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15 Signs of Mind Games in a Relationship

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Whether it’s unnecessarily mean or manipulating another person, all signs of mind games in a relationship center around having power over others.

Have you ever been confused by your partner’s or date’s behavior? Does it feel like your partner is sending mixed signals?

Today, they seem enthusiastic about your date but turn cold when you eventually meet. Or has it gotten to a stage where you keep playing different scenarios of how the evening will go because of their unpredictability? These are signs of mind games in a relationship.

Mind games are actions insecure people use to be the alpha in a relationship or on a date.

Although people who play mind games tend to be males, some females are skillful in displaying signs of mind games in a relationship.

So, why do people play mind games, or why do they exercise signs of mind control in a relationship? What does the word mind games mean? Keep reading to find out more.

What are mind games in a relationship?

Mind games are psychological tactics used by someone to manipulate or intimidate another person. People play mind games because it makes them feel powerful and in control. Also, it allows people to avoid taking responsibility for their actions and feelings.

Some examples of mind games in relationships include playing hard to get, being mean for no reason, leading someone on, or controlling attitudes. These are some of the common signs of mind games in relationships.

If these signs sound familiar to you and you want to know how to tell if someone is playing mind games with you, continue reading this article.

5 Reasons why do people play mind games

There are different reasons people play mind games, but the end game is to gain power over others.

Check the following reasons people show signs of mind games:

1. They want something

People who play mind games want a specific response from their partner or people around them. However, instead of requesting politely or telling others what they wish, they achieve their aim through mischievous and manipulative acts.

They relish playing games with emotions rather than speaking out. For instance, a person who plays mind games might want you to care for them. Instead, they make you uncomfortable and grumble when you show care to others.

2. They want to manipulate you

People who play mind games do so to manipulate you into doing something for them. Their needs may include the following:

  • Money
  • Love
  • Care
  • Sex
  • Partnership
  • Friendship
  • To boost their self-esteem

Everyone asks for the above list one way or the other, people who show signs of mind games only go about it wrong.

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3. They like to be in control

The whole essence of playing mind games is to be in charge of others. People who play mind games desire to have someone they can control and command around.

The alpha position gives them some adrenaline, reassuring them they have power. It gives them confidence and self-esteem. Thus they consistently show signs of mind control to seal their position.

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4. They like to make you feel weak

One may want to ask, “Why do people play mind games exactly?” There is no other reason for people who play mind games than to make others weak. To them, it is a challenge where they alone become the winner.

Meanwhile, the signs of mind control in a relationship come from low self-esteem and cowardice. Instead of solving these problems, they would project them onto others.

5. They need to feel important

Closely related to one of the signs of mind games in relationships is playing hard to get. That usually happens in intimate relationships or a donation. People with signs of mind games want to feel unique and essential to you.

As such, they send you mixed signals to confuse you so that you can be persistent. They like the rush it gives them when others beg for their attention.

Now that people show signs of mind games in relationships, it is vital to be well acquainted with typical symptoms of mind control manipulative people use in relationships.

15 Signs of mind games in a relationship

So you are not sure if your partner is playing mind games with you or not?

Read on to know how you can find out. Here are some obvious signs that your partner is playing mind games or manipulating you. 

1. They confuse you

Confusion is one of the common signs of mind games in a relationship. People who play mind games in a relationship leave you doubting the relationship and their feelings. You are unsure of how they feel and where you stand with them.

For instance, they might be cheerful today with you but suddenly become mean the next day. They might be very hot and cold or sometimes suddenly turn on you for no apparent reason.

If you question your position and feelings all the time in a relationship, it is a sign your partner is playing mind games.

2. You doubt yourself around them

One of the signs of mind control in a relationship is when you doubt and question yourself whenever you are with your partner. People who play mind games in a relationship make you question your ability to make certain decisions.

That’s because you don’t know how they will react. For instance, you find it hard to tell them about something you did days earlier because you are unsure if they will condemn it or encourage it.

Watch this video to know how to build your confidence:

3. They blame you all the time

Another tactic of people who play mind games in a relationship is to blame. They blame you on every occasion, including those that are not your fault. For example, your intention may be to tell your partner of an incident just for fun.

However, they will still blame you for acting in a particular way. Being perfect and knowledgeable is a crucial trait of people who show signs of mind games in a relationship.

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4. They put you down 

One of the signs of mind games in a relationship is when your partner puts you down to make you feel bad. What happens out of envy for what you have or because you are better than them at something.

So, instead of encouraging you in some unpleasant situation, they put you down to make you feel better. Your present awful feeling is a win for them.

They may also make nasty remarks about you or your dressing in front of others. It is all about power play and the need to feel better than you. So, you can see the problem is with them and not you.

5. They intentionally hurt your feelings

As strange as it may sound, some people relish making others feel bad about themselves. They might shout at you for helping them, even when they didn’t ask for it.

Also, they enjoy playing mind games by making rude comments about you and your friends. These signs of mind games in a relationship leave you feeling bad about yourself.

6. They use others against you

You think your partner should have your back, but you will be surprised by people who play mind games in a relationship. After several unsuccessful attempts to make you feel bad, they turn others against you.

They do this by engaging in conversations they know you hate with others. Also, they make rude and nasty comments about you in front of others. They intend to make everyone desert you, so they can appear like the only one who stays.

7. They tell people you are a liar

In psychological mind games relationships, people who play mind games call you liars.

They start by falsely accusing you of making things up or exaggerating when you talk. Then, they might begin to tell other people that you’re a liar or that you are not pleasant.

Such a situation may force you to defend yourself endlessly and explain what’s going on to them. 

8. They envy you

If you want to know how to tell if someone is playing mind games with you, study their reaction when you own something new. Often, they can’t hide their emotions.

Deep down, people who show signs of mind games in a relationship want the things you have, including a college degree, a stable career, a family, and material items.

Thus, they make you feel bad or transfer aggression when you buy something new.

9. They compare you with others

Another way of playing mind games in a relationship is to make baseless comparisons. Comparison is a fundamental commandment of people who show signs of mind control in a relationship.

Your partner might tell you that your friends are more beautiful than you are. Also, they always find a way to compare you with their exes in a conversation or an argument.

10. They make themselves the center of attention

Have you ever gone out to an occasion where you invite your partner to, and they make themselves the focus? For instance, they take your chance by introducing themselves when you should be the one.

Even when you leave them to enjoy the party, they need to take your glory when speaking with your friends.

11. They control your decisions

One leading sign of people who play mind games in a relationship is controlling their decision-making. They want to be the only competent person who knows all things. Hence, they dissuade you from following your guts and replacing your ideas with theirs.

They even cite how the situation might go wrong if you don’t follow their advice. When their suggestion fails, they say it’s your fault. These are signs of a mind game in a relationship.

12. They make you come to them

Playing mind games in a relationship includes forcing others to come to you without making any effort. If your partner plays mind games a lot, they will never call or text you first. They don’t set up dinner dates or movie nights.

Instead, you’re the one texting and begging them to make the relationship work.

13. They never talk about themselves

People who show signs of mind games in A relationship never let their guard down in conversation. While you talk about your vulnerabilities and weak points, they listen attentively but never reveal anything about themselves.

When your partner doesn’t talk about themselves to you like you do, you will be left wondering if they value the relationship you both have.

14. They shut you out of their lives

If you feel like your partner shuts you out of their lives every time, it is one of the signs of mind games in a relationship.

For example, if someone regularly blocks you from their special events, they want to confuse you and keep you guessing about what’s going on.

Sometimes, people who play mind games do this to know how much you care about them. They want to see how far you will go to get their attention. The chase gives them trills.

15. They make you feel jealous

Some of the signs of mind games in a relationship include the need to make others feel jealous. People who play mind games like attention, so they improvise to make you feel jealous when you don’t give them.

Making others feel jealous is a classic manipulative act many people use. It comes in different forms, including your partner posting pictures of others on social media or flirting with other people or their ex. These behaviors will make you question their intention towards you.

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How to deal with a partner playing mind games

It can be confusing and overwhelming dealing with people who play mind games. However, if you still value your relationship with them, you can use strategies to make them better people.

  • Express yourself clearly and precisely, explaining how their actions make you feel. Remember to back your case up with relevant examples of mind games. 


  • Ensure they apologize and promise to turn over a new leaf. Note that it may take some time for them to change, but it’s worth the wait if they make some effort.


  • If your partner refuses to accept responsibility for their action, it may be time to decide. Staying with them and hoping they will change may mean it will take time.

Similarly, if you choose to move on with your life, talk to friends and families to provide a robust support system around you. Also, you may speak to a coach or therapist to help you through the moment.


Signs of mind games in relationships make you feel sad, replaceable, and worthless. People who play mind games do so to gain control over others.

Recognizing the signs of mind control in a relationship can help you decide if the relationship is worth it or not. Besides, you feel fulfilled and worthy.

12 Signs Someone Is Playing Mind Games With You

Get expert help figuring out whether your partner is playing mind games with you (and what to do if they are). Click here to chat online to someone right now.

Some people love playing games – but how do you know if they’re doing it with you?

Whether it’s a friend, a partner, a family member, or a coworker, it can be tricky to tell what’s really going on sometimes.

If you think someone might be playing mind games, here are 12 signs to look out for…

1. You never know where you stand.

They constantly leave you wondering how they really feel and where you actually stand with them.

They might be very hot and cold, or sometimes suddenly turn on you for no apparent reason.

If you’re feeling confused and dejected, they’re probably trying to mess with your head.  

2. You’re questioning yourself more.

Second-guessing yourself and the decisions you make is horrible – it makes you feel insecure and alone.

Someone might be playing mind games with you if they regularly make you doubt yourself.

Maybe they question you a lot, or lie to you, like saying one thing one day and the opposite the next, making you wonder if you’re making things up or if they’re just tricking you (this is known as Gaslighting). 

Some people get a kick out of making others feel bad about themselves. This is a classic power play, and will leave you feeling insecure and shy, as well as confused and upset.

They might make rude comments about your appearance, humiliate you in front of your friends, or subtly bring up conversations they know will make you uncomfortable, just to prove a point.

Either way, it’s unfair and will leave you feeling pretty rubbish about yourself. 

4. They try to turn others against you.

Have you noticed them talking badly about you to your other friends? Maybe they make a point of saying nasty things about you in front of others, or make things up to make you seem like the bad guy.

People who play mind games often get a weird thrill from isolating you from your loved ones, either subtly or explicitly. 

5. They claim you’re a liar.

They might start telling other people that you’re a liar, or even falsely accuse you of making things up.

Maybe they’re trying to convince those around you that you’re not a nice person or that you’ve been bitching about them and are lying now when you say that you haven’t been.

This is a horrible situation to be in and you may feel as though you have to endlessly defend yourself and explain what’s really going on. 

6. They make endless comparisons.

A more subtle mind game is continuously making comparisons between you and other people.

Maybe your partner tells you that your friends are way more fun than you on a night out, or they compare you to their ‘crazy’ ex whenever you have an argument.

Either way, you’ll be left feeling angry and upset, unsure of what’s really going on and why you deserve this.

You’re a wonderful person in your own right, so why do they need to endlessly compare you to others?

7. You always have to go to them.

One of the most common mind games, especially during dating and relationships, is when they force you to go to them every time.

They never text first or call you, they never suggest plans – instead, you’re the one texting and double-texting them; you’re the one almost begging to see them.

This can make you feel very rejected and unattractive. It’s confusing when someone is clearly interested, but will never be the first to come to you – and that’s exactly why they do it. 

8. They regularly shut you out.

Do you feel like you’re just blocked from their life every so often?

If someone is regularly shutting you out, they’re doing it to confuse you and keep you guessing about what’s going on.

You’ll end up feeling upset and hurt that they don’t want to talk to you.

Sometimes, this is their way of ‘testing’ you to see how much you care and how far you’ll go to get their attention – it makes them feel important and attractive having you chase around after them.  

9. They never let their guard down.

Maybe it’s always you opening up, starting to initiate deeper conversations about feelings – and it’s always them leaving you high and dry.

If they never reveal anything about themselves, you’ll probably be left wondering why they don’t trust you or what they want to keep hidden from you.

It can be upsetting and may make you question how genuine your friendship or relationship is with them – why don’t they want to let you in?

With this kind of mind game, you’re left exactly where they want you – vulnerable and desperate. 

10. They try to make you jealous.

This is such childish behavior, and yet so many people do it!

One of the classic ways to mess with someone’s head is to try to make them jealous.

Maybe your friend has started posting pictures of herself with another friend on Instagram in the hopes you see it. Maybe your partner is flirting with other people or messaging their ex.

This kind of jealousy-inducing behavior will, obviously, leave you feeling jealous!

It’ll also make you feel pretty insecure and confused about what’s going on and why you don’t seem to be enough for them – and you’ll wonder why they would want to hurt you like this.  

11. They’re secretive.

Someone acting secretive and suspicious is bound to get to you after a while. You’ll wonder what they’re keeping from you and why they’re being so weird about things.

It might make you question if they really like you, if your partner is cheating, or even if your friends are secretly meeting without you to bitch about you.

This kind of thing can make anyone feel insecure and paranoid – you’ll feel alone and you won’t know what’s going on, which is a horrible place to be.

12. Your gut is telling you.

Of course, if your gut is telling you that something is a bit ‘off,’ it probably is.

There might not be a definite behavior or explanation, but there’ll be something that makes you question if this person is just toying with you.

Mind games are unfair to play on anyone, so listen to your gut and try to move past this toxic phase. 

Why do people play mind games?

There are so many different reasons for playing mind games, and they vary from person to person, and from situation to situation.  

Some people do it to feel superior – they like making you doubt yourself and want to make you feel insecure.

Maybe they’re threatened by you and want to stop you (and others) from realizing how amazing you are.

Equally, they could be jealous of you – they want you to feel bad about certain things so that you become more shy and less likely to go out with guys they fancy, for example, or they want to turn your friends against you because you’re more popular than they are. 

Some people do it because they like the thrill of toying with someone’s emotions. They want to keep you guessing and they like how desperate you become for their attention.

Maybe you’ve just started dating and you don’t know where you stand with them, or a friend has suddenly started acting weirdly toward you.

It could be that they just like messing with your head – they could be narcissistic or self-involved, and do it for the kicks. 

Some people do it to punish you. They might be trying to manipulate you into behaving in a certain way by acting out when you do something they don’t like.

For example, your girlfriend might start putting you down every time you come home from a night out with friends. She might be trying to show you that she doesn’t like you going out, and wants to make you ‘pay for it’ by being demeaned every time you do it. 

How to deal with someone who plays mind games.

It can be really hard to be involved with someone who plays mind games, whether they’re a family member, partner, or close friend.

It’s confusing and you never really know where you stand. They might even apologize after doing it, only to start again a few days later.

This can very quickly become a toxic cycle of abuse and can spiral out of control before you realize what’s going on.

Try to speak to them about this and explain how it makes you feel. They may not be aware they’re doing it, or they may not realize just how much it’s affecting you.

They should apologize and make it clear that they will actively improve their behavior going forwards.

If they can’t or won’t accept responsibility for their actions, or continue to act this way after you’ve told them it upsets you, the next step is up to you.

If you think that they will change, you have to decide how long you wait.

If you decide to move on, speak to other loved ones and ensure that you’ll have a support system around you – living with someone who plays mind games is hard, but leaving them is often even harder as they’ll try to trick you into coming back and may get even worse.

Remember that you can seek professional help if you are struggling to cope and need some further guidance.

Look after yourself, know your worth, and know when to walk away.

Still not sure what to do about the mind games your partner plays on you? It’s not an easy situation to be in, and it might be all the more difficult if you don’t have anyone to talk to about it. Talking to someone is a great way to get your thoughts and your worries out of your head so you can work through them.

We really recommend you speak to an experienced relationship expert rather than a friend or family member. Why? Because they are trained to help people in situations like yours. They can listen to you and offer well-considered advice to help you handle and respond to the mind games your partner is playing.

A good place to get help is the website Relationship Hero – here, you’ll be able to connect with a relationship counselor via phone, video, or instant message.

While you can try to work through this situation yourself or as a couple, it may be a bigger issue than self-help can fix. And if it is affecting your relationship and mental well-being, it is a significant thing that needs to be resolved.

Too many people – both couples and individuals – try to muddle through and do their best to solve problems that they never really get to grips with. If it’s at all possible in your circumstances, speaking to a relationship expert is 100% the best way forward.

Click here if you’d like to learn more about the service Relationship Hero provide and the process of getting started.

You’ve already taken the first step just by searching for and reading this article. The worst thing you can do right now is nothing. The best thing is to speak to a therapist. The next best thing is to implement everything you’ve learned in this article by yourself. The choice is yours.

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Video games are stereotyped as solo entertainment, but in reality, co-op games have a very long history dating back to the era of arcades or the first RPGs like Moria to support co-op.

But with the proliferation of personal computers and home consoles, co-op has turned into something optional, "icing on the cake" that adorns the game, but must build on a solid foundation of single-player gameplay. Even some MMOs are made in such a way that interaction with other people can be avoided if desired, especially if you do not want to climb into the most dangerous dungeons.

However, in parallel with this, in the 2010s, more and more games were released in which co-op was the basis of everything. The last game from this not very long, but bright list is It Takes Two, which we have already written about separately.

On the occasion of its release, let's recall several others, where a single passage is either impossible at all, or differs significantly from the joint one. Let's clarify right away: the selection will not contain games with PvP elements or betrayal mechanics - only peace, friendship and cooperation.

A Way Out

The immediate predecessor of It Takes Two, invented by the same Yusef Fares. The theme of cooperation in general occupies a central place in his games: Fares began his career as a game designer with the fabulous Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. This is a "reverse co-op game" where one player controls two brothers wandering the magical world in search of a cure for their sick father. And in A Way Out, Fares told a story based on the cliché of the popular movie genre "prison break".

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

The plot is simple. Two heroes, Leo Caruso and Vincent Moretti, met in prison. Leo, rude and prone to violence, did time for theft and attempted armed robbery, while Vincent, rational and calm, for fraud and murder.

After Vincent saved Leo's life from another prisoner sent by his former boss, Harvey, both heroes ended up in the prison hospital. There, Leo learned that Vincent also had accounts with Harvey, and his associates unfortunately decided to run away together.

In the future, the game collected almost all the traditional twists for such a story: the protagonists prepared and carried out an escape, went on a joint trip across the United States, gradually became friends, but in the final they were forced to oppose each other. The outcome of this conflict determined one of the possible endings.

But the game is important not by the plot, but by the way it is presented. You can go through it only together, constantly interacting with a partner in order to jointly resolve the problems that arise before the heroes. For example, one character will distract the guard while the other gets the item needed to escape, and so on.

This mechanic was best suited to the game, in which Leo and Vincent gradually turned from casual acquaintances into partners, buddies and even friends, and players learned to better synchronize their actions in specific scenes. Perhaps that is why many were dissatisfied with the ending, in which past gameplay principles were discarded.

Players will often have to choose which hero approach they use in a given situation

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

Another game set in a prison, but inspired not by "Escape from Alcatraz" but by "Ocean's 11". A group of criminals, each with their own character and useful skills, commit a series of dizzying robberies with explosions, tunnels, escapes, betrayals and murders. Theoretically, Monaco also has a single player mode, but you really get pleasure from gathering with a group of friends, if possible - on the same computer.

The basic gameplay is simple and feels like a mix of old arcade games with the Payday series. The characters master relatively small levels with a top view, avoid guards and security systems, break open doors, collect coins and move towards the main objective of the mission.

The stealth mechanic works well with the vertical camera position, creating a tense atmosphere as the player expects danger around every corner. But if the guards still notice the heroes, there is always the opportunity to run away and hide in the ventilation or use a weapon: however, the cartridges for it are limited.

But the most important part of Monaco is the ability of individual criminals. There are a total of eight characters in the game, of which five are available at launch. The Burglar opens locked doors faster than others, the Cleaner “cuts down” the guards by approaching from behind, the Pickpocket collects coins more efficiently than others, the Lookout notices guards out of sight, and the Mole digs tunnels between rooms. In the future, they are supplemented by the Gentleman smuggler, who lulls the vigilance of the guards, the Redhead, who seduces opponents, and the Hacker, who knows how to hack into electronic security systems.

Each hero modifies the game in just one aspect, but this is enough to make the passage of the same missions for different teams very different. At the same time, the characters have their own vivid personalities, revealed through dialogue between missions, and small details like different animations and colors.

At the same time, the game supports completely different approaches to passing. Experienced and cautious players go through the levels as a team of professionals, skillfully combining the strengths of different classes.

But if you just want to have fun, then Monaco is easy to turn into a fun and silly arcade game about thieves, with chasing crowds of guards, quick gunfights, knocking down walls and chasing coveted coins that bring extra ammo. And since it rarely takes more than 15-20 minutes to complete a level, Monaco works like a good party game - provided that all participants are willing to stick to the same approach.

Never Alone

A short platformer from Upper One Games, designed primarily as an educational project about the culture of the Iñupiat, one of the groups of Alaska Natives.

The game was developed in close collaboration with the Cook Inlet Tribal Council, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the culture of the peoples of Alaska, and specifically with the poet and professional storyteller Ishmael Hope. The authors wanted to create a project that would tell the players the myths of the indigenous peoples and at the same time help to better understand the culture and worldview of the Alaskan natives.

The plot of the game is simple. The Iñupiat settlement was swept by a snow storm that would never end, and the girl Nuna, along with her friend, the polar fox, set off on a journey to find out the cause of the cataclysm and save everyone.

On their way, they encountered various helpers and opponents, referring to the mythology of Alaska: small people living underground, an owl man, sky spirits, the mythological criminal Killer, and so on. Each encounter is complemented by commentary from the developers or a recording of Hope telling the story behind everything.

Although Never Alone has a single player mode, it's best played in co-op, where one player takes on the role of Nuna and the other takes on the role of her animal. In this case, the game is revealed as a naive, but bright and touching statement about friendship, respect and interaction with nature.

Each of the characters has their own abilities: the arctic fox runs fast and climbs where a person cannot penetrate, but Nuna has a weapon, a bola with which she protects her companion, and the ability to drag heavy objects. And closer to the final, the roles change, and the fox himself defends his benefactor.

Never Alone is a modest project, but this is the key to its success. The game can be easily completed with a friend or family member in four hours, touched by a simple story, beautiful graphics and easy, but interesting gameplay that perfectly reveals the main themes of the story. And at the same time learn something new about a small and very interesting people.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

This game was originally conceived for VR, although over time a more familiar mode has been added to it. But the virtual reality helmet itself occupies a central place in its history. The fact is that the developers from Steel Crate Games wanted to solve a peculiar social problem of this device.

If someone in a large company plays with a VR helmet, the rest have to wait in line, leave and do other things, or, at best, passively watch the achievements of the main player on the screen. And Steel Crates came up with the mechanics of a VR game in which several people can participate at once with a single helmet.

Unlike the rest of the projects in the collection, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has no story about mutual understanding, teamwork, trust or anything like that. Just procedural bombs and a confusing manual describing how to defuse them. The player in the VR helmet sees the bomb and describes it aloud to the rest of the participants. Those, in turn, look at the manual, look for the described elements and say which wires need to be cut, which button to press, which lever to turn and which characters to select in what order.

All this is done on time - in full accordance with the canons of Hollywood, there are timers on the bombs, counting down the seconds before the explosion. The result is a game that is unlikely to impress with a deep story, but will give a lot of pleasant and a little annoying minutes in the company of friends.


This game was conceived from the very beginning as a cooperative game, and its basis was the experience of one of the authors, Phil Duncan, who managed to work in a restaurant kitchen. Duncan believes that this is the ideal model of a cooperative game, in which participants must constantly solve problems together, effectively cooperate and exchange information in order to create a common product under tight time pressure.

The developers from the Team17 studio started from this concept when starting work. They wanted to create a game that prioritized teamwork and skill. Each player takes control of a chef and participates in the joint preparation of complex dishes against the clock. To do everything, you need to be able to do your part of the work and, at the same time, quickly rebuild.

There are always more "jobs" at each level than cooks, so you can't just build a conveyor belt, have to constantly monitor which of your colleagues is busy, and quickly change priorities if necessary.

The developers, after some thought, didn't even give the chefs different abilities, so that the players don't get bogged down in the routine and repetition of the same actions that their hero is best suited for, but focus on the exchange of information.

Overcooked 2

On the other hand, Team17 came up with a lot of completely crazy kitchens where you have to work. So, cooks cook dishes in the backs of two trucks traveling in parallel, which sometimes drive apart, on an iceberg, where the characters keep falling down, on a ship with rolling. At the same time, the more participants in the game, the more they have time - and the more chaos they create, equally hindering and helping each other. In this regard, Overcooked and the sequel released in 2018 are similar to another game from the collection - Monaco.

We Were Here

The We Were Here series can only be played by two people, and, unlike other games in the collection, it is desirable to be in different rooms. The first part was conceived by a group of enthusiasts who formed Total Mayhem Games as a student project while studying at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Released on Steam in 2017, their project has been free since then. This is due, among other things, to a very small volume: formally, you can complete the game in 20 minutes, although if you opened We Were Here for the first time and cannot read the thoughts of a partner, then a complete passage will take a couple of hours.

The plot begins with a mysterious entity locking two explorers in a strange castle that has appeared inexplicably in the icy Antarctic desert. To get out, they need to split up and search the premises, communicating with each other on the radio.

Librarian Headquarters

One player takes on the function of the Explorer - he has to go through more rooms and even a small maze, turn more levers and risk his life more often. The second, the Librarian, sits surrounded by books and maps and gives instructions on exactly how to solve the puzzles encountered. However, in the final he will have to work with his hands.

Like A Way Out, this game and its sequels, We Were Here Too and We Were Here Together, cannot be completed alone. Riddles force players to exchange information or simply open doors for each other. Toward the end, the game begins to introduce time limits for which you need to exchange information, figure out exactly how to solve the puzzle, and do all the necessary actions to go further. Otherwise, you or your partner will die from the cold or at the hands of a strange puppet.

We Were Here Too

In general, the whole series resembles a cooperative version of the old Flash quests or a virtual escape room. Undefined sinister world, abstract puzzles, hidden objects, escape at the heart of the plot. No part of the series will receive awards for an interesting and twisted story, an unexpected, written world or a unique style. But the mechanics of talking on the walkie-talkie, when you need to quickly describe what you see in front of you, helps to feel like a hero of a horror movie. Because of this, even ordinary jump scares and traditional monster designs are really scary.

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