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What Is A "Who Am I" Quiz?

There are many techniques that can help give you insight into who you are, and a good place to start may be a free survey or online personality quiz. While you can’t generally rely on personality quizzes to tell you who you are, it might be able to give you a better understanding, and a test could be the first step to improved self-awareness. Below we discuss some of our favorite quizzes, and how to use a questionnaire to gain deeper understanding of yourself, even though quizzes might be overlooked.

Personality Quizzes Are A Great Way to Learn More About Who You Are Inside

Work on Self Understanding With An Online Therapist

Learn More About Yourself With A Quiz

Some people may believe they know themselves fairly well. However, for many, often our feelings, motivations, and desires can seem as though they are a mystery. For example, did certain events or milestones in our lives cause us to ask, "Am I nice?" or, "Am I a good person?" or something else about ourselves? Do you prefer nature or the city? Does death scare you? What is your gender identity? Although it is possible to go through life without a well-developed sense of self-awareness, discovering more about yourself can help you feel freer in life and gain a deeper sense of the ongoing process of understanding yourself and your mind. Taking a "who am I? quiz" may help people solve problems in their life more easily, become adaptable to a new experience or build healthy relationships and love with the people in their life. Speaking with an online therapist is a great place to start to learn more about who you are and what you truly want out of your experiences. 

Some Of Our Favorites

If you’re interested in creating a deeper self-awareness, a great place to start is with credible, free “Who Am I?” quizzes that can create a static snapshot of your character and who you are right now in the world There are many ways that we can start to learn the answers to the question "Who am I?” Taking short quizzes on the internet can be a good place to start in a way that is both light and fun. Here are some quizzes you may want to try depending on what type of "who am I quiz" you prefer.

  1. What Type of Person Am I? Quiz

This ten-question test is quick and easy to take to receive results. Just press 'Start,' on the first page and answer each quiz question honestly. Once you’ve answered all the questions and you finally submit your quiz, the quiz will give you your results and you can find out what type of person you are!

  1. What Type of Person Are You? Quiz

This questionnaire is fun, with unique questions and results. It is a little bit longer than the others on the list, at 29 questions. Answer each question honestly before you continue to the next. Once you submit your answers to each question the test will give you results that describe what type of person you are.

  1. Free Personality Test Quiz

This is another that is a little bit longer, but that is well worth taking. It’s based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and this questionnaire will provide you with one of 16 different personality types based on your answers on the page — hence the name Once you answer each question and submit your quiz, the platform will give you detailed results that describe your personality. You can continue to learn more about your unique personality type. It can help with questions about optimal careers, relationships, and a number of other topics that will help you get to know your personality better. The questions here are fun and easy to score.

Being Honest With Yourself While Taking The Quiz

If you decide to take a free personality test, we do recommend that you sit down and take some time to answer the questions thoughtfully in each questionnaire before you submit your quiz. You should be honest with yourself, even if it may be difficult to be completely honest about certain things. Understanding where there might be room for improvement is a key part of not only learning to grow as a person, but also understanding motivations you may have, why you act the way that you do, and ultimately how to improve your overall well-being and interpersonal relationships. Once you finish the personality questionnaire, write the answers to each question down on the page and from there, move forward to the next step.

Moving Forward After 'Who Am I' Personality Quizzes

Keep in mind that while these free "Who Am I?" questionnaires may be fun things to take, and can give us insight into certain aspects of our personality, they aren't necessarily scientific or guaranteed to be accurate, but it may be interesting to read your results from answering each question. If you decide to take these "Who Am I?" quizzes and still want to know more about yourself, there are many effective kinds of ways you can do this, such as journaling, goal setting, and practicing mindfulness. You can measure the effectiveness of ads to help develop and improve your self image and positive disintegration of who you engage life styles.

Personality Quizzes Are A Great Way to Learn More About Who You Are Inside

Work on Self Understanding With An Online Therapist

Learn More About Yourself: Counselor After Personality Quiz

Another effective way to learn more about yourself or someone you love and overcome problems you may have is by going to see a licensed therapist or counselor for tips. Counseling can help you learn about any thought or behavioral patterns you may have and help you address emotional trauma you might have experienced so you can better understand how those aspects of your life affect you on a daily basis. BetterHelp is an online therapy platform that is affordable and lets you chat with a professional counselor, giving you the flexibility to participate in therapy in a variety of ways, including through text, video calls, or messaging. You can see just how helpful BetterHelp counselors are with some of the reviews of other user's experience below.

Personality Quiz: Counselor Reviews

"Elizabeth has been a great help. She's very kind, positive, and very encouraging, both in expressing myself and my feelings, and also in making connections to help me find and discover ways to better myself. She cares about my well-being and has kept in constant touch all throughout my time with her. She's also given a wide variety of resources than have helped with what I've been going through, and I'm very thankful for that. "


No matter where you are in life, you always have the opportunity to learn more about yourself and form an improved relationship with that person. A "Who Am I?" personality questionnaire may be a great place for you to begin. These quizzes can help you begin to gain self-awareness of who you really are or overcome a problem you may have, as well as give you certain ideas about your personality. There are many different quizzes out there, such as anime themed personality tests, "which Hogwarts house are you" quizzes, and even quizzes that match your personality to a TV character, like one from "How I Met Your Mother." While a 'Who Am I' quiz can be helpful to gain insight, it may be beneficial to develop other tools and strategies as well.

Take a personality quiz to learn about yourself through a quiz or test your trivia knowledge. While you can’t generally rely on a quiz to tell you what kind of person you are in every case or overcome a problem, a quiz might be able to give you a better understanding, and a quiz could be the first step to improved self-awareness. A quiz, like the quizzes we've recommended above, can be found on the internet, and a quiz usually doesn't cost any money to take. A quiz can help you understand more about yourself, give you the proper vocabulary to describe yourself, and offer you results based on your personality. 

Personality Test - How Do Others See You?

Personality Test - How Do Others See You? | Psych Central
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Medically reviewed by Matthew Boland, PhD — By Christina Ward — Updated on May 25, 2021

The word personality originates from the Latin word persona, referring to masks worn by theater performers to hide their identity or portray different roles.

Your persona, or personality, is unique to you. It’s a combination of the behaviors, emotions, thought patterns, and motivations that define us.

Research from the past few decades has pointed to the role of environment – including how we were raised – and our genetics in forming and shaping our personalities.

So, what is your personality?

Among your group of friends, are you considered the shy one who waits for others to make decisions?

Or, are you seen as the dominant one who is ready to take the lead?

Our personality test can help you find out your personality type. Answering these simple questions will give you a description of who you are and tell you how others see you.


Answer each of the questions below honestly about yourself and we’ll score the quiz and let you know how others see you.

This online screening is not a diagnostic tool. Only a trained medical professional, like a doctor or mental health professional, can help you determine the next best steps for you.

Disclaimer: This quiz is for entertainment purposes only. In no way is this an empirically validated test. The concepts presented are not rooted in any known research.

Ready to start therapy? Our Find a Therapist resource may help.

Last medically reviewed on May 25, 2021


Medically reviewed by Matthew Boland, PhD — By Christina Ward — Updated on May 25, 2021

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  • Self-Esteem Test

    Wondering whether you have high, medium, or low self-esteem? You can take our quiz to find out.


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Find out your mental age


Schizophrenia Tendency Test

Eysenck test EPQ-R: find out your temperament

Rorschach ink stains: is everything okay with your psyche?

Suicide Risk Questionnaire

Express self-esteem test


Big five. Five Factor Model of Personality

Test "Cube in the desert". Find out your true character!

Test your mind!

Character traits - test in pictures

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Personality and character tests have always been especially popular due to their effectiveness and informativeness. Among them, there are both powerful professional psychological tests and techniques that can see in you the most secret nooks and crannies of your character, as well as simple quick "time killers" that, thanks to associations, will help draw your attention to something that you did not notice before. Here you can choose any of the many personality and character tests, and take them online absolutely free.

Ernst Kretschmer's personality test

Character traits are very difficult to put into one small classification. They are too branchy, depend on circumstances, relate to different areas (attitude towards oneself, other people, things, etc.). Therefore, Ernst Kretschmer decided to make only a general description of the three types of character, which he based not only on psychology, but also on ... physiology. Interesting? Then take this character test and it will show you what type you are according to the theory of the German psychiatrist.

1. What is your self-esteem?



Generally adequate, but sometimes too high.

2. Do you play sports? Is your diet more or less healthy?

I don't like sports at all. My diet could have been much more beneficial.

I am engaged. I try to eat healthy.

I hardly do sports or do it rarely. In general, the diet can be called healthy.

3. You have a free evening. Which of the following would you prefer to do?

Meet friends or cook.

Read, watch videos about science, self-development, business, art.

Warm up, dance.

4. What do people around you most often blame you for?

In unsociableness, isolation, coldness, “abstruseness”.

In rough straightforwardness, frivolity or selfishness.

In changeability, excessive emotionality.

5. Which of these skin types do you most resemble?

Normal or combination. Tight and elastic. There is a healthy glow, a blush is visible.

Oily, quickly becomes greasy, has a tendency to acne, there are swelling.

Dry or combination, often peeling, peeling. Bruises easily remain, vessels are relatively clearly visible.

6. Do you find it difficult to be sincere and frank with other people?

Sometimes, with strangers.



7. You saw a very cute stray kitten on the street, but you realize that you cannot take him home. What is your reaction?

I will be upset, most likely I will remember his sad eyes all day long.

I will try to find his owners, give him to a shelter or buy him food.

I'll be very impressed, but I'll be distracted soon.

8. You have been offered a job in another city with good financial prospects. But you understand that by accepting the offer, you will plunge into a completely new, previously unfamiliar environment with its own complexities. What will make you take advantage of this opportunity?

Desire to change the situation.

Financial prospects.

The desire to prove to everyone that you can succeed.

9. Your two best friends had a terrible fight. How will you proceed?

I will appeal to their feelings and try to reconcile in any way.

I will continue to communicate with each of them, and let them resolve the quarrel among themselves.

I will try to logically determine who is right and who is wrong, and judge them fairly.

10. Your friends invited you to a big party. What are you most likely to do there?

Explore the interior, stay away, browse books/magazines. Maybe play a board game.

Actively communicate, get acquainted, joke, eat treats.

Offer your own games, communicate with people you already know, do what most people do.

11. How is your blood pressure?

Almost always normal.

Sometimes elevated.

Sometimes reduced.

12. Do you tend to suppress your emotions or keep them to yourself?

Sometimes/I am not a particularly emotional person.

I express my emotions, but usually in a reserved way.

No, all my emotions are visible almost immediately.

13. How often are you told that you are very energetic?

Almost never.

Often/sometimes, talking about my character and emotions.

Often/sometimes when talking about my physical activity.

14. You have a long-awaited vacation and an opportunity to go somewhere. What will you choose?

Voucher for the sea.

Tour with excursions, attractions.

Ski resort or nature hike.

15. Do you find it more difficult to perform even short but intense physical workouts?

Yes, weakness, dizziness or blurred vision are more bothersome.

Yes, more worried about shortness of breath, shortness of breath, joint pain or nausea.

No or infrequent problems.

16. How often and easily do you change your mind about something?

Infrequently, it is generally difficult to convince me.

Depends on the specific situation.



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