Characteristic of a mother

15 Inspiring Characteristics & Key Traits Of A Good Mother 

A good mother loves her children unconditionally and ensures they grow into disciplined individuals.

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Motherhood consists of a number of innate traits that make her right for the job. It is a self-learned journey, and the instincts come naturally to her and are not acquired. So if you are pondering over how you can improve as a mother, stop worrying and go with the flow. You will eventually know what your child wants and what works for them. However, if you want to adopt certain qualities that can be helpful for your child, then this post brings you key traits that reflect motherhood.

15 Characteristics Of A Good Mother

Here are some of the inspiring characteristics of a good mother that can guide you.

1. Role model

You brought your child into this world, and you are their first point of contact, it’s natural that they look up to you. Being a strong parent might feel difficult, but if you want your child to grow up to be a good person, you too have to practice those behaviors as they will learn from you.

Point to consider

Including your children in family discussions and talking openly about decisions and expectations makes you a great role model.

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2. Source of love and affection

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Shower them with kisses and hugs, children who constantly get affection from their parents tend to have a healthy mind and body. Studies have also shown that it helps in the proper brain development of your child (1). When you are caressing and affectionate to your children, they will be happier and more successful as adults (2).

Quick tip

Caressing and hugging aren’t the only ways to show affection. Cracking jokes, reading funny books, watching TV, and validating your child’s feelings are also ways to be an affectionate mother.

3. Problem solver

Kids see and learn everything that their parents do. Whenever there is a problem or if they do something wrong, make them politely understand what is right or wrong instead of scolding them. They will learn the way you deal with problems in life.

4. Patient

Motherhood is a beautiful experience, but it can also be quite taxing on your emotional and physical well-being. After completing a series of chores, finding your child has spewed milk all over the floor might make you feel stressed out and frustrated. Patience is key here, understand that hurtful words will not solve the situation. Be calm and resolve the situation.

Point to ponder

Taking time out for your mental health offers a perspective. It makes it possible for you to be a more patient mother.

5. Forgiver

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Your kids will make mistakes as they grow up, you need to understand this and forgive them. Forgiveness is not an easy task to do, even adults have a hard time forgiving. However, when your child sees your forgiving nature towards them, they too will acquire the trait from you while growing up.

6. Respectable

Respect is important in any relationship, even as a parent, you should respect your child. Understand that they are growing and learning. If they have a different opinion than you, it does not mean they are wrong. You have to be understanding towards
them and respect their opinions as well.

7. Tutor

A mother is the first teacher of a child. Your children don’t know what you expect from them unless you express. Setting some ground rules right from their foundation years will make them understand their boundaries. Be consistent with your rules, changing them frequently could confuse them.

Point to consider

Reading stories aloud and pointing to different words, images, or symbols from an early age boosts children’s interests in various activities. It makes them develop early literacy and numeracy skills.

8. Optimistic

Positive reinforcement is the way to go whenever your child makes a mistake. Instead of criticizing them about what they have done, focus on what they should do next to correct their mistakes. It helps in disciplining their behavior.

9. Strong and resilient

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Your child will look up to you for almost everything. Being their mother, you have to be strong and resilient even when under stress. You will be the one to comfort them when they are at their lowest, if you don’t find strength in yourself, you cannot help your child.

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10. Disciplined

Kids are naturally curious seekers. Losing your temper when they mess up will make them stubborn. Being their mother, understanding that instilling fear is not the answer here. Teaching them how to be disciplined is important, and that too in a non-violent manner.

11. Friend

The goal of motherhood is not to be their child’s friend. A mother must fulfill their duty as a parent and a caregiver first until they reach adulthood.

12. Humility

Humility is a virtue that most people forget. Be humble, and they will learn it from you and become a good person growing up.

13. Sense of humor

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People tend to look for a partner who has a good sense of humor. Now is the time to cultivate the same for your child. Instead of being serious and strict with them all the time, having a sense of humor will only strengthen the bond between you both.

14. Adjustable

If your kid is young, it might seem too early to teach them basic survival skills such as cooking, doing their own laundry, cleaning up their bedroom, and many such things. As a mother, you should teach them these skills as they grow older. They will thank you later on in life.

15. Artistic

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Many kids like a particular form of art or sports from a young age. When children engage in activities they enjoy, they will learn. This way, they can hone their artistic skills, and who knows, they might even turn out to be a prodigy.

These inspiring traits of a mother help us realize how important a role mothers play in their child’s lives. They support us during all our hardships and mold us to become better people with all the required good qualities. Therefore, you must appreciate all your mother does for you and ensure you express your love and gratitude for her. Further, playing the role of a mother can be emotionally and mentally taxing at times. Thus, it is also vital that mothers take some time out for themselves and indulge in self-care.

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Key Pointers

  • A mother is a role model for her kids and is always their first love.
  • Patience, respect, unconditional love are a few of the many attributes of a good mother.
  • Along with taking care of her children and family, a mother needs to take care of herself as well.

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Top Qualities of a Mother

What makes a good mom? These 8 qualities of a mother will help you develop a close relationship with your child and thrive in motherhood.

We may not outwardly say it, but chances are, we’ve all thought it:

I don’t know if I’m doing this mom thing right.

We won’t always call a friend and admit it. Nor do we get annual reviews or any feedback to measure how we’re doing like we would in a paid job. And most of what we learn about being a mom is a patchwork of experience, peers, and research.

But I hear it time and again from so many moms wondering if they’re doing enough. Feeling scared to screw it up. Afraid of judgment. Carrying a mixed bag of loving motherhood, but secretly missing their old lives before kids.

Guess what though? It’s normal to feel this way.

We think of motherhood like a goal—something to strive for and “achieve.” Instead, the qualities of a mother aren’t outward and achievement-based. Rather, it’s rooted to who we are within.

We shouldn’t aim for perfection, but instead, develop traits that create healthy relationships with ourselves and our kids. Motherhood is a journey, one where we can develop the qualities we’d want to see in our kids.

Table of Contents

8 qualities of a mother

So, what makes a great mom? Let’s take a closer look at this list of the top qualities of a mother. Guaranteed you have many, if not all. If anything, I hope the article reminds you of your many qualities, as it did with these fellow moms:

“Thank you so much for the well written wisdom. Today is an exceptionally hard day and reading your article is just what I needed to hear. Thank you for putting down into words how I feel, as well as giving me suggestions on how to make things better.” -Holly

“Nina thank you so much for your article, it was very encouraging!” -Cristina

“Thank you so much for the amazing tips, it surely helps to be a better mom.” -Estrella

“I love this article! It’s very true and helpful. Some days it’s hard to know if I’m doing it right. Though I know no parent is perfect and every day it will seem like there are parenting fails, but there can also be many successes… Thanks for sharing this article!” -Shannon

“Very well said! Being a mom is a tough job and we have to set ourselves to do the very best we could for our children. I’m far from perfect but I’m getting a little better every day, a work in progress. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post Nina!” -Veronica

1. Patient

With patience, you’re less likely to yell or say things you might regret, especially when it’s crunch time in the morning and you need to get out the door. Being a patient mom is key when it comes to motherhood.

You’re also more likely to accept your child’s behavior, from taking forever to put on his shoes to him testing his boundaries. Patience reminds you that his behavior isn’t outright defiance—it’s part of his and growing independence.

Put it into practice:

  • Take breaks! When I feel myself getting frustrated, I’ll tell my boys, “Mommy needs space. I’m going to my room, and I’ll be right back!” It beats the alternative: getting frustrated and losing my temper (then feeling guilty it).
  • Slow down. It’s okay not to get everything done this second. Putting so much on yourself causes unnecessary stress. Be kind to yourself—it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get those bills paid/dishes washed/bed made this instant.
  • Practice how to respond calmly. Think about your patience with other people besides your kids. You may not be so snappy with your spouse, friends, or co-workers—don’t behave any differently with your kids.

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2. Respectful

It’s easy to be snarky, bossy, sarcastic, or disrespectful to our kids, in ways we would never want other to treat them. So why do we do it?

Respect your child for being the unique person he is, not an extension of you. He’s a wonderful, independent person with a budding personality, his own tastes, likes and dislikes, wants and needs.

You might clash over ideals and opinions and disagree more than once, but these are never reasons to treat him any less respectfully.

Put it into practice: Think of how you communicate with him. Then, take a look at this video where I share three important questions you should ask yourself to see if you’re truly being respectful:

Powerful, isn’t it? And if the answer is no to these questions, then it’s time to change course.

Learn 3 ways we unintentionally disrespect kids.

3. Strong

Motherhood takes an emotional toll on even the strongest of women. Fueling your inner strength and being the rock your child can rely on become even more important than ever.

She needs you to reassure her fears and anxieties, to be the one constant that will make transitions less worrisome. That she’ll always have a place to go for comfort. You’re the steadying force in what can feel like a chaotic, confusing world.

So, how do you find strength to be there for her when you barely have enough for yourself?

Put it into practice: Be calm and reasonable. In times of crisis, don’t freak out. One time, I was stuck in our apartment elevator with my son. I knew the elevator did this from time to time, but feeling trapped was still not a good feeling.

If I had been alone, I would’ve had a nervous breakdown: elevated heartbeat, sweaty palms, feeling helpless. But I knew I needed to be strong with him right next to me. My mind went straight into logic mode, and I ran through the steps to get us out of there.

I had to push my worries and fears aside so he would know we were okay—that this was nothing to worry about, and that we’d get out (and of course we did).

Check out these 8 leadership qualities of a mother.

4. Humble

We’re not infallible, so we shouldn’t try to behave like we are.

There’s nothing worse than letting pride get the best of you. Kids need to know that adults make mistakes too. Have you ever tried to cover up something you did because you were embarrassed of letting your kids see?

You can’t expect them to own up to their own mistakes if you never do so to yours. Use this as an opportunity to model how to apologize, even if just so that they can learn how to do the same to others. Be gracious and humble, and they will, too.

Humility is a gentle reminder that we’re on a path of lifelong learning.

Put it into practice:

  • Apologize for your mistakes. Swallowing your pride and saying you’re sorry can be difficult, especially with your kids. But think of the example you’re setting for them—and the kind of people you’d want them to be.
  • Don’t always try to be right. It’s easy to get into power struggles when you insist on “winning.” Learn to see their point of view and stop focusing on being right all the time.

5. Empathetic

Empathy is the ability to understand and even share what other people must be feeling. Responding to your child with empathy makes you wonder why he behaved the way he did, instead of launching into full-on discipline mode.

You see, if you’re like many parents, you get sucked into power struggles when he misbehaves. Your eyebrows furrow, you raise your voice, your hands are on your hips. You’ve lined up your arguments and feel all patience draining.

It’s you versus him. And if we’re being honest, it’s an unfair battle when we know who’s going to dominate (hint: you). But when you discipline with empathy, you’re not out to win or lose. Instead, you’re on the same side.

Imagine a teacher and a student gearing up for a big test. The teacher isn’t trying to outdo the student by taking the test and “winning.” Instead, she’s giving him the tools he’ll need to take the test himself and succeed.

Teacher and student are on the same side, just as parent and child should be. This isn’t a battle to be won—you’re both on the same journey.

Put it into practice:

  • Ask why your child is behaving this way. Chances are, an underlying reason you haven’t even thought about is lurking beneath his behavior.  Think about what he must be feeling and put yourself in his shoes. Would you have behaved the same way if it were you?
  • Validate your child. Show or tell him you understand what he must be feeling. Often we just want to be heard—your child is no different.

Learn why every parent needs to show empathy to their kids.

6. Authoritative

A good mom knows how to be responsive and nurturing, while also showing authority and setting high expectations. After all, kids need boundaries to explore within safe confines.

When my little one started crawling, his pediatrician told me, “It’s your job to set boundaries, and it’s his job to explore within those boundaries.” That advice goes well into toddlerhood and beyond, don’t you think?

It’s our job as parents to provide resources and support so we can set our kids up to learn and grow. Being authoritative is a balance of warmth and support with consistency and high expectations.

Put it into practice:

  • Follow through with consequences. Inconsistency will confuse your child. She won’t know what to expect and might act out even more, especially when her actions aren’t met with consistent discipline.
  • Set your expectations and make sure she knows what they are. She can’t be held responsible if she doesn’t know what’s expected of her.
  • Give choices. Choices will empower and allow her to take ownership of her actions. She’ll be more inclined to comply if the choice was something she decided to do rather than something she was forced to.

Get more tips about how to practice authoritative parenting.

7. Supportive

If you struggle with control, this one might be tough to hear.

Because we can raise our kids to follow our values, interests, and principles, but at the end of the day, we can’t form who they are as a person. Forcing them into interests or personalities that are more aligned with ours doesn’t respect their own passions.

Put it into practice:

  • Encourage and show interest in your child’s hobbies and passions. Be involved. Provide resources she needs to further her talents, passions, and interests.
  • Work with her temperament, instead of forcing her to mold to yours.

Read more about how to support your child’s interests.

8. Loving

My son and I were busy scribbling in notebooks—he with his sketches and me writing notes for this article. He stopped midway and asked, “What are you writing about?”

“An article about what makes a good mom.” I said. Then I paused and asked him, “What do you think makes a good mom?”

Without skipping a beat, he responded, “Love.”

Isn’t that so true? Kids don’t need a ton of things, but a mother’s love is essential.

It’s the language that reassures them they belong in this world and to your family unit. Love binds the unspoken words that say so many things, from tending to a scraped knee to “I-love-you-to-the-moon-and-back” love.

You see, most of us agree we love our kids unconditionally. But do they know that? We smother them with kisses during happy times only to send them away to a timeout when they’re upset.

As I say in my book, Parenting with Purpose:

“We can’t judge their emotions, hugging and kissing them when they’re happy but withholding affection when they’re angry. Our kids will think, ‘Mom kisses me when I feel happy or excited, but then yells or ignores me when I feel sad, angry, or scared.’ We need to love and support them through all emotions—happy or sad, silly or angry.

It boils down to this: The times we least feel like loving our kids are when they need us the most.”

Be there for your child, through all her emotions. She’ll know every one of her feelings are welcome. You don’t pick and choose which ones you’d like her to feel, or withhold your affection when she’s upset.

She knows you love her no matter what, from tickles to tantrums, from “I love you’s” to hurtful words.

She’ll also feel like she can be herself. She doesn’t have to pretend or hide because she knows you accept her for who he is. The more confident she feels about your affection, the less she’ll misbehave.

Reassure her you love her no matter what. That you’ll help her through her worst storms and won’t abandon her when she needs you most—even when she wakes up on the wrong side of the bed.

Put it into practice:

  • Convey that you love her no matter what, even when she’s in the middle of a meltdown or when she makes mistakes.
  • Remind her that you love her for being who she is. Make sure she knows she doesn’t have to do anything to prove it. Just being born is enough to deserve love.


I can’t think of any other time when being a mom is scrutinized the way it is these days. Motherhood is on display 24/7 thanks to social media, the news, even gossip.

We wage mommy wars on one another, and hear differing opinions on everything, from everyone. Living in the information age has its perks, but you can have too much of a good thing.

But in the midst of all the crazy, what makes for a good mom—and a good person—are the basic characteristics of who we are. The qualities of a mother we’d want to pass on to our kids as well.

We may not always get this mom thing right, but with these qualities—empathy, strength, and love, among others—we see we’re doing better than we thought.

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Characteristics for a woman mother sample. Characteristics of a family for awarding

In what cases do you need a good reference for a mother of many children?

For the birth and upbringing of several children, parents can receive state awards. At the federal level, this is the Order of Parental Glory, which is awarded to families raising (raised) 7 children. In many regions of our country, the awarding of the Mother's Glory medal is also envisaged. This award can be awarded to mothers of many children who, as a rule, have at least 5 children (each subject of the Russian Federation has its own requirements for the number). When presenting an order or medal, a one-time monetary incentive is paid. nine0003

Only those women who:

  • fulfilled their parental duties at a high level;
  • cared for the moral and physical development of children, for them to receive a quality education and to improve their health;
  • instilled diligence in children, respect for other people, society and the state;
  • introduced children to sports and art;
  • by example showed children the value of family relationships. nine0010

Therefore, the number of documents sent to the authorities for awarding must include characteristics for a mother of many children . This document allows you to determine whether a woman is truly worthy of receiving an award for raising children. The characteristic is made by the organization initiating the award (for example, the local administration).

What information is reflected in the characteristics of a mother of many children for awarding?

It happens that the regulatory act of the subject of the Russian Federation, which regulates the conditions and procedure for awarding a medal to parents with many children, establishes a questionnaire template or characteristics for persons applying for an award. If such a template is not approved, the characteristic is drawn up in free form. nine0003

However, in both cases, the following information should be reflected in the characteristic:

  1. Last name, first name, patronymic, year of birth of each child.
  2. Description of how the process of raising children went (and is going on now if there are minors among them). In particular, it can be pointed out that in addition to general education, the guys studied at an art, music or sports school. It is also worth writing about the fact that on weekends the family visited exhibitions, museums, cinemas, a zoo, went out into nature, etc. Tell how the children got involved in family work, helping their mother around the house and in the garden. It is also necessary to write about how parents developed moral qualities in children (respect for elders, patriotism, responsibility, etc.). nine0010
  3. No less important is the section of characteristics, which shows how the children grew up as a result of their upbringing. Regarding adult (working) children, it is necessary to indicate what specialty they received, where and by whom they currently work, how significant their labor activity is for society. If they received diplomas, letters of thanks at the place of work, this is also reflected in the characteristics. If adult children are in a registered marriage and have their own children, then this must be written about. If one of the children, in addition to work, is engaged in socially useful activities (charity, helping homeless animals, etc. ), these facts can also be indicated in characteristics for a mother of many children .
  4. If there are children of school age, as well as full-time students, write about their participation in the creative and sports life of the educational institution, about the awards received. If children study "good" and "excellent", information about this also does not hurt to be reflected in the characteristic.

The main thing is that all the information reflected in the document is true.

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for the opportunity to encourage citizens who raise a large number of children, and at one stage of this procedure, a characteristic is provided for a woman, a mother of many children. Family and motherhood are under the protection of the state - this is the norm of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Families with many children are entitled to receive a number of benefits and allowances upon receipt of a certificate of a large family. nine0003

In this article we will give an example of a characteristic for a woman - a mother of many children for rewarding. Please note that each region has the right to independently determine the type of award, the grounds for receiving it and the list of required documents. In any case, the characteristic of a woman - a mother of many children, is always included in this list. There are also federal awards - the Order of Parental Glory, the Order of Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom, etc.

An example of a characteristic for a woman, a mother of many children


of a mother of many children, Slavyantseva Marina Anatolyevna, born on March 23, 1975, higher education, raising 6 children, living at the address: Tomsk Region, Yegoryevsky District, s. Novogorievka, st. Rabochaya, 1 (since 1997)

Slavyantseva Marina Anatolyevna is a mother of many children and brings up 6 children, including 2 adopted children:

  1. Slavyantseva Viktoria Yuryevna, born on 11. 02.1998,
  2. Slavyantsev Afanasy Yurievich, 07/15/2000,
  3. Slavyantsev Bogdan Yurievich, 09/11/2002,
  4. Slavyantsev Dmitry Yurievich, 08/16/2005,
  5. Slavyantseva Kira Yurievna, born February 15, 2009 (Adoption Decision 2010),
  6. Slavyantsev Igor Yurievich, born 11/17/2009 (adoption decision of 2010).

Marina Anatolyevna does not currently work, as she devotes all her time to raising children. He has a higher education as an accountant, knows English and French, has a musical education. nine0003

The family is complete, lives in a comfortable 5-room house. All children are provided with sleeping and working places, a play area. Mom protects and ensures the interests of children, creates conditions for their upbringing and development, constantly spends time with the children when they are not attending school, controls the school success of their children. Moral health, respect and care for each other are the main life guidelines for all her children. Children recognize their mother's authority, love and respect her. Marina Anatolyevna is a model for her children, modest, hardworking. nine0003

Children are always neat, fed, cheerful. They help each other with pleasure, the elders take care of the younger ones. The eldest child, Slavyantseva Victoria, is a graduate of MBOU secondary school No. 1 with. Novoegoryevka (medal with honors), currently enrolled in the 1st year of Moscow State University with a degree in Journalism. Slavyantsev Afanasy also graduated from school with honors, plans to enter St. Petersburg State University.

Other children also show excellent achievements in studies, are winners of competitions and competitions, participate in the sports life of the district. They are members of the district sports teams in basketball and volleyball. They take an active part in public life. nine0003

Slavyantseva Marina Anatolyevna brings up children in the spirit of respect for the Motherland, patriotism. Independently engaged in their musical education and the study of foreign languages. All children perfectly play musical instruments, are engaged in drawing, speak English. Children are trained to work.

The family takes an active life position. All its members provide assistance to needy residents of the village, take care of disabled neighbors.

Head of Labor Department

and Social Security Administration

s. Novogoryevskoe K.S. Semenov

What is a characteristic for a woman, a mother of many children

As mentioned above, the level of awards for mothers of many children can be different. To clarify the grounds for the award and the list of necessary documents, who should draw up and how the characteristic for a woman, a mother of many children is certified, it is necessary to contact the social protection authorities at the place of residence. Almost all regions provide such an award as the Mother's Glory medal. nine0003

Along with the description of the body that initiated the awarding of a woman, a recommendation from the place of work, from the place of study of children, from the place of residence, certified by the chairman of the HOA, can also be provided. If the regulation approved a template for such a document, then, of course, it is necessary to request the appropriate form and fill it out according to the model. If not, you can use the proposed example and the algorithm for compiling a characteristic for a mother of many children.

Algorithm for compiling characteristics for a woman, mother of many children

The document is drawn up on a sheet of A 4 format, preferably in typewritten text. The characteristic for a woman should include the following information (and it is important to be ready to document them):

  1. Full name. mother, date of birth, place of residence and since what time (usually, for awarding, a condition is put forward for permanent residence in the region for at least a certain number of years)
  2. Full name all children, including adopted children - in accordance with birth certificates
  3. Living conditions of the family, methods of education
  4. Academic success, additional education for children, possibly a place of work for those who have reached the age of majority
  5. Moral principles of education
  6. Public benefit activities

If older children are already working, and their merits are marked with diplomas or letters of thanks, this must be indicated in the description of a mother of many children, as well as her or them engaging in charitable activities. Of course, documents of such mothers of large families who are deprived of parental rights, limited in parental rights, registered in connection with alcoholism, drug addiction, convicted of crimes will not be considered for the award. The main thing in rewarding mothers of many children is not the very fact of the birth of children, but their worthy upbringing and care for them. nine0003

A testimonial is signed for a woman, a mother of many children, usually the head of the body that initiated the award.

tatiana morozova
Characteristics for a parent (father) for the competition "Fatherhood - a duty and a gift"

Sometimes such documents have to be written.


contestants « Fatherhood is a duty and a gift » Fateev Vladimir Alekseevich.

Fateev Vladimir Alekseevich - father of Nikita Fateev, a pupil of the senior group of the kindergarten. nine0003

Nikita came to kindergarten in the second junior group. The boy is open, cheerful, friendly, finds contact with all children, loves to communicate with adults. Parents Nikita are good people. Nikita's mother, Svetlana Nikolaevna, is a cheerful, kind woman, she works as a private entrepreneur. Nikita's dad is an employee of a private security company, and before retiring he served in the Plavsky District Department of Internal Affairs, a man with a military bearing, with a decisive character . The eldest son, Artem, is the successor of his business father , chose the profession of an investigator. The guy has a positive influence on his younger brother, he wants to be like him in everything.

Vladimir Alekseevich is an example for his children in everything. Neat, smart, hardworking, friendly, leads a healthy lifestyle and introduces children to this : taught both sons to skate and swim. The eldest son Artem is a participant in swimming and athletics competitions. Vladimir Alekseevich was fond of hockey in his youth, and even now he plays in amateur competitions; did weightlifting. And how does he teach his son Nikita to order? Not every housewife has such an order as Nikita has in a locker in kindergarten! All things are in their places. If dad makes something, son Nikita helps nearby. nine0003

In communication with his son, Vladimir Alekseevich is attentive, tactful, always listens to his son, answers his questions; - acts as an equal interlocutor. Son shares his successes and failures with father . It can be seen that the child trusts his father in everything, there is complete understanding between them. With other children, Nikita's father is friendly and benevolent.

Vladimir Alekseevich - our assistant in all cases : made stands for decoration of the group, for a theatrical corner cut out the heads of nursery rhyme characters from plywood (cow, calves, kids, attached to sticks - wheelchair toys turned out; built a boat with a steering wheel to play on the site.

Nikita's father is a frequent guest at our holidays and entertainment.

"What you sow, so shall you reap" - this proverb, by the way, reflects our story about fathers and children . After all, how you raise a child depends only on parents ! Paternity - a great mission for parents !

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To the soundtrack of the song "Victory Day" music. D. Tukhmanov, children of the senior and preparatory groups for school enter the hall, perform a festive one.

Direct educational activities with children of the preparatory group "So different and so similar" Educational area "Socialization" Program content: to cultivate a benevolent attitude, tolerance, interest and respect for.

Legal documents regulating the activities of a preschool educational organization 1. Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation dated August 26, 2010 No. 761n “On Approval of the Unified Qualification. nine0003

Legal documents regulating the requirements for the professional competence of teachers Recently, society has made high demands on the quality of education and the professional level of teachers. Special.

Normative and organizational-methodical documents in the activity of a physical culture instructor. "Regulatory and organizational-methodical documents in the activity of a physical culture instructor". In the legal framework of the physical. nine0003

The Petrov family consists of four people:

  • Father, full name, higher education, place of work, position.
  • Mother, full name, higher education, place of work, position.
  • Daughter, full name, school student number, class.
  • Son, full name, school number, class.

The Petrov family can be described as a prosperous family, raising their children. The main goal in the family is the child.

The democratic style of education dominates in the family. The requirements for children are consistent, there are no special discrepancies in instilling values ​​or transferring experience. nine0003

Educational activities are very well controlled in the family. Daughter Daria is studying for "5" and "4". Her parents help her with her homework, regularly attend parent meetings.

Parents pay special attention to improving the health of their children. Together with children, they often visit the skating rink and swimming pool of the Lider. On weekends in winter, the whole family goes skiing in the forest.

Daria's daughter is involved in a dance club, attends athletics and swimming classes. nine0003

Parents pay great attention to educating their children to respect the history of their family. Daughter Daria, together with her parents, compiled a family tree of her kind up to the 6th generation (great-great-great-grandmother and great-great-grandfather). With her work on the study of the history of her family, Daria took part in various competitions:

  • district stage of the regional historical research competition "My family in the history of the country" 1st place (2011)
  • regional competition of research and creative works "I know the world" 3rd place (2011)
  • interdistrict scientific and practical conference "First Steps into Science" - participation (2012)
  • Fair "Our origins" nomination "My family origins - participation (2011)
  • regional competition of creative works "Centuries Connecting thread" - participation (2011)
  • regional competition of presentations "Family dynasty" 1st place (2015)

The Petrov family takes part in regional and district family creative competitions:

  • regional photo contest "Conversation about proper nutrition" - gratitude for participation (2014)
  • district photo contest "Cause time - fun hour" 3rd place (2015)
  • regional stage of the children's and youth design art competition "Art Deco" - 2nd place (2011)
  • district photo contest "Together with mom" - participation (2012)
  • regional competition "The best Sergach family" - (2012)
  • district photo contest "Talk about proper nutrition" - 3 place (2015)

Daria's daughter also takes an active part in competitions at various levels: (2012)

  • regional competition of drawings and photographs “Water. Save!" - participation
  • district quiz "About birds" - 1st place (2012)
  • district stage of the regional competition "Young Researcher" - 3rd place (2011)
  • district competition "Art Deco" - participation (2014)
  • regional conference "Step into Science" - participation (2014)
  • For success in raising children, the Petrov family was awarded a Letter of Appreciation from the Department of Social Protection and the Department of Education of the Sergachsky Municipal District, a Letter of Appreciation from the Administration and the Zemsky Assembly of the Sergachsky Municipal District, and a Certificate of Honor. nine0003

    For the full text of the material Characteristics of the family for the award, see the download file .
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    Sample characteristics of a mother of many children


    Derevyanchenko Oksana Yuryevna,

    mother of many children,

    raising 5 children,

    living at the address:

    1st Rabochaya St., 39 apt. 47.

    Derevyanchenko Oksana Yurievna is a mother of many children. She alone brings up five minor children, three of whom study at MBOU secondary school No. 35 of the Artyomovsky city district (Vasina Yulia, born in 2000 - 9th grade, Derevyanchenko Alexandra, 2005 - 3rd grade, Derevyanchenko Lena, 2007. b. - 1st grade), one child studies at MBOU secondary school No. 35 in Vladivostok (Kirill Derevyanchenko, born in 2004 - 4th grade) and the youngest child (Roman Derevyanchenko, born in 2010) attends kindergarten No. 20. nine0003

    The family lives in a well-appointed two-room apartment, which has recently been refurbished. Comfort and order reign. All children are provided with sleeping places, a corner for playing and preparing lessons

    Oksana Yuryevna has a secondary education, does not work, as she is engaged in raising children. The family is registered as low-income, the mother receives benefits for children in case of loss of a breadwinner.

    For several years, the Derevyanchenko family was registered as dysfunctional, since Oksana Yuryevna did not take care of her children and drank alcohol. In 2014, the family was deregistered because Oksana Yuryevna proved with her behavior and attitude towards children that she can be a caring and attentive mother who loves her children. nine0003

    At present, a mother realizes her rights and obligations in relation to children: she protects and ensures the interests of children, creates conditions for their upbringing and development, constantly spends time with the children when they do not attend school or kindergarten. Children come to educational institutions well-groomed, neat. All have the necessary school supplies, educational printed materials. Oksana Yuryevna constantly monitors the school success of her daughters and son, attends parent meetings, escorts the children to school and meets after school. She is constantly engaged in raising her children, so moral health, respect and care for each other become the main life guide for all her children. nine0003

    The relationship between children and mother is friendly and trusting. Children recognize their mother's authority, love and respect her. Oksana Yurievna is a role model for her children. She is responsive, sensitive, conscientious, diligent, persistent in achieving her goals, has self-esteem, self-criticism, modest, honest. they need to follow these standards always and in everything. nine0003

    All children of Oksana Yuryevna are neat, clean and well-mannered. They are very inquisitive, have a wide range of interests, and are happy to participate in extracurricular school activities.

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