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Song Parody Extraordinaire Psych Discusses Late-Stage Cancer Diagnosis With Howard and Robin Quivers

Song parody virtuoso Psych called into the show on Wednesday and opened up to Howard, co-host Robin Quivers, and their listeners about his increasingly tumultuous battle with cancer. The longtime Stern Show contributor revealed he’s currently hospitalized and unable to walk due to complications from leiomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that affects muscle tissue.

“Howard, believe it or not, I’m in the most amount of pain you could ever have in your lifetime. I’m just trying to remain upbeat and positive but I can barely walk at this point,” he explained.

Psych said the cancer was discovered after a CAT scan revealed a 4-pound tumor wrapped around many of his vital organs. At the time, doctors suggested he might have anywhere from 15 months to 5 years to live, but his condition worsened after surgery was ruled out and he chose to pursue alternative healing methods rather than endure immediate chemotherapy. He is undergoing chemotherapy now, but the cancer has already metastasized.

“Had I started this chemo in July, I probably would be about 10 times better than where I am now,” Psych said.

Howard wondered about Psych’s prognosis going forward.

“I’m sorry to say, buddy, it’s getting worse. It’s not getting better,” Psych told him. “So, I’m a bit somber at the fact that we are at what they call terminal end-stage right now.”

Howard and Robin were devastated to hear the news. “I want to thank you for all the years of song parodies and all the work … you brought a lot of laughs to this show,” Howard said, adding, “I’m appreciative that you chose my show to lend your talents to.”

And what talents he has lent.

Psych has contributed song parodies to the Stern Show for nearly a decade now. He’s skewered every staffer from Benjy Bronk and Gary Dell’Abate to JD Harmeyer and Sal Governale, but his specialty has always been explicit song parodies about Robin Quivers. Howard played a montage of some of his most beloved Robin songs on Wednesday, including riffs on “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “Nookie,” “On the Road Again,” and a full reworking of the classic Beatles album “Revolver.”

“His songs often sound as good as the original, if not better,” Howard declared.

“I love your songs,” Robin added at one point.

In 2014, Psych memorably performed live at Howard’s Birthday Bash (above), serenading Robin in-person with a scantily clad dancer and a parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines. ” To this day, Psych believes it’s his best contribution to the show.

“What a performance,” Howard recalled on Wednesday.

Even after getting diagnosed with late-stage cancer, Psych plans to continue to write material for the Stern Show. Howard was amazed Psych has managed to stay so upbeat and driven, considering not only what he is currently battling but what he went through as an infant when doctors found cancer in his eyes and removed them, leaving him blind at a very early age.

Psych credited his parents and a “normal” upbringing for his sunny disposition. He also revealed he draws inspiration from Robin, who herself battled and overcame cancer.

“We’re gonna remain positive,” Psych told Howard.

Psych went on to talk about his childhood, his one regret (pursuing women at the expense of his career in his 20s), and his thoughts on the afterlife. Howard also took some calls from fans who praised Psych’s many years of contributions and wished him well. Howard ended the call by wishing Psych well in his ongoing battle and offering him the show’s eternal support.

“Oh, I can’t even say goodbye,” Robin said, growing emotional.

“Thank you, Robin. I love you,” Psych told his longtime muse.

“I love you, too,” she told him, fighting through tears.

Psych’s numerous Stern Show song parodies are all available on his website. Check them out here.

Here's How Much Howard Stern Pays His Staffers

Without question, Howard Stern is one of the richest people in show business, hence his unofficial title as the "King Of All Media". On top of this, he's diversified his career by becoming a best-selling author, producing and starring in a blockbuster hit, producing television shows, and judging America's Got Talent, to name a few.

It's also what has helped him earn his absolutely colossal $650 million net worth. Unlike some celebrities, Howard is really smart about maintaining this net worth through various means, which includes his impressive charitable work.

In addition to his philanthropic work, Howard Stern also recognized the importance of the crew that makes The Howard Stern Show such a success. With a massive Sirius deal and huge net worth, fans want to know just how much Stern pays his staffers.

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Updated on July 28th, 2021, by Michael Chaar: Howard Stern has become quite the legend when it comes to radio, and television broadcast. Following the success of his Sirius series, The Howard Stern Show, the radio host began making the big bucks. Well, after he secured a $500 million deal with Sirius, fans wondered how much his staffers were pulling in. After a deep dive, his staffers make anywhere between $60,000 to $100,000 annually, which fans were a little peeved about considering the hosts' whopping earnings and $650 million net worth. In addition to being angry over salaries, fans aren't too happy Howard Stern took a break following news of his deal.

'The Howard Stern Show' A Massive Success

Via Sirius | The Howard Stern Show

Over the past 20 years, Howard Stern has undergone a massive transition. At one stage, he was known as the most offensive and edgy shock-jock around. This got him into a lot of trouble with the FCC and various other groups, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Nowadays, Howard Stern focuses on in-depth celebrity interviews, his own personal traumas, and some very entertaining staff in-fighting. In other words, Howard Stern has calmed down quite a bit, and so have his staffers. Therefore, he's basically only kept the ones who can play by his new rules. This has angered some of Howard's fans, but most have evolved with their favorite radio show host.

While some of us miss Artie Lange, KC Armstrong, Lisa G, and even Jackie "The Joke Man" Martling, we're thrilled that Howard has been able to expand his audience in recent years.

And, through it all, Howard's kept his three longest-running staffers... Robin Quivers, Gary Dell'Abate, and Fred Norris.

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The Main Reason Why His Show Costs So Much

Other than Beth, there's nobody more important to Howard than Robin Quivers. Ever since 1981, Robin has acted as "the voice of reason" on The Stern Show. She's Howard's newswoman. His on-air sparring partner. His confidant. And his best friend.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Robin Quivers earns roughly $10 million a year on The Howard Stern Show. This has been a major contributing factor to her massive $75 million net worth.

Other than Howard himself, it's likely that Robin gets the most money from The Stern Show Corporation which is given money by SiriusXM.

Howard Stern was paid $500 million for his move to the unregulated, censor-free satellite radio in 2006. Sirius (now SiriusXM Pandora) was set to pay Howard $100 million per year for five years for his radio show operation. This money would go to Howard as well as be spread out amongst the staffers.

Howard's contract with Sirius allowed him and his team to be in control of who gets paid what, which wouldn't be too hard considering the growth he's given the company. When Howard first started with them, Sirius had 600,000 subscribers. .. now they have more than 32 million!

According to Celebrity Net Worth, radio personality, producer, and sound effects genius, Fred Norris has a $16 million net worth. Now in his prime, he's pulling about $6 million per contract. Although that number is likely to be inflated.

It's probably around the $4 million Gary 'Baba Booey' Dell'Abate gets paid for his producing work. Both Gary and Fred have been with Howard as long as Robin has (give or take a few years) and are essential to the production, flow, and energy of The Howard Stern Show.

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Staffer's Unofficial Salaries

Fans of The Howard Stern Show know that there are countless other staffers of recognition, such as Jon Hein, JD Harmeyer, Rahsaan Rogers, Will Murray, Chris Wilding, Jason Kaplan, Scott Salem, Shuli Egar, Benji Bronk, Ronnie Mund, and Sal and Richard.

The exact numbers they pull a year are unknown. However, several Reddit users have compiled a list of their salaries that are sourced from Celebrity Net Worth.

So, take it with a grain of salt. According to the publication, Benjy Bronk takes home $100,000 per year. As for JD and Ronnie Mund, the duo are estimated to earn $60,000 per year, while Sal Governale and Richard Christy earn $80,000 per year.

When it comes to the "King of Radio" Stern is certainly bringing in the big bucks, with a net worth of $650 million, it's no surprise that he's able to pay his employees quite a solid income, however, fans were very peeved when it was announced that he scored a $500 million deal.

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Do assholes repent? (excerpt from an interview with Howard Stern): transurfer — LiveJournal

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Howard Stern, infamous for his asshole and humiliating behavior on the air in relation to the Stones Rawnes, gave a radio host.

He said that the main reason for his degenerate behavior was infantilism and a thirst for high ratings at any cost. And so that during his broadcasts he was the most important and funniest, he tried to trample the guests from the very first minute of the broadcast with questions like “Are you really gay?”, And it was precisely for his cynicism and lack of everything holy that the audience adored him.

Now, he says in an interview, his style of broadcasting has changed, and he is very sorry about his behavior. On the reasons for the change, he said that one of his biggest regrets is how he treated Robin Williams. He loved this actor very much, and his films more than once warmed him in moments of loneliness and despair. Nevertheless, he asked Williams from the threshold the question “Do you fuck with the nanny of your children?”, Since high ratings were needed, and their pledge was precisely the aggressive lowering of all the guests. Now, says Stern, he would find a much more creative way to ask an actor about his personal life and who knows how great the show would end up and what great parodies Williams would do, and how gorgeous Stern could bring out all the talent of this actor for your audience. From these thoughts, Stern, according to him, every time tears well up in his eyes.

Later, Stern decided to belatedly apologize for the broadcast and looked for ways to get through to the actor, but the actor committed suicide.

When asked what was the catalyst for such a major change in outlook, Stern replied that he went to psychotherapy.


I personally do not believe a single word that media personalities say in the public domain, since all their words and actions available to the general public, as a rule, are dictated by one or another marketing strategy to attract attention to themselves for the sake of popularity.

But, who knows, maybe Stern is speaking sincerely, since he is not a young man and he already has so much money that there is no need to worry about earning. Maybe some serious illness was discovered in him, and he urgently decided to think about the soul. To me personally, he always seemed more like a pathetic and lost character, a little boy who hides behind his aggression, than a great and terrible breaker of personalities and foundations on the air. That is, not a psychopath, but a neurotic / traumatic. And in this sense, too, it is quite plausible that belated therapy put his brains and values ​​in place.

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  • Friday Roll Call

    How are you in therapy and in life this week? Tell us about some simple things that you managed to please yourself with. Interesting movie…

  • Friday Roll Call

    How are you this week? What topics were brought to the sessions this week? What supports you the most in life right now?

  • Friday roll call

    How are you in therapy this week? What helps you cope? If nothing helps, then you can simply complain about something that is very bad.

Alison Stern Bio, Early Life, Husband, Divorce, Career, Net Worth 9

Height (m): 1.68 Religion: Christianity Tsonit Tsonon, Local FULTS FABRIST Howard Stern. She is also the ex-wife of a famous radio show producer.

titer : Alison Stern
Source : IMDB

Alison Stern: early life, family and education

Alison Stern was born as Alison Burns on May 26, 1954 in a small village that was part of the suburban town of Newton, Massachusetts. She was a student at the renowned University of Boston and graduated with a degree in social work there. She encountered her as a student at Boston University as her husband, Howard Stern. Stern was a communications student and in college she approached Alison to work with him on a film project. Alison headed the college, and it was during this film project that the couple fell in love.

Charlie Classic net worth

caption : Alison Stearns Family
Source : whosdatedwho

Alison Stern: Career and Accomplishments

Alison and Howard's college film was Alison's first film project. It was a movie based on Transcendental Meditation. After that, Alison also worked on a number of different projects. Projects include albums, talk shows, an autobiographical film based on her husband, home video and even television as part of The Howard Stern Show. Alison Stern's ex-husband "Howard Stern" hosted and produced the show.

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Alison Stern: Personal Life, Husband and Divorce

When they were twenty-four, Alison and Howard got married. The couple married on June 4, 1978 at Ohabei Shalom Temple in Brooklyn. They first became parents in 1983 when they had a daughter named Emily Beth. In 1986, another child was born named Debra Jennifer and later a third child was born named Ashley Haid, she was born in 1993. The couple were married for twenty-one long years before separating at 1999 year.

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The couple filed for divorce later in 2001, marking the end of their twenty-three-year marriage. Howard's love for his job and lack of family time are speculated to be the main reason for the couple's separation. Alison regularly appeared in films, videos, and The Howard Show while they were together.

After their divorce, Robin Givens and even Angie Everhart started dating Howard. Howard then met the socialite, model and TV presenter Beth Ostrosky. He had dated her since 2000 and then married her in 2007, and the couple wed the following October at The Cirque, a New York restaurant.

Alison also remarried in 2001 to businessman David Scott Simon. Howard Stern, Alison's ex-husband, made his mark on the radio show The Howard Stern Program. During his long and colorful career, he has received a number of awards, including the Billboard National Award for Syndicated Aviation Personality, an award he has won eight times. He is now widely known as one of the jurors on America's Got Talent TV show for young people.

how much Rosanna Scotto earns per year

caption : Alison Sterns with her ex-husband
Source : YouTube

Alison Stern: Net Worth and social media

Alison Burns is a former American housewife and actress with a net worth of $50 million.

Learn more