Things only introverts will understand

6 Things Only Introverts Understand

There are certain things only introverts understand, like enjoying eating out alone.

Being an introvert comes with a lot of advantages, from the way we really think things through and love planning (even our daily agenda) to the way we make good listeners and are there for our friends unconditionally. (After all, introverts make the best friends!) 

However, some people may have a hard time “getting” us; fellow introverts, however, will — it’s like we have a secret, unspoken language. See if you can relate to these six things that only we introverts understand. 

1. You love the freedom of spending time alone.

While extroverts draw energy from the people around them in loud, energetic environments, we introverts are the opposite. We find such events exhausting and don’t like jumping from event to event and meeting more and more new people. Instead, we spend much of our time alone, and we like it that way. 

If you are an introvert, you know that solitude is essential to your comfort, mental stability, and happiness — because you feel most like yourself when no one else is around. Plus, in our alone time, we enjoy our artistic passions and quiet intellectual hobbies. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that introverts don’t like other people — many have deep friendships and connections with others who “get” them. But we still prefer our alone time and need it to recharge.

2. You feel extremely connected to nature.

Do you find a sense of fulfilment in nature? Would you go into the wilderness for days on end, or do you get out and take walks as much as you can? 

Many introverts love getting out into nature, especially solo — going on a hike or spending a few quiet hours reading by the water makes for a perfect afternoon because noisier settings can be overwhelming for an introvert. And if you work in a busy job environment and constantly have to engage with others, that adds to the overwhelm, too.

The longer you are immersed in such a busy space, the more you disconnect from yourself. So getting outside is the perfect escape. For example, a quiet, relaxing trip into nature — like an excursion into the forest or mountains — can help you find a sense of clarity and you can reconnect with your inner self.  

3. You enjoy listening more than talking.

While a lot of people seem to talk just for the sake of talking, you can’t say that about introverts. We are great listeners and truly understand the power of listening. Unfortunately, some people do not feel heard in their daily lives and may have a hard time expressing themselves because they don’t feel like anyone really cares or listens. But find an introvert and you’ll likely find an attentive, active listener! 

We like being a sounding board for our friends and helping you vent to reduce stress or frustration.

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4. You want to connect with others — but also want enough time for yourself.   

Many introverts experience two conflicting desires — we crave meaningful, lasting relationships (not just surface-level ones) and want to connect with people on a deeper level. Yet we also crave our introvert independence to be alone. We need this time to escape from everyone and everything — times we just want to run away from the world and simply enjoy the peace and quiet. 

So how do you strike the right balance between deep relationships and independence? For many introverts, this is a lifelong struggle. Your two conflicting impulses pull you in opposite directions day after day. To an extrovert, this might be easy to solve, but we introverts are often torn between these two very different wants and needs.

5. You don’t mind if plans get canceled.

Do you get excited before a party or big event… or do you secretly hope they’ll get canceled and you won’t have to go after all?

We introverts often find ourselves wishing for rainy days and plans to fall through, while other people get excited before a big event or outing that they’ve actually been looking forward to. Extroverts get energized at such events, but to us introverts, we often find ourselves drained.

While some introverts like to be social, there is a limit to how much socializing any introvert can stand. When you’ve reached your limit and your social battery gets depleted, all you want to do is try to leave as quickly as possible and get back to the comfort of your own space. (Hopefully, this means going home, but hiding out in the bathroom or outside for a while will do if necessary.) 

In any case, if plans get canceled, the weight of any social event falls off your shoulders. And  for us introverts, that’s a huge relief.

6. You’re fine going out alone.

Do you take yourself out to eat? There is a stigma for dining alone — some people (like extroverts) might think it is lonely or sad. If they see someone dining alone, they assume the person doesn’t have any friends to eat with. But introverts know there is nothing wrong with eating by yourself. In fact, it can be more fun than eating with others. 

First of all, eating alone gives you a chance to enjoy your food. You develop a greater appreciation for the food you’re eating when you can focus solely on what’s on your plate. When you’re eating with others, your attention is divided between the food and conversation. Oftentimes, your meal fades into the background because you are too busy thinking about what to say. But if you dine alone, you don’t have to think — because conversation is not on the menu. Instead, you can carefully enjoy your food or, like many introverts can relate to, you can observe the environment around you.

Introverts, what else would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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15 Things Only Introverts Understand

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To you, "All by Myself" isn't just a song — it's a way of life.

By Caroline Picard

Being alone doesn't have to be depressing. For introverts, it's a time to reflect and recharge — and maybe occasionally binge-watch Netflix.

1 of 15

A stranger talking to you on the plane is the absolute nightmare.

Hours of forced small talk feel like the ninth circle of hell. 


2 of 15

And the idea of a group vacation is actually terrifying.

When am I supposed to get my alone time?! 

3 of 15

Cancelled plans are actually the best.

Yes, they're your friends, but the idea of going straight home to your comfy couch sounds mighty appealing. 

4 of 15

Plus, you can only really hang out in short spans.

Once the dinner party hits that two hour mark, you're just about ready to call to quits. 

5 of 15

But you don't actually hate people.

Others assume introverts are socially awkward, shy or depressed. All it means is that you feel re-energized after being alone, okay? 

6 of 15

Going out of your comfort zone is legit exhausting.

Meeting a room full of new people, interviewing for a job, "mingling" ... You 're going to need to recharge, stat. 

7 of 15

Any career test you took told you to stay away from people.

Librarian or mortician: Those were the top results. 

8 of 15

You're slightly afraid of becoming a hermit.

The prospect of dying alone once weighed on you, but being home alone feels so good, you've kind of stopped caring. 

9 of 15

Two words: phone calls.

You're already putting off the ones you have to make. There's no chance you're picking up when someone else calls you.  

10 of 15

House guests can *really* get on your nerves.

Hosting visitors is the nice thing to do, but let's not underestimate the value of personal space, shall we?

11 of 15

Your friends know better than to throw you a surprise party.

Any unexpected social interactions can lead to major grumpiness.

12 of 15

After work = me time.

When your S.O. gets home, they're sure to steer clear for a bit while you're decompressing. 

13 of 15

That rule doesn't apply to your dog of course.

And when you go to a friend's house, your first instinct is to say hello to that person's dog. 

14 of 15

You like to be invited, but sometimes you don't want to go anywhere.

Okay, so you've turned down plans just to be by yourself, but you still have feelings. 


15 of 15

But when you do get out, you're all about one-on-one time.

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Caroline Picard Contributing Writer Caroline is a writer and editor with almost a decade of experience.

25 things that only introverts will understand

March 25, 2021Life

To determine your temperament, it is not necessary to pass psychological tests. You are prone to introversion if you notice these oddities in yourself.



1. You don't leave the apartment until the neighbor leaves

Situation: you hear that the neighbor's door opens in the hallway or on the landing. In order not to once again intersect with a person, you calm down and wait until he leaves. Yes, it's strange, but sometimes introverts hide from even the nicest people, just to avoid having to exchange a few words with them.

2. You are secretly glad that your friends canceled the meeting

In order not to be considered a hermit, sometimes you have to go out to meet with friends. But when the general plans are canceled, in your soul you rejoice: you can stay at home and not pretend to be a sociable type.

3. You feel uncomfortable at a party

Despite the dislike for noisy companies, there are events that you cannot avoid: a corporate party, a friend's wedding or a New Year's feast with relatives. The first thought that visits you at any meeting is: “What am I doing here ?!”

4. The Internet is not just a hobby for you, but a way of life

It is much easier for introverts to formulate thoughts on paper than to talk. It is difficult for you to communicate live, but in social networks you feel like a fish in water. In online correspondence, you can joke, and show off your mind, and leave a well-aimed comment.

5. You shy away from sales assistants while shopping

It's understandable: it's easier to find the right model and size yourself than to keep up a conversation with a stranger.

6. You try to be inconspicuous

You are not against communication, you are just not always ready to talk: it requires attitude and energy. In order to be less tired, introverts unconsciously limit themselves in communications, and in order to replenish their strength, they spend time alone.

In life, it manifests itself like this: you need to get something out of the refrigerator, and at this time your neighbor with a friend or parents with guests are sitting in the kitchen. The way out is to act like this guy from the gif:

7. Instead of a noisy company, you choose loneliness

You are invited to spend the weekend together, and you say that you are very busy. Everyone understands that this is not so: in fact, you will stay at home and enjoy being alone. For introverts, this is the norm: they are not in a hurry to party and are able to enjoy the time spent alone with themselves.

8. You answer questions in monosyllables

What's new? and "How are you?" you try to answer as briefly as possible so that, God forbid, a conversation does not start. Small talk about anything is easy for extroverts, and introverts do not like this format of conversation.

9. You try to sneak out of the party

And try to do it as early as possible. You have an escape plan in reserve, for this you get to a meeting in your car. This is especially true for parties that you don’t want to go to in advance.

10. You rarely answer phone calls

By default, you do not answer calls from numbers you do not know, and prefer texting to a conversation with a friend or colleague.

11. You like to go to the cinema alone

You enjoy watching a movie alone or with a loved one. Afternoon sessions on weekdays, morning sessions on weekends - you try to choose a time when the hall is almost empty. Together with you, there are 2-3 more people in the hall - the same introverts who avoid large crowds of people.

12. You pretend not to notice someone you know.

Situation: after work you went to the grocery store. Everything is going well until you notice a friend between the rows of buckwheat and pasta. Your standard reaction is to turn away and quickly leave before he sees you.

13. Never open the door if you are not expecting guests

Why? You never know: a too friendly neighbor came for salt and will complain about the management company for 15 minutes, or the manager of an Internet company obsessively asks you to connect their new tariff.

14. Are you afraid to be alone with strangers

Maintain a conversation with a person you see for the first time? Never! This is what you look like when your friends leave you for a few minutes alone with their acquaintances:


Never order over the phone when you can online

Why call when you can write?

16. Don't know how to behave when people sing the song "Happy birthday to you!"

You feel awkward and uncomfortable around people. Birthday becomes a special torture: you are talked to more than usual and paid too much attention. I want to hide under the table or run away!

17. Try to solve work issues through correspondence

While colleagues annoy you with phone calls, you prefer to solve everything by correspondence. Working in open space becomes a real tragedy: the noise and people around paralyze your work. "Please, can we have a quiet place?" - you think in especially difficult days.

18. Don't like to keep up a conversation with a stranger

You wish you could be invisible when someone in a bar or on an airplane starts talking to you. “Don’t start a conversation with me just because we are sitting next to each other,” you mentally tell your interlocutor. It's not that introverts do not like people and live communication. They are simply not ready to carry on a conversation with a stranger: this causes terrible discomfort.

19. An ideal day on the beach for you is a day on a completely empty beach.

Any person has such thoughts from time to time, especially when the beach is crowded, and you can swim calmly only 50 meters from the shore. But for introverts, such a desire appears much more often: an empty beach is more comfortable for them by default than a crowded one.

20. You like to train alone

You hate personal trainers, group classes and chatters during sports because training time is your own time. No joint runs and jokes with a trainer in the gym - why, when you can be alone with your thoughts and listen to your favorite tracks?

21. You don't reply to messages right away

Before you write a reply, you need to think about the content of the letter. Sometimes you completely forget to answer, and then justify yourself, coming up with stupid excuses.

22. You are not happy to meet new people

Even the very thought that you will have to meet new people is terrifying. This does not mean that you do not know how to make friends, it just makes it difficult for you to meet new people.

23. You shy away from too friendly acquaintances

Every time someone violates your personal space, you have an irresistible desire to disappear into thin air, disappear, run away, or give a good blow to the person who came to hug you.

24. You don't like large crowds

Concerts, parties, pub quizzes or work conferences make you feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. You, of course, do not panic, but subconsciously dream of leaving this place as soon as possible.

25. You are not a misanthrope, you are an introvert

You love people and understand the value of human communication, so you quite consciously go out to parties and social events. But you are more comfortable alone with yourself: you value the time you spend alone or with loved ones.

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10 things that only introverts will understand

If you are reading this, chances are you are an introvert. Welcome to our club!

Many things that seem completely normal to ordinary people are extremely frustrating and overwhelming for introverts.

They see the world in a completely different way. It makes you feel everything that is happening around them - on a very deep level.

Here are 10 related things that only introverts will truly understand.

1. Get excited when you need to talk to someone new.

For an introvert, this is already in the order of things. Contact with someone new is worse for him than a terrible dream. Even if they don't show it, they still get nervous.

Introverts are like puppies, they will play with you only if they are sure that you will not harm them. In case you want to talk to an introvert, you first need to make him feel welcome in the comfort of being next to you.

2. Enjoy your own company.

Introverts are ready to give everything to spend time with their company rather than in a new unknown society.

3. They blush all the time.

Talking to new people or performing in front of an audience is a huge stress for them. The pressure makes them nervous and their cheeks turn red because of it.

Everything they perceive as embarrassment makes them blush. Even talking to a local grocery store cashier named Zeena.

4. To spend quality time on the weekend.

Introverts see the weekend as two or more days of pure bliss and relaxation. He played TV shows, read a lot of books, drank warm tea or hot chocolate and was in pajamas all day. It may seem boring to some, but it's the perfect weekend getaway for an introvert.

5. Easily get tired of everyday conversations.

In general, everyday conversations for introverts are something overwhelming. They can enjoy it, but in their own company. Long conversations with unfamiliar or unpleasant people can easily make them feel frazzled.

6. Irritation from noisy people.

Whenever someone speaks too loudly or too fast, introverts get really upset. Why does someone want to be heard by everyone? It just doesn't make sense. If they had a choice, introverts would prefer a calm, quiet conversation, rather than a hurried and tense one.

7. Annoyance when people interrupt your loneliness.

You are sitting quietly in your room, relaxing with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. It is in this moment of bliss that someone enters and interrupts your precious loneliness. This is a real nightmare for an introvert. For them, the destruction of their world feels like you walked into a house uninvited.

8. The joy of being able to go to nature.

After spending too much time in a city full of people, introverts feel the need to escape. That is why, from time to time, they like to get away from the bustle of the city and disappear into nature. Time spent in nature calms their souls and energizes them, cut off from the big city life. Maybe that's why they love long car rides alone.

9. Wonderful feeling when you help someone.

One of the best qualities of introverts is their deep empathy. They can easily tell if someone needs help. In addition, they are excellent listeners. They will stay with you until you pour out your heart to them all. After all, introverts would rather listen to you than talk.

10. Thirst for deep relationships and personal space.

Being an introvert is definitely not easy. You crave deep and meaningful relationships, but at the same time you need independence and more time to be alone.

Learn more