Buzzfeed character quiz

Character Quiz

After all, it IS the brown girls from Jersey City who save the world!

Sumedha Bharpilania

If it's Shiva from Brahmastra, you'd both get along like a house on fire!

Sumedha Bharpilania

This is the most accurate personality test you'll ever take.

Spencer Althouse

Find out here!

Morgan Murrell

Is your soulmate a Sameer or a Vinod?

Sahil Rizwan

Are you sure this person was on the show? 👀🤔

Shivani Agrawal

Manhattan or Brooklyn?

Sam Cleal

Sorry, you don't get ten rings by the end of this quiz.

Md Aqib Khan

Are you a Phoendler or a Chanoey????

Anamika Haridas

We are ALL shades of the Friends cast.

Sam Cleal

“One must champion oneself and say, ‘I am ready for this!'”

Sumedha Bharpilania

Welcome to the family!


Iss quiz ne bana di jodi!

Sumedha Bharpilania

Alina? Mal? The Darkling?

Sam Cleal

You've got red on you.


Are you more Cicely or Coco?

Morgan Murrell

Lady Whistledown would know!


And then there were three!

Shyla Watson

Are you more Journey or Jeronicus?

Morgan Murrell

Dom? Sid? Leila?


I'm definitely no help in this one.

Audrey Engvalson

"Ugh, as if."


What does their reflection ~ really ~ show?

Farrah Penn


Allie Hayes

Are you more like Sirius Black or Mad-Eye Moody?


More like Kat-Tris.


Molly or Issa?

Tiffany Bey

"Take THAT, Bembridge scholars!" —You at this quiz, probably

Allie Hayes

Beneath all the highlighter lies a hero.

Sam Cleal

Do you have what it takes?

Morgan Murrell

Are you just like Thanos, Cap, and Groot?


"Power Puffs save the day!"


Bob... is that you?


Never have I ever taken a better quiz.

Shyla Watson

Rise and shine.


Aragorn, is that you?

Bella Javier

Boom, boom, ciao.

Isha Bassi

Clear eyes, full hearts.


From the Crystal Gems to residents of Beach City, can you remember them all?

Whitney Jefferson

Call me, beep me, if ya wanna reach me.


Tacos or pasta?


"I want the rest of my life to feel just like a high school musical. "

Kaleb Mayer

BuzzFeed quizzes are a girl's best friend.

Allie Hayes

Who will it be?


Put your dancing shoes on.


You can only be one.

Lauren Yapalater

The Cat Lady has spoken.

Shyla Watson

Are you more Sabina, Jane, or Elena?

Morgan Murrell

You can ~bet on~ your results.

Ehis Osifo

"They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky..."

Morgan Murrell

Are you more like Tess or Jake?


Are you more Simba, Scar, Timon or Pumbaa?

Jenna Guillaume

Don't be a Muggle.

Ehis Osifo

14 seasons worth of characters is A LOT, so do your best my wayward sons.

Olivia McMahon

Let's find out!

Shyla Watson

Just say the word. ..

Christian Zamora

"Move it, Football Head!"

Morgan Murrell

"If you don't watch Grown-ish, I'm coming to your house and kicking your ass." - Luka Sabbat

Morgan Murrell

*Insert gif of Annalise picking up her purse and leaving the room*

Ehis Osifo

So many good options!

Shyla Watson

Are you more Willowdean, El, Millie or Bo?

Jenna Guillaume

Are you more of a Stacey or a Margaret?

Jenna Guillaume

🎶 For yoooOOOoouuu (ooOOOooo) 🎶

Jenna Guillaume




Jenna Guillaume

Break a leg.

Jamie Jones

Are you more of a Cassius or Detroit?

Jamie Jirak

If you get a perfect score, you might get a No-Belle prize.


It's all about the boots and Oreos.

Jenna Guillaume

~Thank you for being a friend.~

Jenna Guillaume

So many options!

Jamie Jirak

~I don't wanna wait~.

Jenna Guillaume

Are you more Zelda or Amphibian Man?

Luis Del Valle

Good luck, friends!

Jamie Jirak

There's a lot of 'em.

Erin Chack

Netflix's The OA has some of the best characters, but which one are you most like? Take this quiz to get a glimpse at your invisible self.

Jennifer Newfield

This is the hunt.


Sorry, Ned Stark is not an option in this quiz.

Andy Golder

Avatar quiz, yip yip!

Anna Menta


How refreshing!


Winona supremacy, honestly.


Let's see how accurate this is...


You're giving off work boot vibes.


You're such a gem!


Are you a lot like Saul Goodman?

Mugdha Kusray

Happy people just have the best aesthetics!


Hey, nobody's perfect!


If you prefer brown rice over white, you're totally outgoing.


This quiz will help you get to know yourself a little better!


That's right, friends, this quiz is free of spoilers!

nat & el

You're giving off major blue energy!


Donut worry, all of the results are good!


Fame and fortune are headed your way!


Let's see if you're more actor or hitman!

Shamindri De Sayrah

We're about to spill the tea.


I know we all love Anthony, but we can’t all be Kate Sharma.


I've heard a lot about the Roaring Twenties...

Caroline Cahill

This is the most accurate personality test you'll ever take.

Spencer Althouse

Don't be too salty if you don't get the result you want!


I think everyone would like to be a part of this fam!


Forget cool colors, it's time for the warm ones to shine!


This is the freshest quiz around!


You probably won't relate to any of these statements if you're an introvert. ..


There are no bad results on this quiz!


You're either a glass-half-full person or a glass-half-empty person...


If you do what you love, you'll never work another day in your life!


This quiz *nose* all.


Honestly, you're ~everything~.


No matter what year we're in, we're all a little snacky.


If you're feeling blue, I hope this quiz can cheer you up. 💙

La Peligrosa

A Spider-Man is nothing without his S.O.!


Some yearning? A little sprinkle of angst?

Shivani Agrawal

Maybe you were born to be in Boston!


I'm sorry, but Aquamarine was a cultural reset.


Let's find out how other people see you!


Hawaiian pizza people are just the sweetest!


Shine bright like a diamond!


We love a good slidey quiz...


If you're still adding elaichi to chai, we need to talk.

Shivani Agrawal

IDK what's harder, getting into college or surviving it.


Once a horse girl, always a horse girl...


This is the fall-girl shopping spree of your dreams.


I can't be the only one who uses humor to cope!!!

Caroline Cahill

If you don't like mac 'n' cheese, please, don't even approach this quiz...


Just take me back to 2007, please.


I just want to know if Beyoncé is more left or right-brained...


Just don't hesitate when answering questions. Trust yourself!


Neigh, neigh, bee-yotch.


Please, please don't get offended.


If you skip breakfast, I know exactly what you are.


Because every main character is different!


We're all hot in our own ways.


If you're the one who asks to speak to the manager, it's definitely not looking good...


And everything nice!


This quiz has all the answers...for real.


Friends (and movie choices) don't lie. ..


We can't ALL get "All Too Well"!


You can't be both!


Let's be real, Virgos are most likely to shower out of all the zodiac signs...

Kelly Hoàng

Sip, sip!


I don't know if i want to be like Carlisle or be with him, TBH...

Olivia D

The proof is in the pudding…literally.


If you're gonna be extra and pop some fresh popcorn, I already know your personality type.


I scream for ice cream and eye-candy!


Everyone's got some royalty in them!


Right now my current mood is: HANGRY.


L.W. could be thinking of you right now. ..


"I don't think I've ever met someone who owns horses whose entire existence didn't solely revolve around the fact that they own horses."

Morgan Sloss

I mean, we all have *some* toxic traits...


Type B people are all about brownies.


Sometimes introverts just want a caffeine buzz.


Your watch list is about to grow.

Jenna Guillaume

Every result on this quiz is pretty...sweet!


Wow, peanut butter pie sounds so good right now...


Sorry, but we can't ALL be a girlboss.


Time to choose between a fruity perfume and a floral one.


This quiz will guess your generation to a tee!

Salimah McCullough

XOXO, Lady Whistledown.


The results are incredibly detailed and accurate.

Spencer Althouse

Maybe you were a wild one...


Blend it up, baby.


If you're the oldest, middle, or youngest child...prepare to be exposed. 👀

Liz Richardson

Bon Appétit!


This is for people who are obsessed with planning their future wedding.


I hope you don't find this too ~cheesy~, but there's so much to love about you!


Let's see 'HOW YOU DOIN'...


Berlin or Paris.


Soup is perfect for a rainy day!


Who doesn't love a good sandwich?!


“None of us want to go back to the restrictive clothing we used to wear. Is this focus on comfort something we see staying around—or will we be back in heels and underwires by the end of the year?”

BuzzFeed Daily

Cute decorations come in a close second to cute animals.


Let's get ~caffeinated~.


We can't all be mac 'n' cheese...


Your street food choices reveal a lot of things about you!

Sumedha Bharpilania

Let's see what you get!


Introverts LOVE staying up late.


I bet you're a bright color!


The cookies know you better than you know yourself.

Pablo Valdivia

Time to find out if you're Meredith or Derek!


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Create personality and Buzzfeed-like quizzes with SnowQuiz

Until now, you've been able to use SurveyNuts to create beautiful surveys and questionnaires that you can embed on your website or short surveys.

Today (April 2018) we have launched a separate site SnowQuiz dedicated only to creating quizzes! In the past year, quizzes with fascination and fun quizzes have been sweeping the internet on media sites like BuzzFeed. Or as a way for brands to reach their audience on social media. The reason is that, when done right, quizzes provide a way to interact with the community in a simple and refreshing way.

To create quizzes on SnowQuiz, you must start by creating a standard questionnaire with a series of questions. After the poll is created, you can visit the "Quiz" section on the left side of the admin panel. This page has two main parts.

First, the result profiles.

Quiz Section / Results Profiles

Here you set the types of results that will be displayed once the respondents have submitted their answers. For example, if you put together a quiz titled "Which Superhero Are You?", you can add 4 result profiles for Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman. You must select a name and an HTML message for each result profile. The name isn't important because it won't be displayed to the respondent, but it will help set things up in your dashboard. Thus, you should choose a short name, one or two words. The HTML message is the important part. Respondents will see it. You can post a standard text message or add links and images and whatever you see fit. We have an interactive HTML editor which is very easy to use (WYSIWYG / WWWWETCHWP: what you see is what you get).

Secondly, the "points" system.

Quiz Section / Scoring System

Once the score profiles are set, the scoring system will allow you to assign more points to each answer on your questionnaire. For example, in a superhero questionnaire, if one of your questions is "What color do you prefer?", you can assign 2 points to "black" for the "Batman" profile and 2 points to red for the "Flash" profile and 1 point to red for " Superman (you know because he still has some red in his suit!)0003

The way it works is that after passing the test, SnowQuiz will automatically calculate all the scores assigned to the respondent's answer and display the outcome profile for which they scored the highest.

To create quizzes with SnowQuiz, you need the PLUS plan (prices here). Contact us via email ([email protected]) if you would like a 7-day free trial to test the product. You can also use other types of tests, such as quizzes and assessments, to show how many answers the respondent got correctly.

Start making quizzes and strengthen your brand. As BuzzFeed has shown, when used correctly, quizzes can be a very viral and addictive weapon!

An example of test results (what the respondent sees)

Why everyone is obsessed with online tests — Look At Me


Artyom Luchko

For the past few months, the Facebook feed has been flooded with the results of various kinds of tests in the format "What fruit are you" or "What country are you really from." All of them are a series of simple, unrelated, and certainly not scientific questions asking you to choose your favorite pastry or movie. After them, you get a sacred result - sometimes expected, and sometimes the most spontaneous.
With one easy click, you can brag to your friends on social networks that in fact it turned out that you are Daenerys Targaryen from the Game of Thrones and nothing else. And admit that you regularly sin with these tests, just like everyone else.

What do people look for

in psychological tests?

One of the popular tests on Buzzfeed

Psychological tests have been around for more than a decade. If earlier they often flashed on the spreads of women's and teenage magazines, now they have migrated to the Web. Experts say that the phenomenon of their popularity is not at all surprising, given the age-old need of each of us to find the answer to the question “who am I”, the constant desire to compare ourselves with others. In the era of social media, this need has increased especially strongly. Today, many people, surfing the Internet, are only busy thinking about who they really are, what they want from life and where they should go next.

The main advantage of this online test scoring system is that you can instantly share your result with hundreds of friends on social networks to get instant feedback.

The most popular tests can be divided into two categories. The essence of some tests lies in guessing some specific desire and characteristic features of the user. “What is your mental age?”, “What job is really right for you?” are some of the most popular online quizzes in Buzzfeed history. Pop culture-related quizzes, such as "Which Friends character are you," are also going viral. At the same time, when passing the test, a person already imagines in advance which of them he associates himself with, and very much hopes that the expectations will come true.

However, the experts are not sure which quizzes work better and which ones do worse. “It's really hard to guess. We're constantly surprised by what really takes off," said John Newlin, vice president of content at Livingly Media.

Popularity history

Zimbio. com quiz to find out which of the seven dwarfs you would be

The online quiz boom of the last year is largely due to the activities of great social media experts from the editors of In particular, Summer Ann Burton, who started working at the newsroom about two years ago. Burton now serves as the site's managing editorial director and oversees the site's most viral content, listings and quizzes, which are driving the site to record-breaking views.

Of all the posts that generate the most traffic, tests collect the most comments and shares on social networks. And 75% of users come from social networks. This trend was quickly picked up by other publications. For example, the quiz on the New York Times website “How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk”, dedicated to the study of what dialects people speak in different states of America, became the most popular article of 2013.

If you scroll through the 'Quiz' tag on Buzzfeed now, you can't help but be amazed at the variety of topics. “How much do you hate people?”, “Which contemporary artist are you?” “Is your cat worthy of becoming president?”, “What pair of denim shorts are you?” According to the employees of Buzzfeed, they were prompted to generate tests in such huge volumes as they are now, the publication of the test “Which heroine of the film Grease are you?” in the summer of 2013, which was included in the list of the most popular posts of the year.Later, in mid-January, a quiz called "Which city should you really live in?" went viral and it spread like wildfire.0003

Melissa Rosenthal, director of creative services at BuzzFeed, says that after completing one quiz, users immediately click on the next one. In addition, people cannot overcome the temptation and not share the result. This combination of addictiveness and active growth of shares results in millions of views.

Zimbio, another popular entertainment and celebrity resource, claims that traffic on the site has almost quadrupled since the launch of tests. "That's when we knew we had stumbled upon something special," said John Newlin of Livingly Media, which Zimbio is a part of. The Mashable website provided a traffic chart that clearly shows a peak associated with the publication of the "Which Disney Princess" quiz on January 15th.

High traffic began to attract advertisers, and now it is increasingly possible to find tests with advertising overtones on these sites, for example, “Which David Bowie are you?” by Spotify or Which Barbie Doll Are You?, created in partnership with Mattel.

How Quizzes Are Made

Quizzes at

Quizzes are overwhelmingly optimistic and light-hearted. And, after all, they are designed to only confirm how you see yourself, not to give a more or less objective assessment of who you really are. However, Summer Burton says that the test results are not at all as meaningless as they seem at first glance: “They are certainly not scientific. But what they say to people helps them reveal their identity a little better.

The trick to creating the most viral personality tests is similar to the art of writing a good horoscope. He must make as many people as possible believe that the answer applies to them personally. At the same time, many understand that there is absolutely no point in the results, but still they cannot stop taking these tests again and again.

Buzzfeed management admits they don't have set rules for creating tests, but the authors start by writing down the results and then work backwards based on common personality traits that each individual response can reveal. “If you take the Parks and Recreation test and you get Leslie Knope, that means you're enthusiastic,” says Burton. He explained that several adjectives that characterize a person are taken as the basis and the results are assigned to them. According to them, the answers to each question are selected.

It is curious that, after passing the next test, in a day you will not even remember “which One Direction soloist you are” and “what your favorite emoji icon says about you”.

Learn more