not give up. Three hours later my aunts and brothers came for me. They took me home. My father's relatives were very unhappy that I was kidnapped. But the story was hushed up because maternal relatives were involved in the theft. It was lucky that none of the men touched me, so the mullah said that I was clean and that since I did not want to get married, they would not give me away.

After this incident, I did not leave my room for a long time. She cried a lot and didn't eat anything. I was ashamed to show my parents. I lost a lot of weight and went to work exhausted and pale. After that, my mother tried to persuade me for another month to marry that guy. I stood my ground: I don’t want to and I won’t. Then I told her what I had experienced, my mother repented and asked me for forgiveness. I never forgave my cousin who helped kidnap me. We do not talk. nine0003

“Grandma said that now they won’t call me spoiled”

Ekaterina, 21

I live in a small town in Kazakhstan. I was raised by my grandmother, who was sure that virginity is the main thing in a girl's life. Naturally, there was no talk of any sex before marriage.

My mother married a virgin at 21, my grandmother is very proud of it. When I was two years old, my father ran away. He doesn’t even want to hear about my mother and grandmother, he says, they “have gone”. After the divorce, my mother went on a spree, often brought men to the house, and I heard her “concerts” at night. She didn't care about me. nine0003

When I was a teenager, my hormones began to play, I scratched the walls - I needed sex so much. I went to small teen hookups and met a guy there. We were both 16 years old. We became friends, then began to meet and soon slept. He was my first.

There was a terrible scandal. Grandmother was yelling that she would throw me, a “corrupted slut”, out of the house if I didn’t force this guy to marry me

Every month my grandmother dragged me to the gynecologist and when I refused to go to him, she began to put pressure on me. I had to say that I was no longer a virgin. There was a terrible scandal. Grandmother was yelling that she would throw me, a "spoiled slut," out of the house if I did not force this guy to marry me. I didn't want to get married, but the thought of being "spoiled" and never getting married again scared me so much that I put pressure on my boyfriend. It was beneficial for his mother, who lived in the village, to get rid of her extra mouth, so she agreed to the wedding with the words: “Do what you want! Got a whore!" My grandmother paid for the wedding in full. The husband's parents did not come to the celebration. We could not sign because of our age, but everything was as it should be: a white dress, a veil, a festive table. nine0003

At first we lived well, but then an abuser woke up in my husband. He constantly rotted me, called me a whore because before him I had petting and kissing with other boys. He said that because of this, my virginity meant nothing to him. Shortly after the wedding, I became pregnant. Grandmother's upbringing had an effect: it is necessary to give birth, a child is sacred, and then you can have at least ten abortions. When I was five months pregnant, my husband, as I later found out, was flirting with my girlfriend. nine0003

When I gave birth to my daughter, his relatives swore at me on the phone: they said that I was a whore and whore children are not considered children. Life with my husband became even more difficult - he either said that he loved me and his daughter more than life, then he presented: “Yes, as soon as I leave for work, you will jump on someone else’s ***.” By the way, we lived at the expense of my grandmother, and my husband sometimes worked as a waiter.

When I found out that my husband cheated on me with the waitress, I went crazy. I hit him with a chair and yelled that he had ruined my life. We parted with the scandal. Grandmother said: “But now you will not be called spoiled and you will be able to marry again. We’ll just show the groom a photo from the wedding, so that it’s clear that she didn’t lose her virginity in the alley.” nine0003

Unfortunately, I can’t find a normal job: I didn’t even finish nine grades because of my grandmother, who considered education for girls nonsense

Soon I found another guy. He spread rot on me, that I was with a "trailer" and no one needed me, that I had grown fat - he drove me to hysterics. We parted. My nerves were so shattered that I went to a psychotherapist. It turned out that I was depressed. I felt very bad, and my grandmother was yelling at me not to lie on the couch, but to go clean up and sit with the child. One day I snapped and hit her. My grandmother said that I was an inadequate and ungrateful scum, that she raised me for 18 years in vain, that even my mother, who pushed me onto her, is much better than me and that it would be better if I died. nine0003

I lived with my grandmother for some time, breast-fed the baby, and then, taking a minimum of things with me, allegedly went to the store and did not return. I didn't have any money. At first I slept with guys for housing, then a friend helped me. We were in love with each other as children, and now we decided to get married. The wedding is scheduled for April. I live with him, improving my health. Unfortunately, I can’t find a normal job: I didn’t even finish nine grades because of my grandmother, who considered education for girls nonsense. And this is in the 21st century, in a Russian family. Now I read a lot, I improved my grammar. The best education is self-education. nine0003

My daughter lives with her grandmother. I don’t have money to support her yet, and my grandmother is wealthy and gives her everything she needs. My grandmother hates me and constantly complains that I left her, the old one, with the child. When I get on my feet, I will definitely take my daughter: I will not let my grandmother cripple another girl.

“I became an outcast because I disgraced my parents with a divorce”

Safiya, 24 years old

I grew up in Karachay-Cherkessia. My parents are Muslims who lived according to Soviet laws, but did not forget about traditions. Since childhood, I was ready for the fact that my father would decide the issue of my marriage, and I did not particularly resist this. nine0003

My father had a friend whose son asked for my hand for several years. I refused. But at the age of 17, my parents married me to him. They were afraid that they would steal me: I was a tall and prominent girl. I managed to get used to my future husband, so I didn’t rebel much. As he later admitted, I attracted him precisely with my refusals.

My husband was seven years older than me. He was a pure and naive guy. I fell in love with him immediately after the wedding - the first man, romance and all that, and we were very young. For my sake, my husband stopped drinking and seriously fell into religion: he made a hajj to Mecca, began to pray. It was impressive. nine0003

But his relatives ruined everything. My husband's stepmother and his sister were plotting against me. The point is banal jealousy and envy: their dear boy began to pay all attention to his young wife, and not to them. My father-in-law was a tyrant, and my husband did not know his own mother, so he had problems expressing his feelings, and he never learned to stand up for his wife. In his family, his wife was considered a draft horse. I was obliged to wear long overalls, a scarf, not to make up, I was forbidden to work anywhere other than at home. One day my husband said to me: "You are obliged to love my relatives, my friends and even my mistresses." We divorced due to endless gossip and scandals after two years of marriage. I left my husband on my birthday. Since then I have not celebrated - a black date. nine0003

The most important thing is not to rush, to find out the whole ins and outs of the family of the future spouse. Indeed, in the Caucasus, a woman marries not only a man, but also all his relatives.

At the age of 20, I was left alone with a baby in my arms. She returned to her parents' house and became an outcast, because she disgraced her family with a divorce. I would like to live separately, especially since I made good money, but this is not accepted here. My parents constantly put pressure on me and dreamed that I would return to my spouse. I understand them, they wanted the best for me. However, the miracle did not happen. My ex-husband soon remarried, and I was left with broken hearts, dreams, and pride trampled into the dirt. He does not participate in the life of our child in any way. I did not file for alimony, so as not to owe anything to his family. nine0003

I didn't get any support from my parents, so I started looking for it outside and found it in the person of my current spouse. He was very courteous, kind and affectionate with me and struck me with a reverent attitude towards my child. He is an ordinary hard worker, has neither ranks nor big money, but he tries to do everything for the family, sparing no effort and health. A year and a half after the divorce, I married him. I confess that I did not marry him for love. Escaped from pressure. We do not live richly, but I am free to do what I want, go where I want and wear clothes that I myself choose. I still suffer from my ex-husband: it is impossible to forget the first love. Sometimes I drive myself into a frenzy with thoughts about the past, I regret that I could not save my family and gave up so quickly. All the fault of youthful maximalism. nine0003

I hope that the traditions oppressing women's rights will be forgotten in time and women will become equal to men. A family needs to be created only with the person whose views on life coincide with yours. The most important thing is not to rush, to find out all the ins and outs of the family of the future spouse, to get to know everyone as much as possible. Indeed, in the Caucasus, a woman marries not only a man, but also all his relatives.

“I had nowhere to go, so I resigned myself”

Larisa, 31 years old

I was stolen eight years ago in Chechnya. That day I went to visit a friend. In one of the courtyards, I noticed an unfamiliar car, but did not attach any importance to this. We sat with a friend, and I was about to go home when a friend called me and offered to meet. He was much younger than me, we occasionally talked. On that day, he was passing through our village. My girlfriend and I went out the gate, exchanged a few words with that guy. She entered the house for just a moment. This guy and I stood for another five minutes. It was getting dark, and I felt a little uneasy. I said goodbye and was about to go to my house, when suddenly the earth left from under my feet. This guy grabbed me, covered my mouth with his hand and dragged me into the car. I'm small, he's twice as big as me - it's useless to resist. A woman was sitting in the car - the bride of my future husband's brother - she grabbed me, and I tried to kick and scream. nine0003

I did not immediately understand what was going on and for whom I was stolen. As I later found out, it was one of my acquaintances, with whom I had not communicated for several years at that time and did not even remember his face. After a while, a friend missed me and started calling me, but my phone was taken away from me. I was taken far into the mountains. In the groom's house they were already waiting for me, and they pretended that I had come voluntarily. I sat in the car for two hours, refusing to get out. Then she left - anyway they were not going to take me back. My relatives were only informed of what had happened at one in the morning, when it was too late to follow me. nine0003

I went into the house, sat on a chair and started crying. I was surrounded by women and children. They persuaded me that I needed to put up with it and live on, they treated me to the fullest. I sat on this chair all night and demanded to be returned home. Finally they put me in the car and took me back. I was glad that everything was over, but it was not there.

I was very upset by what happened. The first few days I cried a lot. And my husband seemed to be ashamed that he had stolen me, he could not look into my eyes nine0078

My relatives and the mullah have already gathered at home. They talked to each other and started putting pressure on me. I cried, said that I did not want to get married, that I needed to study. They left, but then came back again. Relatives said that I tarnished my honor because I stayed in a strange house for the night, and it doesn’t matter that nothing happened. This went on for many hours. In the end, I gave in and agreed to the marriage. During these two days, I was terribly exhausted, so I asked my relatives for a few days to recover, but I was immediately taken to my husband. nine0003

I had thoughts of running away, but I thought not only about myself, but also about my parents - what it would be like for them to look people in the eye. You could say I sacrificed myself. Some relatives, who did not know that I was forced into marriage, reproached me and my mother that I suddenly got married like that. My brothers were very unhappy with what my husband had done. Then everyone calmed down.

I was very upset by what happened. The first few days I cried a lot. And my husband seemed to be ashamed that he had stolen me, he could not look me in the eyes. For about a month I snapped at him, but then I calmed down. My husband treated me well and took pity on me. I realized that I have nowhere to go, so it’s better to accept and live on.

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