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How to Find Love With The Right Person in 2022

Finding love with the right person has never been easier. Now, you no longer have to be at the right place at the right time to meet someone you’re compatible with. With online dating and a bit of science, you can easily find people you’re compatible with. As long as you put yourself out there a bit, you’ll be able to find a lasting love. In this article, we’ll share how to find love with the right person in the digital age using our own personal experiences of finding love ourselves. So, let’s dive into the dating tips you’ll need to meet the person of your dreams. 

How to Find Love: 13 Tips to Finding Love

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1. Try Online Dating

Believe it or not, you can definitely find love online. We’ll be the first to admit that those first couple of dates with the right match might be awkward as you learn to translate online chemistry offline, but with the right person it is possible. One of the amazing things about online dating is that you can select profiles based on sexual orientation, birthday, compatibility tests, and more. If you know what qualities you look for in a lasting relationship, then you’ll be able to sort through profiles based on those characteristics.

One of the amazing things about finding love through an online dating site is that most single people are on one and you’ll find people who might be shyer or more introverted on a dating site. So, it really does open up the type of people who are looking to date. One piece of advice for finding love online is to give it a few dates unless you spot a serious red flag. Some people are more reserved or nervous on first dates. You’d be surprised at how an awkward first date can lead to a happy marriage years later. That’s exactly what happened to me. Give people a chance to let their true selves shine through. 

2. Zodiac Compatibility Based on Science

We’ll be the first to admit that zodiac compatibility can sound a bit woo-woo. But funny story, a famous mathematician named Gunter Sachs decided to figure out once and for all if there was any merit to zodiac signs and marriage. And funny enough, his data showed that certain zodiac signs were more likely to get married and more likely to get divorced. Years ago, I decided to test his theory for myself. Since all my previous relationships didn’t last long, I wanted to see if I could find love based on my zodiac sign. His studies showed that Capricorn women were most likely to marry Capricorn men. So I decided to date only Capricorn men for a couple months. After dates with three different Capricorn men, the third one is the person I ended up marrying. We’ve been together for almost eight years. So, maybe there is some truth to his study.

Capricorn men and Capricorn women

Aries men and Aries women

Taurus men and Libra women

Gemini men and Gemini women

Leo men and Aries women

Virgo men and Virgo women

Libra men and Libra women

Scorpio men and Pisces women

Sagittarius men and Sagittarius women

Sagittarius men and Aries women

Aquarius men and Aquarius women

Pisces men and Scorpio women


Be At Peace with Your Relationship Status

If you’re desperate to find love, you won’t find it. Often, you’ll hit this point where you’ll realize nothing you’re doing is working. Instead of dating, you’ll take a break from the search. This is your opportunity to improve yourself, build yourself up, and get in the right mindset. Shortly, after coming out of this break and trying again you will find love again. This is because while dating many people can help you determine what you like or don’t like, it’s a superficial way of getting to know people. You only ever scratch the surface. It’s that moment where you’re in a clear head, at peace with yourself, and ready to really focus on getting to know another person instead of obtaining a relationship status that you’ll realize you’ve started building a relationship in the first place. Being single isn’t a negative experience. It can be a really enlightening opportunity to focus on fulfilling your own needs and determining who you want to be. Don’t chase relationship statuses or people because that’s not love. 

4. Explore Different Hobbies

To find love you need to know who you are. And believe it or not, most people have no idea who they are because they’re constantly changing. There may be people you’d be really compatible with if you went beyond your typical habits to explore different hobbies. Explore activities beyond what you typically do to cross paths with new people and personality types. By doing this, you’ll have a better understanding of what values you look for in a person. At a certain point in life, people realize they’ve been living in a bubble. So take time to pop the bubble you’re in to explore the world, different activities, cultures, and people. On an important note, sometimes your interests won’t line up with other people, and that’s okay. You don’t need to a clone of yourself to find love and stability in a relationship. It’s okay to have a few differences, that’s what keeps things interesting.  

5. Just Get to Know People with Curiosity

Most people spend their dates trying to convince people to date them. They try to sell you on all the amazing things they’ve done. But the secret to finding love is to get to know someone else. To find a lasting love, you need to be honest about whether the other person showed any interest in getting to know you. Did they ask you any questions based on what you told them? If not, they’re likely not your best match.

Ultimately, you want to find someone you want to learn more about and who wants to learn more about you. Otherwise, it’s just infatuation based on physical appearance. Who is the person at the core? That’s the exciting part. Every single person on the planet has a few amazing experiences and stories that led to who they are, focus on unravelling those stories out of them. You’d be amazed at how interesting everyone can be. 

6. Take Care Of Yourself 

Have you been taking care of yourself lately? For example, do you take care of your physical health and mind? Are you practicing self care? To love someone else, you need to love yourself first. But if you’ve fallen into a hopeless depression from a recent divorce or breakup, this isn’t the time to find love. The goal of a new relationship isn’t to replace an old one. With a new relationship, you’re creating something new and different. After all, you should be dating someone completely different than your ex considering that relationship didn’t work out in the first place. So make sure you’re regularly taking care of yourself. Go for walks, eat healthy, shower daily, brush your teeth, fix your hair, and invest in your personal growth. When you’re at your best, you’ll attract others who are at their best too. And that’s a dating tip that’ll help you find love with the right person. 

7. Be Optimistic Around People

A negative person will attract negativity, drama, and chaos in relationships. They’ll falsely assume it’s the other person when really it’s how they approach the relationship. There are plenty of amazing books on how to learn to be more optimistic. When you finally master optimism, you’ll notice that your relationships don’t involve walking on eggshells. All the fighting you might’ve done in your previous relationship immediately stops. The more positive you are towards others, the more effort and love they’ll put into the relationship because they feel valued and appreciated. And then, they’ll slowly give you the uplifting optimism back to you because they’re always in a positive mental state. People will react to you based on how you treat them. So keep the mood positive and uplifting and all your previous problems will drift away. 

8. Be Kind to Everyone

The best way to attract a good love is by being kind to everyone you meet. You’d be surprised at how much people need kindness in the world. Take a chance on people by always going out of your way to be kind. In the morning each day ask yourself, “how can I make a stranger’s day?” Instead of doing it with the intent of finding your soulmate, do it with the intent to naturally boost your vibe. People who do good deeds daily tend to be happier in general and that’s what will help you find love. You might realize you find love not from a romantic partner but from new friends and strangers. And that might just be the temporary fulfillment you need to feel at peace with being single so that you eventually do meet the right person. 

9. Say No to Infatuation

You’ll never find love if you’re attracted to the wrong things about a person. You can’t fall in love with someone on the first date. It’s impossible. On a first date, people are trying their best to appear at their best. Rather than falling for someone’s appearance, ambition, or success, take the time to get to know people at their core. Practice mindful dating here. You’re going to have to shut down infatuation. That means sometimes someone you’re seriously attracted to, gets a no to a five date because you know that the spark will fade. While physical appearance helps enhance chemistry, it shouldn’t be the foundation of a relationship. 

10. Put Yourself Out There

You’ll never find love with the right person, if the right person can never find you. That means, you’re going to have to crawl out of your shell to be found. While you can hide behind online profiles for a while, eventually you need to take that step and go on a first date. Putting yourself out there means being confident enough to let your true colors show. Let people see you for you. There might be a few people who don’t appreciate your quirky humor. But eventually that trait you’re kind of shy about will be the exact reason why someone loves you. So, let people see the real you, unfiltered. 

11. Opposites Attract, Similarities Last

While opposites attract, it’s actually similarities that last. We tend to be most compatible with people who are similar to us. Rather than being with someone with polar opposite values or traits that are in direct conflict to ours, having more similarities is what creates stability and peace in a relationship. You don’t need to be with a clone version of yourself to be happy. Some differences in interests and hobbies are healthy and allows you both to learn from one another. But if there’s more differences than similarities, you might end up in a relationship with more conflict than you’d like. Focus on the values you appreciate and look for someone who shares the same ones. That way, you can have a healthy and loving relationship. 

12. Confirm Your Needs

Have you ever sat down and made a checklist of what your three needs are in a relationship? Did you make sure that the items on your checklist aren’t superficial? If your checklist has items like good looking, good career, or educated, it’s likely that you won’t find love. You’re set out looking for infatuation. For example, what is the value in someone being educated? What if they dropped out of school but built a multi-million dollar business at 19? Are you going to reject them because they don’t have an education? Or is it maybe ambition that you value more? Or possibly the ability to communicate well? Ultimately, when choosing a life partner, you want to make sure you’re choosing values for a lasting relationship. So, look over your list carefully, and dig deep into the core values you need to have stability in love. 

13. Be With Someone You Can Spend the Day With

One of the most important aspects of how to find love is finding someone you want to spend your day with. Absolutely anyone can find someone to spend a night with but does the person want to hang out with you during the day? Can you picture yourself hanging out at a park or going for a long walk after lunch? Do you laugh for hours after having long in-person conversations with them? Or do they only hang out with you after dark because sex is the only thing on their mind? Sex is an important part of a healthy relationship but it’s not the only part of it. If someone isn’t willing to spend their days with you, it’s time to let them go. 

Does Everybody Find Love Eventually?

If you want to find love, of course you’ll find love. That doesn’t mean that any person you choose will love you. But with time, experience, and a strong understanding of what you’re looking for in a long-term relationship or marriage, you will find love. If you want something bad enough in life, you will always get it if you put in the work. So, get to know more people, say yes to dates, ask people out, and give yourself a chance to find the love you’re looking for. 

Can You Find Love After Divorce?

Of course, you can find love after divorce. Sometimes, relationships end so that new, better relationships can take place. This could be your big opportunity to finally find your perfect match and lifelong happiness. Still, you want to take some time to heal from your divorce if it left you feeling hurt to prevent carrying over damage to the next person. But once, you’re ready to mingle again, take the time to go on dates. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been divorced at 30, 40, 50, 60, or even 70. You can find love at any age after a divorce. 

Is it possible to find love after 30,40, 50 or 60?

Age doesn’t matter in love. You can find love at any age as long as you put yourself out there and get to know single people. Some say that finding love in later life can be a wonderful experience since you’ve grown so much over the years. So, don’t panic if you find yourself newly single in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or 60s, you can find love at any stage in life. At these ages, you have a strong understanding of who you are and what you value, which is exactly what will help you find lasting love once and for all. 


In this article, we covered 13 ways to find love with the right person. It’s important to remember that you can find love online, in-person, or at an event. You never know when you’ll bump into the right person. So, keep your eyes open, wear your heart on your sleeve, be kind at every opportunity, and get to know people on a deeper level. And remember, it doesn’t matter how old you are. You can find love at any age. As long as you’re alive, love is everywhere. And it’s waiting for you to find it.

12 basic rules for lasting relationships

Just because the whole world seems to obsess about romance during one day in the middle of February, doesn't mean you have to. For happy singles, it's a good excuse to eat chocolate.

But if Valentine's Day has you thinking about finding love, the holiday could be a good motivation to start.

Our experts offered these 12 tips to boost your chances:

1. The ‘You’ll find love when you’re not looking’ approach may be wrong.

That’s like saying, “You’ll find a job when you’re least looking for it,” said Pepper Schwartz, a relationship expert and sociology professor at the University of Washington. It’s possible, but rarely happens.

“For the most part, people who wait for a job are unemployed,” she added. “For me, it’s just an excuse for being scared to go and put the effort in. Yes, it happens, but no, it’s not a good strategy.”

Schwartz does agree with the underlying sentiment of that saying: Don’t be desperate. Put the effort in to find someone, but don’t act like any breathing body will do.

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Go where people like the same things you like.

You can skip singles events if you don’t like them, but you have to go where you can meet people, Schwartz advised. Join social groups or meet-ups; be a worker bee in a cause you believe in; get involved in political parties. At the very least, you’re doing something you like and at the very best, you'll meet somebody like-minded.

Bite the bullet and try online dating for a big pool of potential candidates, Schwartz added. If you’re already online, try a different dating site.

3. Look up from your phone.

Good men and good women are everywhere — if you’re looking, noted Bela Gandhi, a TODAY contributor and founder of the Smart Dating Academy in Chicago. She’s amazed people often complain they don’t meet anyone, but then go out and keep their heads down the entire time, staring at their devices.

Wherever you are, be present and look around the room to see who is looking at you. Make three seconds of eye contact with the cute stranger and smile — that’s an invitation for him to come over and talk to you, she advised.

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4. Don’t seek romance, seek partnership.

Romance is for dates, and it’s fun to have on occasion in your marriage, but it’s partnership that will get you through the rough times, said Tina B. Tessina, a California psychotherapist also known as "Dr. Romance" and author of “How to be Happy Partners: Working it out Together.”

“Don’t look for someone who sweeps you off your feet. That indicates a control freak, and you won’t like what happens later,” she advised. “Look for someone who likes give-and-take, who seeks your opinion and considers it, who cares about what you want, too.”

5. Happy people attract people.

Maybe the biggest issue in not being able to find love is that you’re not feeling good about yourself. Like yourself and like your life — really work on that, Schwartz advised. You have to be the person that you’d want to meet.

“If you’re not a happy, positive, self-confident person, you cut your chances of being in the right space for the right kind of person,” she said.

Go to a therapist to see why you’re depressed; get a trainer if you haven’t been exercising, and visit a nutritionist to begin eating right. If you’re shy, realize you could be less shy.

“The idea is that you have to train for everything, and you have to train for love as well,” Schwartz said. “You can work on yourself. You’re not a finished product unless you’re dead.”

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6. Take time to be by yourself.

It’s important after a divorce or any break-up after a long relationship to take some time to be alone, said Nicole Baras Feuer, a divorce coach with Start Over Smart in Westport, Connecticut.

“You will be in better shape to meet the ‘right’ person if you have time to heal, spend time alone to figure out who you are again, reflect on what went wrong,” Feuer said. “So you don't repeat the same mistakes over and over again.”

7. Instant sexual attraction often fades.

Most good love is a slow burn — it takes a while to develop, Gandhi said. She believes attraction is important, but you don’t have to feel it right away since that instant spark is more about lust and less about the stuff of real relationships.

Emotion can change and deepen over time so give people a fair shot, Feuer added.

8. Beware of the ‘opposites attract’ theory.

Opposites attract at first, but they’ll likely face major friction points down the road.

Like-minded people actually make for easier and healthy long-term relationships, said Dr. Gail Saltz, a New York psychiatrist. The more you see eye-to-eye on, the less there is to argue and compromise about.

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9. Become a ‘psychotic optimist’.

“That means you believe at any cost that you’re going to find that love; love is meant for you and it will come to you so that you just have to date like hell until you find it,” Gandhi said.

You have to embrace the process of dating, so adopting a “psychotic optimist” mindset will make it more fun once you’re convinced true love is really out there for you. Gandhi recommends dating three to five people at the same time until you find one to be exclusive with. Dating means “casually getting to know,” not sleeping with someone. She advises not having sex until you’re in a committed, exclusive relationship.

10. Understand your own needs.

Do you need a lot of space? Desire lots of affection? Have to know what’s going on all the time?

“Whatever your style is, it’s OK, but you need to know it and be able to communicate it to your future spouse. You can train each other if you both know what you need,” Tessina said.

11. Know the difference between fooling around and building a real relationship.

“You can mess around with anyone if you’re careful and have safe sex,” Tessina noted. “But before you bring someone into your life, or share money or living space, remember they’re bringing baggage.

The person you’re dating is on their best behavior in the beginning, she advised. It gets worse later, not better, so get to know what’s hidden before going too far.

12. Stop pining for someone who is unavailable.

Make yourself understand that holding on to somebody who isn’t interested or isn’t there for you is harmful, and move on.

“You have to see that as a big dark black pit that you have to climb out of or you’ll be buried in it,” Schwartz advised.

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7 best options for a married girl

Love is an unpredictable feeling. For some couples, it remains the only and strong one until the end of their lives, while the rest break up and look for their soul mate until the end of their days. However, the fading of passion in a relationship is a common phenomenon, even if the tender feelings themselves are alive.

Contents of the article

  • 1 Where to look for a lover and where not to look for a lover
  • 2 The best options for love affairs - types of men
  • 3 Advice for beginner cheaters

Women are able to love their partner with all their heart, but not feel physical attraction to him. Some decide to immediately break all ties, despite the pain, while others find a more reasonable, in their opinion, solution.

It seems so easy and pleasant to have a lover, although in reality all girls face problems. We will look at the main options for married women, as well as make a list of places where you should not “hunt” for future sex partners.

Where and where not to look for a lover

Lovers do not appear by themselves, do not knock on doors do not offer their services. Sometimes find a man who will be willing to share bed with you, without getting into a relationship, it can be very difficult. The candidate must have the following qualities:

  • Be able to keep secrets. Without this, any of your adventure is doomed to fail.
  • Respect for another's family. He must not know about all the nuances of your personal life and he should be satisfied with his status as a guy for intima.
  • Propensity for bold actions. To become lover, you need to have a certain amount of courage. After all, if everything opens up, then and he can get caught in a hot hand.
  • The ability to take responsibility. Such a man must understand that everything he does is not quite right from the point of view morals. And this may have its consequences.

The best place to meet a lover should be be away from your home. Perhaps you will go to a sanatorium or you go on vacation alone. In that case it will be much easier to make acquaintance with a nice partner. Remember, the more acquaintances you have in the city, the more likely they are to casually spill the beans to your husband. And then you do not shine a love adventure.

Bars and restaurants also often become a territory "hunters". Many are trying to find a partner for the night here, others are looking for patron, and the third just need a lover. Try to choose guys who do not behave like males with spermatotoxicosis. Maybe a single experience for you and like it, but they are absolutely useless as permanent partners, because usually all their leisure slips into rough and fast sex.

Another option is the gym. Or another club of interest. Maybe you go swimming or do ballroom dancing? Then quite you can pick up companions from the men around you in the classroom. Such relationships bring a bit of spice, because the roles of "teacher-student" are incredibly excite.

But looking for a lover at work is not recommended. The most dangerous type of connection between a girl and her boss. Maybe in terms of benefits, it brings certain results, but such relationships will soon cease to be secret. And about how malicious there are envious colleagues, it's not worth mentioning. However, if you like risk and If you're not afraid of losing your permanent relationship, then you can try.

Another option that should be refrained from is the environment of the husband. Even if his friend shows signs of attention and is ready to risk friendship. Even if you have an unbearable desire to fall into his arms, you do not need to be led by your own desire.

A husband's friend may inadvertently let it slip or give himself away in some other way. In addition, it will be a double whammy for the spouse when the whole truth is revealed. Despite the thirst to find a lover, it is worth appreciating the feelings of the one who stays next to you.

One of the most interesting dating options is special sites. Finding an interlocutor here, and subsequently a lover, is not difficult. The danger lies in wait for you only in the fact that the acquaintance turns out to be really who he claims to be, and not a blackmailer, pervert or serial maniac.

Before opening up to a potential partner, get to know him, get personal information, ask for photos. All this will allow you to avoid deception and start an easy, non-binding romance.

Well, a simple option to somehow attract attention lover - to appear in public more often. If you stay at home all the time on weekends, and on weekdays constantly at work, it is unlikely that you will be able to find a worthy companion.

An approximate list of places to find a lover looks like so:

  • Gym, fitness clubs.
  • Sanatorium or resort.
  • Clubs, restaurants, bars.
  • Dating sites.
  • Any cultural and social events.

Sometimes a man for sex appears spontaneously when you even you don't expect it. However, if finding a lover is the goal, then a rough list of locations guarantees you successful "hunt" and ensure privacy.

The best options for love affairs - types of men

In the world there are many types of not only women, but also men. There are several types of men who can become good lovers and at the same time not create you an additional whole bunch of problems.

  • The first type is a married man. Such men are well aware of what a common secret is and will try to ensure that your relationship does not go beyond and does not become the subject of public discussion.

They, as a rule, are looking for peace of mind and lack of obligations, so it will not work to manipulate them and make claims to him - he will immediately run away. The most important thing here is not to fall in love with him and not fall in love with yourself. Both options will completely destroy the idyll and deprive you of good and easy sex.

  • The second type is the confident bachelor. This should be a guy who, in principle, is not going to start a relationship, and all he needs is sex. With such a man, it will be easy and fun for you, he can even be romantic to create the illusion of a small romance.

Just don't tell him how much you like him. Even in a whisper, because for such males this means one thing - they are trying to quietly lead them to the doors of the registry office. With such a lover, you can just go with the flow, but do not forget that he most often does not give a damn about all the secrets.

  • The third option is "mama's boy". Yes, this is the same guy who calls his mother several times a day and reports on what he put on and what he ate. However, do not think that he will refuse a forbidden love affair.

He will be happy to jump into your bed if it does not threaten any obligations. And all because my mother would not have approved anyway. However, you should be prepared for the fact that you will become mom number 2 for him. Surround him with care and affection, and such a boy will quickly be in your arms.

  • The fourth option is the "bad guy". He is incredibly sexy, good-looking and at the same time charming, therefore he makes an indelible impression on the weaker sex. It is not at all necessary that he will walk in leather and ride a bike, but from him a mile away will carry brutal masculinity.

It can be nice to have such a lover, because he is strong and able to surprise you. He does not care about the rules and prohibitions, so he will always take you with all the passion that he is capable of. But do not count on him for a sincere and warm rest. These stallions are difficult to saddle, so sex is the only thing they can offer you. If this alignment suits you, then you can enjoy the company of your unbridled partner.

  • The fifth option is a foreigner. Hot eyes, passionate words in another language, romantic nights ... But with all this - the absence of any obligations on both sides. Do not think that only girls are eager to try an overseas guy in bed, men also tend to have this desire. For them, partners from another country are like a forbidden fruit. At the same time, none of the foreigners aspires to an early marriage.

The only difficulty is the irregularity of meetings. He can just end his vacation and return to his homeland. However, if you need only a fleeting shake and nothing more, then go in search of your sheik or macho.

  • The sixth option is a soft-spoken bard. It will be the most tender, romantic and sincere. He can write several poems, songs or poems in your honor. In his company, you can feel like a real princess rescued from the dragon tower. But no matter how much he confesses his love, you will not find a drop of truth in his words.

He is a romantic from the high road, for whom all women are goddesses, but he will not bind himself with earthly bonds with goddesses. And this is good. If you are looking for an easy connection and bright sex, then you can safely turn to him. Simple and fun leisure, sexual satisfaction and a sense of one's own irresistibility - all this he can give you in full.

  • The seventh option is a young boy. There is something charming and touching about partners who have a sufficient age difference with you. They are like little kittens trying to find their owner and give her their love.

An inexperienced and young lover will be easier to manage, as he most often does not know all the rules of the game. But with all this, you need to be careful, because some young "gifts" manage to fall in love with their mature sex partners, which creates problems.

There are many more types of men who could be perfect lovers just for you. However, it should be remembered that all individually. You can look for the "bad boy" and find satisfaction with "mama's boy" and vice versa. Just in some cases, you should trust your heart and enjoy all the benefits of a forbidden relationship with a lover.

Advice for beginner cheaters

Ladies often think that they cheat their spouse around finger is not difficult. This is not so at all, because many things require some training and attention. If you are not careful, then your secret the romance will end quickly, and you will be left with nothing at all. For this reason, there is a list of things that you absolutely should not do, so as not to cause husband's suspicion and not pay for their mistakes.

  • Security. Always use a condom when having sex. You should not let everything take its course and go on about passion, because no one has yet canceled an unplanned STD pregnancy.
  • No passwords. If you suddenly start putting passwords on your phone and social networks, then this will arouse suspicion. It is better to have a second account and a second SIM card - this way it will be easier for you to control your communication with your lover without arousing suspicion.
  • Sequence. If you never liked sports before, and now you go to the gym every day, then be prepared for your husband to ask - where are the results of training? It is better to choose something neutral - a book club, for example.
  • No promises. You must understand that a lover is just a tool to satisfy a momentary whim. No need to swear allegiance to him, promise more meetings or attention. Especially if you're not going to keep your promises.
  • Clearing evidence. After another date with your secret admirer, carefully look in the mirror. Make sure that there are no hickeys anywhere, the lipstick is in its place, and the hairstyle does not look like you were lying in bed. Get yourself in order before you go home, otherwise you will not avoid unnecessary questions.

Readiness to meet with a lover is a sign that your ongoing relationship is not going through the best period. However, this does not mean at all that they need to be torn apart completely. Maybe you just need a little shake up. Sometimes it is she who allows you to understand that you have no one better than your spouse, and all sorrows were unreasonable.

Choose your sex partners wisely, because a capricious or resentful lover can destroy everything you have at the moment. Better yet, think about whether you really need to cheat on your spouse. After all, it is possible that there is another way to bring passion back into your relationship.

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22 The husband was infuriated, there was no sex with him for a very long time. There was no attention either, he was fixated only on his career and education. And although I loved him very much, I could not stand it, I got a lover in order to receive at least some attention. But ... it completely blew my head with passion, and I "pierced". The husband left, the lover immediately somehow became unnecessary. All. I have been sitting alone for almost 2 years at 32 and I blame myself every day, but the past cannot be returned. Think a hundred times, author.




I am afraid, I am afraid that there will be an awake of conscience, I'm afraid I am afraid that as a lover I will only get a new headache. I quarrel with my husband every day, he infuriates me, he stopped helping me at all when I clean the lazia or cook food, he watches football, news, biathlon, everything in a row or plays at the computer all evening. because of the constant quarrels, sex was gone, I don’t want any intimacy from him. But in general, I'm very temperamental and I need sex. but not with him, if we have sex, then it is worse for me than any job



9000 # they know that you are married and are afraid of rejection. They have already shown you that they are interested in you, since you see it, what other actions are needed from them? If you are ready to change - make steps towards yourself, why the hell would they disgrace themselves, molest a married woman?


going crazy

how did you get pierced???



Yes, how . .. She lost her head so much that she practically moved from her husband to her lover. I missed the caress... I didn't realize my actions. I lied to my husband that I was going to my mother. But he's not stupid. And I thought that I fell out of love with my husband and fell in love with another person, but it was just a passion. As soon as my husband was about to leave me, he was cut off to his lover. She sent him and went to her mother, because. My husband has already brought my clothes to her and changed the locks on the door.



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The husband was infuriated, there was no sex with him for a very long time. There was no attention either, he was fixated only on his career and education. And although I loved him very much, I could not stand it, I got a lover in order to receive at least some attention. But ... it completely blew my head with passion, and I "pierced". The husband left, the lover immediately somehow became unnecessary. All. I have been sitting alone for almost 2 years at 32 and I blame myself every day, but the past cannot be returned. Think a hundred times, author.

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I am also infuriated, children. Housing ...



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    I thought, I started and even more confused. It's been 2 years and I can't figure it out. lover demands that I leave my husband, but I do not dare because of the children.






    And now they will start here. Write who I am and what! I ***** on the opinion of losers! I am happy and satisfied. ***? Yes, and don't care! This is my personal life! And to sit and whine that boredom and life at home is not mine. My home is a fortress, my family is happiness! The desired man is my peace of mind and satisfaction with life.



    How do you find them? Well, there are two, I don’t mind, I see, but they are waiting for urges from me, they won’t offer it themselves.



    It's so interesting!!! When a man hangs around, he is a hero! And when a woman is *****.... You, dear ones, decide already. Let me be a slut, but when I come home from my lover, I'm happy!!! I am loved and desired ... And all these prejudices are complete nonsense !!! If a man loses his interest and a woman also loses)) for example, I'm not satisfied with sex once every two months for three minutes . .. I want a beautiful long sirast sex. I'm happy. Of course we meet secretly, we don't go anywhere. I don't need anything! I need sex with the man I want. Sitting and waiting for my husband to finally fuck me like a male, I stopped being a woman. And with him, the best lover, I again remembered that I can be gentle, affectionate, that I need his protection. I became beautiful thanks to him. I'm not going to divorce my husband. Everything pisses me off! I'm happy. And those who can only reproach and poke their nose into the garden!!! It's none of their business! Some let them fuck their wives so that they don't run away to the best!!! And let the second ones sit and enjoy the tired, chilled mattress! And they are glad that they put on a bathrobe and honest!!!! My opinion is go ahead!! You must be desired!!!!!



    I'm afraid that my husband will find out, I'm afraid that there will be remorse later, I'm afraid that as a lover I will only get a new headache. I quarrel with my husband every day, he infuriates me, he stopped helping me at all when I clean the lazia or cook food, he watches football, news, biathlon, everything in a row or plays at the computer all evening. because of the constant quarrels, sex was gone, I don’t want any intimacy from him. But in general, I'm very temperamental and I need sex. but not with him, if we have sex, then it is worse for me than any job




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