Are people jealous of me

Why Are People Jealous of Me? (20 Surprising Reasons!)

How do most people react when they know you’ve succeeded in anything? Do they really feel happy about your triumph or secretly envy you?

The truth is, “They envy you!”

Here comes the worst part  Sometimes, even your close ones like true friends, siblings, or cousins feel jealous of you. You always thought you had good relations with them, but everything just scatters in a moment.   

If you’ve encountered many jealous people in the past, have you ever asked yourself, “Why are people jealous of me? What is the exact reason?” Advertisements

Nope? It’s time to figure it out. 

In this post, I’ll share 20 possible reasons why people are jealous of you. Check out each of them and try to identify which one applies to the person who envies you.

Let’s dive right into it.   

20 Secret Reasons Why People Are Jealous of You

1. You Are Better Than Them.

People may be jealous of you because they believe they are not as good as you are. They may not be able to explain why they envy you, but deep down, they know that you’re better than them.  

They try to compete with you, but it’s just not fair. They can’t match your skills or your accomplishments. Maybe you’re smarter or have more talent than they do. Whatever the case, people can’t help but feel envious of you.

2. You’re Blessed.

People may feel jealous of you if God has blessed you with good things like wealth, love, or happiness but not them. You have a great life, good health, and a wealth of blessings. They feel you are incredibly lucky because they do not have these things.

You have so much, yet you give back to others. You have what they want and don’t have to work for it. So, they envy your ease in life and good fortune.Advertisements

3. You Are More Prosperous Than Them.

It’s a fact that most people are not content with what they have.  Even if they’re rich, they may feel envious while looking at someone wealthier than them.

So, if someone is jealous of you, it could be because of your prosperity. They might envy your possessions, lifestyle, and sense of accomplishment. They may even feel inferior because they don’t have what you do and can’t compare themselves to you.

4. You Are More Successful Than Them.

As you’re more successful than most people, you may be the target of jealousy.

People are often jealous of someone more successful than them. It can be a complicated dynamic to navigate, as it can be difficult to accept when someone else seems to be doing better than you.

People envy you because you’re living the dream. They resent you for your opportunities and accomplishments and feel like they can’t compete with you. They might also feel like they don’t have what it takes to be as successful as you.

Such people love to stick their nose in everything you do and try to learn from you.

5. You Always Deliver Better Than Them.

Do you always give your best and exceed everyone’s expectations at work, school, or anywhere else? 

If yes, it may be why people are jealous of you.

People envy you because you always deliver better than them. They may think it’s unfair, but you’ve always been able to outperform them in some way, no matter how small. They may feel jealous of your drive, work ethic, or overall productivity. Whatever the reason, they just can’t seem to catch up.Advertisements

6. You Look Stunning.

If you’re one of the lucky people who look stunning all the time, you may be envied by those who don’t.


Well, because you look fabulous no matter what you’re wearing! You have a great body, and your clothes always look perfect. You could be wearing your most comfortable clothes, and they would still look great on you. You can pull off any look you want on any occasion. And not everyone can do it.

7. You Have a Better Company Than Them.

Let’s face it. Good friends are hard to come by these days. 
Some people just look good on the outside, so you become friends with them. Further, they use you and throw you like they were never your friends.

People may be jealous of you because you have better friends than them. Your friends are loyal, supportive, and always there for you. They may feel like they don’t have as many true friends as you and think your friendships are stronger than theirs. 

8. You Have a Beautiful Love Life.

Everyone knows it – finding true love is not easy. It takes time, effort, and perseverance.

But you may be lucky enough to find it. You may have a relationship with a unicorn man (women) and have a perfect love life.

If it’s true, it could be the possible answer to your question, “why are people jealous of me?”

People are jealous of you because you have a beautiful love life. They may envy your happiness, the wonderful moments you and your partner share, and the love that you have found. They see the deep, loving connection between you and your partner and feel jealous because it’s missing from their lives. 

9. You Have a Supportive Family.

You might find it unbelievable, but  for some people, their house doesn’t actually feel like a “home.” They don’t feel happy and comfortable at their house because of all the family problems, tensions, and conflicts.

Such people feel jealous if they know you have a great family. 

You may not realize it, but you have a lot of support in your family. 

Your parents always seem to be there for you, no matter what. They know how to teach you lessons and support you in your time of need. 
And your brothers and sisters? They’re always there for a good laugh and a good catch. They’re the ones who make you feel like you can do anything. 

10. You’re Who They Want To Be.

From comparing grades at school with our friends to comparing performance at work with our colleagues, we all grew up.  Advertisements

The comparison game is endless, and we keep comparing ourselves with others in terms of prosperity, success, fame, etc.

So, if you’re someone most people wish to be, either they get inspired by you, or they may envy you.

If it’s the second case, people may envy your confidence, ability to be yourself, success, or something else. They want to be like you and be able to say they are just as capable as you. However, their attitude and mentality keep them from becoming their dream personality.Advertisements

11. You Always Steal the Show.

Are you always the center of attention at parties or gatherings? Maybe it’s your stunning good looks or your natural charm that has everyone enchanted, but whatever the case may be, it seems as if you’ve got everyone in the palm of your hand.

If yes, it may be why people are jealous of you.Advertisements

People are always jealous of someone who always steal everyone’s attention. It’s not easy to be the center of attention, but if you can do it, it’s a coveted position.  

People envy you because you can pull off the perfect act, whether it’s grabbing the spotlight at a party or getting the best grades in school. They feel jealous of each quality that helps you become the show star.

12. You Achieve Quick Success in Everything You Try.

Do you always have to work hard to succeed in the things you try, or is it (mostly) easy for you?

If it’s the latter, it may be why people are jealous of you.

People envy those who quickly succeed in everything they try. They don’t understand how you do it, so they can’t help but envy you. They feel they can never achieve the same level of success as you or are not talented like you to be successful in a short span. Even if they try, they think they would have to work harder than you do.    

13. You’re an Easy-Going Person.

Maintaining a calm demeanor is hard when the world constantly throws curveballs at you.

But, if you’re easy-going, people may feel jealous of you. Such people find it hard to keep up the facade of being tough and in control. So, They may envy your ability to let things go and not get bogged down in the petty drama of life. They wish to keep a positive attitude in every life situation just like you but can’t do it.Advertisements

14. You’re Not Afraid of Being Judged by Society.

People living according to society are always afraid of what others say or think about them. This fear paralyzes them and makes them do things they would never do if they didn’t care about what other people thought of them.

However, people may envy you if you are one of those minority people who don’t give a f**k about society.

They feel you’re not afraid to stand out and be yourself, even when you know everyone may not like you. You refuse to be held back by society’s rules and live life on your terms. Instead of hiding in the shadows, you go out and live life to the fullest.

The thought that “they’re a puppet of society and you’re not” makes them even more jealous.

15. You’re Not Afraid To Take Risks.

If you want to achieve massive success, you must be willing to take massive risks, Right?

But since childhood, society has taught us to stay away from risks. Thus, most of us don’t try chasing our dreams, and they remain unfulfilled.Advertisements

People may be jealous of you because you are not afraid to take risks. They see this as a sign of bravery and confidence. Further, they feel that your fearless attitude helps you reap the rewards, whether in terms of success or simply happiness, and they stay empty-handed.

16. You’re Joyful.

People may be jealous of you because you’re always happy. 

It’s not easy to keep your spirits high every time, but you seem to do it effortlessly. Maybe it’s because you’re content with the present moment, Or it’s just a natural disposition, but you always seem to be in a good mood. And that rubs people the wrong way. 
They may envy you for not being burdened by the same worries and concerns they face every day.

17. You Have Great Decision-Making Skills

People may be jealous of you because you have great decision-making skills. 

You aren’t confused all the time or unsure of what to do. You make quick and informed decisions and don’t get bogged down in details. You know what you want, and you go after it. People envy your clarity of thought and ability to make good choices and get things done.

You may not always be the best at everything, but you’re definitely one of the smartest people out there, and jealous people can’t digest this fact easily. 

18. You Have a Great Career.

Many people out there are struggling to make their ends meet. So, they might feel jealous of you if you have a luxurious lifestyle and a great career.

You have a successful business or a job that pays you well and offers a lot of freedom. You’re doing what you’re passionate about and feel happy with your work. Each day of your life is full of excitement. On top of all, you have a perfect work-life balance where you devote ample time to your family.

Everyone wants to live a life like you, but they can’t. So they envy you. Advertisements

19. You Have a Killer Personality.

It’s hard to hear compliments nowadays. Maybe, it’s because of a high ego or people’s unappreciative nature.

Let me ask, “Has anyone complimented you in the past that you have a fantastic personality?”

If yes, your killer personality may be why people are jealous of you. And yes, those jealous people won’t make any good comments on it.

People are always envious of those with great personalities. When you have a great personality, it makes everyone else seem like idiots in comparison. You come across as self-assured which is a huge asset in any situation. 

You have a natural charisma and presence that draws people to you. People are always asking you for your opinion or favors with something, and it seems like you always have the perfect answer. You’re able to make everyone feel comfortable and at ease, and it’s easy to see why people want to be around you.

You’re totally different. And people would love to have a stunning personality just like you, and that’s why they feel jealous of you.   Advertisements

20. You Have an Amazing Attitude Towards Life.

People having a great attitude towards life are generally happy and content with what they have. They don’t take things for granted and constantly look for ways to improve their lives.

So, If you’re one of that small portion of people constantly looking at the bright side of life, it may be why others are jealous of you. 

Those people want to enjoy and feel content in their lives like you, but they can’t. They want to stay upbeat all the time, just like you, but negativity instantly consumes them. They stress out a lot, so they can’t live peacefully and have a positive outlook on life.

End of the Line

If someone starts to envy or resent you, remember there’s no need to get angry or bitter. Stay calm and polite, and try to understand why they feel this way.

In life, some situations require no reaction from your side. And that’s especially true in case someone is jealous of you. Let them enjoy the feeling, and keep your focus on yourself.

If you need more helpful tips on dealing with jealous people, let me know in the comments below. Also, please share this post as much as you can.

I’ll see you in the next post.

17 interesting reasons people are jealous of you (and what you can do about it)

Have you noticed that everyone these days is jealous of you, even though you don’t understand why?

Whether it’s because of your success or lifestyle, jealousy is an emotion that comes from a feeling of comparison and envy. It’s a natural reaction to the things we want in life.

Here are 17 interesting reasons why people are jealous of you, and what you can do about it.

1) You’re successful without even trying hard

Let me take a guess.

You may have had a tough time getting there, but you’ve reached the top. You don’t have to do anything else.

Does this sound familiar?

If so, then you should understand that it’s natural for people to be jealous of you.

In fact, people are so jealous of you that they can’t stand it. If they weren’t, then why would they tell you such things?

And most importantly, you’re successful without even trying hard. And that’s what drives people mad.

The truth is that you may have had to work hard to get where you are, but you don’t have to work hard anymore.

This is the reason why people are jealous of you. And this is the reason why they try to bring you down.

2) You’re not afraid of failure

Perhaps unsurprisingly, most people don’t want to fail. They would rather not even try at all. But you don’t have this problem.

You have a lot of confidence in yourself, and that’s why you’re so successful at everything that you do.

You’re not just successful, you’re great. You know what you want and you go for it. Your confidence is a vital part of your success, and that’s why people always respect and admire you.

Sounds like you?

Then I’m sure that’s another reason why people are jealous of you – because they can’t be like you.

And you know what?

Being confident in yourself is a great thing. It doesn’t matter what people think of you.

And it’s not like you’re going to stop being successful just because they’re jealous of you. In fact, you’ll be even more successful when they realize that they can’t compete with you.

3) You’re resilient

Whatever life throws at you, you overcome it like a champion. You learn from each hardship you experience and apply that knowledge to the next hurdle that comes along. You’re resilient, and people can’t stand it.


Because most people struggle to be resilient. But it’s one of the most important skills to have in life. 

Without resilience, it’s extremely hard to overcome all the setbacks that come with achieving success. 

I know this because until recently I had a tough time overcoming a few setbacks in my life following the pandemic.  

That was until I watched the free video by life coach Jeanette Brown. 

Through many years of experience, Jeanette has found a unique secret to building a resilient mindset, using a method so easy you’ll kick yourself for not trying it sooner. 

And the best part?

Jeanette, unlike other coaches, focuses on putting you in control of your life. Living a life with passion and purpose is possible, but it can only be achieved with a certain drive and mindset. 

To find out what the secret to resiliency is, check out her free video here.

4) You’re humble and kind

Want to hear another sure reason why people are jealous of you?

Well, it’s pretty easy to understand.

The truth is that it’s not just that people don’t like you. It’s also because they can’t stand your humility and kindness.

You’re not arrogant, you’re not cocky, and you don’t even like to brag about how successful or talented you are. In fact, most of the time, you don’t even mention what it is that you do for a living.

So why are people jealous of you?

Because they can’t stand your humility and kindness.

It doesn’t matter what people think of you – they’re jealous of your humility and kindness because they can’t stand it themselves. And since they can only judge others by their own behavior, they’ll have to admit to themselves that they can’t be as kind as you are.

5) You’re good-looking

Do you even realize how good-looking you are?

Think about this for a moment.

Physical appearance means a lot when it comes to people’s perceptions of you.

In fact, it’s one of the first things people notice about you.

Even if you don’t know this, people are constantly judging your looks and appearance.

They’re always thinking about what you look like and how they can look like you. They spend half their lives thinking about how they can look like someone else, and a lot of that is because of how good-looking other people are.

In fact, if I were to rank people on a scale from 1 to 10 in terms of looks, I’d rank myself at an 8 or 9. But most people will say that I’m a 7 or 8 in terms of looks. And yet, I’m often judged as being better looking than most people!

Now you probably wonder why this happens. Let me explain.

Because we’re focused so much on physical appearance, it’s easy to get jealous when we see someone who we feel is much more attractive than us. It makes us feel inferior.

As a result, people are jealous of you because of your amazing looks, your style, and your charm.

And let’s be honest. There’s nothing more attractive than a physically fit, handsome man who cares about his appearance and is confident in his own looks. It’s not that people hate your looks.

They just can’t stand the fact that you’re good-looking and they’re not.

6) Your family is close to you

This one is a bit sad, but not everyone has the opportunity to be as close to their family as you are.

You’re lucky to be able to spend time with your family all the time now. You don’t have to worry about your parents working, or if they’ll be there for you when you need them most.

They love and support you no matter what happens, or how much money or success you make in life because they know how much they mean to you.

They’re always there for you, and that’s why you love them so much.

But I’m sure that this is a common phenomenon among other people too.

People who don’t have families of their own get jealous of those who do because they can’t spend time with their own family members the way others do.

And because we tend to get jealous of others who are more successful than us, it’s no surprise that people who don’t have any family members often envy those who do.

7) You’re the best at what you do

How many times have people told you that you’re the best at what you do?

If people are so jealous of you, then I suppose that it happens all the time. You probably even hear this from people who don’t know you. They may not even know you personally, or they may just be strangers on the street.

But they’re still telling you that you’re the best at what you do. And it’s true. You are the best at what you do, and that’s why other people admire and respect you so much.

They want to be like you because they see how well things turn out for you in life, despite your lack of experience and education in comparison to them.

So, let me take a guess.

You have a great job, and you’re doing it better than everyone else.

You may have started from the bottom and worked your way to the top. And by now,  you’re doing it better than most people who have been in the same position for years.

But even if this is true, sometimes you might not understand why people should be jealous of you.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you need to overcome this limiting belief and build a strong relationship with yourself.

So what can you do to change this situation?

Begin with yourself. Stop searching for external fixes to sort out your life, deep down, you know this isn’t working.

And that’s because until you look within and unleash your personal power, you’ll never find the satisfaction and fulfillment you’re searching for.

I learned this from the shaman Rudá Iandê. His life mission is to help people restore balance to their lives and unlock their creativity and potential. He has an incredible approach that combines ancient shamanic techniques with a modern-day twist.

In his excellent free video, Rudá explains effective methods to achieve what you want in life and get free of the limiting beliefs about your abilities.

So if you want to build a better relationship with yourself, unlock your endless potential, and put passion at the heart of everything you do, start now by checking out his genuine advice.

Here’s a link to the free video again.

8) Your friends care about your well-being

It’s already clear from points 1-7 above that other people are jealous of your good looks, your success, and your ability to maintain such high standards in every aspect of life. But now let me introduce another sure reason why people are jealous of you, and it’s that they care about you.

Well, this is a good thing. In fact, it’s fantastic news!

You see, many people would like to be in your shoes. They want to be popular, have beautiful friends and family members, and have the ability to maintain a high standard of living.

So when they see that you’re not doing well in any of these aspects of life, they feel bad for you and want to make things better for you.

This is a great motivator for them because it means that they care about you. And if other people care about me, then I must be doing something right!

So, even if others are jealous of you because of your friends, you should realize that there’s nothing bad about having people who care about you.

And this is a great thing because it means that you have friends who are jealous of you, who want to see you do well. So it’s a good thing to have people who care about your success and well-being.

9) You’re an inspiration to others

Let me say this straight.

You’re an inspiration to many people because they’ve seen your life and how you live it.

And they admire your courage, perseverance, and strength of character in the face of adversity. They admire the fact that you’ve been able to overcome all the obstacles in your way and still be successful.

And they like the fact that despite all the problems in your life, you still look at yourself in the mirror every morning and decide to be happy with yourself because of all that’s happened in your life.

This is why other people look up to you, admire what you do, and wish they could do what you do too. And this is another reason why people are jealous of you.

10) You don’t need anyone’s approval

Now I want you to hang on a minute and think about it.

Do you need approval from others to take steps forward in your life and be happy?

Well, I think so.

You don’t need anyone’s approval and that’s why you’re successful.

But this is another reason why people are jealous of you. They don’t have the same freedom to live their lives as you do.

So when they see you’re not dependent on other people to be happy and successful, they feel bad for you and wish they could be like you.

But the truth is, being independent and not needing anyone’s approval isn’t a bad thing at all.

It’s actually a great thing because it means that you’re free to do things your way without having to worry about how other people will react to it or even if they’ll approve of it at all!

This is something that I have come to realize about myself, and the truth is that I’m so grateful for it.

I don’t care what other people think of me. I just want to do my best in life and be happy with myself. And this is why I’m so successful at everything I do – because I don’t care about what other people think of me.

I don’t care if they hate me or love me, because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter to me one bit!

And this is another reason why people are jealous of you – because they can never be like you. And this is a good thing because it means that you’ve made a decision in your life that many people can only dream about!

11) You’re spiritually self-aware

Whether you believe it or not, the truth is that you have a spirit within you that knows what’s right and wrong – even if you’re not conscious of it.

You have a spirit within you that knows what’s right and wrong, and this is another reason why other people are jealous of you.

They just don’t have your awareness about what’s right and wrong in life, so they don’t know how to act until they get an idea of what the right thing to do might be.

They just don’t know how to act until someone tells them what the right thing to do is.

But even when you’re spiritually self-aware, sometimes you still have some bad habits that might be slowing down your success.

When it comes to your personal spiritual journey, which toxic habits have you unknowingly picked up?

Is it the need to be positive all the time? Is it a sense of superiority over those who lack spiritual awareness?

Even well-meaning gurus and experts can get it wrong.

The result?

You end up achieving the opposite of what you’re searching for. You do more to harm yourself than to heal.

You may even hurt those around you.

In this eye-opening video, the shaman Rudá Iandé explains how so many of us fall into the toxic spirituality trap. He himself went through a similar experience at the start of his journey.

But with over 30 years of experience in the spiritual field, Rudá now confronts and tackles popular toxic traits and habits.

As he mentions in the video, spirituality should be about empowering yourself. Not suppressing emotions, not judging others, but forming a pure connection with who you are at your core.

If this is what you’d like to achieve, click here to watch the free video.

Even if you’re well into your spiritual journey, it’s never too late to unlearn the myths you’ve bought for truth!

12) You can make decisions on your own

In the past, you may have been told to follow a certain path.

You may have been told that you should do this or that.

But if you’ve reached a point where you feel confident enough to make decisions on your own, then congratulations! You’re ahead of most people in your life.

And guess what?

You can take this even further. I’ve had people tell me that they don’t believe in making their own decisions.

They believe they should always follow the advice of others.

But it’s not a question of either/or. You can do both, and you should!

If you want to make decisions on your own, then do so. If you want to be guided by others, then follow their advice.

It’s all about how you feel at the time and what works for you in the long run.

You don’t have to blindly accept everything that other people tell you just because they’re older or more experienced than you are.

And if that’s the reason why people are jealous of you, don’t even try to do anything about it.

Instead, just enjoy it and keep on living your life to the best of your ability.

13) You’re not afraid of being different from everyone else

Do you feel like all the other people in your life are exactly like everyone else?  Do you feel like everyone is the same as everyone else?

You’re not alone.

Most people are scared of being different from everyone else. They’re scared of standing out, of being weird. They want to fit in, but they also want to be accepted.

So they end up staying in the same place, doing what everyone else is doing, and never truly living their life.

That’s sad. Because there is so much more out there than what you experience every day in your life. You don’t have to live in a tiny box that others have made for you!

But you know what?

You can be the person that stands out from the crowd and does things differently from everyone else.

And if you do this well enough, some people might be jealous of you, but most of them will begin to respect you for it and even admire you for it!

14) You don’t take everything so seriously

Do you take every single thing in life so seriously? Are you always so serious and focused that you can’t even enjoy yourself?

Admit it.

In fact, not taking everything too seriously is one of the best things about you.

It’s one of those things that makes you a fun person to be around because you don’t take everything so seriously.

You can just enjoy life and have fun without taking your life too seriously. You’re not stuck in a box or tied down by what people say or think.

You can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and however, you want to do it. And it doesn’t matter what other people think about it either!

So, if this is the case, then congratulations! You’re starting to become a better person.

But the important thing here is to avoid being concerned about the fact that people are jealous of you. Why?

Because it’s completely normal to be jealous of someone who takes life very easily.

15) You’re not afraid to start something new

  • Do you fear starting something new?
  • Are you scared that if you start something new, it might not work out?
  • Are you afraid that if you don’t start something new, then your life will stay exactly the same as before?
  • Do other people tell you to stay where you are and stop trying to change?

If your answer is positive to most of these questions, then this might be the reason why people are jealous of you.

The simple truth is that you enjoy trying new things in life.

But you know what else?

You enjoy trying new things, even if they don’t work out. And that’s exactly why people are jealous of your confident behavior and your “never-give-up” attitude.

16) You don’t let others control you

On a scale from 1 to 10, how independent do you think you are?

If you don’t let people control you, then I believe that you’re one of the most independent people in the world.

Who are you?

You’re somebody who doesn’t let other people control you. You’re somebody who doesn’t let other people tell you what to do or how to act, and basically, you don’t let other people tell you whether they’re right or wrong.

If you think that way, then congratulations! You’ve got a very strong personality.

But the sad thing is that not many people can say this about themselves.

Most of us are controlled by other people’s opinions and ideas about how we should act and what we should do in life. But not everybody is like this!

They have strong personalities that don’t allow anyone to control them! And I think this is why they’re so jealous of others who do have strong personalities like this!

They wish they had a strong personality themselves, but they don’t.

17) You’re happy

And the final reason why people are so jealous of you is that you seem to be happy with your life and you’re very optimistic about everything.

You seem to be happy and confident in everything that you do. You seem very optimistic about everything in life.

You don’t get jealous of other people because they seem more successful than you, or because they have a better job than you, or because they have more money than you.

You’re not jealous of them because they’re better than you are, but rather, you’re jealous because they’re not as happy as you are! And that’s why people are so jealous of you!

They just simply can’t stand your great attitude towards life. But what matters the most is that you feel happy. Even if you’re not as successful as a lot of other people are, you still feel happy.

And that’s why I think that people are jealous of you because they can’t stand your happiness!

What you can do about people being jealous of you

To sum up, the reason why people are jealous of you is not that they think you’re better than them or that they’re jealous of your success.

It’s because they envy the fact that you seem to be so happy with life, and they wish that they could be as happy as you are!

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it.

If you want to stop them from being jealous of you, then the first thing you should do is to focus on supportive relationships. Just try to spend time with people who encourage you instead of judging you.

And if this doesn’t work for some reason, then simply ignore people who are jealous of you.

However hard it might seem at first, trust me, it will eventually become easier and easier to ignore them as time goes on.

And here’s the thing: you have to trust yourself. You have to know that you can do it. And that way, you’ll actually stop caring about people who are jealous of your happiness.

They envy me, how to protect myself from negativity?

Everything is fine with you, but you constantly encounter envious people who try to ruin your life? will tell you how to properly respond to envious people and protect yourself from negativity.

Envy is a natural feeling of a person, because a person tends to compare himself with others in various areas. Therefore, as such, envy has no boundaries: they envy professional prospects, rapid career growth, appearance, health, a happy personal life, etc. nine0003

Few people like it when they envy him, because negative energy seems to come from envious people - they weave intrigues behind your back, talk arrogantly or aggressively, try to set you up, in general, they want to harm you in any way.

Especially painfully react to envy people with a fine mental organization - sensitive, kind, afraid to offend or offend another. Such people, caught in the sticky network of envious people, are often doomed to loneliness, constantly suffer from psychosomatic illnesses and are in chronic stress. nine0003

How to protect yourself from the negative energy of envious people?

Don't show off and talk less about yourself

Undoubtedly, it's nice to share your joys and achievements. But if a person too zealously shows his superiority, boasts of success, constantly talks about his excellent relationship with the leadership and victories on the personal front, this will in any case cause irritation among people prone to envy.

Therefore, in order to save yourself from envy, give up the habit of placing yourself above others. And about personal life - the creative success of her husband, excellent students and understanding mother-in-law - it is better to talk only in the family circle, but not at work. Because there will always be people who are deprived of family warmth - unhappy wives or single women. nine0003

Do not openly flirt at work

Especially with several men at the same time. Even if your professional affairs are going uphill. So you will not make enemies among the female half of the team.

Behave properly at corporate events

No matter how great your mood at a party, in no case praise yourself, but rather admire other people, the environment, the work of the presenter, the performances of artists and so on. nine0003

Do not show your superiority

If in a group or team you constantly feel your intellectual superiority, do not demonstrate it. This is especially true when dealing with superiors. Try to use your intellectual potential to grow spiritually and professionally.

Be tactful in communication

If you have problems with self-esteem, you should not increase it at the expense of others: “I am so beautiful, fashionable. Not like you." When communicating, do not offend or embarrass your interlocutors. nine0003

Cleanse yourself energetically

While taking a shower in the evening, imagine that you are removing all the negative energy that has accumulated during the day. If possible, take a shower after interacting with an unpleasant person. If this is not possible, wash your hands and wash your face. Do not forget to cleanse yourself in the same way after visiting places that are unpleasant for you, as well as places with a large crowd of people.

Massage the “third” eye

Massage the “third eye” with the bone of the index finger of your right hand, imagining how all the negative energy leaves and is neutralized in space. nine0003

Use the “Bricklaying” method

If your envious person is in the same office with you, and there is no way to change seats from him, do the “Bricklaying” exercise. Imagine that a wall grows between you and the envious person brick by brick. Carefully and evenly lay the bricks, fasten them with an imaginary mortar. Continue "building" to a height that is comfortable for you.

If there is a whole “flock” of envious people in your environment, surround yourself with walls from the right sides. Perform this exercise calmly and with concentration, you don’t need to wish envious people various nasty things like: “I’ll bury you, you will know.” nine0003

Take advantage of the power of nature

Try to take a walk in a park or square during your lunch break. Go to the tree, breathe in its aroma, lean against it. If there are no trees nearby or there is no desire / opportunity to walk, put poplar, aspen or lilac branches on the table - they help to protect yourself from negative energy. You can also put a pot of ivy on the table or make yourself a sachet filled with dried periwinkle leaves and carry it with you.


All this takes time. But what about those who constantly, for example, on duty, need to communicate with envious people? Tolerate envy and humiliation? Remain in splendid isolation? Of course not!

Do not make excuses

If you hear “fantastic” stories about yourself that are clearly different from reality, do not fall into a rage or, conversely, tears, and do not turn away from the conflict. Firmly and briefly tell the envious person that what he/she is now saying is not true. nine0003

Don't speculate about why it's not true, how things really are, and so on. Remember, any of your excuses will be regarded by the opponent as his personal victory. And you don't need it at all. Stop the gossip firmly and go back to your business as if nothing had happened.

RAS academician told how envy affects people's lives

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Will envy destroy us? Let's discuss the topic with Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Head of the Clinical and Diagnostic Department of the Scientific Center for Cardiovascular Surgery named after V.I. A.N. Bakuleva Yuri Buziashvili. nine0003

I am not envious of anyone

Are you jealous of anyone?

Yuri Buziashvili: Despite the fact that I knew what the conversation would be about, this question has now puzzled me. Let me see. Well, perhaps I tend to strive to repeat someone else's achievement, to achieve the same success. Is it envy? Don't know. Nevertheless, envy for me is such a base, such a pernicious feeling that I am afraid to offend myself with it. In the church understanding, envy is a sin. This is an empty occupation that takes away a lot of internal energy, bringing only anger and illness. I say this as a doctor. On the other hand, I know for sure that I have the desire to achieve the same, and maybe even more than someone else. But I never torture myself with questions: why did this person reach such and such heights, achieve such and such regalia, and I did not? Why is he better than me? Who among us deserves something and who doesn't? I perceive someone's success simply as a fact and do not feel any envy towards anyone. You can envy for any reason - this is a disease that is intractable. There are wealthy people who have many of the blessings of life, but they can envy someone else's meager success or acquisition. Being self-sufficient is a very essential characteristic of a person. Envy has no skin color or territorial habitat, it is nationwide and is located in the human psyche. A self-respecting person is unlikely to envy. nine0003

Maybe there are people around you who, in your opinion, have achieved more than you, or are more famous? Are you jealous of them?

Yuri Buziashvili: What is there to envy? I have everything. After all, I am a successful man myself. And I understand that the only passions that do not give pleasure are envy and fear. Envious people get no pleasure from anything.

Whoever envies whom has, it seems to me, his own hierarchy. They envy, as a rule, those whom they consider equal to themselves in intelligence and talent, but for some reason have achieved more (the duty set of "why" is always at the ready: proximity to power, connections, intrigue). nine0014

Yuri Buziashvili: If you recognize someone as smarter and more capable than you, then this is definitely not envy. It is rather a desire to be equal to this person. And envy ... envy is a black feeling. It is a pain. She quickly turns into hatred. This is not a desire to achieve the same thing that a certain person has achieved, but a desire that he does not have what he has achieved.

An envious person will do anything

Pushkin said: "Envy is the sister of competition." This is true? nine0014

Yuri Buziashvili: Yes, it is. But this idea can be developed. After all, you can compete honestly, or you can put a foot on an opponent or even kill him, which is a lot of examples in history. An envious person will do anything, stop at nothing. And fair competition - well, it is useful and necessary. Otherwise there will be no progress. But if you spend a lot of energy only on hurting someone, you will inevitably lose. As rust eats iron, so envious people are their own temper. nine0003

In some cases, envy probably overcomes laziness. Envy is a whip with which a person spurs himself on?

Yuri Buziashvili: Yes, this is a serious motivation. But, I repeat once again, envy must be translated into a competitive channel. There should be red lines that you don't allow yourself to cross. Because black envy destroys the soul. The psyche controls the physical health of a person - this is a fact. Envying, we generate mental deviations that lead to apathy, destroying health. Depression, irritation, hatred, anger are the results of envy. nine0003

Envy awakens ambition?

Yuri Buziashvili: I don't think so. Rather, ambition awakens envy. Being self-sufficient is a great advantage of a person in life. You can root it in yourself. After all, envy can be the fuel for your own achievements.

Compassion is grief for someone else's misfortune, and envy is grief for someone else's happiness

Envy often gives rise to villainy. Iago is jealous of Othello. This is the envy of mediocrity for a bright personality. nine0014

Yuri Buziashvili: What is the difference between a bright personality and mediocrity? Mediocrity has few red lines, and does not hesitate to do everything to achieve its goals. A person lives with great limitations and does not consider any means to achieve the goal acceptable.

Is envy destructive?

Yuri Buziashvili: Mandatory. She destroys the soul.

And for the one to whom envy is directed, is it destructive? nine0014

Yuri Buziashvili: It depends on how passionately a person envies someone and how far he can go in his envy. Mozart and Salieri are a classic example of this.

Probably white envy is "I want to have the same thing that you have". And black - "I don't want you to have what you have" or "I want you to not exist at all."

Yuri Buziashvili: Tell me, how many shades of love? It's the same with envy. It makes no sense to divide it into "white" and "black", it is diverse. There is envy of a colleague. There is envy of a rival in the struggle for a woman's heart. There is the envy of the poor for the rich, the sick for the healthy, the vanquished for the conqueror. Or, let's say, the envy of one great commander for another - Suvorov said about Napoleon, when he won victories in Africa: "The guy is walking wide, you need to appease him." Why appease? He seems to be far away, leave him alone. But no, the great general must be alone, and that is me. It is also very important how free from envy a person holding a high position is. An envious person should not be a leader. Because he will never surround himself with bright people. He will always favor the mediocre. nine0003

At my age, envy is a psycho-emotional anomaly

Have you ever envied your colleagues?

Yuri Buziashvili: Absolutely.

Can you give examples?

Yuri Buziashvili: I will give. There is a person with whom we entered residency and graduate school at the same time. I was envious that he defended himself before me. I thought then that this was the collapse of my hopes, although it turned out to be such a small episode in my life that it’s not worth remembering. Then there was a doctoral dissertation. I defended myself before. Then I became a professor before him. Then I became a member before him. Now we are both academicians. Can I say that I felt jealous here? No, it was a competition. nine0003

And that person?

Yuri Buziashvili: I can't speak for him.

Did he achieve the same heights?

Yuri Buziashvili: Absolutely. But there was competition between us, of course. You see, you are talking to a person who excels in his specialty. I had no one to envy especially, because everything was always given to me ahead of schedule. And I received my positions ahead of schedule. It happened in my life: I was appointed in advance to a position, and I had to justify my appointment. In this sense, I am not the most suitable interlocutor for a conversation about envy. Am I jealous of anyone now? At my age, envy is a psycho-emotional anomaly. Because you already need to think about what you fill every day and what you do good to people. And to think that someone has gone ahead and someone has a penny more earnings - well, this is already a very low impulse of the soul. Envy arises in every person, and then there is a differentiation of its manifestations of external and internal. To bypass the envied, to use envy for one's own progress - this is the art of controlling oneself. You see, if a person who has reached my status and position is envious of someone else, then he is sick. I assure you, an envious person is a sick person. Psycho-emotionally ill. And the first step from the negative consequences of envy is self-assessment of your emotion, recognition that you are envious, which means you are vulnerable ..

Envious people accompanied me all my life

Do you know your envious people?

Yuri Buziashvili: Envious people accompanied me all my life. But for some reason it so happened that without thinking about them (I give you my word of honor), I shut their mouths with my achievements. That's why I didn't feel them. They couldn't do anything to me. Although there have been such attempts. But I easily reflected them. And I have never received anything undeservedly. I worked very hard. So many. I can overcome what is sometimes insurmountable and find a way out of any seemingly hopeless situation. I have this. I just need to be "ignited", and I must know in whose name and what I am doing this. As an example, I can cite the construction of our center (cardiovascular surgery named after Bakulev. - VV). The construction was started by my teacher Vladimir Ivanovich Burakovsky (academician, famous cardiac surgeon - V.V.) at 1984, and in 1990, when it slowed down, I was already a mature person standing next to him. At least he brought me closer. And I managed to do a lot to complete the construction. Believe me, there were many difficulties to overcome, but I knew what I was doing it for. So why should anyone be jealous? Unlikely. Did they envy me? Certainly envied. Because such a career is not to be missed. Do I have envious people now? I think yes. But again, I don't feel them. I live on my own. And whether the fact of my life is a reason for their envy, let them decide, I am not a saint to envious people. I do not specifically give such reasons. And if they find them, it doesn't concern me. nine0003

The fate of the one whom no one envy is unenviable

Can envy be creative?

Yuri Buziashvili: No, it is only destructive. If a person aims to do a great deal, to achieve something, to win recognition, then envy is a bad companion for him. Although it can serve as motivation. If envy leads to inspiration, that's great.

And what is envy in its social content? For example, envy of the rich, inciting the desire to arrange life "in fairness." All revolutions and civil wars have, in essence, this fuse. Russia lived with this throughout the 20th century. We entered the market era with inexhaustible social envy, and the market, which created previously unprecedented poles of poverty and wealth, only turned on the heat. nine0014

Yuri Buziashvili: This is not envy, this is a struggle for one's existence. And this fight deserves respect. And envy is a petty feeling. It belongs to small people. And if a person has been envious of someone all his life and only because of this has achieved something, then this person will not cause respect from me. Do not look for anything bright in envy, there is a solid negative. Another thing is that sometimes a medicine can be made from poison. It depends on the dose. So envy in small doses can sometimes serve as a catalyst for success. And only with philosophical reflection can you find at least some positive in the word "envy". nine0003

A teacher's envy of students who have achieved more than the teacher - is not a good feeling? Do you have such students whom you could envy?

Yuri Buziashvili: One can envy youth, it is irreversible. The more years come upon you, the more you envy the young. But if by sixty you are loaded with the baggage you aspired to, then you will not envy the young. Because in your youth you were deprived of everything that you have now achieved. Did I envy my students? No never. Did I resent my students? Yes, often. Students are like children. They also reflect your life, all your successes and failures, joys and anxieties. It is necessary to compare yourself with outstanding personalities. I proved to myself a long time ago that if you enter into an argument with a fool, then very soon you turn into a fool to some extent. nine0003

Is it shameful to be envious?

Yuri Buziashvili: Envy is shameful. But don't be ashamed, no. After all, if a person can shame himself because of envy, then this is not a lost person. And an ardent envious person does not have high morals. You know, they say that compassion is grief for someone else's misfortune, and envy is grief for someone else's happiness. People who are not envious are rare - envy is so common.

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