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There are numerous types of personality tests, all of which serve the basic purpose of helping us understand key tenets about ourselves. They may reveal facets of our learning style, leadership style, social comfort levels, perception of others, and a thousand other metrics.

The “True Colors” personality test is promoted by its creators as a “temperament and personality typing program.” It assesses various aspects of an individual through a questionnaire that features hypothetical situations and self-reflection. It then tabulates the results and places you on four different spectrums of color.

Those four colors – blue, green, gold, and orange – represent four major personality types. Your results showcase your most dominant personality traits and provide you with the color that most closely aligns with your preferences, inclinations, and thought patterns. Everyone is a unique combination of the four colors, but usually one or two will come out with higher levels than others.

This article will tell you more about the test below, but first, let’s jump into the key characteristics of each of the personality colors and see some famous people who share that color trait.

#1 Blue – Relationship-Oriented Caretaker

1. You Are Caring and Compassionate
The “Blue” personality type thrives the most in relationships and gauging the feelings of others. They are typically quite social and compassionate, always seeking the good of their group. They will also be the first to reach out to those that may be struggling or hurting and can be counted on for support in tough times.

A Blue person has a big heart, uses it at every chance they can, and hopes that others will follow that example. They are trustworthy, enthusiastic, and faithful friends and spouses. Their natural inclination to put others first sometimes means that they sometimes forget to take care of themselves.

They avoid conflict at all costs and will actively try to defuse it if it ever arises. The relationship is paramount for this personality, and they prefer being with their small close circle of friends instead of mingling with new people. They can be quite sensitive, and you might find them getting teary-eyed during a sad movie. As for their money? They give it away.

2. You Need to Feel Loved
Blues are very people-oriented rescuers, who need to feel wanted, appreciated and validated. They need to feel like they are being heard. They seek opportunities to interact with others and find strength and energy from deep conversations and building relationships. They would likely thrive if hired for a sales or customer service position or are assigned to lead a team that requires high levels of cooperation and collaboration.

3. You Are Traditional and a Rule Follower
Blues often look at the present through comparisons to history, and are stuck in their ways, even if they know their way is not the best way. Their stubbornness can lead to conflict in their lives, much to their dismay, given their strong preferences for peace and harmony. Blues like predictability, order and tradition in their lives.

They prefer to remain in the background instead of out front leading a group. They respect authority and like things that have stood the test of time. You won’t likely find a Blue being the one to volunteer a novel idea or suggest a new way of doing something.

4. Famous “Blue” People
Some statistics report that the Blue personality type only represents about 15% of the population. Famous Blues are Mother Teresa, Mr. Rogers, Oprah Winfrey, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Michael Jackson, Mozart, Dorothy (Wizard of Oz), Thomas Jefferson, Cinderella, Gandhi, Mohammed Ali, and Jimmy Carter.

#2 Green – Cognitive-Oriented Independent Intellectual

1. You Are Highly Intelligent
The “Green” personality type is highly analytical. They can quickly see patterns in nearly anything and thrive on accumulating the most information possible before making a decision. They are always ready to learn something new and enjoy the challenge of learning. Their focus may wander at times, but they are constantly taking in as much stimulus as possible. This can sometimes wear them out, which means time to “recharge” and refresh their minds is vital. As for their money? They invest it.

2. You Are a Big Thinker and Stubborn
Greens can find the best solution to a problem, even if it is unorthodox or unexpected, and are adept at learning new concepts. Their ability to see underlying trends or the hidden meanings in data can be very useful in judging the best course of action. Greens may be able to see the tiny details of a product or task, but they dislike details and would prefer to delegate those tasks. They are skilled at seeing larger systems at work and how all the moving parts fit together into the complete whole. Greens make efficient business owners, strong leaders to get you through a crisis, and a great asset for teams of all kinds.

Greens can also be very stubborn and strong-willed when it comes to the conclusions they reach. Their understanding is guided by facts, not feelings, so any counterarguments must be thorough and backed by evidence. It can be very difficult to change a Green’s mind once it is made up, because once they arrive at a conclusion, they are totally convinced it is the right one.

3. You Are Expressive and Caring
If you are a Green personality type, you likely do not hide your feelings and are gentle, though not generally passionate. Still, your loyalty and need for peace make you a good spouse and parent. You are true to who you are and offer a safe shoulder to cry on for your friends. Your friends value that you will be there to support them when they need you, and people gravitate toward your nurturing nature.

You have a strong need to feel loved and are generous to others. You are a down-to-earth person who seeks stability and peace in life and doing what is right is important to you. You have a strong need to be a part of a group and be appreciated for your efforts.

4. Famous “Green” People
Some statistics report that the Green personality type only represents about 23% of the population. Famous Greens are Albert Einstein, Al Gore, Brad Pitt, Mr. Spock from Star Trek, Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Steven Spielberg, Leonardo DiCaprio, Socrates, Sherlock Holmes, Benjamin Franklin, Carl Jung, Thomas Edison, Eleanor Roosevelt, Katherine Hepburn, and Rosalyn Carter.

#3 Gold – Structure-Oriented Natural Leader

1. You Are a Planner
The “Gold” personality type is a natural leader. They are serious, hardworking, and place heavy emphasis on punctuality, organization, accuracy, and decisive action. They respect those that show respect, and always want to be seen as dependable and trustworthy. Their actions are planned to the letter, and they do not have time or patience for unexpected complications. They show they care by their actions for their loved ones. As for their money? They save it.

2. You Follow the Rules
Golds have their work completed well before a deadline and have usually taken on additional responsibility in the meantime. They have a need to clearly understand what is expected of them, and their status at home and at work. They do not appreciate needing to guess or surmise someone’s expectations of them. They are naturally grounded in reality and will quickly bring an unrealistic scenario back down to earth.

This can sometimes lead to conflict, as Golds will follow the rules at all costs, even at the expense of the feelings of others. They have a very defined sense of what is right and what is wrong. Golds should be aware of their rigidity and tendency toward perfection at the cost of their relationships.

3. You Are Traditional
Because they are rule-followers, Golds are also highly traditional. They place a great deal of stock in common values and time with family. They have no patience for those who discard traditional social norms. They are dependable and expect others to be so as well. They like structure and order and expect everyone around them to maintain the status quo – especially if they are responsible for creating it. In this way, a Gold may come off as inflexible or unfeeling, but this is because they have a clear picture of the way they think the world should work.

4. Famous “Golds”
Some statistics report that the Gold personality type only represents about 35% of the population. Famous Golds are Connie Chung, Henry Ford, Margaret Thatcher, Joan Rivers, George Washington, Santa Claus, Lyndon B. Johnson, and Florence Nightingale.

#4 Orange – Adventurous Action Taker

1. You Take Action
The “Orange” personality type often has overwhelming energy and is comfortable taking action without being overly analytical about the optimal direction. They are more inclined to use their gut instinct to choose a more risk-laden path over a safer option and may reap greater rewards for their boldness and decisiveness. Oranges need to feel they are in control of themselves and their situation. They typically resist being confined and weighed down by too many calendar commitments or needy people in relationships. As for their money? They spend it.

2. You Are Spontaneous
Orange people are not bound by structure or precedent. They live in the moment and gain true joy from the here and now. They will not plan their lives years in advance because that removes the fun of discovery. They are instead busy looking for the next thrill or challenge, which can lead to risky behavior, and they often recruit their friends for their adventures.

Orange personality types need to feel that they are free to do as they please and free to express themselves. They get bored quickly and will compete in extreme activities which may be dangerous so they can feel alive. Their boredom can also lead them to changing jobs when their current job no longer provides enough challenge for them.

3. You Are a Social Butterfly
Oranges are warm and inviting and crave being part of a group. They are extroverts who are not judgmental and are easy to be around. They want to socialize with people who see the world as they do, and they love being around others.

This personality type naturally attracts others to themselves. They are charming, charismatic optimists and have magnetic personalities that draw others to themselves with ease. Because they are carefree and willing to try anything, they gain and often keep popularity easily. They might struggle in developing deep relationships that require an investment of time and effort, but they can form an instant bond with nearly anyone. They have “never met a stranger,” and an Orange who is it tune with their strengths can use their natural magnetism to their advantage.

4. Famous “Oranges”
Some statistics report that the Orange personality type only represents about 27% of the population. Famous Oranges are Donald Trump, Lucille Ball, Eddie Murphy, Elvis Presley, Cameron Diaz, John F. Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, Rhett Butler, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Francis of Assisi, Lee Iacocca, Winston Churchill, and Garfield.

#5 Real Life Scenario: Friends on a Vacation

Here is a scenario that shows how the various color personality types act on a vacation.

1. The Gold
The Gold person organizes the whole trip weeks in advance. They have thoroughly researched their destination, found the best deals on accommodations, and looked into what activities are available once they arrive. They have packed based on the local weather forecast, cleaned and maintained their vehicle, mapped the fastest route, and already have an itinerary planned for their stay. They contact all of their friends in the days leading up to the trip to make sure that everyone is fully prepared, and repeatedly reminds them of the departure time.

2. The Green
The Green person takes everything in like a sponge. They have also done their research but can likely give a full history and description of their destination. They are the person who will read every billboard and directional sign on the highway, and if the group hits heavy traffic or needs to be redirected, they are ready with an alternate route. They may need time to decompress after a full day of activities, but they will also think the fastest if an attraction is closed or an unforeseen complication arises.

3. The Blue
The Blue person will want to take everyone’s feelings into account, even at the expense of their own. They will usually defer to others for the good of the group and will be the first to try to defuse any arguments that arise. Their suggestions will be good-natured and well-intentioned, and they will find more fulfillment in making happy memories than in crossing destinations off a list.

4. The Orange
The Orange person is always ready to go at a moment’s notice. They pack light and jump right in with no preconceptions. Even if the plan says one thing, they may recommend something nobody had even thought of or had known about. They are always the first to try a new restaurant or experience. They are not frustrated by delays or missed opportunities, and they will usually find the good in any situation.

#6 The Importance of Personality Tests

Each personality test has its place, and they can help you explore various parts of who you are. In some cases, the hiring process for a job will include one or more required personality tests. Such tests are useful screening tools to judge a person’s readiness and suitability for a given position and can allow a hiring manager to narrow their selection to the most suitable candidates. Also, businesses will sometimes hire consultants to administer these tests as a team-building exercise, or as an opportunity for professional development.

It is important to remember, however that no single test provides a complete picture of any individual. A test that uncovers someone’s learning style may not be an accurate portrait of how they would handle high-pressure situations, or a test based on social interaction may not give a true assessment of technical skill. Personality tests should be used with caution in conjunction with other assessment tools and personal interviews with your chosen interviewees.

It is critical that a hiring manager selects the appropriate test for the position they are considering. For example, the supervisor of a highly skilled position should not only look at the experience and qualifications of an applicant, but also their ability and style of learning – they will likely have to absorb large amounts of materials and learn new ways of performing tasks that align with the organization’s standards. Similarly, it would be beneficial to assess a person’s comfort interacting with others if they are applying for a job that involves heavy contact with clients or the general public.

When used and interpreted properly, personality tests can present tangible benefits to the individual and the organization.

#7 How to Take the Test

The length and complexity of the test can vary depending on the test administrator, setting, or audience. However, the question type remains largely the same: the test taker reads a fill-in-the-blank sentence and answers a multiple-choice question by ranking the answers in the order that most closely aligns with their preferences. The available answers are graded on a 1-4 scale, with 4 being the most closely aligned and 1 being the least closely aligned. It is not obvious within the test itself which answers lead to which result.

#8 Understanding Your Test Results

At the end, the results are tabulated in a grid format, with each question having its own row and each answer having its own column, which is in turn assigned to a given color. Each column is then added together, and whichever column has the highest total is your most dominant color, and therefore becomes your assigned personality type. The test then provides a written summary of the given type, personality, and character traits closely linked to that type, and possibly other famous individuals who share that personality type. It also explains how the test taker might perceive themselves, and, conversely, how others might perceive that individual.

In most cases, the assessment is fairly accurate. Test takers will likely see aspects of the personality type in their own lives and can compare and contrast themselves with each of the four colors.

#9 How You Can Connect with Other Colors

Again, everybody possesses some measure of all four personality types. Also, the variety of dominant personalities within a team or group will mean that everyone will interact with each other in different ways.

For example, orderly and pragmatic Golds may look down on the seemingly thoughtless Oranges, and Blues may see Golds as too harsh and unfeeling. An Orange may grow impatient by a Green’s need to learn as much as possible before making a decision, and a Green might argue with a Blue because they do not want to choose sides in a disagreement.

On the other hand, different people’s strengths can complement each other. A Green wants to provide the best information possible so that the team leader can make the best call, and a Blue can make sure all sides of a discussion are heard to ensure harmony within the team. A Gold will usually be called upon for extra for their reputation as a reliable teammate, and an Orange can be given a last-minute assignment that was not planned out and they will take it in stride.


As teams and groups learn about themselves by taking a personality test, they should also take the time to learn about others’ test results so that can learn about their strengths, and how they can best work together to achieve more than they could alone. The “True Colors” personality test provides results that are easy to understand, but provide deep insights into how we think, act, and work. It is a very useful tool for anyone who wants to better understand themselves and to build stronger connections with those around them.

Take The True Color Personality Test

by Barrie Davenport

What’s your true colors personality

Or, to back up a bit, which of the four colors in the true colors test — blue, green, gold, and orange — do you gravitate to most? 

If you can acknowledge that one of those colors draws you in more quickly than the others, there’s a reason for that.

You’re about to find out why.

What will the true color personality test tell you about yourself? 

What’s in this article:


True Color Personality Explained 

It might sound silly to describe your personality with one of four colors or classify personalities as a whole into four simple color-based categories. 

Proponents of color psychology would argue differently. According to them, you prefer specific colors for a reason.

Even if you wouldn’t choose to wear your favorite color or paint it on your walls, your preference says something about your personality. 

That’s what the true colors personality test is all about: identifying why certain colors resonate with you more than others. 

Something about those favorite colors responds to something in you. 

What Do the Four Personality Colors Mean? 

Once you get your test results, you’ll want to know as much as possible about the color that best matches your personality.  

While any blue, green, gold, orange personality test will give you at least some idea of what each color represents, the helpfulness of each color description can vary.

That said, some details remain constant: 

  • Blue / “Peacemaker” — Focused, sincere, and true to themselves; craving harmony, cooperation, and compassion; avoiding conflict, criticism, and confrontation.
  • Gold / “Organizer” — Responsible, organized, and efficient; craving structure, clear rules, and boundaries; frustrated by ambiguity, waste, and tasks left unfinished.
  • Orange / “Activator” — Active, optimistic, and adventurous; craving challenges, freedom, and expression; avoiding monotony, redundancy, and abstract discussions.
  • Green / “Analyzer” —  Innovative, logical, and curious; craving knowledge, autonomy, and understanding; mistrusting authority and excessive emotion. 

Read More About The True Colors Personality Types

The Blue Personality Type

The Orange Personality Type

The Gold Personality Type

The Green Personality Type

How Accurate is the True Colors Test? 

The fewer and broader the categories, the more likely you are to land in one that fits you. The downside here is the broadness of each category.

One green personality can be very different from another, for example, though they will share specific traits. 

Everyone has a bit of all four color types in them, but each of us has more of one color than the remaining three. 

The margin for error increases with tests that use a larger set of personality types. Badly as you may want to believe your result, sometimes the description rings true (or true enough) even when it isn’t. 

And confirmation bias — that filter we use to confirm what we want to believe is true while blinding ourselves to any contrary evidence — seems to validate our conclusions. 

We want to understand ourselves and each other better. Sometimes, tests help with that. Other times, what we want to believe works against us. 

Ultimately, the accuracy of your test results will depend on three things:

  • How attentively and honestly you answered the questions.
  • How well you know yourself. 
  • How accurately the test assesses your personality based on your answers. 

The more you pay attention to everything you’ve said and done (including the stuff that doesn’t fit an assigned personality type or that you’d rather forget), the more your self-knowledge will improve. 

Taken with a grain of salt, a true colors personality test can help you notice important things about yourself. 

But seeing the whole picture of who you are is still up to you. 

The True Colors Personality Test 

The 4 Colors Personality Test asks you a set of questions to better understand your personality before telling you which color is the best match. 

In this way, it functions like any other personality test out there. For each question, you’ll choose the answer that fits you best, even if it doesn’t describe you perfectly. 

Answer as honestly as you can, and don’t overthink it. 

Here’s how to take the test:

  • Look at the four boxes in each row.
  • Don’t focus on each specific word but rather just get a feel for the qualities listed in each box.
  • Assign a score to each of the four boxes in every row, from “most like you” to “least like you.” Score as follows: 4 = most, 3 = a lot, 2 = somewhat, 1 = least.

What Is Your Color Personality?

Now that you’ve taken the true colors personality test, what did you think of your results? Did the description for your personality type resonate with you? 

What would you add now that you’ve gained some insight into your personality? 

Growing in self-knowledge can help you make better decisions. Sharing this quiz with your closest friends and family can help them do the same. 

What will you do today to act on what you’ve learned? 

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Personality Test: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green

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  2. Personality Test: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green

Forewarned is forearmed! Understanding yourself and the inner motives of your personality will help you in life and in business. Take a simple test and find out what type you are and how you can use your strengths and weaknesses. Knowing personality types will also help you work effectively and communicate with other people, whether they are your friends, partners, colleagues or clients. nine0009

Test: Red, blue, yellow, green

  • In any case, nothing bad will happen, and maybe even vice versa - I'm fine I'll pass the time.
  • I love noisy companies, the more people the better! nine0004
  • I will be uncomfortable. The absence of familiar people is the worst thing that can happen to me there. happen.
  • I would rather not go to such a party at all. Much more productive to sit and talk calmly with one, maximum two people. nine0004
  • I must, I must, I'll get up and say a toast.
  • For such cases, I always have a couple of interesting toasts or fascinating stories.
  • I will do my best to somehow evade, although I will not directly refuse. nine0004
  • Thank you for the honor, it's nice, but no - I refuse flatly.
  • Anger. First, for the boss. Secondly, for a colleague. Maybe I can't even restrain aggression.
  • nine0003 Yes, I'm guilty, but I'm not the only one, why are they scolding me? Most likely I'll go for support to friends or acquaintances, I will tell them this story and yes, complain.
  • To experience and play this story in my head again and again, I will probably still week. But I'm not likely to say this to anyone. nine0004
  • I will do my best to look calm and professional. I'll remember this for the future so that you don't end up in similar situations again.
  • I'll get the job done as soon as possible. And I will receive additional bonuses in the eyes of the leader, and free up time for other things. nine0004
  • I will start doing the task right away, but I do not rule out that after a while I will pause. It often happened that I abandoned work until the last moment, and then did everything in deadline.
  • Time management is not my strong point. Most likely to get together and do the task I can only do it when the time is right. nine0004
  • Most likely, I will complete the task faster than necessary, but I will not pass. I will refine task over and over again. I will hand over the work right on time, well, maybe the day before it.
  • I will take my friends and choose something active, say, I will offer to play football or go to the stadium to see how others play. nine0004
  • I would prefer to gather a company and go for a walk in the park. Or sit somewhere in a bar.
  • Be sure to spend time with your family.
  • For me, rest is being alone with my own thoughts and plans. nine0004
  • I love adrenaline.
  • Just got curious.
  • I want to prove to myself and others that I can do something too. nine0004
  • Consider this one more item on my "know thyself and become better" list.
  • “Please, stop hurrying. We're not late!"
  • “Well, how much can you? You've been thinking for three hours, and time is running out" nine0004
  • I will go to the store and buy something that will improve the presentability of my species.
  • Of course, I will note and share information with friends!
  • First of all, I will tell the news to the family, it would be nice to celebrate with them in a pleasant home environment. nine0004
  • First you need to work in a new position and understand how it all turns out.
  • I'll quickly review the material and get on with other important things.
  • I'd rather not think about the exam at all. nine0004
  • I will calmly go through the whole material again. It is possible that I will spend all night.
  • Between sleep and study, I choose sleep. It is impossible to show a good result if you tired. nine0004
  • A person's personal contribution.
  • Teamwork is everything.
  • Security firm, sports school. nine0004
  • Restaurant, bar, night club, cinema.
  • Medical center, social institution.
  • Consulting firm, marketing company. nine0004
  • I will hang a portrait of the President
  • Vibrant contemporary art
  • family photos nine0004
  • Diplomas and certificates that confirm my competence.
  • Stylish, expensive, neat.
  • Clothes should express me. nine0004
  • The main thing is to be comfortable. I don't like discomfort.
  • Not necessarily expensive, the main thing is quality and, of course, appropriate.
  • Individual competitions. nine0004
  • Team competition, and better not boring.
  • Team competitions, but those where teamwork can be fully revealed and elbow feeling.
  • nine0003 Individual competition for ingenuity and ingenuity.
  • Of course, something presentable and of high quality in the city center.
  • I would like to live in some unusual hotel. nine0004
  • A hotel recommended to me by people I trust.
  • I'm looking for the perfect value for money.

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Types of people: red, green, blue

A few years ago, the office where I work arranged a psychological training. The event was long, for the whole day. As I understand it, this was done on purpose, because you cannot "play a role" for such a long time, at some point you relax and become yourself. I admit, I was interested, I learned a lot of new things for myself. In particular, I learned about the division of people into red, green and blue. These are not familiar to us choleric, sanguine, melancholic and phlegmatic, the classification is slightly different. In our case, the topic was presented in the context of a career, who is imprisoned for what work. nine0009

Red is the leader. He is a determined, strong-willed and purposeful person. He succeeds in everything. The main desire of people of the red type is to act. Always be on top, do everything and be able to do everything. Such a person feels comfortable when active. Red strives for new knowledge, impressions and experiences. The opinion of others touches him a little, he goes to success solely for his own satisfaction. However, failures lead to annoyance at oneself, which explodes in a flash of emotions. nine0009

Green - active and industrious. Such people are energetic, persistent, quite capable of being leaders. However, to achieve the greatest success, they need a leader. Greens are reliable, the opinion of others is important to them. Everything that guarantees confidence, strength and prestige is valuable to them.

Blue - conscientious performer. Such people are great at doing the same routine work. Everything that concerns numbers is for them: calculate, analyze, draw up a business plan. They are accurate and demand the same from others. People of the blue type are distinguished by the desire for peace. They never grab onto several things at once, but they approach each task responsibly and fundamentally. nine0009

Carriers of the same chromotype are rare, most often one of the color pairs predominates. This is determined not by description, but by test. I remember then I was a pronounced red-green. And now I don't know... It would be interesting to be tested again.

UPD: in the magazine "New Century" for August 2002 on page 48 there was an article "Ideal - the diversity of the soul" , optimism, activity
GREEN: calmness, diligence, poise, pride, purposefulness, reliability, love of prestige, thriftiness
BLUE: fidelity, modesty, compliance, impressionability, pessimism, caution, reticence, religiosity


Mouth open, tongue often licks his lips, his hands are in constant motion - they touch something, sort it out, twirl it. The body is tense, it seems as if the person is "turning up his nose." The pace of speech is accelerated, the voice is loud, sharp. When irritated, the lips are pursed, the corners of the mouth are lowered, the hands are clenched into fists or cover the chest. In this state, the red type scratches his nose, smooths or combs back his hair. nine0009

A probing look, often from under the brows. The lips are compressed, nodules run along the cheekbones. The pace of speech is slow, the words are pronounced clearly. The position of the head is straight, the shoulders are raised and tense. Often uses closed poses - crossing arms or legs. The movements are measured, but there are signs of aggression in the gestures - a protruding thumb or an index finger extended forward.

Calm look into the eyes, mouth closed, corners of the mouth horizontal. The body is relaxed, the hands are calm. The pace of speech is measured, the voice is quiet. nine0009


Love-sex. The main impulse is to touch, hug a loved one. If touch is not possible, strong arousal (up to orgasm) is easily achieved by visual images or words.

Love-possession. From a partner it requires absolute affection, devotion, in any way trying to secure it for itself (marriage bonds, authoritarian pressure or increased care). This is the case when they love, but do not respect. It is difficult for a man of this type to make the final choice between his wife and his mistress: there is a need to keep both. nine0009

The blue type is characterized by love-sympathy, which is quite asexual in essence. This is a tender and affectionate sympathy, spiritual intimacy, the purpose of which is to achieve mutual trust and understanding. Outwardly, it manifests itself in goodwill, forgiveness and fidelity. Such people can love their ideal for years, which either does not pay attention to them at all, or treats them like a pig.


Any physical activity - from sports to gardening. Films and books with a tense criminal or erotic plot, gambling, in music - hard rock and heavy metal. nine0009

Collecting expensive or prestigious items (antiques, jewelry, weapons, collection wines). Sports are for the sole purpose of achieving results. Computer games, chess, checkers. Accumulation of "expert" knowledge in certain areas (politics, sports, geography, medicine, pedagogy).

Loves to rest lying down - in a sun lounger on the beach, in a hammock at the cottage, on a shelf in a sauna, but best of all - at home on the couch. Massage, manicure, pedicure. Hobbies are rather contemplative in nature - fishing, knitting, drawing, music, crafts made of clay and wood, cooking. nine0009


Exclusive, original, not copying other people's models. Things are valued by themselves - for convenience and aesthetics, while the firm, price and fashion trends do not matter. Red men love tattoos, leather and steel bracelets, metal chains with symbols of aggression - teeth, knives, razors, emphasizing the hardness and strength of the owner. For women - defiant makeup, an abundance of shiny jewelry that emphasizes erogenous zones (ears, chest, neck, hips). Fur, sequins, images that evoke a playful mood and sexual arousal. nine0009

Classic or conservative, outwardly modest, standard style and color. The brand name is decisive. He loves expensive and conservative gold bracelets and necklaces, rings with large diamonds or sapphires, demonstrating significance and prestige. But often under this uncertainty and numerous complexes are hidden.

Traditional, somewhat monotonous, emphasizing belonging to a particular social group. Blue accessories are few, modest and aesthetic, elegant and inexpensive, often rounded in metal, ceramics, amber, semi-precious stones, wood. Cause a subconscious desire to surround the thing (and hence its owner) with care, attention and love. nine0009


The intensity of emotions leads to overstrain, blood pressure rises. Hence - hypertension and myocardial infarction. Intimate relationships also suffer: men may experience difficulties with potency, women may experience frigidity and anorgasmia.

Diseases of this type manifest themselves in the fall of prestige and respect, in a situation where it is impossible to show one's will to power. First of all, the spine (radiculitis, myositis, osteochondrosis) and the gastrointestinal tract suffer, which is fraught with spasms, gastritis, colitis, stomach and duodenal ulcers, diarrhea and constipation, hemorrhoids, and gallbladder diseases.

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