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21 Signs He Wants You To Notice Him REALLY BADLY

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He loves me…he loves me not. The age-old, schoolgirl favored, petal plucking routine may have been fun to do, but we know it doesn’t give any real answers to how someone feels about you. If there are feelings involved, there will always be evident signs he wants you to notice him. To make your life easier, here are 21 signs he wants you to notice him REALLY BADLY.

He may be shy or just trying to mask his feelings for you. But if he has a thing for you, his body, his words and his actions will always betray his attempts to grab your attention. No matter how subtle or veiled. We all try to keep our crushes a secret, but it’s tricky to be in control ALL the time. A slip-up here. another there, and you can tell if he has the hots for you.

So, if you’re wondering how to tell if a guy is trying to get your attention, you just need to pay attention to how he behaves around you. His eyes and body language will be the gateway to his thoughts. The entire mystery will unravel quickly and you can stop wondering, “Is he trying to get my attention?”

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So you like a guy but aren’t sure about his feelings. Or, there is a guy who has been sending out a lot of mixed signals and you don’t know what to make of them. Yes, it’s not just women who send out mixed signals. Perhaps, a friend has suddenly started behaving differently around you, and this makes you wonder if he is trying to get your attention.

Maybe, someone you connected with on a dating app is not giving away how he feels and you’re left wondering where this thing is headed. Being in any of these situations can leave you in a confused headspace. I mean, what are the signs he wants to approach you? What are the things guys do to get your attention?

The truth is, the signs he wants you to notice him are all over the place, you just need to know where to look. As they say, the devil is in the details. If you pay just a little more attention to the way he conducts himself, you’ll be able to spot the signs he wants you in his future.

A few years ago, a friend of mine was in a pickle, because she couldn’t tell whether her colleague wanted to just be friends or more. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she reached out to me for help. Maybe an objective view of the situation would help! I asked her to look out for the signs listed below, and guess what? She realized he was into her big time.

You can put your dilemmas to rest by looking for out these 21 signs and reciprocate too. When you know what you’re looking for, half the race is won. So without further ado, let’s get cracking on the answer to your question.

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1. He pays attention to his looks

One of the most obvious signs he wants you to notice him is the way he dresses up when he expects to see you. Whether it’s a planned “accidental” run-in, or a plan to hang out, you will notice that he is putting in an effort to look his best. He “cleans up his act” so to say. It’s adorable because we dress for the part we want. No surprises on which part he wants…

His choice of clothes, his hair, his face, his cologne – everything is on point. Even the finer areas of appearance are taken care of – his nails, the sideburns, his breath. It’s important to him that you see him well-attired. And if you HAVE noticed all of that, he is succeeding in getting your attention!

2. He positions himself toward you

Here’s an interesting sign to watch out for. If a guy positions himself in a way that his body is turned towards you whenever you’re both together, it is among one of the sure-shot body language signs he wants to get closer to you. He may not be doing it on purpose. But that desire in him to be in your proximity naturally makes his body turn in your direction.

To be honest, the fact that he’s not doing it on purpose makes it better. He may be trying his best to hide how smitten he is for you, but won’t be able to help it when his body gives it away. How do you know if he trying to get your attention? Take a look at how he positions his body with you, whether he has an open and inviting stance with you and how much eye contact he makes.

Once you know this, you’ll begin spotting it with guys everywhere. We’re naturally inclined to move physically closer to those we find attractive. It also means that you have his undivided attention, and nothing can distract him from the conversation you’re having. Isn’t that splendid?

3. He is on his best behavior

Have you noticed if this guy’s behavior has undergone a change of late? This can be particularly obvious if you two have been friends or have known each other for a long time. If he’s developed romantic feelings, he would want you to view him in a new light. Do you notice this change and wonder, “Is he trying to get my attention?” Well, yes indeed, he sure is.

Allow me to give you a parallel. When Joey Tribbiani starts liking Rachel Green, he becomes awkward in her presence. He tries to make mature decisions and do grown-up things. If your guy-friend is suddenly becoming a gentleman, don’t be too surprised. He just doesn’t want you to think of him as juvenile.

So, the next time you see him trying to bring political conversations instead of his usual goofy jokes, know that he’s probably doing it to appear more intelligent. It’s a clear indication he’s giving you hints, you just need to pick up on it. Self-improvement is one of the definite signs he wants you in his future.

4. Signs he’s trying to get your attention: He flashes you his best smile

A guy who is interested in you will naturally experience joy when he is around you. He may try his best to hide that fact from you, but he can’t control the surge of feel-good hormones in his body. It is believed that our brain releases oxytocin in the initial stages of romantic love, and this can often make us go wheeeeee!

Moreover, a smile makes people around us comfortable. Maybe he wants to build a rapport with you…That’s why if you notice him smiling like a kid in a candy store, you can count it among the signs he is secretly attracted to you. It’s what Lucille Ball says, “It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.”

He will give you his best smile

5. He is a constant presence in your life

How to tell if a guy is trying to get your attention? Do you feel like his presence in your life is a constant? If you work or study together, he always finds reasons and excuses to be in your company. If you’re neighbors, you find him suggesting going together to the supermarket or the gym.

And if you connected on a dating site, he makes it a point to reach out to you at least once a day. If your lamp needs fixing, he’s the first person on the job. If you need help moving some stuff, he’s offering his services quicker than you can even think of anyone else.

These innocent proposals aren’t what they seem. He’s always around you because he likes being with you and is a clear indication he craves your attention. Perhaps also in the hope that the more time you spend together, the better his chances of you noticing him.

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6. How do you know if he’s trying to get your attention? He talks to you constantly

Now when we say talk, we don’t just mean making small talk or discussing random things. He really talks to you about things that matter to him and reveals his innermost thoughts to you and won’t hesitate to be vulnerable with you. It’s one of the unmistakable signs he wants you to notice him for who he is deep down.

He allows himself to be vulnerable and is his most authentic self with you. And this takes courage. Maybe he wants your relationship to have an honest start. That he feels comfortable enough to share things with you is a compliment in itself. But as a thumb rule, always trust a man who reveals his flaws over one who is into showy pretenses.

7. If he really listens, it’s a hint he’s trying to get your attention

What does it mean when a guy tries to get your attention? It means he’s interested in everything you have to say and wants to make it clear that he’s listening to you when you’re talking. He won’t zone out, he won’t use his phone, and he’ll say the right things when you’re done talking.

A guy who is attracted to you and wants you to notice that fact won’t just let down his guard in front of you without making sure that you feel comfortable enough to do the same with him. He wants to get to know you better and will create a safe space where you can be yourself. Bryant McGill said, “One of the most sincere forms of respect is actually listening to what another has to say.”

That’s why he listens intently when you talk. Every little detail of your conversations registers with him. You rarely have to repeat yourself because he remembers the little things you mention in passing, and you’ve often noticed how thoughtful he is. This tendency definitely checks a box in the checklist of signs he wants to get closer to you.

8. He leans toward you

Whether you’re two friends hanging out and watching a movie together, coworkers collaborating on a project, or two people on a date, his interest in you will shine through his body language. Here’s one of the tell-tale signs he wants your equation to progress from friends to lovers.

Perhaps, he’s considering bringing it up and that’s why he inevitably leans toward you whenever you’re together. This is also an instinctual reaction that is beyond his control. Even if you’re hanging out with a group of friends and he’s talking to you, he’s going to lean closer toward you as if to tell you that he’s all in on you. Keep an eye out for this one if you’re struggling to make sense of signs he wants to approach you.

9. He gets in your personal space

Deciphering the signs of whether a man is attracted to you at work can be a lot harder than doing the same for a friend or someone you know in a personal capacity. One of the more curious indicators will be his attempts at trying to claim your personal space. (Not in a creepy way though.)

But you will notice him standing closer than he used to. Or lingering around your works station longer than he has reason to. Perhaps, you will find him joining you on your coffee breaks, or hitting the vending machine at the same time as you. Are these signs he wants my attention, you ask? Yes, yes, and yes again.

In fact, these will be pretty hard to miss. When he’s lingering around for longer than he needs to, it’ll be pretty obvious. When he’s making small talk with you or even trying to figure out how to flirt. You might just be left asking yourself, “Why does he want me to notice him?” The answer to that is because he’s got it bad for you, duh!

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10. Signs he wants your attention on social media: He texts you A LOT

Another one of the unambiguous signs he wants you to notice him REALLY BADLY is that he starts texting you A LOT. Sure, it is not unusual for a guy friend or male associate to text you every now and again. But if you’re texting back and forth through the day or chatting several times, it’s certainly out of the ordinary. It’s almost as if you are both naturally following the rules of texting while dating.

Just remember that if he starts dropping conversation starters without any specific reason, you have something to think about. Maybe he sends a meme your way, or a goofy picture of himself. Is he trying to get your attention on social media? That’s 100% yes.

11. You make him nervous

If you make him nervous, it’s one of the certain signs he is secretly attracted to you. He not only wants you to notice him but also wants to make a good impression on you. All that pressure to impress and make his mark makes him act all klutzy and awkward. He may get tongue-tied or stutter as he tries to find the right things to say to you.

You may also notice him fidgeting with things, or not knowing what to do with his hands and arms. This is one of the signs he wants to approach you but doesn’t know how. He’s probably worried that he’ll ruin your existing equation. It’s important to remember that his feelings are as bewildering to him as they are to you.

He may always be around but might not be able to have a conversation with you. When that happens, don’t get stuck up on questions like, “Why does he want me to notice him if he never even talks to me?” Trust us, he is quite literally shaking at the prospect of a conversation. You’ve got yourself a shy guy on your hands!

12. His eyes are on you

“The eyes, chico. They never lie.” If you won’t believe anyone else, at least believe Al Pacino. If a guy wants you to notice him, he obviously likes you or perhaps even has stronger feelings for you. That’s why he won’t be able to help but look at you. A LOT. I don’t mean this in a stalker way at all. His gaze will certainly not objectify you, or “check you out.”

If you see him gazing at you in a room full of people, or find his eyes are on you whenever he thinks you’re not noticing, you can consider it among the surefire signs he wants you to notice him and that it signifies he is giving you hints about the same. We love looking at the people who’re running through our mind…If you’re looking for him too, then it’s a sign of mutual attraction.

Signs he wants you to notice him

13. You spot a tinge of jealousy

What are some of the signs he wants my attention? If you’re trying to find an answer to this, pay attention to how he reacts when someone else gives you attention. Do you find him squirming with jealousy? Yes? This is a form of healthy jealousy that stems from the fact that he wants you to notice him. Seeing someone else claim that space makes him uneasy. This is one of the top signs he wants you in his future.

His envy might be equal parts adorable and equal parts amusing. He can’t exactly come out and say he’s jealous because that would mean admitting his feelings. The idea of you dating another guy is weird. So he’ll either sulk or pretend everything is fine. But the green-eyed monster is difficult to hide!

In fact, it could also be why a guy wants you to notice him. In his mind, the best way to not let others have your attention is by having it himself, and he may get a bit ridiculous in trying to steal your attention away from this person. The next time you see him trying to out-funny the colleague who’s talking to you, you know what’s going on.

14. He makes physical contact with you

An increase in physical contact is also one of the signs he wants to get closer to you. He desires a sense of intimacy and that desire makes him reach out and touch you. It could be a tap on the hand, a soft peck on the cheek, a slight brush of his body against yours, or leaning in as close to you as possible. But he’ll also know when to draw the line because he doesn’t want to make you uncomfortable.

If you see him trying to flirt with a few physical touches, it’s a clear indication he craves your attention and wants to keep it. Can you sometimes feel the sexual tension between you both? Are you also electrified by his touch? Well, he’s certainly accomplishing the goal of getting you to notice him. Is attraction in the air? I sure think so.

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His friends know all about you

What does it mean when a guy tries to get your attention? It means he’s got the hots for you, and that probably means a few people in his life know about you, especially if you’re not a fleeting crush for him. He can’t help but talk about you, and the people in his inner circle have heard all about how smitten he is by you. To be honest, they’re probably sick of hearing about it by now!

Say you’re with him and you run into his friends. You introduce yourself and they immediately say, “Oh, we’ve heard a lot about you!”, or “It’s nice to finally put a face to the name.” The fact that he told his friends about you are an excellent indication of his interest in you. He is already emotionally invested enough to discuss your bond with his friends. Perhaps, he’s waiting for you to give him a sign to take things forward.

My sister, Rose, found out that her boyfriend liked her through his friends. They accidentally let it slip that he was worried about asking her out. Needless to say, the awkwardness dissipated into laughter and Rose said, “Yes!” This story always serves as a reminder that best friends are a great way to check if a guy is just being friendly or into you.

16. He follows you on social media religiously

What are some of the signs he wants to talk to you, but is hesitating to make a move? The way he responds to your social media posts could be a dead giveaway. Sure, you may have a lot of other guys among your friends or connections, but what sets him apart is the consistency with which he tracks all of your activities.

You post something and he is the first to like and comment. He views and reacts to all your stories. Maybe he’s turned on the post notifications for your account. He may well be waiting for some reciprocation from your end to finally slide into your DMs and start talking to you.

If you’re colleagues, he’s going to try his best to talk about anything but work while he’s sliding in your DMs. If you’ve never talked before, he’s probably going to rely on the tried-and-tested method of replying on your story. Is he trying to get your attention on social media? Yes. Is he succeeding? Well, you’re here, aren’t you?

17. He is generous with the compliments

To make you notice them, guys may take the rather oft-beaten path of showing you how much they notice you. In doing so, he won’t hold back in showering you with compliments. By making you feel appreciated and flattered, he will make his mark on your mind and heart. It’s wonderful that he pays attention to you and puts his appreciation in words!

In most cases, it’s also why a guy wants you to notice him, so he can finally tell you what he thinks about you. Perhaps he’s been dying to compliment your hair, or he’s in awe of how intelligent you are. Whatever it is, it’s going to be pretty clear that he’s pining for you, judging by the constant compliments he gives you.

And don’t underestimate how far a compliment can go. Being appreciated does wonders for our self-esteem. A bad day becomes so much better when something about us is recognized. If he’s got a lot of sweet things to say to you that make your cheeks redden, it’s probably safe to say that this guy is trying to get your attention. And while you’re at it, maybe think about your feelings for him too.

18. He becomes your support system

When a guy wants to be noticed, he would go to great lengths to make his mark. That’s why he may slowly but surely become your support system. You need a handyman to fix a leak in the house, he’s there. You want a buddy to get by a drab Friday evening, he’ll come over with beer and pizza. Need a partner-in-crime for some daredevil plan? He is only a call away.

If a guy is consistently and unconditionally available to you, it is one of the signs he is secretly attracted to you. It could also be a sign he wants your attention on social media if he makes sure to text you whenever you need him. Suffering from those 2 a.m blues that just won’t go away? He’s only a text away.

The most precious thing we can give to someone is our time, and he has loads of it for you. He doesn’t make false promises, but actually backs up his words with action. This is one of the best things guys do to get your attention, since it proves how serious he is about you.

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19. He flirts with you

If you’re looking for unmissable signs he wants you to notice him, it may help to turn your attention to his flirting game. A guy who is interested in you and wants you to take note of it without having to put it in words will get flirty online or in person. You may notice that he says or does things that make your heart skip a beat. Or at least leave you blushing and wanting more. He is making a move on you discreetly and gauging your reactions.

His lines could be cheesy, goofy, saucy, or even lame. What matters is the intention behind them. You’re asking, “Is he trying to get my attention?”, and the only thing I can say is, “Duh, obviously!”


He makes gestures to grab your attention

How to tell if he is trying to get your attention? Well, he may make certain gestures that leave no room for ambiguity about his intentions. From sending you flowers to buying you that jacket or those shoes you had your heart set on, he is literally putting himself out there with these actions. He is already treating you like a romantic partner. Even the places you hang out at are date-like settings.

Rabelais hit the mark when he said, “Gestures, in love, are incomparably more attractive, effective and valuable than words.” I mean, could he be any more obvious? All these gestures of affection and romance are signs he wants you in his future. Your green signal is all he’s waiting for.

21. He approaches you

Whether you’re two strangers in a bar, gym buddies, or part of the same gang of friends, a guy taking the initiative to approach you is one of the signs he wants you to notice him. Chances are he may have tried to play it cool and tried to catch your eye from a distance for a while. When that didn’t work, he has decided to shift gears and be upfront about it.

It takes a considerable amount of self-confidence and nerve to be straightforward with a girl. Rejection can be crushing but this is a risk he’s willing to take for you. Wow, he must really want you to notice him.

Now that you know what the signs he is trying to get your attention are, the next important question is what are you going to do about it? If you like him too, don’t hesitate in making the first move. He may well be waiting for just that, especially if he’s known to be a shy guy. If not, then you need to pull back gently so that you make your lack of interest known to him without stomping over his heart.

Either way, best of luck — may things work out the way you want them to! These signs will help you for a long time and give you a good head-start on what a guy feels about you.

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24 Signs He Wants You to Notice Him Back & Give Him Your Attention

Guys can be a mystery sometimes. You might think that they’re pretty cut and dried, but that’s not the truth at all. Sometimes, a guy may like you but he’s too shy or unsure to come right out and say it. In that case, you need to be well-versed in the signs he wants you to notice him. That way, you can figure it out for yourself and maybe put him out of his misery!

When we like someone, it’s not easy to hide. But sometimes, you run into people who will have you second-guessing yourself. There’s no need to lose sleep over this. You just need to know what to look for.

We’re all human, and most of us aren’t subtle. Even men, the people who think they’re good at hiding their feelings, expose their inner thoughts for the world to see.

[Read: Does my guy friend like me? The signs he’s crushing on you]

It’s true that you don’t want to overanalyze his moves too much, or else you’ll get confused.

But, we wanted to give you some signs that you can use as a guide. And if you’re still not sure, why don’t you just ask him?

For sure, it’s a bit scary but if you’re confused and you can’t take it anymore, the only way out of the situation is to just come out and ask!

It’ll be nice to know where you stand with him and what he sees the relationship as. Is it just a friendship or does he want something more? Maybe he wants your eyes on him.

In that case, learn the signs he wants you to notice him and get out of the confusion trap. [Read: How to get a guy to notice you and fall for you]

1. His eyes are all over you

We all have guy friends, and they don’t usually look at us in that way. But you’ve caught him checking you out and staring at you with lovey-dovey eyes. Well, if that’s happening, he’s into you, and he’s just waiting until you start to see him. [Read: Decoding his body language – does he like you or not?]

2. He’s always around

What can we say? It seems that he’s always around you. He goes the extra mile to make sure he can squeeze in a couple of minutes with you and will take the time out of his weekends to spend them with you. 

3. You’ve met his friends

One of the big signs he wants you to notice him is when he goes out of his way to introduce you to his friends. If you have mutual friends, then this may not be as important.

But if he’s introduced you to his close group of friends that you’ve never met, that’s a big deal. We don’t introduce just anyone to our friends. We make sure they’re special. [Read: 30 facts about guys that can help you read his mind] 

4. He tries to get into your personal space

We all have our own personal space that’s reserved just for us. But when we like someone, we open up our personal space and allow that other person in.

Maybe you opened your personal space without realizing it, or maybe he’s trying to weasel himself in. The point is, he’s standing much closer to you than normal. [Read: How to know if a guy is starting to get emotionally attached to you]

5. He tells you he wants you

Well, this one doesn’t need much of an explanation. If he’s telling you he wants you, it’s quite clear he has feelings for you and wants to take things up a notch. So, for him, it’s more than just being noticed by you, he wants you to like him.  He’s basically made the whole thing easy for you!

6. He flirts with you

You know that you don’t have a typical platonic friendship. There’s some chemistry floating between you too.

And because there’s chemistry, you notice him flirting with you. Now, maybe you flirt back, and if you do, you should evaluate how you feel about him. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is seriously crushing on you]

7. He suddenly improves his appearance

This sign only makes sense if you’re noticing other signs he wants you to notice him from this list. If not, he could be trying to impress someone else.

But if he’s exhibiting other signs on this list, and he’s suddenly starting to improve his appearance, it’s showing you something.

8. He’s nervous around you

When you’re around him, he suddenly becomes super klutzy and will even stutter when he’s trying to talk to you. It’s normal when someone likes another person; they get nervous and unsure of what to do. We think it’s sweet and genuine. [Read: What to do when a guy friend acts weird *or weirder than normal*]

9. You see him get jealous

When you guys are hanging out with other people, and another guy comes up to talk or flirt with you, you notice that he gets jealous.

He won’t tell you how he feels, but you’re getting a sense that he doesn’t like it when you give your attention to other men.

10. He’s a little touchy-feely

Guy friends may touch you, but not too much.

They may give you a hug here and there, but they’re not going to overstep the line. But if he likes you, he’ll try to flirt with you, and with flirting comes touching. He may place his hand on your shoulder, or press his leg against yours. Not huge moves, but they’re significant.

11. He actively listens to you

There are some guys when you talk to them, you see their eyes glaze over and zone out. But not him.

When you talk to him, he’s actively listening to you, asking you questions, and genuinely investing his time and energy into the conversation. [Read: How to know for sure if a guy desperately wants to kiss you]

12. He texts you all the time

Guy friends will text you, but definitely not every day. The difference between friends and this guy is that he texts you all the time.

One of the signs a guy wants you to notice him is when he sends you ‘good morning’ texts and never misses the chance to wish you goodnight as well. He wants to talk to you. [Read: 16 signs a guy really likes you but is scared and unsure]

13. Lots of hugs and kisses, albeit on the cheek

Oh, he wants to get physical with you, but he’s not going to rush in for a kiss just yet.

He’ll give you lots of hugs, maybe even a couple of kisses on the cheek, and if he’s doing that, then there’s no doubt in our minds he’s into you. [Read: Romantic hug vs friendly hug – How to feel the difference instantly]

14. He finds a reason to spend time with you

When a guy doesn’t like you, he won’t go out of his way to spend time with you.

But if he does like you, he’ll move mountains to get five minutes with you grabbing coffee or going for a walk. He’ll find any reason to spend some quality time with you. [Read: How to respond to a guy who says he likes you without breaking him]

15. He loves to compliment you

When given the chance, he loves to give you genuine compliments about the new shirt you bought or the way you laugh when you’re excited.

If you’re looking for signs he wants you to notice him, pay attention to his little gestures and small compliments. It’s these little things that he notices and wants to you know that he sees you. Do you see him?

16. He makes excuses to call you

Most guys don’t tend to pick up the phone to call anyone, it’s all about texts these days. So, if he’s actually dialing your digits, that says something. He wants to talk to you and he probably won’t even have a decent excuse for it.

It doesn’t matter to him, he just wants to hear your voice. [Read: Why do men hate talking on the phone?]

17. He seems reclutant to end a conversation

Not only does he call you and want to talk to you, but it seems like he really doesn’t want to stop. He’ll keep finding reasons to keep the conversation going, no matter how lame they seem!

If you want to get away and go about your day, you’ll probably just need to tell him that you’re busy!

Is your social media feed full of comments by him, posts, or regular likes? He’s definitely reaching out to you via the virtual world, and it’s certainly one of the signs he wants you to notice him. He’s making it rather difficult not to!

This is also a good tactic to stop other guys from doing the same – he’s basically trying to stake his claim. [Read: 9 screaming signs of Instagram flirting there’s no way you’ll miss]

19. He sometimes tries to make you jealous

You can tell that he’s doing it on purpose, but he’s certainly trying to make you jealous and get a reaction.

It could be that he constantly tells you about a girl and then looks at you intently. Or, it might be a social media post. Either way, it has a reason and it’s because he wants you to turn your attention very intently toward him.

20. He asks for your advice

Another way to try and get your attention and take it to another level is to ask for your advice on something important to him. It means he can have a meaningful conversation with you but it also shows you that he cares.

If he asks for your advice, it means he trusts you and that your suggestions are important to him. If you like him back, that’s a pretty good sign! [Read: Long-term relationship advice – 14 tips to transform your love life]

21. He shows you that he remembers small things about you

He’ll make it very clear that he has remembered your favorite color or your birthday. He doesn’t just do it for the sake of it, he wants you to notice that he’s done it because that tells you that he likes you.

Guys don’t remember these things unless they like someone. Most of the time, this type of information goes in one ear and out of the other, so if he’s remembered and he’s showing you that, he’s trying to get your attention.

22. He buys you small gifts

Another of the signs he wants you to notice him is that he buys you very small gifts.

These aren’t huge, expensive deals. It’s far more likely to be your favorite coffee because he was passing the coffee shop, or a chocolate bar he knows you like. He’s doing this because he wants to make you smile and it’s his way of saying ‘I like you’ without actually coming out and saying it directly. [Read: 25 signs he’s already in love with you even if he doesn’t say it out loud]

23. He goes out of his way to make you laugh

Girls love a guy who can make them laugh and he knows this. So if he goes out of his way to make you laugh, that means he’s doing it for your attention. It means he cares and he wants you to keep your attention on him.

He won’t go in with a stand-up comedy routine, but he’ll seem very pleased with himself when he gets a laugh, or even a smile, from you.

24. He’s trying a little too hard

You can tell he’s trying but it seems like he’s going over and above. It’s not annoying, it’s actually sweet, but you can see that his efforts are more than a regular amount.

Basically, he’s trying to show you that he likes you and he’s putting his all into it.

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If you’re seeing many of these signs he wants you to notice him, then the odds are in your favor. Now it’s up to you to either take notice of him in return. Or not.

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002 Ordinary such guys and men often try to attract the attention of such a beautiful girl like me by any means, I don’t understand why?



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they stare at you with their red muzzles and think: what a crazy Russian woman is rolling down the street and scaring away the crows. November 16, 2019

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why the thirst for attention is a defining need of our time / Habr

The desire to be involved is inherent in all people.

Will understanding this urge help us deal with loneliness, and explain why relentless persecutors, mass murderers and jihadists turn their pain on other people?

There is a popular joke about Jewish mothers. You probably know her. Q: How many Jewish mothers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: "It's okay, I'll just sit in the dark, don't worry about me." It's funny the first time, because people actually act like that. "Hey, listen to me! they shout. – Ignore me! Ignore me!" nine0003

We all need attention as much as food. It is pointless to argue about this and it is easy to understand. But this idea, apparently, is somehow slippery - because we will never get used to it. If we try to constantly remember that people need attention, it will change the way we think about almost everything they do, from the arts to crime, from romance to terrorism. But we must remember this. Facebook alone collects and sells the attention of 1.4 billion people every day. This is one fifth of the world's population. This worries some people, and this is a big change. But we won't know what to do about it until we understand why people need attention. nine0358
Attention means that other people are thinking about you - and if there were ever people who did not need it, they are already extinct. "Attention is one of the most valuable resources that social animals have," says Dr. Jeff McDonald, a psychologist at the University of Toronto who studies human connection. “It was literally a matter of life and death. People who did not feel good in the company of others, or did not feel uncomfortable being separated from the rest, did not have the motivation to take the actions necessary to pass genes to the next generations. nine0003

In particular, people show a need for the kind of attention that psychologists call involvement. Abraham Maslow placed belonging in his famous hierarchy of needs in 1943. In 1995, Roy Baumeister and Mark Leary concluded in their paper "The Need for Involvement" that research indeed shows that every person has "a strong desire to form and maintain interpersonal attachments. " Specifically, they determined that belonging means receiving positive attention from people you know well. nine0003

And this is not hard to understand. If someone thinks positively of you, they are more likely to partner with you. Or even mate if you're lucky. But his opinion matters only if he spends a lot of time with you, because this makes his impression of you more accurate, and only accurate approval is considered safe. "If you think you're being recognized for the wrong reasons, it can make you anxious," McDonald says.

People without a sense of belonging suffer terribly and experience health problems comparable to smoking or obesity. And this is 18% of British adults, of which 4% report feeling lonely all the time, and 14% often. This is the conclusion of last year's study by the British Red Cross. The number of single people in Britain exceeds the entire population of London. Now this problem has become obvious enough for the government to appoint the so-called "Secretary of Solitude" Tracy Crouch. nine0003

The word "loneliness" describes the feeling well, but not the cause, which really has little to do with being alone. According to the report, only 22% of people who live alone feel lonely all the time or often - not much more than the national 18%. Among people aged 16 to 24, on the other hand, this proportion is already 32%. And this should not surprise you. “Typically, loneliness depends more on a lack of close ties than a lack of social contact,” Baumeister and Leary wrote. Lonely people, in short, lack positive and precise attention. nine0003

So why don't they ask for this attention? Because attention can only be received in the minds of other people, and high-quality attention cannot be obtained by force. “Anthropologically speaking, it’s a gift economy,” says Dr. Emmy Polard of the Mental Health Foundation (MHF), a charity that campaigns against loneliness. “You create a bond of reciprocity, which is where belonging comes from.” This means that you will only get as much high-quality attention as people are willing to give you. And if you ask for more - demand attention to yourself - this is a signal that they do not want to pay much attention to you. It's unfair and unreliable (people may misjudge you). But the idea that lonely people are not worthy of attention is understandable to us instinctively - as in those cases when we see how one restaurant is empty, and another, next to it, is full of people. nine0003

Some lonely people themselves come to the conclusion that they are not worthy of attention, and further move away from the world. Others seek a sense of belonging, and not always in the best possible way. If you seek positive attention too openly, you can be branded as a "narcissist." If you look for the attention of your relatives, with all your appearance demonstrating a desire to be ignored, you will fall into a joke about Jewish mothers. There are many ways to ask without asking if you are ready to see them. Why, for example, is it not customary to say that people who harm themselves or suffer from anorexia may want attention? Is this source of pain not worthy of serious consideration? nine0003

One way to get attention is to do something that attracts attention - art, politics, crime, perhaps journalism - but this seems to have a different purpose. And the goal matters. Otherwise, you risk earning the contemptuous fame of people "known for their fame."

When Jamie Jewitt joined ITV2's Love Island last July, he was suffering from depression. He was a successful model in New York and then moved back to Essex to live with his parents and did nothing for several years. His family forced him to take part in the show when he was 27, hoping that the event would bring him out of his daze. nine0003

In the modeling business, as Jewitt explains while drinking coffee, Instagram is nowhere. "You won't get a job," he says, "if you don't have followers." In practice, it's quite easy for a model to do this: feed the public's appetite with carefully choreographed photographs. Over time, Jewit gained 13,000 followers. He enjoyed their compliments and exchanged messages with some of them. It was like friendship. “You convince yourself that this is all for real,” he says, “but it’s so hard to tell the difference.” He found himself torn between bursts of activity and guilty silence. “I felt like a hypocrite, a traitor. Mostly because of this, I became unhappy. You feel isolated and you don't know why." nine0003

Upon arrival at Love Island, all participants must return their smartphones. Inside there are no TVs, tablets, no contact with the outside world. “You have to talk to people,” Jewitt says. “Get to know them, make friends.” What viewers of the show don't see are the many hours of active communication. “On our dates with Camilla, we only talked about books,” recalls Jewitt, “and none of this got on the air! People don't want to listen to this nonsense, do they?"

It's funny that Jewit needed a TV show to get his real life back. “After a couple of days, I could wake up in the morning and feel unreal relief,” he says. - That was incredible. Start from a clean slate. It's sad to think that I could have done this at any point in my life without coming to the show." Today, she and Camilla are still together, and the participants of the show remain close friends. nine0003

Jewit now has 801,000 followers on Instagram and mostly promotes something useful. And these posts are not very popular. “When I write about something important to me, I lose about a thousand followers,” he says. So far, he's lost about 20,000 of his max total during his time on the show, and he's learned to take a strange satisfaction in the process. “I don’t need anything else,” he says, “because I want my followers to know who I am and love me for who I am. I try to show a more real version of myself." nine0003

The charm of social networks is that, unlike real life, there is time for lies. The potential for positive influence is huge, but it comes at the cost of precision. "When you're presenting an edited version of yourself to the world, any approval you receive doesn't apply entirely to you," McDonald says. As Jewitt discovered, this eats away at your sense of belonging.

We don't yet know if social media makes people lonely. Even so, it must be remembered that they are also suitable for maintaining an existing friendship. But in a survey last month, the FPH found that 30% of young Scots say social media makes them feel isolated. A 2015 report by the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) shows a sharp drop since 2012 in developed countries in the number of children who say they “make new friends easily at school.” The people who use the Internet the most often talk about feeling lonely - but we do not know what is the cause and what is the effect. We also don't know what percentage of their time they spend on social media. nine0003

Even if offline time is good for you, it can also be stressful, leading people to decide to hide behind their screens. “I always tell my students,” McDonald says, “it's a pity we don't have a 'backspace' button in real life. But she is not. Once said, you can't take back. We don't have that kind of control." In other words, until recently, most people were too socially awkward to seem like anyone else.

For some people, especially those who have had difficulty growing up, this stress can be overwhelming. The ingrained belief that they are unworthy of good things creates loneliness and a thirst for attention, which they try to satisfy. In especially desperate cases, they even try to get other people to notice them, believing that hatred is better than indifference. These people are unhappy and can be dangerous. They go to crime for attention. nine0003

There are two types of stubborn pursuers (stalkers) in a broad sense. “One of them is looking for an intimate relationship,” says Dr. Brian Spitzberg, a leading stalking expert at San Diego State University. “They are trying to bring back the person who rejected them.” Such people have often been in a relationship with their victim, and cannot accept their ending. “They are convinced that this person is exactly what they need. They feel hurt and rejected, but it's all because they crave the attention they think they deserve." nine0003

Another type he calls "public person harassers". They usually don't know their prey personally, but they pester them in order to achieve some goal. “They need something to happen—something they think public figures don’t do,” Spitzberg says. “Some of them need someone powerful to pay attention to them.”

Stalkers often suffer from loneliness. However, the pursuit of attention is not often considered their main motive. The stalker's desires seem obvious: to become a part of the victim's life. Their behavior is irrational; it only pushes their victim away from them, but the stalker continues to insist that the woman (and in three-quarters of the cases the victim is a woman) change her mind, or continue her attempts to take revenge. And it certainly becomes a pretty big part of the victim's life. nine0003

In addition to a firm rejection, most experts recommend ignoring the stalker. They act on what Spitzberg describes as “all attention is attention.” Given this, the behavior of stalkers already seems half-rational for a person desperately looking for a sense of belonging. Of course, most stalkers are mentally healthy - at least according to the conclusion of a psychiatrist. According to Spitzberg, no more than 30-50% of cases of stalking that ended in criminal cases could be diagnosed with some kind of clinical diagnosis. And among stalkers who crave intimate relationships, this percentage is even smaller. “Most of the cases of stalking, where people sought intimate relationships, are not alien to almost none of us,” says Spitzberg, “if we meet the wrong person in the wrong circumstances.” nine0003

Unfortunately, some people feel that they are not just ignored by their former partner, but ostracized by the whole world. For them, life with little or no attention is pure torture. A recent study of work environments in Canada found that ostracism is perceived as worse than negative attention or aggressive behavior. The work of Professor Kip Williams of Purdue University in Indianapolis shows how ostracism hurts and can lead to antisocial behavior. Another study by Mark Leary shows that this is a key factor leading to school shootings. nine0003

Like stalking, such a crime seems completely irrational. It is usually enough to characterize the killer as angry or insane. But they are always alone. Mass murderers love to leave notes explaining their feelings. Cho Seung-hee (2007 Virginia Tech mass shooting) has claimed to have experienced violent behavior that surprised people who knew him. Elliot Roger (Isla Vista, 2014) wrote: "I felt depressed because I wanted sex, but I felt I was not worthy of it." There is often a grotesque sense of belonging between them. Lee Wester Flanagan (Monita, 2015) was a fan of Cho. Matti Juhani Sari (Kauhajoki, 2008) and Pekka-Erik Auvinen (Jokela Lyceum, 2007) exchanged videos on YouTube. Auvinen quoted the manifesto of "martyrs Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold" (Columbine School, 1999), which also inspired Todd Cameron-Smith (Alberta, 1999), Adam Peter Lanza (Sandy Hook School, 2012) and everyone else. Naturally, if they had not killed anyone, we would have paid less attention to their feelings.

There was a time when there were almost no massacres. There was a weapon. There were bombs, knives and vans. There were also cruel, sick people. In today's world, on average, there is less violence than there used to be. However, the massacres are on the rise. A study by the Harvard School of Public Health found that in the United States, mass murders with at least four victims have occurred since 1982 to 2011 occurred on average every 200 days. Then, in the period from 2011 to 2014 - every 64 days on average. Eighteen of the top thirty murders in the US since 1949 have occurred in the last 10 years, including the worst five.

What else can these crimes be called, except as crimes of neglect? They were filmed on cameras, then on phones. Watched live around the world. They are stored on Wikipedia and YouTube for posterity. Where could one find a copy of the killer's manifesto at 1990, except on video? The truth is, if you want the world to notice you badly enough, you can get it tomorrow. It's easy. And before the advent of the Internet, it was more difficult.

Jihadists also like to leave their speeches, but they claim higher motives. Their massacres, they say, are part of a plan to achieve paradise and the triumph of their beliefs. But few of them had a life as godly as the goals for which they died. Shezad Tanveer, one of the men who set off the London Underground bombs in 2005, was secretly dating a girl. Amedee Coulibaly, who attacked a kosher shop in Paris, kept pedophile material on his computer. According to Demos think tank interviews with 62 former jihadists in 2010, they "had a more simplistic, shallow understanding of Islam than non-violent radicals." Does it seem likely that they resorted to violence because of their adherence to the sacred books? Or is it more likely that their violence, with which the world is obsessed, was fueled by a thirst for attention, which they passed off as bigotry? nine0003

It is hard to imagine how neglect crimes can disappear, but recognizing their nature can help. Perhaps then we will stop rewarding the behavior of criminals with the amount of attention they crave.

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