How to show someone you care in a relationship

20 Ways to Show Someone You Care About Them

Have you been looking for ways on how to show someone you care? There are plenty of ways to do this, but you may have to get creative.

Depending on who you are trying to show that you care about them, it might not take much to make a difference in that person’s day.

Please keep reading for details on how to show someone you care about them, so you can make sure the people closest to you know how you feel.

What does it mean to care about someone?

When you care about someone, this is different than just knowing them. For example, you likely know your mail person, but that doesn’t mean that you care about them.

Caring about someone is more of an action, where you will essentially show them how you feel about them. It is also about more than just telling someone you care about them.

You may be aware of the saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” This means that people will understand how you feel for them when you show them instead of just telling them.

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Why is it important to show people you care about them?

There are a couple of reasons why it is necessary to let someone know you care. One is that you would like them to understand how you feel. If there are people that are important to you, you probably want them to know this.

They need to be aware that they are special to you, and you are grateful that they are in your life. This is especially important when it comes to your family members or significant other.

Another reason why showing someone you care is important is that you need others to help build up your support system.

A support system is a group of people you trust, who can offer advice, a shoulder to cry on, or encouragement. 

When you show someone you care about them, they will know that they can count on you, and hopefully, this will go both ways. You may be able to lean on each other when you need to.

Luckily, there are many ways to show you care.

Here’s a look at how to show someone you care. You may want to write down your favorites!

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20 Ways to show your loved ones you care for them

When you care for someone, there are so many ways that you can let them know. Here are some ideas that will work for most relationships, whether they be romantic or platonic.

1. Call them to check in

You can contact someone to check-in. 

Ask them how they are and that you are thinking about them. Even if this call comes out of the blue, chances are the person on the other end of the phone will appreciate the gesture.

2. Send them a sweet message

Another way of telling someone you care about them is to send them a sweet message. This may be a text that has a cute quote, or it can be an encouraging message. 

Either way, it will likely make your friend smile, which is a good thing.

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3. Make time for them

Do what you can to make time for your friend or loved one. Even if you have a few minutes, you can call them and let them know that you miss them. Or you can contact them and ask them if they want to meet up for drinks or dinner. 

Spend time with the people you care about when you can, but if you can’t, it might be just as helpful to keep in touch with them regularly.

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4. Buy them a gift for no reason

Sometimes you may be at a store and find something that reminds you of someone you know. Don’t tell them about it later; buy it for them and surprise them with it. 

This may boost their day and help you show this person that you care.

5. Tell them you appreciate them

You can also tell them that you appreciate them. If you notice that your friend helped you out of a jam or that they are positive in your life, take a few minutes to let them know how you feel.  

This is a great way to tell someone you care for them deeply.

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6. Do something together

If you haven’t seen a loved one in a while, do something together, just the two of you. Perhaps you may want to binge-watch something online or have a night in, where you can talk about good times and relax. 

They will likely appreciate your undivided attention.

7. Don’t zone out

When you are spending time with others or talking to them on the phone, be sure to keep listening. 

If you get distracted, they may take it personally, not how to show someone you care.

8. Be honest

Always be honest with the people you care about. If you stretch the truth or lie, this can greatly affect all types of relationships negatively. If you are unable to do something with them, tell them. 

If you disagree with something they are doing, you can tell them that as well. When there is a caring relationship between two people, honesty is good, even when you say something the other person may not want to hear.

9. Be supportive

On the other hand, you should always be supportive. 

If a friend calls you and needs you to help with a situation, be there for them. You want them to know that you have their back when they must lean on you.

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10. Have a sympathetic ear

This applies to if they need to talk as well. 

Suppose your friend needs to vent or let off steam, be their sounding board. They may be able to do the same for you, which can take a weight off your shoulders.

11. Say something nice

Out of the blue, say something nice to your mate. They may not be expecting it, and it can improve their mood. 

Besides that, compliments are usually a good idea to share with people you care about when you genuinely mean them.

12. Let them do their own thing

Make sure to let your loved ones have space when they need it. Please don’t ask them what they are doing every minute of every day or insert yourself in their plans.

They will likely make special time for you, which can strengthen your bond overall.

13. Help them when they need a favor

If a friend calls you and needs a favor or has an emergency and you can help them, do it. Even if you don’t want to, this can mean a lot to someone you care about.

14. Forget old offences

When you have known someone a long time, you may have had some differences or fights that were hard to overcome. 

However, when it comes to how to show someone you care, you should forgive these things. Please give them a clean slate and see how it goes.

15. Cheer them up

You would want someone to cheer you up when you feel down, wouldn’t you? So go ahead and do the same for someone that you care about.  

Tell them a corny joke or remind them of a time when you did something fun together.

16. Give them a hug

One of the simplest ways to show someone you care is to hug them. They may need the hug, and it might make you feel better as well.

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17. Help with chores

If your partner is overrun with chores and you have some time on your hands, go ahead and help them with them.

Please take a couple of minutes to run the vacuum or wash some dishes, to alleviate some of their stress. They will likely be very thankful.

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18. Ask them about their day

Simply asking someone about their day can be comforting and is a beneficial approach on how to show someone you care.

19. Share something with them

You can also share a humorous story or something that happened to you with a person that you are close to. This may cause them to laugh and make them feel better. 

Additionally, you may want to share something with someone. If you ordered a case of your friend’s favorite noodles, consider giving them some of them. 

20. Tell them how special they are to you

It is necessary to let others know how you feel about them. Otherwise, why do you care about someone?

They need to know how you feel about them, so they will know exactly where they stand with you. Be sure to be as sincere as possible when you tell your loved ones how much you care.

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For even more ways on how to show someone you care, look at this video:


If you can imagine what your life would be like if no one cared about you, then you can probably imagine why it is necessary to tell people you care about them. There are many ways to do this, and lots of them are easy to accomplish.

This list offers some great ideas on how to show someone you care and can also help you figure out additional ways to make a difference.

10 Ways To Show Your Partner You Care

by admin | Sep 28, 2015 | Blog, Connecting With Spouse, Helpful Tips, Marriage & Couples Counseling, Relationships, Tips for Couples

Every relationship is a balance of give and take.  We should give more, take less… but often after a relationship has been around the block a few times, we might forget to show the other person how much we care.  Or maybe you feel like your other half has forgotten as well.

Whatever the case may be, showing your partner how much you care about them can bring a positive impact to your relationship.

Not that you should be expecting something in return, but you will often find the more you give of yourself to your partner or spouse, the more understanding, appreciation, and love you will get back as well.   Try these tips, and just see how your relationship can blossom.


  1. Show your appreciation – When your partner or spouse does something nice for you, don’t forget to get excited about it and give him or her a genuine thank you.
  2. Send them a flirty message – What better way to get their attention than sending them a flirty compliment. Send a text about how cute they looked in their t-shirt this morning or telling them how you can’t wait to give them kisses once you get home from work.  It shows you are thinking about them and care enough to take a moment to tell them.
  3. Listen to what they have to say – Do you sometimes nod your head robotically while they complain about their day, tune out when they ask for some help, or simply not pay attention to their needs. Take the time to listen and show some understanding for what they have to say.
  4. Acknowledge their frustrations… and try to do something about it ­– Maybe your partner has been complaining about you leaving wet towels on the bed for as long as you can remember. Maybe your spouse gets annoyed when you make plans without consulting her.  Instead of continuing to shrug it off, tell them how you’ll try to be different… and mean it.
  5. Plan a spontaneous date night ­– Everyone gets caught up in the hectic day-to-day chores, work, etc. You may already do a regular date night, which is great, but also be spontaneous and book a last-minute getaway or romantic home-cooked dinner for you and your other half.  Try this the next time your spouse says they’ve had a hard day at work or you know they’ll need a fun time.
  6. Do something for them that they usually do for you – Are you usually the one getting the back rubs or letting your spouse do the dishes? It doesn’t matter if you cooked instead, every once in a while just tell them, “I got this” and let them have a little break or treat themselves… Who doesn’t want to feel spoiled every now and then?
  7. Make them a thoughtful gift or card ­– Making them something from the heart really shows your partner you care. If you aren’t too crafty, even writing a little note about how much you love them or making a list of things you love about them can be heartfelt and special.  An occasional store-bought gift of something thoughtful will usually do the job too.
  8. Don’t pick a fight – You two have had your share of arguments that seemed to be caused by the smallest issue. Try to let this one go… pick your battles, and choose that whatever it is the got you peeved this time is not the thing to argue over today.
  9. Apologize – So you had the fight anyway, or you just notice your partner’s feelings might be hurt. Even if you feel it’s not entirely your fault, apologize anyway.  Be sincere and don’t give a backhanded apology by ending it with, “but you….”
  10. Do the little things – The little things can go a long way. An extra squeeze goodbye in the morning, to leaving the last bite of dessert for your partner when out to dinner can be little things that show your partner you care.   Don’t get too wrapped up in the stresses of life that you forget to put a little romance and thoughtfulness into your relationship… you’ll start to see the difference when little caring acts make your spouse realize how much you do appreciate and love them.


How to Be More Affectionate in Relationships and Show You Care / Sofa of Love

If you're struggling with understanding how to be more affectionate in a relationship, it's not as hard as you think. So, let's learn how to open!

Learning to be more affectionate in a relationship can mean quite a few things. Yes, you show love to someone, but there are many ways to do it. Everything from hands to shopping for gifts and even taking out the trash will help you be more affectionate. nine0005

Instead of thinking of attachment as a way to change, think of it as a way to be even more of you. If you are not touchy, this is not necessary. Being affectionate in a relationship comes in all shapes and sizes.

Does showing love really matter in a relationship?

It may sound silly, but how are you supposed to share love and affection with your partner if you can't show it to yourself? If you don't take care of yourself, you won't be able to properly be more affectionate in a relationship. nine0005

See how you feel about yourself. Are you doing the bare minimum? Or are you investing in yourself and your future? Do you sell yourself short or believe in yourself and your abilities? If you are not more attached to yourself, it will be difficult for others to do so.

Being able to love yourself is not always easy. We all have our doubts and problems, but the ability to overcome them most of the time is what makes you capable of being the most gentle of you..

Why are relationships so affectionate? nine0010

You may wonder why you struggle so much with understanding how to be more affectionate in a relationship. Well, being affectionate is about showing the other person that you care. Sounds simple, but for many of us, it's far from it.

To show someone that you care means to lower your walls and barriers and let them in. Showing how much you care gives you the opportunity to get hurt. But that's the whole point of a relationship. Is not it? There is always a risk, but what you get is much better. nine0005

Think of it this way, if you never show affection, you will not be shown affection, and it will be a very lonely way to live. Showing affection doesn't have to be so scary when you think about how nice it is to show someone how much they mean to you.

How to Be More Affectionate in Relationships

Once you face any inner demons that are keeping you from showing more affection, you can actually start working on the attachment part. nine0005

# 1 How does your partner show love? If you're looking for ways to be more affectionate in a relationship, it might be because your partner excels and you may not. See what your partner is doing to show you how much you appreciate.

Do they write you love notes? Prepare dinner? Or maybe they kiss you before you leave for work every day. I'm not saying you should copy how they show affection, but their behavior might give you some ideas of what things you can try or just reciprocate..

#2 Get to know your partner's love language. Everyone gives and receives affection differently. You may appreciate physical touch, but your partner may need you to express your feelings. Once you figure out which action is most important to your partner, you can change your behavior accordingly.

#3 Ask. If you can't figure out what your partner is looking for from you, just ask what they need from you to find out how much you care. Your partner will appreciate your efforts and that you are willing to show love in a way that suits them best..

Ask your partner what he needs, in itself more affectionately.

# 4 Make small gestures. Showing affection should not be a grand gesture. It can be as simple as giving them their favorite dessert or getting out of the way to get that weird snack they love.

Love is more than just hugging, and there is "I love you". Even offering to do the dishes when it's your partner's turn shows your affection for them. I mean, who's going to do the dishes for those they don't care about? nine0005

# 5 Say thank you. And keep that in mind. It may not seem like an endearing concept or a way to show love, but it really, really is. Do you remember when you were a kid your mom would make dinner and no one would ever say thank you and she'd say, "Nobody here appreciates me?" Well, it's the same idea, but in the hands of a relationship.

Showing someone affection doesn't just start with you. You have to reciprocate what they do and make it clear that you appreciate it and something as simple as a thank you can make all the difference. Did your partner stay up all night to help you study? Or maybe they were waiting for the telegram to arrive? Say thank you, it means a lot. nine0005

No. 6 Touch. Here's the one you've been waiting for. At first glance, you may think that attachment is the same as intimacy, but in reality it is just one aspect of attachment. Everything from holding hands to hugging on the couch shows love.

When you love someone you want to be close to them and it has been found that touching the person you care about increases some kind of happy chemical in your brain, I think they are called endorphins. This is why a hug from your partner at the end of a long day feels so good. Make it your mission to touch your partner more, not only sexually, but it can't hurt. nine0005

# 7 Communicate. For some reason, people are often afraid of the word "communication". And this is probably because communication means not only sharing a good thing, but also a difficult one. You may wonder how you can be more affectionate in a relationship while having difficult conversations, but that's the whole point.

Reveling to your partner about difficulties shows trust and affection. When you depend on your partner for advice or just listening, you are showing them how much you value them in your life..

# 8 Make time. As I said earlier, learning to be more affectionate in a relationship is not one simple act. This is not a single gesture, this is your general behavior in a relationship. Let's say you're at work and you'll be home late letting your partner know you're thinking of them and can't wait to see him show love.

But when you are very busy for two weeks and send your partner a superficial gift instead of making time for him, you become less affectionate. Spending time together and making time for it is a vital way to be more affectionate. This means you are putting your relationship ahead of work, hobbies, or whatever. nine0005

# 9 Please note. One way I know a person that I really appreciate myself with is when they listen. Maybe it's just me, but when someone really pays attention to you and your story of seeing a rabbit in your neighbor's yard when they could dive into the vast internet from the palm of their hand, it's flattering and meaningful.

If you give someone your full attention, it shows more love than you think. Have you ever chatted with someone who was on their phone all the time? It's rude and can make you feel like they're doing better somewhere than you'd like. A great way to learn how to be more affectionate in a relationship is to be more considerate and considerate. nine0005

# 10 Make a plan. By nature, some people are not so affectionate. It could be the way you grew up, your past relationships, or a combination of both, plus more. But everyone is capable of being more affectionate in a relationship. Some people just find it easier.

So if you are one of those people who wants to open up and show affection, you can go to therapy and try to work through your problems by showing your affection. I highly recommend this, but you can also plan when you are going to show your affection. nine0005

Adding small gestures and nice comments to everyday life can take some time. Instead, schedule a date once a week. Or even set an alarm in your phone to remind you to send a nice note to your partner. It may not sound spontaneous or romantic, but it's a stepping stone.

Knowing how to be more affectionate in a relationship can be confusing. But realizing this is as simple as wanting to make sure your partner knows they're valued in the way you know and make that more clear..

14 signs of a strong and healthy relationship

July 7, 2020 Relationship

Try to analyze your relationship according to these criteria and find out if things are going so smoothly in your couple.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

1. You Share Values ​​

In a relationship, you can and sometimes even need to accept some differences. You may hold different political views; dating an atheist, being a deeply religious person; differently evaluate the work of Madonna or Max Korzh. nine0005

Perhaps the most important thing is to look in the same direction and share the key principles of life. And it’s also great to have similar views on how relationships in the family should be built.

2. You respect each other

Mutual respect is the key to a long and successful relationship. You do not manipulate the partner's feelings, but go towards each other, not trying to teach the other about life.

Never, anywhere and under any pretext do not look into someone else's mobile phone. Leave this Pandora's box closed and sleep well. nine0005

3. You bring out the best in each other, not the worst

In my previous relationships, I was constantly told that I wasn't living up to expectations. At some point, I almost believed that I couldn’t do anything, I began to mentally add the prefix “under” to all my actions and qualities.

Normal relationships are built on mutual respect (see #2), where two people help each other grow and develop, but don't force them to change under pressure.

Change  is an important, positive and useful part of life, but you need to want to change yourself. In a healthy relationship, you both grow and develop as individuals, rather than becoming the object of constant judgment and criticism from your partner.

4. You like to have fun together

You also need to know how to have fun together. I must admit: all people are different, everyone has their own understanding of fun. It is important that your vision of a good party coincides with the opinion of your partner and that both enjoy the process. Some people like noisy parties and wild dances, while others like the idea of ​​becoming members of an intellectual club. nine0005

5. You can count on a partner in a difficult situation

Life  is not an easy thing, and sometimes we all find ourselves in a difficult situation. In a right and healthy relationship, you should see in a partner a support that will not be afraid and will not run away from difficulties.

Your partner is a friend and ally. He is ready to be there, to help at a difficult moment, and not only shares moments of joy and universal fun with you.

6. You take care of each other

Caring for your neighbor is a normal human need. In a healthy relationship, you want to love and be loved. You not only take away, but also easily give away, without demanding anything and without expecting anything in return. nine0005

To love is to find your own happiness in the happiness of another person.

And you also want to share everything. If you find yourself in a cool place alone, then you will definitely think: "It's a pity that my half is not around, it would be great to share this experience."

7. You trust your partner and feel calm

Total control is more suitable for the army. In a healthy relationship, you do not demand every minute report on everything, but trust each other and, no less important, are confident in yourself. nine0005

In a normal relationship, you do not waste your time analyzing your partner's incomprehensible actions and searching for hidden meanings in conversations with friends, but you feel calm and can fruitfully go about your business.

8. You talk to each other

Communication is an important element of a healthy relationship. You do not think, but ask directly and voice your desires, not trying to pathologically avoid conflict. People do not read minds and may simply not know that you are missing something. You understand this very well, so do not hesitate to ask your partner about what is important to you. And you can not only speak, but also listen. nine0005

9. You feel comfortable being silent together

Talking about interesting topics is really cool, but sometimes it's more important to be able to keep silent together. In a healthy relationship, you are comfortable just being around. You do not try to fill all the pauses that have arisen with unnecessary words and do not get tired of each other if you do not utter a word.

10. You have your own life outside of relationships

You love being with your significant other very much, but at the same time you remain a self-sufficient person with your own interests and hobbies outside of relationships. It's cool sometimes to spend time apart, to have your friends and your favorite activities. nine0005

In a healthy relationship, you do not try to fill all your partner's free time with yourself, but allow him to have his own interests, which you do not condemn, but respect.

11. You have a similar daily routine

In a normal relationship, you managed to adjust to the biorhythms of another without harming your own health and mood. If you are a morning person and your partner is a night owl and no one wants to change their habits, this can become a problem over time.

In a healthy relationship, you managed to negotiate and find a balance so that both feel comfortable. nine0005

12. You are a team

You always take your partner's side, at least in public. Of course, in private, you can always voice what you really think and why your partner acted imprudently or too abruptly, but in public you have learned to play on the same team.

13. You can speak with your partner in their love language

Sometimes it is important to see the world through the eyes of another person. Everyone has different needs, and that's okay. You have learned to understand what is truly important for your partner, and you know how to give him exactly what he needs, and not you. For example, it is important for someone to hear approving words of support. In this case, you know how to praise a person's talents, whether it's a virtuoso violin playing or the ability to get along with your mother. nine0005

14. You have sex

It's good, you want it. Together.

What to do if all this is not about your couple

Sometimes you need to be patient. Of course, you should not change your partner every time you encounter difficulties. Hand on heart, it's hard to imagine that you can immediately see a soul mate in a stranger and begin to trust the most intimate.

Relationships between people  — is a job that requires patience, effort and time.

Learn more