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‎Fidget Spinner Toy on the App Store


Enjoy huge amount of the virtual Fidget Spinners - all absolutely free!

Boring on the meeting or lecture is too long for you? Then download this fun fidget spinner toy to relax, relief your stress and just to kill some time! It is like a real fidget spinner, but even better! People around will not see it and will not hear it and you can easily enjoy it and calm you down!

What our players are saying:

"Very addicting! You choose a spinner and start spinning it! I just can't stop using it! It is like using a real fidget spinner!"

"Don't have a fidget spinner, get this! This game is amazing. If u age not aloud to have a fidget spinner or want a satisfying app, GET THIS."

"Amazing! To be honest this is the best app ever and it is better then a real spinner and I have recommended it to all my friends. I have spent many hours on this game and I plan to spend many more!"

Caden Hawkins:
"This game is the best when I get bored. This helps me at home when I'm sad."

- All Fidget Spinners are FREE for you to try them out!
- Huge collection of Fidget Spinners (120+ now) with regular updates!
- Great different background themes to match with any Fidget Spinner!
- Angular dumping adjustment parameter to spin short or long time!

- Select any Fidget Spinner you like
- Rotate it in any direction, fast or slow
- Select any background theme to get best much for your favourite spinner
- Play with angular dumping parameter to simulate different spinning friction
- Make infinite rotation by moving angular dumping slider most to the left


Version 2.9

√ New Free Fidget Spinners added!
√ App optimisation, minor bug fixes.

Ratings and Reviews

5.5K Ratings


This app is awesome! You get access to all the fidget spinners and wall papers without needing to pay or subscribe or anything! You can adjust how fast the spinner spins and you can get mind blowing spinners too! But in the next update, I would like to see more backgrounds and that we can set a background for the spinner choosing page. But it’s a great app and I really recommend it!!🤩

Gotta love it!!!

I was so surprised at how cool it really is. I'm an adult with ADHD. I got a fidget spinner but there were lots of times I really needed it but the place and time were inappropriate. And if I dropped it.... well, you know. It helps so much to get my focus when I'm anxious or overwhelmed. I would easily give it 5 stars, but there are a few things that it needs. I would love to be able to save favorite spinners so I wouldn't have to scroll through them all to find the one I want. And, that annoying review request.... the other things it needs have been pointed out in other reviews & I agree with most of them. Otherwise, awesome fun app!!! Thanks

An honest app!

This spinner app gives you exactly what it claims: lots of spinners and backgrounds, all free to use as much as you like. It’s enjoyable to combine different spinners with different backgrounds to see what visual effects result. It’s intentionally minimalist. No extra bells and whistles. But if I was going to add anything to the app it would be a haptic vibration to match the spin. Respect to the dev.

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The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies:

  • Location
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Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age. Learn More


Edvard Arutyunyan

60.3 MB


Age Rating

© 2017 Edvard Arutyunyan


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How I dreamed of a hype or the story of the "first" POV fidget spinner / Sudo Null IT News structures.

Somewhere at the same time, a crazy thought came into my head, which shifted all the others to the side and sat on a pedestal and said - "You should do a POV fidget spinner!".

And this story began with a simple request in Google and subsequent surprise, it turns out that no one has made such a device yet, it cheered me up and motivated me, I really wanted to make an electronic device that the hands of Chinese engineers had not yet reached. nine0003

Keeping this passion in me, I took a pencil and paper. First of all, I limited myself to the dimensions of the case, which gave me a certain freedom in choosing components, but at the same time I would not go much beyond the usual spinner. Then there was the most interesting part - the evaluation of the optimal functionality and the selection of equipment.

POV display obviously needs to be made on LEDs, and since our case is small, the size 0603 seemed optimal. I chose the number of LEDs in the line based on the videos I watched on Youtube about various POV turntables. nine0003

I wanted to power all this goodness from a Li-po battery with the ability to charge and, since the last project, I still had unnecessary microcircuits MCP73831 , and the 3.7V and 250mAh battery was also lying around idle, so I closed this issue quickly.

The situation with the choice of a controller and a sensor for determining the full rotation of the spinner was a little more complicated (at one point I even wanted to tinker and do everything on the accelerometer, but I realized that this was too much). There were 2 thoughts in my head — a Hall sensor or an optical sensor. But taking a quick look at the datasheets of the Hall sensors, I was surprised to find that from what I had on hand and what our “rural” radio parts store sold, there is no sensor that would work from a voltage of 3-3.7V, but optical sensors with their drop on the LED in the region of 1.2V they began to look more profitable. nine0003

Introducing a model of new infrared sensors into the circuit, I suddenly thought about one non-trivial question: “What will I actually output?”. A ten-minute brainstorm produced the necessary minimum functionality for such a device. The option with prepared inscriptions and symbols was not particularly thought about (since it was the most banal), the option to display the number of spinner revolutions immediately came up, and the final idea was to display the time.

Real time clock chip DS3231 seemed suitable - the case is planar, low, the time shows, it works from 3-3.7V, well, okay, I ordered it, we are waiting.

The controller decided to choose from a position better more than less and put ATmega8 , since there is an ADC on board, i2c for DS3231 is implemented, decent legs, memory too. The components are selected, there was no work to make the scheme.

Simultaneously with drawing the diagram, I convulsively dreamed that I would be the first to make such a modernization of spinners and be able, as they say, to "hype a little" and maybe even get a hundred other people who will be interested in my invention. nine0003

The circuit is simple, but the decision to make the board myself complicated the wiring process a little, all the same, I made a 30mm x 20mm board for the first time and LUT technology gave its limitations.

In parallel with the wiring, I made a model of a simple case with the necessary holes for the micro-USB connector, power switch, a couple of optical sensors and a button for minimal setup.

Why two optical sensors? After thinking over the concept, I decided to lay down for the future the ability to automatically determine where the hand of the person holding the spinner is now and display the inscription in a hand-free space (at that time, for some reason, the position of the sensor from below did not bother me, although it was clear that it was more logical to place it on top, well, yes ok, it's a prototype. nine0003

At about the same time I made the board, I realized that I wanted to redo most of the entire circuit, the idea was floating in my head using RGB LEDs and an option with a Bluetooth module through which you could send data to the spinner, but the desire to do at least something that displays characters and numbers prevailed and I decided to leave these ideas for future versions of spinners.

After I soldered the elements to the board with my old Soviet soldering iron, I immediately remembered that it was time to order the case. The lack of a personal 3D printer has always depressed me, but the toad inside, which looked at the price tag of 30-50 thousand for a more or less average printer, choked me more and we agreed that I could only afford to buy a new soldering iron. nine0003

The electronics are ready, now the most interesting part is the controller firmware. Pretty perverted, I soldered the good old giant BH-10 programming connector and a toggle switch in order to completely turn off the power.

I must say right away - I killed 2 chips, the reason for this was inattention (I just forgot that I did not have a factory board with metallized vias, and because of this oversight, the power supply to the chips did not come correctly and the fuse bit firmware crashed). nine0003

While there was a new batch of chips, I managed to redo the wiring a little and made a new version of the board, clean and beautiful, some of the tracks were removed from the past from resoldering the chips. I also wrote a test firmware, which was supposed to display the line in a static position, and at the same time finalized the incoming case with a file and a scalpel.

A few days passed and I received new chips, soldered the first chip with bliss, tamped everything into the case and after flashing the test firmware carefully betrayed the angular velocity to this spinner, for the first time in my life a bright green strip of luminous LEDs that did not leave its place caused children's happiness in my head. nine0003

After a couple of minutes, I calmed down and stopped “kicking” the spinner in order to prolong this feeling. A few hours later, a firmware was written that already displayed a string of 8 digits, according to my calculations, the inscription should have taken 120-130 degrees, and it turned out, but visually it was not very beautiful and I reduced the angle to pleasing to the eye.

Next, it was decided to find out how fast my unbalanced miracle is spinning.

It spins a little, but you need to take into account that in this video the spinner is decently unbalanced, the overall load in the form of a toggle switch and the BH-10 makes itself felt, although I tried to arrange them optimally for the center of gravity. nine0003

The next step I wanted to see the time on this device and I clung to the datasheet on the DS3231, in a couple of evenings I wrote bydlokod firmware that allowed me to set and display the time. Zadono decided to see if everything I had created would fit into the case.

fit perfectly and even tightly closed with a lid, well, of course, everything was also unbalanced, but for the first sample it suited me, I even thought about making a housing with a different bearing size, which would provide additional space for sealing with lead shot or something similar. nine0003

And now I am so pleased, thinking that in a few days I will complete the functionality of my brainchild and present it to the public as the world's first prototype POV spinner, I decided to enter this phrase into the search bar again.

It was June 28th, the first time a simple google search had me down. The first in the search results was a video on Youtube, where some American guy is already spinning a spinner in his hand, which, like mine, displays him revolutions per minute and all sorts of welcome inscriptions, and most importantly, this video was uploaded to YouTube on June 25. nine0003

Spoiler Header

Then there was another link where the guy set out to make a "pumped" POV spinner with RGB LEDs, an accelerometer and a mikruha for IoT, he began to implement the idea on June 9 and already has a beautiful board with RGB LEDs on his hands.

I can't help but wonder how in one rather short period of time (especially considering that the hype on spinners has been going on for more than a month) several people thought about one idea and began to frantically implement it, it's funny. nine0003

The workmanship of American colleagues is much better, it certainly knocked down my motivation to further refine this device. The thought that “they have already made it more beautiful and functional anyway” smoothly shifted the previous thought full of confidence and excitement. Yes, and a couple of other "world's first" devices that were paused for the sake of this spinner have not yet had time to create foreign colleagues in the shop, which means there is a chance that at least I will make them first.

P.S. Sorry for the quality of the video and photo, only a Chinese phone is on hand. nine0003

10 unusual fidget spinners. Which one spins longer?

Hi all. Today on the review there will be 10 unusual spinners. Let's see how they look and which one spins the longest. I love the glow in the dark ones the most. There are both inexpensive and for 16 bucks. And of course, you can see how everyone is spinning.

All spinners are in gray metal boxes. It is not a shame to give such a spinner, just wrap the box with gift paper. nine0005
The first will be a spinner in the form of a golden wheel. Weight is 32g. There is a small knurling on the side and can be used instead of a nail file. Joke.

The next spinner is black with two beams. He weighs 35g. Quite thick. The rays are painted metallic, and the contact pad is glossy.

The same shape and gray spinner. He weighs 37g. But it differs by the presence of LEDs in the rays. LEDs do not light up on their own during spinning. You need to hit the beams hard enough. The disadvantages include a fairly quick turn off of the diodes, while the spinner still continues to spin at high speed. nine0005

The next spinner can be fully called glamorous, because it is pink. This model weighs 38g. Feature in the presence of 3 metal balls in each beam, which are not tightly fixed.

Well, if the previous one can be bought for a girl, then the second one is suitable for a guy. Black spinner with two arms and three balls in each arm. Weighs 29g.

And this is the anti-stress of the sea captain. The toy is made in the shape of a ship's steering wheel. The beams can be turned off. Each has red, green and blue elastic bands. If desired, you can remove and fasten your own. Weight 29

And this model is made in the form of a shuriken. If you sharpen the ends, you can turn into a ninja. Weighs 40g, should spin for a long time, because the weight is solid. The color is a gradient, in the sun it gives off beautiful highlights.

Red spinner weighs 41g. It has 3 beams. Each contains an LED with a battery. As in the previous glowing spinner, in this model you also need to hit the rays to turn on the backlight. But it goes out just as quickly, while the spinner is still spinning fast. On the reverse side, on each of the rays, a spinner is drawn. nine0005

I liked the blue spinner the most. Weight 39g. There are backlight beams and what else! Press and the LEDs will light up. And there are as many as 3 glow modes! But most importantly: the backlight turns off only when you yourself want it to. Very cool! Spinners are drawn on the reverse side.

And the most expensive and heaviest spinnet. It weighs 59g and costs $16. Has 2 beams. Outwardly, it resembles something of a knight. The rays are made in the form of shields, and on the contact pad there is an image in the form of a tiger, but this is not accurate. nine0005

The camera doesn't have time to capture the movement of the spinner, so I'm adding a video review. In it you can still see how the luminous spinners are spinning in the dark, the blue one does everything. You can also look at the launch of 10 spinners and which one spins the longest.

Most of all I liked the luminous blue spinner precisely because the backlight can be turned off by itself, and does not stupidly turn off after a few seconds. The last spinner spun the longest, most likely due to the largest weight. I agree that all this is empty pampering, but cool. Now the spinner-multitool and column are still flying. Well, they don’t fly by themselves, but by mail. And I would also like a titanium spinner, but it costs 26 bucks. And there is one that spins for more than 8 minutes, but it costs $50. nine0003

Separately promoted each individually. Rotation time min-sec:
— wheel 1-51;
- gradient 1-53;
- pink 1-49;
- tiger 3-29;
- just black 3-19;
— black with balls 1-43;
- steering wheel 1-29;
- red 2-11;
- blue 2-18;
- silver 0-30;

Thank you all for your attention.

Instead of a cat

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