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What It Actually Means If You Dream About Having Sex With A Co-Worker, According To Experts


by Laken Howard

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If you've ever woken up in a cold sweat, panicking because you had a nightmare about work — like being fired, or showing up to at your desk naked, or forgetting about a big project — you're definitely not alone. According to a new study from SleepZoo, 64 percent of American adults have work-related nightmares, which makes sense given how much time we all spend thinking (and stressing) about our jobs... but the most common nightmare about work probably isn't what you'd expect.

Of the nearly 2,000 people surveyed, 60 percent said they'd had dreams about having sex with a co-worker, which, needless to say, can be a pretty uncomfortable experience. The good news? Dreaming about hooking up with a co-worker doesn't necessarily mean you *actually* want to do the deed with them.

"Sex dreams are almost never about sex," Caleb Backe, Health and Wellness Expert at Maple Holistics, tells Bustle. "They are more often about wanting to make a new connection between two parts of oneself that are coming together, or that ought to. Your co-worker or boss represents a part of you, and you obviously represent a part of you. Sex is the physical merging of two bodies, and a dream is a mental projection of that desire — to integrate a certain part of you into your daily life."

Of course, there are pretty much unlimited possibilities as to why you might be having these kind of sexy dreams about someone you work with — here's how to go about interpreting them.

How To Interpret Your Dreams About Hooking Up With A Co-worker

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Upon having a sex dream about anyone, your first instinct is probably to wonder whether you're sexually attracted to that person without having realized it previously. In the case of co-workers, it's not entirely implausible — almost everyone has a work crush or two, after all — but there's also a whole host of other explanations for your dreams, like how much time you spend with that co-worker, or the ~taboo~ of office romance in general.

"The fact that we spend so much time with our co-workers, that we all tend to have some unresolved relationship issues, that we are often drawn to people who we are sexually attracted to, and that sex with a co-worker is a generally forbidden act all contribute to these themes being played out when our conscious mind is at rest and our subconscious mind can be active," Joshua Klapow, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist and Host of The Kurre and Klapow Show, tells Bustle.

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If you're not attracted to that particular co-worker, though, you're probably curious what else might have caused your subconscious mind to dream up a sexy scenario for you two. The easiest way to find out? Reflect and ask yourself some hard-hitting questions about the co-worker in question (and about yourself, too) to get to the bottom of your mysterious dreams.

"Do they remind you of someone you were connected to or slept with?" Klapow asks. "Do they provide some level of emotional connection that you might not have at home? Are you having problems with your current relationship? Does your co-worker engage with you in a way that makes you feel good? Are you wanting to get back at someone else in your life and sleeping with a co-worker would do that? Does your co-worker treat you poorly and would sleeping with them show your ability to exercise control over them?"

What It Means If You Have A Sex Dream About Your Boss

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Another, even more frightening scenario? Having a dream about hooking up with your boss — aka the person who has the power to make or break your professional life.

"Hooking up with the boss at night can sure make it difficult to come into work the next day," professional dream analyst Lauri Quinn Loewenberg tells Bustle. "But remember, sex dreams are not necessarily about the person but rather about what they represent. In the case of your boss it is most likely power, authority, management skills, decision making, etc. that you need to merge into your own life. So ask yourself where in your life you need to be the boss, where do you need to take control, make firmer decisions and get the job done?"

Sure, it's not impossible that you might have a crush on your boss or find them attractive, but chances are there are much bigger psychological themes at play — like a desire to have more authority or control over your own life.

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"The important thing to remember about sex dreams is that they aren't necessarily about a physical union you want but rather a psychological union you need," Loewenberg says. "Typically, there is some aspect of your dream lover you need to connect with and unite into your own personality in order to better yourself. Less often, the sex dream can be the result of you making a connection with that person on some level, after a deep, meaningful conversation perhaps. The dreaming mind uses the act of sex — which is two separate individuals joining together as one — to represent the connection or merger you are experiencing in waking life."

As uncomfortable as it might be to have a sex dream about a co-worker, it's not the end of the world. In fact, these dreams can open the door for you to dive deep and reflect on what your subconscious might be trying to tell you — but if you have a hard time looking that particular co-worker in the eye for a few days afterwards, no one can blame you.

Romantic Dreams About Coworkers ? Meaning & Symbolism – CoManifesting – Manifest With The Law of Attraction

Having romantic dreams about coworkers rarely has a direct meaning that you ‘will’ or ‘should’ get together and live happily ever after. It usually means that there is some quality about them that intrigues you at some level of your consciousness.

5 Manifestation Methods for Love

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5 Manifestation Methods for Love

Most of us spend a lot of time with our co-workers, sometimes more so than our own families. It is no wonder that they are often the subject of our dreams, as our brain tries to process the day and work out action plans.

These dreams would normally consist of weird and wonderful scenarios, but none that really make an impact on you when you wake.

So, what does it mean if you are having romantic dreams about coworkers? This is an entirely different scenario and one that calls in to question our feelings, emotions, and hidden desires.

It may not always mean that you want to have an intimate relationship with them though.
The meanings can run a lot deeper that just the romantic element.

Dreams and their Messages

Dreaming is a shared human experience. We all have them, regardless of if we remember them or not. We spend on average 2 hours a night watching our subconscious dreams, this would be a lot of time for our mind to spend on a pointless activity.

But dreams are most definitely not pointless. They are a series of images or stories brought into reality by our unconscious mind. Their reason is to help our mind and brain understand the experiences that it has had throughout the day.

They can elicit strong emotions, bring up experiences we don’t even remember we had, or they can be a way for our subconscious to bring unconscious thoughts to our attention.

In many ways, dreams are a window to the unconscious mind. Our dreams can tell us a huge amount about how we really feel and what we want from our life.

It is important to analyse them and understand things that our subconscious mind may be grappling with. Especially when romantic feelings are involved.

Let’s look at the meaning of not only having romantic dreams, but romantic dreams about co-workers.

Meanings of having romantic dreams about co-workers

Having a romantic dream about coworkers could be very welcome, or it could be alarming if you are in a relationship already.

They can also be dreams that relates to something completely differenmt and the dream is symbolic of some other aspect of your life.

These kinds of dreams may not necessarily mean that you want to have a romantic relationship with them or that you want to leave your current partner.

There are many reasons that you are dreaming these things, here are a few meanings behind this dream to help understand what might be going on here for you:

1.Dreams of Being on a Date with a Co-worker:

When you have romantic dreams about coworkers where you are going on a date means getting to know someone for the first time.

So, let’s remember that, and that dreams can be a reflection of our inner world and our own personalities too.

Have a think about the kind of conversations you’re having with your work mate on this date. Are you laughing a lot, are you pouring your heart out to them, or are you confessing inner secrets? Is the conversation flowing? Are you being heard or not?

Does something happen?

The context means a lot here, about the real meaning behind this interaction. Because this may not be about the obvious: that you want to go on a date with a co-worker. It may be more subtle than this and it may be about your subconscious feelings toward your workplace and the people in it.

Here’s some examples:

The date is going well, you are having a great time, but when you look at it closely, your date is not actually listening to you or is just talking and talking.

This would mean that in your professional life, you feel unheard, passed over and devalued.

Confessing your feelings toward this co-worker, could mean that you feel that you can trust them or your company with your inner thoughts and that you value your relationship with them.

If they laugh at you when you try to talk to them, this will mean the opposite, that you do not trust your colleagues and you may be in a toxic working environment.

Make sense?

Really try to understand what this interaction is trying to tell you.

As in this scenario, it may give you a clue about your true feelings toward your work life and you will then be able to identify the issue and make changes to deal with it.

2. Dreams of Kissing a Co-worker:

Kissing is an intimate act. One where we are vulnerable and in the moment with this person.

How do you feel with your colleague? Is this actually about an attraction to them? If it is, great. But if you don’t think that this is the case, then, again, there is a deeper meaning here.

The keyword is vulnerability.

Sometimes at work, we are putting ourselves on the line. Our time, our family life and even our finances. Having romantic dreams about coworkers where you are kissing can mean that you feel vulnerable in someway in your work life.

What have you invested in your work life that you might be anxious about? Is it money? Have you taken a job you weren’t sure about? Have you taken a step down to learn new skills?

Or is there talk of redundancies?

Whatever it may be, this could be a sign that you are feeling insecure about that decision or how this is going to pan out.

3. Dreams of Having Sex with a Co-worker:

We’ve all had this dream, and for a few days we are left with this sometimes-uncomfortable question of whether we really are attracted to them and do we want something more.

Dreaming about sex, still gives our body the same responses and releases hormones in reaction to the experience. So, the release of chemicals like oxytocin can leave us feeling like we really are very attracted to that person.

Also, importantly, if you have a monthly cycle, then you tend to find that these kinds of dreams pop up at peak times of the month and then a couple of weeks later, you are questioning your sanity about why in gods name did you have a sex dream, when you’ve never even considered this person as a prospective mate.

Your body did because that’s its job.

So, hormones aside, what your subconscious might have been trying to say, is that you value the relationship that you have with this person and wish it to be deeper. This is a normal response to any relationship, romantic or not.

But let’s face it, your dream could very well mean, that you do, in fact, find them very attractive and would like to explore this possibility with them.

Maybe you hadn’t thought about it before, but you sure will now!

A piece of advice though, just ensure that you leave it a while and work out whether hormones are responsible and just want you to procreate, or if you really are interested in that person.

Time can be a lifesaver in this scenario.

4. Dreams of Long Term Romance With a Coworker:

Did you have romantic dreams about coworkers where you are married, with kids, a dog, and a big happy home?

With great power, comes great responsibility….

This dream is about your ambition, long term goals, maturity, and responsibility.

Are you handling the life that your dreamt of?

If you are and it’s all perfection, it means that you are feeling ready to start making your way up the ladder, taking on a lot more responsibility and most importantly, that you value and believe in yourself enough to do so.

If your future life is in disarray, then this means that you do not feel confident in your abilities and of having more responsibility. Maybe you have a touch of imposter syndrome, we all feel this at times, but it can become overwhelming and that’s completely normal.

This just means that you feel like you need more support or that you need to brush up on your skills in preparation for a more responsible role.

Having romantic dreams about anyone can be really confusing. But having romantic dreams about co-workers can be so much worse because… professionalism!

But there really is something to be said for finding the deeper meaning with this one.

Dreams really reflect our deepest and most hidden thoughts.

So, if you are feeling insecure, vulnerable, or ready to take on the world, having a romantic dream about a co-worker can be a really good thing and tell you a lot about your secret professional feelings.

Use dreams like this as an intuitive guide, so that you can identify what is bugging you and fix it.

And if that gorgeous co-worker really is the thing that’s bugging you, just take a leap of faith, you may be very pleasantly surprised.

Why colleagues at work dream

Dreams about colleagues are fraught with warnings for the dreamer in real life. Depending on the actions and appearance of the dreaming colleague, the interpretation of sleep can be positive or negative. Why dream of work colleagues? Dream books interpret their presence in different ways.


  1. Why do colleagues at work dream interpretation
  2. A work colleague is dreaming of a man0008
  3. A naked work colleague is dreaming
  4. Other variants of the dream and their interpretation

Why do colleagues at work dream interpretation

Your feelings after sleeping with colleagues give the main interpretation. Negative feelings - difficult relationships with the team, work conflicts, disputes with management. We woke up in a good mood - a positive atmosphere awaits at the service.

It is also very important to take into account the relationship with the dreaming employee. Sustainable relationships promise career advancement, business trips abroad. A colleague who is disgusted in reality, in a dream he is an active careerist, prophesies to the dreamer the successful completion of work tasks, promotion and wages. An unpleasant employee, speaks of fatigue from the sleeper's service. It would be good to go on vacation. nine0003

Why do colleagues you don't know dream about? A new acquaintance at work expresses that you want to please a loved one, present a gift or arrange a surprise.

Colleagues from the previous job promise good luck and success in new ventures. The accumulated experience is especially useful. But if you saw in a dream a colleague fired due to an unfavorable situation - a reason to think, perhaps the same thing awaits you to take into account.

Important! Dreams of being fired from work are an omen of a very risky business, the threat of which the sleeper is not aware of. nine0003

Seeing work colleagues in dreams is symbolic of transformations in one's own life. It is possible to meet your soul mate, a long romantic relationship. It will be especially pronounced if a woman dreamed about it. The meeting of a loved one will be unexpected and will lead to marriage. Transformations in family life for men will not be so pleasant. The negligence of what has been said will lead to swearing and scandals with a dear person or to a break in relations.

If you dream that you work more than eight hours a day, this means that you do not want family life to change in reality. nine0003

A male work colleague is dreaming

Why is a male work colleague dreaming? An indication to the dreamer of a lack of perseverance and perseverance. Make a remark to a colleague - a favorable dream. It prophesies changes for the better in the working sphere and family life, according to Miller. Dreams about male colleagues change interpretations depending on who had the dream.

A colleague dreamed of by a man in a calm, peaceful dream should not be given special meaning. A formidable employee throwing himself at a sleeping man with his fists - you should think about your working position. Inattention will lead to a conflict situation, loss of profit or fines. A gift from a man also has an unfavorable meaning - disagreements with superiors, troubles. nine0003

Seeing a male work colleague in a dream for a female to experience vulnerability in reality. If a conflict situation arises with an employee, take a closer look at your team. You should not get close, make friends with employees - it will lead to betrayal. Flirting with an indifferent person prophesies in reality an annoying admirer of a woman. A gift to an employee for unforeseen expenses will shake your budget.

In the Assyrian dream book, a work colleague is a man, which means you yearn for the past. Working disagreements with colleagues - to good luck and luck in the business sphere, to well-being in the family. nine0003

A work colleague is dreaming of a woman or a girl

Any dreams with the appearance of a woman are harbingers of intrigue, slander, discussions. It is worth taking your words more seriously, do not discuss employees, this will provoke conflicts. Perhaps someone is plotting malicious intent to get you fired.

To see a woman colleague in a dream - difficulties in the family; a young girl - to the envy of colleagues, false accusations. A girl in position - difficulties in the professional field, unexpected tasks, chores. Dreams also prophesy hidden romantic feelings of an employee. nine0003

A married man had a dream about his former beloved employee - he should look after his wife. Her meetings with fans portend betrayal.

Important! For a kiss with an employee in a dream, in reality you can get a reprimand from the manager or even dismissal.

A working woman dreams of steadfastness, determination, prophesies Vanga. Disagreements with a former employee promise a deterioration in the financial situation and grief from unfulfilled desires. According to the Muslim dream book, a work colleague of an unhealthy-looking woman dreams as a warning to the dreamer about the illness of a loved one. On the contrary, the employee is very attractive, looks good - an improvement in the financial situation is not far off. nine0003

A naked work colleague is dreaming

An intimate dream book will help to interpret such an unusual dream. A naked colleague denotes an unconscious desire to defile this person in reality. I dreamed of a naked employee showing aggression - trouble will appear. To see an unfamiliar naked person is to expose his secrets.

A man dreaming of a naked woman promises indignation because of his own lies, slander. Defeat in the service awaits a man who sees a naked employee. Another interpretation of sleep is a great success associated with an innocent girl in a dream. A young naked girl dreams of meaningless desires. nine0003

A woman sees how she herself takes off her clothes - to family well-being. The female gender dreamed of a naked employee - good luck. Love affairs with a subordinate are dreamed of by a notorious, insecure woman.

Kiss with a colleague - to the deterioration of health. The dreamer needs rest, which will help restore strength. If employees of the same sex kissing in a dream - to a conflict of views and interests.

Universal dream book gives interpretations of dreams about intimacy of employees. This is a rivalry in the position held between the dreamer and the dreaming colleague. Good luck awaits those who will work hard. A woman saw such a dream - she is waiting for a career advancement, an improvement in her financial situation. Love joys are dreamed by a man to experience heavy losses. nine0003

Other variants of the dream and their interpretation

In a dream with employees, it is also important to take into account the actions of employees and the dreamer himself:

  • performs his immediate duties, in reality you should beware of him. Provocative actions are quite possible;
  • an idle colleague gives the dreamer a chance to improve relations with management, to prove himself, which will contribute to further promotion; nine0008
  • employees at lunch, appear to the deterioration of physical condition;
  • disputes in the team - after sleep, a serious conflict is brewing with insults and humiliation, Miller's dream book;
  • conflict with a colleague - all your plans will easily come true;
  • a fascinating conversation with an employee related to a business trip;
  • meeting colleagues in an informal setting, heralds the emergence of friendly relations and common interests.
  • People who are worried about work affairs often see their team in dreams. Even being on vacation or just at home, they cannot be distracted and do not know how to relax. It is worth considering that this is the path to a nervous breakdown. nine0003

    Dreams about work speak not only about changes in business relationships, but also about events in one's own life. Consider some details and you will be able to tell something new and unexpected for yourself.

    Dream (real life love story). Romantic relationship according to the dream book

    She woke up in the middle of the night and lay for a long time, staring tensely with sleepy eyes at the dark ceiling and not wanting to wake up to life. She desperately pulled to the surface the frames of her dream, ready to sink into the abyss of the subconscious, and her temples throbbed anxiously: “What should I do now?” nine0003

    She was happy in her dream. She walked with Karishka along the twilight alleys of the city park. And they had a lot of fun, they played “catch-up” and, having run enough, drank soda straight from the bottle, fed lazy ducks with crumbled bun, repeated a school rhyme that did not want to learn by heart, counted the petals of a plucked chamomile in turn. They sat on the bench, dangling their legs in the air, and laughed, looking at the stars that light up in the dark sky ... At such moments, She herself became a child, and it again seemed to her that life was beautiful and that everything was still ahead. She gently hugged the fragile children's shoulders, chilled from the evening coolness, and whispered: “I love you, Baby!” And Karishka looked at Her with suddenly saddened eyes and said: “Papa has Olya.” "Why Olya? He said it was Nastya! - She thought and woke up in bewilderment: “But what about me?!” nine0003

    Gradually coming to her senses, She tried to sort everything out. She mentally flipped through the pages of the history of their relationship, which began almost two years ago. ..

    ...He wrote to her on a dating site, just like that, having nothing to do. She answered, also just like that, joking and even ironic out of habit. It turned out that in their lives there are a lot of similar moments. Then they decided to meet in person. Having discarded the first reaction to each other, they began to passionately discuss the topic of love and relationships between men and women. Unexpectedly for himself, He accompanied Her to the house, finding that they live in the neighborhood. They often met and spent a lot of time together, they themselves did not notice how they had common secrets. Weeks, months passed. nine0003

    She suddenly understood what she loves. Having finished one painfully passionate virtual novel, I realized that it was not that “distant and beautiful prince” that evoked feelings in Her, but He, who was always there. And it was like lightning in a clear sky, splitting Her heart into two parts, one of which She irrevocably gave to Him.

    But outwardly nothing seems to have changed. They still walked together in the park, sat side by side on a bench by the fountain or at a table in a coffee shop, and He told Her about his affairs, successes and problems. And She listened to Him, listening to every word and letting His pain pass through her heart. Looking into His eyes, She wanted to remember every line of His, every smile. She wanted to confess her feelings to Him, but did not dare, fearing to be rejected, misunderstood. nine0003

    There were moments when they were so close that it seemed to her that no words were needed, and he felt the same as she did - tender, warm, all-encompassing and weightless, passionate and giving peace, natural happiness in its depths to be near and give yourself to your loved one. But…

    “We are close friends!” - He said, cooling Her heart impulses. And now she had a hard time accepting this word. “Friends…”

    Their communication almost disappeared. He forgot to call her, busy with work or carried away by his next “sympathy”. And She was worried, more for Him than for herself, but she could not follow His advice to “start from scratch” ...

    But one day He pulled a confession out of Her almost by force. They exchanged messages in ICQ, and suddenly He said that this could no longer continue. At that moment, for some reason, He needed to know how She treats him. Just not as a good friend or as a friend. And that He is also not indifferent to Her, but does not know how to show his feelings.

    It would seem that everything became clear – , reciprocity…

    Happiness? There were many other face-to-face conversations, passionate glances and kisses ... But life cannot be without surprises, throwing up either serious illnesses, or separations, or difficulties with parents and children. And tempted by fellowship with other "close friends." nine0003

    It is frosty and overcast that day. They met at a coffee shop to talk after a long enough separation. She revised a lot within herself, decided that she could take responsibility and change something in their fate. She rejoiced at the meeting with Him, thinking that now, having sent all circumstances to hell, they could be together. Then She will give him all the tenderness that has accumulated in her for that part of the life that She left behind.

    “You have always been there, you are very close to me…” She began and told that Her feelings for Him are alive, no matter how hard She tries to be just a friend. But He was silent... Her eyes grew dim, and She almost did not hear how He was talking about his new girlfriend. In love? He feels good with the Other - that was the only thing She understood from his words. With difficulty swallowing a lump of tears stuck in her throat, She exclaimed in despair: “Then tell me that you don’t love me!” nine0003

    “No, I can't… I don't want to say that”…

    Coming out of the coffee shop, they walked slowly, holding each other's arms, silently breathing the frosty air. When they reached an intersection, they stopped. A few minutes of gentle hugs, a skin-burning kiss goodbye…

    “I read between the lines, understand without words, feel with my fingertips without touching… I guess the direction of your gaze, your breath on my cheek, body heat through clothes, trembling… "- She will write later in her diary. nine0003

    A car came for Him and He left. To that other one?

    ...She rarely dreams. "Why Olya? He said it was Nastya! She wondered, remembering the details of what she had dreamed about today. A strange dream! She lay in bed for a long time, mentally flipping through the pages of her love story in her memory. And looking intensely with tearful eyes at the dark ceiling, she tried to discern in the twilight of the night the answer to the question that tormented Her: “How can I now be without ...?”

    To see beautiful things in a dream means grace that will spread to you and people close to you. nine0003

    For someone who loves to see in a dream that his beloved is beautiful and sweet, portends him a quick and successful marriage.

    If through a string of dreams you see yourself beautiful and attractive, this is a sign that fate is inviting you to awaken with a flickering light to happiness.

    If in a dream you see beautiful people around you, you are destined for the trust of people who stand firmly on their feet in this life.

    Interpretation of dreams from Miller's Dream Interpretation

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    Dream Interpretation - Love

    If you have a dream about love, it means that you will find complete happiness. When you dream of fleeting love, expect success in all matters. Seeing happy lovers in a dream is a sign of defeat. Dreaming about your beloved creature in a dream means that soon you will be tormented by anxiety for loved ones or friends. A dream in which love is rejected promises good luck in business. Dreams of adultery are usually very favorable.

    Interpretation of dreams from

    Why dream of a romantic relationship? The dream interpretation indicates: well-being, family happiness, mutual understanding with the chosen one, new love adventures, excellent conditions for study and business will appear. But sometimes, when you see such a plot in a dream, you need to be careful. nine0003

    Family happiness, prosperity

    A dreamed vision promises family happiness to a dreamer with a soul mate, healthy and smart children who will delight with their achievements.

    To dream of a romantic relationship with one's own spouse often means that prosperity and well-being await in the future.

    Find out news about a friend

    Why do you dream that you are meeting a familiar person? The dream book tells you: he is very interested in you as a partner for business or in love. Perhaps very soon there will be a chance to realize these plans. nine0003

    Did you have such a dream? Soon you will learn some news about him that will be unexpected.

    Lack of romance, new acquaintances

    To dream of a relationship with a man, but in reality they are not, indicates a dreamer's lack of romance in reality. You need to make a new acquaintance, make friends with someone, go on a date. Good emotions from this will benefit and increase self-esteem.

    If you had a romantic relationship with a person you don't know - according to the dream book, this is a hint. It's a great time for love adventures. Take a look around: perhaps the one you dreamed about is nearby, and a promising meeting awaits you. nine0003

    Success in the business field, changes

    Did such emotions fill the sleeper with happiness in a dream? Success in business is coming - it will save you from everyday troubles, bring satisfaction.

    Why do you dream that a romantic relationship has ended? The dream interpretation explains: the issue of changes in your life has to be resolved. Having made a decision, it will be possible to change something for the better.

    Difficult choice ahead, be very careful

    If they are not mutual, you are at a dead end or face a difficult choice. Think carefully about your steps and finally decide to act. nine0003

    Seeing someone else's romantic relationship in a dream means: there is a danger of soon losing the results of your long hard work. Refrain from making impulsive decisions, avoid suspicious offers, be attentive in everything.

    Who was the hero of the dream?

    The interpretation of the dream takes into account who was present as a relationship partner:

    • own boyfriend - everything is fine between you;
    • acquaintance - there is an opportunity to start an affair with him; nine0008
    • colleague - there will be events related to him, not necessarily romantic;
    • stranger - you lack vivid emotions.

    Miller's dream book: you will be satisfied with life

    Why dream of a romantic relationship with a loved one that brings satisfaction? The dream promises: in reality you will be satisfied with your life.

    If in a dream you experience a strong and irresistible love for your chosen one, it means that in real life you will be cheerful, cheerful and satisfied with your position. nine0003

    A passionate and stormy manifestation of love in a dream portends that in reality you will be inspired by the successes achieved and this will give a new impetus to your creative abilities.

    For a woman to show touching and tender love for her husband and children in a dream promises unalloyed family happiness and a house - a full cup.

    A dream in which you see your parents treating you with paternal love indicates that you will cultivate in yourself a straightforward character and other positive traits and virtues in their image and likeness. nine0003

    For a woman in love to see a dream in which she is driving in the car of her chosen one, means fidelity to each other, despite all the vicissitudes of fate.

    If you fall in love with a eloquent talker in a dream, this means that in real life superficial factors will play a fatal role in your life choice.

    If you dream that your husband is in love with another woman, such a dream should alert you and force you to diversify the style of your relationship with him in order to bring some element of novelty into it. nine0003

    If you dream that you have fallen in love with another man, it is true that such a dream is a reflection of your spiritual loneliness, in spite of an outwardly busy life.

    Showing love for animals in a dream speaks of your peacefulness, even if you are not inclined to agree with it; perhaps understanding of this will come later.

    Interpretation of dreams from the Dream Interpretation alphabetically

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    Dream Interpretation - Love

    Experience a bright feeling of pure love: a very good sign that portends you a rich, interesting life. try not to lose this magical feeling after waking up, and then everything, no matter what you undertake, will bring you success. nine0003

    To observe the platonic love of other people and sincerely rejoice for them: a sign of a special disposition of fate. Fortune promises to favor you.

    A touching love for animals in a dream: indicates a kind of disappointment in life, which gradually darkens your life and spoils relationships with people around you.

    At the same time, to experience a blinding love passion for someone: portends serious difficulties in business and conflicts with others.

    Seeing love passion from the outside or becoming the object of someone's unwanted passion: a sign of events that can unsettle you and confuse all your plans. This dream portends unexpected difficulties that can greatly complicate your life. nine0003

    Interpretation of dreams from
    Today I dreamed that I was running along an endless beautiful marble staircase. All the time some people with vaguely familiar faces were walking towards me and smiling, and once I saw myself among these people. I, whom I saw, came up to me and lightly pushed with my finger, and I flew back into the abyss, counting the steps with my head and trying to grab hold of these people passing by. And then I flew down to the huge mirror and saw that I had no face. For some reason it was all so beautiful. I liked it. I often have such dreams, and yet I never cease to be amazed at their beauty. nine0003

    04/30/02, girly
    Because at least for a few short hours you can plunge into something beautiful. And you understand - this is how my life should be and you begin to strive for this. In general, I consider all my dreams in which nature is present to be beautiful dreams (only not as filthy as it often happens in the suburbs of our big cities). But it’s just a pity that the dream ends sooner or later: (and you have to wake up for some time

    01/05/02, Katie
    Heh, you're sleeping, you see something beautiful, isn't it nice? Dreams unfulfilled in a dream sometimes come true, different jokes there, or simply - unrealistic and BEAUTIFUL ... Only then it’s somehow insulting to wake up and return to reality - the toy was taken away from the child: (It was so good, you wake up and understand: but nevermind you're doing well! It's such a bummer:(
    I wouldn't mind having such a dream right now... You wake up with a feeling of happiness... And everything is fine... And the world is bright and beautiful... And love is all around... And the sky... And the sun. . . And so on... Yes, definitely, I could use a beautiful dream now:(((((((((

    01/04/04, LYOSHA
    And I especially like such dreams in which I dream that in our small town I stumble upon completely unknown places. How I would like to take all my friends to my dream and make it the only reality!

    26/10/06, 3 Sofia 3
    I love dreams very much, from which I don’t want to tear myself away, and when I watch them, I don’t want to wake up, as if this is an interesting, bright and colorful film - beautiful ... For example, a melodrama or a novel - dangerous adventurous love, obstacles and their overcoming. Even the suffering of heroes. The other day I had a dream based on my recent fantasies. It's like I'm a princess, similar to Mary of Hesse-Darmstadt - calm, self-confident, stately and very patient. And next to me ... he! Well, of course, not Alexander Romanov, but just Andrey. Only he is dearer to me than all Russian tsars and princes put together, since this Andrey is mine! And in the huge hall of the Winter Palace we are circling in a waltz. I, ruddy, passionate, in a beautiful balero dress, with a rustling hem, holding a fan in my hand ... I have a chic hairstyle in a medieval style. He is in a tailcoat, of course, not in civilian clothes ... What a pity that those romantic times when hearts broke have sunk into oblivion. And that it's all just a figment of my imagination. nine0003

    10/31/06, BonBon
    For me, a beautiful dream is not just a good one, but a beautiful, bright and landscape one. Sometimes I see the same color, but in different shades, dreams. It's like looking at the world through red, green or blue glass. The most beautiful dreams for me are where the sky and bodies of water are mainly. They are just wonderful dreams, carefree and light, unperverted, as in childhood. Waking up after such dreams, for another half a day I walk all spiritualized, smiling for some reason. nine0003

    11/22/06, burjui
    I love bright and beautiful dreams. For some reason, green color prevails in such dreams. Sometimes they dream of white ones - with snow. But even beautiful dreams are not even scary ...

    11/22/06, Cody
    Mommy, this is a real miracle - when I have such a DREAM, I'm just in the 7th heaven with happiness. This is an exciting game, it’s impossible to tear yourself away from it, it’s incredibly insulting when you wake up in the morning, then you walk all day high from this dream. And given my super-rich imagination... Once I had a cool dream... I will remember it for the rest of my life. Because I wrote a short story about him. Because later I met Ruslan, which of this dream was ... A whole year of happiness from one dream! nine0003

    02/03/07, Rhone
    Apparently, in honor of a sharp cold snap outside the windows, I dreamed of a hot and languid fairy tale with flowering chestnut trees, turquoise seas, magic and love in the lead roles. True, this whole dream story ended badly, well, so as not to relax too much. I would dream about this more often: firstly, incredible relaxation, like when watching a good movie; secondly, you do not feel guilty that you sleep so much; Otherwise, where would one see such beauty in life. But in fact, you can focus on the fact that if dreams are still dreaming, let them be better beautiful: with bright colors, saturated with smells and feelings, with a rich semantic load. Perhaps this is the aesthetics of dreams. nine0003

    08/13/07, Ipnomfa
    It's amazing - although sometimes you don't want to return to reality... When you dream of queens - it's flying away. Once I had a dream after I watched a program about the reign of Amenhotep and Nifertiti that the first one wants to kill me and now in a moment he will strike, but then an arrow fired from the queen's bow pierces him. Then, in short, we are together ... Once I had a dream, as it were, of Ra, but with an Indian (and not Egyptian) analogue of beauty. I was convinced that the Egyptian one is a little more beautiful though. In general, the ability of the mind is surprising. But of course, uninteresting dreams are more common. nine0003

    04/25/09, Fbsoad
    Dreams are fanaticism, secret desires, sometimes prediction. How wonderful it is to fall asleep late at night, when the eyelids can no longer be open ... Bury yourself in a blanket and feel that you are well, tomorrow is a day off, which means you can sleep until noon. And when you fell asleep you dream of something very beautiful. Your desires, they seem to have come true ... It's a pity that I don't have beautiful dreams.

    08/10/09, Juliet87
    My dreams are always beautiful and all my dreams come true in them! Waking up every morning with the feeling that I have been in a fairy tale is so cool!! :) I heard somewhere that dreams are a reflection of your soul) and good people always have beautiful dreams !!! It's about me! :))) nine0003

    08/10/09, Johnson
    Beautiful dreams come true become a mediocre reality. Here I am watching TV, and there is Putin, handsome and smart, I am charged with patriotism and save electricity, water and toilet paper, I don’t drink vodka and I don’t expand. And in life? Surely nothing special, some frustration and imperial manners.

    12/31/10, Slackerbitch
    I love beautiful dreams... and dreams in general! Isn't it great to dream? There are people who don’t dream about them at all... I even feel a little sorry for them... After all, the whole world, all the usual places, look completely different, more mysterious, the atmosphere is just wonderful, and even better when you can control your dreams, and do whatever you want... It's a pity that they end so quickly... nine0003

    06/10/11, Inken
    Very strange question)))))) I just love them, that's all)))

    04/12/13, AzazeLLLo
    And I have a greater number of dreams that are just the same and they are beautiful, colorful and very realistic. The subconscious mind works to its fullest :). The brain digests all that mess from situations that occur in reality, and gives out appropriate (though not always) pictures. It’s always nice to wake up after a good sleep, preferably a long one, and even under the influence of beautiful images. Not everyone has a sweet life, but in a dream you can at least feel better, maybe there will be an incentive). nine0003

    02/08/13, Italian Hardstyle Classics
    I once dreamed (and not alone) that mine was kissing me, on the face for some reason, it was even before our meeting, but after I fell in love with him. I told him this and he said this: "I hope i can make your dream come true sweety:) I" ll give you the sweetest, passionate kiss that you never leave my lips alone! /14, strangulation alpha
    Heh, I was a man, and a transvestite, and an animal lizard, and a horse, and I didn’t exist at all, there were just plots - and all this at different periods, at different ages, against the background of completely different experiences and their absence, but different things repeatedly. Often one dreams of heavenly beautiful places with peacocks, pheasants and other animals, seas, fountains, incomprehensible heaped structures, attractions ... And so on. From time to time I also fly - sometimes it takes effort, it attracts to the ground, the branches interfere - and sometimes it’s easy and natural.

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