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‘With the Tongues of Angels’: Angelic Communication | Milton's Angels: The Early-Modern Imagination

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Joad, Raymond,

'‘With the Tongues of Angels’: Angelic Communication'


Milton's Angels: The Early-Modern Imagination




online edn,

Oxford Academic

, 3 Oct. 2011


accessed 20 Dec. 2022.

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Navbar Search Filter Oxford AcademicMilton's Angels: The Early-Modern ImaginationLiterary Studies (Civil War and Restoration)Literary Studies (Early Modern)Literary Studies (Poetry and Poets)BooksJournals Mobile Microsite Search Term


Navbar Search Filter Oxford AcademicMilton's Angels: The Early-Modern ImaginationLiterary Studies (Civil War and Restoration)Literary Studies (Early Modern)Literary Studies (Poetry and Poets)BooksJournals Microsite Search Term

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This chapter explores the theological views of angelic communication and virtual embodiment. For Milton, the doctrine of the nine angelic orders was popish, and such hierarchy as did exist in Creation was flexible and permeable. Angelic music in Paradise Lost does not resemble the music of the spheres in two ways: first, it is profoundly verbal; these are words that are being sung. Secondly, it is far more creaturely than any account of the celestial harmonies. Milton's angels are substantial, physical beings; they are spirits, but nonetheless material. They have no bodies, and therefore they have no tongues and no ears. The exception is that their matter has a ‘proper’ shape, the angel's ‘own’ shape, and they assume form according to their purposes and will. To speak with the tongue of angels is to speak eloquently without feigning.

Keywords: angelic communication, angelic music, celestial harmony, angelic doctrine, angel's tongue


Literary Studies (Civil War and Restoration)Literary Studies (Poetry and Poets)Literary Studies (Early Modern)

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7 Shocking Ways Angels Speak To You Every Day

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Angels. The very word conjures up mental imagery of translucent beings attached to wings. But are angels real?

If you have followed this blog for any amount of time, you likely know that I will write about topics that touch upon the supernatural. Thats because there exists an intersection between human spirituality and general psychology.

Recently, I had the opportunity sit down with a Native Indian healer named Ben who regularly infuses elements of spirituality into his practice as a shaman.

He explained to me that while the term angel may subjective, its meaning is universal.Heres how he defines an angel. Your definition may or may not be the same.

A messenger from a higher power that some call God. Angels are sent to guide us and teach important life lessons. Angelsspeak to us each day.

Intrigued, I asked him to tell me more.What Ben shared was fascinating!In fact, I was so caught up with his insight that I decided to jotit all down.

What follows are 7 shocking ways angels speak to you every day.

Check this out.

Angels very often come to you in your dreams, but you may not recognize them or remember the dreams upon waking. To heighten your awareness of dream time communications from your angels, spend a few minutes speaking to your angels before you go to sleep.

Ask your angels to visit you in your dreams and share important insights that you may need to know. Keep a notebook and pen by your bed, and upon waking try to recall your dreams. Jot down any details you can remember, even if they don’t seem to be related to angels

Over time, you may start receiving messages from your angels while you dream, and you will improve your ability to recall anything of importance.

For example, if you have been dreaming about someone with brown eyes, it may be a message from beyond that suggests you need to become warmer and more open to someone you love.

Sometimes your angels will try to get your attention through physical sensations like tingling, a feeling of warmth spreading over you, a light touch on your hand, a feeling of someone gently stroking your hair, or even a tangible presence in the room with you.

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This often happens when you are frightened or sad about something and your angels want to comfort you. When you feel sensations like these, be sure to acknowledge them.

Say, “Thank you angels, I can feel you here with me and I’m grateful for your love and support.”

Your angels may also communicate in more obvious ways, like speaking directly to you. You may hear a voice, either inside your head or a voice that seems to come from outside of you, even when no one else is around.

Very often this will happen when your angels need to share some vital information to keep you safe. They may say things like, “Obey the speed limit,” or “Don’t take the freeway today.” This kind of communication can be difficult to believe at times.

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You may wonder if you are just imagining the voice, and you may even be tempted to dismiss it. Even if you have doubts about whether your angels are really speaking to you, it’s a good idea to follow the advice you hear because most of the time it will help you avoid some unpleasant experiences.

Angels can also communicate with other sounds besides voices. You may hear faint vocalizations that sound like angels singing, soft bells chiming, or music with no apparent source. When this happens, acknowledge it and ask your angels to make it clearer.

You might say something like this: “Angels, I think I hear you, but it’s very faint. Can you make it a little bit louder?” Then sit quietly and concentrate, and most often you will be able to tune in better.

If you are a visual person, you may see mental visions while meditating or in the last few minutes before you fall asleep. You may see swirling colors, sparkles of light, or even a clear image of one of your angels standing before you.

It is also possible to see visual phenomena in your surroundings as you go about your daily routine. You may see little flashes or streaks of light, or catch a quick glimpse of a glowing figure that looks like an angel, but it disappears when you turn to look directly at it

This usually means that you are becoming more sensitive to the presence of your angels. They are always around you, but you may not have been tuned in enough to notice it before.

Your angels may also communicate by giving you little signs or symbols throughout the day. These signs can vary widely, and they will usually be very personal to you.

Some examples might be finding white feathers wherever you go; seeing a bumper sticker that reads, “You Are Loved” just when you needed such a reminder; or a perfect flower growing in a place you least expected it.

The best way to tell whether these experiences are truly signs from your angels or mere coincidence is to pay attention to how you feel. A sign from your angels will always have a strong feeling attached to it, like a heightened sense of awareness or a strong feeling that someone is trying to tell you something.

Angels can also communicate with you through human or animal “helpers”. For example, you might ask your angels for advice on a particular subject before you go to work, and then one of your co-workers will utter the exact words you needed to hear.

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Or you might see an animal in nature and it seems to grab your attention very strongly, so you’ll look up the symbolism of that animal and find that it holds significance for you.

Your angels can communicate with you in endless ways, but the key is to simply pay attention. The more you work on heightening your awareness of your angels and following the insights and hunches you receive from them, you will become much more confident in knowing when your angels are trying to get your attention.

Below I have included a book below entitled Angels 101 by Dr. Doreen Virtue. Sheexplores the topic of angels in detail. What’s great about this read is the non-denominational approach the author takes in exploring this topic.

The question of rather whether angels are real or not is up to you. If you are a person who likes to include elements of Jungian psychology and psycho-spirituality into your daily wellness routine, this might be something you want to check out.

Thanks for visitingReaching Life Goals on Psychcentral!

Chapter 5. Communication with angels. Life after death

Chapter 5 Communication with Angels

The word "angel" in Greek and Hebrew means "messenger". Good angels are the messengers of God, and evil angels are the messengers of the devil. Good and evil angels will converge in the last battle, which is described by John the Theologian in the Book of Revelation.

An angel can appear before people in the form of an ordinary person or in the form of a supernatural being, from which heavenly light emanates. But the angels of God can also appear to people in the form of winds, fire, pillars. When God expelled Adam and Eve from paradise, an angel with a fiery sword blocked their path to Eden. Prophet Moses saw an angel in a burning bush. The angel was next to the Jews when they walked for 40 years in the wilderness. nine0003

But angels could appear as ordinary people. So, before the terrible destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, angels appeared to Lot, whom he mistook for ordinary wanderers. And only later did he understand their divine essence.

Christopher Farrow stopped breathing while being given painkillers. “It seemed to me,” Farrow said, “that I was speeding through a black vacuum that had no limit.” There are many such testimonials.

There is a lot of evidence of people communicating with angels and various good spirits. Of course, most of these testimonies date back to ancient times and the Middle Ages, but meetings with angels still occur today. nine0003

There are many such testimonies in the Bible. But also in other sacred books there are descriptions of communication with angels and good spirits.

Angels often appeared to saints and prophets in order to convey to them the word of God, in order to convey to them the will of God, which, in turn, the ascetics had to convey to the rest of the believers. But sometimes angels appeared to ordinary people who were not distinguished by great righteousness and faith. These meetings with the messengers of God turned the whole life of a person and strengthened him in faith. Man began to treat prayers and the great sacraments differently. nine0003

If we recall the Holy Book of Christians - the Bible, then the stories of the Old and New Testaments are replete with descriptions of communication with angels. In order to convey his will to a person or people, God sends holy messengers - angels.

Angels appeared to the Jewish prophets to convey to them the will of the Creator. Through an angel, Moses received a message to lead the Jews out of Egypt. In a dream, Jacob saw angels climbing a ladder that stretched from earth to heaven. Jacob did not doubt at all what was happening, and from the top step of the stairs came the voice of God himself, who promised Jacob the land on which he slept. nine0003

Out of love for God, Patriarch Abraham wanted to sacrifice his son Isaac. He had already raised the sacrificial knife, as an angel descended from heaven at the last moment withdrew Abraham's hand. Instead of Isaac, a sacrificial lamb was under the knife. God saw the love of Abraham, who did not spare his son, and sent a heavenly messenger to him to announce that the sacrifice was accepted and pleasing to God.

Angels also appeared to protect the righteous from evil and injustice. So, in Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar ordered the erection of a huge golden idol. Everyone was ordered to worship the golden idol, those who did not want to prostrate before the idol, the king ordered to be thrown into a burning furnace. nine0003

At that time, three Jewish exiles Abednego, Shadrach and Mesha, were at the royal court in Babylon. But they did not want to prostrate before the golden idol and were accused of failing to comply with the royal order. Nebuchadnezzar ordered them to be thrown into a burning furnace. But the exiles firmly told the accusers that God would not allow their death and would not let them burn in the fire, but if this did happen and they were burned, then it was still better than worshiping the damned idol.

The king became very angry after these words. He ordered a fire to be lit in the furnace, which would be seven times stronger than usual. When a giant fire flared up in the furnace, the king ordered the bound Jews to be thrown into it. The furnace was so heated that several people, following the king's order, died. But King Nebuchadnezzar was incredibly surprised that the Jews were safe and sound in the fire. Three exiles were thrown into the fire, but suddenly the king and his entourage saw that the fire did not cause any harm to the Jews in the furnace and that there were not three of them, but four. Three walked freely in flames, and the fourth overshadowed them with outstretched wings. And the appearance of the fourth was like a son of God. nine0003

Saint Martin, who lived in the 16th century, was also known for his ability to be in two places at the same time. In 1742, the Roman Church issued a special document confirming the amazing ability of St. Martin.

The king was confused, he went to the furnace and called the Jews. And they came out of the furnace, and everyone saw that "the hair on their heads was not scorched, and their clothes were not changed, and even the smell of fire was not from them." There was not even a trace of the ordeal they had endured. Seeing this, the king began to praise God and warned everyone that anyone who began to speak ill of God would be punished. nine0003

The angel also helped the saints avoid torture and execution. This happened when the fierce enemy of Christians, King Herod Agrippa, ordered that the Apostle Peter be thrown into prison. Herod intended to execute the apostle immediately after the Jewish Passover. The Apostle Peter was bound in chains and thrown into prison. Two guards were assigned to him, who were supposed to keep an eye on him, and two more guards guarded at the door of the dungeon.

The night before the execution, Peter was asleep. Suddenly, an unusual light shone in the dungeon. An angel appeared before Peter, who woke him up and said: "Get up quickly, put on your clothes and follow me. " Peter stretched out his chained hands to the angel, when suddenly the chains fell off. Peter quickly dressed and followed the angel. Peter silently passed the guard posts and found himself at the iron gate. The gates opened of their own accord, and Peter was outside the dungeon. Peter walked through the streets of the city following the angel. Suddenly the angel disappeared and Peter was left alone. Only then did he realize his miraculous deliverance. He ran to the house of Mary, the mother of Mark, where all the apostles had gathered. There he spoke of his miraculous release, but fearing the wrath of Herod, he left the city that very night. nine0003

The good news was brought to Mary not just by an angel, but by the archangel Gabriel. This most emphasized the significance of the upcoming event. Mary of Nazareth was very pious and fulfilled all the commandments of God. Mary was betrothed to Joseph when the archangel Gabriel appeared to her. He addressed her with a greeting: "Rejoice, full of grace. " Mary was frightened at first, but she was even more shocked by the news that she would become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and give birth to a son who would be the Son of God.

But six months before the Annunciation, the Archangel Gabriel appeared to Elder Zechariah and announced to him that his wife Elizabeth (although she was already old and barren) would have a son, John, who would become the Baptist. nine0003

And the prophet Isaiah told how the Judgment of the Lord was revealed to him: “I saw the Lord sitting on a high and exalted throne, and the edges of His robe filled the whole temple. Seraphim stood around Him; each of them has six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he flew.

An amazing appearance of an angel occurred after the execution of Jesus Christ. When the guard stuck a spear into the body of Jesus and declared him dead, the body of the Son of God was wrapped in a shroud and taken to the tomb. Mary Magdalene and other women were also present. Guards stood at the entrance to the tomb, and the entrance itself was littered with a heavy stone. nine0003

But on Sunday, when Mary Magdalene and other women came to anoint the body of Christ with incense, they saw an angel who moved the stone away from the entrance to the tomb. The angel also announced to those who came: "He is not here: He is risen, as he said." Matthew in the Gospel describes that at the time when the angel of heaven was moving away the stone, there was a slight earthquake, and the guards "came to tremble and became as dead."

Saint Gertrude of Nivelles, who lived in the 7th century, saw angels many times in her life. They descended to her from Heaven and conveyed to the pious nun the will of God. When the kneeling Gertrude prayed, those present at the same time often saw a radiance above her head and heard angelic singing. nine0003

Peggy Burlington suffered an internal hemorrhage and nearly died. Peggy told her sister, "I heard some majestic music that was amazing and unspeakably beautiful. "

In addition to angels, divine signs also appeared to people. So, in 312, the emperor of the Western Roman Empire, Constantine the Great, went on a campaign against Rome. Suddenly he saw in the sky a column of light in the form of a cross and the fiery words inscribed in the sky "Hoc signo victor eris", which means "With this you will win." And at night, the emperor had a dream in which Jesus Christ ordered him to write the first letters of his name on the shields of his soldiers. Constantine followed the instructions and ordered his soldiers to inscribe the first letters of the divine name on the shields. After that, angels descended from heaven, who helped the army of Constantine to win. nine0003

Also, heavenly messengers often appeared to people during the Crusades. The crusaders firmly believed that God was on their side. In 1098, the siege of Antioch was very difficult and lengthy. One night, in a dream, the Apostle Andrew appeared to a simple warrior from Provence. He showed the astonished warrior a spear, which had left wounds on the body of the savior. In the morning the Provençal spoke of his extraordinary vision. Almost no one believed him, but the next night the priest Stefan dreamed of Christ and the Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ was dissatisfied with the fact that the crusaders forgot about piety, and told Stephen that if they repent and pray fervently, then God will show them mercy in four days. nine0003

Stephen gathered the crusaders, and they spent several days in repentance and prayer. On the fifth day, near the altar of the church of St. Peter the sacred spear was found. The crusaders perked up and began to attack the army of the Saracens. Many saw that during the battle, an army of beautiful heavenly angels on white horses was fighting next to them.

In the same year 1098, the famous seer Hildegard was born, who repeatedly saw the angels of heaven. At the age of three, she first saw the messengers of heaven. Hildegard said: “When I was still a foolish child, one day I saw such a bright radiance that my soul trembled, but then I was too small and would not have been able to express it. ” nine0003

And in 1141, Hildegard had an unusually vivid vision. In her words: “Suddenly the heavens opened up, and a dazzling light of unusual brightness pierced me through and through. I saw the extraordinary beauty of the face and heard angelic voices.

In 1224, six seraphim appeared to St. Francis of Assisi. They surrounded the saint and spread their wings over him. After that, the saint was enveloped in divine light. After the light disappeared, wounds opened on the saint's arms and legs. His associate Foma from Celano recalls this: “His hands and feet seemed to have been pierced with nails, the caps of which were visible on the inside of the palms and the outside of the feet.” The wounds remained with the saint until the end of his life. In the last 2 years of his life, he often talked with the angels of heaven, who descended to him from heaven. nine0003

The monk Vincent Ferrer, who lived in the 14th century, was distinguished by piety and enjoyed great authority at the Aragonese court. He spoke with angels on numerous occasions. According to Ferrer, an angel sheltered him with his wings from indiscreet eyes when, on the orders of the queen, they broke down the door of his cell.

Saint Joseph, who lived in Italy in the 17th century, became famous for being able to fly into the air. Once he got to Rome, where he took off in the air in front of the astonished Pope Urban VIII. During his life, Saint Joseph took to the air more than 70 times. nine0003

In the 16th century, a case became known that the nun Antoinette from the monastery of St. Petra once, during the morning prayer, saw in front of her a beautiful young man in luminous clothes, behind his back there were wings, and in his hands he held a scroll. The angel warned Antoinette that the monastery should take care of its own safety and not let strangers in, as a terrible disease would soon fall on the city. The nun warned the abbess and sisters about this, and they informed the townspeople of the impending disaster. But Antoinette's words were not heeded. There were almost no survivors from the smallpox epidemic in the city, but the nuns in the monastery were able to survive the disaster and later said that Antoinette's angel protected their monastery from a terrible disaster. nine0003

In the 17th century, the monk Joseph from the city of Cupertino became famous. At 25, Joseph became a Franciscan priest in Grottaglia, near Cupertino. Joseph led an extremely ascetic life, strictly observed all fasts and scourged himself to the point of blood. Once, when he was praying alone in his cell, an angel appeared before him in shining clothes and with a crown on his head. “Get up, Joseph,” the monk heard a wonderful voice, “rise up to me.” The monk stretched out his arms and, rising into the air, was next to the angel. Joseph was very surprised at what was happening, but his heart was filled with great joy. “I will always be by your side,” the angel told him and disappeared. nine0003

In the church of St. George in Naples, he took to the air in front of the astonished parishioners. He told all those gathered that he was supported by an angel. Joseph was sent to Rome, where he took to the air in front of Pope Urban VIII. Rumors about the flying monk quickly spread. When he died, an unusual light was seen at his tomb. Joseph was numbered among the saints.

But similar encounters with angels take place in our time. A man who was on the verge of death describes this meeting as follows: “I went into another room, but suddenly I felt severe pain and weakness, I fell. After a while, I saw an amazing creature that was dressed in some kind of pink mist. A beautiful, brilliant and radiant light emanated from it. But this light did not blind me at all. Such amazing warmth emanated from this creature, as if everything was permeated with kindness and compassion. And I also felt this kindness and compassion. nine0003

And suddenly I heard a voice that asked me if I had done everything in my life. And then the voice told me to go back and finish everything that I did not have time to finish in my life. After that, the beautiful being (I now know it was an angel) disappeared and I woke up.”

Another meeting with the angels was told by the parents of the girl Yulia. The girl was terminally ill, and her family expected the worst from day to day. Yulia suffered greatly from unbearable pain. But one morning she felt some relief. Her parents heard her speaking softly to someone. After this conversation, she looked at her family with shining eyes, in which there was no suffering. nine0003

Her family were very surprised, but she told them that an angel had just come and took her by the hand, and they went upstairs. “I saw a very beautiful area,” the girl said, “there was such bright green grass as I had never seen in my life. There were amazing trees and very beautiful flowers around, there are no such flowers, and at first they seemed fake to me, but the angel said that they were real and bloom for me. Then he led me to a spring, said that if I drink a sip of water, I will never feel pain. I drank water and my pain disappeared. Then we began to go down and again found ourselves here. And then the angel said that he would be waiting for me, but now I will have to go up alone. nine0003

Bernice Donavan was presumed dead but was later resuscitated. Bernice says: “I heard something like a bell ringing. It seemed to me that the wind carried it from afar. This ringing was getting closer and I could hear it distinctly.

Relatives began to calm and console her, but the girl told them that she was not in pain and was not at all afraid now. “If you only knew how beautiful it is,” she said. In the evening she said goodbye to her family and said that the angel was waiting for her.

Although people prefer not to talk about their encounters with angels in our time, so as not to be ridiculed. But each of those who met with a higher being remembers this meeting for life. nine0003

This text is an introductory fragment.

§ 105. God controls the good angels in the service of their God.

If 105. God governs the good angels in the service of their God. When it is said that God governs the angels, as well as his creatures in general: this expresses that he directs them to the goal of their existence, or uses them in accordance with their purpose. But “angels, according to the teachings of the Orthodox Church,

§ 106. God controls the good angels in serving people in general.

If 106. God controls the good angels in serving people in general. The Orthodox Church teaches about the ministry of angels to people as follows: “they are given to keep cities, kingdoms, regions, monasteries, churches and people, both spiritual and worldly .. . In the Old Testament, before law

was given

Chapter 199. The story of a simple old man who was enlightened by people, and not by angels whom he saw

Chapter 199 You are mistaken, old man!.. The Church does not accept this! One of the fathers told me. There was an old man, holy and pure in life. When he made St. liturgy, I saw angels standing on the right and on

Chapter 2070091

Chapter 207 Righteous ecu, Lord, and Your judgments are right! Abba Theona and Abba Theodore told us. Under Patriarch Paul in Alexandria, one girl was left an orphan after the death of her parents, very rich people. She was not baptized. Once I went out into the garden,

CHAPTER 15. That he who renounces the world should neither maintain fellowship with his relatives according to the flesh, nor even have affection for them

CHAPTER 15 1. From Palladium Someone named Pior, an Egyptian by birth, and a youth in age, renounced the world. He was possessed by the love of God: he left his

524. Living communion with angels and saints. About visiting the laity. Self-price warning

nine0002 524. Living communion with angels and saints. About visiting the laity. Self-price warning The grace of God be with you! I just wrote you an answer to the previous letter, as I received the second. Thank you for not keeping score with my answers. It is comforting that you write about yourself, but

Chapter 199

Chapter 199 You're wrong old man!.. doesn't accept it

Chapter 207

Chapter 207 Righteous are you, O Lord, and righteous are the judgments

Chapter 1 Communication

Chapter 1. Communication Each symbol on the ancient papyrus is a multi-faceted diamond, each facet of which contains interpretations. The visible obscured the invisible. In our organic world, the power of the Spirit is manifested in the activity of the forces of nature. In ancient times, people worshiped

First meeting with angels

First meeting with angels And many sick and unclean followed the words of Jesus and rushed to the bank of the river. They threw off their shoes and clothes, they accepted the fast, and they gave their bodies to the angels of air, water, and sunlight. And the angels of the Earthly Mother enclosed them in their

Chapter 5 Communication with Evil Spirits

nine0002 Chapter 5 In the beliefs of every nation there is an idea of ​​spirits. They can be evil or kind, help people or harm. Ancient religions taught that the whole world was inhabited by spirits. The shamans of the North can still make contact with spirits in our time. В

3. Communion with God through communion with the Holy Church

3. Fellowship with God through communion with the Holy Church Now we need to go back a little and remember how we began to clarify the feelings and dispositions that make up the pious mood of the Christian spirit. The spirit of Christian piety consists in fellowship with

3. Stories from church history about the guarding of people by angels.

3. Stories from church history about the protection of people by angels. a) Angels protect people from various dangers that threaten their lives.1. When the teacher Cyril built the Belozersky monastery, all the neighboring residents, surprised at the success of the construction, considered Cyril to be a great rich man. With such a

Chapter 44 The First Image of Fighting Fallen Angels

Chapter 44 The first image of the fight against the fallen angels Having outlined in the previous article the image of the struggle of fallen spirits with people in the detail accessible to us, which is most necessary and comprehensible to already successful monks, here we offer an image of the struggle with spirits, befitting

Chapter 45 Second Image of Fighting Fallen Angels

Chapter 45 The second image of the struggle with the fallen angels The Monk Nil of Sora, based on the teachings of Saint Isaac of Syria, offers the following way to deal with sinful thoughts - of course, when scolding does not have much effect and is inferior to this method. This way

9. Is it possible to communicate with Angels?

9. Is it possible to communicate with Angels? Question: Is it possible to communicate with Angels? Priest Konstantin Parkhomenko answers: Undoubtedly. The Church does not just say that it is possible, she calls us to fellowship with heavenly friends. Friends because Angels for Christians are friends, helpers and

How to learn to communicate with your guardian angel


In the Sacrament of Baptism, each person acquires a Guardian Angel - the most faithful and reliable friend, protector and heavenly patron, with the help of which one can bring a lot of good to the world around us. nine0166

The venerable elders of the past centuries taught that these incorporeal beings devoted to God have one purpose and two functions. The goal of the Angels is to help a person, to promote the development of virtues in him, to guide him on the true path leading to Salvation, and to enlighten us through the holy Teaching of Christ. And the functions: to pray for your ward, since their prayer is much stronger and more effective than ours, and to inspire a person with pious thoughts that indicate the right direction on our difficult life path. nine0003

By the way, Angels are assigned not only to every Christian who has been baptized, but also to entire nations and states, as the biblical book of the prophet Daniel tells about. Some churches also have them - John the Theologian told people about this, revealing the secret of the Seven Stars in the book "Apocalypse".

The Guardian Angel saves the Christian entrusted to his care from dangers. There is a lot of evidence of how events happened to people on the eve of accidents, thanks to which they were not where they planned to be, and where the tragedy happened, but in a completely different place. nine0003

Have you ever heard of the American researcher and sociologist James Staunton? This man, after many years of painstaking research, made a discovery published in 1958 in the American Journal of Sociology (American Journal of Sociology), the oldest scientific publication founded at the end of the 19th century on the basis of the University of Chicago. The discovery was that, according to inexorable and completely dispassionate statistics, the largest number of tickets for rail and air transport are rented precisely on those flights that crash! And these are not empty words: Staunton carefully examined all the data of transport accidents, starting from 1900 year. For decades, he studied and analyzed statistics for the 50 years preceding his discovery.

In addition to obvious interference in a person’s life at times of danger threatening him, the holy teachers of the Church attribute to the action of angels their indication of the necessary decision in a difficult situation, help in solving problems, moments of “spiritual insight” (inspiration). Experienced confessors pay attention to the fact that angels are incorporeal spirits, and therefore they can easily enter the human heart to put a pious desire into it, or into the mind of a person to inspire a good thought, or into the physical body to heal him. nine0003

The Guardian Angel is able to instill courage and confidence in the soul of the person entrusted to him. Cypriots, for example, when raising children, often instruct them with the words: “If you are afraid, cross yourself and pray to your Angel!” In a similar way, they teach the younger generation to get rid of various phobias and fears.

In many situations, the spirits of Light assigned to us are able to provide help and support, but it must be remembered that they can also easily retreat from a person. Leave him because of the passion for evil deeds and the offense of others. In this case, as, again, the venerable elders testify, the angels depart from the person and await his repentance and correction, praying for his sinned soul to be cleansed, and they could approach the person again. nine0003


Unfortunately, for an ordinary person, the presence of an Angel is invisible, since these are spiritual personalities and they do not have a material body that could be seen with physical vision. Only deeply spiritual people can see the heavenly patron, who, through many years of ascetic life and complete repentance, have been so cleansed that they have practically completely weakened their earthly essence and themselves have become similar to the same spiritual personalities as holy angels. nine0003

When establishing communication with your Guardian Angel, you need to act extremely carefully. After all, probably, every believer knows that if he independently dreams and fantasizes, not relying on the dogmas established by the Church, then he can easily fall into delusion. The fact is that, as is known from the life of such great ascetics of piety as Anthony the Great and Seraphim of Sarov, as well as other righteous people, under the guise of luminous angels, servants of the evil one can sometimes appear to people in a dream and in reality. These dark entities can disguise themselves as anyone except the Savior and His Most Pure Mother. So, if you use the advice offered in myriad by various magicians and followers of non-Christian spiritual practices, you can enter into frank communication with just these fallen spirits who want to get and destroy the souls of inexperienced inhabitants, and become a toy in their insidious hands. nine0003

Therefore, wishing to establish a strong “friendly” connection with our heavenly patron, let us turn to the dogmas of the Orthodox Church.

What do spiritually experienced clergy advise their flock?

1. First of all, if a Christian wants to start communicating with his Angel, you need to develop the habit of talking with your Angel. And besides, every day. Even twice a day, at least. Morning and evening. For this, in the church arsenal there are special prayers to the Guardian Angel, which are included in the morning and evening prayer rule. nine0003

Here are those prayers:

In addition to the above prayers, there is a canon to the Guardian Angel, which is read, as a rule, in preparation for Holy Communion, and an akathist to the heavenly patron, which should not be forgotten either. It would also be nice to have the image of the heavenly protector in the home iconostasis, so that it would be more convenient to refer to him.

2. We need to listen to the voice of our Angel when he talks to us. nine0003

It seems that many believers understand what is at stake. Indeed, as the ascetics of piety teach us, and as stated in the “Law of God” by Seraphim Sloboda, the main textbook for new Christians, the voice of an Angel constantly sounds in the depths of our hearts. This is the voice of our conscience, which reproaches us for our bad deeds and rewards us with peace and complacency for works of mercy. You don't need to silence that voice! It is not appropriate for a Christian to brush it off and not pay attention to it, because by doing so we “shut our mouth” to our Angel! This is an outrage against him, and he, speaking more and more quietly, in the end will completely stop communicating with us. nine0003

3. You need to monitor your lifestyle. The Christian life should be worthy and pious, should be an example for others. You must always fight for your spiritual salvation, purifying your soul with prayer, fasting, good deeds, and participation in the Church Sacraments.

4. There is also a special spiritual practice, bequeathed by wise schemists, so that people have the opportunity to enter into especially close communication with their disembodied mentors. This is the observance of fasting on Mondays, or, as the people say, "Monday". nine0003

Monday is a spiritual austerity that has come down to us from time immemorial. A person who observes it is endowed with strength exceeding the strength of an ordinary person. His prayer is more effective than the prayer of a simple man in the street. Such a person can even sometimes pacify the power of the servants of evil spirits and, as the holy elders affirm, he will never be torn out of earthly life unprepared, without warning about that by the Guardian Angel.

Monday, according to the Seven Church Circle, is the day of the disembodied heavenly forces, that is, all the angelic ranks, which include both our Guardian Angels and the Guardian Angels of our loved ones. nine0003

There is a lot of evidence of how, through the prayers of people keeping a strict fast on Monday, their loved ones returned unharmed from the war and those who were missing were found. And one of the greatest fasters and ascetics of the last century, beloved by the people, Father Nikolai (Ragozin), a seer and miracle worker, to whom people from all over the former Soviet Union came for healing, blessed the “Monday” parishioners to help him during the reprimand of people tormented by demons. The fact is that not every priest can approach such people, but as soon as the parishioners who were in especially close communion with the Angels of Light approached them, they immediately calmed down, humbled their riot, and meekly did everything they were told. nine0003

5. If there are family quarrels or conflicts with superiors, you need to appeal to the Angels of the people around us.

Many clergy talk about this. There are moments in life when it is not possible to explain and agree with others.

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