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    Dollar sign as an image of a golden calf: who invented it?

    • Hepzibah Anderson
    • BBC Capital

    Image copyright, Getty Images

    Despite the prevalence and ubiquity of this US dollar symbol, its origins are unclear. Of course, there are a lot of theories: here are the coins of the Kingdom of Bohemia, and the Pillars of Hercules, and always hurrying merchants ...

    The dollar sign is one of the most powerful symbols and represents more than just the US currency. It's shorthand for the American Dream, with all the consumerism and commercialism that comes with it. This is both rosy dreams, and violent greed, and unbridled capitalism.

    The dollar sign is co-opted by pop culture (eg Ke$ha - or the recurring but short-lived t-shirts), rented by artists (picture of Salvador Dali's mustache or Andy Warhol paintings selling for very large $$$).

    This icon is widely used in computer coding and is depicted in emoji in the form of a face with dollar eyes and a protruding (from greed?) tongue.

    In general, to understand this sign, you do not need to be a polyglot, and yet its origin is still unclear.

    Image copyright, Getty Images

    Photo caption,

    The first dollar sign was printed on paper in the 1790s by Archibald Binney using a printing press in Philadelphia

    The sign representing the dollar's younger relative, the cent, is a lowercase "c" ( cent in English) with a vertical line piercing it, and this is understandable and logical. But where is the "D" in the dollar sign?

    • A banknote with the word "sex" on it is very expensive
    • Why the Swiss are so fond of cash (preferably in large bills)
    • Sticks, the Westminster fire and other pages of the history of money
    • Why this dollar is worth more than 10 million ?

    If desired, the letter "S" can be recognized in this sign as the backing to the limit of the clenched "U" (without lower fold) providing two vertical sticks.

    These two letters (S and U) lead many to an obvious, it would seem, solution - they mean United States, right?

    This is exactly what the writer and philosopher Ayn Rand considered (born in Russia Alisa Zinovievna Rosenbaum - Translator's note ). In her 1957 novel Atlas Shrugged, one of the characters asks the other what the dollar sign means. He answers (not forgetting to criticize the United States along the way): this is an abbreviation of the words "United States", United States.

    However, Rand seems to be wrong, because until 1776 the United States was known as the United Colonies of America, and the dollar sign was already in use then.

    Image copyright, Getty Images

    Image caption,

    This vintage bond was signed in 1792 by then US President George Washington. It (for the first time in an American financial document) uses the dollar sign

    The sign of the British pound is much older (1200 years), but everything is more or less clear with it. It was first used by the Romans as an abbreviation of the words "libra pondo", which was the main measure of the weight of the empire. In Latin, libra means scales, and libra pondo literally translates as "weighing a pound."

    In Anglo-Saxon England, the pound became a monetary unit, the equivalent of which, you might guess, was a pound of silver. Huge wealth, in other words.

    Along with the Roman name, the Anglo-Saxons also borrowed an icon - a beautifully drawn letter "L".

    The cross bar came later to clarify that this is an abbreviation. One of the checks on display at the Bank of England Museum in London shows that the pound sign in its current form appeared by 1661, although it took some time for it to be accepted by everyone.

    The word "dollar" has a much shorter history. In 1520, the Kingdom of Bohemia began minting silver coins from the Joachimsthal mine.

    Not surprisingly, the coin began to be called "Joachimsthaler", but was soon shortened to "Thaler", and this word spread throughout the world.

    Its Dutch variant, "daler", came to America along with the settlers, the first immigrants, and the current "dollar" is very similar to it.

    Image copyright, Getty Images

    Image caption,

    Until 1776 the US was known as the United Colonies of America and there is evidence that the dollar sign was already in use

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    The End of History Podcast

    However, despite the relative youth of the dollar, there is no direct answer to the question of where such a sign came from.

    It seems that no one was specifically involved in the development of its design. And its form is still going through variations - sometimes two vertical lines, then, as it happens more often now, one ...

    Of course, there are a lot of hypotheses. For example, if we return to the letters U and S, there is an idea that they mean "units of silver", "measures of silver".

    Another theory, more esoteric, connects the sign with the Bohemian taler, which depicted a snake on a Christian cross (an obvious allusion to the story from the Old Testament, when, at the command of God, Moses made a copper snake and fixed it on a pole, after which anyone bitten by a snake , looking at the copper snake, remained alive). The dollar sign, this theory goes, is derived from that Bohemian sign.

    Another version is built around the Pillars of Hercules (the name used by the ancient Greeks for the heights that line the entrance to the Straits of Gibraltar).

    Similar pillars are present on the Spanish national emblem and in the 18th and 19th centuries were on the Spanish (Mexican) dollar - the peso. The poles (columns) are wrapped in S-shaped ribbons - so you don't have to be super observant to see the resemblance to the dollar sign.

    Image copyright, Getty Images

    Image caption,

    The artist Andy Warhol is said to have once said, "The design of American money is very well thought out, really. I like it more than any other money."

    Finally, the most widely accepted theory. According to her, there was a brisk trade in the colonies between Spanish-speaking and English-speaking Americans, and the peso (Spanish, or Mexican dollar) served as legal tender until 1857.

    The word "peso" was often abbreviated in writing (so historians tell us), turning into an initial "P" with an "S" hanging on the side.

    Gradually, thanks to the doodles of hurrying merchants and scribes, "P" and "S" merged, "P" lost its loop, and all that remained of it was a vertical stick passing through the center of "S".

    The Spanish (Mexican) dollar cost about the same as the US dollar, so there was nothing to stop them from having the same sign.

    Like so much else in America today, the debate over the origin of the dollar sign is dividing society. For political reasons, one side insists on the idea that this sign is a purely homemade invention, and the other side that it is an imported thing.

    And, of course, there is some irony in the fact that one of the essential symbols of America and the American character can have roots somewhere in another country (which is actually not at all surprising).

    Whatever it was, it's still an American invention. Irish-born Oliver Pollock, a wealthy merchant and supporter of the American Revolution, used this sign so often in correspondence that historians often credit him with the creator of the dollar sign (although it is unlikely that he was the only creator).

    Image copyright, Getty Images

    Image caption,

    The dollar sign is still popular with artists (Tim Noble and Sue Webster set up their glowing installation next to Andy Warhol's work)

    As for the first dollar sign printed on paper, it happened in Philadelphia in the 1790s with the help of a printing press. This was done by a convinced patriot of independent America, a strongly anti-English minded Scot Archibald Binney (now he is better known as the developer of the Monticello typeface).

    Well, if you still want to seriously wander through the labyrinths of mysterious symbolism, then try to figure out the origin of the design elements of the dollar bill. For example, the All-Seeing Eye - why would such an eye?


    You can read the original English version of this article at BBC Capital.

    1 dollar (USD) in rupees (INR) today, how much is 1 US dollar worth in Indian rupees

    1.00 USD



    76.16 INR


    1 dollar = 76.16 rupees

    The calculation of the value of 1 dollar to rupees is based on up-to-date data obtained from The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) today is 03/29/2022, and is 76.16 INR (seventy-six rupees sixteen paise).

    1 dollar to rupee chart

    For the best perception, above is a graph of the quotation of 1 dollar in rupees for the last day, week, month and year. The maximum was reached on 03/25/2022 and amounted to 76.37 rupees. (seventy-six rupees thirty-seven paise), minimum 2903/2022, when one dollar could be bought for ₨76. 16 (seventy-six rupees sixteen paise). It displays the dynamics of the exchange rate, which makes it possible to find out the ratio of currencies on a particular day or period. With it, you can make approximate forecasts of the value of 1 US dollar in rupees in the near future.

    Dynamics of the value of 1 dollar in rupees per month

    Date Day of the week 1.00$ Difference from
    the previous day
    Difference in %
    03/02/2022 Wednesday 75.31 ₨ -0.07 0.09%
    03.03.2022 Thursday 75.73 ₨ +0.42 +0.55%
    03/04/2022 Friday 75. 81 ₨ +0.08 +0.11%
    03/05/2022 Saturday 76.13 ₨ +0.32 +0.41%
    03/06/2022 Sunday 76.42 ₨ +0.29 +0.39%
    03/07/2022 Monday 76.42 ₨ 0 0%
    03/08/2022 Tuesday 76.42 ₨ 0 0%
    03/09/2022 Wednesday 76.42 ₨ 0 0%
    03/10/2022 Thursday 76. 42 ₨ -0.01 0.01%
    03/11/2022 Friday 76.33 ₨ -0.09 0.12%
    03/12/2022 Saturday 76.33 ₨ +0.00 +0%
    03/13/2022 Sunday 76.33 ₨ 0 0%
    03/14/2022 Monday 76.33 ₨ 0 0%
    03/15/2022 Tuesday 76.33 ₨ 0 0%
    03/16/2022 Wednesday 76. 61 ₨ +0.28 +0.37%
    03/17/2022 Thursday 76.26 ₨ -0.35 0.45%
    03/18/2022 Friday 75.81 ₨ -0.46 0.61%
    03/19/2022 Saturday 75.81 ₨ 0.00 0%
    03/20/2022 Sunday 75.81 ₨ 0 0%
    03/21/2022 Monday 75.81 ₨ 0 0%
    03/22/2022 Tuesday 76. 13 ₨ +0.32 +0.42%
    03/23/2022 Wednesday 76.19 ₨ +0.06 +0.08%
    03/24/2022 Thursday 76.30 ₨ +0.12 +0.15%
    03/25/2022 Friday 76.37 ₨ +0.07 +0.09%
    03/26/2022 Saturday 76.21 ₨ -0.17 0.22%
    03/27/2022 Sunday 76.21 ₨ 0 0%
    03/28/2022 Monday 76. 21 ₨ 0 0%
    03/29/2022 Tuesday 76.16 ₨ -0.04 0.05%

    According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, during the past month, the dollar exchange rate in rupees fell by 0.43 ₨ (forty-three pise). 30 days ago, the exchange rate of 1.00 dollars to rupees was 75.31 ₨ (seventy-five rupees thirty-one pice). Over the past week, the exchange price of 1.00 dollars has fallen by 0.04 ₨ and is currently 76.16 INR (seventy-six rupees sixteen paise).

    Other amounts

    USD Indian rupees Indian rupees USD
    $5 = 380.82 ₨ 5 ₨ = 0.
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