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The Heights performs in the music video "How Do You Talk to an Angel" from the album "The Heights (Music from the Television Show)" recorded for Capitol Records. Jamie Walters sings into a m... Read allThe Heights performs in the music video "How Do You Talk to an Angel" from the album "The Heights (Music from the Television Show)" recorded for Capitol Records. Jamie Walters sings into a microphone in a studio while clips from the television series The Heights (1992) play throu... Read allThe Heights performs in the music video "How Do You Talk to an Angel" from the album "The Heights (Music from the Television Show)" recorded for Capitol Records. Jamie Walters sings into a microphone in a studio while clips from the television series The Heights (1992) play throughout the video.





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    ash of a time

    A refuge. One of love songs resurrecting memories, flavours, dreams in a sort of nostolgia having this name only because other is not reasonable. Beautiful, off course, poetic, no doubts. Old ? Not exactly, if you feel each lyric as part from yourself.



    • Kirpianuscus
    • Mar 8, 2020


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    How Do You Talk To An Angel by Jamie Walters

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    • Before Aaron Spelling cast Jamie Walters as Ray Pruit on his popular teen soap Beverly Hills, 90210, Walters played a soft-spoken singer on another Spelling drama: The Heights. The short-lived series follows a group of young adults who form a rock band, an idea Spelling borrowed from the 1991 movie The Commitments. He hired Steve Tyrell, a record producer and singer-songwriter known for his work on movie soundtracks such as The Five Heartbeats and Father of the Bride, as the show's music supervisor. Tyrell also co-wrote the theme song "How Do You Talk To An Angel" along with then-wife Stephanie Tyrell and songwriter Barry Coffing.

      Singing from the perspective of his shy character, Alex O'Brien, Walters tries to muster the courage to talk to a female sax player he likes. On the strength of the song, Tyrell was enlisted to write an entire soundtrack album that would coincide with the show's fall premiere. As the lead single, the theme song peaked at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Unfortunately, The Heights wasn't as successful: It was canceled less than a week after the single dropped off the top of the chart.

    • This was the last TV theme song to hit #1 on the Hot 100. Prior to the 1992 feat, the Miami Vice theme topped the chart in 1985.

    • Boyz II Men were enjoying a record 13-week run with "End of the Road" when "Angel" soared to #1, a fact that put the wind in Steve Tyrell's wings. "One thing I'm real proud of about the song is that it knocked off 'End of the Road,'" he told Billboard magazine. "At the time that was the biggest record of all time and our little song from a TV show cruised right on up there and knocked it out of number one."

    • Tyrell remembers being blown away by Walters' audition: "Jamie Walters came in to audition in my studio and played 'So Hot' on guitar. I immediately loved the sound of his voice and the hooky, bluesy licks. I called Spelling and said, 'You should hire this guy. He looks like James Dean and sounds like Bryan Adams. And he can act!"

    • Shortly after Walters released his platinum-selling debut album, including the hit single "Hold On," Spelling brought him to 90210 as a love interest for Donna (played by the producer's daughter, Tori Spelling) in 1994. Ray turned out to be a philanderer and abuser in addition to being a singer of blues-tinged love songs, and the fans wouldn't let the actor live it down. Walters was still a real-life musician signed to Atlantic Records, and his character's reputation wasn't helping his ticket sales. He recalled:

      "At first [Ray] was sort of like the underdog. He was this guy from the wrong side of the town, who didn't fit in with the Beverly Hills kids but he had his music and he was honest and all this stuff. And then they started twisting him into being like this abusive evil boyfriend. I was like you either have to change the character or you have to let me off the show, because I'm going out and I'm trying to sell tickets on our tour, and there's teenage girls out there who think, like they really think I'm an abusive guy you know, and they'd hold up signs saying 'leave Donna alone' and that's so not what I wanted. "

      The show eventually redeemed Ray, with an apology for Donna and a revelation that he had been the victim of child abuse. The ploy worked: His subsequent album,Ride, was certified gold.

    • This was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Music and Lyrics, but lost to Liza Minnelli's "Sorry I Asked."

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    Do you know that there is another world? Closed from otherworldly people who do not believe that he exists. Do you know that everyone has their own phantom? Who lives in the same way, does everything in the same way as we do, only in the world where the door is closed.

    This book is about a girl who sees the world through different eyes. The girl suffered from an illness since childhood, and now she does not walk, but this does not prevent her from living. Dances, sings, writes songs, rapper, musician, very creative girl. nine0005

    But this is not the main thing, the main thing is that she is very kind to everyone, especially to strangers. There is no evil in her heart and she will help anyone, rich or poor, sinner or angel. She will forgive the man who stabs the heart with a knife, and, wounded, will give her hand. By his actions he changes all people, even if they are cruel.

    Her favorite phrase is: “Everything is fine!” At the same time, she always has a smile, but remember: if she says so, it means that not everything is fine ...

    She always smiles and does not show her pain. Very cruel to traitors! Everyone considers her like a guy, because she is fond of cars, weapons, dresses like a rapper, loves adrenaline, clubs and speed. nine0005

    But she can't live without music. Music for her is like air, food and a friend. Through music, she communicates with her guardian angel. But how it appeared, you will learn in this book.

    Chapter 1

    Birth of a mysterious stranger

    One day a daughter was born in a wonderful family. A plump, gray-eyed, smiling child, she was a strong, fully healthy girl. Her character is quiet, calm, silent; when her mother put her to bed, the girl, thinking about the future, slowly fell asleep in her small cradle. nine0005

    That was until 11 months old, when she got sick. She was paralyzed all over, only her eyes moved. They thought she would die, but the girl wanted to live, and God did not let her die...

    The doctors made a fatal diagnosis and said that she would be gone in a year. A year passed, and the girl began to let go, and her mother realized that the doctors were mistaken.

    Everything is the same: diapers, undershirts, the girl is silent and mooing. He can’t say anything, but he looks at the sky and mentally says: “God, thank you for being alive! So I'm needed for something, but for what? nine0005

    God said, "Time will tell."

    The girl says: "All right, my father." Bows before him.

    The girl was gradually growing, she was getting better and better, she could already sit, but she was still silent and mooing, no one understood her. Mom, sister, brother took care of her, her father left - divorced. Mom worked as a teacher, provided the children with everything, especially medicine.

    Years passed, the girl had a cheerful, eventful life; she is an optimist in life.

    God says: “How are you, my girl? Does it hurt, is it hard for you? nine0005

    The girl says: “No, my father, everything is fine, thanks for everything!”

    Every year she was taken to hospitals. Every year she got better, her brother walked, looked after, and her sister helped.

    As the years passed, the girl grew even older. Already the speech became a little clearer, with each improvement she said: “My Father, thank you that I can speak!”

    The girl was three years old, but she continued to mumble, showing her relatives with gestures what she wanted. She played with her favorite toy - a bull, like an ordinary girl, but she was lonely. It seems that she loved silence, but sometimes she ate it. I looked into my mother's kind eyes and regretted that I was born like that. She regretted that she couldn’t help, that she wanted to say: “Mom, I love you,” but she doesn’t understand, but she knows about it. nine0005

    God says: “Daughter, how are you? Better? I'm with you, remember that."

    The girl mentally says, looking at the sky: “I know, my father, thank you for everything: for living, eating, drinking, playing; for the fact that I have a family, my beloved mother, who protects me, and for you - for the fact that I have a heavenly father, you replace my father. I will always love you, even if you stab me in the back!”

    God says, "Are you lonely?"

    The girl says: “No, father, everything is fine!”

    God says: “Well, daughter, I am glad that I have such a daughter. Thank you!" nine0005

    The girl says: “Thank you, my father!”

    A couple of months passed, she began to speak better, and they began to understand her. But all her life she was silent, as if looking into another life. When they took her for a walk, they told her: communicate, get acquainted. But she only smiled at everyone with a fake smile, saying to herself: "I am happy even without communication - this is my element."

    Everyone wondered why the girl was silent: "Oh, she can't speak." But she was silent not because of this, but because she was not interested in this world. As if the girl was out of her element. nine0005

    Everyone was staring at her, saying: “Poor thing,” they were sorry and did not communicate.

    The girl says: “People, people, people, why are you like this? I am the same as you: arms, legs, head. Is it because I don't go? And what difference does it make, healthy or sick?

    God says, "Don't make excuses, my daughter, they won't appreciate it."

    The girl says: “I know, God, my mother is a heroine, thanks to her.”

    God says: “Yes, daughter, your mother is good.”

    The girl says: “But if I were healthy, then…”

    God says: “You would be dead, like everyone else, there would be no soul. Appreciate the fact that you don't go!"

    The girl says: "But walking is great, isn't it?"

    God says: "Yes, but I protected you from the evil world, because you are unusual."

    The girl says: “I am ordinary, and there is nothing like that in me!”

    God only smiled and said: “You are not alone, my girl, there is someone behind you.”

    She asked: "Who?"

    “You will find out, but he is very sinful and dangerous for you!” nine0005

    "My father, show me who he or she is?"

    He left without saying anything. And the girl has been thinking about his words ever since. Who is he? How to find it? And what is his name?

    Every day she thought: who is he? And she prayed to God to speak, but he was silent. Thoughts swirled in my head day and night.

    The girl said: “Okay, not fate, but, damn it, who is it anyway?”

    There are a couple of months left before her birthday, she is four years old.

    Everything is as usual: breakfast, lunch, dinner, party, nothing special. She seems to have made friends with someone, but it’s not for her to be friends, although she was a true friend, but no one knew about it. nine0005

    She went to bed one night, but she thought of him again.

    The girl says: “Who are you? Respond! Damn, something's not right here. Why is he dangerous?! God, come and tell, please."

    God says: “Yes, my daughter?”

    The girl says: “My father, forgive me for disturbing you, but tell me who is behind me. I want to see him".

    God says: “Daughter, don't. This is a sinful angel, I will deliver you from him!”

    The girl says: “Angel? Is he handsome? nine0005

    God says: “Beautiful, but the soul is ugly. Forget about him!"

    The girl says: “No, I won't forget him. And what if the soul is ugly? Everyone makes mistakes, and what, immediately to hell?!”

    God says: “He is rude, a hooligan, he killed a man – is that normal for you?!”

    The girl says: “So what?”

    God says: “So what?! He needs to get out of your life!”

    The girl says: “Then I will leave!”

    God says: “Where to, my angel?”

    The girl says: “I am not an angel. I want to be with him, even though he killed the devil himself!!!" nine0005

    God says: All right, I'll give it to you for a while, but he will go away himself, since the holy life is not his, all the more, he disdains being in the company of the sick.

    The girl says: “Thank you, my father!”

    The girl somehow rolled over on her side and fell asleep.

    The next morning…

    The girl says: “Good morning! The sun is wonderful! And I will finally know about you, dear young man.

    Breakfast passed, but no answer, no greeting.

    The girl says: "Okay, I'll wait some more!" nine0005

    Lunch passed, but he is not around.

    The girl says: “What is this? Is God right and he doesn't need me? Unfortunately, this is so... Okay, dear young man, I hope you're all right? Know that I love you! Whatever you are… Thank you for being with me!”

    God never came and showed him.

    In a month…

    God says: “Hello, my daughter! I'm sorry I didn't bring him."

    The girl says: “How is my guardian angel?”

    God says: “He is not your keeper! He is a sinner and now he is in hell! I will give you another, more holy and correct!” nine0005

    The girl says: “What?!”

    God says: “Forgive me, I know that…”

    Girl says: “What?!”

    God says: “He shouldn't be with you! He will destroy you! You are my little girl, he is very bad, he is a bandit! Why do you need him? I know you're in pain, but eating is better."

    The girl says: "Go away, I don't want to see you!"

    God says: “Daughter!”

    The girl says: “Go away!!!”

    God says: “How can you love a person without seeing him? And beg to save him. Especially a sinner!!!" nine0005

    The girl says: “How can you put an innocent person in hell?!”

    God says: “Innocent? Are you saying that I'm unfair?"

    The girl says: “Yes, damn it!!!”

    God says: “Never say the word “damn”! Summon the Devil!!!"

    The girl says: “Who is the devil?”

    God says: “The devil is a bad uncle!”

    The girl says: “Is he in hell too?”

    God says: “Yes… Cough-cough, something tickled in the throat…”

    The girl says: “Hmm, you are hiding something!”

    God is gone.

    The girl was sad all day, she had only one desire - to see him. She smiled in front of her relatives, but there was a huge wound in her soul!

    When they put her to bed, the girl cried and said: “How are you, my dear? Yes, God says you're a sinner, but I don't care! You are my guardian angel, only you!!! I don't need anyone else! I feel that you feel bad there!!! Hell… Hmm, what is this place? How did God say? Do not say the word "damn" - will you call on the devil? Maybe he can help me, uncle devil? Forgive me, God, but I can't leave my guardian angel in trouble!!! Yes, he may not need me, but I need him! Damn, damn, damn!!!" nine0005

    The girl heard a voice: “Yes!”

    The girl says: "Are you Uncle Devil?"

    The devil says: “Ha ha ha. Yes, but who are you?

    The girl says: “I want to save my guardian angel!”

    The devil says: “Guardian angel? Are you a daughter of God?

    The girl says: “Yes! You recently received a young man for murder.

    The devil says: “A-ha-ha-ha… Well, yes! There is a new, little Korean boy. But, girl with a pure soul, you were mistaken, there are no guardian angels here. There are sinners here, and they will be severely punished!” nine0005

    The girl says: “How?”

    The devil says: “They will burn and die. I am the master of all demons and sinners, and I decide whether to kill them or kill them! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!"

    The girl says: “Stop laughing!!!”

    The devil says: “What?!”

    The girl says: “If you touch my angel, it will not seem enough!!!”

    The devil says: “He is not your angel!!!”

    The girl says: “I don't care! Let him go!!!"

    The devil says: “Oh-oh-oh-oh, a girl with pure beauty, wisdom and a very kind heart. Listen, I like you. Do not want to me? And I will release your angel." nine0005

    The girl says: “I want to! But first he!

    The devil says: “All right, my beautiful one, but first sign something. I will surround you with care, love, and you will receive everything without divine lessons.

    The girl says: “The lessons of God are very important lessons, and without them humanity will not understand how to live right! I will only sign when I see him! What do I say to you, what to my father! Touch him and get both!!!"

    The devil says: “But…”

    The girl says: “And you will do it, because you need a pure, bright soul! Correctly?" nine0005

    The devil says, “Yes. And you are also smart, I see!

    The girl says: “So I was born from God, and not from the devil, and if it weren’t for his lessons, I would have neighed like I’m not normal!”

    The devil brushed off the contract with his tail and left.

    The girl says: “Forgive me, God, for yelling at you, you are just. It's me who is crazy, that I love everyone, but I feel bad without him! If you allow me, I will be grateful, if not, then I do not need a stranger angel, I will be a wanderer, forgive me, God! It's just that if he dies, then the person is with him, but I don't mind. I feel that he is burning, and I am with him! Give him a chance, he can, I believe in him! We will die without you!" nine0005

    The girl fell asleep and slept until morning.

    And God heard her words and actions, and said: “Did she protect me? What is this girl? I created her differently, but she added her own. Thank you for not leaving the devil!”

    The devil left angry, but surprised: how could such a little girl deceive him?

    The devil says: “Damn, I like her!!! I want to add to my collection!.. Okay, something must be done with this Korean. Who was sent to me - a saint !!! Bring it to me!!!"

    The servants say: "Good!"

    They brought a little boy to the devil, broken inside…

    The devil says: “Well, are you ready to die? Poor orphan!"

    Poor boy! Afraid, shaking with fear. And asks: "Where did I go?"

    The devil says: “To the world of useless people! A-ha-ha-ha!!!"

    The boy says: “Why are you laughing?!”

    The devil says: “Not this! You now reminded me of my future captive!”

    The boy says: “Horned, are you not enough of your own? I understand that it's work, but... Aw, why am I defending it?! Like a sign." nine0005

    The devil says: "Put him on fire!!!"

    Meanwhile, the girl was in pain and was shaking all over.

    The girl says: “God, help him!!! It's on fire now!!!" Sobs.

    The boy was tied up, then the devil got up and approached him.

    Says: the devil: “Well, boy, are you ready?! No mom, no dad, no sister, no brother, you're alone! Nobody needs. Do you want to be black though?"

    The boy says: “Yes, I would rather die than bow to you!!! I love God, but unfortunately I'm in this hell!!!" nine0005

    The devil says: “Why do you all love him? He's boring!!! Old stump!

    The boy says: “Shut up, red face! Don't you dare insult him! And then I’ll give it!”

    The devil says: “Yes, you got me, then this little girl, then you!!! Guardian angel!!!"

    The boy says: “Guardian angel? In terms of?"

    The devil says: “Well, yes, you have a little girl that you had to protect, but you are mine!!! And this little one will be mine, but later!”

    The boy says: “If you call her a baby one more time, I will definitely hit her!!!” nine0005

    The devil says: “She's all paralyzed, not your type! Give you stunning ones! All goodbye!"

    The boy says: “God, forgive me! I want to see her. Who is she? Bring me to her. Yes, I am a sinner, but I want to be with her!”

    The flame burns closer to him, he closed his eyes, realizing that he would die, but suddenly he hears a voice. The girl cries and says: “I need you, don't die. I love you my angel!"

    The boy says: “I love you too!”

    Suddenly there is a white light in the eyes. nine0005

    The boy says: "Where am I?"

    God says: “You are in paradise!”

    The boy's mouth opened.

    The boy says, "But I am a sinner."

    God says: “No, say thank you to my little daughter! She cried and asked for help, to save you, since you, unfortunately, are her guardian angel. She loves you, which surprises me. Are you ready to be with her? Protect, protect?

    The boy says: "Will she see me?"

    God says: "Yes, hear, see, you can touch each other like real people." nine0005

    The boy says: “To live with a non-walker? Oh my god, boredom!!! It's not going anywhere ... Kapets !!! Maybe for a while? I'm going to die, damn it, there!!!"

    God says: “Yes, I will pick you up later! Don't worry!"

    The boy says: "Hurray, thank you!"

    God says: "But I will repeat everything that happened to you. "

    The boy says: “What exactly?”

    God says: “A car accident. And I will erase your entire memory!

    The boy says: "Good!"

    It was the girl's birthday, she was four years old, and God granted her wish! nine0005

    She was dressed in a nice outfit. We bought a cake, everything is as it should be.

    But the girl is very bad, bad without him, she felt that he burned out.

    Mom says: “Sveta, is everything all right?

    The girl says: “Yes,” smiling falsely. She said to herself: “It is clear, my father, everything is clear.”

    Everyone celebrated her birthday, the girl went to bed with a sad soul.

    God says: “Happy birthday, daughter!”

    But the girl, looking at him, turned away, covered her head under the covers. nine0005

    God left but stroked her head.

    The next morning…

    Mom says: “Sveta, do you want me to leave you in the yard in the arena – will you take a walk?”

    Sveta says: "Yes, mommy. "

    Mom made a playpen and put her there. The weather was wonderful.

    Sveta was sitting in an iron arena, then she found a cigarette - a cigarette butt. Picking it up, I decided to try it, but it turned out to be ineffective. She began to walk in circles in the arena.

    God says: “Well, my son, are you ready? I will erase your memory, but don’t worry, you will be with her for a while, then you yourself will want to leave!” nine0005

    The boy says: “Yes, I am ready. And what is my name?

    God says: “Wei. You are a real phantom of one boy who will be a performer.

    The boy says: “What other artist?!”

    God says: “You are a phantom! A boy from Korea lives on earth, his name is V. But for your daughter, you will be at least a beast, at least a man - as she calls, so be it. Only one condition. She shouldn't know your real name!"

    Sveta is sitting alone.

    Wei's memory was erased and lowered to the ground. nine0005

    Wei says, “Damn, what is this place? Hey my head!!! It's like they've squeezed the juice out of my head!!!"

    Wei looked cool, wearing chains and leather clothes.

    Wei says, “Where the hell am I? Is this a yard? Old, fu-u-u-u! Damn, I want to eat!!! Where are my parents?

    Sveta says: "Hi."

    Wei says, “What?! What is this cart? I'm a cool kid, and you, little one, who?

    Sveta says: "My name is Sveta, it's very nice."

    Wei says: “Yeah, how nice it is for me, straight, damn it, very much!!! Are you upset? Shmakodyavka! nine0005

    Sveta says: “I am a non-walking girl, I got sick in childhood.”

    Wei says: What?! Damn, I don't believe it. Well, okay, I don’t communicate with little ones !!! ”

    Mom comes out and checks on her daughter.

    Wei says, “Um, is that your mom? Hello! Have you seen my parents?

    Mom left a loaf of bread with tea without answering him.

    Wei says, “Hey, I'm telling you! What's in fig? Am I dead, or what? Ahaha. Okay, baby, bye. I'm bored here!!!"

    Kicked the arena. nine0005

    Sveta says: “Would you like some bread?”

    Wei says, “What? Ay, come on!!!"

    Took all the bread! Sveta began to cry, mother came running.

    Mom says: “What is it, daughter?”

    Sveta says: "He took my bread."

    Mom says: “Who? I don't see anyone! Now I'll bring another bread."

    Wei says: “Hee-hee, I don't understand. How so? I'm standing here."

    Mom says: "Here, hold on, you'll be home soon."

    Wei says, "Hey, can you see me?" nine0005

    Mom left.

    Wei says, “Where are my parents? What's happening?"

    Sveta says: "They are gone, you are dead."

    Wei says: "No, I don't believe it!!!"

    He sat down beside her, clenched his knees, and began to weep bitterly.

    Wei says, “Okay, what am I? Goodbye".

    Wei let go of his head and walked towards the exit.

    Sveta says: “Don't leave! Stay with me, there is a place.

    Wei says, “Do you want me to stay? After I was rude? nine0005

    Sveta says: “Were you rude? Everything is fine, my friend, you lost your parents, but you are not alone, and I need you.

    Wei says, “Do you need me? Yes, I am a greyhound rude, I swear, I smoke, I drink, at the age of 10 I want to try something new, there is a lot more! Do you want me to stay?"

    Sveta says: “Yes, and you are even more hungry.

    Wei says, "No baby, I'm bored here."

    Sveta felt sad, said, well, go, but Wei's stomach grumbled, and Sveta said: "Maybe some bread?" nine0005

    Wei looked at her with a smile, walked over to her, took all the bread, and began to eat. He looked at the girl, wanted to break it off for her, but she said that it was not necessary.

    Sveta says: “Eat yourself! Now let's go home, take a hot bath and lie down in a warm bed.

    Wei looks with surprised eyes and says: “Thank you, dear girl! I'm sorry I was rude to you."

    Sveta says: “Did something happen? I didn't see anything at all."

    Sveta and Wei smiled at each other and started living together. nine0005

    Wei says, “Baby, what's your name? And how old? I am eight".

    Sveta says: "My name is Sveta, I am four years old."

    Wei says: “Oh, yes, you are still small with me, but it’s okay, I will protect you.”

    Sveta says: “What is your name?”

    Wei says, "My name is. .. Um... Whatever you call me, that's what I'll do."

    Sveta says: "Okay, I'll call you Umka."

    Wei says: “Umka? Why Umka?

    Sveta says: "Because I'm curious." nine0005

    Wei says, “A-ha-ha-ha-ha, clear name! Okay, Svetun.

    So they became good friends, and Sveta was in seventh heaven with happiness. Because the first friend appeared, albeit an unusual one.

    They both came home. Sveta did not communicate with him aloud, but simply opened her mouth, looking to the side, as if she saw someone.

    Sveta says: "Come in, Umka, make yourself at home."

    Wei says, “Thank you Brightwing!”

    Wei saw that she couldn't walk at all.

    Wei says, "How did you get so sick? Why don't you go?"

    Sveta says: "A mosquito bit me and I was paralyzed."

    Wei says, “It's definitely not a mosquito! OK. Can I help you?"

    Sveta says: “No thanks! Here's my room, come in."

    Sveta's room had a bunk bed, a table and textbooks.

    Sveta says: “You will sleep… um…”

    Wei says: “Come on the floor.”

    Sveta says: “Good. Oh no, it’s cold on the floor, and you don’t have anything yet, sleep with me.” nine0005

    Wei says, “You surprise me. OK, thanks".

    Sveta sheltered the boy, he began to live like at home. And to feel that the girl needs him.

    Wei says: “Your mother is beautiful and kind. It’s a pity that he doesn’t see me, otherwise…”

    Sveta says: “Otherwise I would have kicked you out, but I want to know about you.”

    Wei says: "It's too long to talk about me."

    Sveta says: “But we are not in a hurry.”

    Wei says: "Well, I'm from Moscow, I lived alone with my parents." nine0005

    Sveta says: "You don't look like a Russian."

    Wei says, "I'm just unique, baby."

    Sveta says: “Okay, it doesn't matter if you're Russian or Korean. The main thing is the soul, and I know that you are a very kind boy!”

    Wei was afraid that he almost gave himself away.

    Wei says, "Thank you, Twinkle, for the kind words."

    Sveta smiled back and said, “No way.”

    Wei did not understand everything and did not know who the phantoms were. And he was very interested in where he came from. nine0005

    Wei says: “What, how are you, Brightwing? Baby, are you okay?"

    Sveta says: “Yes, Umka, and you?”

    Wei says: "Yes, it's somehow boring, I'll go smoke."

    Sveta says: “Can I try?”

    Wei says: “What are you doing! You are a girl, a holy daughter of God, you cannot!”

    Sveta says: “But do I say that I can't? I can do everything! Get out the cigarette!

    Wei with stunned eyes.

    Wei speaking: How are you talking to me? I'm a cool kid! And you're still small!!!" nine0005

    Sveta says: “I speak your language, young man. You can poison the body, but I can't? If I am the daughter of God, then who are you? Heck? Until you quit smoking, I will poison my body with you. And the world is not divided into angels and devils, but only into angels, but white or black, you decide, mister! From birth, we are all with God, and then people themselves turn to the dark side. Because everyone wants everything quickly and for free and is tempted by all the temptations and dark power.”

    Wei says: “So you want to go to the dark power?” nine0005

    Sveta says: “I want to save you from evil spirits. Because you weren't."

    Wei says: “I will never become a guardian angel. I am bad!"

    Sveta says: “You are very good, I can see it. You just made a mistake, anything can happen, it's okay. If you have a dream to become a guardian angel, you have already become one.

    Wei says, “How? For whom?"

    Sveta says: "You are my guardian angel."

    Wei says: “The worst, damn it! I smoke, I drink, I fight, I swear. This is the perfect angel. Let's choose someone else." nine0005

    Sveta says: “So what? This is wonderful! It's not boring at least, otherwise I don't like the saints! Let's smoke a cigarette."

    Wei is completely shocked: how can a girl who doesn't know him support him and believe in him?

    Wei says: “Well, hold on!”

    Sveta tried, grimacing, but said: “Sure!”

    Wei says: "Look, I'll spoil you, holy girl. "

    Sveta says: “Sorry, please, I don’t want to be a right, holy person – it’s boring!” nine0005

    Wei says, “You're sharp as hell! I've never met anyone like that."

    Sveta says: "What kind?"

    Wei says: "Unusual, who do not live by the rules."

    Sveta says: "I'm ordinary, it just seems to you."

    Wei says, “No. It seems that we will turn the world upside down!”

    Sveta says: “Wrong word!”

    Smiling at each other, they went to sleep.

    When Sveta was sleeping, Wei looked at her and said: “Who are you, mysterious stranger? Why do you make me feel so terrible? Everyone was afraid of me, but you accepted, warmed and fed me, you still want to become the same. nine0005

    God says: “You, my son, are her guardian angel. You died in your old life, but in this one you are the phantom of a Korean boy who lives in real life. All his qualities will pass to you, and he is a very talented boy! Be a singer, and you too will be a singer, dancer and actor.

    Wei says: “So I live in his world, only from the other side? Otherworldly?"

    God says: “Yes, exactly. You both exist in this world, and if the real V wants to know you for real, then Sveta will help you meet, since she also exists in his world on earth. nine0005

    Wei says, “So he's bad too? As I".

    God says: "No, he is a normal guy, not such a bully as you."

    Wei says: “Then they should get to know each other, since they have such a connection through me!”

    God says: “Only your nickname and appearance are similar, but you are different, and everyone has their own life, and if V wants to know about her and you, they will meet, the young man himself will try to find you.”

    Wei says, "I see."

    Ghost and angel - Teacher's newspaper

    The large hospital doors at night are parting, but no one enters. You see it with your own eyes in a video taken from cameras in an Argentine hospital. And this hospital is a hospice. People come here to die, but, apparently, having already died, sometimes they return.

    The guard sees, as he later claimed, a sick and fragile woman of high stature (but we don't see anyone). He comes up to her with a tablet, where a sheet is attached to write down her data (he is clearly talking to someone and writing something on the sheets, but we don’t see anyone). The woman we don't see is so emaciated that the guard offers her a wheelchair. But, apparently, she refuses this service: the guard puts the stroller in place. nine0005

    He talks to emptiness, and emptiness answers him.

    The void needs to go to room 915 and pick up the belongings of a woman who recently died there.

    Permissioned emptiness ascends to the ninth floor, but never descends from there again. The guard contacts the nurses in the morning, but it turns out that no one has seen this woman on the ninth floor.

    But later it will become known that the name written on the registration sheet corresponds to the name of a woman from the ill-fated ninth floor, who died about a day before this suspicious visit. nine0005

    (Perhaps the whole scene for the strange video was staged by the guard himself.)

    But it's all mysticism, nerves, possibly fake.

    And here are real children.

    “It's worth it when children see you five months later and run to you, hug and kiss you. That is the real reward."

    So says the commander of the battalion "Apostle" Yuri Gagarin with the call sign "Angel". An amazing coincidence, a cinematic combination of the battalion name, surname, first name and call sign. As if it has some special symbolic meaning. But there is no special meaning - it just happened. Gagarin, apostle, angel saves children. At one time, even before the shell shock, he was involved in the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol, including from basements, and saved 367 children. nine0005

    This is on the list, he says, these are only those who had documents with them. In fact, there were more children.

    “The children were waiting for us to come, information passed between them that there was some kind of brigade of people who were coming and saving the children.

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