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Male Attractiveness and Aging | At What Age Does A Man Look His Best

Guess who was voted the sexiest man of the year in 1989? And the sexiest man of the century in 1999?

Sean Connery.

And do you know how old he was when he was voted the sexiest man on Earth?


That's right – women voted a 59-year-old man as sexier than any other man on the planet.

This might be surprising to a lot of men who think that after 40, male attractiveness takes a nose-dive.

Sure – there are a lot of men who give up on their personal presentation around that age but it doesn't have to be that way.

In this article, I'm going to give you 5 tips to maintain your attractiveness past the age of 40.

We'll also discuss male sex appeal and how it's affected by getting older.


I've had a number of older men approach me on this issue.

Some were men who'd gone through a divorce or were recently widowed, but most questions came from men aged 40+ who were trying to figure out how they could stand out as a distinguished gentleman.

They generally asked similar questions:

  • How can I start dressing in a certain way?
  • How can I start to use style?
  • How can I date younger women without people asking me “oh, is this your daughter?”

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At What Age Does A Man Look His Best?

I recently found a British study that showed the median age in which a man starts to make the crossover into being considered older is 39.

It's at this point, men start to worry about being unattractive or “old looking.”

And it's not just single gentlemen. Take me for example. Even though I'm happily married to an amazing woman, I still want to appear attractive.

Attractiveness is not just about attracting women. It's about appearing strong and masculine so that you can attract business partners and clients.

When people see you, you want them to be attracted to you on all levels.

Without debating the morality or fairness of it, multiple studies have shown that attractive people are hired sooner, promoted faster, and earn as much as 4% more than their less-attractive counterparts.

When you're perceived as attractive, you're seen as more open and approachable and therefore have a better chance of being exposed to more people, including potential clients and business partners.

So while the following 5 tips were originally developed for older gentlemen concerned by their appearance, they're also applicable to men at any stage of life.

How To Look Attractive As An Older Man

#1 Attractive older men look available

A lot of the men I spoke to were recently divorced and were in their mid-forties.

After almost a lifetime of their spouse looking after them and choosing their clothes, these guys found that not only did they lack personal presentation, they had no idea how to improve it.

Some of them went through a long time period during which they simply didn't care about their appearance, and as a result, their confidence was way down. They certainly didn't consider themselves attractive older men.

Whether you're 40, 50, 60, or 70+, the first step is for you to figure out how to look presentable so that when you walk into a room, women will look at you and quickly determine: “Hey, this guy is on the market. He looks interesting.”

Women are less concerned about age than men are. It's not something that will turn them off.

It's your appearance that counts in this situation. A lot of very attractive women like attractive older men but they make the assumption that an older man is no longer available, and the reason is that for the most part – it's true.

Most single women know that men past the age of 40 are married or involved in long-term relationships.

#2 Attractive older men dress the part

So now you need to send a crystal-clear signal that you're available. Since it's the first thing women notice, you have to dress the part.

Basically, attractive older men start by dressing like a man, not like someone who buys his clothes in a cheap outlet store.

Throw on that sports jacket you never wear (you may have to dry-clean it), or if you're not into sports jackets, start wearing more casual button-up shirts that are going to show that you care about yourself and that you haven't given up on life.

Lose the sneakers and pull on a pair of smart dress shoes or Chelsea Boots. Combine this with chinos or dress pants, and you'll instantly look 100x better.

For added flair – and to really stand out as a distinguished gentleman – add a pocket square.

#3 Attractive older men understand the importance of grooming

Pay careful attention to your grooming. Make sure you read my article on the 7 Grooming Mistakes Men Make.

You tend to sprout hair from everywhere as you grow older so have to make sure you have impeccable grooming habits.

The means trimming your nose hair and eyebrows, investing in a skincare routine (and sticking to it). Wash your face morning and night, use an exfoliator, and follow up with a moisturizer.

It's not as difficult or complex as you think, once you get into the swing of things.

Trust me – attractive older men take care of themselves, and women notice!

#4 Believe it or not, attractive older men might dye their hair

A lot of men start to go gray around the age of 30. There's nothing wrong with this but if you're going prematurely gray, or if you're 50+ and you're looking to date a woman in her 20s or 30s, you may wish to dye your hair.

You've got two options. Dye it yourself at home or go to a salon.

The problem with dyeing your hair at home is that there's a good chance you'll come away with a solid shade of completely unnatural-looking hair. Not a good look.

The most important thing when it comes to dying your hair is that it has to look natural.

My advice when you're starting off? Head to the salon. You can be as forthright as you're comfortable with but you want to relay to them that you want to upgrade your look and you're interested in dying your hair for that purpose.

Once you're committed to dyeing your hair, you have to keep this up regularly. If you don't, you'll look odd when your natural hair color starts growing back in and displacing the colored hair.

I have a friend that's married to a beautiful Russian woman 25 years younger than he is. In all the time I've known him, I never thought about it and then it dawned on me that he's been dyeing his hair for a long time.

I should have known but I simply wasn't paying attention. One day it just struck me and I said to him: “Wow! Good job, Roger.”

Though I've mentioned 50s and 60s, there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't continue doing this into your 60s or 70s, or to start doing it at that age.

More important than anything else is to make sure you have fun. This is something you do for yourself and you don't have to worry about what other people are going to say or think.

If dying your hair makes you feel more confident or younger – go for it.

#5 Attractive older men take care of their bodies

Nothing makes a man look older than if he's carrying on a lot of extra weight, especially in the face.

If you start getting a double chin, you need to reconsider how you're taking care of your body.

The number 1 thing you can do to help is to watch what you eat.

There are some fantastic resources out there, and one I can recommend is Abel James at Fat-Burning Man – a personal friend with great free podcasts, books, and other resources that you can use.

Just make sure you pay attention – you're never going to be able to outrun your mouth when it comes to the food you put into it.

The second part of taking care of your body is to exercise.

It's essential that you don't just focus on one thing, so if you usually just do cardio, try adding some weight training and vice versa.

There's tons of information out there, so you have no excuse. Some of your options are:

  • Join a gym
  • Join a specific fitness program
  • Get a personal trainer
  • Work with a dietitian

Whatever you decide on, you have to focus on getting your body in shape if you're an older guy who wants to attract women.

Bonus tip #1 Take care of your teeth

Like many other things, time takes its toll on the teeth. You'll find your teeth yellowing as you grow older.

No woman is attracted to unhealthy, yellow-looking teeth.

If you used to smoke or have just neglected your teeth in the past, you're probably going to want to look at something like getting your teeth whitened.

Be sure to talk to your dentist, and if you have terrible teeth and a bit of money, you may want to consider veneers as an option.

Veneers are a unique way of upgrading your teeth and this will go a long way towards making you look more attractive.

Bonus tip #2 Take care of your skin

I touched upon this earlier but if you're already in your 50s or 60s and you've neglected your skin in the past, this is going to be a bit tougher.

You'll have to consider products that have ingredients like retinol DMAE, MSM, and ARGIRELINE.

These ingredients will help you improve the condition of your skin.

No idea what I'm talking about? Go read my article Man's Guide to Lotion | How to Buy Men's Face and Body Products.

If you're in your 30s or 40s, you have a bit more leeway, but you should immediately start paying attention to looking after your skin. Your future self will thank you!

Finally… Attractive Older Men Are Confident!

One of the great things about getting older is that you've been through life, and you've become a lot more confident. And this is a great thing.

You've started to break away from the mainstream, and you begin to realize this is your one shot in life.

Make sure you capitalize on this confidence.

Know that you're going to have a great time and go live your life the way you want to. And stop worrying about the opinion of others.

And don't make the mistake of ignoring ladies your own age. You may well find that you find a gem there that you won't find in a younger companion.

Some guys don’t get it right. Find out why men are giving up on dating so you don’t make the same mistakes.

Click below to watch the video – The Rise Of WEAK Men? Are Men LESS Masculine?

Why 35 is officially the most miserable age for men. . .

As if life wasn't tough enough already for thirty-something Irish males, they can now expect their mid-life crisis to arrive 10 years ahead of schedule.

New research claims that 35 is now the "most miserable" age a man can be, challenging the traditional belief that the crushing 'What Have I Done With My Life?' moment only hits men in their mid-40s.

A study commissioned by the UK relationship counselling service Relate found that many 35-year-olds are now exhibiting the symptoms popularly associated with middle-aged men who suddenly start riding motorbikes and generally losing the run of themselves.

This early onset feeling of self-doubt, restlessness and fear of impending decrepitude is otherwise known as a "midlife thrisis".

Its victims include celebrities like Jamie Oliver, the 35-year-old chef who has recently taken to breaking down in tears during interviews and 36-year-old Robbie Williams, who has abruptly got married and rejoined Take That in the last six months.

The award winning chef and food campaigner Jamie Oliver, who turned 35 this summer and now has four young children, might be expected to be happy and secure.

But it's clear from his recent interviews, including one in which he wailed "there's still lots of people who don't like me. No one understands me, no one" that Jamie may be having a little thrisis of his own.

Williams has owned up to having an "early midlife crisis" in the past, saying he coped by "shaving my head, getting an earring and riding fast motorbikes at the track to appear wind-swept and interesting".

The Take That star can at least look to his large personal fortune for comfort. For mere mortals, the accelerated onset of middle-aged angst is being blamed, largely, on the economy.

The survey claims that the current generation of male, thirty-something Baby Gloomers are facing a sudden and unexpected deluge of torments that they may not be equipped to deal with.

It is a toxic mix of job-insecurity, isolation and emotional uncertainty.

For thirty-something men who came of age during the easy times of an unprecedented boom, the sudden change in fortunes is leading to a plague of 'oh-what's-the-point?' self-absorption.

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And the Relate study warns that the real killer is the widespread assumption, fuelled by the media and our political and business leaders, that things are not going to get better any time soon.

Traditionally a man's thirties were the time for him to enjoy the fruits of his labours, in between his hardworking twenties and the inevitable slowing up and settling down period of his forties.

This decade of your life has, in the past, bought confidence, rewards for ambition and hard work and the sexual maturity to make the most of relationships.

For Irish men such as Anthony, a 35-year-old who was working as a sub-contractor in the building trade, the promise of the good-life in this decade has not been fulfilled.

Anthony, who asked that we did not use his full name, says "mid-life crisis" doesn't really cover what he and many of his friends are now dealing with.

"Like a lot of guys my age, I was working hard, making good money, thinking about the future. Not exactly making big plans because I was probably too busy enjoying myself, but I was confident that things were working out fine" he says.

"The construction industry just shut down pretty much overnight. I've managed to find a couple of jobs here and there since and I'm currently re-training, but it's hard."

Anthony's "few nights out" with his friends are dominated by talk about the difficult present and the uncertain future.

"It gets you down because most of my friends would be in the same boat. They are in their mid-thirties, they are struggling and it's like every time you turn on the radio or the six o'clock news there's more bad news.

"It's tough for lads because we were all brought up to work, look after our families, build a future. You can end up feeling pretty useless, like there's nothing for you to work towards.

"This should have been a good time for us, we worked hard to enjoy a bit of life, it's not working out that way".

Colin Carroll is a 37-year-old, solicitor and "adventurer" from Fermoy, Co Cork, who has spent much of his thirties undertaking a series of escapades, from biking across South America and taking part in Sumo wrestling for a TV project to organising his own 'Paddy Games' sports festival in Cork.

And Colin agrees that 35 is a big watershed for Irish men.

"When you get to 35, you really start thinking about the future because you are still young enough to achieve things but you are starting to knock on the door of middle age," he says.

"You suddenly realise you are 10 years way from 45, a pot belly and being too old to try anything new," he says.

"That puts you in a rush to do something before you hit 40, climb that mountain or take risks while you can still handle yourself.

"Time really speeds up when you hit your mid-thirties, you are supposed to be old enough to have figured out what you want to do and have your plans made but you still feel that restlessness, that you should still be out there trying new things.

"On the one hand, you are at an age where people take you seriously, on the other, you may not be that sure of yourself at all and you are still young enough to act silly and get away with it".

Colin says that 35 or over is a dangerous age for guys who have not yet settled down in a long-term relationship.

"It's weird because at my age, the girls I really fancy are usually way out of my league and the girls I should fancy are not fun enough," he says.

"You could be chatting up at a girl in her mid-20s and she's thinking 'get lost, granddad' but the women your own age might be too serious and looking for a husband."

Colin has his own recipe for dealing with the dreaded "thrisis" -- he's off on another adventure this month, taking a bike by ferry from Cork to Spain and then travelling down to North Africa to bike alone across the Sahara into the New Year.

'I'm not ready to settle down yet, it's a bit mad and maybe a bit risky but I want to do this while I can still handle myself," he says.

Colin's next big adventure might seem like the classic case of a guy acting out a mid-life crisis -- even if he is still a bit away from his fortieth. But it fits with the hypothesis that 35 is now the new 45 for a lot of men.

However, if that really is the case, then at what age can men finally expect to find a bit of peace and contentment?

The current research tells us that a man will be at his happiest as he approaches his 74th birthday. It's apparently the time when wisdom and experience finally kicks in, when a man is finally let in on the punch line of life's long joke.

Little wonder, then, that 35-year-olds are so unhappy. They are not even halfway to attaining true enlightenment and spiritual peace.

Russians named the most attractive age for men and women

Sometimes sociologists are betrayed by the innate instinct of self-preservation, and they obviously run into a wave of criticism from the respondents. This risk, it seems, was not taken into account by the staff of the research center of the recruiting portal Superjob. ru . Almost on the eve of March 8, they asked active working Russians a rather "slippery" question: at what age are women and men most attractive? nine0004

And the answers received were completely "non-delicate". It turned out that men prefer… no, not blonde models. Contrary to popular belief, the stronger sex more often loses its head not from young "nymphs and Amazons" of eighteen years old, but from mature women "in the prime of life" - those who are 26-30. It is this age of the greatest female attractiveness in the proposed scale that was noted by the most men - 30%, almost every third. True, in addition to this, it was found that men's "flourishing" comes later, at 36-40 years old, but it lasts longer than that of their peers. They do not lose their charm over the years! It turns out that the hero of the famous musical "The Duenna", ridiculed by young rivals, was not so mistaken when he deduced his aria in a trembling falsetto: "Male beauty is seen in wrinkles!" nine0009

Two tables for greater clarity of the survey results.

"In your opinion, at what age is the peak of MALE attractiveness?"

Respondents' answers were distributed as follows:

9000 9000


"What do you think, at what age are the peak of female attractiveness. ?" nine0009

Respondents' answers were distributed as follows:



,0002 Why are men especially much to the Dentical Years of the Preddalzakov years? "This is the age of maximum female sexuality, physical, moral, career opportunities, the most optimal for the birth of children," the respondents explain. nine0009

Younger girls between the ages of 21 and 25 are found most attractive by 24% of men, most of whom are in the same age group (41%). But men over 25 years old are more often attracted to ladies of Balzac age - from 31 to 35 years old (19%). "Real femininity"; “Experience, lack of illusions,” this is how they describe women at the age of just over 30. Here is another opinion, moreover, from a woman’s lips: “This is no longer a girl, but also not fixated on problems, a free girl in most cases. In this figure is not yet spoiled by age, usually a decent education (there is something to talk about. As a rule, she dresses well, takes care of herself and easily makes contact with the opposite sex. Does not bother a man with thoughts about marriage and children, because she still has a lot of time. A little frivolous, but already with an established character. In general, the very thing! " nine0009

And why do beauties aged 36-40 outshine in the eyes of men young and lovely young ladies aged 16-20 - 9% versus 4%? "Nature gives a woman the last chance to give birth to a healthy child, in connection with which all the resources of the body, brain, soul are concentrated," fans of mature femininity comment. Another 3% of the representatives of the stronger sex believe that the peak of female attractiveness falls on the age of 41 to 45 years: "The most interesting age for a woman. They are beautiful and stately."

7% of the men we surveyed found it difficult to name the best age for a woman. "Young girls attract with their bodies. Mature ladies - with their minds"; "A real woman is attractive at any age", "There are practically no women who are unattractive by nature, with rare exceptions. There are women who do not want or cannot be attractive. And if external data is combined with intelligence and female charm, not a single man can resist", they say evasively. nine0009

As for men, judging by the representatives of the fair sex, the peak of attractiveness comes much later for them, but lasts longer than for women. Thus, most women (27%) are sure that the heyday of male powers is the age from 36 to 40 years. Almost the same number of women (26%) consider the age of 31 to 35 to be the best for a man: "Not old, but already established men"; "As a rule, by the age of 36, a man has formed as a person, everything is in order with his work, he has his own views on life. " nine0009

At the same time, many survey participants note that men's attractiveness depends less on age than women's. “It is rather associated with personality traits, even with professional qualities. The more a man has taken place and realized himself (both in the profession and in the family), the more attractive he is. So for some, this peak lasts a very long time - until death,” they argue they.

17% of women consider the age of 41 to 45 as the peak of male attractiveness: "At this age, men begin to understand women"; "Peak of Activity" Almost the same number of the fair sex (16%) reported that they like men aged 26-30 the most, and the bulk of these respondents are girls under 24 (34%). “By this age, it is already clear what a man wants in life, what he strives for, what he has. At the same time, he is quite young and full of energy,” they comment. nine0009

And only 3% of respondents consider the age of 21 to 25 as the peak of male attractiveness. 16-20-year-old boys are not at all "quoted" among ladies. The reason is that at this age, young people still cannot boast of professional viability, firmness of life views and a stable position in society.

7% of women found it difficult to pinpoint the peak of male attractiveness: "At any age, it is primarily the personality that attracts"; "A man, if he is real, is good at any age!"; "It all depends on what age the woman herself is. There is a life rule - husbands should be older, and lovers should be younger!". nine0009

In their research, sociologists give a whole range of opinions - about representatives of both their own sex and the opposite. I must say that men generally agree that with age they are valued more, "like a good cognac." Among them, only 6% think that the peak of male attractiveness is in early youth, up to 25 years. Every fifth (19%) is sure that their best age is 26-30 years old ("Optimal for starting a family - maximum male potency, maximum moral and physical strength"). Approximately the same number (21%) noted the column "31-35 years old" ("At this age, guys turn into men. "), as well as (20%) - 36-40 years old. 16% said that the peak of male charm is 41-45 years old. However, with a caveat: “This is if you manage to keep your physical shape, develop your mental abilities to the maximum and accumulate a lot of experience.”

And, of course, there were some philosophers. They believe that a man is attractive "up to 90 years old, if he can and wants to be attractive", and "the age at which the peak of male attractiveness falls depends on the age of the lady who evaluates the man."

Some cynically remark that "the peak of male attractiveness lasts from birth to death, since there are much more women on Earth than men. All the time there is a real hunt from the weaker sex for attention, for the continuation of the human race, for love. So it was so it is and so it will be." There is another opinion: "It depends on how much money is in your pocket. The more of it, the more attractive." nine0009

Even the heads of the plumbing and transport departments spoke out, as if at a meeting.

"If a man takes care of his health, then you get a very wide "fork" (and at 50 you can look 30). Health and a youthful look always attract women!", says the head of plumbers. "It's strange, but there is no my age! There is a youthful one, an adult too, but there is no attractiveness of a wise man (in the full sense of the word). I got married last year (my wife is younger than me)!" - this was written by a 45-year-old head of the transport department from Moscow. nine0009

"I'm 51. I'm devilishly attractive," said a St. Petersburg respondent.

And the best assessment of the alignment of forces and chances was given by a 57-year-old Moscow foreman: "A man in all age groups should behave and act like a real man. Then he is attractive until old age."

It's hard to disagree.

Scientists have found out what men and women look for in a future partner

Older women pay more attention to a man's appearance and less to intelligence, income and other qualities that are important for young girls, scientists from Australia found. With men, the reverse metamorphosis occurs - the external attractiveness of a partner for them gradually fades into the background over the years, and the personality begins to play a more important role. nine0009

The preferences of men and women in potential partners differ in youth, but become more similar with age, Australian experts from the Queensland University of Technology have found. They outlined the details in an article in the magazine PLOS ONE .

People's preferences for sexual partners influence their decisions about sex, relationships, and having children. This, in turn, affects other aspects of society - gender roles, the level of equality, the birth rate, politics and much more. However, it remains unclear how preferences for certain traits differ between men and women and at different stages of life. nine0009

To find out what traits men and women find attractive in partners over the years, the researchers surveyed 7,325 Australians aged 18-65 registered on dating sites. Participants in the study were asked to rate the importance of nine characteristics of a potential mate on a scale of 0 to 100.

Traits were divided into three categories - aesthetic (age, attractiveness, physical characteristics), resource (intelligence, education, income) and personal (trust, openness, emotional connection). nine0009

Statistical analysis of responses revealed similar priorities for men and women: both rated physical body, attractiveness, and all three personality traits as very important, while income was much less important. However, women rated the importance of age, education, intelligence, income, trust, and emotional connection 9-14 points higher than men. In addition, compared to all other characteristics, men placed more importance on attractiveness and physique than women. nine0009

More interesting were the changes in preferences with age. Although men in general gave more relative importance to aesthetic characteristics than women, this gap narrowed with age - men began to be more interested in other qualities, while women paid more attention to visual attractiveness. At the same time, mature women were less interested in the personal qualities of their partner than young women. Representatives of both sexes with age attached more importance to openness and trust. nine0009



In general, the preferences of men and women became more and more similar with age.

“Both sexes tend to find the same things in potential partners as sexual, but at different stages of life,” the researchers note. “At different ages, men and women can differ significantly in how much importance they attach to certain characteristics.”

Differences in preferences between men and women may be related to the theory of parental investment in evolutionary psychology, says lead author Stephen White. According to this theory, females are more selective in their choice of partners because they put more effort into the survival of offspring. nine0009

Many gender differences are socialized, but some are evolutionary, explains psychologist Beatrice Alba of Deakin University.

“Men can have a large number of children because they don't have to get pregnant and breastfeed,

,” she says. “They can afford to mate with many females and also partner with younger females that have more reproductive potential over their lifetime.” nine0009

The results of the study support earlier findings that men and women have different preferences for potential mates, says psychologist Brendan Zitsch of the University of Queensland. However, he says a growing body of research suggests that what people say about their preferences doesn't necessarily correspond to what they actually choose.

“Basically, we don't know how significant these stated preferences are. This is an ongoing area of ​​research,” Zitsch says.

The study involved users of online dating services, says White, so it's not worth extending the results to other groups of people just yet. Larger studies are needed to obtain data that most fully reflects the views of the population.

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