Guy quizzes about their girlfriend

Does He Want Me to Be His Girlfriend?

Questions Excerpt

1. Does he seem protective over you and always have your back?

A. No, not at all

B. I don’t think so, but we haven’t really been in a situation where he would need to be

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, I feel safe when he is around and know he has my back

2. What does he do in his spare time?

A. Party hard!

B. Hang out with friends; he has too many friends to manage!

C. He talks to me or spends time with his family

D. Spends time with me!

3. Does he try to get to know you on a deeper level?

A. No, not at all

B. Rarely

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, I think he does

4. When you have these discussions, does he seem to be genuinely interested in getting to know everything about you and sharing things about himself as well?

A. We really don’t have these kinds of conversations

B. No, he seems to just listen and nod

C. Sometimes

D. Yes

5. Does he flirt with you and joke around with you regardless of who is around?

A. We don’t really spend much time hanging out with our friends together, so I am not sure

B. No, he acts differently when we are alone than he does when we are out

C. Sometimes

D. Yes, he does that all the time

6. Has he ever confessed that he likes you?

A. He drops hints here and there

B. Yeah, but never been too serious about it

C. Indirectly yes!

D. Yes! All the time

7. Do you guys vibe when together?

A. He vibe with most of the people

B. Yes we do mostly

C. Yes but, that’s it

D. I think we totally vibe

8. Do you feel he likes you?

A. He likes mostly everyone

B. Me and a bunch of other people

C. Most of the time it’s evident

D. I believe so

9. Does he reply quickly to your texts?

A. Not really

B. At times

C. Most of the time

D. Yes

10. Does your opinion matter to him the most?

A. Not exactly

B. I don't think so

C. I feel that

D. I am sure about it

11. Does he seem to be interested in you and only you?

A. No, definitely not

B. I am not sure, but I really don’t think so

C. I think so

D. Yes, I always feel like all of his attention is on me wherever we are

12. Does it ever seem like he is playing games or just messing with your head?

A. Yes, all of the time

B. Sometimes I do because I feel like he is always sending mixed signals, and it’s confusing

C. I am not sure, but I don’t think he is playing games 

D. No, I don’t feel that way

13. Has he fully recovered from his past relationship, and does he seem to be mentally and emotionally in a good place?

A. I don’t know

B. I think he is still working through all that

C. I think he has worked through all of that and appears to be okay most of the time

D. Yes, I definitely think so

14. Has this guy ever had a serious, committed relationship, or does he seem to have a fear of commitment?

A. I don’t think he has ever had anything serious, and he might have issues with commitment

B. We haven’t really talked about any of that

C. I think he has had relationships in the past, but I am not sure for how long

D. He doesn’t appear to have any fears about commitment

15. Does he have a good relationship with the people in his family?

A. I am not sure about their relationship

B. It may be a bit strained from what I can tell, but he doesn’t talk about it much

C. They don’t appear to have any issues from conversations I’ve heard

D. I believe he has a very good relationship with his family

A Quiz To Test How Well You & Your Partner Really Know Each Other

Once you've asked and answered all the questions and got your final tally ready, you can calculate your score and read about what your results mean for you as a couple below.

Warm-up questions:

  1. What's their favorite movie?
  2. What food would they never get sick of?
  3. What color do they never wear?
  4. What's their go-to drink?
  5. Would they rather go out on Friday night or stay in?
  6. What's their favorite book?

Questions about the past:

  1. Who was their best friend growing up?
  2. As a kid, what did they want to be when they grew up?
  3. What was their favorite subject in school?
  4. Did they have any part-time jobs as a teen?
  5. Did they have a good high school experience?
  6. Did they have a good relationship with their family as a kid?
  7. What's their favorite place that they've traveled to?
  8. What's their biggest regret?
  9. What do they miss about their childhood?
  10. Do they have "someone that got away"?
  11. What's the most spiritual experience they've ever had?

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Questions about the future:

  1. What is the most important factor in their future?
  2. What's the No. 1 thing on their bucket list?
  3. Where do they want to live in the future?
  4. What's their next career move?
  5. Do they want kids?
  6. Do they ever want to move back to their hometown or never go back?
  7. Would they ever be open to a long-distance relationship?
  8. What is a big goal they have in their five-year plan?
  9. How do they feel about marriage?
  10. What's their biggest fear for the future?

Questions about sex:

  1. What is their biggest turn-on?
  2. What is their biggest turnoff?
  3. What's their biggest fantasy, kink, or fetish?
  4. What is their favorite position?
  5. Are they into quickies, or do they prefer to take their time?
  6. Where is their favorite place to have sex?
  7. How do they like to be teased?
  8. Do they like to use sex toys?
  9. Do they watch porn?

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Questions about values:

  1. Which social cause do they most care about?
  2. What quality do they value most in others?
  3. What are their political views?
  4. How important is money to them?
  5. What's a more worthy investment to them: experiences or objects?
  6. What are their thoughts on open relationships?
  7. How are they working on self-growth and self-improvement?
  8. What influences their decisions the most?
  9. What's a nonnegotiable for them in relationships?

Questions about communication:

  1. How do they like to give love?
  2. How do they like to receive love?
  3. Are they more passive or confrontational?
  4. How do they like to be apologized to?
  5. Do they respond quickly or need time to process in an argument?
  6. Are they more logical or emotional?
  7. Are they more introverted or extroverted?
  8. Do they prefer structure or going with the flow?
  9. What is their preferred form of communication (that's not in-person)?
  10. What do they like most about you?

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What the results say about you as a couple.

Here's an idea of what the results might mean about your relationship:

  • 30 or fewer correct: Hey, don't worry. Odds are you haven't been together that long or just haven't prioritized some of these bigger conversational topics. You definitely have room to get to know each other better—and that's exciting! Time to start digging in.
  • 30 to 40 correct: You know plenty about your partner, but there's still more to find out as your connection deepens.
  • 40 to 55 correct: You know your partner like the back of your hand, and that's great! You've probably been together for a while, or you just really prioritize conversation and curiosity with each other.

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As licensed marriage and family therapist and sex therapist Holly Richmond, Ph. D., LMFT, CST, tells mbg, you're usually going to do better on this quiz the longer you've been together. Don't fret if you didn't do as well as you may have liked to—this just means you can make getting to know each other better a bigger priority.

Ways to get to know each other better if you're not content with your results.

According to therapist and relationship expert Ken Page, LCSW, quizzes like this are fun, of course, but having a daily practice of checking in with each other is "a really wonderful thing to do." He recommends finding time for each other every day and thinking of a thoughtful question or two that can help you both root in your connectedness—whether something from this list or something you come up with on your own.

Page is also a fan of the 36 questions to fall in love, developed in the 1990s by psychologists Arthur Aron, Ph.D.; Elaine Aron, Ph.D.; and other researchers. This set of questions has been found, on many an occasion, to cultivate intimacy and connection between strangers—so it certainly couldn't hurt to cover those questions, Page says.

In addition to that, Richmond suggests simply getting curious with each other on a regular basis. "Sit down at least once a week, where you have each other's undivided attention, with eye contact, and you aren't distracted." Ask each other questions, have genuine curiosity for each other, and just enjoy the process of getting to know each other. (Here are some conversation starters for couples to get you started.)

Whether you aced this quiz or there's still more to learn, the bottom line is, it's important to understand who we're with. When we take time to consciously learn about our partner, not only do we see them more and more as they truly are, but we give them the gift of being seen and understood.

If a man asks a girl's opinion. A man is interested in you

During my trainings, seminars and master classes, the question is: “How to understand that a man is in love?” is one of the most relevant. And really, is there a real way to check the feelings of a man, his readiness for a serious relationship? Can you understand by words and gestures that a man is in love?

I answer yes! But, dear women, I also want to emphasize once again that you are primarily responsible for the quality of these actions. nine0003

No, men don't owe you anything just because you're a woman. Work on your words, actions and manifestations. You can immediately track the result of this in the actions of a man.

Girls who have passed our training already know more about male psychology (exercise No. 27 "Psychology: honor and dignity in a man's way").

And back to the topic.

If most of the statements listed below match what your man says and does - do not hesitate, he really has serious intentions ...

Let's start:

11 statements of a man in love

  1. Your happiness is my happiness

Loving someone means experiencing an emotional connection. When a man is really (and not for show) “on the same wavelength” with you, then he is interested in a long-term relationship. As one famous writer Robert Heinlein said: “Love is that state in which the happiness of another person is much more important than your own.”

  1. I think you're perfect even though I know you're not.

Of course, there are no perfect people... But when a man is truly in love with a woman, everything in her becomes beautiful for him. Not only appearance, but also behavior, gait, smile, quirks and habits. Of course, he knows that she has flaws, but he simply does not care. He does not think, he just sees only the good.

  1. I keep my promises
  2. nine0023

    Whatever one may say, “I love you” are only words… If they are not backed up by concrete actions, then doubts about their veracity immediately arise. The “right” man understands that the promises made to the woman must be kept. He will not prove to you with words - only with deeds.

    1. I respect you

    A man cannot love a woman he does not respect. Love implies a deep respect for feelings/thoughts/opinions. A loving man always consults with a woman when he makes important decisions that affect both of them. nine0003

    1. I believe you

    Another facet of love is mutual trust. A man who loves a woman relies heavily on her and expects reciprocity in this. I love one famous quote that applies to this point: "Love gives you the power to destroy you, but you believe it will never happen."

    1. I always try to do something for you

    "Love" is not a noun, it is a verb. Why? Because true love requires constant and active action, effort and consistency on the part of both partners. If this does not happen, feelings fade away as quickly as they flare up. A wise man (like a wise woman) understands that winning a woman is not enough, you need to constantly work to

    1. I am there no matter what happens

    The best proof of a man's love is his desire to always be there. Not physically, but emotionally. That is, he is near not only when the sun is shining on the street, but also holds an open umbrella over you on a rainy day.

    1. I represent our future together

    It is very easy to understand that a man is in love by correspondence: from "you and me" he goes to "we". When he begins to plan his future, you are sure to be present in these plans. He is not afraid of the prospect, he enjoys the relationship. nine0003

    1. I can't imagine what my life would be like without you

    A man who loves a woman always experiences the joy of communicating and spending time with her. He realizes that the past bad experience no longer causes feelings, there is only the present moment, where he is absolutely happy, and the rest does not matter.

    1. I don't care what your past was

    Every person understands that his chosen one has a past. A wise man in love is not interested in this past; a joint future with a woman is important for him. nine0003

    1. I introduce you to my environment

    If your chosen one does not seek to introduce you into his social circle, this is an occasion to think about the prospects for your relationship.


    Men are really capable of love and, moreover, they want love no less than women.

    The answer to the question “How to understand that a man is in love with you?” simple:

    Men are more likely to express their feelings in concrete actions. If this happens in your relationship, great! He loves you. nine0003

    And remember, if a man is comfortable with a woman, he is interested in a long-term relationship with her.

    We study aspects of relationships with a man in more detail in Lesson No. 5 of the training.
    The lesson is called: "Psychology: the secrets of building relationships."

    The most interesting articles by Yaroslav Samoilov:

    Every woman wants to be loved and adored. When a man looks at his chosen one with delight, it is worth a lot. In order for personal life to develop harmoniously, both partners must be sexually satisfied. But at the dawn of a relationship, a woman does not always understand what a man wants from her. To understand, it is enough to carefully observe the young man and correctly evaluate his actions and words. If a man wants a woman, the signs will be quite eloquent. nine0003

    How to recognize sympathy?

    Psychologists identify a number of factors that may indicate that a man has more than just friendly feelings for a woman.

    Does a man want a woman?

    This question interests every girl at the beginning of a relationship. Of course, the most reliable evidence is an erection that has arisen, but it is not always possible to notice it. Therefore, it is worth looking for other ways that will help determine the desire of a guy. If a man wants a woman, signs such as or gestures will definitely give him away. nine0003

    How can you tell if a guy is aroused?

    Experts advise to pay attention to a number of factors that indicate that a man is aroused.

    Confidence of a "male"

    If a man wants a woman, the signs cannot be hidden. Each young man tries to show his individuality in order to conquer the girl, but there are still common features. In the presence of his chosen one, a man can straighten his tie or belt and touch his face. nine0003

    When he keeps his hands on his belt or on his hips, this is self-confidence and a subconscious call for sex. A man wants a woman to caress these places.

    All thoughts are only about one thing…

    If a man wants a woman, the signs will “scream” about it. A young man can persistently call a girl home for some completely stupid reasons: watch a movie, evaluate his renovation, or help him with the design of an apartment.

    When a man thinks about sex, he can say vulgar phrases that sometimes even repel girls. But this is worth reconciling with, since at the moment he is completely focused on his feelings and the desire to have a chosen one. nine0003

    Material side

    Many girls often think about what are the signs that a man wants a woman. Signs can also relate to the material aspect. When dining in a cafe, a young man will definitely pay for his passion, and will not offer her to split the bill equally. This does not mean that the woman is obliged to spend the night with him, but the man hopes that she will appreciate his generosity.

    Some secrets of male psychology

    It has long been known that the representatives of the stronger and the weaker sex differ in nature. Therefore, women should not expect from men what they cannot give them. In order for relationships to develop harmoniously, girls must take into account some of the characteristics of men. nine0003

    Young people do not know how to express enthusiasm and admiration violently, they prefer to hide their emotions. Even a minor compliment can be regarded as the highest praise. A woman is unlikely to hear words in excellent form.

    Almost all men like to interrupt. They do this not on purpose and do not want to offend or belittle the interlocutor. This type of communication occurs on a subconscious level. The brain of a man is arranged in such a way that he is looking for a solution. Therefore, while the girl sets out the essence of the question, he may already think over the answer and skip the information that, in his opinion, is unnecessary. nine0003

    When talking with a man, you must first state the main idea, and only then move on to discussing the details.

    Young people love to argue, but a woman should not take it as a quarrel or disagreement. You do not need to prove anything to a man if the question is not fundamental. It is much wiser to agree with him and admit the correctness of his arguments.

    When a tense situation arises, it is enough for a woman to touch a man and hug him to extinguish the quarrel. This behavior turns off the logic and tunes it to the emotions. nine0003

    Actions are the most valuable!

    The behavior of a man who wants a woman is quite predictable. He will look for meetings with her, call after dates, give flowers and gifts. Do not settle for not making sure that the young intention. If he is sure to prove it with his actions and actions. And when a man needs a one-time sex, he is unlikely to take care of and seek the attention of his passion for a long time. Women should remember this, so as not to experience a bitter feeling of disappointment later. nine0003

    You met a man, you liked him, but for some reason the relationship does not move forward... Alas, life is not always like a romantic fairy tale. It is possible that you simply did not like your chosen one. How to find out so as not to waste energy on building unpromising relationships? Psychologist Elena Godina advises.

    The fact that a man rejects a woman is not always obvious to her, says the specialist. - Especially if she really is not indifferent to this man. Any little thing can be taken as a sign of attention. And meanwhile, this is not so ... How can you stop deceiving yourself? nine0003

    If a man is interested, then at the meeting he will certainly ask the lady for a phone number or other coordinates. Didn't ask? So you are not the heroine of his novel. You can't waste any more time.

    Sometimes it happens that after one or two dates a man realizes that you are not his option. He loses interest in you and stops communicating.

    Of course, a man's short "silence" does not mean anything, says Elena Godina. He may be busy, sick, on a business trip, and so on. But if your gentleman disappeared without warning for a month or two, you should be wary. However, there is nothing to be shy about, and you can try to call or write to him yourself, the psychologist advises. By the reaction of your chosen one, it will be clear whether he is going to continue the relationship. nine0003

    If a man doesn't answer your emails and you can never reach him on your cell phone, then most likely he doesn't want to be in a relationship with you anymore. Will have to reconcile.

    The same - if a man constantly tells you that he is busy. Remember - if a woman is interested in a man, he will always find an opportunity to communicate with her. Therefore, do not build illusions.

    If you even had sex, this is not a reason to think that the man is now yours. This is the mistake of many women. Perhaps the man had sex with you under the influence of momentary desire and now feels embarrassed when you call him and try to set up a new meeting. In general, according to the rules of etiquette, after a sexual date, your partner should call himself. If he is silent, then it was only sex, and nothing more. nine0003

    Unfortunately, men are often to blame for the fact that women misunderstand them, psychologist Elena Godina believes. - It happens that a man is simply too well brought up and is embarrassed to show a woman that he does not have any feelings for her.

    He can chat with a woman in a friendly way, show politeness, and she takes it for male interest. It seems to many ladies that if a man communicates with them, then the matter is in the ointment. Meanwhile, this representative of the stronger sex can thus communicate with absolutely all women. nine0003

    Some men also flirt with everyone. If any woman takes it for something more serious, they are sincerely surprised, because they are sincerely convinced that they did not give a reason . .. This often happens, for example, in work groups.

    What are the signs of real interest on the part of a man?

    He tries to look at you all the time.

    He tries to keep in touch all the time. For example, if he cannot call you, he will definitely get in touch via the Internet. nine0003

    He is interested in your affairs.

    He wants to meet you if possible.

    In person, he wants to touch you. Even if he does not directly offer to have sex, there is always some kind of sexual interest in his behavior.

    If most of these signs are absent, then this man does not need you.

    Of course, you can still try to win his favor, but as they say, you won't be nice by force, - Elena Godina states. - It is better to look for a new chosen one than to cling to someone who is not interested in you. Believe me, sooner or later there will always be someone who needs you. nine0003

    Starting any relationship with a man, a woman secretly hopes that this is the companion of her life. Men, on the other hand, can clearly distinguish between lovers and potential wives, while they apply the same methods of courtship to them. That is why it is quite difficult to understand the real attitude of a man towards a woman.

    How to understand the true attitude of a man to a woman

    Signs that tell us that they are interested in us, love us and cannot live without us, are very eloquent and every woman knows them from childhood. We recall ironic teasing, attempts to constantly pull the pigtails, as well as the first timid courtship, when our gentlemen, blushing and turning pale, offered us to bring the briefcase home. nine0003

    But with age, more and more confusion appears in the relationship between men and women, which forces us to ask a question that is very difficult to answer. Because the question “how to understand the true attitude of a man?” sounds rhetorical.

    Remember how in your school years you managed to find your fans. By looking, by actively participating in your life, by trying to spend as much time as possible with you. Believe me, years have passed, and the basic habits of men have not changed. nine0003

    If a man with whom you communicate at work or, as you think, is just a friend, does any of the above actions, then he is in love with you.

    Manifestation of violent emotions

    To understand the true attitude of a man towards a woman, pay attention to how he reacts to you. If a man is in love, he shows his emotions quite violently. His eye is on fire, even if he only mentions his chosen one in a conversation with friends. The man becomes more emotional and worried. If a woman is perceived by a man as no more than a friend, then he always remains calm and indifferent. nine0003

    Sexual attraction

    If a man experiences exclusively friendly feelings for a woman, then there is no sexual connotation between them. If a man perceives a woman as a lover, he will openly make it clear that he is not at all against intimate relationships with her. People who love each other, who are serious about starting a family and having children, will talk about sex in hints and leading questions.

    Relatives and friends

    When a man is not yet sure of his true feelings for a woman, at first he will hide his relationship from relatives and friends. He is unlikely to introduce his mistress to his parents. Although with such a girl, he can easily appear in the company of friends for showing off. If a man is confident in himself and in his feelings, he will introduce his chosen one first to his friends, then to his brothers and sisters, and only then introduce her to his parents. nine0003

    Cessation of communication with other girls

    How to understand the attitude of a man towards a woman? At this stage, it's easy enough. If a man is seriously passionate about a girl, but reduces all other contacts with members of the opposite sex to a minimum. He is completely absorbed by the woman he loves, and even girl friends will experience a cooling of friendly relations on his part.


    A man takes these promises more seriously. If a man is not at all interested in a woman, he will allow himself to be late for a meeting, forget to call back, etc. This means that a man is completely indifferent to a girl. A truly in love man is always gentle and attentive, shows flexibility and takes into account all the wishes of his chosen one. nine0003

    How to understand the attitude of a man towards a woman by his behavior


    If he calls everyone as affectionately as he calls you, then it is worth considering. If you give him the green light and decide to further develop the relationship, then how good will you feel when he answers the next call from work with you, “yes, honey, glad to hear from you!”. nine0003

    If you are also a jealous person, then you should not get a fan in the form of a man to whom all women seem charming and attractive. In addition to a nervous breakdown and disappointment, such a relationship will not bring you anything good.

    If his manifestations of tenderness concern only you, and all other ladies, he simply ignores and rejects, it is worth trying to get to know him more closely. Ask him about his dreams, how he imagines an ideal life and what he lacks for complete happiness. nine0003

    In order to become an expert on how to understand a man's attitude to a woman, you need patience, understanding and attention to every phrase that you are trusted. That is why all the information received during communication should not be immediately told in colors to girlfriends, because they do not need to know everything.

    If you see that every day a man's gaze towards you becomes warmer, more interested and he tries to help you in everything, you should move to a new level of relationship. nine0003

    Because the first signs - a change in external behavior - lead to the first awakening of a feeling of heartfelt affection and sympathy. Now we need to maintain this formed relationship. Show your chosen one that he is very dear to you and reciprocate his care - this is a guarantee of a harmonious and successful development of your relationship.

    How to understand a man's attitude to a woman by his gestures

    Remember that men are very rarely very emotional. Well, unless you have a first date at football, then yes. And so you should not think that he will begin to give you compliments in all excellent forms. When a man says that you look good, this is already a good sign. nine0003

    To understand the real attitude of a man towards a woman, carefully follow it. If a young man likes what he sees, then his mouth involuntarily opens and his nostrils swell. I will try to seductively eat dessert, and you will see how it happens.

    If a man in your company straightens his clothes, cufflinks or touches his face, he wants to please and look good next to such a beautiful woman. Pay attention to it and appreciate such compliments. nine0003

    If a man lowers his tone, he begins to trust you and may want to retire. Also, watch to see if he is embarrassed. Many, on the contrary, feel relaxed in the company of a new woman, and this can be seen by the way he sits.

    If a man touches your hand, then he clearly likes you. Follow his gaze. What is he? You will see in his eyes what you want, if he really likes you. You're a woman, and you can feel these things intuitively. nine0003

    When he decides to kiss you, pay attention to the kiss. If he is gentle, then the man does not want to rush, and he is counting on a long relationship with you. If the kiss is passionate, then he liked you more as a woman than a person. However, do not despair, many relationships begin with this.

    Using your mindfulness, very soon you will involuntarily know how to understand a man's attitude towards you.

    There is such a topical anecdote: “Petya said hello to Masha and asked how things were going, and Masha mentally married him and bore him three children.” Of course, this is irony. But there is some truth in every joke. nine0003

    Often this is how women perceive male attention, the purpose of which, for example, is a banal seduction. That is, the representative of the stronger sex, in order to seduce the girl he likes, goes to various tricks and tricks: he writes touching SMS to her or whispers sweet and gentle nonsense in her ear. Actually, she does everything that a woman wants and what she expects from a man. Such Snakes-tempters are endowed with the talent to seduce the fair sex by nature, or they purposefully learn this in men's pickup courses. nine0003

    What about a woman? At first she trusts, then she becomes convinced that she is loved, drawing illusory pictures in her head about pure and eternal love. But in fact, as soon as a guy achieves his goal, that is, sex, his ardor fades away and there is no trace of love left. At best, he honestly admits what he really wanted from you. At worst, he will simply leave, leaving a cold “bye” at parting.

    As a result, the girl is offended, disappointed and considers herself used. Which, in principle, it is. But this could not be! How much less would there be broken women's hearts and in vain shed bitter tears in the pillow at night, if we learned to soberly assess the attitude and behavior of the stronger sex. nine0003

    Substitution of concepts

    The Internet and glossy magazines are full of advice on how to understand if a man loves you. But most often such articles are written by women, the essence of which boils down to this - gentle, caring, attentive, inferior in everything to their chosen one. The main mistake here is that girls begin to compare men's love with their own. But she is completely different and very different from the female.

    No one can give you exact recommendations as to what symptoms indicate his sincere love for you. After all, men are all built on instincts. And yet, in order to understand this difficult issue, I had to turn to some reliable sources, as well as interview several representatives of the stronger sex who wished to remain anonymous. So, firsthand information. nine0003

    When a man loves a woman

    The main component of a sincere man's love is the acceptance of a woman as a part of himself, that is, that half, without which life is no longer possible. And only starting from this axiom, men one way or another behave with their beloved. What is worth paying attention to?

    Signs that a man loves if:

    1. He is sincerely interested in your affairs and listens attentively. That is, he asks how your day went, he is interested in what you did today, what upset you, and what, on the contrary, pleased you. Your hobbies, even if he does not share them with you, are also of interest to him. After all, you are part of it. nine0003

    By the way, this is why a loving guy accepts his chosen one as she is, with all the flaws. But you should not forget that ANY feelings weaken over time, and what used to cause tenderness may begin to annoy him. Therefore, do not stop working on yourself and, if possible, eradicate all shortcomings, both in appearance and in character.

    But beware: a false display of interest can be just a cleverly veiled attempt to get you into bed, so don't jump to conclusions and read the following points carefully. nine0003

    2. If he gives in and sometimes sacrifices his interests. A man, in order to spend an evening with his beloved, may neglect football or refuse a planned visit to his parents. But try not to abuse this readiness. As practice shows, over time, we begin to hate the person for whom we too often sacrifice our life positions. And who will like a man who is always inferior to a woman in everything?!

    Respect each other's interests, each of you should have a personal space, without encroaching on this sacred territory. And if there are controversial points, try to find a compromise. nine0003

    Again, be careful, if a man too often gives in and indulges you in everything, it is quite possible that he is only interested in sex with you and in this way he is trying to get what he wants as soon as possible.

    3. If he states publicly that. This is already an undoubted indicator of his love and serious plans for you. Men love to brag about their chosen ones, whom they consider part of themselves (remember the main component of male love). And if he publicly declares that you are his woman, praises you in every possible way in society, this is a sure sign that you are not indifferent to him. nine0003

    It's the same if he introduces you to his friends, or even to his parents, who live many thousands of kilometers away. There is no need to explain anything here. Such an act speaks volumes.

    However, do not confuse those moments when your boyfriend is in a fit of passion during sex or before whispering "you are mine." This may be a manifestation of a sign of attention or an attempt to please the girl you like. For love, it is precisely the statement to society that this is “my woman”, that is, for the rest, “entry is forbidden”. nine0003

    4. If he is . Since a man considers you a part of himself, he will take care and protect him as he does himself. That is, you may not expect affectionate words from him, he may once again neglect hugs, especially when he is firmly convinced that he has already conquered you. But you will not starve or freeze from the cold. He will definitely take care of your comfortable stay with him. And sometimes, at the first stages of a relationship, to please such a trifle as breakfast in bed. By the way, this is a sure sign that he at least cares about you. nine0003

    Protection in this case means protecting "one's own part" from external danger and aggression. Like it or not, men are still driven by instincts. And even though dinosaurs have not been running on the street for a long time and there seems to be no one to save you from, but still a man must protect. Especially your achievement, that is, you. This is its essence! Therefore, he can give you valuable advice or just help in certain matters.

    If you value your relationship with your chosen one, do not neglect his advice and appreciate everything he does. But try to ask him less about it. He must want to protect and protect you himself. Play on instinct! nine0003

    5. Another sign that speaks of his love is when a man strives to feed you, oddly enough. All the same notorious instincts: for centuries it has developed that a man hunts a mammoth and brings it into the house for the woman he loves, who creates comfort and decorates the home. Therefore, a gentleman who directly asks you: “Are you not hungry ?!” or “Do you need to be fed ?!, you are not indifferent.

    It's important that you don't ask him about it. Of course, if you directly talk about what you want to eat or that he takes you to a restaurant, a polite man will not refuse. And it won't mean anything. But when he HIMSELF offers you food and behaves in this situation as a breadwinner, you can rejoice. You have every chance to become (or maybe you have already become) the lady of his heart! nine0003

    The same point can be attributed to the fact that a man will strive to provide for his chosen one so that she does not need anything. Within the budget, of course.

    If he does not do this, then most likely he has a normal physical affection for you, which may pass with time.

    6. A loving man will seek to please you in sex, and not only take care of his own interests. An overabundance of his tenderness will not end even after sex (again, only in the first stages of a relationship). Then, unfortunately, they relax. nine0003

    Besides, if he truly loves you, he will never offer a threesome with a girl or a man. In the first case, so as not to offend you, and in the second - because he is not going to share his beloved with anyone, that very part of himself.

    7. Finally, the most important sign of his love is when a man wants a child from you. This postulate does not require any proof or explanation. It is in you that he sees his wife, mother of his children and companion for life. What else is needed! This is the highest degree of manifestation of his love. nine0003

    Instead of a conclusion

    According to one of the respondents, who wished to remain anonymous, a man in love behaves like an idiot. That is, his life changes dramatically and he begins to do stupid things, for example, at the height of the working week, he can take a day off to spend the day with his beloved or meet her early in the morning at the entrance with a luxurious bouquet of flowers. Of course, this flatters the woman and she eventually gives up.

    Unfortunately, a man who has already conquered a woman calms down and relaxes (after all, she will not go anywhere, she is ALREADY part of him). Involuntarily, the words of the famous trainer-psychologist Alexei Chernozem come to mind that God created a woman from Adam's rib, and if the rib (that is, the woman) “does not hurt” and no one tries to take it away, they don’t even remember about it. But as soon as a man notices encroachments on "HIS rib" from outside, then a real warrior will immediately wake up in him, ready to fight for his territory and for his achievement. nine0003

    Therefore, as the expert advises, sometimes remind a man of your "existence" - intrigue, flirt, keep in suspense, take care of yourself, play on his instincts. He should have the feeling that you can be stolen or beaten off, but always against your will.

    Be for him that very riddle or mysterious book, the pages of which open up something new for him every day. And he may never lose interest in you.

    In fact, love is a complicated thing and everyone loves in their own way. It depends on the character, type of activity of the chosen one, his interests and social circle. Therefore, never rush to conclusions and pay attention to his

    instincts that will help you determine with a high degree of probability whether he really loves you or is just trying to seduce you.

    Based on Steve Harvey's book "Act Like a Woman, Think Like a Man"

    Signs he's not right for you

    Don't waste your time on a guy with whom you'll have nothing but disappointment. Break it down and go somewhere else! How to do it? Alexander Tsypkin, a writer and expert in male psychology, told us how men behave when they have no serious plans for a girl. nine0003

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    1. Once you start reading this article, the alarm bell, whatever it is, has already rung. But let's look at the nuances. nine0003

    2. He stubbornly tells you about his shortcomings, as if hinting that you are suffering with him. He not only does not hide them, but is proud of them. Especially often windiness and disorder emerges. And in general, he talks a lot about himself, and is much less interested in you, especially in your plans for the future.

    3. Usually such comrades have a universal legend “I just got out of a difficult relationship, I want to live a little today.” It's all nonsense. Nothing heals a difficult relationship better than a new one that is even deeper. Therefore, the above excuse means “you won’t cure me, but as a painkiller you are suitable.” nine0003

    4. If you invite him to a friend's wedding, he definitely won't go. A temporary boyfriend is ready to accompany you anywhere, but to a wedding as a couple is already too much. For some reason, men think that if he came to a wedding with a girl, he could be married there for a company, or if his girlfriend suddenly catches a bouquet, the bailiff will then come with him, as with a writ of execution.

    5. You don't call him every day, that is, you call him, and he only if he has an unscheduled free evening and wants sex. nine0003

    6. As soon as you bring him a cup or, God forbid, a toothbrush, he immediately starts talking about personal space, and your things come home, sometimes with you. That is, he does not even offer to spend the night.

    7. Ask him a question about a joint meeting of the New Year in the summer and offer to buy tickets in advance, so to speak, to save money. If something unintelligible about workload sounds in response, especially from January 1 to January 11, draw conclusions. nine0003

    8. You have a strong feeling that he is an orphan. That is, we never talk about getting to know my mother. Not to mention dad and brothers.

    9. An invitation to your parents also does not cause enthusiasm.

    10. In sex, he does whatever he wants and doesn't even particularly ask if you like it. It's simple - he is not afraid to lose you, even subconsciously, and therefore does not think whether his requests will scare you. And he is suspiciously a little worried on the first intimate date.

    11. To the phrase “I have been looking for someone like you all my life”, he looks for an answer for several seconds and eventually tries to portray a Comedy Club resident

    12. Invite him to a party with your especially boring and unpleasant girlfriend. Repeat after a month. Anyone who is going to live with you until old age understands that this is a necessary evil and will somehow adapt. The temporary concubine will not want to suffer and in every possible way will begin to avoid such meetings.

    13. Opposite: introduce him to your most beautiful friend and follow his gaze. It is understood that he will not drag her into bed right in front of you, but the “temporary worker” will allow himself to show excessive attention or even start an acceptable flirtation. nine0003

    14. Within two or three months, the regularity of sex begins to drop rapidly. The explanation is simple: no matter what they say about a man’s lack of connection between love and sex, there is one.

    15. Ask him to change his social media status and see how he reacts. Most likely, he will say yes, but will do nothing.

    16. Start a conversation about polygamy, temporary relationships and the joy of life today. You will see with what enthusiasm he will support and develop it. By the way, sometimes it is precisely these lovers of “live today” who fall into the most primitive trap: if a girl herself tells him that she would like a relationship for a short time, a short circuit occurs in the man’s head, smoke goes up and everything ends with the registry office.

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