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These K-Pop Idols Have The Rarest MBTI Personality Types

The MBTI test is going viral in the K-Pop world with a whole bunch of idols taking the test and sharing their results with their fans. Rookie groups especially, are using the MBTI personality type to differentiate their members and needless to say, it is quite effective because the concept is still rather novel. MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator and there are 16 broad personality types under this umbrella. These are INFP The Healer, INTJ The Mastermind, INFJ The Counselor, INTP The Architect, ENFP The Champion, ENTJ The Commander, ENTP The Visionary, ENFJ The TeacherISFJ The Protector, ISFP The Composer, ISTJ The Inspector, ISTP The Craftsperson, ESFJ The Provider, ESFP The Performer, ESTJ The Supervisor, ESTP The Dynamo.


The 16 personality types can be grouped into 4 classes with 4 types each. These 4 classes are Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers. Each personality type can further be divided into two types. However, it is important to note that these personality types are not absolute definitions of the whole being of an individual. No four-letter abbreviation can ever perfectly describe the complexity of human beings. Someone could be one personality type one day and on another, they can be a different one.

Out of all these possible personality types, the INFJ, also known as the Advocate type is the rarest personality type in the whole world. A person with the INFJ personality type is someone with the Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging personality traits. According to 16personalities, they have a profound sense of contemplation and creativity when it comes to life. In everything they do, their inner vision, personal beliefs, and a silent, principled version of humanism direct them.


Advocates are complex and flexible due to their unusual mix of character traits. Advocates, for example, may speak with zeal and conviction, particularly when defending their beliefs. They may, on the other hand, tend to be soft-spoken and understated at other times, preferring to maintain the peace rather than challenge others. Advocates usually aspire to do the right thing, and they want to contribute to a society where others do the same. Advocates are reserved, but they interact in a warm, sensitive manner. This emotional candor and wisdom can have a profound impact on those around them.

16Personalities' Twitter

Advocates place a high emphasis on genuine, deep relationships with others, and they are sensitive to others' emotions. However, these individuals must also make self-reflection a priority. Advocates need to decompress, recharge, and process their emotions and opinions on a regular basis. Advocates can become so engrossed in their goals that they neglect to look after themselves. Advocates may believe they can't relax until they've achieved their own vision of success, but this attitude can lead to stress and burnout. They are creative, insightful, principled, passionate and altruistic. However, they're also sensitive to criticism, are reluctant to open up, are perfectionists and prone to burnout.

Does that sound like someone you know? Well these amazing idols who are loved and adored by millions also happen to have the rarest personality type, the INFJ. Keep reading to see who they are!



Nylon Magazine

Fans of the artist know that Taeyeon used to be an ISFJ, the most common personality type in the world but according to her most recent revelation, she's an INFJ.



Esquire Magazine

Kai is often referred to as having a cat like personality. This is also generally used for INFJ personality types and according to a test Kai had taken, his personality type is indeed INFJ.



Nylon Magazine

JAY B perfectly fits the description of the INFJ personality type even though the idol himself doesn't really believe much in the same. However, according to a test he had taken, he's an INFJ.



Nature Republic

While it is hard to believe that NCT's Mark is categorised an as introvert, fans who have been with him for a long time know that his personality is quite introverted, although not completely. Perhaps this is because INFJ types are often social butterflies because of their communication skills.



Pledis Entertainment

For the rarest personality type, SEVENTEEN sure has a lot of INFJ members. These three members are a perfect squad together and the fact that they share the same personality type says a lot about their friendship.



Nylon Magazine

Hani is the perfect example of the fact that personality types are never static. She used to be an INTJ but owing to her extensive traveling, meeting new people and exploring new places, she's now an INFJ. How that affected her personality change is something only Hani knows but it is undeniable that it did.


Do you know any other idols who have this rare personality type? Share your thoughts with Kpopmap in the comments section down below!


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Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Reveals She Has The Same Personality Type As Mother Teresa & It’s Incredibly Fitting - KpopHit

In a live broadcast on May 4 to promote her new single “Happy”, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon revealed that she took the MBTI personality test again. And, she shared a very interesting tidbit with fans: she has the same personality type as Mother Teresa. Take a look at Taeyeon’s personality type and just how well it fits her.

When Taeyeon took the MBTI personality test back in June 2017, her result was ISFJ. However, it seems she’s developed a lot as a person since then, because the result she got this time was a little different: INFJ, also known as the “Advocate” personality type.

INFJ is one of the rarest personality types in the world, making up less than 1% of the population. If you ever needed proof of how special Taeyeon is as a person, this is it.

Mother Teresa is typed as an INFJ because people with this personality type are very altruistic. While Taeyeon may not have devoted her life to caring for the sick, she definitely does all she can to help those in need. She regularly donates to charity and became a member of the Red Cross Honors Club for donating over 100 million KRW.

Another main strength of INFJs is how creative they are. In particular, they often use their creativity to help people. No wonder Taeyeon is so committed to making music that touches everyone’s hearts.

INFJs are also very determined and passionate. When something is important to them, they pursue it with unwavering conviction. That determination and passion is definitely part of what got Taeyeon to such a successful position in the industry.

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Fans frequently praise Taeyeon for her insightful nature, another characteristic of her INFJ personality type. She often has wise answers to meaningful questions. For example, when a SONE asked her how she maintains her mental health, Taeyeon revealed that rather than expecting a lot from others, she expects a lot from herself.

INFJs are known to be perfectionists too, which explains why Taeyeon is never satisfied until she does her best.

Taeyeon is a perfectionist. After singing Time Lapse. She wanted to resing cause she felt she messed up. pic.twitter.com/noNTWUoCnU

— TAEYEON (@soshibeans) June 10, 2017

Many INFJs choose expressive career paths like music and film. Alongside Mother Teresa, Taeyeon said she also shares her personality type with Lady Gaga.

All in all, there couldn’t be a personality type more fitting for lovely Taeyeon.

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ISFJ Korean celebrities

Welcome to another week of our MBTI survey! The MBTI test has recently become so popular in South Korea that even the popular variety show How Do You Play? recently released a special episode dedicated to him.

The Myers-Briggs test is a fun way to understand your personality and find out your compatibility with someone. South Korea has done an excellent job of creating a classification and summary of each personality that fits the typical Korean.

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Previously, we discussed personality types such as ESTP , ENFJ and INFP . Today we will take a closer look at personality ISFJ (introversion, sensation, feeling, judgment), which is also called the "protector".

ISFJs have an introverted perception ability that helps them understand what people need and how to help them. Such people are responsible and practical, for them common sense is of great importance.

And now let's look at some of the characteristics of a regular Korean ISFJ !

- they are accustomed to solving problems

- they think too much

- they make plans

- family - priority

- perfectionists

- passionately and devotedly approached the field

0 9000 9000 9000

- Overly attentive

- Have a good memory


-do not know how to express emotions


-stable in any case

-have unique hobbies

9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 9,000

Good storytellers

Likes to work alone

Pays attention to detail0002 - seriously joke

- idealists

- extremely devoted

- sensitive

- a lot of

- they are very responsible for the time, which has come in time, which has come out of the view, which is the time. INFJ and which ones don't.

Red - the worst combination

Yellow - not the worst, but not preferred

Light green - sometimes they get along, sometimes they don't get along

Green - there is potential for a good friendship

Blue - "best friends forever" little by little. They can get along well with the ESFP and ESTP types, and should avoid the INFP, ENFP, INFJ, and ENTJ types. They would also make friends with ESFJs, ISTJs and ESTJs.

Let's see which of our favorite celebrities have personality type ISFJ !

Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)

Kim Koun Ho

Don Hyun (Golden Child)



Ryu Suzhon (Lovelyz)

Moon Chevon

Yubin (OH My GILL)

(Rocket Punch)


Suyun (Rocket Punch)

Sinb (Viviz)

Shinji (Koyote)

Aisa (



Yabuki at (iz'one)

Allen (Cravity)

Yuna (Brave Girls)

9000 UTO 9 9 9,000 9 9,000 9 9,000 (ONF)


Li Min Hyok (BTOB)

Chan to Yong

Chonyong (Twice)

& ien ( 9000 Dia ) ) )

Jonch (EXID)


Genin (GOT7)





May (Cherry Bullet)

ISFJ is certainly an interesting and charming personality. Occupations for type ISFJ recommend Dentist, Psychiatrist, Art Therapist, Kindergarten Teacher, Social Worker, Elementary School Teacher, Gym Coach, Pastor, Human Resources Manager, Accountant, Analyst, Consultant, Interior Designer, and Musician.

What do you think of this list? Is there your bias in it?

Darrymie What does the name Taeyeon mean? What does the name Taeyong mean to a person? What is the meaning of the name Taeyeon, the origin, fate and nature of the carrier? What nationality is the name Taeyong? What is the translation of the name Taeyeon? What is the correct spelling of the name Taeyeon? Compatibility with the name Taeyeon - a suitable color, amulets, patron planet and zodiac sign. You can read a complete description of the name Taeyeon and its detailed analysis online in this article for free.

Contents of the interpretation of the name

Analysis of the name Taeyeon

The name Taeyeon consists of 4 letters. Four-letter names speak of intelligence and practicality. Such people are distinguished by calmness and poise, which always makes the most favorable impression. The same applies to their appearance - nothing pretentious, screamingly tasteless. By analyzing the meaning of each letter in the name Taeyeon, one can understand its secret meaning and hidden meaning.

  • T - creative, sensitive people; have high intuition, are in constant search for the truth. Often desires do not match opportunities. They strive to do everything quickly, without putting off until tomorrow. Demanding to others and to yourself. Striving for the search for truth. Reassessing your abilities.
  • E - they see the essence of events hidden from ordinary eyes, they feel people through and through, they are fluent in oral and written speech. Curious, arrogant. Cunning and charm. Excessive desire for elitism.
  • E - self-expression, the desire to exchange experience. They act as a mediator in conflicts. Perceptive, understand the world of secrets. Chatty. A strong love of travel, in life such people can often change their place of residence, restless.
  • H - a sign of rejection of reality as it is; desire to achieve spiritual and physical health. The work shows diligence. Dislike for work, not causing interest. The presence of a critical mind and a categorical rejection of routine work. Inability to relax in society, constant tension and doubts.
  • The meaning of the name Taeyeon in numerology

    Numerology of the name Taeyeon can suggest not only the main qualities and character of a person. But also determine his fate, show success in his personal life, give information about his career, decipher fateful signs and even predict the future. Taeyeon name number in numerology is 9. The motto of the name Taeyeon and nines in life: “Everyone can offend an artist!”

    • Taeyong's patron planet is Mars.
    • Taeyeon 's zodiac sign is Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.
    • Taeyong Name Stones - chalcedony, boji stone, chrysoberyl, diopside, feldspar, hematite, malachite, phenactite, sandstone, tektite, yellow topaz, blue tourmaline, brown tourmaline, pink tourmaline, banded stone.

    "Nine" as one of the numbers of the numerological core is idealism elevated to the status of a basic life principle.
    "Nine" in the numbers of the name Taeyeon - the Number of Expression, the Number of the Soul and the Number of the external appearance - indicates that a person has a rare gift - the ability to forgive. This ensures the love of others, and most importantly - peace of mind. And this is the only way to get it. However, the number 9 in numerology also means a more practical ability - creative talent. Indeed, quite selective. For example, a person will be able to create a new means of destroying his neighbors. But he can easily develop a detailed plan for building an ideal society. It will have only one drawback - absolute impracticability. Nines are lazy, they have many desires and catastrophically little energy to realize them. Therefore, they continue to dream about something and do nothing for it for years. Hoping that everything will come true by itself, these people just go with the flow. At the same time, nines are distinguished by sincere kindness and gentleness.
    Nine has amazing intuition and connection with the energy of the Universe. They are excellent diagnosticians. For the Nine with the name Taeyeon, material well-being is important. Very critical of himself, suspicious of others. It is difficult to get close to the Nine for real, will always keep at a distance until a friend passes the thorough test of time. Doesn't like to lose. With difficulty endures separation or parting, therefore avoids intimacy. He has a bright temperament, intuition, a wonderful sense of humor. Often so afraid of the future that he misses good chances in the present. Fear is the main enemy for the number Nine. Nine is a real warrior, able to withstand any trials and emerge victorious in difficult situations. Nine is too strict with itself. You can please the Nine with understanding, but you should never feel sorry for her, the Nine cannot stand self-pity.

    • The influence of the name Taeyeon on the profession. The value of the number 9 in the choice of specialty is interpreted as the lack of opportunities for self-realization in the professional field. A person with this type of personality is much more suitable for a hobby, a favorite pastime that brings material income. And it can be anything, from writing, painting or any applied art, to growing vegetables and flowers for sale. Implementation: all creative professions.
    • The influence of the name Taeyeon on personal life. "Nine" has a uniquely positive impact on personal life. Let's just say: - not the person who is able to exist alone, which means that the number 9 encourages alliances of any type. This cannot be called a desire for a dependent position. You just need someone on whom you can pour out your love and tenderness. Nines also love harmony, are generous to others and impressionable. They are not suitable for weak and passive partners. People with the name Taeyong and the number 9you need a person who can share their views, among such threes, sevens, eights and nines (in this case, the two halves will become ideal advisers to each other).

    Taeyong's patron planet

    The number 9 for the name Taeyeon means the planet Mars. Like the patron planet, the people of this planet are ready to conquer everything for themselves on their own. If Mars encounters any objections or resistance from outside, then they will never take them into account; rather, on the contrary, this will further harden them in the struggle. Those with the name Taeyong will begin to resist these obstacles with redoubled energy. The people of Mars are courageous and have an iron will, but it often happens that their impulsiveness, the habit of acting on the move, without weighing their strength, ruins the whole thing. In addition, they are very proud, which leads to problems in family life in general and in relationships with partners in particular. Possessing excellent organizational skills, Mars cannot stand a subordinate position. Those who bear the name Taeyeon are leaders by nature. They are enterprising, enterprising, active and energetic.

    Taeyong zodiac signs

    The following zodiac signs are suitable for the name Taeyeon:

  • Taeyeon zodiac sign is Scorpio. Scorpios named Taeyong love to live, as they say, to the fullest, extremely reckless, prone to addictions, categorical. People with the name Taeyeon are more often distrusted and create a tragedy from scratch. The innate intuition of Scorpio has made Taeyeon people excellent psychologists and natural manipulators. The owners of the name Taeyeon cannot live without love and vivid emotions, so as soon as they part with one partner, they immediately find another and drag him on a roller coaster - restaurants and movies for wimps. At the same time, Taeyeon Scorpios simply adore themselves, they know how to count money and remember what every ruble of their salary was spent on. Hidden to the point of impossibility: they will start talking about themselves three years after the wedding, not earlier. They do not like to chat, they are more often silent than they attract attention. You can’t leave them near Aries for a long time - together they will come up with such adventures for their fifth points that everyone will have to rake.
  • Zodiac sign Cancer for the name Taeyeon. Cancer named Taeyeon surpassed all the signs of the zodiac in terms of sensuality and susceptibility. The representative of the name Taeyong and the water element is under the auspices of the planet of secrets, doubts and experiences - the Moon. God forbid to offend Cancer, the owner of the name Taeyeon. Seriously. They will say that they have forgiven, but in fact they will remember for another 50 years and at every opportunity they will stick a hairpin in you: “But remember, you squeezed my eraser in the second grade. ” Fastidious to the point of impossibility: even a crumb on the table infuriates them. Taeyong bearers adore perfect (read - clinical) cleanliness and try to draw all their surroundings into this religion. The excuses “this is a creative mess” do not suit Cancers - they will bring beauty in any case, and they won’t even ask permission.
  • Taeyeon's zodiac sign is Pisces. Taeyeon Pisces are dreamy. In their fantasies, a Fish named Taeyong has long conquered the world, prevented global warming and eradicated hunger on the planet, but in real life they are not interested - everything is boring, insipid and generally unworthy of their royal attention. Terrible liars are carriers of the name Taeyeon, and it is almost impossible to catch Pisces in a lie. They have no remorse, so Pisces named Taeyong are not going to repent and confess. And you believe them, looking into their big and honest eyes. It is impossible to offend Pisces - they will suffer for a long time, dreary and with pleasure. If everything goes well in life, Pisces Taeyong begins to have manic thoughts about the coming nightmare, because it cannot be perfect. In everyday life, the owners of the name Taeyeon are unpretentious, balanced, able to hide feelings and often manipulate other people. Vanity and commercialism are not inherent in the water sign, they know how to work, but do not strive for fame.
  • The color of Taeyeon's name

    The golden color of Taeyeon's name. People with the name Taeyeon, who wear the golden color, are stubborn and unshakable, they are intolerant of the shortcomings of others, since they themselves consider themselves ideal. In principle, outwardly it is impossible to find fault with the bearers of the name Taeyeon - a carefully selected wardrobe and a well-groomed appearance. But, if you look under the golden shell of people with the name Taeyeon, you can see a domineering and insensitive person. They are often disliked at work, as they are tough and domineering, and at home they are dictators. Positive character traits for the name Taeyeon are fortitude and steadfastness. The negative character traits of the name Taeyeon are imperiousness and rigidity.

    How to spell the name Taeyeon

    In Russian, the correct spelling of this name is Taeyeon. In English, the name Taeyeon can have the following spelling - Teen.

    Video meaning of the name Taeyeon

    Do you agree with the description and meaning of the name Taeyeon? What fate, character and nationality do your acquaintances with the name Taeyeon have? What famous and successful people with the name Taeyeon do you still know? We will be happy to discuss the name Taeyeon in more detail with visitors to our site in the comments below.

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