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Free Guided Meditation Scripts - Mindfulness Exercises

When guiding others through a mindfulness meditation, there are a few simple tips to keep in mind that will help those you’re teaching to dive further into their practice. Keep these in mind when choosing your script, leading your class or private session, or recording for an online offering.

1. Take your time to choose the right free guided meditation script.

Getting to know the people or individual you are teaching will help you to choose the most suitable script. Allow your intuition to help guide you to whichever type of meditation is most applicable in any given moment. From simple breathing meditation scripts to more heart-centered loving kindness practices, there is no shortage of themes and techniques to help your students or clients move more deeply into themselves. Take your time to choose the guided meditation script that feels like the right fit for the energies that are (or that you expect might be) present.

2. Read the script a few times in advance.

It’s incredibly important that you go through the script a few times prior to leading your class or making your recording. This will help you to achieve better flow and tone, heightening the impact the session will have on those you’re leading. Make personal notes on your script, such as where you’d like to include a longer pause or what words you might want to add in or to omit. Personalize your script to ensure that it fits naturally and authentically with your voice and intention.

3. Create a comfortable environment.

Never underestimate the impact that atmosphere has on one’s inner state of being. If you’re teaching a class or guiding a one-on-one session, be mindful of the environment you are in. You might add to the comfort of the room by using candles, cushions, or dim-lighting. You can also greatly enhance the atmosphere of the room by ensuring that your own presence is welcoming, warm, and compassionate. Mindfulness and meditation practices can feel deeply vulnerable for many people. Create a safe and supportive atmosphere by bringing your most authentic and compassionate self to the room.

4. “Practice what you preach.”

While you’re reading a mindfulness meditation script, practice what you’re preaching right in the very same moment. For instance, as you guide your clients to quietly make themselves comfortable in the space they’re in, take the time to do the same for yourself. Connect with your own breath to help you ground yourself in the present moment. Acknowledge whatever thoughts, feelings, or sensations arise. Allow everything to pass by as if they’re clouds, so that you’re completely present and ready to guide others.

5. Speak slowly and clearly, taking longer pauses where necessary.

Be mindful of how quickly you are moving through the script. If you’re new to teaching meditation, the long periods of silence might prompt you to move ahead prematurely. Just as when you’re practicing on your own, allow yourself to revel in the silent spaces in between sound. Take your time as you read to ensure you are speaking clearly and at the right tone, pace, and volume.

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Over 100,000 People Have Downloaded These 8 Guided Meditation Scripts

(Here’s what a few of them said...)

“The scripts helped me to save time.”

“The scripts helped me to save time, and I love that they cover many topics, because I can choose what is relevant to things happening during the week (especially since we are all having these unique, shared global experiences at this time) and provide timely scripts for my students.”

— Veronica Lebednik

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“Your meditations have helped me convert more people on my email list into clients. And as a result of using your scripts, my clients are managing stress better and are more relaxed.”

— Tony Longobardi, Board Certified Hypnotist

“Your scripts have definitely helped my business and made it so much easier.

“Your scripts have definitely helped my business and made it so much easier. I used to have to spent a lot of time searching for different scripts to use and now I literally have hundreds at my finger tips. It's been a huge help to me.”

— Dr. K.J. Foster

“I had one student with no meditation experience... and now she’s meditating every single day! Your guided meditation scripts helped me do that.”

“I had one student that had absolutely no meditation experience, and at the end of the session, she expressed her gratitude, felt really calm, and enjoyed it, and is now actually meditating every single day... so I’m really excited that your guided meditation scripts helped me to do that.”

— Dr. Lisa Nezneski

“I used these scripts to make videos for my members and I've had incredible positive feedback from them.

“I used these scripts to make videos for my members and I've had incredible positive feedback from them. They say it has helped them a lot, and was exactly what they needed to hear in that moment.”

— Laurie Gouley

“Your guided meditation scripts have helped stimulate a freshness to my facilitation and have been the subject of positive feedback from participants in my weekly sessions.”

“Sometimes after leading meditations for a long time, a dullness can creep in. Your guided meditation scripts have helped stimulate a freshness to my facilitation and have been the subject of positive feedback from participants in my weekly sessions.”

— Ed Tyrie

“The scripts have increased my confidence to lead meditations, and to have a variety of options.”

“Since the pandemic I lead weekly meditations for my job and my community. The scripts have increased my confidence to lead meditations and to have a variety of options. This helps me avoid using the same scripts from week to week.”

— Kenya Casey

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Click Here to Download the 8 Guided Meditation Scripts Now... for Free!

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Over 100.000 people have downloaded these 8 Guided Meditation Scripts!


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5 apps that help you fall asleep faster

This text was written in the Community, carefully edited and formatted according to editorial standards.


puts things in order before going to bed

Author profile

Usually people are puzzled over what to cook for dinner, and I over what to do to fall asleep faster.

I often find myself unable to fall asleep for a long time, whether I spend my day actively or passively. Evening walks in the fresh air, physical activity, yoga, dancing - all this has already been tested. But the result gives the opposite - an insane amount of energy by midnight, there is no question of any sleep.

Another scenario is working remotely in front of a computer, movies, books, no sticking on Tiktok and Instagram a couple of hours before supposed sleep. But even a calm day that ends with a quiet evening without gadgets leads to the same result, only without a crazy wave of energy. Sleep is not in one eye.

In the end, I decided to try apps for sleep and relaxation. In this article, I will share my top five programs that helped me achieve my goal, taught me how to get enough sleep and feel rested in the early morning.

Appendix No. 1

"Mental Tutor HD"

The application is a large database of meditations and affirmations from expert authors for 30 areas of life, among which I found important ones for me - these are "Dreams" and "Relaxation".

Meditation techniques include visualizations, imaginative stories, travel meditations, yoga nidra, muscle relaxation, autogenic training, breathing exercises, binaural music.

Personal recommendation from app: binaural music for deep relaxation - each song has a mini version for 15 minutes and an extended version for 1.5 hours; guided yoga nidra for falling asleep is a conscious gradual relaxation of body parts from a professional hypnologist Oksana Rogova.

Pros of the application:

  • only in the categories "Dreams" and "Relaxation" there are more than 100 meditations for sleep and relaxation - there are plenty to choose from;
  • the authors of the meditations are certified hypnologists, psychologists, teachers of yoga and meditation in various areas: yin yoga, hatha yoga, qigong and others;
  • is a nice player for listening to practice, where you can independently adjust the playback speed, which is very important in such a process. At the same time, reducing the speed does not distort the voice;
  • on the main page there is a separate section dedicated to sleep and relaxation, where you can find several collections with the best imaginative visualization meditations, music, and relaxation techniques.

Cons of the application:

  • since there are a lot of records and while there is no search in the program, it is difficult not to get lost in the abundance of practices;
  • there are many different authors in the application, but among them there were those whose voice and musical accompaniment did not suit me. A matter of taste.


How to deal with insomnia

Cost: The application works on a subscription basis. The first month is free, then - 599 R per week, 799 R per month or 2950 R per year.

Appendix No. 2


The English-language application offers a daily personalized meditation practice program based on its database. Your requests, problems and experience of meditation are taken into account.

To sleep peacefully, you can use thematic meditations and sounds. According to the developers, the application uses the first of its kind relaxation technology, which is based on bilateral stimulation and controlled breathing. This technology is invisible to the eye, but after regular exercise you really feel that your breathing has become more even and deep, it is much easier and faster to relax than before.

6 things for healthy sleep

Personal recommendation from the app: meditations with a focus on reflection on the results of the day and deep breathing, breathing animation exercises.

Pluses of the application:

  • meditations are divided into those that prepare for sleep and those that immerse in it;
  • it is possible to choose the duration of meditation - from 10 minutes to an hour, as well as sounds for sleep - from 15 minutes to 10 hours;
  • after completing the practice, the application shows which skill you have worked out - for example, visualization, reflection;
  • you can select a male or female guide voice.

Cons of the application:

  • there is no variety in the topics and techniques of meditation for sleep. The application randomly selects meditation in the chosen direction, they are all similar in content. In addition, there are no additional questions in the categories, on the basis of which the practice is selected;
  • perhaps, for some, English will be a minus.

Cost: The application works on a subscription basis. The first year is free, then - 999 R per month or 5490 R per year.

Appendix No. 3


Loona is not your usual meditation and sleep music app. Instead, it offers slipscapes, interactive stories in which you follow the story and complete simple tasks to bring the images on your phone to life. Relaxing music plays in the background. This is a kind of “coloring book” that includes breathing exercises and concentration exercises.

All stories are connected and divided into chapters, they represent one big journey through mysterious and magical places. Each slipscape lasts approximately an hour. They are recommended to pass before going to bed.

Personal recommendation from the app: "Japanese Garden" slipscape - immersion in Japanese culture, "Lost Portal" - if you want something mystical.

Application pluses:

  • sticky 3D graphics and animation;
  • large selection of slipscapes, new interactive stories appear in the app every month;
  • The slipscapes can be completed in any order: both obeying the general logic of the narrative (chapter by chapter), and randomly. Start from which story is closer to you.

Cons of the application:

  • only slipscapes are available in Russian, and stories are displayed entirely in English;
  • you are still in direct contact with the phone. Probably not everyone and not always will be able to fall asleep after exercise.


"Fitness bracelet wakes up softer than a screaming phone": what to invest in to get better sleep Free period - first 7 days, then - 399 R per month or 2190 R per year.

Appendix No. 4


The application gives access to absolutely clear and basic meditations, which are built on the principles of mindfulness - concentration in the present moment. The "Practice" has a small section with exercises to improve sleep, where you can find short practices for breathing, visualization, notation and deep relaxation using yoga nidra techniques.

Personal recommendation from the app: Counting Sheep meditation. To my surprise, the practice is not based on the fact that the announcer counts sheep for me, everything is completely different. This is a meditation on visualization and awareness of thoughts, just as a metaphor for chaotic thoughts, the developers used the well-known method of counting rams.

Application pros: simple and enjoyable mindfulness techniques.

Cons of the application:

  • a small selection of practices for falling asleep and relaxing;
  • limited practice playback time: meditations last 10-15 minutes on average, sometimes not enough to completely relax, rest and fall asleep.


"Blocking out annoying thoughts": 8 ways to fight insomnia

Cost: the application works on a subscription basis — 379 R per month, 999 R per quarter, 2290 R per year. There is no trial period, but there are several meditations available for free.

Appendix No. 5


Endel is music therapy. According to the developers, the application does not just use ready-made sounds for calming, but generates them in real time with the help of artificial intelligence, which takes into account your location, time of day, heart rate and weather. In addition, the sounds change during the day, they are synchronized with the circadian rhythm.

There are several sound areas suitable for relaxation and sleep: Sleep, Relax, Hibernation. At the heart of endless tracks you can hear a variety of sounds.

Personal recommendation from the app: is a new Hibernation background that features many soothing ASMR sounds like crackling fireplace, cat purring, light crunching, guitar.

Pros of the application:

  • customization of sounds for each user, everyone gets something unique;
  • stunning black and white graphics;
  • the ability to set a timer so that the application turns off automatically - with or without an alarm.

Cons of the application:

  • there is no stable result and absolute proof that sound compositions will favorably affect your well-being, since more characteristics of a person need to be evaluated to achieve a full effect. Placebo effect may work;
  • the app has access to a lot of personal data - if anyone cares.

Cost: The application works on a subscription basis. Free period - the first 7 days, then - 229 R per month or 1990 R per year.


Each application is good in its own way - it's worth trying different options to decide what is close to you. For example, for me it turned out like this: “HD Mental Mentor” is an occasion to get acquainted with new relaxation techniques and dive deeper into meditation. I use "Practice" when I want to quickly and easily tune in to rest, and Balance - to immerse myself in reflection and listen to English speech (listening skill). I open the Endel app to put my thoughts in order and be distracted by a pleasant melody. I use Loona for the same, plus to fantasize and dream, turning into the hero of a story.

I'd love to hear your recommendations for apps and techniques that help improve sleep quality.

Readers write. Here they share their experiences and tell their financial stories

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How to record an audio meditation, process it and get high-quality audio

Have you ever thought about recording your audio meditations? It's a lot easier than it sounds and often doesn't require expensive equipment or a studio.

Contrary to stereotypes, in most cases you don't even need a computer, and everything can be done even from a regular iPhone or Android phone. You can create meditations in the comfort of your own home and enjoy professional sound quality effortlessly.

This short article will show you how. We will review applications and equipment , give you some tips on preparing, recording and editing . At the end, you will have a clear idea of ​​how to record your first meditation in minutes.

Recording equipment

It is a common misconception that recording a meditation requires some kind of expensive equipment. Your mid-range iPhone or Android phone will be more than enough to get you good enough sound to start creating content at no extra cost.

If you still want, you can buy an external microphone. Basic phone models such as the Sure V88 and Rode VideoMic are good choices in the beginning.

If you plan to record from your computer, we still recommend using an external microphone. Most of the laptops we've tested tend to produce fairly poor recording quality. A frequently recommended model is the Blue Yeti. It can also be used with an iPad.

Applications for recording and editing

There are now many applications that do not require a degree in sound engineering.


Available for iOS and Android , free

Mindist is the first mobile app designed specifically for recording meditations. It allows you to add a meditation script and record audio step by step based on it. It also allows you to add background music from your library of free tracks and share the final recording with your listeners.


Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android, about t $7.99 to $13.99 per month

This application allows you to record and edit audio. It is aimed at podcast and music creators, so it will take a little time to learn. In addition to recording, you can import existing audio tracks to edit them and add background music. If you want to take advantage of this option and learn more, watch the 5-minute video overview of how it works.


PC and Mac, Free

Recommended by many creators, this desktop app has powerful editing tools, but it will be difficult for you to get started if you haven't edited audio before. You can filter audio, combine them with background music. If you'd like to learn more, here's a short video on recording and editing with Audacity.

There are more advanced applications such as Logic Pro and Ableton Live, but you don't need them if you don't need complex audio editing.

Preparing to record

The first thing you need to do is prepare a script or a basic outline of the meditation. There are several examples of meditation scripts if you google to use them when creating your own. Some teachers prefer to write without a script, but even then it's best to list the main things you want to mention in the meditation ahead of time.

Another important element is the right place to write. In most cases, a quiet room in your apartment will suffice. Make sure you're not disturbed and put your phone on silent to avoid distractions.

Take a glass of water with you as your throat may get tired some time after you start recording. After that, you're all set to record!

Audio recording

Now let's get to the fun part! There are 2 recording methods. The first is to record your meditation as a single audio track and edit it later. The second is to record small independent parts of the meditation and put them together in an audio editing program.

The last option is easier as you can re-record parts that you think are not good enough or have problems. For example, there is some external noise on the recording. Therefore, we recommend trying this option.

Mindist allows you to do just that. The audio recordings you make are related to parts of a script or script outline you wrote earlier. You can preview each one individually and re-record if you don't like it. Create a new meditation, paste or write your script. The application will automatically divide it into parts and allow you to record each of them in turn.

Soundtrap also allows you to record audio in parts. Create a project, add a new track, select "Voice and microphones" and start recording audio.


An important part of any meditation is the silence between the segments of your voice. Dividing a recording into parts allows you to edit it. In Mindist, you can specify the duration of the silence after each piece of script you record without any complicated editing. In Soundtrap or Audacity, you can add or edit silence by adding "space" between tracks.

Background music

Another important part of most meditation recordings is background music.

You can find and buy music on various online platforms. Here are a couple of examples to get you started with Music of whisdom and Indie music box. You can download them and import them into Soundtrap or Audacity.

Mindist has a built-in library of free tracks that you can select as background music without any additional search or editing effort. Simply select the desired track after you have finished recording your voice.

After all these steps, you have completed your meditation and are ready to share it with your listeners!

Ways to share your meditation with listeners

There are several ways to do this. You can export the meditation as an MP3 file for further download from any of the applications we mentioned. In Soundtrap, click File, then Export and select Export project as mp3.

Once you've done this, you can send the file to your listeners. You can also upload your meditation to Soundcloud or Youtube and share it with a link. This will also allow new listeners to naturally find your content.

Mindist does all of the above. Once you've finished recording, the app will download the meditation and provide you with a link that you can send anywhere. When your listeners download the app and open it, they will receive your meditation in a format similar to apps like Calm or Headspace. But instead of boring studio content, there will be your recording! In addition, you can also upload an mp3 of your meditation to upload to other platforms.


Recording an audio meditation is not that difficult. Applications, equipment and long preparations are no longer something that can block you from spreading awareness in this world. We hope that after reading this article, you will take your first steps and write down your first meditation!

We at Mindist have made it our mission to make life easier for meditation teachers and give them simple tools to create and monetize content.

Learn more