Diet for your personality type quiz

The Diet Personality Quiz: Find Out What Nutrition Plan Perfectly Fits Your Character

How Your Personality Affects Your Life?

Our personality is seeping into everything that we do. It spills over into the way we laugh or gesticulate. Anyone can spot an extrovert from a mile away just by the bouncy full-of-life gait. It trickles into our dreams, goals and it splashes over when we start talking. Our personality is what our life is shaped around. What may come as a surprise if that your character can even affect your nutritional preferences. Various diets may have different effects on a person, depending not only on the physiological complexion, but also on the psychological aspect.

Some people are more patient and are better with a long-term diet, some achieve better results following the intermittent fasting rules, and some are a bit more impulsive and prefer a stricter meal plan, but with a more significant result. That is why, while choosing the nutritional plan for you to follow, you should consider not only your goals and preferences, but also your own personality. If you are not aware what meal plan fits what type of character, this diet personality quiz will help you sort everything out. However, remember, that it is not a medical expert’s statement, and it doesn’t include all the aspects of your health, so, any changes in your dietary plan require your doctor’s opinion.

The Diet Personality Quiz

As was already stated, your character can determine a lot of things, including your nutritional plan. The diet personality quiz is a great way to choose a diet, which due to the compatibility with your character will be easier to follow. Pay attention to your answers, you may even write them down, if needed.

1. What Is Your Dream Home?
  1. A farmhouse
  2. House near the ocean
  3. Traveling and living in different places
  4. An apartment in a big city

2. What Is Your Favorite Leisure Activity When No One’s Around?
  1. A long walk in the park
  2. To spend my evening with a glass of wine
  3. I prefer to sleep
  4. To spend time with my pet

3. When You Achieve An Anticipated Goal, What Are Your Thoughts?
  1. Slowly, but surely. I need to continue and reach even better results.
  2. Finally! I have been waiting for it for so long. Now I can just kick back and relax.
  3. Another success. I will rest a bit and then it’s time to get moving towards a new goal.
  4. If I work harder, I bet I can do even better!

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4. What Genre Of Movies And Tv-Shows Do You Like More?
  1. Sports and thriller
  2. Romance and drama
  3. Comedy and horror
  4. Fantasy, sci-fi, documentary 

5. Which Of The Following Foods Do You Prefer?
  1. Beefsteak
  2. Fish and seafood
  3. Ice-cream, nuggets and French fries
  4. Fruit salad

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Count all the answers. If your final result includes more “a” answers – your perfect diet is the Keto diet. If you end up with mostly “b”, your personality diet is the Mediterranean diet. Prevalent “c” means that intermittent fasting is the ideal choice for you. And, last but not least, if you have more “d” answers, your best match is a vegan diet. 

  • The Keto Diet

The Keto, or ketogenic diet, is a nutritional plan that aims at the process called ketosis. It occurs when your body runs out of carbs, especially sugars, which are easier to process, and starts burning fat instead in order to fuel your body with energy (9). It is usually quite a long-term practice and has its health benefits (10). However, there also are some risks to it, so before following this nutritional plan, please, check with your doctor (5). One of the main principles of the Keto diet, is that your meal should on 60% consist of fats, 30% proteins, and 10% carbs. In general, your daily carbohydrates intake must not exceed 50 grams (2).

This nutritional plan is among the least restrictive ones. It is based on the diet of a common citizen of the Mediterranean area. This diet has a great number of health benefits and is one of the most recommended by the World Health Organization (3). It includes a lot of fruits and vegetables, grains, fish, some poultry, eggs, and dairy, and therefore, is filled with fiber, proteins, and healthy fats. This is the best diet for those who like to tip back a glass of merlot in the evening, as it allows a moderate consumption of red wine (8). Like any other diet, the Mediterranean diet has its own restrictions, although relatively few. You must avoid red meats, refined grains and oils, sweetened and processed foods (4).

Intermittent fasting is more of a nutritional philosophy than a diet. It doesn’t tell you what to eat, rather recommends when to do it. Different types of intermittent fasting require different fasting times. There is a 16/8, weekly, daily, and other methods of fasting. It has no limitations in terms of food, however, to reach a better result, you can exclude all the unhealthy foods from your daily ration (1). In combination with healthy eating habits it has a great number of health benefits and promotes weight loss and maintenance (6).

  • The Vegan Diet

The vegan diet is the strictest among all the mentioned here. It is by itself highly limiting, banning the consumption of not only meat and fish, but also any animal product, including, among others, milk, eggs, and honey (7). It has certain health benefits, but also a lot of risks, due to the lack of vital nutrients. The vegan diet is an all-in type of diet.


The way you choose what and how to eat may be determined by your personality traits. That is why if you want to pick the diet that would go smoothly and bring the desired result, you should factor in your own character, along with the other factors. The diet personality quiz will do that for you. However, before starting any diet, please consult with a doctor.

Besides, you can also use a customized meal plan, that will not only guide you on your self-improvement journey but will also help you achieve breathtaking results. The individualized meal plan, that you receive after taking the BetterMe quiz, which considers all the essential parameters and your personal goals, includes such benefits as a calorie tracker, a huge database of recipes, assistance with your workout, and others. So, it is time to take the matter into your own hands and take a step towards your better self!


This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions of any kind. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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FREE eating personality quiz - for emotional health — Dr Lara Zib

What's your eating personality style?

Are you more likely to follow a weight loss plan, eat "clean" or snack unconsciously? Which one are you?

Take our quiz to learn more about your eating personality style.

Professional Dieter

You're likely to be a professional dieter.

You've followed several weight loss plans or celebrity diets and know all there is to know about calories or macros.

Perhaps you've even tried fasting? Your eating habits are likely to careful and you often eat in a certain way so that you can lose weight.

You often use the phrase: "it's OK, the diet starts Monday", but between diets, you love your cheat days and you know they're OK because you're soon onto the next plan.

A question to consider: is this type of eating sustainable for you?  For example, do you often feel guilty when eating certain foods? Perhaps the restriction sometimes leads to full-on binge sessions and that unrelenting desire you have to eat the "forbidden foods".

If you're already experienced losing weight, and then re-gaining it, you're officially a yoyo dieter.

Careful Clean Eater

As a careful clean eater you might have dieted in the past, but now you're on a clean eating mission instead. You are super vigilant about what you put in your body and very nutrition conscious. From the outside, you appear very health and fitness oriented.

However, you might anguish over what you eat and spend hours looking at labels on grocery trips. Perhaps you are someone who's cut out whole food groups in the name of health (such as gluten, even though there's no medical reason to do so)?

You’re likely to spend hours planning your food and associated shopping; feeling guilty if you eat what you consider to be "unhealthy" food.

Whilst reading labels can be a useful thing – if you're finding that you're quite rigid about this, it could potentially turn into an obsession. There's absolutely nothing wrong with making choices in the name of health - but sometimes the careful clean eater can become militant, rigid and evangelical about food choices.

Unconscious Eater

You’re eating unconsciously if you’ve ever eaten in front of the TV, scrolled on social media whilst eating, eaten lunch at your desk (mindlessly eating whilst replying to emails), or "on the fly", grabbing what you can.

There are different reasons why you might be eating unconsciously.

For example, you might be someone who is so over-scheduled and busy that you eat haphazardly. You grab something that is easy and quickly available – not necessarily the most nutritious. 

OR you might be someone who eats food when you see it, regardless of how hungry you are.  Think: food at meetings, or snacks at dinner parties. You’re often not aware you are grazing or indeed how much you are eating. 

Or you could be a clean-the-plate person. You’re not eating because you’re hungry, but eating because there’s food on your plate – if you’re a parent, maybe that’s hoovering up the food off your kid’s plates.

The issue with unconscious eating in all its forms is that it leads to unconsciously over-eating. The lapse of consciousness that happens between the first and last bite.

Relaxed Intuitive Eater

You're someone who eats what they fancy, when you fancy and how you fancy.

You have an intuitive trust in your own body and listen to its signals: if you feel hungry, you honour that hunger; and you are likely to stop eating when you feel full.

Even if, on occasion you eat and feel over-full, you are OK with this.

You have no labels for food - you call them what they are: an apple is an apple and a chocolate bar is chocolate (nothing is inherently "good" or "bad")

You mostly choose to eat nutrient dense foods, with some "fun" foods like desserts, crisps or sweets thrown in along the way. You savour their taste and enjoy the different flavour sensations without a drop of guilt.

Overall, you're relaxed around food, eat what you want and hardly ever obsess about what you're eating or what's on your plate.

You're more likely to have a "health mindset" rather than a dieting "mindset"

You go to a restaurant, do you...

When you're invited to a friend's house for food, do you...

You're at a dinner party, standing by the snacks.   Do you...

When you think of dessert you think...

It's lunch time and you're making lunch at home.  Do you...

If you eat "junk" food, you feel...

You've got a busy day ahead where you'll be out and about. Do you...

The Best Diet and Workout Based on Your Personality Type

We are sure that you have tried many diets that were not entirely successful and we have a way out of this vicious circle. WomenFitness offers to take a test and choose a diet for yourself in accordance with your personality type.


1. Going to a new restaurant, you:

a) order a dish from the chef;
b) you try the dish of the person you are sitting at the table with;
c) look for something familiar; nine0011 d) look for something valuable.

2. If you had the opportunity, what would you do:

a) hire a private chef;
b) rented an expensive restaurant;
c) hired someone to cook breakfast for the children;
d) hired the best nutritionist in the world.

3. At lunchtime you often find yourself:

a) at a business meeting;
b) with friends;
c) with family;
d) at home.

4. If you don't have time to cook, then you:

a) enter MacDrive;
b) call a friend and invite him to dinner;
c) find leftover food in the refrigerator;
d) drink a protein shake.

© Milkos/iStock

5. When you open the refrigerator, you see:

a) what the housekeeper or partner left;
b) a lot of wine and snacks;
c) leftover food;
d) nine yogurts (they were on sale).

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6. Your favorite workouts:

a) tennis, running;
b) like everything;
c) walking the dog, yoga;
d) golf, pilates.

7. The last time you missed a workout was because you:

a) were on a plane;
b) you had a hangover;
c) made a to-do list;
d) finished all the work at the last moment.

8. You'd rather bite your nails than

a) joined the recruit camp; nine0011 b) swam;
c) did gymnastics;
d) were dancing.

© LightFieldStudios/IStock

9. But on the other hand, you don't mind:

a) having your own gym;
b) play beach volleyball;
c) sign up for yoga;
d) engage in martial arts.

10. What motivates you to go in for sports:

a) preventing a heart attack;
b) excellent appearance;
c) stress relief; nine0011 d) maintaining health.

Count what letter you encountered most often and determine your personality type.

Results to help you choose your diet and exercise

A - Leader

You want immediate results and don't want to fool yourself by counting calories. If you could, you would hire a chef, a trainer, and build a gym.

Simple meal plans, flexible meals, individual sports (eg running or single tennis) are good for you. Avoid complicated recipes and lengthy cooking, group classes and boring sports talk. nine0003 © Jay_Zynism/iStock

B - Outgoing personality

You enjoy social networking, socializing, talking about diets, food, and what works and what doesn't. If it were possible, then you would post every meal on Instagram.

Look out for meal plan group activities, fun workouts, volleyball, softball, and a cooking club. Forget about swimming, detailed calorie counting, and exercising at home.

B - Family personality

You are constantly busy with family responsibilities and feel guilty if you devote less time to your husband and children. Remember that fitness is worth your time and effort.

Planned workouts, convenience, activities with a friend, gadgets that count calories and a clear schedule will suit you. Avoid trendy sports, supplements, and workouts that take too long.


D Planner

You know everything about sports and diets. Also plan your day and diet as carefully as possible. nine0003

Look for well-researched and tested methodologies, equipment that provides benchmarks and feedback, logging to track progress, slow workouts (eg martial arts, swimming, Pilates). You should give up group and fashion workouts, dance, aerobics and fast classes.

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QUIZ: Answer 4 short questions and find out your personality type

August 13, 2020 Tests

Get a short, but capacious description, spending no more than 2 minutes on the test.

This test does not claim to be scientific or 100% accurate. It is based on the Myers-Briggs questionnaire, which is used to identify the individual characteristics of a person. Such testing in an extended version is sometimes taken when applying for a job and before entering a university. We offer you its abbreviated version.

Remember that this test only helps to roughly outline the brightest sides of your personality, so do not take its results too seriously. :) nine0003

How to take the test

  • If your memory fails you, bring a small piece of paper and a pen.
  • When answering questions, choose the option that seems most attractive.
  • In each answer option, a letter is given at the end. Write it down or memorize it.
  • When you answer all four questions, you will have a letter combination. Find it in the results and find out interesting details about yourself.
  • Share in the comments what combination you got and how the results match reality. nine0142


1. You had a day full of setbacks and disappointments. How will you spend the evening?

  • Need a distraction! I’ll call my friends and invite them somewhere, it’s more fun to experience sorrows together. (E)
  • I will be alone with myself: I will turn on my favorite series, cook some delicious treats, or think of some other pleasant activity. (I)

2. You have come to a psychologist. He asks the question, “Which of the two statements best describes you?” Choose. nine0008

  • I prefer to live in the present: it is important for me what is happening here and now. I am distinguished by practicality and attention to detail. (S)
  • I often have my head in the clouds: I like to dream and make great plans for the future. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in myself that I don't notice anything around me. (N)

3. You have been asked to move to a metropolitan area. Now you are thinking. There are more opportunities in a large city, but where you live now, your loved ones and a cozy home. How will you make a difficult decision? nine0008

  • I will surf the Internet, consult with knowledgeable people, and calculate an approximate budget for the move. I will carefully weigh the pros and cons, then I will make a decision. (T)
  • I will do as my heart tells me. My intuition has never failed me. (F)

4. In a month you have a long-awaited vacation, hooray! How are you preparing for it?

  • Tickets have already been bought, insurance has been issued, a plan to conquer the sights has been drawn up. I like to prepare everything in advance. (J)
  • Spontaneity is my middle name. A couple of hours before the flight, I will throw everything I need into my suitcase, and I will ask the locals about the sights. (P)

Find your unique letter combination

ESTJ - Executive

Hard work and dedication are your best qualities. You love order, you know how and love to plan, you take on the most difficult tasks without fear, because you are sure of success. You tend to have a rational view of things, you trust facts much more than sensations. You are cheerful, good-natured and love company. Thanks to organizational talents, you can easily incite others to any adventure. nine0003

ENTJ - commander

You are always on the crest of the wave: you know everything about the latest trends and tendencies. You do not take courage, you like to take risks and are always open to new things. You are dynamic, productive and love to overcome difficulties. Your whole life is a struggle in the name of achieving a cherished goal. You have excellent leadership qualities: charisma, authority and the ability to think strategically attract people to you.

ENFJ - mentor

You are very perceptive: you trust your intuition and it never fails you. You are observant, have a genuine interest in people and their emotions, and are able to catch the slightest mood changes. People around you often turn to you for advice and support, and you are always happy to help them, and sometimes inspire them. nine0003

ESFJ - Enthusiast

You get along well with people, always ready to help, sometimes even to the detriment of your own interests. You are responsive and open. Love and appreciate the praise, the approval of others is necessary for you like air. If a conflict arises somewhere, you feel out of place and try to restore peace and harmony at any cost. You are like a ray of light in a dark kingdom - you are able to charge people with positive and lead.

ENTP Inventor

People like you are often referred to as inspirations. You are curious, mobile, love to be on the move and easily adapt to change. You are a real generator of ideas, constantly inventing and questioning something. You hate routine and do your best to avoid it. You will be captivated by the new and unknown, so you often change your hobbies. You think that in life you need to try, if not everything, then a lot. nine0003

ESTP - fidget

The phrase "I see the goal - I see no obstacles" perfectly describes you. You strive for victory at any cost, sweeping away all obstacles in your path. You are determined and daring, live in the moment and love to be the center of attention. The thirst for life boils in you, you strive to learn everything in practice and not lose a single valuable minute.

ENFP - champion

You are a creative person with a boundless imagination and a great imagination. You are open to the world, freedom-loving, stress-resistant and not afraid of change. It is important for you to constantly take the initiative, offer original solutions, actively interact with people and empathize with them. Routine tasks for you are sheer torture and punishment. nine0003

ESFP - Politician

You live in the present and enjoy the pleasures of the moment. Planning and strategizing makes you tired. When doing something, you often rely on luck, and in case of failure, you quit work without finishing. You are spontaneous and unpredictable, hate procrastination and strive to get everything at once. You like to impress others and make useful contacts.

ISTJ - administrator

“Measure seven times, cut once” is about you. You love rigor and order, carefully think through and analyze your actions. You are result-oriented, so you only take on tasks that you can definitely complete. You are neat and patient, do not like empty talk. You value honesty and hard work, and attempts to shirk responsibility cause you the same resentment as poorly done work. nine0003

INTJ - strategist

You are independent, erudite and able to prioritize wisely. You do not like noisy companies, but you draw inspiration and breakthrough ideas from within yourself. You are a perfectionist to the core, and your cherished dream is to make the world around you more perfect. You hate retrograde rules and stupid restrictions and try to fight them with your innovative ideas, which you often succeed in.

INFJ Humanist

Helping others is an essential part of life for you. You believe that love and compassion can save the world. If one of your loved ones needs help, then he will definitely turn to you, and in return he will always receive a clear guide to action. You are vulnerable, value loyalty and do not forgive betrayal. nine0003

ISFJ — defender

You smell falseness from a mile away, so keep strangers at a distance, and stand behind your loved ones. You do everything to make people dear to you happy, and every day you try to surprise them pleasantly. You are diligent, often making incredible efforts to fulfill your goals. True, you are slow and like to put it off until later. Despite this, you can be relied upon because you never give up what you started.

INTP - architect

You have a philosophical mindset. You constantly put forward hypotheses, argue with yourself, notice important details and strive to get to the bottom of things. From the outside, it looks like you are distracted and in the clouds. This is partly true: domestic issues do not bother you at all. You are focused on important thoughts and do not feel much interest in others. You value coziness and comfort, and you are extremely negative about change. nine0003

ISTP is a virtuoso

You experience the world through sensations, are able to deeply empathize with people and value sincerity. You are quite open, but in case of lies or hypocrisy, you withdraw into yourself. You carefully consider every step before you do anything. You are punctual, objective and moderately curious.

Learn more