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A Man's Guide to Looking Great as You Age

Medically Reviewed by Carol DerSarkissian, MD on November 19, 2021

Keep your style neat as you get older. That mop-top from your younger days may not work anymore. If you’re going bald, you have options. You can spend the cash in hopes of restoring your hair, trim it super short, or shave your head clean. A ponytail, especially if you’re balding, will make you look older, not hipper. If you want to cover your grays, choose a color close to your natural shade.

Nothing says “old man” like crazy eyebrows, ear hair, and a bushy back. Have your barber tame your brows, ears, and nose hair. Or you can do it yourself with at-home trimmers. Keep your back and chest fur from peeking out of the top of your shirt by shaving, waxing, using a depilatory (a cream that removes hair), or through laser treatments.

Most of the time, a closely shaved man looks younger than a guy with a beard and mustache. That said, there are no rules, just keep it well-groomed. If you decide it’s time to cover your gray, use a dye that’s meant for men's facial hair. A solid beard tone will look fake.

To keep your skin from adding years to your looks, wear sunscreen, moisturizer, and lip balm daily. Retinoids can help you slough off old skin cells. You can find them in many over-the-counter products or get a stronger version by prescription from a dermatologist. They also stop collagen, the stuff that keeps your skin stretchy, from breaking down. This gives you a more vibrant, youthful look.

Is it time to get a little work done? A doctor can inject something called a filler just below the surface of your skin to plump it up. Or you can try a Botox shot. It weakens muscles, which softens wrinkles. Common places to get it are on your forehead and around your eyes. Laser skin resurfacing can zap shallow to medium-deep wrinkles.

If you want to look good on the outside, you gotta take care of the inside. You can’t act like you did in your 20s. You know the rules: Get plenty of rest, eat right, drink water, don’t smoke, leave the booze at the bar, and try to get some exercise most days.

A bright smile can make you look -- and feel -- like a million bucks. Guys who brush and floss regularly can up the wattage with a whitening toothpaste. At-home bleaching strips or trays also work. You can also go to the dentist for a treatment. For a big change -- if your choppers are stained, damaged, or crooked -- ask about  veneers. These porcelain shells cover the front side of your teeth.

Stock your closet with a few quality pieces like a good suit, a leather jacket, and dark-wash classic-fit jeans. Add some trendy items each season, but don’t hang onto them after everyone else has moved on. If you can afford it, have your clothes tailored for a perfect fit. Accessories are OK, but don’t overdo it with the bling. Chukka boots and wingtips are stylish, and each works well with a number of outfits.

Molded plastic eyeglass frames are hot right now and will help hide some of the character lines around your eyes. A frame that sweeps upward at the temples will help give your face a visual lift. Stay away from styles with heavy lower sections or a downward curve (like aviators). They can give you a heavy or droopy look.


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15 Easy Tips To Look Younger And Healthier

If you’re like most men, you want to know how to look younger without spending hours and hours on a skin care routine. Sound about right? Then you’re in the right place.

In this post, the skin care experts at SiO will explain 15 simple and effective ways to look younger for men. These tips are quick, easy, and will help your skin look youthful and healthy.

The Unfortunate Realities Of Aging

Before we start talking solutions, let’s learn a bit more about the problem: aging.

Unfortunately, aging isn’t optional. As you grow older, your skin becomes worn out and less capable of healing itself. Two of your skin’s most important proteins, collagen and elastin, are produced in significantly smaller quantities as the years go by.

For example, research has shown that collagen production drops one percent every year after the age of 20. So by the time you’re 50 years old, you’re producing only 70 percent of the collagen you did when you were in your late teens.

This is bad news for your skin. With less collagen, your skin cells aren’t as firm and structured as when you were younger. This can lead to things like sagging skin, dark under-eye circles and other eye wrinkles, like crow’s feet.

But it’s not all bad news. SiO's hydrating patches will help gently keep your skin in place so that it doesn't crease, as well as increase moisture to help plump up any fine lines. It’s an effective, no-hassle approach to skin care that’s perfect for men.

All you need to do is apply the patches before you go to bed, get a good night’s rest, and remove the patches in the morning to reveal smoother, younger-looking skin. That’s all there is to it.

Insider tip: you can also throw the patches on while you hang out around the house, maybe playing some video games or watching football, for a quick boost of skin healing.

How To Look Younger: 15 Simple Steps For Men

If you’re wondering how to look younger, men, then these tips are for you.

1) Use Warm (Not Hot) Water

Hot showers may feel awesome, but they can actually be bad for your skin. Hot water washes off sebum, a natural oil that coats and protects the surface of your skin. You need a layer of sebum on your skin for it to remain hydrated.

Instead of super hot water, use warm water for showers and for washing your face. It will help you keep those charming good looks intact.

2) Keep Showers Short

Just like hot showers, long showers can dry out your skin. And dry skin, of course, leads to lines and wrinkles that make you look older. To look younger and healthier, keep showers 10 minutes or less.

3) Use The Right Facial Cleansers

Soaps tend to be too harsh for the thin skin on your face — yep, even for guys. That’s why it’s so important to use the right facial cleansers. These specially formulated products will wash away dirt and cleanse your pores without causing dryness or irritation.

4) Be Careful With Your Skin

As mentioned above, the skin on your face is pretty thin. This makes it easier for wrinkles to form.

Here are a few easy tips to follow for younger-looking skin:

  • Lather cleansers on gently
  • Pat your skin dry with a soft towel
  • Avoid rubbing, pulling, or stretching the skin on your face
  • Apply moisturizers and other lotions carefully

5) Moisturize

An essential step in the ultimate skin care routine for men is moisturizing.

Apply moisturizer at least twice per day — once in the morning before you leave for work, and then again in the evening as one of the last steps in your routine.

The very last step in your nightly skin care routine? Applying SiO’s ultra-hydrating patches, of course. Made from the finest medical-grade silicone, SiO patches are clinically proven to boost hydration while reducing wrinkle depth in as little as one night.

6) Exfoliate

If you aren’t already exfoliating once or twice per week, it’s time to start. Exfoliating will help to remove dead skin cells and let younger, healthier-looking skin cells shine through.

Make sure to use a natural exfoliator, rather than one with microplastics, and always be gentle when scrubbing your face.

7) Use Eye Cream

A lot of guys wonder whether or not it’s really necessary to use eye cream. If you’re serious about looking younger and healthier, then the answer is yes. It’s absolutely necessary.

Dabbing on a little eye cream only takes a minute or two. Apply eye cream right after you’ve moisturized in the evening.

8) Wear Sunscreen Every Day

The sun’s UV rays can do real harm to your skin cells. Not only can UV rays cause wrinkles and sun spots, but they can also lead to serious diseases like melanoma.

To keep your skin looking young and healthy, apply a layer of sunscreen every morning before you leave home. Remember to do this even when it’s cloudy and cold.

For extra convenience, find a moisturizer with SPF included in the ingredients. That way, you can kill two birds with one stone and just apply that one product as both your morning moisturizer and your sunscreen before you leave home every day.

9) Try DIY Facial Masks

When you think of DIY projects, things like fixing up an old motorcycle or building a utility shed in the backyard might come to mind. Try changing things up with a DIY facial mask to keep your skin looking young.

You can make a DIY face mask out of tons of household products, from yogurt and coconut oil to avocado and cucumber. Give it a shot! You might be surprised how much you’ll enjoy it.

10) Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is essential for your health, and not just for your skin. It allows your entire body to heal and recharge itself.

Make sure you’re getting at least six hours of sleep per night. It’s best to get seven or eight hours every night, if possible.

11) Work Out

Exercise is crucial for your body’s health. It will keep you fit and toned. It will also keep your skin looking younger.

Try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise three times per week. “Moderate” exercise includes everything from jogging and biking to a pick-up game of basketball. In other words, you don’t need to be bodybuilding or training for a triathlon to get the exercise you need.

12) Eat Well

Just as with getting enough sleep and exercise, eating well is extremely important for your overall health and well-being.

Cut back on salty, fatty, fried foods, sodas, and junk food. Try to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. It’s also crucial to drink at least eight glasses of water per day. These simple steps will go a long way toward helping you look younger.

13) Drink In Moderation

There’s nothing wrong with having a cold beer or a cocktail with your buddies. Just make sure to always drink in moderation. Excessive alcohol consumption will cause dehydration and make your skin age quicker.

Also, if you’re a smoker, do everything you can to quit immediately. We’ll spare you the lecture, but smoking is absolutely terrible for your health. Quit now.

14) Find Ways To Relieve Stress

Managing stress is a critical life skill. It will help keep you happy and healthy, which in turn helps keep you looking younger.

There’s no one-size-fits-all advice for relieving stress. Just find what works for you — reading, working out, fishing, watching sports — and make time for it in your weekly schedule.

15) Wear SiO Patches For Men

SiO patches are one the easiest and most effective ways for men to look younger and healthier. All you need to do is wear them while you sleep or slap them on for a few hours while you’re watching the game. Your skin will be visibly smoother as soon as you take them off.

SiO has you covered with patches for the most important regions — your brow and the sides of your eyes and mouth. Or you can upgrade to the SiO Facelift for men, which includes one BrowLift patch and two each of the Super EyeLift patches (which provide you with more coverage to target under-eye bags in addition to crow’s feet) and SmileLift patches. 

Wear SiO’s powerful hydrating patches and follow the other tips included above, and you’ll practically stop the effects of aging in their tracks.

"I'm just an old man who goes to the gym" These people look half their age and are ready to share the secrets of eternal beauty: People: From Life: Lenta.ru they try, but still for decades they appear before the public in the form of twenty-year-olds. Almost all of them are fond of sports and monitor nutrition, but each has a personal, often strange secret of eternal youth. Their advice, in a bizarre way combining a healthy lifestyle and superstition, was studied by Lenta.ru. nine0003

Blueberries and no straws

41-year-old Belinda Norton from Queensland, Australia believes she has found the secret to a happy life and eternal youth. She single-handedly raises two children, 13-year-old Zeid and 11-year-old Meka, works at school, blogs about the right lifestyle and writes books: memoirs, collections of recipes and useful tips. Norton graduated from the institute with a degree in physical education and several coaching courses.

“My main goal is to help all women be healthy and happy so that their children become even better. We need a world where children know how to properly take care of their bodies and health so that our world becomes a livable place, ”she explains on her website. nine0003

The secret of eternal youth, according to the Australian, is a combination of a healthy lifestyle and psychological well-being, but her list of tips to combat aging also contains extremely unexpected items. For example, Norton encourages followers to never drink through a straw. According to the woman, because of this, wrinkles appear around the mouth. She considers blueberries to be the most useful product and advises eating them every day in any form. Norton recommends snacking on almonds, eating vegetables at every meal, adding spinach to all salads, and cooking salmon at least twice a week. At the same time, the Australian urges not to limit yourself and not to go on diets - this causes stress, and it ages. nine0003

Belinda Norton, 41

Photo: @belinda.n.x

Other than that, Norton's advice doesn't differ much from the standard recommendations for a healthy lifestyle: drink more water, be sure to use sunscreen, wear sunglasses and a hat, reduce the time spent on social networks and sleep more. Norton recommends avoiding long-distance running, which, in her opinion, wears out the body. Instead, she opts for walking, sprinting, and circuit training with weights. nine0003

The Australian believes that a positive attitude, monthly massage sessions and regular meetings with her friends helped her keep her youth. “There is nothing better than meeting friends: at a workout, an evening walk or even at breakfast. Girls need to regularly tease each other good-naturedly - this relieves stress, ”she assures. The bodybuilder tells all clients that massage is a necessity, not a luxury. “Uncompressed and flexible muscles do not hurt and are less injured. In addition, a person becomes more mobile, and toxins are released from him, which makes the body look younger and the skin takes on a healthier color, ”explains Norton. nine0003

“I look better at 40 than I did at 20,” laughs the Australian, although she admits that over the years she has to carefully monitor her diet and sleep patterns and spend more and more money on quality sportswear, shoes and skin care cosmetics .


Liu Yelin, a 50-year-old Chinese woman, became interested in sports only at the age of 20. It was then that the woman learned to swim and has not given up this occupation since then. Liu prefers open waters and swims in all weathers. This, according to the Chinese woman, helped her keep her youth and attract tens of thousands of subscribers. Due to her online popularity, Liu quit her job as a librarian and became a blogger. She often jokes that her new goal in life is to "travel around the world and wear beautiful swimwear." nine0003

Liu swam across the 40-kilometer Strait of Malacca, skydived from a height of 4.5 kilometers and practiced yoga in -30 degrees below zero. At the beginning of 2018, Liu cut through Lake Baikal in a bikini and arranged a photo shoot in minus 40 degrees. The Chinese woman called Putin to join her. “You are also forever young, luxurious man, no, ageless!” - the woman addressed the Russian president from the pages of the tabloids.

Liu Yelin, 50

Photo: Zheng Guangming, Ye Wen / ZumaPress / Globallookpress.com

In the fall of 2018, she found a new extreme hobby - she went to the Philippines to learn freediving - diving without equipment. The new occupation was not easy for her: not breathing underwater for three minutes turned out to be "unbearably painful."

Business partner and investor Liu Tegan Shi believes that the woman not only managed to maintain the appearance of a 20-year-old girl, but also changed the standards of female beauty in China: “Previously, white, modest and weak women were considered beautiful, but Yelin is gradually destroying stereotypes. She is brave, not afraid to try something new, I admire her courage.” In response to this, Liu only laughs and says that he will consider it a real achievement only if he looks as young at 80 years old. nine0003

Only her 23-year-old son is not happy about Liu's popularity. “I have to explain for half a day that this is my mother, and not a girl. Therefore, it’s not working out with his personal life yet, ”he smiles sadly.

"Never take a shower late at night or early in the morning"

53-year-old Singaporean photographer Chuando Tan took magazine covers for many years until he appeared on them himself. When the man was younger, he was considered one of the most popular fashion models in the country and was the soloist in a pop group. But real worldwide fame overtook him only at the age of 50. Then publications around the world published photographs of a man looking half his age. nine0003

He became the third Singaporean to have more than a million followers on Instagram. Only local stars are ahead of him - singer Lin Junjie and actor Aaron Aziz. In many ways, this was facilitated by moving to Beijing in April 2018 - they began to write about him on local social networks, and the number of subscribers almost doubled.

Related materials:

Chuando is not too happy about fame: he started Instagram to promote himself as a photographer, not as a model. “I am constantly tagged in pictures by Indian users, even if these pictures are not related to me in any way. This is probably how they promote their accounts. They send me private messages with declarations of love and questions like "what do you eat and how do you take care of your skin." People still follow me out of a desire to know the secret of eternal youth. They are interested in my appearance, not my work,” complained the Singaporean. nine0003

He added that he sometimes gets annoyed by the high volume of messages: “They text me 'Oh, you're not 52, you just want fame' or they say that I look good because I don't have a wife and children. We are all human, who wouldn’t be pissed off by such comments?”

Chuando Tang, 53

Photo: @chuando_chuandoandfrey

Tang is ironic about his popularity. “People often ask me how I got famous. I don't know myself. One day I woke up and my followers skyrocketed. I was shocked myself." When asked how to keep his youth, he half-jokingly replied that "you need to exercise regularly, eat rice with Hainanese chicken, and never take a shower early in the morning or late at night. " However, the man is a little cunning: every month he goes to the hairdresser to paint over gray hair that has already begun to break through, keeps a bottle of water near the bed, always drinks a glass of water on an empty stomach, sleeps six to eight hours, does not drink alcohol and does not smoke. nine0003

Chuando says he hardly cooks himself: he usually eats lunch and dinner at food courts. “I eat wherever you can get fish soup and chicken breast. The main thing is that it was tasty, and the products were fresh. At home, he only occasionally bakes chicken marinated in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The man loves ice cream very much, but allows himself only once a month. For sweets, he prefers durian, but only in the morning.

"I'm just an old man who goes to the gym and takes care of himself," the Singaporean summed up his popularity. nine0003

Forever 20 years

68-year-old pensioner Hu Hai from the Chinese city of Shanghai won the title of "city's most modern grandfather" in 2016. However, the language does not turn to call him grandfather: the Chinese wears youth clothes, rides a skateboard and loves all kinds of physical activity. True, Hu prefers yoga and belly dancing to going to the gym. The man even performed as part of the corps de ballet at the local theater. In his free time, Hu loves to sing.

The man is sure that every person has three ages: biological, psychological and physical. He believes that his own psychological age is about 20 years old, and his physical age is about 40 years old. nine0003

Hu Hai, 68

Photo: @xyjesse

Hu's father died when he was a child, so the boy, his six brothers and sister had to help his mother. As a young man, Hu worked in a textile factory, but dreamed of performing on stage. “Many people wanted me to sing, dance or act in the theater, but because I was a member of the Communist Party, I could not leave the factory and do this,” he explains. At 40, Hu Hai changed his profession and became an economist. Glory overtook him after participating in the competition for the title of the youngest grandfather. He was invited to TV programs several times, was called to shoot in fashion magazines and to fashion shows. nine0003

Hu considers daily yoga classes, meditation, and the habit of hanging upside down for half an hour as the main secret of maintaining appearance. The last exercise, in his opinion, prevents wrinkles and hair loss. He prefers to eat small meals and takes vitamins and collagen tablets.

“Everyone will grow old sometime, this cannot be avoided. But if you feel old and just want to die, if you no longer want to learn something new, then you really got old, no matter how old you are, ”the man believes. Every day, Hu tries to learn something new - this is how he fights old age. nine0003

Not eating meat makes you old. Seven habits that will help you look younger by the age of forty - Personal experience on vc.ru

My name is Evgeny Volk. I am an entrepreneur and columnist at vc. ru. I’ll put my five cents, or rather, my fortieth year, into disputes about what affects premature aging and how to avoid it.

27 351 views

Evgeny Volk. July 2020

Usually, I write about startups and project management. But I could not get past the trend and I want to share only my experience and observation. It's a sensitive topic and I don't think it's for everyone. nine0003

I don't know much about cosmetics and cosmetic procedures. By the sink in my bathroom there is only hand soap and the cheapest Nivea.

I eat meat, less fish. I used to smoke a lot. I don't have billions like Durov's. Live in Russia. I drink from time to time.

I am also friends with sports every once in a while - at school I begged for a B so as not to spoil the drummer's certificate.

Wanting to look good is normal. And somewhere in my twenties, I consciously worked out the following rules for myself:0003

Do not wrinkle your forehead

A person's face is aged by deep wrinkles on the forehead. As a teenager, I trained myself to smile without wrinkling my forehead. There are no constraints or unusual actions for life. It's like learning to write: there was no skill - there is a skill.


Guys are given age by hair not only on the face, but also on the fingers, arms and legs. Especially on the phalanges - a place that is always in sight.

No, I'm not asking you to shave your whole body right away (but note that a leg with curls from groin to toe loses to legs with short hair). Shave, shave off the hair on the phalanges of the fingers. nine0003

No stress

Don't stress. Remove as early as possible from life everything that oppresses you or will oppress you for a long time. Don't study where you don't want to go. Never work where you are not rushing.

You can also work as a cleaner. But only if your goal is to infiltrate a large company or learn everything about this profession. But not just a "cleaner" job. We are not trees, we can move around and choose the best field.


Do not consume stressful information: do not absorb all the news in a row with a sponge. It is difficult, very. But believe me, Navalny will wake up or not - you will definitely know. Will Lukashenka resign, too.

Everything that happens between these events is just the need for news sites to generate traffic to spin ads on them. At the cost of your attention and nerves.

And also give up everyone who is negative, whining and swells at the same time. It's okay to unfollow people in real life too. nine0003


As long as you have no ground under your feet, you should not go in this direction. This is a direct road to stress, wrinkles, swelling, yelling, screaming, breakdowns. When you can delegate the maximum amount of child rearing to nannies, teachers, psychologists, and so on - burn it!

Is there something?

Anything, the main thing is in moderation.

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