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Take This Relationship Test And We'll Reveal How Long You'll Stay Together

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Are you tangled in a romantic pairing with a person you truly love? Or is your significant other starting to seem less and less significant to you as the days go by? Well, since you've navigated to our little digital hallway, we assume that you're looking for some answers. The unfortunate news is that there isn't a quiz out there that can solve all your relationship issues for you - only time can do that. What we can do, however, is point you in the right direction.

There are plenty of indicators when it comes to determining the health of a relationship. Some of these are much clearer than others. For instance, if you have a peanut allergy and your boyfriend decides to chuck peanuts at your face while you're watching Netflix, you should maybe not see him anymore. Other situations are more nuanced, like when you're in love with a woman but would really like it if she stopped driving until she gets a prescription for glasses, because she has the eyesight of a bat and almost smashes pedestrians on her way to work.

For sure, the situation in your relationship is wholly unique, and uniquely tangled. A bit of a light tangle can be fun, but a huge knot of a relationship is a stifling thing. If you're wondering whether you and your SO will last, let's see if we can help you find the answer.

Question 1

Are you best friends?

In a truly successful relationship, your significant other also plays the role of "best friend". That's not to say that you don't have other super tight friends outside of the relationship, but if you're meant to be together forever, then your SO is simply on another level.

Question 2

Do you ask each other for help without hesitation?

In the same way that a true soulmate is also a best friends, there should be no hesitation between soulmates asking each other for help. After all, you're both partnered up in life to face all of its heavy challenges.

Question 3

Do you have fun together?

Simply put, spending time with the person you love should be fun. Of course, no relationship is exclusively fun all the way through it - there are obviously some challenges as time goes on. However, for the most part, you two should enjoy spending time together.

Question 4

Do you make each other breakfast?

The very best days start with a good, healthy breakfast. The very best days between two people in love start in the exact same way. If you two make each other breakfast most days, you have a better chance of living happily ever after together.

Question 5

When you have bad news, is your SO the first person you think of telling?

Everyone receives a spell of bad news once in a gloomy while. This is never an enjoyable thing, of course, but at least you have support systems in place to help you deal with it. Is your SO the first person you think of to share your bad news with?

Question 6

How much do you enjoy spending time together?

We spoke about having fun in your relationship earlier, but there's different degrees to enjoyment. Hanging out with your SO might be a satisfactory way to pass the time, or it might be one of your favorite things to do. Which is it?

Question 7

How often do you question the relationship?

Don't think that questioning the relationship necessarily spells its eventual end, because it doesn't. Being in a couple is actually a huge, underestimated deal, and it's normal for us to question serious things in our life. The question is, how often do you debate whether to stay in the relationship?

Question 8

How badly do you want your SO to change?

No one's perfect - everyone can benefit from a few slight (or major) improvements. This certainly applies to your significant other, as it does to you. However, if you find yourself spending a lot of effort on getting your SO to change, something might be off.

Question 9

Do you have each other's backs?

When life backs you into a corner, all you can hope for is a worthy partner to help you push through your obstacles. In any star-crossed bond, both lovers have each other's backs, for eternity and no matter what the case may be.

Question 10

Are they a motivating factor in your life?

The person you spend your life with should be an agent that motivates you to be better and get ahead - they shouldn't be an ankle-chain anchoring you to your same old, standard ways. Does your partner inspire you to be better?

Question 11

Is there mutual respect?

At the very least, a bond between true lovers should hold a deep, mutual respect. If not, you won't even be listening to the end of each other's sentences, let alone live happily ever after. Do you and your SO respect each other?

Question 12

Is the relationship easy?

A relationship between true lovers should not be like a gruelling full-time job that's hard to keep up. It should flow smoothly and be effortless - not all the time, of course, but in general. Does that describe your current relationship?

Question 13

Do you still think he/she is the most handsome/beautiful person in the room?

When you first met your current partner, you probably thought they were the best looking person in the world. You wouldn't settle for anything less, after all. Now that some time has passed since you've met, do you still feel the same way?

Question 14

Do you often find yourself convincing your SO to do something?

No one wants to be part of a relationship wherein they're always on their partner's back, trying to get them to do something important. Conversely, no one wants to be constantly bothered by their partner to get up off the couch when they're just chilling.

Question 15

How often do you finish each other's sentences?

We believe that, within all communication between people, there's some subtle level of telepathy going on. What is language, after all, but telepathic exchanges made through small mouth noises? In a relationship between true lovers, the telepathy is so high that they often finish each other's thoughts.

Question 16

Does your SO help you become more successful?

In a good relationship, your significant other wants only the best for you, and helps you become the most successful version of yourself whenever they possibly can. In a bad relationship, they don't really seem to care. Which are you in?

Question 17

Are you honest with each other?

Communication is the cornerstone of any healthy relationship, and honesty is the cornerstone of all good communication. If you're constantly lying to each other, what are you even doing together. Why are you even lying in the first place? Come on, now.

Question 18

Do you have open lines of communication?

Back to communication, that stone on the corner of your relationship. If you're planning to spend the rest of your life with your SO, you need to get as many thoughts out of your head and out in the open as possible, as should they.

Question 19

Do you have shared ambitions?

We're not saying that every couple truly meant to last should be comprised of two people who share the same goals. However, if that is the case, then you'll only be helping each other to reach those goals. Unless you're being overly competitive, which is a no-no. Be healthily competitive.

Question 20

Do you have shared values?

If you and your significant other don't share some core values, you'll be constantly budding heads over every little issue throughout your relationship. After some time spent doing that, you'll have a huge headache. In the end, it's best to choose someone whose values look like they coincide with yours.

Question 21

How bothered are you by his/her flaws?

Everyone has flaws, because everyone is an imperfect ape. Our imperfections go a long way in forming our identities, though they can also deeply tick off our significant others. Think about your partner's flaws, then tell us how bothered you are by them.

Question 22

When you or your SO make a mistake, is there judgement?

Just as everyone has flaws, people also tend to make mistakes every now and then - or, super often. That's inevitable; what you do have control over, however, is how much judgement you lay on your partner when they mess up.

Question 23

How often do you praise each other?

We're not saying that you and your SO should have portable altars by each other's feet that you bow down and worship on every few minutes. That would be weird. Instead, we're saying that you and your partner should express how well the other is doing, at least once in a while.

Question 24

How well do you work as a team?

When you're in a relationship, make no mistake - you're in a team. Essentially, it's you and your partner versus the world. In that context, consider how well you two work as a team. Is there open, productive cooperation, or do you often bud heads and accomplish little?

Question 25

If you ever argue, are those arguments about proving a point, or proving each other wrong?

Some couples never argue, ever, and those are mutants that we won't offer much thought to. In normal cases, couples argue every now and then. Arguing is usually healthy, since it's our way of expressing pent-up negative emotion so we can get over it. Arguing becomes unhealthy when your only goal is being the winner.

Question 26

How well do you get along with your SO's parents?

If you two plan to stay together forever, and to eventually get married, then your SO's parents will eventually be your in-laws. Yeesh! Well, that won't be so bad if you can hang out with them as friends, at least to some extent.

Question 27

How well does your SO get along with your parents?

Of course, the flip-side of that question is how well your SO gets along with your folks. You love your parents unconditionally, but your partner isn't meeting them with that same mindset. The best that you can hope for is that they simply get along well.

Question 28

Do you feel lucky to be in this relationship?

At a foundational level, we're super, duper lucky to be alive. On a more surface level, we're also lucky when we find a person who we love and can spend some aimless time with. Do you feel that way when thinking about your SO?

Question 29

How often do you do the deed?

Alright, alright! We'll talk about hanky panky now. We know that you and your partner like to close yourself in the bedroom and put the fedora on the door handle every now and then. If it's not too intrusive, tell us how often you do that.

Question 30

How's that deed going for you?

Speaking of being intrusive, how's the hanky panky going for you these days? Are you usually satisfied after you've done the deed with your SO? Or, do you find yourself wanting more. This is an important aspect of a relationship, believe it or not.

Question 31

How's that deed going for your SO?

Since we're being ultra intrusive, let's keep going. After you two perform a mating ritual, do you think your SO feels good about the whole thing? Do they feel phenomenal about it? Or were they bored? Hopefully it's not the latter.

Question 32

Would you travel 6 months or longer alone with your SO?

They say that the real test of a relationship comes when the pair take a long trip together. In this instance, let's imagine that you took a trip across Europe with just your SO. You'd be spending almost every second of the day together for six whole months. Does that sound like fun?

Question 33

Is it easy for you to fall asleep together?

If you'll be spending the rest of your lives together, we presume that also means you'll be falling asleep together most nights. Since sleep is an important thing, it should be easy to fall into. Do you fall into a comfy cloud of sleep when your SO is there with you?

Question 34

How much do you love waking up together?

As important as sleep is, waking up is arguably even more important. You do it all the time, thank the gods. When you wake up happy, you set the stage for a good, happy, productive day. How do you feel waking up next to your SO?

Question 35

Do you feel like a star-crossed lover right now?

Remember, we are nothing but eternally humble quiz masters - or quiz gods, you might say. Outside of this quiz, you become the god. At the end of the day, only you know whether your relationship will last. If you feel like a star-crossed lover right now, that's what you are.

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Medically reviewed by Karin Gepp, PsyD — By Psych Central Staff — Updated on May 24, 2022

Entering a new relationship can be exciting and bring up a bunch of positive emotions. If you’ve recently started dating someone, you may ask yourself: Is it love or just lust?

Lust is mainly sexual or physical, with no desire to bond with the person on a deeper level. Love, in contrast, involves feelings of intimacy, vulnerability, and putting in the effort to build a stronger connection.

Certain signs may help you figure out whether you’re feeling love or lust toward your new partner. This relationship test can help.

This brief questionnaire is designed for anyone who might be wondering whether they’re feeling lust or love for the person they’re now dating.

This love or lust quiz is meant to help you answer questions like:

  • Am I falling in love?
  • How do I know if I’m in love?
  • Is it lust?

This “am I in love quiz” is not meant to tell you if you should stay in your relationship long term or not. But you can use this lust or love quiz to find out how you might be feeling right now toward the person you’re dating.

Depending on your responses to this love test, you can also understand whether you’re in love with your partner or experiencing lust.

Keep in mind that every person approaches dating, love, and their unique love language differently. So be sure to trust your gut and deeply assess your emotions before deciding if you’re willing to commit to this person.

If you always ask yourself this question or you typically experience conflicting emotions in relationships, speaking with a therapist can help you navigate dating in healthier ways.


Answer the questions below honestly about the person you have feelings for, and we’ll score the quiz and let you know the likelihood of love.

This online screening is not a diagnostic tool. Only a trained medical professional, like a doctor or mental health professional, can help you determine the next best steps for you.

Ready to start therapy? Our Find a Therapist resource may help.

Last medically reviewed on May 23, 2022


Medically reviewed by Karin Gepp, PsyD — By Psych Central Staff — Updated on May 24, 2022

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How to make a quiz - a wild success in 2022 (in just 4 steps!)

How to make a quiz? It's very simple! If we're going to remember 2022, let it be the birth of online quizzes. The online quiz fever has spread around the world like some unnamed airborne virus, captivating gamers and leaving them with one burning question:

How to pass the test like a pro?

AhaSlides took quizzes ( "quiz" ) because before the quiz the world was engulfed in fever and various other infections. We have written a very quick AhaGuide guide for running a quiz in 4 easy steps with 15 tips to help you succeed in the quiz!

More fun with AhaSlides

Your guide to making a quiz

  • When to do a quiz
    • Step 1 - Choose your structure
    • Step 2 - Select questions
    • Step 3 - Make It Interesting
    • Step 4 - Present Like a Pro!
  • Need more questions?

When to do a quiz

Roaring unscramble - How to do a quiz

There are times when quizzes, virtual or live, just seem individual for a holiday…

At work - We'll probably be dating for a while with colleagues online. As the popularity of remote work grows, so does the need for team building quizzes.

Want to know more? We have a complete guide for a virtual corporate party, as well as ideas for remote team icebreakers and virtual team meetings.

For Christmas - Christmas comes and goes, but quizzes will remain for future holidays. Faced with such an increase in interest in 2020, we now view quizzes as the quintessence of quizzes.

Want to know more? Click here to download our Family, Work, Music, Picture or Movie Christmas Quizzes for free! (Skip to the end of this article to view a preview before downloading).

Weekly in the pub – Now we are all back in the pubs, we have one more reason to celebrate. New advances in quiz technology make the robust pub quiz a true multimedia spectacle.

Want to know more? Drinking and questions? Sign us. Here are some tips and inspiration about running a quiz in a virtual pub.

Discreet night in - Who doesn't love the night? 2020 has taught us that we don't have to leave our homes to experience meaningful social interaction. Quizzes can be a great addition to the weekly virtual game night, movie night or beer tasting night!

Psst, need free quiz templates?

You are lucky! Click on the banners below to see some instant free downloadable quizzes to play with your friends!

⭐ Alternatively, in addition to how to make a quiz, you can check out our entire library of quizzes right here. Choose any quiz to download, modify and play for free!

How to use these templates

  1. Click on any of the banners above to view the questions in the AhaSlides editor.
  2. Change whatever you want in the templates (it's yours now!)
  3. Share your unique join code or QR code with your players and start polling them!

Step 1 - Choose your structure

What do I do in Quiz 2022? - How to make a quiz

Before you start anything, you need to determine the structure that your quiz will take. By this we mean ...

  • How many rounds will you have?
  • What will be the rounds?
  • In what order will the rounds be?
  • Will there be a bonus round?

While most of these questions are easy, the quiz masters naturally get stuck on the second. Determining which rounds to include is never easy, but here are a few tips to help make it easier:

#1 - Mix general and specific

We would say 75% of your quiz should be "general rounds". . General knowledge, news, music, geography, science and nature are all excellent "general" tours that do not require special knowledge. Generally, if you learned about it in school, it's a general round.

This leaves 25% of your quiz for "certain rounds" in other words, those specialized tours for which you don't have a class at school. We talk about topics such as football, Harry Potter, celebrities, books, Marvel and so on. Not everyone will be able to answer all the questions, but for some it will be a great round.

#2 - Run some private rounds of

If you know your quiz participants well, for example if they are friends or family, you can have whole rounds based on their and their antics. Here are some examples:

  • Who is this? - Ask for baby pictures of each player and ask the others to guess who it is.
  • Who said this? - Crawl your Facebook friends' walls and choose the most annoying messages - put them in your quiz and ask who posted them.
  • Who drew this? - Ask your players to draw a concept like "luxury" or "judgment" and then send you their drawings. Upload each image to your quiz and ask who drew them.

There is so much you can do for a personal round. The potential for fun is high in just about anything you choose.

#3 - Try a few rounds of the puzzle

Online software positive pulsating with options for wacky, non-standard rounds. Puzzle rounds are a nice departure from the typical quiz format and offer something unique to test your brain in a different way.

Here are a few rounds of puzzles we've already had success with:

Name it in Emojis

How to make a quiz

In this you play a song or show a picture and have the players write the name in emojis.

You can do this by offering several emojis to choose from, or by asking the players to enter emojis themselves. On the leaderboard slide after the quiz slide, you can change the title to the correct answer and see who gets it!

Larger images

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

Here the players guess what the full image is from the enlarged segment.

Start by loading the image in select answer or type answer quiz slide and crop the image to a small area. On the leaderboard slide right after that, set the full image as the background image.

Word Scramble

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

The classic quiz, this one. Players just need to decipher the correct answer from the anagram.

Just write an anagram of the answer (use the anagram site to make it easier) and include it as the title of the question. Great for a rapid fire projectile.

More like this ⭐ Check out this awesome list of 41 alternative quiz rounds, all powered by AhaSlides.

#4 - Spend the bonus round

The bonus round is where you can get some custom stuff. You can forego the Q&A format entirely and go for something even wackier:0003

  • Home Retreat - Challenge your players to recreate a famous movie scene with everything they can find in the house. At the end, vote and award points to the most popular holiday.
How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?
  • Scavenging - Give each player the same list and give them 5 minutes to find things in their houses that match this description. The more conceptual the hints, the more fun the results will be!

More like this ⭐ In this article, you will find some more great ideas for the bonus round of the quiz - 30 completely free virtual party ideas.

Step 2 - Select questions

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

Let's start the real quiz. Your questions must be ...

  • Relatable
  • A mixture of difficulties
  • Short and simple
  • Miscellaneous by type

Remember that it is impossible to answer every question. Simplicity and variety are the key to the success of the quiz!

# 5 - Make it interesting

If you're not doing a particular round, you'll want to keep questions as open as possible . It makes no sense to have a bunch of How I Met Your Mother questions in the general knowledge round because it doesn't involve people who have never seen it.

Instead, make sure each question in the general round is, well, General . Easier said than done to avoid pop culture references, so it's a good idea to test run a few questions to see if they're appropriate for people of different ages and backgrounds.

# 6 - Vary the difficulty

A few simple questions per round attract everyone, but a few difficult questions keep everyone. busy . The varying difficulty of questions within the same round is a sure way to pass a successful quiz.

You can do this one of two ways...

  1. Order questions from easy to hard - Questions that get more difficult as the round progresses are fairly standard practice.
  2. Order simple and difficult questions at random - This keeps everyone on their toes and ensures interaction doesn't drop.

Some rounds make it easier than others to know the difficulty of your questions. For example, it can be difficult to understand how difficult it is for people to find two questions in a general circle of knowledge, but it is quite easy to guess the same thing in a puzzle round.

It may be best to use both of the above methods to vary the difficulty of the quiz. Just make sure it's really diverse! There's nothing worse than having an entire audience find a quiz boringly easy or frustratingly difficult.

Do it on AhaSlides

# 7 - Keep it short and simple

If questions are kept short and simple, they will be clear and easy to read . No one wants the extra work to sort out a question, and as a quiz master, it's just embarrassing when you're asked to clarify what you mean!

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

This tip is especially important if you decide to give more points for faster answers. When time is of the essence questions follow is always to be written as simply as possible.

#8 - Use different types

Variety is the spice of life, right? Well, this can definitely be the highlight of your quiz.

Having 40 multiple-choice questions in a row just isn't right for today's quiz players. To run a successful quiz now, you'll need to add a few other types to the mix:

How do I make a quiz with AhaSlides?
  • Multiple choice - 4 options, 1 correct - it's very simple!
  • Image selection - 4 images, 1 correct - great for geography, art, sports and other image oriented images.
  • Type answer - No options, only 1 correct answer (although you can enter other accepted answers). This is a great way to complicate any issue.
  • Audio - An audio clip that can be played on a multiple choice question, image choice, or answer type. Great for nature or music tours.

Step 3 - Make it fun

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

With the structure and questions out of the way, it's time to make your quiz dazzling. Here's how to do it...

  • Adding a background
  • Enable team play
  • Faster Response Award
  • Leaderboard hold

Personalizing with visuals and adding a few extras can really take your quiz to the next level.

#9 - Add Background

We can't overstate how much a simple background can add to a quiz. With featuring so many great images and GIFs at your fingertips, why not add one to each question?

Over the years we've been testing online, we've found several ways to use the background.

  • Use one background on each question slide per round. This helps to bring all the questions in the round together under the theme of the round.
  • Use a different background on each question slide. This method requires more time to complete the quiz, but the backstory of each question is interesting.
  • Use backgrounds to give clues . Backgrounds can provide a small visual cue for particularly difficult questions.
  • Use background as part of question . The background is great for zooming in (see example above).

Tip 👊 AhaSlides has fully integrated image and GIF libraries available to all users. Just search the library, select an image, crop it to your liking and save it!

#10 - Enable team play

If you're looking for an extra shot of competitive zeal in your quiz, team play is the way to go. No matter how many players you have, playing them as a team can lead to a serious engagement and an advantage that is hard to capture when playing alone.

Here's how to turn any quiz into a team quiz on AhaSlides:

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

From the 3 points of the team scoring rule on AhaSlides, we recommend the "average score" or "total score" of all participants. Any of these options will ensure that all participants have a firm grip on the ball for fear of disappointing their teammates!

Team up with AhaSlides

#11 - Reward faster responses

Another way to increase the excitement if you want to take the test is to reward you for faster answers. This adds another competitive element, which means that players will wait with bated breath for each next question.

This is an automatic setup on AhaSlides. , but you can find it on each question in the content tab:

Protip 👊 To ​​ actually by increasing the rate, you can reduce the response time. This, combined with the rewards for faster responses, means you'll get a fun speed round where indecisiveness can cost some serious points!

#12 - Hold the leaderboard

Great quiz - it's all about tension, right? This countdown to the final winner is sure to have a few hearts in its mouth.

One of the best ways to create this kind of suspense is to hide the results until the big plot for dramatic reveal is over. There are two schools of thought here:

  • At the very end of the quiz - Only one leaderboard is displayed throughout the quiz, at the very end, so no one has any idea of ​​their position until it is announced.
  • After each round - One leaderboard on the last quiz slide of each round so players can track their progress.

AhaSlides attaches a leaderboard to each quiz slide you add, but you can remove it by clicking "remove leaderboard" on the quiz slide or by removing the leaderboard from the navigation menu:

Protip 👊 alarm, between the final slide of the quiz and the leaderboard. The role of the title slide is to announce the upcoming leaderboard and add to the drama, perhaps through text, image, and sound.

Step #4 - Present Like a Pro!

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?

Are you ready? It's time to channel your indoor quiz show host in the following ways. ..

  • Introducing each round in detail
  • Reading questions aloud
  • Adding interesting factoids

# 13 - Introduce the rounds (carefully!)

When was the last time you took a quiz and didn't receive any format instructions beforehand? Professionals always tell us about the format of the quiz, as well as the format of each round.

For example, here's how we used the title slide to present one of the rounds of our Christmas Music Quiz:

How to make a quiz with AhaSlides?
  • Round number and title.
  • Brief introduction on how the round works.
  • Rules for each question.

Having clear instructions for short and simple questions means that there is no room for ambiguity in your quiz. If you're not sure how well you've described the rules for a particularly difficult round, ask a few people to test your title slide to make sure they understand it.

Be sure to read the instructions aloud for professionalism; don't let players just read them! Speaking of which…

#14 - Read aloud

It's too easy to see the words on the screen and let the quiz players read them themselves. But since when do quizzes have to be silent?

Running a quiz online means running a quiz as professionally as possible; and holding a quiz means involving the players through sight and sound.

Here are a couple of mini tips for reading your quiz:

  • Be loud and proud - Don't shy away from the challenge! Presenting is certainly not for everyone, but boosting your voice is a great way to show confidence and grab people's attention.
  • Read slowly - The path goes slowly and clearly. Even if you read slower than people, you still show confidence and appear professional.
  • Read everything twice - Have you ever wondered why Alexander Armstrong of Nonsense reads every question twice? To kill air time, yes, but also to make sure everyone fully understands the question, and it helps to fill the silence while they answer.

#15 - Add interesting facts

It's not just about the competition! Quizzes can also be very helpful for learning, which is why they are so popular in the classroom.

Regardless of your quiz audience, everyone loves interesting facts. If a particularly interesting fact comes up while researching the question, Write it down and mention it at the end of the question.

The extra effort will certainly be appreciated!

That's it - how to make an online quiz in 4 steps. I hope these 15 tips lead you to online quiz success with friends, family, colleagues or students!

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170 Questions and Answers General Knowledge Quiz 2022

General knowledge test, is it really necessary? There was a time when quizzes were held in... well, pubs. But after the pandemic, it has become more common to organize virtual quizzes in pubs with great pleasure. quiz ideas of your choice of video chat for the evening (or afternoon, we don't blame you).

Whether it's Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype, or any other video calling platform, big brains are working on the Internet and laughter is generated.

But for every live quiz, there must be a quiz - and every quiz must have questions! We're assuming it's you this time.

So if it really is your turn to do a quiz, don't panic. We at AhaSlides have put together the most comprehensive list of general level quiz questions (and answers) on the web just for you. The list ranges from broad topics like movies, geography, history to niche topics like pop culture, James Bond and Game of Thrones.

Happy quiz!

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General knowledge quiz Q&A - great quizzes

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  • General knowledge
  • Cinema
  • Sport
  • Science
  • Music
  • football
  • ELAN Specialists
  • Famous sights
  • World History
  • Game of Thrones
  • James Bond films
  • Michael Jackson
  • Board games

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General questions and answers to questions about knowledge

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Feel like giving up free technology and kicking it old school ? Here are 170 questions and answers for the general quiz:

General knowledge questions and answers

General knowledge questions and answers


1. In what year did the Titanic sink in the Atlantic Ocean on April 15 on its maiden voyage from Southampton?
2. What is the name of the first Carry On film made and released in 1958?
3. What is the name of the largest technology company in South Korea?
4. Which singer was in the 1970s pop group Showaddywaddy?
5. Which now famous television chef started cooking at the age of eight at his parents' pub The Cricketers in Clavering, Essex?
6. Which Dutch darts player won the 2012 BDO World Championship at Lakeside Country Club, Frimley Green on January 15th?
7. What metal was discovered by Hans Christian Oersted in 1825?
8. What is the capital of Portugal?
9. How many breaths does the human body take daily?
10 Who was the Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1841 to 1846?
11 What is the chemical symbol for silver?
12 Who invented Cat's Eyes in 1934 to improve road safety?
13 What is the smallest bird in the world?
14 Who played Body and Doyle in The Professionals?
15 What is the full name of Barbie doll?
16 Why does Paul Hann hold the record with 118. 1 decibels?
17 What did Al Capone's business card say what he does?
18 What is the lifespan of a dragonfly?
19 In what year was the first Tonka truck produced - 1945, 1947 or 1949?
20 Who invented the canning jar in 1810?


1. 1912
2. Conduct a sergeant
3. Samsung
4. Dave Bartram
5. Jamie Oliver
. Christian Kistan Cysteu Cysteu 9000 9000 7.
8. Lisbon
9. 20,000 daily
10 Robert saw
11 9000 17 Used Furniture Dealer
18 24 hours
19 1947
20 Peter Durant

General Questions and Knowledge Answers

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Movies General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers - Modern Quiz Questions


released The Godfather?
22 Which actor won the Best Actor Oscar for Philadelphia (1993) and Forrest Gump (1994)?
23 How many self-referential cameos did Alfred Hitchcock make in his films from 1927 to 1976 - 33, 35 or 37?
24 Which 1982 film was widely accepted by film fans for depicting the love between a young homeless suburban boy and a lost, benevolent and homesick visitor from another planet?
25 Which actress played Mary Poppins in the 1964 film Mary Poppins?
26 What classic 1963 movie featured Charles Bronson in?
27 In which 1995 movie did Sandra Bullock play Angela Bennett - Fighting Ernest Hemingway, The Network or 28 Days?
28 Which New Zealand woman director directed these films - Cut Through (2003), Water Diary (2006) and Bright Star (2009)?
29 Which actor provided the voice for the character Nemo in the 2003 film Finding Nemo?
30 Which prisoner, called "Britain's most brutal prisoner", was the subject of the 2009 filmof the year?
31 Which 2008 movie starring Christian Bale has this quote: "I believe that whatever doesn't kill you just makes you. ..a stranger"?
32 American actress who played Tokyo crime boss O-Ren Ishii in KillBill Vol I & II.
33 In what movie did Hugh Jackman play the rival wizard of the character played by Christian Bale?
34 In which Mediterranean country was the director Frank Capra, best known for It's a Wonderful Life, born?
35 Which British actor played the role of Lee Christmas alongside Sylvester Stallone in The Expendables?
36 Which American actor co-starred with Kim Bassinger in 9½ Weeks?
37 Which former Doctor Who actress played Nebula in Avengers: Infinity War?
38 Who starred as Juno MacGuff alongside Michael Cera in the 2007 film Juno?
39 What is the title of the 2015 film about a border guard on a fur trading expedition in the 1820s and his struggle to survive after being mutilated by a bear?
40 In which Chris Hemsworth-Daniel Brühl film was James Hunt and Niki Lauda's Formula 1 rivalry?


21 1972
2 9000 28 Jane Campion
29 Alexander Gould
30 Charles Bringson (the film was called Brondon)
31 Dark Knight
9000 32
Lucy Liu
38 Ellen Page / Elliot Page
39 Returnee
40 rush

Sports General Knowledge Quiz Q&A

General Knowledge Q&A


41 Where does the Tampa Bay Rays play their home games?
42 First held in 1907, which sport contests the Waterloo Cup?
43 Who was the BBC Sports Personality of the Year in 2001?
44 Where were the Commonwealth Games held in 1930?
45 How many players are on the water polo team?
46 In what sport did Neil Adams excel?
47 Which country won the 1982 World Cup in Spain by beating West Germany 3-1?
48 What is the name of Bradford City Football Club?
49 Which team won the American Football Super Bowl in 1993, 1994 and 1996?
50 Which Greyhound won the Derby in 2000 and 2001?
51 Which tennis player won the 2012 Australian Women's Championship by beating Maria Sharapova 6-3, 6-0?
52 Who scored the extra goal for England to win the 2003 Rugby World Cup by beating Australia 20-17?
53 What sports game did James Naismith invent in 1891?
54 How many times have the Patriots been to the Super Bowl final game?
55 Wimbledon 2017 was won by the 14th seed who surprisingly defeated Venus Williams in the final. Who is she?
56 How many players are on the Olympic curling team?
57 Who was the last Welshman to win the World Snooker Championship as of 2020?
58 Which US city's Major League Baseball team is named after the Cardinals?
59 Which country has dominated the Summer Olympics in synchronized swimming, winning five gold medals since it returned to the games in 2000?
60 Canadian Connor McDavid is a rising star in what sport?

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54 11
55 Garbinier Muguruz
56 4
57 Mark Williams
9000 58 Sent-Luis
9000 59
9000 60 9000 and Answers

Science General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers - New Quiz Questions


61 Who threw a hammer and a feather on the moon to demonstrate that without air they falling at the same speed?
62 If the Earth were turned into a black hole, what would be the diameter of its event horizon?
63 If you fell into an airless hole that runs through the entire Earth, how long would it take to fall to the other side? (Until the next minute. )
64 How many hearts does the Octopus have?
65 In what year was WD40 invented by chemist Norm Larsen?
66 If you were taking one step every second in seven league boots, what would be your speed in miles per hour?
67 What is the farthest thing you can see with the naked eye?
68 To the nearest thousand, how many hairs are on a typical human head?
69 Who invented the gramophone?
70 What do the initials HAL mean for the HAL 9000 computer in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey?
71 How many years will it take for a spacecraft launched from Earth to reach the planet Pluto?
72 Who invented artificial carbonated drinks?
73 In 1930 Albert Einstein and his colleague were issued US Patent 1781541. What was it for?
74 What is the largest molecule in the human body?
75 How much water is on Earth per person?
76 How many grams of salt (sodium chloride) are there in a liter of ordinary sea water?
77 If you could process a billion atoms per second, how many years would it take to teleport a typical person?
78 Where were the first computer animations created?
79 What percentage of the solar system's mass is on the Sun, to within 1 percent?
80 What is the average surface temperature on Venus?


61 David R. Scott
9000 62 20 mm
63 9000 7 minutes
9000 65 1953
9000 660007 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
79 99%
80 460°C (860°F)

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Music General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers - Or check Date Quiz Questions ( Couple Quiz )


81 Which 1960s American pop group created the Surfin Sound?
82 In what year did the Beatles first go to the USA?
83 Who was the vocalist in the 1970s pop band Slade?
84 What was the name of Adele's first record?
85 "Future Nostalgia", containing the single "Don't Start Now", is the second studio album by which English singer?
86 What is the name of the band with the following members: John Deacon, Brian May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor?
87 Which singer was known as "The King of Pop" and "The Man in Gloves" among others?
88 Which American pop star had chart success in 2015 with the singles "Sorry" and "Love Yourself"?
89 "Losing My Religion" was a hit for which alternative rock band in 1991?
90 Which song has the following lyrics: “Suddenly I'm not half the person I used to be. / A shadow hangs over me"?

Football General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers


91 Which club won the 1986 FA Cup Final?
92 Which goalkeeper holds the record for most caps won for England, having won 125 caps in his playing career?
93 How many League goals did Jurgen Klinsmann score for Tottenham Hotspur in the 1994/1995 Premier League season during his 41 league starts - 19, 20 or 21?
94 Who managed West Ham United between 2008 and 2010?
95 What is the nickname of Stockport County?
96 In what year did Arsenal move to the Emirates Stadium from Highbury?
97 What is Sir Alex Ferguson's middle name?
98 Can you name the Sheffield United striker who scored the first Premier League goal in August 1992 in a 2-1 win against Manchester United?
99 Which Lancashire team plays their home games at Ewood Park?
100 Can you name the England manager in 1977?

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91 Liverpool (they beat Everton 3-1)
9000 9000
97 Chapman
98 Brian Dean
99 Blackburn Rovers
100 Ron Greenwood

Artists General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Questions and Answers


101 Which of the artists created the Campbell Jars in 2016?
102 Can you name the sculptor who created the "Family Group" in 1950, the first major artist's commission since World War II?
103 What was the nationality of the sculptor Alberto Giacometti?
104 How many sunflowers were there in the third version of Van Gogh's painting "Sunflowers"?
105 Where in the world is Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa exhibited?
106 Which artist painted "Pond with Water Lilies" in 1899?
107 Which contemporary artist's work uses death as a central theme, made famous by a series of works that preserve dead animals, including a shark, a sheep, and a cow?
108 What nationality was the artist Henri Matisse?
109 Which artist painted "Self-Portrait with Two Circles" in the seventh century?
110 Can you name the work of optical art created by Bridget Riley in 1961 - "Shadow Play", "Cataract 3" or "Movement in the Squares"? andy warhol 105 Louvre, Paris, France
106 Claude Monet
107 Damien Hurst
108 French
Rembrandt Van Rhine
9000,000 9000

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General knowledge quiz

attractions General Questions Victorina Questions and answers

Victorin "General knowledge


What are the country in which these attractions can be found:

111 Pyramid of Gizi
9000 113 Angkor Wat
114 Statue of Liberty
115 Sydney Harbor Bridge
116 Taj Mahal
117 Juche Tower
118 Water towers
119 Azadi Monument
9000 60 Stonehendge


111 Pyramid Gizi and Big Sphinx - Egypt - Egypt - Egypt - Cacorus - Italia - Italia 9000
114 Statue of Liberty - United States of America
115 Sydney Harbor Bridge - Australia
116 Taj Mahal - India
117 Juche Tower - North Korea
118 Water towers - Kuwait
119 Azadi Monument - Iran
120 Stonehenge - Great Britain

General History General Questions Victorina Questions and answers

9000 when the following events took place:

121 First university founded in Bologna, Italy
122 End of World War I
123 The first contraceptive tablet for women
124 William Shakespeare was born
125 The first use of modern paper
9000,26 Founded Communist China
127 9000 Genghis Khan begins his conquest of Asia
130 Buddha is born

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121 The first university, founded in Bologna, Italy - 1088.
122 End of the First World War - 1918
9000 123
The first contraceptive tablets became available for women - 1960.
124 William Shakespeare born - 1564
125 First use of modern paper - 105AD
126 Founding of Communist China - 1949
127 Martin Luther begins the Reformation170619 128 End of World War II - 1945
129 Genghis Khan begins the conquest of Asia - 1206.
130 Birth of Buddha - 486 BC

Game of Thrones Quiz Questions and answers

Victorin "General knowledge


Masters of the Coins of Lord Peter Belish also knew under what name?
132 As the very first episode?
9000 133 9000 9000 In what city is the site of the fictional Landing of the Kings located?0619 134 What is Hodor's real name?
135 What is the title of the final episode of series 7?
136 Daenerys has 3 dragons, two of them are named Drogon and Rhaegal, what is the name of the other?
137 How did Sersi's daughter Myrcella die?
138 What is the name of Jon Snow the Direwolf?
139 Who was responsible for the creation of the Night King?
140 Ivan Rheon, who played Ramsay Bolton, was almost played as what character?

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Pigty Pigty
132 Winter is
9000 133 Dubrovnik
9000 134 9000 135 9000 9000 9000 9000. Poisoned
138 Ghost
139 Children of the Forest
140 Jon Snow

James Bond Quiz Questions and Answers

General Knowledge Quiz


141 What was the first Bond movie to hit the screens in 1962 when Sean Connery played 007?
142 7 143 In which Bond film did Tee Hee appear in 1973?
144 Which Bond film was released in 2006? who loved me” and “Moonraker”?
146 True or False: Actress Halle Berry appeared in the 2002 Bond film One More Day playing the character Jinx?
147 Which 1985 Bond movie featured an airship with "Zorin Industries" written on it?
148 Can you name the Bond villain in the 1963 film From Russia with Love? she was shot by Tatyana Romanova and played by the actress Lotte Lenya?
149 Which actor was James Bond before Daniel Craig did four films as 007?
150 Which actor played Bond in Her Majesty's Secret Service, his only Bond appearance?


141 Doctor no
142 Seven: Live and let die, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker, For Your Eyes Only, Octopus and Eyes to Kill Live and let die
144 Casino Royale
145 Richard Kiel
147 Murder type
148 rose Clebb
9000 149
Pierce Brosnan
George Lazenby

Michael Jackson Questions and answers

9000 9000 9000 9000 9000 True or False: Michael won the 1984 Grammy Award for Record of the Year for "Beat It"
152 Can you name the other four Jacksons who made up The Jackson 5?
153 What song was on the B-side of the "Heal the World" single?
154 What was Michael's middle name - John, James or Joseph?
155 Which 1982 album was the best-selling album of all time?
156 How old was Michael when he sadly passed away in 2009?
157 True or False: Was Michael the eighth of ten children?
158 What is the title of Michael's 1988 autobiography?
159 In what year did Michael receive the Star on Hollywood Boulevard?
160 What song did Michael release in September 1987?

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152 Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermain Jackson and Marlon Jackson
153 She Cornses me crazy
,0007 Jozeep Thriller
156 50
157 Truth
158 Moonwalk
159 9000 consists of 40 spaces containing 28 objects, four railroads, two utilities, three utility rooms, three utility chests, luxury tax space, income tax space, and four corner squares: GO, Jail, Free Parking, and Go to Jail?
162 Which board game was created in 1998 by Whit Alexander and Richard Tate, is this board game based on Ludo
163 Can you name six suspects in the Cluedo board game?
164 Which board game is defined by the player's ability to answer questions of common knowledge and popular culture - a game created in 1979?
165 Which game, first released in 1967, consists of a plastic tube, some plastic rods called straws, and some balls?
166 What board game is played by teams of players trying to identify specific words from their teammates' drawings?
167 What is the grid size in Scrabble - 15 x 15, 16 x 16 or 17 x 17?
168 What is the maximum number of people who can play the Mousetrap game - two, four or six?
169 In which game do you need to collect as many hippo balls as possible?
170 Can you name a game that simulates a person's journey through his or her life, from college to retirement, with work, marriage, and children (or not) along the way.

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