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Find Out How Boring You Are On A Scale Of 1-10

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Boring is a bit of a subjective term, but it's also one of those concepts that has a lot of commonality. Somebody who doesn't like sports probably finds football and basketball boring. Somebody who likes to go out dancing probably finds a night of going to the movies boring. Are sports and movies dancing? Sure, to some, but dancing is boring to others.

It's not just about your likes and dislikes. Those are really more preferences than personality. It's about how you look at the world and how you tackle challenges. It's about your creativity and willingness to think outside-the-box and take risks. It's about having a natural "it" factor and organic charisma.

Being boring isn't necessarily a bad thing. Boring people are more easily amused and are easier to keep happy. It's actually more challenging to satisfy the needs of somebody who isn't boring...but that's part of why people are drawn to them.

So let's figure things out for you, deep at your core. We've got a lot of different kinds of questions here for you, but at the end, we'll rate you from 1-10 on a scale of boringness, with 1 being not at all boring and 10 being the king or queen of Boringland!

Question 1

What is your first thought looking at this?

There will be a few questions like this on this quiz. We want your first reaction because we think that tells a lot about your personality deep down. When you have a few extra seconds, you can notice details, or move to secondary thoughts. We want your first thought. What was it?

Question 2

Does marriage make you more boring?

You've had your wild single years, partying it up and having experiences with multiple people, but you think you've found the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. That's Is it just natural to assume you'll be more boring now you're married?

Question 3

We're going to see a string quartet tonight. Are you in?

Who knows what makes one better than another, but let's say a friend calls you in the afternoon and says they have tickets to see the best string quartet in the world perform music you'll recognize. They ask if you want to go see the group. What is your thought before you answer your friend?

Question 4

When you saw this quiz, what prompted you to take it?

Whether you went to our website, saw this in your news feed or saw this as a link on a friend's social media account, what made you decide, "Hey, I think that I want to take the personality quiz to find out if I'm boring." There are a lot of other things you could be doing right now. What made you pick this?

Question 5

New York to LA, 5 hours on a do you feel?

It's quite amazing when you think about the fact that you can get into a giant metal tube, go up in the sky a couple of miles and then travel roughly 3300 miles and be on the other side of the United States within 5 hours. Still, that's five hours stuck in a plane. How's that make you feel.

Question 6

Ever been on a zip line?

Zip lining is a safe activity that barely kills anybody each year. It's probably as safe as roller coasters, right? People who are into eco-tourism have been making this one of the most sought-after activities in beautiful places, but have you had the guts to strap in and take a ride?

Question 7

How much C-SPAN have you watched in your life?

It's been on the air for over 30 years as a way of connecting North American cable and satellite viewers with the inner workings of the United States government. It's mostly debate from Congress and hearings from various committees. How much have you seen in your life?

Question 8

Is the tortoise an interesting animal?

Zoos will always have tortoises. Why? Because they live longer than most people. It must be a boring life for them, just sitting around for nearly a century. Or maybe that's exciting for them, we'll never know. When you go to the zoo, is it worth stopping and gazing into the tortoise pen?

Question 9

Are funerals boring?

Dead person in a box. Lots of people dressed in black. Some are crying. You get to ignore red lights on the way to the church. Dead person gets planted in the ground. Is this absolutely fascinating or another morbid, boring reminder that we're all going to be dead someday?

Question 10

So what did you notice first?

Obviously we have a teal pen from Tiffany & Co. The longer you spend looking at it, the more details you can take from it and that may even spark some questions or commentary. Back up a minute. When you first saw this pen, what was your initial reaction?

Question 11

Do you like communicating on the phone?

Are you one of those people who loves talking on the phone to people or can spend hours texting away into the wee hours of the morning. Or, do you look at your phone as a necessary pain, constantly getting in your way? Do you love always being available or do you wish you could just put down the phone and walk away?

Question 12

Why is this kid bored?

We're going to guess that this kid is a model who was hired to look bored and it's not just that he has a weird parent who posts photos of him in states of discomfort. However, put yourself into this kid's position and imagine why you'd be sitting there, head in hand, looking so miserable.

Question 13

Do animals get more bored than us?

Whether you're talking about wild animals in the zoo or domesticated house pets in the living room, the lives of animals seem boring. Most of the time, they just lay there, and it's not like they're resting from their mentally and physically demanding lives. They just seem bored. Are they more bored than us?

Question 14

Was life more boring 100 years ago?

Not specifically in 1918 (or 1919 if you're taking this quiz a year from when it was written) but way back in the days of silent movies, The Great Depression and telephones you had to crank to make them work. It's hard to disagree that life was harder, but did that make it more boring?

Question 15

Quick, what do you notice first?

There's a pretty dull desk here. It's got a standard chair that doesn't even have any armrests. It looks like the person who was using it was either writing in a journal or taking some kind of notes with a pen. There's nothing on the wall and... WTF??!! Is that a bloody knife whacked into the desk??!!

Question 16

Do you like Ellen's show?

Most people forget that Ellen was originally had a sitcom for years and originally planned to only do the talk show thing for a couple of years, much like Rosie O'Donnell did before her. Well, all these years later and Ellen's now in her 60s and still hosting her celebrity gabfest and dance-a-thon.

Question 17

What causes you to make this face?

Obviously this guy has been playing Word With Friends too long. There's a place where we all get sometimes. It's a weird combination of tired, frustrated and bored. Think about the last time you felt like this guy looks. What was causing you to share this expression with the world?

Question 18

What do you think of this?

So whoever did this thought it would be funny to take a Lego car and draw a little monster on a piece of paper and combine the two to create some sort of three-dimensional art. You don't have to give us your first impression, but now that you've looked at it a few seconds, what do you think?

Question 19

What subject made you have this look in school?

Some people were jocks, some were the artsy types and others were brains. No matter what, we all had a class that caused us to look like this. Hopefully, you were smarter than to just look this openly bored. Teachers don't like that. What class made you look like you wanted to take a nap until it was over?

Question 20

What is the most boring vegetable?

We chose a photo of brussel sprouts because they seemed like the go-to boring vegetable in most 80s and 90s sitcoms, kind of like the way lima beans were the go-to in shows and cartoons before that. These days, which is the most boring vegetable you can get at the grocery store?

Question 21

We're going to spend the day watching in?

Whenever the next giant superhero blockbuster or highly anticipated animated film hits the movie theater, there's usually a little romantic comedy that sneaks in the same week. They don't earn a lot, but they don't cost much to make either. Formulaic, sure, but some people absolutely love them.

Question 22

Do you find complicated things boring?

There are people in this world who understand astrophysics, how fish sleep and how to operate the giant machine at the planetarium. You're no one of these people. When you see a show on TV like "How Stuff Is Made" do you immediately think it's going to be interesting or it's going to be painful to watch.

Question 23

What's the difference between boredom and laziness?

Why do we look at this guy and immediately assume he's bored? Is it that he's bored, or it is that he's a boring person? He could shave. He could wear contact lenses instead of glasses. His head can't actually weigh that much. Is this guy actually bored/boring or is he just lazy? And is there a difference?

Question 24

How long could you stare at an hourglass for?

Some people go on long drives, some like to take walks on the beach and others simply relax with music. We all have our ways of unwinding and zoning out. But sometimes, we also find ourselves caught up in a moment, almost a hypnotic trance. Can you get lost in looking at the sand fall in an hourglass or is it just one of those things that sounds painful?

Question 25

What do you think of this idea?

There have been studies that suggest boredom, or daydream, while we're bored, is a coping mechanism to deal with what is presently going on around us. Allowing ourselves to "futurecast" and imagine a better tomorrow actually allows us to better deal with the present we're not completely pleased with.

Question 26

Is baseball more boring than other sports?

You may think all sports are boring, but we need you to rank them. Some people find baseball to be a thinking man's game, truly any individual sport wrapped into team sport environment, played with much thought and patience. Other find it to be like a three-hour trip to the park in uncomfortable chairs. What about you?

Question 27

British comedy...boring or hilarious?

There's something about the British sense of humor that speaks to certain people around the world. They find things like Mr. Bean and Monty Python more hilarious than anything else. It's physical comedy + juvenile wordplay. Many others find it to be the most grating genre. Where do you fall on the Brit-Com spectrum?

Question 28

Look! It's Memory with "Everyday Objects"!

Remember Memory? It's the game where you put a certain amount of cards face down that all have pictures with a common theme, like animals or food. Then, you take turns flipping cards trying to make pairs. The winner has the most cards at the end. And this one is with everyday objects.

Question 29

Your niece is having her recital. You going?

There are few big days in a little girls life like her dance recital. After weeks of going to classes with equally awkward girls, the big day comes to put on a little costume and dance around the stage to show everybody what they learned. You've been invited. Will you be attending?

Question 30

Are twins creepy?

We don't mean this to offend anybody who's a twin, but you've got to admit, you're a statistical anomaly. Weird stuff went on inside of your mother and now there's somebody who is essentially your clone walking around. But it seems normal to you because you don't know any better. And most of you claim a telepathic link. Isn't that kind of creepy?

Question 31

What makes Mansfield, Pennsylvania, the boringest place in America?

Every year, Mansfield, Pennsylvania hosts their annual commemoration of being the first town in America to host a night football game. This comes with a parade, fireworks and a commemorative game. Everybody comes out to celebrate. What's the most boring part of what we've explained?

Question 32

They tell you wait. You see this. What do you think?

It's time for your annual exam or some kind or another. You head to the office and the nice person at the front desk tells you to take a seat in the waiting room and it should only be a few minutes. You walking to the room and see what's pictured here. What is your first thought?

Question 33

What's your first thought?

It's a red Swingline stapler. Not much more to say. But something happened in your mind when you saw this. Maybe you thought of the color, or you thought about what a stapler does. There is no wrong answer, just the answer that leads us to thinking about how boring you are. So what did you think?

Question 34

How long will it take you to find all the words?

We have no idea exactly why word searches are given in schools. It's about as useful a skill as finding a guy in a ski cap and striped sweater on in a crowd. Is there anything to really learn from finding the name of a dinosaur spelled backward in a diagonal pattern? Nonetheless, how long will it take you to find them all?

Question 35

Why is Las Vegas so boring?

They call it Fabulous, but is Las Vegas, Nevada, really all that great? Sure, there's plenty of lights and pretty people but does that make an interesting city? There are some of the biggest hotels and entertainers there, along with some of the best dining, but it all feels so shallow, doesn't it?

QUIZ: Are You A Boring Person?

Are you a bore or the life of the party? What bores us the most about other people? How do you define a boring person? In this article, we will try to answer these questions.

Most people find themselves interesting to talk to and don't even think they might be boring. So how do we even know we're boring? How to check if you are a bore? Nothing simpler. Read the detailed points of this article, and after this excellent reading, start the am I boring quiz. After completing the quiz, you will find out with full effectiveness if you belong to the group of boredom.

Start Quiz

How to recognize a bore?

We are most bored with people who focus the whole conversation on themselves. They tell all sorts of stories about themselves, and nothing else interests them. To check if you are boring, you must, first of all, put yourself in the role of your interlocutor. Are you sure what you are saying to him is interesting?

The way of answering in a conversation

If your interlocutor, after each sentence you say, throws a short "oh, really?" or the usual "yhym", it is most likely a sign that he is bored with you. It is very easy to recognize a person who is genuinely interested in the conversation; he will spontaneously respond to what you say and respond actively.

Interrupting speech

You have probably noticed a certain dependency more than once. When a conversation is extremely interesting, the interlocutors often interrupt each other because they cannot stand it and want to add something interesting from themselves. When your interlocutors don't ask and interrupt you, it is a sign that the conversation is extremely boring.

Change of subject

Do you talk about something with full fascination when at some point, your interlocutor completely changes the subject and starts talking about something completely different? Yes, that also shows that you are a bore.

Body posture

Body posture is another sign that your interlocutor is bored. Do an experiment. When talking to friends, check their body posture. If the person you are talking to does not look you in the eye very often or does not do it at all, his eyes wander somewhere in the distance, or he is staring at one point, it is also a sign that he is bored with the conversation. Additional signs that your interlocutor is bored include making a large number of unnecessary gestures, fidgeting in the chair, or swinging his legs.

Is this article boring? If you think so, start am I boring quiz now, don't wait any longer!

Emotional expression

Yeah, boring people often lack enthusiasm. They express themselves in a monotonous, uniform manner without any emotions in their voice. An additional sign of boredom is poor or no eye contact at all.

Slow speaking

If you speak slowly, interrupt your speech frequently, and go around the topic 10 times before you get to the bottom of it, it's a sign that you are quite a bore. This kind of behavior effectively scares off other people who will think what you just read: BORING!

Excessive seriousness

It has been known for a long time that overly serious people are boring. A bit of humor will come in handy in almost every situation. If you're always serious and don't adapt to the current circumstances, that can only mean one thing: you're boring.

Still worried that you might be a boring person? Many things depend on our character and the so-called mental energy. Some of us just have a genetic predisposition to be introverted or extroverted.

Am I Boring Quiz - How to Play?

The quiz contains 13 questions about boring people. If you don't consider yourself one of them, you should see an eye-catching result at the end. If you happen to see it at the end: "you're boring", unfortunately, you're boring. Each question will be about fictional situations you will find yourself in and will have to deal with them somehow. Easy peasy.

You are certainly wondering what kind of questions to expect. Here are some of them:

  1. Do people laugh at your jokes?
  2. Do your friends look you in the eyes when you're talking?
  3. Do you go to parties?
  4. Do your friends always listen carefully to what you say to them?
  5. Are you a spontaneous person?

Ready? Let's go then!


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How to make a quiz - a wild success in 2022 (in just 4 steps!)

How to make a quiz? It's very simple! If we're going to remember 2022, let it be the birth of online quizzes. The online quiz fever has spread around the world like some unnamed airborne virus, captivating gamers and leaving them with one burning question:

How to pass the test like a pro?

AhaSlides took quizzes ( "quiz" ) because before the quiz the world was engulfed in fever and various other infections. We have written a very quick AhaGuide guide for running a quiz in 4 easy steps with 15 tips to help you succeed in the quiz!

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Your guide to making a quiz

  • When to do a quiz
    • Step 1 - Choose your structure
    • Step 2 - Select questions
    • Step 3 - Make It Interesting
    • Step 4 - Present Like a Pro!
  • Need more questions?

When to do a quiz

Roaring unscramble - How to do a quiz

There are times when quizzes, virtual or live, just seem individual for a holiday…

At work - We'll probably be dating for a while with colleagues online. As the popularity of remote work grows, so does the need for team building quizzes.

Want to know more? We have a complete guide for a virtual corporate party, as well as ideas for remote team icebreakers and virtual team meetings.

For Christmas - Christmas comes and goes, but quizzes will remain for future holidays. Faced with such an increase in interest in 2020, we now view quizzes as the quintessence of quizzes.

Want to know more? Click here to download our Family, Work, Music, Picture or Movie Christmas Quizzes for free! (Skip to the end of this article to view a preview before downloading).

Weekly in the pub – Now we are all back in the pubs, we have one more reason to celebrate. New advances in quiz technology make the robust pub quiz a true multimedia spectacle.

Want to know more? Drinking and questions? Sign us. Here are some tips and inspiration about running a quiz in a virtual pub.

Discreet night in - Who doesn't love the night? 2020 has taught us that we don't have to leave our homes to experience meaningful social interaction. Quizzes can be a great addition to the weekly virtual game night, movie night or beer tasting night!

Psst, need free quiz templates?

You are lucky! Click on the banners below to see some instant free downloadable quizzes to play with your friends!

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Step 1 - Choose your structure

What do I do in Quiz 2022? - How to make a quiz

Before you start anything, you need to determine the structure that your quiz will take. By this we mean ...

  • How many rounds will you have?
  • What will be the rounds?
  • In what order will the rounds be?
  • Will there be a bonus round?

While most of these questions are easy, the quiz masters naturally get stuck on the second. Determining which rounds to include is never easy, but here are a few tips to help make it easier:

#1 - Mix general and specific

We would say 75% of your quiz should be "general rounds". . General knowledge, news, music, geography, science and nature are all excellent "general" tours that do not require special knowledge. Generally, if you learned about it in school, it's a general round.

This leaves 25% of your quiz for "certain rounds" in other words, those specialized tours for which you don't have a class at school. We talk about topics such as football, Harry Potter, celebrities, books, Marvel and so on. Not everyone will be able to answer all the questions, but for some it will be a great round.

#2 - Run some private rounds of

If you know your quiz participants well, for example if they are friends or family, you can have whole rounds based on their and their antics. Here are some examples:

  • Who is this? - Ask for baby pictures of each player and ask the others to guess who it is.
  • Who said this? - Crawl your Facebook friends' walls and choose the most annoying messages - put them in your quiz and ask who posted them.
  • Who drew this? - Ask your players to draw a concept like "luxury" or "judgment" and then send you their drawings. Upload each image to your quiz and ask who drew them.

There is so much you can do for a personal round. The potential for fun is high in just about anything you choose.

# 3 - Try a few rounds of the puzzle

Online software positive pulsating with options for wacky, non-standard rounds. Puzzle rounds are a nice departure from the typical quiz format and offer something unique to test your brain in a different way.

Here are a few rounds of puzzles we've already had success with:

Name it in Emojis

How to make a quiz

In this you play a song or show a picture and have the players write the name in emojis.

You can do this by offering several emojis to choose from, or by asking the players to enter emojis themselves. On the leaderboard slide after the quiz slide, you can change the title to the correct answer and see who gets it!

Larger images

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

Here the players guess what the full image is from the enlarged segment.

Start by loading the image in select answer or type answer quiz slide and crop the image to a small area. On the leaderboard slide right after that, set the full image as the background image.

Word Scramble

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

The classic quiz, this one. Players just need to decipher the correct answer from the anagram.

Just write an anagram of the answer (use the anagram site to make it easier) and include it as the title of the question. Great for a rapid fire projectile.

More like this ⭐ Check out this awesome list of 41 alternative quiz rounds, all powered by AhaSlides.

#4 - Spend the bonus round

The bonus round is where you can get some custom stuff. You can forego the Q&A format entirely and go for something even wackier:0003

  • Home Retreat - Challenge your players to recreate a famous movie scene with everything they can find in the house. At the end, vote and award points to the most popular holiday.
How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?
  • Scavenging - Give each player the same list and give them 5 minutes to find things in their houses that match this description. The more conceptual the hints, the more fun the results will be!

More like this ⭐ In this article, you will find some more great ideas for the bonus round of the quiz - 30 completely free virtual party ideas.

Step 2 - Select questions

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

Let's start the real quiz. Your questions must be ...

  • Relatable
  • A mixture of difficulties
  • Short and simple
  • Miscellaneous by type

Remember that it is impossible to answer every question. Simplicity and variety are the key to the success of the quiz!

# 5 - Make it interesting

If you're not doing a particular round, you'll want to keep questions as open as possible . It makes no sense to have a bunch of How I Met Your Mother questions in the general knowledge round because it doesn't involve people who have never seen it.

Instead, make sure each question in the general round is, well, General . Easier said than done to avoid pop culture references, so it's a good idea to test run a few questions to see if they're appropriate for people of different ages and backgrounds.

# 6 - Vary the difficulty

A few simple questions per round attract everyone, but a few difficult questions keep everyone. busy . The varying difficulty of questions within the same round is a sure way to pass a successful quiz.

You can do this one of two ways...

  1. Order questions from easy to hard - Questions that get more difficult as the round progresses are fairly standard practice.
  2. Order simple and difficult questions at random - This keeps everyone on their toes and ensures interaction doesn't drop.

Some rounds make it easier than others to know the difficulty of your questions. For example, it can be difficult to understand how difficult it is for people to find two questions in a general circle of knowledge, but it is quite easy to guess the same thing in a puzzle round.

It may be best to use both of the above methods to vary the difficulty of the quiz. Just make sure it's really diverse! There's nothing worse than having an entire audience find a quiz boringly easy or frustratingly difficult.

Do it on AhaSlides

# 7 - Keep it short and simple

If questions are kept short and simple, they will be clear and easy to read . No one wants the extra work to sort out a question, and as a quiz master, it's just embarrassing when you're asked to clarify what you mean!

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

This tip is especially important if you decide to give more points for faster answers. When time is of the essence questions follow is always to be written as simply as possible.

#8 - Use different types

Variety is the spice of life, right? Well, this can definitely be the highlight of your quiz.

Having 40 multiple-choice questions in a row just isn't right for today's quiz players. To run a successful quiz now, you'll need to add a few other types to the mix:

How do I make a quiz with AhaSlides?
  • Multiple choice - 4 options, 1 correct - it's very simple!
  • Image selection - 4 images, 1 correct - great for geography, art, sports and other image oriented images.
  • Type answer - No options, only 1 correct answer (although you can enter other accepted answers). This is a great way to complicate any issue.
  • Audio - An audio clip that can be played on a multiple choice question, image choice, or answer type. Great for nature or music tours.

Step 3 - Make it fun

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

With the structure and questions out of the way, it's time to make your quiz dazzling. Here's how to do it...

  • Adding a background
  • Enable team play
  • Faster Response Award
  • Leaderboard hold

Personalizing with visuals and adding a few extras can really take your quiz to the next level.

#9 - Add Background

We can't overstate how much a simple background can add to a quiz. With featuring so many great images and GIFs at your fingertips, why not add one to each question?

Over the years we've been testing online, we've found several ways to use the background.

  • Use one background on each question slide per round. This helps to bring all the questions in the round together under the theme of the round.
  • Use a different background on each question slide. This method requires more time to complete the quiz, but the backstory of each question is interesting.
  • Use backgrounds to give clues . Backgrounds can provide a small visual cue for particularly difficult questions.
  • Use background as part of question . The background is great for zooming in (see example above).

Tip 👊 AhaSlides has fully integrated image and GIF libraries available to all users. Just search the library, select an image, crop it to your liking and save it!

#10 - Enable team play

If you're looking for an extra shot of competitive zeal in your quiz, team play is the way to go. No matter how many players you have, playing them as a team can lead to a serious engagement and an advantage that is hard to capture when playing alone.

Here's how to turn any quiz into a team quiz on AhaSlides:

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

From the 3 points of the team scoring rule on AhaSlides, we recommend the "average score" or "total score" of all participants. Any of these options will ensure that all participants have a firm grip on the ball for fear of disappointing their teammates!

Team up with AhaSlides

#11 - Reward faster responses

Another way to increase the excitement if you want to take the test is to reward you for faster answers. This adds another competitive element, which means that players will wait with bated breath for each next question.

This is an automatic setup on AhaSlides. , but you can find it on each question in the content tab:

Protip 👊 To ​​ actually by increasing the rate, you can reduce the response time. This, combined with the rewards for faster responses, means you'll get a fun speed round where indecisiveness can cost some serious points!

#12 - Hold the leaderboard

Great quiz - it's all about tension, right? This countdown to the final winner is sure to have a few hearts in its mouth.

One of the best ways to create this kind of suspense is to hide the results until the big plot for dramatic reveal is over. There are two schools of thought here:

  • At the very end of the quiz - Only one leaderboard is displayed throughout the quiz, at the very end, so no one has any idea of ​​their position until it is announced.
  • After each round - One leaderboard on the last quiz slide of each round so players can track their progress.

AhaSlides attaches a leaderboard to each quiz slide you add, but you can remove it by clicking "remove leaderboard" on the quiz slide or by removing the leaderboard from the navigation menu:

Protip 👊 alarm, between the final slide of the quiz and the leaderboard. The role of the title slide is to announce the upcoming leaderboard and add to the drama, perhaps through text, image, and sound.

Step #4 - Present Like a Pro!

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

Are you ready? It's time to channel your indoor quiz show host in the following ways. ..

  • Introducing each round in detail
  • Reading questions aloud
  • Adding interesting factoids

# 13 - Introduce the rounds (carefully!)

When was the last time you took a quiz and didn't receive any format instructions beforehand? Professionals always tell us about the format of the quiz, as well as the format of each round.

For example, here's how we used title slide to present one of the rounds of our Christmas Music Quiz:

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?
  • Round number and title.
  • Brief introduction on how the round works.
  • Rules for each question.

Having clear instructions for short and simple questions means that there is no room for ambiguity in your quiz. If you're not sure how well you've described the rules for a particularly difficult round, ask a few people to test your title slide to make sure they understand it.

Be sure to read the instructions aloud for professionalism; don't let players just read them! Speaking of Which…

#14 - Read Aloud

It's too easy to see the words on the screen and let the quiz players read them themselves. But since when do quizzes have to be silent?

Running a quiz online means running a quiz as professionally as possible; and holding a quiz means involving the players through sight and sound.

Here are a couple of mini tips for reading your quiz:

  • Be loud and proud - Don't shy away from the challenge! Presenting is certainly not for everyone, but boosting your voice is a great way to show confidence and grab people's attention.
  • Read slowly - The path goes slowly and clearly. Even if you read slower than people, you still show confidence and appear professional.
  • Read everything twice - Have you ever wondered why Alexander Armstrong of Nonsense reads every question twice? To kill air time, yes, but also to make sure everyone fully understands the question, and it helps to fill the silence while they answer.

#15 - Add interesting facts

It's not just about the competition! Quizzes can also be very helpful for learning, which is why they are so popular in the classroom.

Regardless of your quiz audience, everyone loves interesting facts. If a particularly interesting fact comes up while researching the question, Write it down and mention it at the end of the question.

The extra effort will certainly be appreciated!

That's it - how to make an online quiz in 4 steps. I hope these 15 tips lead you to online quiz success with friends, family, colleagues or students!

Ready to create?

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Today I will tell you about a not quite standard project, which is a mixture of a content and information resource and an online quiz. I came up with the idea as a result of a combination of several types of leisure activities - I love intellectual shows, online quizzes, informative popular science articles and sites with collections of gifs. Such a paradoxical, at first glance, mishmash successfully formed the basis of my project called StopVideo.


Everyone knows that every new project should be invested with some zest, which will distinguish it from other similar products. A simple content project, where interesting articles, pictures, videos will be published, will not surprise anyone. There are also a lot of online quizzes, but everyone is fed up with their similarity. Entering answers in chat quizzes, guessing the dates of historical events or the names of popular figures has become boring. But what if you make a quiz in which you do not need to strain your convolutions much? Let it be just a warm-up for the mind, but with an interesting presentation of the material, based on video content, an interactive part with questions and answers and the usual content component.

As a result, such a principle was invented, the concept of the project: the visitor (player) is shown an excerpt from the video, asking a question in the style of "What is it?", "What is it for?" or “What will happen next?”, Answer options are given. After choosing an option, a GIF (short video without sound) is shown with the answer and a short text. If you wish, you can read the whole article on the topic of the issue, watch the full video, discuss it in the comments. For greater involvement in the process of content consumption, it was decided to introduce a system of game points, achievements and player ratings.

Years of experience in web programming allowed me to take on the implementation alone. The specifics of the project allows you to use the same simple technologies as for creating sites - this is PHP as a backend, and on the frontend the good old JQuery over HTML. Having a “bad” habit of writing backend code from scratch, without using any frameworks, it took me almost a year to develop the engine (working in my free time, of course). At the same time, I was looking for interesting materials and came up with questions for the quiz.

I already have experience of successful entertainment projects. True, a simple rule has worked so far: if the project is interesting to me, if I myself get satisfaction from the result, then it should also interest and attract the audience. I hope that this rule will work this time as well. Paid traffic sources, as my practice shows, do not justify themselves when the site is monetized only with the help of contextual advertising and does not generate its own sales. Therefore, we are working on enthusiasm. Search traffic comes with time, and, given the content component of the project, it is quite possible to count on it.

Comparing the metrics with other entertainment projects, I can say that the audience engagement is good, the average viewing depth is 3-4 times higher than on my other projects where search traffic dominates. It is too early to brag about absolute indicators, the project is only gaining momentum.

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