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Healers finds a tremendous sense of purpose in being a facilitator of reconciliation. They seek internal healing within themselves, external healing with others, and eternal healing with the sacred. They seek to mend those divisions which plague their private life and their relationships. They yearn to conciliate, to lead others to a place of restoration—that is, to restore lost unity, integrity, or harmony. They are the reconcilers of all that does not fit. They extend their hands to those who have been excluded, discarded, and forgotten.


When it comes to the matters of the heart, Healers can be enormously inspiring because they are willing to be vulnerable with others. They are the first to be willing to sacrifice, and the first to confess their fears, and admit their weaknesses. This kind of authenticity inspires others to engage in community by being open about their shortcomings. Healers influence others by connecting on a very personal level. They connect their own stories to their listener's stories.


Healers seek harmony, going to great lengths to avoid interpersonal conflict. They are sensitive to the feelings of others, and with sincere devotion they aim to please wherever possible. They are well aware of people and their feelings, and relate well to most others, but with some reserve. Absolute loyalty is what they provide and expect, so any act of divisiveness is considered an act of betrayal. Healers want to do things differently, by coming at a situation from an alternative, yet harmonious angle.


Compassion is defined as a "sympathetic consciousness of others' distress together with a desire to alleviate it." For Healers, their expressions of nurturing stem from their profound personal journey of redemption. Healers connect by sharing in people's suffering, challenges, difficulties, and pain. This sensitivity to pain allows them to connect with those who feel downtrodden and brokenhearted. They approach people in need with a sensitivity that is unparalleled.


Healers have a fervent aim to bring peace to the world and wholeness to themselves and their loved ones. They care deeply and passionately about others, especially for the special persons in their lives, or for a worthy cause. They live in a dynamic tension, where they intensely battle themselves, fervently seeking unity within. Their zealous cries are met with comfort in those safe places where they can confess their inner struggle. It is here, in community where they can be an inspiration for others who share similar struggles.


Healers have dreams; this is their greatest gift. Their dreams fuel them, and keep them inspired. They often hear a calling to go forth into the world to help others, and they are ready to make the personal sacrifices involved. They live for their dreams, and look for connections with others who share in their vision. Healers have a profound sense of idealism about who they are and who they hope to become. When they are convinced that their dream must be fulfilled, they believe in it, and they forge head with perseverance.

All About the INFP Personality Type

The INFP Personality Type

INFPs are imaginative idealists, guided by their own core values and beliefs. To a Healer, possibilities are paramount; the realism of the moment is only of passing concern. They see potential for a better future, and pursue truth and meaning with their own individual flair.

INFPs are sensitive, caring, and compassionate, and are deeply concerned with the personal growth of themselves and others. Individualistic and nonjudgmental, INFPs believe that each person must find their own path. They enjoy spending time exploring their own ideas and values, and are gently encouraging to others to do the same. INFPs are creative and often artistic; they enjoy finding new outlets for self-expression.

What does INFP stand for?

INFP is one of the sixteen personality types created by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers, creators of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®). INFP stands for Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Perceiving, which are four core personality traits based on the work of psychologist C.G. Jung.

Each of the four letters of the INFP code signifies a key personality trait of this type. INFPs are energized by time alone (Introverted), focus on ideas and concepts rather than facts and details (iNtuitive), make decisions based on feelings and values (Feeling), and prefer to be spontaneous and flexible rather than planned and organized (Perceiving).

The INFP personality type is also called the "Healer" because of their sympathetic idealism and gentle compassion for other people. Other nicknames for the INFP include:

  • The Thoughtful Idealist (MBTI)
  • The Mediator (16Personalities)

INFP Values and Motivations

INFPs value authenticity and want to be original and individual in what they do. They are often concerned with a search for meaning and truth within themselves. Following tradition holds little appeal for the INFP; they prefer to do their own exploration of values and ideas, and decide for themselves what seems right. INFPs are often offbeat and unconventional, but they feel no desire to conform. The INFP would rather be true to themselves than try to fit in with the crowd.

INFPs are accepting and nonjudgmental in their treatment of others, believing that each person must follow their own path. They are flexible and accommodating, and can often see many points of view. It is important to the INFP to support other people; however, the INFP may react strongly if they feel their own values are being violated. They especially hate being steamrolled by people who insist there is one right way to do things. INFPs want an open, supportive exchange of ideas.

How Others See the INFP

INFPs may initially seem cool, as they reserve their most authentic thoughts and feelings for people they know well. They are reflective and often spiritual, and often interested in having meaningful conversations about values, ethics, people, and personal growth. Typically curious and open-minded, the Healer continually seeks a deeper understanding of themselves and of the people around them. They are passionate about their ideals, but private as well; few people understand the depth of the INFP’s commitment to their beliefs.

INFPs are sensitive and empathetic, and engage themselves in a lifelong quest for meaning and authenticity. The mundane aspects of life are of less interest to this type, and they are more excited by interesting ideas than by practical facts. They typically accept others without question, and may take special interest in offbeat points of view or alternative lifestyles. They often have a special affection for the arts, especially the avant garde, as they love experiencing new concepts in self-expression.

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How rare is the INFP personality type?

INFP is the ninth most common type in the population. They make up:

  • 4% of the general population
  • 5% of women
  • 4% of men

Famous INFPs

Famous INFPs include Princess Diana, Audrey Hepburn, Fred Rogers, John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Tori Amos, Morrissey, Chloe Sevigny, William Shakespeare, Bill Watterson, A.A. Milne, Helen Keller, Carl Rogers, and Isabel Briggs Myers (creator of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator).

INFP Quotes

"INFPs excel in fields that deal with possibilities for people."

- Isabel Briggs Myers, Gifts Differing

"Healers care deeply—passionately—about a few special persons or a favorite cause, and their fervent aim is to bring peace to the world and wholeness to themselves and their loved ones."

- David Keirsey, Please Understand Me II

"Clearly INFPs are best when whatever they're doing serves their personal values."

- Otto Kroeger, Type Talk at Work

Facts about INFPs

Interesting facts about the INFP:

  • On personality trait measures, score as Artistic, Reflective, Careless, Sensitive, Flexible, and Appreciative
  • Among least likely of all types to suffer heart disease
  • In men, among least likely to report chronic pain
  • Second highest of all types to report marital dissatisfaction
  • Among most likely to have suicidal thoughts in college
  • Tend to be more successful than the average in learning a foreign language
  • Among types most likely to be dissatisfied with their work
  • Personal values include Autonomy and Creativity
  • Overrepresented in occupations in counseling, writing, and the arts

Source: MBTI Manual

INFP Hobbies and Interests

Popular hobbies for INFPs include poetry, creative writing, music, photography, theater, and visual art.

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