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10 Great Pieces Of All Might Fan Art You Need To See

The smash-hit anime series My Hero Academia is a Shonen action story about a world where superpowers are the norm. While some people abuse their quirks and become villains, there are also many heroes ready to save the day. Chief among them is Japan's top hero, the one and only All Might.

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He is the Symbol of Peace, but he hides a dark secret: a serious injury, courtesy of All For One, is sapping away his strength, and his time runs short. So, All Might chose Izuku Midoriya as the next bearer of the incredible quirk One For All. In the meantime, All Might has a little fight left in him, and the fans absolutely love it. So, here are ten excellent pieces of fan art starring the Symbol of Peace!

10/10 His big day

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Why not start the list on a sentimental note? After all, there's more to All Might/Toshinori Yagi than his biceps and knuckles. He is, in fact, a kind and wonderful person, and to know him is to love him! There's a reason the fan community calls him "Dad Might."

No, he's not secretly Izuku's dad, but he does serve as a major father figure for our young hero. And in honor of All Might's birthday, this lovely fan art shows us the brighter side of this weary hero's life. For once, he doesn't have to worry about his public image or villains or anything. Just a sunny day away from it all with his protege.

9/10 Still in the fight

All Might is in trouble! Every time he fights, his endurance drops, and he can't keep up his muscle form for very long at this point. During his high-stakes duel against All For One, his skinny form started to emerge well before the fight was actually over.

But All Might has bottomless grit and courage, and he fights only for the people. Even Stain recognized his authenticity, and this finely detailed fan art shows All Might's tragic flaw in all the right ways. He'd better hurry and win this fight, or it was all for naught!

8/10 One fight too many

This sort of scene shows us why All Might is such a compelling and deep character. He's not just a bodybuilder who always wins the day, whatever his public may say otherwise. He is losing power fast, and sometimes, he himself needs rescuing.

Based on those hashtags, this fan art is inspired by DC Comics, perhaps a scene of Commissioner Gordon carrying off a battle-worn Batman. The harsh lighting and details, and the moody atmosphere, are perfect for the scene shown here. All Might's having a bad day, all right!

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7/10 I am here, kitty!

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Now it's time for the more photogenic side of All Might! Although he's not vain and PR-obsessed like Captain Celebrity (who features in My Hero Academia: Vigilantes), All Might doesn't shy away from the camera. He is here to not just save the day but inspire everyone, too.

He's the symbol of peace, after all, and it's time for a photoshoot! This lovely fan art gives us an All Might who's in top form, and he takes the time to save the day for minor cases as well as big ones. No one is too small for All Might to rescue, and that cat's owner is about to be very happy.

6/10 Knuckle sandwich

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Some heroes use support-type quirks in battle or perform search and rescue, such as Uwabami. Others are ready to get up close and personal with the forces of evil! All Might is the supreme melee master of the pro hero world, and his mighty fists cannot be stopped.

This wonderful drawing gives an All Might who can give any Superman comic cover a run for its money, from his cheerful colors to his gritty expression to the fantastic sense of motion and power with those special effects all over the place. That fist is about to leap right out of the page!

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5/10 New costume, same smile

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Sometimes, fans like to experiment with a character's costume or even their hairstyle or eye color to imagine a stylish, alternate version of the character. The results are often pretty creative, and this new All Might is no different.

A red, white, and black color scheme gives All Might a more lean and efficient look, as though he's strictly here to fight rather than act like a human American flag. We have to say, this color scheme really clicks, and it contrasts well with his blond hair. But that smile is eternal!

4/10 The good old days

Fortunately, fans got a glimpse of All Might's golden age, before his grievous injury started draining his power. In the good old days, All Might paid a few visits to the United States, and there, he made friends with David Shield and took out some wicked villains with a single California Smash.

This stunning fan art gives us a young All Might at his peak, and we love that cocky, vaguely arrogant look on his face. All Might isn't a conceited guy, but he's young and impossibly powerful, and the whole world knows it. He can't help but make a self-satisfied grin! Just don't lose your head, okay?

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3/10 Dad Might strikes again

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We mentioned earlier that fans subscribe to the "Dad Might" idea, and now we get it at full blast! Or is he more like a doting uncle? Well, at any rate, it's great to see All Might's paternal side, since he's not just a meathead who punches everything.

What is more, the lighting is soft and finely detailed, making both figures in this fan art really stand out. Best of all, we can see young Midoriya's face, but only All Might's chin and nose. It hints at how All Might will pass the torch to Izuku Midoriya one day.

2/10 Bearers of the quirk

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All Might passed his quirk to Izuku early in the series, but even All Might had to get it somewhere. One for All's previous user was Nana Shimura, who trained a young Toshinori Yagi and made him who he is today.

This fan art shows her heroic and motherly side, where she catches a young All Might right before he fell. Maybe a railing gave way? Anyway, we love how this feels like a manga panel, and All Might's shocked face and Nana's calm confidence really stand out.

1/10 Once and for all

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Some of Shonen manga's heaviest hitters, from Son Goku to Yusuke Urameshi to Saitama and All Might, have all inspired us to be brave and take on any challenge. But fans also debate who is truly the strongest! There can only be one, after all.

So, this fan pitted two recent heroes face to face, and a simple arm wrestling match should settle the score for all to see. We love how the two heroes are fully colored in, while the onlookers are somewhat muted. After all the show is about to start!

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17 ‘My Hero Academia’ Pro Heroes Reimagined As Students

My Hero AcademiaIn a world where people with superpowers known as "Quirks" are the norm, Izuku Mirdoriya dreams of becoming a Hero, even though he doesn't have a Quirk of his own. One day, he meets All Might, the greatest Hero of all, who finally gives him one...


Winter morning enchants with its beauty. A few bright stars can still be seen in the clear, dark blue sky. Everything is quiet and calm around, the trees covered with snow, which wrapped them all that night, like in a blanket, froze motionless. A young woman with large gray eyes and an unusual, ash-blooming hair, gently stroked her large belly and quietly whispered:

- “Soon you will see this world, my dear little one. Be always happy, because I so want to see your smile. - a gentle smile touches her lips, snow is reflected in her eyes, which so much covered the city. She stands at the window and waits when she can already see her long-awaited baby. The walls of the hospital do not press, but rather remind her that she will come out of them not alone, but with a new life on fragile hands. Rei Todoroki, this is who this short and fragile woman with a gentle smile and loving eyes is:

— Your dad is probably busy, but he will be very happy to see you, baby. - Time goes by, time hurries, runs restlessly...

It has finally dawned and now the sun's rays are reflected on snow-white snowdrifts. Outside the window, fresh, frosty air that penetrates the lungs of a man, and from the cold, his cheeks are painted in a pink blush. The snow crunches and creaks under the feet of a young man, or rather, the hero - the Prospector. Each of his heavy steps leaves deep footprints in the snowdrifts. Here, the hospital building is already visible, the night turned out to be difficult, but he was used to it, this happens often because of the work of the hero, but now his thoughts were occupied with only one thing - his wife. nine0003

“How is she? Is everything alright?"

Angie enters the emergency room and is directed to the right floor almost immediately. Everyone knows that the Prospector is the number two hero - steel and pride, probably more and arrogance, which can not surpass a classmate and friend in any way. Although the fact that the Almighty is his friend, Angie would never have recognized without pride and self-confidence. But today is not that day. Now he is not a hero, but just a civilian whose life will change, at least it should be. nine0003

A long bright hospital corridor greets him with silence. There are many identical white doors with signs and numbers, chairs are placed on the sides. Angie takes a chair at the door indicated to him and silently listens to the voices behind her, he is visibly nervous, but his stern look will not change. The cherished door slowly opens, and a short woman in a white coat comes out to the hero. She looks at the man with a smile and says:

— Are you our young dad? . - All the same, the woman of the hero asks with a smile. nine0003

Angie jumps out of her chair:

— Ah… me, yes! The word dad echoes in my head.

— Well, why be so nervous, come in. You are expected, and young man, you have only an hour. The doctor turns and leaves.

Todoroki took a deep breath, collected himself and nevertheless entered the bright room. The rays of the warm winter sun play in the crumpled veil on the window, and his wife lies on the hospital couch, she smiles gently at her husband, holding the bundle:

- Angie - Rey began quietly. nine0003

- It's a boy! Rei looks at her son, her eyes full of love and happiness.

The hero's hands trembled treacherously, he came closer to his wife.

- Take it. Ray gently hands him his son. Todoroki is lost for a few seconds, but quickly comes to his senses and takes the baby, as gently as he can. Angie is holding her son, her firstborn. The kid sniffs softly and wrinkles his nose:

— He looks so much like you. - Rey's voice was like a lullaby, it's so sweet to the ear. nine0003

- Your fiery hair, facial features. He's your copy, Angie.

The miner looks at his son and smiles, but when the baby opens his eyes, the man's heart stops. Aquamarine burns with fire, you can drown in such eyes, because they are the color of the sea. His eyes are like the sea at dawn, which will remain in memory for centuries. “The eyes of a hero,” the man thinks to himself. That's who will be number one, his son, his continuation and hope, legacy. The kid looks at the man, studying him with great interest.

Angie speaks in a low voice, while he smiles gently, the stern look is gone and it seems like a completely different person in front of Ray and their son.

Happy Birthday Toya! Welcome to this world, son.

Rei wipes her tears of happiness as children's laughter fills the ward.

In the family of the number two hero - Todoroki Enji, a son was born, the one who should surpass the number one hero was born. But while he is just a kid that he does not understand what fate has in store for him ...

Chronological order: in what order to watch "My Hero Academia"

Chronological order

Author orfeus Reading 3 min Posted by Updated

Superheroes have always been and will be popular. People tend to dream about those forces that they do not have. These include immortality, invulnerability, the ability to move quickly and fly, the ability to regenerate limbs and organs. Therefore, the heroes created by Marvel and DC will always be popular. But what about the Japanese? The answer is that they are also attached to superheroes, just like people in other parts of the world. Everyone wants to have superhuman powers and dream about it. nine0003

The world of Japanese anime cannot stand aside from the eternal fashion for superheroes. One of the works in this genre is "My Heroic Academy". As the name implies, here we are talking about an educational institution in which only people with superpowers can study. Western X-Men immediately come to mind. Of course, because these are heroes similar to them. only in a Japanese way. By the way. in the Land of the Rising Sun, this topic was well disclosed in the sensational One Punch Man.

The plot of the anime My Hero Academia takes place in China. There, in the city of Qingqing, a boy is born who can glow. People didn't understand why this happened. From this time begins a series of supernatural events. 80% of the world's population began to possess abilities beyond the bounds of the possible. Superheroes have arrived. But the world of crime also did not stand aside. Some people have gone over to the evil side. The authorities are trying in vain to adapt society to the new order. However, superheroes did not wait for improvements from the state and took matters into their own hands. People with superpowers quickly became popular. Now they began to officially improve the world order and the state began to pay them a salary for their activities. nine0003

The main character is a young man, Izuku Midoriya. And here lies the main surprise for the viewer of this anime. The fact is that the main character does not have any superhuman powers. He is an ordinary guy. Izuku hoped that with age, the genes responsible for superpowers would wake up in him. But this never happened. Izuku was very upset when he realized that he would never become a student of the superhero academy. But suddenly fate brought him together with the best of the best - a superhero named Almighty. He becomes Izuku's teacher.

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