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Dreams about teeth, their meaning and symbolism, have been the subject of speculation for thousands of years. As with any dream analysis, the significance of different images can be very subjective, depending on the association held by the person who has had the dream. Interestingly, teeth as a central dream image are among the most common images reported in dreams all over the world, in many different cultures.


The Many Interpretations of Teeth Dreams

Teeth dreams can involve the themes of teeth breaking, rotting, missing or pulling. One of the more popular dreams is of teeth falling out. This has been interpreted to symbolize everything from regret over the words that escape our mouths to a fear of failure. In some cultures, this dream can signify the death of a loved one,and has even corresponded to premonitions. Other times, it has been associated with the ending of an important relationship.

Dreams about pulling teeth can be interpreted as anything from an indication that something needs to come out of one’s life to a feeling of pulling yourself too hard in some situation or life event. If someone else is pulling at your teeth, it could mean they are trying to get something from you. Sometimes people experience teeth pulling dreams when they have a toothache and are nervous about visiting the dentist.

Teeth Dreams as Reflections of Ourselves

Probably the most common dream that people experience at least once in their lifetimes is one that involves our teeth rotting. It is said that this dream is connected to our fears and anxieties, and also our concerns about how other people may perceive us. Broken or chipped teeth may indicate a sense that something is broken within us, or that an aspect of our life needs fixing.

According to Jungian psychotherapist Richard Nicoletti, dreams about teeth falling out may be connected to a feeling that our survival is being threatened. Recurring dreams about teeth falling out may be connected to a general sense that your life is out of control, or that there are multiple worries affecting your ability to feel safe. If you dream about someone else’s teeth falling out, it may indicate an over-exaggerated fear of that person in waking life.

On the other hand, dreams about shiny, straight teeth may indicate feelings of confidence and self-assurance, or peace and contentment about a specific situation. Dreaming about a person or a pet with beautiful teeth may express the sense that the relationship with that individual is a source of joy and brings about a feeling of confidence.

Of course, dreams about teeth may not be symbolic at all. If you are having actual problems with your teeth, or feeling concerned about them, you may very well be dreaming about them at night. If you are having troubling or painful symptoms, or are preparing for oral surgery, you may very well be experiencing pain at night that is keeping you from sleeping soundly and bringing you disturbing dreams, too.

The field of dream interpretation is a very subjective one. Although there are many theories about dreams and different methods of analysing and interpreting them, they are most often a coded method of revealing hidden aspects of the unconscious. By charting their progress and taking note of images and situations that recur on a regular basis, we can learn more about ourselves, our fears and desires.

Perhaps because our teeth are such a vulnerable part of our bodies, so easily damaged or broken, they are a natural choice for our unconscious minds to focus on as metaphors for our deepest fears and anxieties. Whatever you believe, if you are dreaming about teeth, you are most likely preoccupied with something personal that impacts you on a deep emotional level.

Either that, or you are overdue for your next dental exam…

Pulling Out Teeth Dream | Dream Interpretation & Meanings

A dream featuring your teeth being pulled out indicates that you are facing radical changes in your life. The symbolism of pulling out teeth may point how challenging the situation is in your waking life and the difficulty to let go of something important to you.


What does it mean when you dream about pulling out teeth?

A dream featuring teeth being pulled out corresponds to:

  • Moment of transition particularly difficult
  • Renewal, giving birth to something new

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Pulling out teeth in dreams: Representation of painful transitions

Dreams of having teeth pulled out may come during times of significant transition. The dream imagery symbolizes how painful or difficult the experience is for you as you go through changes.

The changes in your life may be experienced as an aggression or be emotionally painful. Perhaps it’s like extracting yourself from your comfort zone, which often comes with facing loss, challenges and disturbing emotions.

Pulled out teeth as symbols of renewal & self discovery

According to psychologist and dream analyst Carl Jung, if you dream about having a tooth or teeth pulled out and you are a woman, the dream symbolizes giving birth, either literally or symbolically such as giving birth to a new self or a project.

Your dream about pulling out teeth indicates that you are becoming more aware of your emotions. As such, it a sign that you are growing into self discovery, even if may at times feel painful.

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Why dream that a tooth was pulled out? In a dream, I saw a pulled out tooth: meaning and interpretation, which portends what to expect

  • August 24, 2018
  • Medicine
  • Yana Umyantseva

Dental problems are familiar to many people. You can encounter them not only in real life, but also in night dreams. A common plot is its removal. Why dream that a tooth was pulled out? The article contains the answer to this question. The storyline plays an important role, since interpretation directly depends on it. nine0011

Why dream of a pulled out tooth: Miller's interpretation

What interpretation does Gustav Miller offer? What does tooth extraction symbolize? Why dream that a man's tooth was pulled out? For the representative of the stronger sex, such a plot means change. An event will occur due to which the life of the sleeper will no longer be the same. Whether it will turn out to be good or bad is difficult to predict.

For a woman, such dreams promise an attack of nostalgia. For example, the dreamer may be sad about her previous job, remember her relationship with a former young man, and so on. This indicates that something does not suit the sleeping woman in her life, she subconsciously wants to change it. nine0011

Why do representatives of both sexes dream of a pulled out tooth? If the operation went well and there were no complications, then this is a good sign. What the dreamer dreams of will soon come true. The fulfillment of a cherished desire for a long time will provide him with a good mood.

Freud's interpretation

Why dream that a tooth is pulled out, if you rely on Freud's opinion? Such a plot predicts the sleeping person to participate in a charity event. Other options are considered in the dream book:

  • Is a healthy tooth pulled out while sleeping? Such dreams predict an increase in the family. The dreamer or one of his closest relatives will soon have a child.
  • Removing a diseased tooth predicts health problems. Fortunately, the disease can be easily defeated.
  • Parting with a milk tooth is a sign that the sleeper is tired of the routine. A person dreams of vivid impressions, amazing events.
  • Someone pulls out the dreamer's tooth root? Such a plot informs that he is jealous of someone else's success. It is time for the sleeper to stop following the achievements of other people, to become himself. nine0004
  • The removal of the front tooth is a sign that the dreamer attaches great importance to the opinions of others. He is afraid that other people will find him uninteresting, boring. The man is ready to do anything to prevent this.

Vanga's predictions

Why dream of pulling out one's own teeth? Vanga connects such a plot with events in his personal life. The sleeper will allow himself to flirt with an attractive representative of the opposite sex. For single people, this can be the beginning of a serious relationship. Married people will be able to unwind, break out of the routine. nine0011

Forecasts of Nostradamus

What can be learned from the interpreter of Nostradamus:

  • A pulled out tooth is a symbol that promises the sleeping person a meeting with the love of his life. The more blood there was, the faster it will happen.
  • For a woman, such a dream also predicts deceit. She will trust the wrong person and will regret it for a long time to come.
  • For a man, such a plot predicts a demotion. He does not have enough strength and energy to resist competitors. nine0004

Health problems

What can a tooth extraction symbolize? Why dream that a tooth was pulled out? If the sleeping person in his dreams spits it out, then in reality he needs to take care of his health. If he does not heed this recommendation, he risks becoming seriously ill.

Some guides to the world of dreams say that a dream in which such an operation appears promises problems with teeth in reality.

Esoteric dream book

What can you learn from this guide? Why does someone dream of pulling out a tooth? Such a plot means that the sleeper will create serious problems for other people. It is possible that the hero of night dreams will become the victim. The thought of the harm done will constantly haunt the sleeper, prevent him from enjoying life. nine0011

To pull out a tooth for oneself - to rash acts. The dreamer behaves too arrogantly. It’s better for him not to rush into making an important decision, take a break and think it over again well.

A sleeping man pulls out his own tooth and the wound does not heal for a long time? Such dreams warn that the dreamer still remembers the grievances that were inflicted on him in the past. He cannot get rid of negative thoughts. Everything bad that comes into his life is connected with this. To some extent, he even gets a certain pleasure from his suffering. nine0011

Healthy or sick

Did you pull out a tooth in your sleep? It is important to pay attention to whether there was any need for this. If the tooth was healthy, it was removed by mistake, then such a plot can predict the death of a young friend or relative. For example, this can happen as a result of an accident.

Did the extracted tooth hurt? The one who is in old age or has long been suffering from an incurable disease will leave life. Also, such dreams can warn that the dream hero is in a difficult emotional state, needs help and support. In no case should you leave him alone with his suffering. nine0011

The removal of an old and diseased tooth may have another meaning. Such a dream sometimes warns that there is no order in the sleeper's house. A person should, by his own example, demonstrate to his household a model of the right way of life.

Family dream book

What does the extraction of a tooth symbolize in this guide? Why dream that a tooth was pulled out? Such a plot can promise quarrels, conflicts in the family. Relationships between close people will become tense. The sleeper will have to take on the role of a negotiator, begin to reconcile family members with each other. nine0011

Extraction of a tooth that has been hurting for a long time - what does this mean? Such dreams are considered a good sign. Soon, everything bad and oppressive will disappear from the life of the sleeping person. A person can breathe a sigh of relief, find peace of mind. Conflicts between members of his family will remain in the past, loved ones will learn to find a common language with each other.

Was the dreamer's tooth pulled out with blood? Such a plot can predict a serious illness of one of the household members. The disease will be so serious that it can lead to death. To pull out a tooth for someone himself - to strive to take on the role of leader, to become the master of the situation. A person needs to be more careful, as other people may resent his attempts to command them. nine0011

The Wanderer's Interpreter

What does the extraction of a tooth mean for a sleeping person? Such a plot means that a person wants to get rid of everything superfluous that is in his life. For example, it can be a relationship that has not brought joy for a long time. Now is the right time to make your wish come true.

Does the doctor pull out the dreamer's tooth? Such dreams warn that the sleeper is suffering from self-doubt. Doubt in his talents and capabilities prevents him from developing, making a career. Also, because of this, a person fails to arrange his personal life. nine0011

Tooth extraction is a plot that can also be considered a call for caution. The sleeper risks losing his property if he does not take care of its reliable protection.

Women's dream book

What does tooth extraction predict for the fair sex? Pulling out a tooth in a dream? Such dreams predict a sleeping quarrel with the immediate environment. It is highly likely that the dreamer will be betrayed by the one whom she completely trusted. The act of this person will deprive her of faith in humanity for a long time.

Someone tries to pull out a woman's tooth, but she resists? Such a dream warns that the other half of the sleeping woman is hiding something from her. She should watch her chosen one, this will allow you to get more information. A pulled out tooth is a symbol that predicts the betrayal of a spouse. If the operation takes place without blood, such a dream promises an improvement in the financial situation. nine0011

Is the dreamer herself extracting someone's tooth in a dream? Such a plot promises a woman parting with an old partner. Relationships have cracked for a long time, there is no point in maintaining them. Soon after the breakup, the woman will meet the man she has been dreaming of all her life. It is highly likely that her feelings will be reciprocated.

How many teeth and which ones specifically were subject to extraction in a dream

Why do women and men dream that they pull out a tooth? Is the operation performed in a dentist's office? Such a plot predicts health problems. Even if the sleeper feels great, he should undergo a preventive examination. nine0011

They pull out one sick tooth - to the sad news. Two - to the streak of bad luck. Remove three teeth - need increased attention. Molar teeth are pulled out - it is time to visit your parents and make sure that everything is in order with them. The removal of front teeth predicts the death of a distant relative. Most likely it will be a man.

Does the sleeper want to remove teeth that are too large and interfere? Such a plot predicts litigation over inheritance. Get rid of the wisdom tooth - to the onset of change. Whether they are good or bad, only time will tell. nine0011

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Why dream that a tooth fell out? The meaning and interpretation of sleep


Molar fell out in a dream - interpretation of dreams.

Dream Interpretation: root teeth fall out without blood, teeth fell out and new ones grew

nine0000 What is the dream of a Pulled tooth from a dream book? Seeing a torn tooth in a dream is an interpretation of dreams.

Dream Interpretation interpretation of dreams for free according to 125 dream books Seeing Teeth in a dream is the interpretation of dreams.

Why a pulled out tooth is dreaming

A pulled out tooth is seen in a dream as a warning and a warning. A dream about a pulled out tooth on its own according to the dream book speaks of making a rash decision. I dreamed of a small torn tooth - a sign of self-doubt. To dream of pulling out a tooth to another person - to some discord in relations with him. nine0011

To see a pulled out tooth in a dream: Big modern dream book

To pull out a tooth - you pull out your own tooth or ask him to pull out someone else - this is a negative omen. Obviously, in reality you will have to lose something extremely valuable to you. It can be money or material values. Very often, pulling out a tooth in a dream portends the loss of property.

Another meaning of such a dream is deterioration or loss of health, portends some kind of disease. have not paid any attention so far. nine0011

What does a pulled out tooth mean according to the Wanderer's dream book

Interpretation of a pulled out tooth from your dream

To pull out a tooth in a dream on your own - to strive to get rid of something that is boring and superfluous, but tightly entered into your life. Most dream books interpret the loss of a tooth in a dream as a sign of self-doubt and carelessness in the professional field. Be observant - you may be threatened by the unexpected loss of property due to a natural disaster or other catastrophe.

Why do you dream of a pulled out tooth // Freud's dream book

Why did a pulled out tooth dream

To pull out a tooth - Sigmund Freud, according to his writings, was absolutely sure that to see a dream in which you pulled out a tooth for yourself or you pulled out a tooth - to experience excruciating waking fear of losing one of the family members. The condition of the tooth in this case is associated with the condition of the relative.

If you dreamed that the extracted tooth was healthy - such a dream can be deciphered as fear or fear of losing a close family member who is completely healthy at the moment. I dreamed that a bad tooth was pulled out - you are afraid that a relative who is currently seriously ill will leave your life. I dreamed that they pulled out a tooth with blood - the fear of surviving the death of a blood relative or spouse. nine0011

Why do you dream of a pulled out tooth according to the interpreter of dreams according to N. Stepanova

Why do you dream of a pulled out tooth?

To pull out a tooth in a dream on your own - the desire to change a partner. Perhaps your relationship has cracked and soon you will have to leave. But in the near future you will meet exactly the person you have been dreaming about all your life.

They pulled out your tooth - to a quarrel, betrayal of one of your close friends. If you prevented a tooth being pulled out in a dream, your loved one may not be completely honest with you. A pulled out tooth often portends the betrayal of one of the spouses. A tooth torn out without blood - to replenish the financial situation. nine0011

Tooth pulled out according to the Family Dream Book

To pull out a tooth - Serious illnesses, squabbles, quarrels in the family. If you dreamed that you pulled out a bad tooth, this symbolizes getting rid of everything bad and oppressive. In this case, you will find peace of mind, stabilization of relations within the family. They pulled out a tooth with blood - severe poor health of one of the family members, possibly even fatal.

You pulled out someone's tooth - in reality you strive to become the master of the situation. Be careful with subordinates at work, friends and family members. Perhaps they will be offended by you for undeservedly harsh attitude towards them. nine0011

Why dream of a Pulled tooth according to Miller's dream book

Why dream of a Pulled tooth in a dream?

Teeth crumble - this is a bad sign. Such a dream speaks of impending problems and troubles, bad news from relatives. If teeth crumble in a dream and you see blood, you will receive news of the death of one of your relatives.

A pulled out tooth in Vanga's dream book

Why does a pulled out tooth dream, according to the seer?

Teeth crumbling in a dream symbolize illness and lonely old age. Blood in a dream in which teeth crumble - to the death of a relative. nine0011

Interpretation of Azar's dream book

If you dream that your teeth are crumbling and falling out, you are afraid to have sexual intercourse with a more experienced person. If your teeth crumble in a dream, you experience complexes regarding your appearance. Most likely, all your complexes are far-fetched and there are actually no problems with appearance.

A pulled out tooth // Phoebe's dream book

Why dream that teeth crumble in a dream - your loved ones are in dire need of you and your support. This is a quarrel with relatives. Perhaps in the near future you will quarrel with distant relatives over real estate or inheritance. Teeth crumble in a dream - to a quarrel with a lover, a separation or a complete break in relations is possible. nine0011

Pulled out tooth: Tsvetkov's dream book

If you dream that your teeth are crumbling, this is a warning dream. There are people in your environment who envy your position and want to spoil everything with gossip and intrigue. Be attentive to your loved ones - such a dream may portend a breakup with your soulmate and a quarrel with friends.

What a pulled out tooth predicts from Miss Hasse's dream book

Teeth crumble - pay attention to your health. Such dreams usually dream of serious illnesses that occur without symptoms. Contact the hospital to diagnose your health condition so as not to start feeling unwell and start treatment in a timely manner. nine0011

A pulled out tooth // Stern Robinson's dream book

If teeth crumble in a dream, it warns you of possible troubles that are caused by communication with absurd and sick people. If teeth that crumble began to fall out, your anxieties and fears will become a reality. If your dentist tries to resuscitate your tooth, this is a sign of a protracted serious illness. If you have a tooth knocked out, then a sudden problem awaits you, either in business or with health. When you see that all the teeth that have crumbled have fallen into place, it means that the black stripe in your life is changing to a white stripe. A dream in which you analyze your crumbling teeth warns you - you should beware of novelty in the business field. nine0011

A pulled out tooth // dream book of Nancy Wagaiman

Why does a dreamer dream of a pulled out tooth?

When you dream that you are curing your bad teeth and freed yourself from plaque and tartar, it always means that you will be able to get out of a protracted illness. Things in the financial sector will also go smoothly.

A pulled out tooth - Dream Interpretation 1918

If a dentist removes your teeth in a dream, this predicts the loss of your loved one, faithful person. If in a dream you dreamed that your entire dentition fell out, this is considered a bad sign. A dream portends either a deterioration in well-being, or a very serious illness that can lead to death. If your teeth in a dream dangle very much on the verge of falling out, the dream suggests that a series of troubles and problems associated with the financial sector awaits you. But the dream associated with the removal of teeth has a positive interpretation. So, for example, an extracted tooth without blood predicts an improvement in business and family. Difficulties will recede. The dream also speaks of a joyful event in life. If in a dream. Teeth that were not healthy, removed (fell out) without pain, speaks of liberation from unnecessary problems that have weighed on you for a long time. nine0011

A pulled out tooth according to the Numerological dream book

A pulled out tooth - If in a dream the teeth are not removed, but broken, then this indicates the death of a loved one. If you remove a diseased tooth that haunts you - a long-awaited solution to problems. If your teeth are removed in your dreams - to the death of a loved one, if the removal was with blood, a friend, if without blood, the death of a friend. A positive interpretation of such a dream means the removal of enemies, envious people from your life. When a healthy tooth is removed in a dream, a dream predicts a quarrel with superiors. nine0011

Seeing a lot of teeth pulled out in a dream

An ordinary dream in which you pull your teeth predicts an unpleasant battle with the illness of people you know. Dreaming about how you pull extra teeth - this is a positive characteristic of sleep - extra people, unnecessary, envious ones will leave your life. And it will bring you moral relief. When a doctor pulls out your teeth in a dream, the dream predicts illness. You take the torn teeth with you, in reality you cannot let go of the negative moments of your past, and this prevents you from living. nine0011

What is the dream of A pulled out tooth according to the interpreter of dreams according to N. Stepanova

For those born from January to April:

A pulled out tooth - To the loss of a loved one.

For those born from May to August:

To see you pulling your teeth in a dream means that your ill-wishers will kick you out of the saddle.

For those born from September to December:

Pulling teeth at the dentist - to a painful condition.

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