Is it okay to ghost someone

7 Times It’s Perfectly Acceptable To Ghost Someone | Tinder

Certain offenses definitely deserve a swift cold shoulder.

Being ghosted is a pretty terrible thing to endure… for those who don’t deserve it, anyway. Those who do are another story. It’s safe to say that there are indeed certain offenses that definitely deserve a swift cold shoulder, and according to the experts we asked, those offenses are numerous. So the next time you start to see any of these red flags, feel free to start preparing to disappear in a cloud of smoke, leaving your potentially problematic counterpart on read for all eternity. Ahead, a guide to ghost-worthy scenarios, co-signed by our panel of relationship experts.

Inconsistent Or Unreliable Communication

“In the world of dating, it’s OK to ghost someone who has repeatedly shown inconsistency with communication or interest in hanging out,” says certified life coach, Tori Autumn. It’s all too common for people to lack initiative in either starting or actively continuing a conversation digitally, and that usually translates to whether or not they’re proactive in making plans to actually meet up. Autumn recommends ghosting early on in this scenario in order to conserve your own time and energy: “Resist the urge to continue a meaningless conversation.”

Disregard For Consent And/Or Personal Safety

Consent is key in all dating situations, no matter the scenario or circumstance. As is personal safety — a date or potential partner should never make you feel unsafe in any way, shape, or form. If they begin to show even the slightest threat on either front, shut it down without a word. “If someone seems aggressive in any way, be it through pressuring you, being inappropriately argumentative, or is hot-tempered and easily triggered, retreat and delete,” says personal coach and dating expert, Michelle Baxo. “Consider this an act of self-love and healthy boundaries.”

Choosing ghosting over transparency or confrontation here is a smart move for your safety. Carla Marie Manly, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist specializing in relationship safety, clarifies. “Confronting an angry or abusive person may do far more harm than good. Ghosting an abusive or chronically angry person doesn’t mean you are weak; it means you are smart and strong.”

When They Just Can’t Take A Hint

“As many times as you’ve tried explaining, it’s fine to ghost someone who just doesn’t get that you’re not interested in them,” says Autumn. Manly agrees. “When a partner refuses to get the message that a relationship is over, even after repeated attempts have been made to clarify that the relationship is over, ghosting is sometimes the only logical option.”

Possible Catfishing

This is a big one. Catfishing — when someone poses as someone else online — is a real problem. “If the person you’re messaging online never wants to chat on video, starts asking for money for weird reasons, or comes up with excuses on why they can’t meet up in real life, move on and ghost them,” recommends Johnny Santiago of Social Catfish, an identity verification platform. So what are some other less obvious signs to look out for? “Catfish usually upload many different images to their profile to make it seem believable, but they do it all at once,” he says. “Another sign that you may not catch on to is that they have many interests or hobbies. The average person usually lists one or two hobbies, but catfish may have an unusual amount of pastimes or hobbies, and they keep their interests broad to attract as many people as possible.”

There’s no better option here than ghosting, according to Santiago. “The more a victim talks to a catfish, the more control the catfish gets,” he says. “The most effective way to remove yourself from the situation is to cut off all communications with them; don’t open any doors for them to potentially harm you.”

Signs of Lying, Cheating or Dishonesty

“If you feel that someone is lying to you — and you see a pattern of dishonesty — ghosting can be a very smart way out,” Manly says. “If you try to have an open and honest conversation with a deceitful person, their strategies may leave you feeling as if you are the problem. Thus, ghosting may be the only safe tactic.” This is a textbook example of a form of psychological abuse known as gaslighting, which should never be brushed off or ignored.

“If you are being manipulated into doing things that don’t feel right to you, ghosting may be the move that keeps you safe,” Manly continues. “A manipulative person will generally not respond well to heart-to-heart talks about what you are experiencing; a conversation with a manipulator will often leave you more confused and second-guessing yourself. As such, ghosting a manipulator can be a very smart tactic.”

General Unease

Sometimes you just can’t put your finger on why a person’s behavior is bothersome, and that’s OK. You don’t have to justify a gut feeling — trusting your instinct is key when a date makes you feel uncomfortable, and if they’ve done so, you don’t owe them an explanation as to why you’d like to end things. If someone’s entire being makes you feel uneasy, cutting things off for your own good may make more sense than saying, “You generally suck as a person.”

If You’re Feeling Used

“If someone is only messaging you when they need something, that’s a perfectly good reason to ghost them,” says Justin Lavelle, who is the Chief Communications Officer at PeopleLooker, a U. S. background check database. “If you have asked someone to stop contacting you and they refuse to respect that, ghost them.” It’s not worth your energy to dance around the fact that this person is making you feel like you’re being taken advantage of — whether it’s conscious on their part or not, nothing changes what you feel in your gut. As a preventive measure, Lavelle recommends documenting your communication: “It is smart to save screenshots before you do this so you have proof of harassment if it continues to escalate.”

Is Ghosting Ever OK? 11 People Who Support The Disappearing Act


by Carolyn Steber


As far as dating habits go, few things are more frowned up than ghosting. Whether it's ignoring someone after a few dates, or straight up disappearing mid-text, there's no denying it's rude, it's hurtful, and it's not the best way to end a relationship, however short it may have been. And yet, there are times when ghosting is OK — and may even be necessary.

Usually, if you aren't feelin' the connection, it's best to "be honest and upfront so that the person being rejected isn’t left wondering what really happened," Jonathan Bennett, relationship and dating expert at Double Trust Dating, tells Bustle. If you've been chatting for a few weeks, or have taken things a bit further, simply say you've had a change of heart and wish them well.

If, however, that doesn't feel possible, ghost away. "There are times ghosting isn’t rude and some circumstances might even require ghosting for one’s safety," Bennett says. For example, "if you’ve already told the person messaging you that you’re not interested romantically, then you’re under no obligation to continue texting," he says. At that point, ghosting is about sticking to your personal boundaries, especially if they aren't taking the hint.

The same is true if the person is being inappropriate or making you feel uncomfortable. It's up to you to weigh the pros and cons, and do whatever feels right. Here, a few folks who say ghosting can sometimes be OK, including instances where it might be best to disappear.


Lily, 26: When They Cross Important Boundaries


"Generally, ghosting isn’t great because it’s avoiding emotional experience and it can be really unkind to the person you’re ghosting. Kindness and dealing with feelings are top priority in my book, but ghosting is acceptable in some situations. If the person ever [...] makes you feel violated or unsafe in any way, ghosting is the best option to keep you physically and emotionally safe. Someone who crosses those important boundaries does not deserve any explanation, courtesy, or second glance."


Johnny, 28: When They're Lying To You

"Ghosting is an OK thing to do, and it might be even a good idea in particular situations. A great example that comes to mind is if you are having suspicions that the person you're talking to online is a catfisher and is using a fake profile on their dating app or social media profile. When you notice the signs of a catfisher, like they keep coming up with excuses on why they can't get on a video chat or [they try] to move the relationship too quickly, then it might be a good idea to ghost the person and move on."


Christiana, 28: When They Send Inappropriate Content


"Insulting commentary? Inappropriate photo? Any dialogue that makes me feel unsafe? It's 2019, don't be a jerk online. Consider me likely to ghost if you are."


Jennifer, 32: When You're Getting Bad Vibes

"Although ghosting isn’t the most emotionally considerate thing to do to someone, there is an exception. Anytime you feel physically or mentally unsafe with someone, you are under no obligation to give them an explanation for not wanting to see them again. Being polite is nice, but you should always put your health and safety first and foremost. So, if you’re getting scary vibes, ghost away."


Becky, 45: When They're Being A "Zombie"


"I think it's perfectly acceptable to ghost a ghost (or 'zombie'). In other words, if someone shows signs of being flaky and inconsistent in the early stages of dating (not following through on plans, vanishing for a week and then reappearing), this should be a clear sign to move on. If someone isn't making an effort early on, it's not going to improve over time. And if someone is too busy/conflicted/distracted/uncertain to reply to a text or keep a date, do you really want to potentially 'date' someone like this? (Answer: no.)"


Korrie, 36: When The Date Was Ridiculous

"Ghosting is acceptable in certain situations, [like] if the date was ridiculous [...] Put it like this, if they do something that there's no coming back from and you're not that invested, meaning no commitment was made, it's OK to just never call or answer calls/texts again."


Corry, 27: When Words Aren't Necessary


"Although I am typically an anti-ghosting advocate [...] there are instances when words aren't necessary. Let's be honest, dating sucks and immediate turn offs, empty energy, and pure ignorance justify a read at 3:23 p.m., especially when we've dated/communicated briefly and on a surface level. In those instances, I should be able to have the autonomy to make a selfish choice (to end communication) without expectation or real worry on how it effects the person on the other end."


Dave, 44: When There's An Obvious Lack Of Interest

"Having been ghosted for years before it was a term, I have no problem with it. When someone doesn't respond to your calls, texts, or emails, it's pretty clear that they aren't interested in you. If they were interested, they'd respond."


George, 27: When It Just Makes Sense


"Ghosting is a totally fascinating concept, and although I think it will always leave a sour taste in the mouth of both parties, sometimes you just let the thought of sending that 'no thank you' message slide until it would actually become weird to not ghost that person. "


Elizabeth, 55: When You View It As A Gift

"I believe ghosting is a gift that lets us know that we can move [...] on and find people more communicative if that's what we want. Because the ghoster doesn't enjoy communicating with words, we thank the ghoster for letting us know that by ghosting us."


Cyndi, 44: When They Don't Get The Hint


"I would absolutely say yes, there are some cases where ghosting is acceptable. 1. If you have explained to them why it will not work out and they just don't get it... ghosted. 2. If you got a glimpse of who the person might be in the future and you don't like it... ghosted. [...] 3. If the first meeting didn't go so well for you, you owe the other person no explanation as to why you don't want to talk to them."

Of course, when possible, letting the other person know you aren't interested is much kinder, and saves them from having to worry or wonder. But there may be a few instances where disappearing is the best option. If you find yourself in that position, go ahead and ghost.

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