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The dreams of college represent a step toward progress and to gain skills. This dream shows that you might feel like you want to do something extraordinary. If you are a student in your dream, then this indicates that you want to learn from someone. Dreaming about college is often related to learning.

When you see a university in a dream, this shows that you are learning to deal with the people around you in real life. The picture that develops in the world of education reflects fear in the social environment. College dreams show that you need to create your potential.

Colleges and universities also show anxiety about your ability to do something. You don’t feel ready for a job, and this causes poor mental stability. This dream can also reflect experiences that you have to learn when you go through difficult times.

Dream interpretation about college symbolizes the attitude towards work ethic in general. In this place, we apply rules and values that help people to progress in life. In other words, dreaming of a university is a signal of achievement in your life. However, you need to think carefully about what you want to achieve. It will help if you focus your energies on a well-planned job.

Dream of being in college

When you dream of being in college, this indicates that you will get rid of bad habits and adopt different behaviors in a new place. It will lead to a new thriving, and profitable project.

Dream of studying at university

If you study in college, this dream symbolizes that you don’t need to hide from the outside world. Think of your friends who will help you overcome any obstacles that may arise. You need to raise your confidence to the highest level and let help come to you.

When you dream that you are in college, this shows that by changing your circle of friends, you will become a more straightforward person. You may feel inadequate in social processes, and other people do not accept you for who you are. It’s time to get out of your shell and show your true self.

Dream of returning to college

If you dream of going to college again, this is directly related to your current anxiety level. This dream shows that you have a strong desire to increase knowledge related to your career.

Dream of a college friend

When you dream about college friends, this signifies that you will have a successful business life and a happy family life. You have achieved what you want; it’s time to relax and enjoy the results of your hard work together with your family and loved ones.

Dream of a new university

If you dream of a new university, this represents a problem that you need to think about carefully. This dream can describe a challenging situation, and you may need to solve problems with someone’s help. It would help if you stayed focused on your goals and meeting your goals.

Dream of a university lecturer

When you saw a lecturer in college, this dream symbolizes the skills you need. You may notice that there is someone important to you or someone you need to listen to so you can take the right steps.

This dream also shows your dependence on other people. College lecturers appear when you start higher education and to increase knowledge.

Dream of college exams

When you dream about exams in college, this indicates that you have to find ways to improve the quality of your life. You do not need to act stupid in front of others. If you ask a lecturer questions during an exam, it shows that you need to recognize other people because they can give you good advice.

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College Dream Dictionary: Interpret Now!

To have a dream about college is related to how you are dealing with life. If you see an image of a college or you are involved in college life, this indicates that you may be learning how to handle the people around you in the waking life.

Generally, a college often appears when you are contemplating whether to take a course of action.

In your dream you may have

  • Found yourself in your dream back at college.
  • Sat in a classroom at college.
  • Been in an unfamiliar college.
  • Had to take an exam without any preparation at college.
  • Encountered the inability to answer questions from the teacher.
  • Being asked to say out loud the answer in the classroom when you do not know the answer.
  • Walking into college to teach others.
  • Being unable to communicate with other students due to a lack of preparation.
  • An inability to communicate or answer any questions.
  • Failed an assignment or exam.
  • Passed your final exams and you are celebrating.
  • Been encouraging another person to learn.
  • Been part of a group of students.
  • Been sitting in assembly.

Advice from your dream

  • The dream is enjoyable and did not involve anxiety.
  • You are trying to run away from experiences.
  • The classroom was a tranquil place to be.
  • Your achievements were celebrated.
  • There were situations where you are learning new abilities and skills.
  • You were learning about the nature of people and the relationships within your dream.
  • The experience within your dream was positive in nature.
  • You were obedient.
  • Being comfortable at college.
  • Able to follow rules.
  • You passed any exams.
  • You won at sports.

Detailed dream interpretation

Ancient dream theorists believed that any type of dream which is set in an educational environment reflects social fears and a security of the future. A dream of being at college suggests that it you are unlikely to understand your progress in life, it is a wake up call to live to your full potential. If you dream of leaving college, then this indicates there is going to be an improvement in your living conditions or home life going forward.

Our attitude to our work ethic and life is general is formed whilst at college, which, in most cases, sets out rules and various moral values which help us move forward in life. This time in our lives are normally drawn upon when we focus on consequences or conflict at work. This dream is a clear indication of achievement. If you look around the college, and it is not a college which you previously attended, then it is important to think carefully about what you wish to achieve in your life. To dream of going back to college after you have left is extremely common.

If the dream is focused within a college or university, then you need to look at your past experiences in order to sort out your present situation, and this should be reviewed carefully before you set yourself on a course of action.

Dreams about college signify that a person is being dominant in your life and you are trying to remove that element, but you are unsure how to do it. Unfortunately seeing a college in your dream is not entirely positive. This is usually because there was a feeling that "you have been there and done that". The other association of this dream is a picture of your attitude when you were college. If you are a child and you dream of college, it is usually because you are trying to resist authority in waking life.

Educational establishments are generally imposed upon us by society; therefore, this dream indicates that you may be feeling you want to do something outside the norm. If you are a student within your dream, then this dream shows you have a desire to learn from somebody, such as a parent or peer. If your dream involves a university, then this simply signifies you are looking to increase your emotions in a love affair. This often indicates there is a relationship that needs special care and attention.

Another indication that surfaces in relation to this dream is that there are some social concerns in your current waking life. This concern may be in relation to anxiety that you have, possibly found in a work or career context.

If you found it difficult to locate a classroom, or found yourself taking an exam that you are unprepared for or unable to get into your locker, then this type of dream indicates the worries that surround you. You must sort out ways to improve your life. The key meaning here is that you do not want to act like a fool in front of others. If you are asking a teacher a question, it indicates that it is important to recognize other people in your life, and these people will be able to give you some sound advice.

A common feature of this dream is feeling negative in the classroom, and if that is the case, then you need to think of the feelings that have surfaced in your dream. The other connection in this dream is the sense of authority, and with it, your feelings of being confident with others in your waking life. Spiritually, this dream is often associated with maximizing your best potential in life. Reaching a score through playing sports, or getting an exam grade, etc. generally suggests your waking life is a testing ground to ensure that you can progress in the future.

If you dream that you are revisiting your college days, this is directly connected to your anxiety levels at the moment, which are high. If you are actually learning at college, then you have a keen desire to improve your knowledge in connection with your career. If you dream of your old college, then this represents the total knowledge and power in life.

If you are in a place of learning, and you not actually learn yourself, then this foretells you don't have to hide away from the world. Think about your friends who will help your prospects in relation to work. If you enter any halls of education in your dream, then this is directly connected to your financial position. It is important to review your financial budgets at this time to save for a rainy day. If you are in any way associated with people from an educational background, then this indicates you are likely to be ambitious, and you will excel in your career.

This dream is in association with the following scenarios in your life

  • You have a tendency to be reluctant in order to break any old associations in regards to friendships.
  • You have suddenly found that you have been extremely lucky in money.
  • You are likely to find that other people are going to give you some distressing news in the near future.
  • Relationships with other people have been positive.
  • It is important to understand that ideas and concepts are needed in order to improve your life going forward.
  • Positive events have materialized over the past six months.
  • You may feel that you are struggling to find a way to move forward in your life at the moment, or you may feel that someone in your current life can suddenly take things away from you.
  • Within your life you, are in the process of wiping out stress and returning to a position of independence.

Pre-1930s Dream interpretations regarding education (Freud and Jung)

  • To dream that you have wisdom, or that you meet somebody with wisdom in a learning environment, it shows that you will find some barriers in the future.
  • If you are suspended from college, then you are likely to have troubles in your social life in the future.
  • If you are teaching at the college, then this shows you are going to strive for attainments in your life. It is important to recognize that the simple necessities of life must be undertaken before you move forward.
  • If you dream of a college teacher, it shows that you are likely to enjoy learning in the future. Your position at work will require you to take an exam within the next five months.
  • If you dream that you are in a laboratory at college, it indicates that you have wasted energy in connection to business endeavors. In order for business affairs to be successful in the future, you need to discover how to turn things around.
  • To dream of being in any educational library, it indicates that, while you need to prove yourself, you need to also undertake more learning to make your fortune.
  • If you dream of a mathematics lesson at college, then this indicates you are likely to overcome difficulties in connection with business transactions in the future.
  • If you find any type of error in addition or subtraction, then this shows you are likely to overcome your enemies. It means that you need to clearly have to cope with a dominant character, or alternatively move on in your life to something else. It is interesting that this dream message shows you have to take action, but to look at your past for guidance as to what action needs to be taken.
  • To visualize yourself outside of college, or if you are looking at a college, it indicates there is some learning that you need to take within the near future.

The message in relation to this dream is:

You will only gain education if you try, and everything that you do is likely to help with any plans of the future. The additional meaning of this dream is that you will learn about other people in your life. This includes learning about authority in a job, and aiming for social acceptance within the team.

In essence, all these things were experienced at college, and this dream is telling you that the aspects of the dream are connected to your subconscious mind.

It is a quite common dream, and if you are undertaking a new learning process, this indicates that some new insight is likely to present itself in the future. The key meaning of this dream is that you need to be able to embrace a new sense of knowledge in the future. It is important to recognize your feelings in the dream, and also the emotions and feelings that you encounter.

The people within your dream are interesting, as this is connected to your own judgments and also your educational abilities. Dreams in which you are superior to others, such as being the teacher at college, or being the headmaster, indicate that you are going to analyze your beliefs in regard to a position of power. This dream is very much connected to your beliefs and morals.

As college is associated with the inner child, you may have encountered a situation that somebody has been treating you as a child in the waking life. If you dream of a dining at college or in a canteen, it means there is a relationship around you at the moment that you must nurture. If the dream is associated with a playground, then this shows teamwork is needed, and that somebody may have put you in a complex situation, and you must find your way out.

If you were bullied at college in your dream, then this indicates that you have been struggling to communicate with other people in the waking life. The reason why you have been encountering this dream is that spiritual guidance is trying to show you how to behave in the face of opposition.

If you dream of being at college, but everybody is an adult, then this indicates you need to be able to ensure that you can survive in respect to gossip.

Ancient dream interpretation (Pre-1920s)

  • To dream of being at college often indicates that you are longing for trusts and pleasures of life at the moment.
  • If you find that you are young at college, then this dream is connected to one's emotions against a practical project.
  • If you are teaching in the college, then this shows you are likely to strive to attain material possessions.
  • If you visit a college, then this foretells there are going to be discouraging instances in the near future.

Feelings that you may have had in this dream about being in college

Strange. Not able to live up to expectations. Vulnerability. Anxiety. A sense of panic in order to comply with the college's rules. Imprisonment. Guilt. Shame. Feeling under pressure. Unable to grow up. Inability to communicate with others. Happy. Contentment. Concerned. Inability to live up to achievements. High standards. Anticipation. Discovering a new talent. Being classified as an achiever. Unlimited potential. Blame. Anger. Reaching an edge in your consciousness. Excuses. Explanations.

I dream of becoming like...

Min Yoongi is the person I want to be like, of course, not in singing, I think it's still not my thing, but to be as purposeful and go for my dream no matter what, I think everyone would. Mashkina V.V.

In my family, professional competencies are relatively simple. My mother does not work, my father is a machinist-operator at oil and gas fields, and my sister is a chief engineer at one of the leading enterprises in St. Petersburg. My parents have always been loyal to who I would like to become, as my choice of profession has always changed without becoming the main goal. After a conditionally large amount of time, I was left with the main and big question that worried me madly - who do I want to be in the future? The question of choosing a profession has always been the main and very important one, since my future literally depended on it. nine0003

My sister has always inspired me and was a significant role model for me – she went to the university I want to go to from a young age, she works in a prestigious and highly paid profession in a big city, and she has almost everything she needs . She is such a qualified specialist that she was chosen among the many personnel and resumes, taking into account the fact that this company very carefully selects specialists and checks all information about a person, up to his pedigree. Previously, my sister worked as a design engineer, she unlearned the development of aircraft engines. She now occupies a very important position, and her path to this position was relatively difficult and lengthy. Her main responsibilities include managing the activities of the technical services of the enterprise, monitoring the results of their work, the state of labor and production discipline in subordinate units. nine0003

My sister supports me in every possible way in any of my undertakings or ideas, decisions and options, she answers all my questions about different areas, she is very erudite - all her answers are understandable and capacious. My main goal is to finish college and go to university so that I can climb the career ladder like my sister.

Therefore, she tries to direct me on the right path, she tells me who is better to enter, what are the nuances of this profession, what can await me in the future, and also explains how the studies at the university are going. nine0003

"My dream is to become like... Whose professional path inspires me."

4th year student of the SSA-19 ​​group of the Kogalym Polytechnic College, majoring in Network System Administration Maxim Zuev

In my essay, I want to talk about where my father works. My father is a truck driver. He drives a Mercedes-Benz truck. This is a very large, heavy dump truck. She carries sand, gravel and other goods that can be poured out. His car belongs to a small trucking company. nine0003

One day my father took me on a flight. I was overjoyed at this. After school, I went to work with him. Father said that we would go out of town to bring sand to one uncle, which he needed for the construction of the foundation. He is building a huge house, and for the cement that will go to the foundation, two Mercedes-Benz are needed! I waited a little by the car until my dad got a waybill, and we went to the quarry for sand. A large yellow excavator quickly loaded dad with sand in the back, and we went to the area where there are private houses. On the way, I looked at what was passing outside the window, and I also watched my father change gears. In order for the truck to start moving, you must first engage first gear. To turn it on, you need to press the clutch pedal, and immediately move the gear lever in a special way. No matter how much I watched my father's hand, I could not understand in which direction this lever should be pushed, it seems first to the left. nine0003

I like his truck. It's brand new and white. I especially like the sound of starting the engine, and its powerful rumble. My father said that this engine is diesel. When we arrived, my father came out to ask my uncle where to pour the sand. While he was gone, I looked at the dashboard. I really like it, there are so many different lights, and two big arrows, as my father said, show the speed and engine speed. Father returned, we drove into the yard. The customer stood behind the car and showed with signs where to taxi, so that the sand would fall out exactly at the right place. Finally, my father pressed the button to raise the body, and I looked in the rearview mirror as the body tipped over and poured sand. Everything! You can go to the quarry again. We left the yard, brought more sand from the quarry, and returned to my father's motor depot. Then my mother took me, and we went home with her, because I still had to do my homework, and my father went on another flight. I really enjoyed this trip. nine0003

My father's profession is very interesting and unusual. Driving a truck, he traveled a lot of beautiful places, visited many cities, met different and interesting people. But he is not always on a long and difficult journey. He spends a lot of time with his car at home. Constantly examines it, reveals problems and shortcomings. For a long work experience, he learned at a glance to determine the location of the breakdown, its essence and cause. From one sound of the engine, the father can tell what is wrong with him and how to fix it. And, of course, he taught me all this. Already now, I am better than my peers in automotive technology, in everything connected with it. Many do not like the profession of a driver, they say that it is boring. But such people do not even suspect how exciting this profession is, which will allow you to visit various parts of not only our country, but also other wonderful states. nine0003

Being a driver is difficult, but interesting. Every day dad travels all over the city, sees a lot of people, learns something new and interesting. He can always tell some interesting story that happened to him, because he has not only a useful, but also a very interesting job. I think that when I grow up, I will also become a driver like my father. This is a very well-paid, but responsible job, because in no case should you yawn on the sides while driving. And you also need to be able to deftly manage a huge truck. nine0003

I dream of becoming like Vagit Yusufovich Alekperov

Imran Magomedov, 3rd year student of group “161”

I am Imran Magomedov, 3rd year student of KPK, profession “well repair operator”. The specialty "Operator for the repair of wells" belongs to the category of professions related to oil and gas production . Specialists check the condition of underground elements and mechanisms, work with mobile structures, repair equipment and control the operation of machinery. nine0003

Choosing this profession, I first of all looked at the prospects of this work and further growth in the oil sector. I was attracted by the fact that in the future I will be able to obtain such qualifications and professions as:

  • Underground well workover operator;

  • Well preparation operator for workover and underground workover;

  • Workover driller assistant;

  • Lift operator

And what knowledge and experience I will get:

  • Prepare wells for workover and underground work

  • Install and troubleshoot equipment

  • Perform rigging, carpentry, plumbing and earthworks to prepare wells for workover

  • Overhaul wells

  • Install and lay drill tubing

  • Perform underground well workovers

  • Perform maintenance of equipment, means of mechanization and automation of tripping operations

  • Operate and maintain oilfield equipment, handling vehicles and auxiliary machinery

  • Prepare for operation and operate the hoist during well testing

  • Carry out work on the installation and dismantling of the lift

  • Operate the winch during tripping operations

  • Operate a power generator mounted on a lift

  • Operate a mobile power station

  • Perform maintenance and current repairs

For a full-fledged acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge, training practices (industrial training) and industrial practices are an obligatory part of the educational program. And by the end of the training, final attestations are held, such as the defense of the final qualifying work (final practical qualifying work and written examination work) and the State exam (by decision of the educational institution). nine0003

There is a person who inspires me, this is Vagit Yusufovich Alekperov.

He was born in Baku on September 1, 1950 in the family of an Azerbaijani Yusuf Kerbala-ogly and a Cossack woman Tatyana Fedorova. Alekperov - ex - head of the largest Russian VINK LUKOIL. The company owns the world championship among private companies in terms of oil reserves, almost 25% of Russian oil production, 14% of oil products production and the largest distribution network of 2.5 thousand gas stations among Russian companies).

Combining work and study, at 19At the age of 74, he graduated from the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry with a degree in Mining Engineer in technology and integrated mechanization of the development of oil and gas fields. The next five years saw an exhilarating career: starting as an oil and gas operator, he soon became a process engineer, then a shift supervisor, a foreman, a senior engineer, and finally a deputy oilfield supervisor. How did Vagit Yusufovich manage to rise to such a high position in such a short time? It's just that he was always a very purposeful person, besides, he was well versed in people. nine0003

In 1979 Western Siberia was such a new and promising place.

The deposits there were just beginning to be developed, there was where to turn around, to show oneself, there, if you hurry up and do things right, you could make such a career and earn such money that you never dreamed of in Azerbaijan. Which, in fact, Vagit Yusufovich did. He went to Siberia on a party order. After working for five years in senior positions at Surgutneftegaz and Bashneft, at 19On the 84th, he drew his trump card. Top managers, in front of whom Vagit Yusufovich always knew how to look good, considered that his candidacy, like no other, was suitable for the position of the first general director of the Kogalymneftegaz association.

And all this is only a small part of his great biography. I hope that in the future, thanks to my diligence and diligence, I can become the same truly great person.

“I dream of becoming like… Whose professional path inspires me.” nine0021

2nd year student of KhMAO BU "Kogalym Polytechnic College" specialty "Nursing" Evdoshenko Marina

Every person at least once in his life asked himself the questions: "Who do I want to become?", "What is my vocation?", " Where can I achieve tremendous success? A person searches for answers to these questions throughout his life. There are a lot of professions in the world, but a person must choose only one, the profession that will overwhelm his soul with emotions, ignite his heart again and again, every day. In order for the profession to ignite the heart, you need to make the right choice. In my opinion, in order to choose the right profession, you need to look at the world with different eyes. Every person is prone to make mistakes, but the one who falls, gets up and still follows his dream is strong. nine0003

My name is Marina. I really like to read and get inspired not only by the work itself, but I also prefer to learn a little about the writer of the book. I recently read a book by a world famous British neurosurgeon. In his book Do No Harm, the author Henry Marsh shares his experience in the field of neurosurgery, talks about the operations he performed, both successful and unsuccessful. There are also stories with a very sad ending, that is, at the end of the chapter, a person fails to defeat a dangerous disease, and he either remains disabled or leaves this mortal world forever. As René Leriche said: "Every surgeon carries within himself a small cemetery, to which he goes to pray from time to time - the focus of bitterness and regret, where he should look for the reasons for his failures." These words deeply touched my soul, made it clear that a surgeon can make many patients happy thanks to successful operations, but at any moment everything can happen differently. In order for the operation to be successful, the surgeon must have not only a wealth of knowledge and years of practice, but also nerves of steel, a lion's heart and "female" hands. All patients are different, with different diseases, different worldviews and attitudes towards life, but they have one thing in common: they must live and enjoy every minute. nine0003

Henry Marsh described in the book not only operations, but also the feelings that a neurosurgeon has to face during operations on the brain and spinal cord, because even any wrong movement will inevitably lead to a catastrophe and death of the patient. The neurosurgeon was not afraid to talk about his mistakes. It takes a lot of courage, realizing that other people will learn from his mistakes. I was most interested in the path of Henry Marsh in becoming a neurosurgeon. Henry Marsh dreamed of becoming a doctor since childhood, but he did not succeed immediately. In fact, at first he studied at another higher institution, just to please his father, then he entered the medical university, he managed to fulfill his dream. The author, by his own example, makes it clear that it is never too late to take and radically change your activities, and even become a professional in your field. nine0003

Doctors are also people, like us, but they have a special gift and ability - to save our lives. But, unfortunately, they are not Gods, not all of them manage to save. And illnesses do not go away on our own. As Henry Marsh himself says, “Much depends not so much on the abilities and experience of the doctor, but on luck and good luck!” This book is about calling to be a doctor. I think that it is very difficult, once again I am convinced of this, but if the soul aspires to medicine, you need to follow its call. nine0003

“I dream of becoming like… Whose professional path inspires me.” Petrov Dmitry.

A serious and responsible moment came in my life, which led me to the questions: what do I want to become? who will I be in the future? how to reach the goal? In my sixteen years, I have already managed to try many different hobbies that could turn into more professional ones. The truth is that over time, each of my hobbies became less interesting. The search for something new took too long. The time was approaching to pass the exams and again a new question: to pass the exams and go to college, or continue studying until the 11th grade? nine0003

Solving these questions on my own did not lead me to anything. It all boiled down to some kind of nonsense. One ordinary day at school, my family gathered for dinner, then I raised the question at the family council: what to do next? The family conversation went on for a very long time, seconds seemed like minutes, and the minutes themselves seemed like hours. The result of the conversation was that my mother offered to enter the master of instrumentation and automation at a local college. How come this thought didn't occur to me before? After all, my brother is already in his fourth year in this profession and at the same time works as an instrumentation and automation fitter. My choice has been made! nine0003

Inspired by the fact that I entered the college as a Master of Instrumentation and Control, I became even more interested in this topic. Now it seems that another choice would be strange. My father got a job as an ordinary instrumentation and automation fitter back in the 2000s and, overcoming the career ladder, became a foreman, after the foreman he took the position of deputy head and after some time was appointed head of the production and technical department. What about the rest of my family members? My uncles work in the city of Gubkinsky, which is located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. One, which is older, holds the position of a master of instrumentation and automation, and the second, which is younger, is a mechanic of instrumentation and automation. My brother also decided to follow the same path, starting with a locksmith in the same way. My turn has come - to continue the working dynasty! nine0003

The profession of master of instrumentation and automation is promising and in great demand. Instrumentation is present in most areas of our society, as is automation. Learning the details about the profession, I came to the following conclusion: any KIPovets is extremely attentive, thoughtful, has creative thinking and, most importantly, purposeful!

At the moment I am already in the first year of group 165 “Master of instrumentation and automation”. Thanks to my family, I learned a lot of interesting things and the path of my education is just beginning. All the knowledge gained in college already inspires me and makes me move forward! I have something to strive for! nine0003

Photo from the Family Archive

I am a student Kogalym Polytechnic College

My Group 165 (09/01/2022)

Group 158 in production practice in the direction of the CyPIA locksmith 9000

Group 158 in the production practice in the direction of "Mechanic of instrumentation and control"

Group 158 in the field of work in the direction of "Mechanic of instrumentation and control"

9Moscow Construction College No. 38 0003

Cynology is the science of dogs. Canine handlers - a new specialty that can be obtained in our college. Students proudly say: "We raise dogs"!

Only true friends of brothers can be dog handlers our smaller ones. We will help you become real dog educators. Let's make you professionals! Today, 60 future cynologists study within the walls of the college. Each of them I have my own dog and a great desire to master the specialty. nine0003

"I dream, after graduating from college, to work in "hot spots", neutralize drug dealers, terrorists, I see myself in the ranks of the fighters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations " one of the students says.
And what interesting programs await students! Diverse service carried out by four-legged animals: there are therapy dogs, nannies, guide dogs and etc. Their "profession" requires an individual program, training, exercise and even nutrition. Students get to know how objects are protected service dogs.
Form of education: full-time, evening, part-time. Externship will allow not only ninth graders and eleventh graders, but also others who want to master chosen specialty, given that college education is free. nine0241 Dog handlers can be not only boys, but also girls. Practice has shown that the beautiful half has proven itself in the matter of education dogs.

Phone of the head of the cynology department 8-495-337-77-11.

accommodation provided at the request of the customer.


Dog handlers at the MAKS-2013 air show


Field of professional activity of graduates

Area of ​​professional activity alumni: organization breeding, raising, keeping and caring for dogs, preparing dogs for applications in various services (in economy, sports and commercial hunting, in security services, during search and rescue operations) and the use dogs in the indicated areas of human activity, including the provision of services in these areas, as well as work as a cynologist at enterprises (organizations) regardless of their organizational and legal forms. nine0003

Objects of professional activity of graduates

The objects of professional activity of graduates are:

- dogs of all breeds and types of use;

− technology of keeping, breeding and breed formation of dogs;

− methods and ways of training dogs for breeds and types of services;

− inventory and equipment for breeding, growing, keeping dogs, dog training; nine0003

− processes of organization and management of work in the field of cynology;

− primary labor collectives.

Main professional activities

Basic types of professional activity (OPOP SPO Basic Training):

1. Organization of the maintenance of dogs and care for them.

2. Organization of breeding and selection of dogs.

3. Training and use of dogs by breeds and types of services. nine0003

4. Organization of tests and competitions of dogs.

5. Organization and management of work in canine services, cynological organizations and nurseries.

6. Performing work in one or more professions of workers.


Requirements for the results of mastering the OPOP SPO basic training

A graduate who has mastered the OPOP SVE of basic training must have general competencies including ability:

OK 1. Understand the essence and social the importance of their future profession, to show a steady interest in it.

OK 2. Organize your own activities, choose standard methods and ways to perform professional tasks, evaluate their effectiveness and quality.

OK 3. Make decisions in standard and non-standard situations and bear for them a responsibility. nine0003

OK 4. Search and use information necessary for the effective performance of professional tasks, professional and personal development.

OK 5. Use information and communication technologies in professional activities.

OK 6. Work in a team and in a team, communicate effectively with colleagues, management, consumers.

OK 7. Take responsibility for the work of team members (subordinates), for the result of the tasks. nine0003

OK 8. Independently determine the tasks of professional and personal development, engage self-education, consciously plan for professional development.

OK 9. Navigate in the face of frequent technology changes in the professional activities.

OK 10. Comply with veterinary and sanitary standards in professional activities.

- have professional competence corresponding to the main types of professional activity: nine0021

1. Organization of maintenance and care of dogs.

PC 1.1. Organize the care of dogs using the necessary means and inventory.

PC 1.2. Organize feeding of dogs, taking into account age, breed and types of services.

PC 1.3. Organize and run dog walks.

PC 1.4. Provide first aid to dogs.

PC 1.5. Under the guidance of veterinarians, participate in the conduct anti-epizootic measures. nine0003

PC 1.6. Perform therapeutic activities as directed and under the direction veterinary specialists.

2. Organization of breeding and selection of dogs.

PC 2.1. Plan experimental breeding work.

PC 2.2. To select dogs according to the results of evaluation for improvement of working and breed qualities.

PC 2.3. To consolidate the desired working and breed qualities in subsequent generations, including using inbreeding and heterosis.

PC 2.4. Apply technique and different breeding methods dogs. nine0003

PC 2.5. Take care of the young.

3. Training and use of dogs by breeds and types of services.

PC 3.1. Prepare dogs according to the general course of training.

PC 3.2. Prepare dogs for breeds and types of services.

PC 3.3. Train dogs in special courses training.

PC 3.4. Conduct applied dog training.

PC 3.5. Carry out testing of dogs following the results of training.

PC 3.6. Use dogs in various types of services. nine0003

4. Organization of tests and competitions of dogs.

PC 4.1. Organize and conduct dog trials.

PC 4.2. Organize and conduct dog competitions.

PC 4.3. Carry out examination and grading of dogs.

5. Organization and management of work in cynological services, cynological organizations and nurseries.

PC 5.1. Plan the work of cynological services, cynological organizations and nurseries. nine0003

PC 5.2. Manage work in canine services, cynological organizations and nurseries,

PC 5.3. Organize the work of a team of performers.

PC 5.4. Conduct analysis and accounting of the economic activities of cynological services, cynological organizations and nurseries.

PC 5.

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