How well do you know your parents

301 How Well Do You Know Me Questions (for Family, Couples, Friends, & More)

My seven-year-old daughter gives me how well do you know me questions at least once a week.

It’s a test. But I’m her mom. I know that her favorite color is blue and her best class is art.

So, in an effort to get creative, today I bring you the BEST list of how well do you know me questions to play with your kids, your partner, and even your friends, students, and coworkers. No one is left out here!

This post includes:

  • Fun questions for family
  • Unique questions for siblings
  • Funny questions
  • Good questions for couples
  • About me questions for friends
  • Deep how well do you know me (the ultimate test!)

Now, let’s get started!

Table of Contents

How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Family

The first questions are the most basic and are great for family time activities as well as easy enough for kids that are younger.

1. What’s my favorite color?

2. What game do I love to play?

3. What game do I hate to play?

4. What’s my favorite food in the whole world?

5. What’s my least favorite season of the year?

6. How old am I?

7. How tall am I?

8. What’s my favorite store?

9. What’s my favorite flavor of ice cream?

10. What’s my favorite movie?

11. What’s my favorite book?

12. Which do I think is the best room in our home?

13. Who’s my best friend?

14. What type of music do I like best?

15. What’s my favorite song?

16. What type of music do I not like?

17. What’s my favorite chore? (find a free chore chart template for kids HERE)

18. What’s my least favorite chore?

19. Where is my favorite restaurant to eat at?

20. What’s my favorite vegetable?

21. What’s my favorite condiment?

22. What’s my favorite day of the week?

23. What’s my favorite thing in my room?

24. What’s my favorite school subject?

25. What’s my least favorite school subject?

26. What’s my favorite animal?

27. What’s my very first memory?

28. Who in our family am I most like?

29. Who’s the most outgoing person I know?

30. Who’s the most shy person I know?

31. What’s my favorite sport?

32. What’s my least favorite sport?

33. What’s my favorite thing to do camping?

34. What’s my favorite thing to do at the beach or pool?

35. Where is my favorite place to read?

36. What’s my favorite season of the year? (see bucket lists for spring, summer, fall, & winter)

37. What’s the farthest I’ve driven in a car?

38. What’s my bedtime?

39. What’s my favorite smell?

40. What’s my favorite thing to do at the park?

41. Who has been my favorite teacher?

42. Who has been my least favorite teacher?

43. What is my favorite show to watch?

44. If I could be any character from a show or book, who would I be?

45. What are my hobbies?

46. How many pets do I want when I grow up?

47. Do I look like mom or dad?

48. What’s my favorite thing about our family?

49. What is the first thing I do in the morning?

50. What is the last thing I do at night?

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Fun About Me Questions for Siblings

How close is the brothers/sisters bond? Let’s test it out!

51. What’s my favorite type of pizza?

52. What’s my favorite thing that we play together?

53. What bothers me most?

54. How much money do I have?

55. What stuffed animal do I love most?

56. What toys do I play with in my room?

57. If I could have a pet, what pet would it be?

58. What was I like as a baby?

59. What’s my favorite candy?

60. What do I want to be when I grow up?

61. What is my favorite fruit?

62. What’s my favorite app?

63. What’s my favorite flavor of toothpaste at the dentist?

64. Would I rather wear shoes or not wear shoes?

65. What’s my favorite card game?

66. Have I ever had any imaginary friends?

67. What do I like to do when I’m alone?

68. What do I do when I’m mad at you?

69. Have I ever scared you before?

70. Do I like playing with your friends?

71. If I could do anything all day, what would I do?

72. What meal could I eat every single day?

73. Do I like video games? What is my favorite?

74. What’s my favorite thing to do at school?

75. Do I prefer listening to music or watching tv?

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Funny How Well Do You Know Me Questions

These about me questions are sure to give a good chuckle, and maybe even shine a light on a quirky trait of someone’s.

76. What do I do that makes you laugh?

77. What makes me laugh?

78. If I had to choose one food to eat for the rest of my life, what would it be?

79. If I were an animal, what animal would I be?

80. Who is my favorite superhero?

81. Who is my favorite book character?

82. Have I ever pooped my pants? (This is a trick question, we ALL have when we were babies, but my kids think it’s hilarious)

83. What’s my favorite color of jellybean?

84. What noise do I hate the most?

85. What noise could always put me to sleep?

86. If you looked in my back pack (or purse, or bag), what would you find?

87. If I could have any superpower, what would it be?

88. If I could choose a time period to live in, when would it be?

89. If I went to Hogwarts, which house would I be sorted into?

90. What’s the craziest/silliest thing I’ve ever done?

91. Do I prefer dogs or cats?

92. What’s the one food I despise eating?

93. Which Disney character am I most like?

94. Would I be the first to go or the last to go in a Zombie apocalypse?

95. Who’s my secret celebrity crush?

96. Am I a picky eater?

97. What’s the worst thing I’ve ever cooked?

98. What is the oddest thing that I do?

99. What is the weirdest thing that I eat?

100. Am I a leftover person?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions for Couples

These how well do you know me questions are for couples to explore their relationship, history, and fun preferences.

101. What do I love most about our relationship?

102. What’s my favorite time of day?

103. What’s my favorite memory of the two of us?

104. What do I think is the most defining moment in our relationship?

105. What’s my favorite type of flower?

106. What’s my favorite music?

107. What’s my favorite type of pie?

108. What’s my favorite thing to do at night?

109. If I could travel anywhere, where would it be?

110. What’s my biggest pet peeve?

111. What’s my favorite hobby?

112. What’s my favorite indulgence?

113. What would my dream house look like?

114. What was my favorite thing to do as a kid?

115. What did I most enjoy about our first date?

116. What is my go-to comfort food?

117. What’s the best gift I’ve ever received?

118. Am I a sweet talker or do I prefer to give tough love?

119. What’s my ideal romantic evening?

120. What’s the best job I ever had?

121. What’s the worst job I ever had?

122. What are my biggest goals?

123. Do I have a green thumb?

124. Where are my parents from?

125. What is an object (food etc.) I will not share with you?

126. What would I most like to do with you if we had a night to ourselves?

127. Am I a saver or spender?

128. What is my favorite thing you’ve ever cooked?

129. What is something you know about me that no one else does?

130. Who was my childhood pet? What was his/her name?

131. Do I like to go out or be at home?

132. What’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever done?

133. How am I different from you?

134. What has been our worst fight?

135. What is the best thing about being in a relationship with me?

136. What is something I find difficult that others find easy? Or vice-versa.

137. Why did I fall in love with you?

138. Am I a coffee drinker?

139. Who is my best friend?

140. What is my mother’s maiden name?

141. Do I have any birthmarks?

142. What is my favorite gift you’ve given me?

143. What is something I do that makes you feel loved?

144. What kind of a sleeper am I?

145. What position do I sleep in?

145. What was my first job?

146. What do I do when we makeup after a fight?

147. What do I do to cheer myself up when I’m sad?

148. Where was I born?

149. When do I prefer to eat dinner?

150. What is my love language?

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How Well Do You Know Me Quiz for Friends

These questions can also be asked by family and couples, but they are especially amazing questions for friends that know you well.

151. Where’s the coolest place I’ve ever traveled to?

152. What is a strength of mine?

153. How many brothers and sisters do I have?

154. What’s my favorite dessert?

155. What’s my favorite fast food meal?

156. What color are my eyes?

157. What’s my favorite drink?

158. What’s my favorite food?

159. Who’s the most fun person I know?

160. Who’s the kindest person I know?

161. What time do I go to bed?

162. Am I a morning person or a night owl?

163. How many pets do I have?

164. What’s my favorite board game?

165. What makes me happy?

166. If I could have dinner with anyone (past or present), who would it be?

167. Do I like structure or flying by the seat of my pants?

168. Do I have any allergies?

169. Am I an introvert or extrovert?

170. Do I get my work done quickly or am I a procrastinator?

171. Do I like to play sports?

172. What’s my favorite sport to watch?

173. Am I a planner?

174. What is my middle name?

175. Who are the three most important people in my life?

176. How do I like to relax? (Don’t miss the free self-care checklist here to help!)

177. What is a secret talent I have?

178. What city was I born in?

179. Do I play any musical instruments?

180. How many languages do I speak?

181. Have I ever had to stay at a hospital?

182. Do I prefer comedy or horror?

183. What was my favorite cartoon as a kid?

184. What are my parents’ names?

185. Am I an animal person?

186. Do I prefer tea or coffee?

187. Do I prefer sweet or salty?

188. Am I a rule follower or a rule breaker?

189. Do I like fiction or non-fiction books? (See 50 uplifting books for women HERE)

191. Do I like to dress up for Halloween?

192. Do I sing in the shower?

193. Am I right-handed or left-handed?

194. What is my favorite holiday?

195. Do I love being out in nature or do I prefer to be inside?

196. Do I prefer spicy food or bland food?

197. Do I like music or silence when I work?

198. Do I have a nickname?

199. What’s my favorite type of food (Italian, Chinese, American, etc.)?

200. Have I ever collected anything (cards, stamps, toys, etc.)?

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Now, before getting into the deep ones, check out our favorites HERE:

How Well Do You Know Me Deep Questions

And finally, these questions get to our deepest hurts, desires, and feelings. This set of how well do you know me questions is the ultimate test.

201. What’s my biggest fear?

202. What’s my greatest joy?

203. What do I think about when I’m alone?

204. What do I do that makes me feel better when I’m scared?

205. What do I do that makes me feel better when I’m sad?

206. What’s the most valuable thing I’ve ever given away?

207. What is something really challenging that I’m proud I overcame?

208. If I could do anything I wanted all day, what would I do?

209. If money was no object, what would I do?

210. Who inspires me most?

211. What situation has caused me the most stress in my life?

212. What’s the best decision I ever made?

213. What’s the worst decision I ever made?

214. Have I ever experienced a miracle?

215. If I could do something all over again, what would it be?

216. What is my dream job?

217. What does my dream life look like?

218. What has been my most embarrassing moment?

219. What has been my biggest thrill?

220. Where do I want to be in 5 years? 10 years?

221. Am I more like my mother or my father? Or someone else?

222. What is my favorite thing about nature?

223. Would I prefer to be my own boss or work for someone else?

224. What are three things on my bucket list?

225. What are my biggest insecurities?

226. How do you know when I’m nervous?

227. How do you know when something is bothering me?

228. When do I get jealous?

229. Would I like more time or more money?

230. Do I believe in life on other planets?

231. Do I believe in ghosts?

232. What trip has most affected my life?

233. What experience has had the most impact on the way I think?

234. What experience changed my life?

235. What is one of my biggest regrets?

236. Am I religious?

237. Who do I go to for advice when I need it?

238. What’s my favorite childhood memory?

239. What’s my worst memory?

240. Is there a story to my name? What is it?

241. What kind of work gives me the most pleasure or satisfaction?

242. What do I wish I did more of in my life?

243. What new skill would I like to learn?

244. Where is “home” to me?

245. What’s one job I would never do?

246. What kinds of things make me angry?

247. What do I do when I’m angry?

248. What is my favorite quote? (see love, gratitude, and growth quotes HERE)

249. What do I love about social media (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc)?

250. What do I hate about social media?

How Well Do You Know Me Questions For Coworkers

These questions are perfect to ask your coworkers at work! You’ll learn much more about them, deepen relationships, and enjoy the conversation.

251. What is my favorite thing about my job?

252. Where did I work before this job?

253. Is my desk messy or clean?

254. Am I a goal-oriented person?

255. What motivates me at work?

256. Do I have any pet peeves at work?

257. What’s my favorite time of day?

258. How do I like to unwind after a long day? (See these 100 self-care ideas)

259. Do I listen to music while I work?

260. What music genre do I like best?

261. If I had 10 million dollars, would I still work? What would I do?

262. What’s my dream car?

263. What’s my dream vacation?

264. Am I a person who’s always on time, early, or late?

265. What does my family life look like?

266. What’s my favorite workday lunch?

267. What’s one material possession I could not live without?

268. Where would I like to be in 5 or 10 years?

269. What was my favorite thing to learn about when I was young?

270. What is my biggest priority outside of work?

271. Do I enjoy traveling?

272. What am I afraid of at work? (public speaking, etc.)

273. When was the last time I got out of my comfort zone?

274. What’s a skill I’ve been working on at work?

275. What’s something I’m proud of accomplishing at work?

276. What do I eat for breakfast on workdays?

277. Have I ever met anyone famous?

278. What’s one thing I’m good at?

279. What’s one thing I’m bad at?

280. Do I want to live where I live now for the rest of my life?

281. Am I a coffee drinker? How do I like my coffee?

282. What’s the last personal development course I took? (or lunch and learn, etc.)

283. What’s the last book I read?

284. What has been my biggest challenge (at work or in life)?

285. Do I workout?

286. Am I an animal person? Do I have any pets?

287. Do I believe there’s such a thing as too much ambition?

288. What’s my favorite thing to do on the weekend?

289. What do I think makes a good boss?

290. What tv show have I recently watched?

291. Do I have a side hustle?

292. Do I have any passionate hobbies?

293. Who do I consider to be a personal mentor?

294. Who do I consider to be the most influential person of our time?

295. What do I think work/life balance should look like?

296. Am I a morning person or a night owl?

297. When extra money comes my way, what do I like to spend it on?

298. What do I listen to on my commute to work?

299. What’s my all-time favorite movie?

300. When would I like to retire?

301. What would I like to do when I retire?

To Consider With Get to Know You Questions

There you have it! How well do you know me questions for just about everyone!

Quiz those you love and use this game to really deepen your relationships and what you know about those you care about.

What are your favorite do u know me questions? I’d love to know what get’s the conversation flowing in your home!

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Ultimate Quiz List of About Me Questions

How Well Do You Know Me Quiz – 200 Questions To Test Family & Friends - Inspiring Life



If you are looking for a HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME quiz to test your family and friends , you have come to the right place!



Hey my friend,

Let me guess…over the course of your life you spend a lot of time with your family and your friends but how well do they really know you?

Have you ever looked at someone and silently asked:


Seriously, how well do you know me?



Well today you can put them to the test.

I have compiled for you the best and simplest 200 questions to ask your family and friends to test their knowledge of you.

Be prepared for a little fun!

The good news is these questions cover the most of basic stuff (nothing too tricky or complicated here!) so if your friends and family aren’t privy to this information about you then it is about time that they were!





Without further ado, here is our HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW ME QUIZ:





1 – What year was I born?

2 – What city was I born?

3 – Where did I grow up?

4 – Do I have a middle name?

5 – Who was I named after?

6 – How many siblings do I have?

7 – What are my sibling’s names?

8 – Which sibling did I get along with best?

9 – What is my mom’s name?

10 – What is my dad’s name?




11 – What is/was my dad’s occupation?

12 – What is/was my mom’s occupation?

13 – Where are my parents from?

14 – Who was my favorite parent growing up?

15 – Who was the stricter parent?

16 – How many first cousins do I have?

17 – Who is my favorite cousin?

18 – Do I have any nieces or nephews?

19 – Is my family religious?

20 – Did I have to go to church?

21 – How many times did I move houses before the age of 18?

22 – Have I ever lived overseas?

23 – Was my family comfortable or did we struggle with money?

24 – Was I naughty or well-behaved as a kid?

25 – Did our family have any traditions?





26 – What primary school did I go to?

27 – What high school did I go to?

28 – What was my favorite subject at school?

29 – What was my least favorite subject at school?

30 – What sports did I play growing up?

31 – What sports do I like playing now?

32 – How did I go at school (grade-wise)?

33 – How old was I when I graduated high school?

34 – What year did I graduate high school?

35 – Did I do any further education?

36 – Have I ever gone to a school reunion?

37 – Have I ever failed a subject?

38 – Did I win any awards?

39 – Do I still keep in touch with any of my childhood friends?






40 – Have I ever broken any bones?

41 – Have I ever been to hospital?

42 – Did I play any musical instruments?

43 – Am I allergic to anything?

44 – How old was I when I first went on a plane?

45 – Did I ever go to camp?

46 – Did I get pocket money as a child?

47 – Did I ever perform onstage?

48 – Did I go to a private or public school?

49 – Did I have to share a bedroom with a sibling?

50 – Did I have a happy childhood?



51 – Was I good at making friends?

52 – Did I enjoy doing schoolwork?

53 – Did I play outside?

54 – What was my favorite toy?

55 – How was I punished at home if I misbehaved?

56 – Have I ever had chicken pox?

57 – Have I ever had the measles or mumps?

58 – What was my favorite cartoon?

59 – How many phones did my childhood home have?

60 – How many bathrooms did my childhood home have?

61 – Did I have any pets?

62 – Did we eat dinner together as a family every night?

63 – Did I know my neighbors?

64 – Did I ever have a babysitter or nanny?

65 – Did I ever stay at home alone?

66 – Was I ever physically punished?






67 – How old was I when I had my first kiss?

68 – How old was I when I had my first boyfriend/girlfriend?

69 – Have I ever had my heartbroken?

70 – How old was I when I had my first alcoholic drink?

71 – What was my first part-time job?

72 – What was my first car?

73 – How old was I when I moved out of home?

74 – How many serious relationships have I had?

75 – Have I ever been arrested?

76 – Have I ever shoplifted?

77 – Have I ever being expelled or suspended from school?





78 – What is my favorite book?

79 – What is my favorite movie?

80 – What is my favorite TV show?

81 – What is my favorite color?

82 – What is my favorite song?

83 – Who is my favorite singer?

84 – Who is my favorite actress?

85 – Who is my favorite actor?

86 – What is my favorite food?

87 – What is my favorite drink?

88 – What is my favorite dessert?

89 – What is my favorite ice-cream flavor?

90 – What is my favorite fruit?



91 – What is my favorite vegetable?

92 – What is my favorite pizza topping?

93 – What is my favorite season?

94 – What is my favorite flower?

95 – What is my favorite sleeping position?

96 – What is my favorite fairytale?

97 – Who is my favorite celebrity crush?

98 – What is my favorite exercise?

99 – What is my favorite body part?

100 – What is my favorite smell?





101 – What is my favorite 80s movie?

102 – What is my favorite animal?

103 – What is my favorite sport to watch live?

104 – What is my favorite one-hit wonder?

105 – What is my favorite beach?

106 – What is my favorite boy’s name?

107 – What is my favorite girl’s name?

108 – What is my favorite way to relax?

109 – What was my favorite age to be?





110 – Cats or dogs?

111 – Chocolate or cake?

112 – Pizza or cheeseburger?

113 – Tea or coffee?

114 – Beach or pool?

115 – Bus or train?

116 – Pink or blue?

117 – Quiet or loud?

118 – Sleep in or wake up early?

119 – Hot or cold?

120 – Shower or bath?



121 – Watching movies or listening to music?

122 – Sunrise or sunset?

123 – Black or white?

124 – Math or science?

125 – Night or day?

126 – Comedy or horror?

127 – Sweet or savory?

128 – Clean-freak or messy?

129 – Jeans or trackpants?

130 – City or country life?



131 – Camera shy or camera hog?

132 – Nexflix or YouTube?

133 – Laundry or dishes?

134 – To swear or not swear?

135 – Rainy days or sunshine?

136 – Following the rules or breaking the rules?

137 – Facebook or Instagram?

138 – Twitter or Snapchat?

139 – Waking to an alarm or without an alarm?

140 – Pro-choice or pro-life?



141 – Pro-gay marriage or against gay marriage?

142 – Prenuptial agreement or no-prenuptial agreement?

143 – Overdressed or underdressed?

144 – Optimist or pessimist?

145 – Talking or listening?

146 – A live-in chef or a live-in cleaner?

147 – Olympic medal or Academy Award?

148 – Change the future or change the past?

149 – Be your own boss or work for someone else?

150 – More time or more money?




151 – Spider or snake?

152 – Hawaii or Italy?

153 – Always lose or never play?

154 – Bungee jump or skydive?

155 – Fiction or non-fiction book?

156 – Rock climb or scuba dive?

157 – Movie alone or dinner alone?

158 – Good news first or bad news first?

159 – Break the law or break a heart?

160 – To have a twin brother or a twin sister?

161 – Be angry or be worried?

162 – Massage or facial?

163 – Visit New York or Los Angeles?

164 – Work in a toy factory or chocolate factory?

165 – Vote or no vote?

166 – Believe in life on other planets or not?





167 – What is my shoe size?

168 – What is my dress size?

169 – How tall am I in inches/centimetres?

170 – Am I right handed or left handed?

171 – Do I have any birthmarks/significant scars?

172 – What is my zodiac sign?

173 – What is my pet peeve?

174 – What is my worst habit?

175 – Do I have any fears?

176 – Do I have any regrets?

177 – Do I have any tattoos?

178 – If I had to pick my five favorite friends, who would I pick?

179 – Who is my closest friend?

180 – Am I an extrovert or introvert?




181 – Do I like to spend or save money?

182 – What is my dream vacation?

183 – What color are my eyes?

184 – What is my comfort go-to food?

185 – If I could live anywhere else in this world, where would I live?

186 – Do I think men and women can be just friends?

187 – How many kids do I want?

188 – What is my least favorite household chore?

189 – If I could have any superpower, what would I choose?

190 – Who is the most famous person I have ever met?



191 – Do I believe in ghosts?

192 – Do I believe in afterlife?

193 – If I am in trouble who would I go to for advice?

194 – What is my best achievement?

195 – How do I handle stress?

196 – What makes me laugh?

197 – If I could be fluent in another language, what would I pick?

198 – Name one thing on my bucket list.

199 – Name one personal goal I’m working towards.

200 – If home is where the heart is, where do I call HOME?


So were there any surprises here?

Were you surprised to discover that your friends and family don’t know quite as much about you as you initially suspected?

If so, no worries!

Humans all are much deeper than we appear to be on the surface and I do hope these questions have sparked new conversations that foster closer relationships between you and your loved ones..

Much love,

Frances Vidakovic xx 




Before you go…


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Frances Vidakovic

With a degree in psychology, Frances Vidakovic is a certified life coach for goal getters, author of 20+ books, host of the Dream Big My Friend podcast and course creator. Her superpower: transforming moms from dreamers into doers. Frances has been featured on various platforms, including Scary Mommy, Thrive Global, Medium and SBS Radio.

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Only when you really need her advice

3. Remember the last time she cried?

Either I don't remember or she doesn't show it to me

4. Who do you consult when choosing a gift for her?

With someone from the family
I always know what to give her
With her friends

5. Do you know her size of shoes and clothes?

I know about

6. Do you remember any funny or interesting stories from her childhood?

She didn’t tell me, or I don’t remember
Yes, there are a lot of them
I remember a couple of stories that she told me as a child

7. Can you list her favorite movies, series, songs or TV shows?

No, how should I know?
Not much, but I can


Last question: do you know details like her favorite color, perfume, blood type and ascending zodiac sign?
No idea
I know some of this, some I don't
Of course, I know all this

You know her like the back of your hand!

You really know your mother very well! There is not a single understatement between you, for you it can replace everyone in the world. We are sure that she is very happy to have a child like you! We hope that your relationship will become an example for many :)

Do you know your mother well!

Judging by the amount of information you have, you know your mother quite well. However, you should spend more time with her in order to become the closest people in the world. She will be happy if you hug her tightly at the first opportunity and tell her how much you love her. nine0005

Wow! Unfortunately, you barely know your mother...

Judging by your answers, you don't know your mother very well. And it's a little sad. We advise you to spend more time with her and be interested in her experiences, hobbies and desires. It will be good if you hug her tightly and tell her how much you love her at the first opportunity.

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Which parent do you resemble more: your father or your mother?

Author Vladimir. Test Type: Personality Test. Category: Miscellaneous.

Which parent do you resemble more: your father or your mother?

You were created by two people, but you are more like one of them. Who do you most resemble: your mom or your dad? Take our quiz to find out!

Test start:

  • <
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

Which child are you in the family?

Answer options:

  • I am an only child
  • I am an average child
  • I am the youngest
  • I am the oldest

What is your gender?

Answer options:

  • Other
  • Female
  • Male

What did you do when you were 5 years old?

Answer options:

  • Ride a bike
  • Play video games
  • Draw in coloring books
  • Play in the yard

What do you hear more often?

Answer options:

  • What do you look like as a father
  • What do you look like as a parent
  • What do you look like as a mother

If you were asked who basically raised you?

Answer options:

  • Nobody
  • Both the same
  • Father
  • Mother

How often do you see your parents?

Answer options:

  • Once every 2 weeks
  • Every day
  • Once a year
  • Once a month
  • Once a week

Which of these statements reflects the purpose of your life?

Answer options:

  • You want to become famous
  • You want to start a family
  • You want to change the world
  • You want to be happy

Which of these animals do you associate yourself with as a child?

Answer options:

Results are being calculated


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