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I knew that in 1921 the influential psychologist Carl Jung had published a bombshell off a book, Psychological Types, popularizing the terms introvert and extrovert as the central building blocks of personality.

وكنت أعرف أنه في العام 1921 قام عالم النفس كارل يونغ بنشر كتاب عن الأنماط النفسية (psychological Types)، ما أدى إلى انتشار المصطلحين انطوائي وانبساطي بوصفهما لبنتي بناء الشخصية المركزيتين.

As a typical introvert, Amelia is a perfectionist in work.

كما انطوائي نموذجي، أميليا هو الكمال في العمل.

Prone to stealing, introvert. Expelled from a few schools for running away.

ميال إلى السرقة، الانطواء طُرد من عدة مدارس بسبب الهرب

Here's to the introvert in all of us shining bright,

وهنا إلى الانطواء في كل واحد منا مشرقة مشرقة،

Susan Cain, the author of Quiet, is a self-described introvert who has battled a lifelong fear of public speaking.

وصفت سوزان كين، مؤلفة كتاب "الهدوء" (Quiet)، نفسها أنها انطوائية حاربت خوفها الدائم من التحدث أمام الجمهور.

How to tell if your child is an introvert or not

كيفية تحديد ما إذا كان طفلك انطوائيًا أم منفتحًا

who is not introvert as a teenager?

من ليس انطوائياً في سن المراهقة؟

Who is not introvert as a teenager?

من ليس انطوائياً في سن المراهقة؟

The introvert's ability to resist sleep loss could be down to genetic factors.

يمكن أن تكون قدرة الانطوائي على مقاومة فقدان النوم راجعة لعوامل وراثية.

Most of us have at least some introvert characteristics.

ومعظمنا لديه بعض الخصائص الانطوائية على الأقل.

An introvert is a person whose vital energy is directed inside him.

الانطوائي هو الشخص الذي يتم توجيه طاقته الحيوية بداخله.

If so, they might be an introvert.

إذا كان الأمر كذلك، فقد تكون انطوائيًا.

I'm an introvert, so this was hard.

أنا انطوائي، لذلك كان هذا صعبًا.

Overall, the introvert doesn't want to draw unwanted attention to themselves.

وعموما، فإن الانطوائي لا يريدُ جذب الانتباه غير المرغوب فيه لنفسه.

Learn how to cope with people when you're an introvert

تعرفي على كيفية التأقلم مع الأشخاص عندما تكونين انطوائية.

The second disciple, Chu Yang, had an odd personality and was an introvert.

كان التلميذ الثاني، تشو يانغ، شخصية غريبة وكان انطوائيًا...

Gustavo is a bit of an introvert, but he's very nice.

"غوستافو" انطوائي قليلًا، ولكنه رائع.

But today, she could see that this young man was not an 'introvert.'

لكن اليوم، استطاعت أن ترى أن هذا الشاب لم يكن "انطوائيًا"...

As an introvert, I began redefining my decision-making process to better support my potential for career growth.

كشركة انطوائي، بدأت في إعادة تحديد عملية صنع القرار الخاصة بي لدعم إمكاناتي في النمو الوظيفي بشكل أفضل.

And you are the hipster, techie genius who's an introvert.

و أنت مسـاعده العبقري في التكنولوجيـا و هـو انطوائي و خجـول

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introverted - Translation into Arabic - examples English

Conjugate this verb

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Creativity: You are likely very creative yet introverted.

الإبداع: على الأرجح أنك مبدع جدًا ولكن انطوائي.

Capitalize on your strengths as an introverted leader and make your voice heard.

الاستفادة من نقاط القوة الخاصة بك كقائد انطوائي وجعل صوتك مسموعا.

They have a baby boy and a slightly introverted 8-year-old named Jackie.

لديهم طفل صغير و طفل منطوي قليلاً في الثامنة من عمره اسمه جاكى

Born in 1947, Butler grew up shy and introverted in Pasadena, California.

وُلدت في عام 1947، وترعرعت بتلر فتاةً خجولة منطويةً في باسادينا.

And this shy, introverted woman is Vanessa Moore.

وهذه السيدة الخجولة الانطوائية هي (فينيسا مور)، شقيقتي

They are perfectionists, hard-working, and tend to be introverted.

إنهم أفراد مهووسون بالكمال، مجتهدون في العمل، ويميلون لأن يكونوا انطوائيين.

Invest in your introverted strengths to inspire, innovate, and motivate.

استثمر في نقاط قوتك الانطوائية للإلهام والابتكار والتحفيز.

She's introverted, probably emotionally isolated, and a recluse.

انها انطوائية، منغلقة عاطفيا و منعزلة

She fits the profile: loner, introverted.

انها متلائمه مع ملفها وحيده, انطوائيه

she fits the profile: loner, introverted.

انها متلائمه مع ملفها وحيده, انطوائيه

Will Graham manifests publicly as an introverted personality.

ويل جراهام أبدى علنيا عن شخصية انطوائية

Oprah does this, as do many introverted performers and CEOs.

تقوم أوبرا بهذا بالإضافة لكثير من الانطوائيين من الممثلين والمديرين التنفيذيين.

This excessive secrecy makes spy services timid, introverted, risk-averse, and calcified by procedure.

هذه السرية المفرطة تجعل خدمات التجسس خجولة، إنطوائية، تنفر من المخاطر، ومتكلسة من جانب الإجراءات.

Maybe you are a very introverted and quiet person.

وأنت على الأرجح شخص انطوائي وهادئ.

Cat owners, however, tend to be calmer and more introverted.

وفي الوقت نفسه, يميل أصحاب القطط إلى أن يكونوا أكثر هدوءا وأكثر انطوائية.

But operations can be one of the more difficult aspects of an introverted manager's work.

لكن العمليات يمكن أن تكون واحدة من أكثر جوانب عمل المدير الانطوائي صعوبة.

Naina, an introverted, perpetually depressed girl's life changes when she meets Aman.

ناينا، إنطوائي، حياة فتاة مكتئبة بشكل دائم تتغير عندما تلتقي أمان.

This refers to soul qualities, like Joyce's introverted nature and my extroverted nature.

هذا يشير إلى الصفات الروحية، مثل طبيعة جويس الانطوائية وطبيعة انفتاحي.

In that sense, your introverted child doesn't really need help.

أي طفلك الانطوائي فعلياً ليس بحاجة لمساعدة!

when i was a very young child, i was extremely introverted

عندما كنت طفلاً صغيراً، كنت إنطوائيا جداً

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  • Review date: 17 October 2022



    5 reviews

    good staff, clean, there is space in the rooms. stop a good audience. recommend

    Length of stay: October 2022

  • Review date: 19 September 2022



    22 reviews

    2 marks "useful review"

    Excellent hostel! Clean, friendly, met, joked, fed)))) super staff, nice yard! ❤️❤️❤️

    Length of stay: September 2022

  • Review date: 18 September 2022



    1 review

    convenient location: 20 minutes walk to Termini station, and 20 minutes walk to the Colosseum. Manzoni metro station is five minutes away. there is a Conad supermarket nearby Very hospitable and attentive staff. The room is very clean, perfect cleaning, snow-white bedding and towels, clean plumbing, hot water, everything works perfectly. There is a full kitchen, you can cook, microwave, large refrigerator. There is an outdoor terrace where you can spend time Breakfast and dinner are also available for a small price.

    Length of stay: September 2022

  • Review date: 29 June 2022



    7 reviews

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    I recommend

    to anyone who travels alone or with friends!

    Length of stay: April 2022

  • Review date: March 20, 2022



    4 reviews

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    There is no possibility in the room to dry the towel after the shower. Just on a hook or a horizontal hanger, it does not dry out.

    Excellent beautiful room, bed, comfortable suitcase boxes. Nice staff and delicious breakfast.

    Time of stay: March 2022

  • Review date: 19 February 2022



    89 reviews

    26 "useful review" marks

    everything was great! the staff is great the rooms are clean no cons

    near the train station but far from everything else but in the morning I quickly got to the airport :)

    Length of stay: February 2022

  • Review date: February 17, 2022



    89 reviews

    26 "useful review" marks

    all is well

    separate sleeping cabins

    Length of stay: February 2022

  • Review date: 8 November 2021



    1 review

    Everything is just wonderful! The rooms are comfortable, each room has a separate shower and toilet, which is very pleasing; Clean, cleaned regularly in the rooms. And the best thing is the staff! The guys are very positive and responsive. When I lost my umbrella, they kindly found me and offered theirs. Definitely recommend this hostel!

    Time of stay: November 2021

  • Review date: November 7, 2021



    16 reviews

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    The bathroom in the 4-bed room would be nice to upgrade. It is not very convenient to climb the 2nd floor

    Convenient system of entry into the room, closes the wardrobe and the bed itself. Good common room and events in the evenings. The hosts are fun and friendly!

    Time of stay: November 2021

  • Review date: October 1, 2021



    14 reviews

    5 marks "useful review"

    I would also like to make an exhaust hood in the booths. And it would be just great.

    Clear. Separate sleeping quarters. Excellent wi-fi. Free juice)

    Length of stay: September 2021

  • Review date: 6 August 2021



    2 reviews

    Hostel accommodation in a slightly creepy area.. On Sunday, when the staff cleaned the common restroom, a couple of my hygiene items were thrown away. (I'm not sure if this is a minus or a plus).

    Very nice caring staff. Everything was explained and shown upon arrival and tried to help with every request. The common areas are quite clean, it was a pleasure to spend time everywhere. I was in a room for 6 people and our shared bathroom looked very tidy the whole time. On Sunday the staff cleaned the restrooms.

    Length of stay: August 2021

  • Review date: October 17, 2020



    3 reviews

    1 mark "useful review"

    I really liked

    Hostel!! The location is very good, close to the Colosseum. Special thanks to Paolo and Laya who made an already wonderful stay perfect. Everything is very clean and modern. Thank you! ;-*

    Length of stay: October 2020

  • Review date: September 27, 2020



    17 reviews

    7 marks "useful review"

    I liked everything when it comes to a hostel. If someone writes cons, remember that housing is available at the lowest price in Rome!!! Location ok, room ok, bath ok too

    I liked that they cleaned once a day, the staff is hospitable and speaks English

    Time of stay: September 2020

  • Review date: March 5, 2020



    4 reviews

    1 mark "useful review"

    Unfortunately, the electricity in the kitchen stopped working in the night, and in the morning there was no tea/coffee, croissants. .. the price of breakfast is 5 euros (lack of electricity did not reduce the price, but I was honestly warned about it). For breakfast, cheeses, sausages, toast, butter, cereals, milk, yoghurts, muffins, jams, etc. Good breakfast. K floor 9In the morning the electrician came, I don’t know how it ended. There is a wooden sliding door to the bathroom, which is already hard to close, especially for fragile girls.

    I really liked the system of closed beds, for me it turned out to be simple and comfortable. A large storage compartment (a large suitcase / backpack will not fit), there was also a wardrobe in the room (I took a room for 6 people), a mirror, a table, chairs, a window. The bathroom has a shower, toilet, bidet and washbasin. There is not enough space for towels in the bathroom (although there is such humidity in the city that it still does not dry))). Hot water was both at night and in the morning. By the bed, there is a usb socket, a regular socket, a light with adjustable brightness (!) And a shelf, as well as the space between the door and the mattress, my handbag calmly got there. The linen is clean, the mattress and pillow with a blanket are comfortable. The bed and the drawer are closed with one key, the room is on a magnet, everything is in one bundle, convenient. Every evening there is some kind of entertainment (pasta is cooked on Sunday), I was not present. You can safely come at night, at the reception you won’t even mind chatting)) Clean everywhere (as far as possible in a room with 6 girls). Exactly at 7 in the morning, everyone jumped up in my room, it was quite noisy, but everyone tried to be quieter (normal neighbors were caught), I think that there was a queue for the bathroom (to my joy, I had to get up a little later). The metro is nearby, literally 3-4 minutes walk to the descent or to the Colosseum with a tired step in 20-25 minutes. The Internet worked, authorization by fb account (also Google and Instagram is possible). I saw a cafe and a supermarket nearby, it’s better to take the metro from the station, walk 15-20 minutes with bags (it was already dark, I didn’t see anything terrible). Everyone at the reception is very nice :) I had a price of 20 euros for a bed and a tax of 3.50 on the spot, for this it is very adequate, especially considering the presence of personal space, location and cleanliness.

    Length of stay: February 2020

  • Review date: February 21, 2020



    50 reviews

    17 "useful review" marks

    In the morning it becomes stuffy in the capsule and the clothes may become a little damp. But in general, there is enough space in it.

    Manzoni metro station 300 meters away. Opposite a large supermarket. Every evening the hostel hosts activities and entertainment for guests. There is a large kitchen. You can pay extra for breakfast and for a towel (not included in the price). You can print a plane ticket for free through the administrator. My room had a large bathroom. Hot water, shower - everything is super.

    Length of stay: February 2020

  • Review date: February 17, 2020



    24 reviews

    6 marks "useful review"

    The best hostel I've ever been. The hostel was clean and comfortable. Very friendly staff, will help with any questions. The hostel is 5 minutes from Termini Station. All other attractions are 15 minutes away. Thank you so much for everything ❤️

    Length of stay: February 2020

  • Review date: 27 December 2019



    20 reviews

    9 marks "useful review"

    The hostel is located a 10-minute walk from the Termini train station, next to the Manzoni metro station. There are also a couple of supermarkets and restaurants nearby. The women's room for four is clean, spacious and quite comfortable. There is a private well-equipped bathroom. Large boxes for things. I liked the idea with the beds "in boxes" - there is an opportunity to completely hide from other guests :) Plus to safety. Very friendly staff, as if visiting old friends whom I haven't seen for a long time. By the way, theme parties are held every evening, where even the most introverted introvert (I speak for myself) will feel comfortable. I recommend the hostel, I will gladly stay here again! Grazie mille :)

    Time of stay: November 2019

  • Review date: December 8, 2019



    1 review

    2 marks "useful review"

    Excellent hotel, interesting rooms. You get like in a separate room, it's more cozy and comfortable. Everything is clean, the bed is fresh. The staff is friendly. Location - 15 minutes from Termini train station. Very comfortably. To the center on foot 30-40 minutes

    Time of stay: December 2019

  • Review date: 2 November 2022



    3 reviews

    was not very clean. there was not even a towel.


    Length of stay: September 2022

  • Review date: January 25, 2020



    3 reviews

    6 marks "useful review"

    Went to Rome alone, without family. I decided to save on housing, all the same all day long in the city, it will do to sleep. The rest was ruined on the second morning. While washing in the shower, they “washed” all the cash from the capsule. The scheme was clearly worked out, they acted as a group, at least two. Apparently they graze there all the time. Bank cards were not taken, you can sleep with them. Miser pays twice. Do not spare money, take a normal hotel, albeit inexpensive. Sleeping in a wardrobe with a constant risk of being robbed is not worth the savings. Have a nice rest !

    Length of stay: January 2020

  • Review date: January 21, 2020



    11 reviews

    4 marks "useful review"

    I didn’t like the bathroom, it was dirty, someone’s hair was everywhere, the toilet seat fell off, the door to the shower did not close completely and it was very cold to take a shower in the morning

    Capsules are excellent, sleep in them comfortably and isolated from other people. The staff is very friendly

    Length of stay: January 2020

  • Review date: February 11, 2020



    5 reviews

    2 marks "useful review"

    It was very cold in February in the mornings.

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