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Everyday we’re confronted with a barrage of choices. We make choices about the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the appointments we schedule, the people we meet, the time we turn up to work, which bus we catch, where we sit on the bus, what we do after work, and so on. Living a rich and satisfying life means making good choices on an ongoing basis.

What is a good choice? Good choices are decisions that keep you heading in the direction in which you want to go. Bad choices, on the other hand, end up being counterproductive and can quickly begin spiraling into stress, confusion, and despair.

Some of the trickiness of choice-making arises with options that may be pleasing in the short-term but may incrementally steer us off course over the longer term. Just taking that one extra serving of dessert or staying in bed for only half an hour more can be choices like this. Conversely, some decisions can be a bit dreary or difficult at the time but lead to better directions down the track. Staying home and studying or completing another grueling session at the gym are examples of short-term discomfort for longer-term benefits.

Perhaps the most fundamental consideration with choice-making is to ensure the choices you make are congruent with important goals you have. If you have a quiet, distant goal of being financially independent one day and building a successful career, then making decisions to party excessively with late nights involving lots of drugs and alcohol will likely lead to later discontent and misery regardless of how good it all feels now. Perhaps the partying is related to an important goal of being accepted and liked by others but is at odds with career and financial goals.

Understanding the dynamics of choices can help improve the decisions that you make. Essentially, any choice involves at least two options, both of which have pros and cons associated with them. It might seem, at first, that one of the options doesn’t have many things going for it at all but the very fact that you have paused before pursuing one course of action over another suggests that not everything is humming along synchronously in the machinery of your mind. Taking a moment to reflect on that aspect of your inclinations and wishes that made you hesitate can help you understand the situation more clearly. From this perspective, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

Any choice is made, sooner or later, by considering goals that are more important than the two choices currently in view. At a workshop recently, one of the participants explained that she had made a choice in the morning between having breakfast and lying in bed for longer. She made the choice by deciding that self-care was a priority at the moment so she opted for the extra time in bed. Clearly, “self-care” is a more important aspiration than either a morning’s breakfast or an extra few minutes in bed. By becoming aware of this more important goal, which option to choose became obvious. Another participant described choosing between wearing slacks or shorts to the meetings of the day. As she to’d and fro’d between both items of clothing she realized that she hadn’t seen anyone else wearing shorts so she decided to go with the slacks. So, for this participant, becoming aware of other people, and having her “fitting in” goal highlighted, quickly resolved the decision-making that had been occurring moments before.

Whenever you find yourself pausing over a choice you’re about to make, consider both options in some detail and find the important aspects of them. Pay attention to more highly valued goals that you might become aware of as you’re considering your options. If you can find the higher-level goals that are in the background of your deliberations, the path to take will be evident.

Choice making is an integral part of our daily lives. Ordinarily, we’re very good at making choices and we do so efficiently and seamlessly. Now and then, however, we come up against a decision that gives us a moment to pause. When that occurs, look for the merits in both options and notice the higher-valued goals that appear as you’re considering the choice you’re pondering. Once the important goal is in view, your decision will be clear and you’ll know that the path you’re about to take is consistent and congruent with all that it means to be you.

What's a good choice? - Christine Hassler

As much as you may want it, you don’t have 100% control over your life. In fact, control is an illusion.  But what you do have is CHOICE and that’s awesome.

Our inner and outer choices influence our reality more than anything else. That’s why the choices you make are incredibly important! So what’s a “good” choice?

Let’s go for more than good, let’s go for the BEST kind of choice you can possibly make…

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I’ve had to make some self-honoring choices lately in both my professional and personal life. It was challenging because I was concerned about the reactions of others, but the potential costs of betraying myself gave me the courage.

I want to share with you five keys to making self-honoring choices so that you can stay on track in terms of what is most important to you.

Key One: A self-honoring choice is one that is in alignment with your values like love, respect, trust, authentic self expression, etc. Self-honoring choices support your values; non self-honoring choices violate them.  Making choices based on how you will be perceived by others, how someone else will respond, or what you think you should do may violate your values. This is no bueno!!! Check in and choose according to what’s most important to you.

Key Two: A self-honoring choice is NOT SELFISH. You can be for yourself without being against anyone else. Plus, selfish people aren’t concerned about whether their choices are selfish because they are too self-absorbed or self-centered to consider it! So just the fact that you are questioning being selfish is an indicator that you aren’t.

Key Three: A self-honoring choice does not include being responsible for other people’s feelings. You are not responsible for someone else’s reaction to a choice you make. I know this may sound crazy to you but this is the TRUTH.  You are only responsible for communicating in an authentic, loving, honest way without going into blame, finger pointing, ultimatums, or expectations. How people respond is their responsibility, not yours!

Key Four: A self-honoring choice is often choosing not to make a choice! When someone asked something of us, we feel an immediate need to respond. It’s honoring to say, “I don’t know” or “I need time to think about that” or “Let me get back to you.” Just because a choice is put in front of you doesn’t mean you have to make a decision instantly. Give yourself time. Honor yourself by giving yourself time to check in and see what feels most congruent for you.

Key Five: A self-honoring choice is often: “No.” That’s a complete sentence.  It’s not necessary to follow “no” with a huge justification and apology. You are not obligated to explain yourself. It’s enough to just say no if that’s your truth.

My encouragement to you is to make self-honoring choices in ALL aspects of your life . . . especially in those areas where it feels risky.

I understand it may be scary, but what’s even scarier is that making choices that violate your values because it builds resentment against yourself and others. Again, no bueno. It also perpetuates distrust and disconnection from your Higher Self. If you want to start trusting yourself more and co-creating the reality you desire, you’ve got to UPLEVEL to consistently making self-honoring choices.

Here’s to choosing YOU.

With love,

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How did the people of Novosibirsk assess the supermarkets that opened on the site of Gorozhanki? nine0001

In Novosibirsk, on the site of the Gorozhanka supermarkets that were closed in the city on July 1, new stores of the Tomsk group of companies Lama continue to be launched - SPAR and Khoroshiy Vybor. Today, according to 2GIS, 8 supermarkets are already operating under the Good Choice brand. Two more are in the process of being opened. Previously, Continent Siberia wrote about why Novosibirsk was critical of the new SPAR stores, and this time decided to find out the opinion of the townspeople about the Good Choice supermarket chain. nine0049

Help. Lama Group of Companies includes Tomsk stores of the Dutch SPAR chain, the Abrikos supermarket chain, several shopping centers and manufacturing enterprises. According to 2GIS, today there are 10 stores under the SPAR brand and 50 supermarkets under the Apricot brand in Tomsk. The founder and key owner of the group is businessman Vladislav Levchugov. Lama entered Novosibirsk in early March 2021 with the opening of the first store of the Dutch SPAR chain on Nekrasova Street in the Ogni Sibiri residential complex. The group of companies plans to have 120 stores in Tomsk and Novosibirsk by the end of the year. nine0020

According to 2GIS, there are currently eight Khoroshiy Vybor supermarkets in Novosibirsk, which are located on the street. ​25 years of October, st. Kochubey, st. 1905, st. Shevchenko, st. Trolleynaya, st. Zabalueva, st. Gromov, st. Hydraulic installation. Shops on Gogol and Komsomolskaya streets are marked in 2GIS as "preparing to open". In terms of its positioning, Good Choice, as Continent Siberia wrote earlier, is a supermarket with a predominance of its own brands and a wide selection of goods at affordable prices. For comparison: SPAR stores of the Tomsk chain are presented in a higher price segment. nine0020

At the same time, the expectations of buyers from new discounters, judging by the reviews on various services of Novosibirsk residents, can be considered too high. In addition, almost everyone compares new stores with Gorozhanka stores that previously worked in their place, and the comparison is not in favor of the former. What do residents of the city think about Good Choice supermarkets, and what do they lack? Continent Siberia posted posts in its public pages on social networks, collected the opinions of Novosibirsk residents about new stores and analyzed existing reviews. nine0020

According to the opinions of the residents of Novosibirsk in 2GIS, it can be concluded that the opinions of the townspeople about supermarkets are contradictory. On average, the Good Choice rating ranges from 1.6 (Zabalueva branch), where all reviews were negative, to 2.9 out of 5 points. Of particular note is the supermarket for 1905, which averaged a score of 2.2 (based on 42 reviews) and 25 Years of October with an average score of 2.9 (based on 14 reviews).

There are no more than a dozen reviews on the 2GIS Flamp service so far, but most of them are criticized: most buyers compare them with Gorozhanki, which closed at the Good Choice site, and express dissatisfaction with the lack of their own cooking, low quality products and inflated prices. At the same time, there are also positive reviews, where visitors note, on the contrary, a fairly loyal cost of products - “I probably haven’t seen such prices since 2015. Not all products are super cheap, of course. The price is either the same as everywhere else, or lower. In general, the store made a good impression on me, I hope it will only improve in the future”, as well as the availability of goods that are not available in other stores – “I like that the store is spacious and there are goods that competitors do not have”. nine0020

Customers shared their opinion about Good Choice with Continent Siberia. So, according to , a resident of Novosibirsk, Darya Gubanova , she did not really like the supermarket on Trolleynaya. “In my opinion, there is a limited assortment, maybe due to the fact that it has just opened. The products are unfamiliar, mainly from the Tomsk manufacturer. The pastry was not impressive - I can’t say that it was delicious. For meat products, sausages - a limited choice. I also do not like the location of goods inside the store. When compared with other stores - with the same "Gorozhanka" that was, there was a larger assortment. We don’t go there much yet, but we live nearby and perhaps the opinion will change in the future, but for now, the impressions from the store are not the best. ” nine0020

Anna Bogart, a resident of Zatulinka , was also critical of Good Choice and . In her opinion, the new store is inferior to Gorozhanka, on the site of which it was opened. "Everything is relative. In the new store, according to my observations, the assortment is worse than in Pyaterochka, as if it were Holdy - from the arrangement of the hall to the assortment. There are no premium products: in Gorozhanka you could find cheese ranging from Russian to Parmesan and with mold, there was a good wine department from Septima with a decent selection of drinks. Poor choice of dairy products, no good coffee - mostly inexpensive. There is a lack of a meat cutting shop, a choice of chilled fish products and culinary products. Scales for weighing goods - with worn keys. This suggests that used equipment is used, the same with the tapes at the checkout - half just does not work. I think it is impossible to open a supermarket in the place of the store that was before, which is lower in level. Perhaps the Good Choice format itself implies such a pricing policy and offer of goods. But when a person is used to coming for something interesting and does not find it, this does not play in favor of the store.” nine0020

In turn Evgeny Pogodaev , a resident of Novosibirsk, believes that Good Choice is a worthy replacement for Gorozhanka. “The choice of products and the assortment suits me - in the store you can find a normal ratio - “price-quality” for almost all popular goods. In my opinion, it is not entirely correct to compare with Gorozhanka, which was before, since the stores, of course, differ in their segment. At the same time, “Good Choice”, in terms of its assessment as a department store, is quite acceptable and convenient.” nine0020

The author of the article visited the recently opened Good Choice store on Rodniki (Kochubey St.) on the site of Gorozhanka, and overall, the impressions of the new store were good. The successful arrangement of the shelves makes the room, in which the “Gorozhanka” used to be (with narrow aisles) more spacious and visually wider, which is certainly a plus. The choice of the presented products is quite diverse - from household chemicals and stockings to affordable meat products, taking into account loyalty (discounts on the OK card) - there are also duck, turkey, beef and pork fillets. Finished products are also presented in the assortment: from sandwiches to ready-made pizza and entrecote. The cost of products in the store, in the opinion of the author, corresponds to the average price segment, which suits the author as a buyer. nine0020

The further fate of Novosibirsk Megas supermarkets after the change of ownership became known

“Our stores are often compared to the shops of the Gorozhanka chain that are habitual to the residents of Novosibirsk. This is predictable, since we are opening stores in the places of the closed network. It can be difficult for people to accept something new, unfamiliar to them, with this we associate a share of criticism against our stores. In recent months, we have carried out a colossal amount of work - we have opened 23 stores, - explained "Continent Siberia" at Lama Group of Companies . – Of course, all our efforts were aimed at enabling customers to make purchases in convenient and familiar places as soon as possible, and we did it as soon as possible! Now we are fully focused on providing a high quality of service that meets our standards in the newly opened stores. In Novosibirsk, all these months, a “launch team” of the best employees of the Tomsk network has been working - new employees are being trained, high-quality selection of highly qualified specialists, including chefs, is underway. Lama assured that in the very near future the residents of Novosibirsk "will be able to fully appreciate all the advantages and values ​​of the chain's stores." nine0020

Why did Novosibirsk criticize the new SPAR stores?

As a reminder, four SPAR supermarkets are scheduled to open in Novosibirsk in October-November 2021. The stores will be located on the squares of the former Megas. The new SPAR Supermarkets occupy a selling area of ​​1,200 to 2,500 sq. m. and will differ from the SPAR supermarkets already familiar to Novosibirsk by a wider range of Fresh products - fruits and vegetables, ready-made meals of own production. Fresh meat will be presented both in packaged form, in the form of semi-finished products, and in the form of lumps of meat on display. Also in the new format there will be a department of fresh chilled fish, which buyers are especially looking forward to. And in SPAR on Berdskoye Highway, customers will be able to purchase not only chilled, but also live fish from the aquarium. “In the new format, buyers can expect an expanded range of elite alcohol, elite cheeses, fresh tandoor cakes and, of course, the large eco-department “Live Nutrition”, which is already loved by the residents of Novosibirsk,” Lama Group of Companies specified. nine0020

Continent Siberia will follow the development of the situation and invite readers to discuss the topic in their groups on social networks.

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