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10 Blogs to Spark Your Creativity

Recently, I’ve talked quite a bit about connecting to our creative selves. (Yes, everyone is creative!)

One way to access our creativity, I believe, is through inspiration from other amazing minds.

In honor of that, I wanted to share 10 blogs that help me get creative (this is by no means an exhaustive list), find tons of right answers and most importantly, get super-excited about the world and all there is to see.

In no particular order, they are:

1. Scoutie Girl.

This blog features interesting independent craft and design work. As their about page states, “Simply put, Scoutie Girl is the blog with a penchant for the passionately handmade.” The posts are always a lovely surprise. Topics include creative living and mindful spending.

2. Susannah Conway

Susannah is a writer and photographer who writes about everything from healing from grief to creativity to unraveling the layers of ourselves. Her photographs capture the beauty in the bits and pieces of everyday life. She also teaches an online course called Unravelling, which I’m currently taking (love it!).

On her about page, Susannah writes: “The healing path is one that never ends and it’s my hope that by sharing what I’ve learned I can help others reconnect to their own true selves, using photography as the key to unlock the door.”

3. One paragraph at a time

Maya Stein is a poet and writer. I first discovered her poetry in Patti Digh’s book Creative Is A Verb. And instantly fell in love. Here’s just the first stanza from her poem “Don’t Forget to Write.” (Her poems “To See This Clearly” and “Reluctant Poet” are must-reads, too!)

“While you are piecing together the map of your life,

stepping as nimbly as you can out of the mulch

of your thoughts, the busy traffic of your heart

while you attempt grace and magic and the blessing of

your soft surrendered kiss, while you are fathoming the stretch

you will need for the wide and rocky jungle of your own happiness,

while you are hunkering down to a piece of the dark break

and the odd, welcome relief of hunger,

don’t forget to write.

4. 3191 Miles Apart

Stephanie and MAV, friends who live 3191 miles apart, post anything and everything on simple living and things that inspire them — and continue to inspire me.

They see their blog as more of an online magazine. You’ll find “pieces on food and drink, our homes and everyday lives, our neighborhoods and our travels.”

5. The Creative Mind

Douglas Eby writes about the psychology of creativity and creative expression here at Psych Central. Specifically, the blog explores the psychology behind “…how well or how freely people are able to express themselves creatively – both professional artists and anyone who wants to develop and express their creative abilities.”

You’ll find topics such as personal growth, depression, perfectionism and thinking. Plus, there are many interesting interviews.

6. Creative Thursday

Full-time artist Marisa created Creative Thursday because of her love of all things creative. While working at a 9 to 5 job, she felt out of touch with her creativity. So she designated one day out of the week — Thursdays — for “fun and creativity!” The blog is now in its fifth year, and continues to be a great inspiration.

7. Pia Jane Bijkerk

A stylist, photographer and author, Pia, at her blog (house), shares recipes from her “kitchen,” books from her “library,” music from her “sound studio,” and the incredible beauty of places like Sydney, Amsterdam and Paris. Her photographs are breathtaking.

8. Creature Comforts

As blogger Ez writes on her about page, “This blog is all about celebrating the tiny details that make life so amazing and looking to find beauty in the unexpected.” Creature Comforts is exactly that, and a stunning, soothing and inspiring space.

9. Bakerella

This beautiful and fun blog provides a slew of sweet inspiration with photographs of delicious-looking and unique desserts.

Even if you don’t have any interest in baking, you’ll no doubt be wowed by Bakerella’s photos and inspired by the colors and shapes of her artful treats.

10. Mary Swenson: A scrapbook

Mary is a talented photographer and writer. Her blog posts are short but include elegant, colorful and gorgeous photos along with a few thoughts on her images, some of which, I think, read like little poems.

What blogs or websites spark your creativity? What else helps you connect to your creativity?

70 of the best blogs and platforms for creative inspiration in 2021

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Many times, we suffer creative block, struggling to figure out what to draw, design, or make next. No matter what our creative field, we all need regular inspiration to help us on our way.

The web is the perfect playground for exploring and being inspired by an endless range of art, illustration, photography, graphic design, and crafts. But finding those inspiring blogs can be difficult.

That's why we've painstakingly put together the following list of 70 of the best blogs for creative inspiration, so you never need to go elsewhere or waste hours of your precious time scouring the search engines. We've split this list into various creative fields for easy reference.

Please note, we first drafted this resource in 2011, back when blogs ruled the web. We've updated our recommendations for 2021, over a decade later, as some sites have sadly retired or been archived.

Graphic Design

1. Aisle One: An inspirational resource focused on graphic design, typography, grid systems, minimalism and modernism. I love the simplicity of this blog, and the things they share are very inspiring. It was last updated in 2017 but its archive still offers plenty of inspiration.

2. Shillington Design Blog: Brought to you by the people at Shillington, an international graphic design college with campuses in the UK, America and Australia, this blog is full of inspiring work, industry insights and people.

3. Abduzeedo: A successful and well-known popular blog about design, including plenty of inspiration and tutorials to support other creatives.

4. MIRADOR: Mirador is the image hunting work of Say What Studio, a graphic design duo based in Paris, France. They curate the most inspirational works out there and share them through this collection of projects.

5. I Love Typography: Just want to pour over fonts and drool at typography? Check out this popular blog showing off all the latest typefaces.

6. Logo Design Love: Stuck on a logo? Want some inspiration to help you out? Check out this blog, showing lots of different logos from around the globe.

7. We Made This: We Made This is brought to you by graphic designer Alistair Hall, sharing other people's inspiring work. Beautifully designed and always refreshing.

8. Graphic Exchange: Fabien Barral is a happy graphic designer whose innovative and unique designs attract clients from around the world. In 2008 he joined forces with his wife Frédérique to create "Harmonie intérieure", a business and brand that pushes poster and wall sticker design beyond the limits we expect from a commercial undertaking. Fabien also runs the "graphic-exchange" blog, a popular online venue for graphic designers.

9. The Design Blog: Founded, designed and curated by Ena Baćanović - a designer based in Zagreb - Croatia, The Design Blog brings you carefully picked high quality inspiration, featuring works of designers and design studios from all over the world.

10. Fonts in Use: It does exactly as you'd expect: shares work that uses fonts you love, offering heaps of inspiration for your next design projects.


11. Grain Edit: Grain edit is focused on classic design work from the 1950s-1970s and contemporary designers that draw inspiration from that time period. It's not been updated for some time but still provides a helpful archive.

12. Pikaland: Quirky, cute and fun – this blog has been going for quite some time and offers everything an illustrator needs, including interesting artwork to drool over and opportunities to collaborate and get involved.

13. Ape on the Moon: Alex Mathers and Philip Dennis are the people behind Ape on the Moon. A hugely popular source of inspiration for illustrators worldwide that went quiet in 2019 but has a trove of illustration work to ponder over.

14. BallPit: A recent newcomer with a simple format: inspiration and interviews with some of the most influential illustrators today.

15. Brown Paper Bag: An interesting blog that celebrates beautiful illustration in creative and clever ways, apparently.

16. Booooooom: This Canadian illustration blog is extremely playful, showcasing surreal and unusual illustration work that exudes creativity and provokes thought. Always worth checking for some indie art and illustration.

17. The AOI: The Association of Illustrators offers a news section where you can keep abreast of all the latest industry news from emerging and established talent.

18. Books By Its Cover: Love book cover illustration? This gorgeous, clean designed blog was created as a way to share a variety of art-related publications.

19. Illustration Age: Illustration Age regularly feature new, inspiring, and sometimes groundbreaking artwork from professional Illustrators all over the world.

20. AIGA Eye on Design: Eye on Design is published by AIGA, the professional association for design, the oldest and largest not-for-profit design organisation in the United States. Here, we recommend its Illustration section.


21. AdGoodness: A blog about advertising and graphic design by designer Frederik Samuel.

22. AdWeek: AdWeek is the leading source of news and insight serving the "brand marketing ecosystem", as it puts it. An essential read.

23. AdPulp: A blog by technologist Shawn Hartley, creative director David Burn and copywriter Dan Goldgeier on a mission to make better communications.

24. AdRants: This site shares advertising and marketing news while following the latest advertising trends.

25. The Ad Buzz: Advertising trends, interviews with leading ad people and tours around advertising agencies.

26. AdAge: One of your daily must-reads if you work in advertising or marketing. Founded in 1930, it continues to deliver award-winning journalism.

27. AdeeVee: Just want to browse through interesting adverts? This blog's for you.

28. Ads of the World: A decent blog that showcases all the latest advertising campaigns, which you can rate and talk about in the website's forum.

29. Adland: A website that gossips and rants about the advertising industry while collecting ads of all media for your reference.

30. Adverbox: Another great advertising blog to browse through for inspiration. I love the layout, and you can even get involved in rating different campaigns.


31. The Big Picture: Inspiring news stories in pictures, created by the picture editors at The Boston Globe in the US.

32. Guardian In Pictures: The Guardian's own popular 'news in pictures' section. And if you download the iPad app, you'll be able to follow 'pro tips', learning how to take similar shots.

33. 500px: An inspiring blog brought to you by photo community, 500px. Expect tips, advice and inspiring work from some of the world's best photographers.

34. iGnant: A creative blog with an inspiring photography section to browse through. They tend to share a lot of 'not safe for work' type stuff, but it's a great site nevertheless.

35. They Shoot Film: They Shoot Film is a photo collective started by two photographers, Patrice Esser (on sabbatical) and Garrick Fujii. They are based in San Francisco and Los Angeles, respectively.

36. One Big Photo: OneBigPhoto is your daily dose of high-quality photos.

37. Ain't Bad Magazine: Aint-Bad Magazine is a quarterly publication that promotes new photographic art. Founded in Savannah, Georgia, by five emerging photographers, the magazine seeks fresh photography and text in support of a progressive community of artists from around the world for our printed publication, a web-based forum, and periodic exhibitions and events.

38. Feature Shoot: Superb magazine based on all kinds of photography – fine art, portraits, documentary, still life... you name it, this is the website to visit daily.

39. Flickr Blog: The companion blog to Flickr, showcasing a huge range of photography from across the globe.

40. PetaPixel: Established in May of 2009, PetaPixel is a leading blog covering the wonderful world of photography. Check it out!


41. Juxtapoz: A beautiful website featuring emerging artists and illustrators, along with the occasional erotic artworks. A must.

42. Contemporary Daily Art: One of the most famous art blogs, offering a real dose of inspiration to art lovers worldwide.

43. Yatzer: Yatzer is a recommended magazine covering all creative fields, but we especially love its arts section. Always reliably inspiring.

44. Arrested Motion: Online magazine providing exclusive worldwide coverage of the low brow, urban and contemporary art scene on the daily.

45. We Heart: We Heart explores the intersections between arts and culture, and lifestyle, living and travel. A great one to add to your reading list.

46. Beautiful/Decay: A former printed publication that now has an online home, sharing the same exciting content that made Beautiful/Decay a widely loved and revered creative bible.

47. My Modern Met: My Modern Met is where art enthusiasts and trendspotters connect over creative ideas, established in 2008.

48. Colossal: Launched in 2010, Colossal is a Webby-nominated blog that explores art and other aspects of visual culture. And it's bloomin' lovely.

49. Hi-Fructose: Hi-Fructose is a quarterly print art magazine founded by artists, Attaboy and Annie Owens in 2005. Its online version is always worth a visit.

50. Aesthetica: A respected print and online magazine covering art, design, photography, architecture, music and film.

Interior Design

51. Design Milk: Renowned for its design insight into architecture and interiors, this classic blog began life in 2006 and has continued to evolve and inspire ever since.

52. Apartment Therapy: An American blog that covers just about anything and everything to do with interior design - an online bible for interior designers.

53. Design Hunter: A destination for those in search of "understated minimal style, everyday luxury and enduring modern design". Founded by interiors writer and stylist Helen Powell in 2009.

54. Mad About The House: Interior design lushness from Kate Watson-Smyth, a journalist and stylist who writes for The Financial Times, The Independent and Daily Mail.

55. The Design Files: The Design Files covers Australian design in all its forms; from architecture and interiors to gardens, food, fine art and craft.

56. The Selby: Todd Selby is a photographer, director, author and illustrator. His project, The Selby, offers an insider's view of creative individuals in their personal spaces with an artist's eye for detail.

57. The Fabric of My Life: A London interior stylist shares interesting images for inspiration.

58. Desire to Inspire: This is interior design heaven and up there with the very best blogs for inspiration. A must-read.

59. Decor8: One of our favourite interior design blogs, written by an American living in Germany.

60. Habitually Chic: Since its inception in 2007, interior designer Heather Clawson and her famous blog Habitually Chic have been featured in Elle Décor, House Beautiful, Domino, Lonny, Fast Company, and Amica magazines.

Additional Creative Reading

61. Ideas by TED: "Explore ideas worth spreading" reads the description on TED's popular blog. Learn how to get better at receiving feedback or how to make others feel more valued at work, or simply be inspired by some of its latest talks.

62. Fast Company: Some gems can be found in the Fast Company's varied content, particularly for those amongst us who run creative businesses. A recent design update has refreshed the entire site and made browsing a delight.

63. Dribbble: We always enjoy a dip into Dribbble's blog where you can discover tips and ideas around creativity. One recent article covered tips on winning freelance graphic design jobs while another looked at the online mistakes that could cost you your work. One for the bookmarks.

64. Sidebar: Not so much a blog in its own right, more a curation platform bringing some of the best content from around the web, Sidebar is especially helpful for designers.

65. Andy Budd: Some insightful stuff from designer Andy Budd to help you keep informed of the latest trends and developments in the ever-changing design industry.

66. Darius Foroux: Intelligent writing from Darius Foroux, who loves to cover productivity, business, and wealth-building – all the good stuff.

67. The Spaces: A platform that explores new ways to live and work – just the sort of thing we creatives love. It's about digging deeper into the rich urban fabric of cities across the world and what the future holds for all of us.

68. Courier: Predominantly a print magazine, Courier does offer some online content that is well researched and written to help a "new generation of young entrepreneurs work and live on your own terms". Prepare to feel inspired.

69. Zen Habits: Leo Babauta brings us a regular dose of zen via his blog with articles that teach us to find a healthier, more balanced life.

70. Google Design: Google Design is a cooperative effort led by a group of designers, writers, and developers at Google. Here you'll find content that showcases its work but also champions innovators in the field.

Creativity Blog - LiveJournal

The problems of contemporary art and the place of the artist in it

The role of the artist in the modern world. Artists, curators, experts, critics and fashion columnists have broken so many spears on this topic that two or three African tribes would be enough for an active hunting season. However, focusing on the word "modern", many have stopped paying attention to the word "art".
What does it mean to "make art"? Tempt, open new boundaries and facets of perception of the world. Art, as a concept, cannot be modern or not modern - it finds (or does not find) a response in the soul of a person, encourages him to take a different look at himself and the world, come to new solutions. Art is wider than time frames, tendencies, terms and trends. ( Read more...Collapse )


"If you want to help someone, be sure that he is able to digest your help." nine0021

( Read more...Collapse )

Parodies and new taboos in art.

author Elena Poletaeva

Probably no one thought, but in relation to art there are certain "taboos" that are very fun to break. Especially with the advent of digital painting, this has become much easier to do. I'm talking about parodies - a modification of the works of famous masters. Previously, a person who bought a painting for a fabulous sum did not even think of taking and painting on the portrait of his great-great-grandmother, for example, a mustache. If there were such desires, maybe the grandmother was harmful, but no hand was raised to take and spoil a work of art! And to take to draw a new picture with small amendments is a long time and not everyone will undertake it. Although, of course, the artists themselves, take the same Vrubel, from time to time painted new paintings on top of the old ones. But so we see the author, his right. A painting painted by a famous artist and exhibited in a museum cannot be modified. Restoration doesn't count. The sculptures of Mechelangelo Buonarroti will also be carefully preserved until they crumble into dust. nine0037 ( The most interesting thing is ahead ... Collapse )

Does an artist need to develop intellectually?

David Letelier at work

I would just like to say without explanation - of course, it is necessary. Only in opposition to this can one object, “Who needs this?” If the artist is from God, and he already has everything at an incredible level of skill. For some artists, even the concept of anatomy on an intuitive level surpasses the knowledge of nerds who remember the Latin names of all human muscles. Perhaps the artist does not have to explain to anyone what he wanted to say with his creation. Let the public think, it is smarter. And if not smarter? nine0049 (Read more...Collapse)

Inspiration from nature and its embodiment in the artist's world.

Probably you have heard more than once from the artists themselves that nature is perfect and there is nothing better than nature itself? That it is impossible to draw a sunset as it really is in the refraction of rays and dynamics. More than once, plein air artists have encountered the fact that the painted image does not live up to that in the real world, or in the photo of a good photographer. The picture is different, it is the transfer of the artist's world through the prism of the perfection of nature. nine0059 (Read more...Collapse)

Tags: inner world, thoughts, landscape, nature, creator, artist

An ideal sketchbook, like an ideal lover

I believe that perfection is more important for a sketchbook than for a lover. An ideal person will soon get bored, but the tool you work with should contain everything in itself and be reliable. Therefore, I searched for a long time on the net and in stores for what I need, and came to the conclusion that there is no need. And it won't! Because all sketchbooks are made of wood, and do not withstand reasonable price-quality-functionality requirements. Any sketchbook made according to the technology of the old masters will not be what I want. And I want a lot ...
Since I'm going to paint etudes in watercolor in the open air, I don't need a large tablet. I need a folding tablet, and so that the legs fold very compactly inside the structure and do not cling to others. And I also want it to be “Not like everyone else”, so that you can walk around the city with it, like with a stylish handbag on your shoulder. It should be light (flexible like a schoolboy in love) so that you can take it with you just in case.

Then it started ( See all...Collapse )

Сontemporary Art of Seoul

Seoul's contemporary art is flourishing. Actually, only contemporary art is welcomed here, except for traditional painting (landscapes in ink in the East Asian manner). The youth is already bored, apparently. But going to exhibitions, where your consciousness is a little shifted, is always interesting. Therefore, there were many young people in the Seoul Museum of Art, walking in pairs and looking at flashing canvases, bright sculptures on the verge of pop art with a reference to the past. nine0084 (Read more...Collapse)

Mariel Onodera.

I decided to expand my blog with stories about women artists. I would like to start with a woman who lived and worked in my city - Vladivostok. It so happened that everyone knows about Eleanor Prey, read her letters and regularly pass by the house where she lived. But no one knows that Maria Onodera also loved the Primorye lands with all her heart and embodied her feelings in unique paintings. her life outside of Russia, and in general there are very few mentions of this name. In response to the request "Onodera Mariel" - google gave me a kawaii porno from Japanese authorship. It's also funny, of course. But Mariel lived in a fantasy world of a different kind. nine0094 (Read more...Collapse)

The 45th Exhibition of Korea Watercolor Association 2015

It so happened that in June of this year I ended up in Seoul and quite unexpectedly came across a watercolor exhibition with friends. It turned out that this is not just an exhibition, but The 45th Exhibition of Korea Watercolor Association 2015. An exhibition of world significance! (Read more...Collapse)

Envy: black and white room.

This feeling is perhaps one of the most destructive phenomena of human psychology. Animals do not know how to envy because people are blissful and happy. They are glad that they can, and cats will never envy dogs that they can wag their tail so famously. With a human, it's the other way around. We are able to compare and analyze, and often our conclusions lead to the fact that the other's loaf is sweeter, and the wife is more beautiful. But the darkest corners begin when this feeling manifests itself in relation to abilities that are similar in a common field of activity. And if one writer is envious of another, then he will sit in the black room of envy until there is not a word left from his intrigues in the room of a more successful fellow. The world of artists in this regard is much more welcoming. Probably because they can draw and repaint this room white. Then envy is only a motivation for learning, striving to achieve the same technique. True, not everyone. I think a lot of paintings were cut up and stolen precisely because of black envy. nine0009 (Read more...Collapse)

Top 80 blogs for creative inspiration and learning

  • Design
  • 10 min to read
  • 5043
  • nine0127

    It often happens when we all face a creative stagnation, we need to get off the ground, start generating ideas again, work productively.

    No matter what our creative field, we all need regular inspiration - it is it that significantly affects productivity.

    The Internet is the perfect place to find, explore, discover and be inspired by an endless supply of artwork, illustrations, photos, videos. But finding these great sites that really give you your dose of inspiration can be difficult. nine0005

    That's why we've rounded up 80 of the best blogs for creative inspiration and learning so you don't have to waste your time looking for these great resources, they're all here!

    And if you know other useful sites, share them in the comments, help your colleagues! Aisle One I love the simplicity of this blog and how inspiring it is. nine0005

    2. Grain Edit
    A modern graphic design blog showcasing some vintage design aspects, along with some splashes of illustration. Very like! And well designed too.

    3. David Airey
    Blog of inspiration for a successful and famous graphic designer.

    4. MIRADOR
    Mirador is a site where Say What Studio (a graphic design duo based in Paris, France) shares their inspiring projects. nine0005

    5. I Love Typography
    Love drooling over type, or anything typography related? Check out this popular blog showcasing all the latest fonts and typography.

    6. Logo Design Love
    Confused by logos? Want to get some inspiration to help yourself? Check out this blog featuring many different logos from around the world.

    7. Design Work Life
    Design Work Life is a daily blog that aims to share the love of design through daily inspiration. nine0005

    8. Graphic Exchange
    Fabien Barral is a happy graphic designer whose innovative and unique designs attract clients from all over the world. In 2008, he teamed up with his wife Frederique to create "Harmonie intérieure". Fabien also works for Graphic Exchange, a blog popular as an online marketplace for graphic designers.

    9. Graphic Design Blog
    Pretty cool blog about…you guessed it, graphic design. nine0005

    10. Collate
    A beautiful, elegant blog that lets me talk to me with its content. Only high quality graphic design. Exactly what is needed!

    Web Design

    11. Smashing Magazine
    This blog focuses mainly on programming, design, graphics, UX design, WordPress. The site has a huge library of e-books, Smashing Mag is also famous for their printed Smashing book series.

    12. Envato - Tutplus+
    A paradise for learning design! Books about - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Vector, Adobe After Effects, WordPress, Mac and OS X, computer graphics, photography, mobile development, web design, game development, audio and production, and web development, (each category is relevant

    Tuts+ Premium - If you're willing to spend some money on your education, you should join their premium membership site with a never-ending stream of courses, tutorials, books, and guides.$/mo, you can get over 750 textbooks, 68 books and over 400 hours of video courses.

    13. DesignTaxi
    With the help of this site, you can get the most varied inspiration every day. DesignTaxi has been named one of the "top 5 creative inspiration sites" by Forbes. TAXI is also a highly influential (over six million page views per month) daily news source (including articles from The New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post and LinkedIn)

    14. Abduzeedo
    A collection of visual inspiration and helpful guides. Simply put - if you are a graphic or web designer and you are in a creative block, just come here and fix it!

    Amazing web graphic design tutorials, endless inspiration, free wallpapers and inspiring design interviews are the main things you can find here.

    15. SpeckyBoy Design Journal
    Click here to read about web design trends, cool tools and web design. nine0005

    16. Webdesigner Depo
    WDD has 1.5 million views every month and is the perfect showcase for savvy web designers. Here you will find articles on various hot topics such as jQuery, HTML 5, CSS3, responsive design, typography, usability and more!

    17. Design you trust
    Is a blog with a large collection of design inspiration, illustration, web design, photography, advertising, videos and more. Here you can hang out for a long time, do not miss this site. There are also free materials on the blog…

    18. DesignModo
    An excellent blog where you can learn a lot of information about web and graphic design, programming, WordPress, photography, business, social networks and, of course, get inspired.

    19. WDL
    Many different guest authors - many fresh perspectives and opinions! Here you can read about 15 quality articles about web design, get the necessary knowledge, tips and tutorials.

    20. Six revisions
    On this site you can get information about programming, participate in competitions, download free materials, and find articles about new trends. SixRevisions gets over 1.5 million unique visitors every month!

    21. Hongkiat
    The site is very popular and gets 6.5 million page views per month. Crazy numbers, but on the other hand they published 66 articles in the last month alone. Blog to inspire and get new ideas. nine0005


    22. Drawn
    One of the biggest and best blogs for finding illustration inspiration, Drawn is your daily dose of inspiration you need with a range of art.

    23. Pikaland
    Cute and fun - this blog has been around for quite some time and offers everything to drool, want cooperation and participation.

    24. Ape on the Moon
    Alex Mathers and Philip Dennis are the people behind Ape on the Moon. It is a very popular source of inspiration for illustrators around the world. nine0005

    25. IllustrationFriday
    Illustration Friday is a weekly blog. The theme is posted every Friday, and then the participants all week come up with their own interpretations.

    26. Cartoon Brew
    Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee while browsing this fantastic site that mainly shows cartoons.

    27. 100 Years of Illustration
    A decent blog showing illustrations and artwork from the last century. Very inspiring. nine0005

    28. IllustrationMundo
    Famous site that supports the illustrator community, with its own inspiring blog showcasing various works.

    29. Books By Its Cover
    Love illustrated covers? This great blog was created as a way to share a variety of artistic connections with the preparation of publications.

    30. Illustrophile
    Illustrophile is a blog for anyone with an interest in illustration and commercial art. nine0005

    31. Signature Illustration
    A showcase of art and illustrations with good lessons, just right for connoisseurs.


    32. AdGoodness
    A blog about advertising and graphic design by designer Frederic Samuel.

    33. AdFreak
    Adweek's own blog about advertising from around the world.

    34. AdPulp
    The blog was created in order to make better connections.

    35. AdRants
    Following the latest advertising trends, this is a website about marketing and advertising news.

    36. The Ad Buzz
    Advertising trends, interviews with leading advertisers.

    37. Scott Goodson
    Smart blog about the marketing and cultural advertising movement.

    38. I believe in Advertising
    Just want to see an interesting advertisement? This blog is for you.

    39. Ads of the World
    A decent blog showcasing all the latest ad campaigns that can be evaluated and discussed on the website's forum. nine0005

    40. Adland
    Website - gossip and tirades about the advertising industry.

    41. Adverbox
    Another interesting blog about advertising for inspiration.


    42. The Big Picture
    Inspiring stories, photo chronicle created by The Boston Globe photographers in the USA.

    43. Guardian In Pictures
    The popular Photo Chronicle. If you download the iPad app, you can follow the "Tips" and learn how to take similar shots. nine0005

    44. 50mm
    Photographer Sean Wood's inspiring blog… as one would hope and expect - great shots that dominate the web page and are very easy to view.

    45. Fish Spa
    Blog with huge images to browse. Great for a dose of inspiration first thing in the morning.

    46. They Shoot Film: They Shoot Film
    The photography team started with two photographers: Patrice Esser (on sabbatical) and Garrick Fujii. They are based in San Francisco and Los Angeles respectively. nine0005

    47. David Kleinert Photography
    Fauna, flora and landscapes of Australia.

    48. Joe McNally
    Follow famous photographer Joe McNally and his blog. Here you will find a lot of interesting things.

    49. I Heart Faces
    Inspirational blog with weekly photos, guides, tips and lots of fun! They welcome photographers of all levels, bloggers and even moms with cameras.

    50. Flickr Blog
    Huge range of photography from all over the world. nine0005

    51. Shutter Sisters
    This is one of my favorite blogs with a wide range of beautiful photos taken by a bunch of talented women photographers. Check this!


    52. Fashion Toast
    Rumi Neely is a fashion, style and photography blogger. She opened her website in 2007 and since then it has become one of the biggest fashion blogs. Very like!

    53. Style Bubble
    One of the most famous fashion blogs run by Susie Bubble. A real dose of inspiration. nine0005

    54. Tokyo Banhbao
    French illustrator / food lover / blogger.

    55. BecauseImAddicted
    LA Fashion Blog

    56. Avant Style
    Blogger Sian is 20 years old and from Dublin. Avant Style is her eternal love for fashion.

    57. Monoxious
    Blog of two friends who love fashion.

    58. Nerd Boyfriend
    An interesting clothing blog. But nevertheless quite interesting. nine0005

    59. She's in Vogue
    Blog of a curly and black-haired girl who loves painting, fifties skirts, good food, postmodernism and good parkas.

    60. Stitches, Fabric and Soul
    A simple inspiration blog featuring lots of street style shots around the world.

    61. What will I wear today?
    A really good e-zine blog started by "a bunch of girls who love fashion and would like to share their passion online". nine0005

    Interior Design

    62. Design Sponge
    Awesome blog showcasing housing. This is one of my favorite interior design blogs for inspiration.

    63. Apartment Therapy
    American blog that covers anything and everything related to interior design - The Online Bible for Interior Designers.

    64. Lobster and Swan
    A blog about photography and vintage style finds by designer Jeska who loves to share posts about her home style. nine0005

    65. Chez Larsson
    Crafts and interior design is a great blog.

    66. Delight by Design
    Launched in the summer of 2008 as a creative outlet and a magazine for reflection on how to bring style to life.

    67. Oliveaux
    Inspirational advice on beautiful interior design and style written by an Australian from Brisbane.

    68. The Fabric of my Life
    Beautiful inspirational images from a London stylist. nine0005

    69. Desire to Inspire
    About interior design. One of the best blogs for inspiration. Be sure to read!

    70. Decor8
    One of my favorite interior design blogs about American life in Germany.

    71. Young House Love
    Want to be inspired by a young couple remodeling their own home? This blog shares their journey and includes tips and tricks in all their abundance. nine0005


    72. Oh so Beautiful Paper
    Stationery, paper, invitations and cards, this blog is beautifully done and extremely inspiring.

    73. Making it Lovely
    Great blog by Nicole Balch who finds something interesting and mundane and transforms it for her home, and of course makes her own stuff.

    74. A Field Journal
    Beautiful selection of old fashioned but timeless, simple and lovely. nine0005

    75. Sweet Paul
    Sweet Paul is a food stylist and crafter based in New York City. Follow his blog which is inspired by handmade things.

    76. Craft
    Daily inspiration along with craft news and events.

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