Why fake orgasm

The 5 Reasons People Fake Orgasm

Why would anyone want to fake an orgasm?

In the film When Harry met Sally, way back in 1989, Sally (Meg Ryan) made it abundantly clear that a primary reason why women fake orgasm is because men like Harry aren’t as exciting in bed as they think they are. The clear implication was that women fake orgasm to bring a disappointing sexual encounter to an end.

But human relationships are complex, and there are surely other reasons that women fake orgasm. And what about men: Do they also fake orgasm? And if so, why? And what about faking that falls short of a full-blown fib? Why might a person who actually does achieve climax nevertheless feel the need to…embellish?

Peter Jonason, a psychologist at Western Sydney University in Australia, decided to find out. He recruited 650 volunteers to complete surveys about their history of fakery and various aspects of their sexual psychology.

He presented each volunteer with an exhaustive list of 37 potential reasons a person might fake an orgasm, and the volunteers indicated which reasons applied to them. Their answers clustered together into five groups—which can be seen as the five overarching reasons for faking an orgasm.

  1. The most popular reason for faking orgasm was to provide positive feedback—to convince a partner that he or she had done a good job. Well done, Harry: You’re not an absolute dud in the sack (except actually, you are).
  2. The second-most-popular reason is one that Sally would recognize—sexual boredom. When sex is dull, these volunteers follow Meg Ryan’s lead and fake it until it’s finished.
  3. Reason number three: to enhance enjoyment. These volunteers reported that simulating satisfaction would arouse their partner, thereby leading to a more fun experience for everybody: Essentially, fake it till you make it (for real).
  4. The fourth-most-popular reason was to avoid the unpleasant consequences of a disappointing lovemaking session. No one asks, "How was it for you?” with the hopes of hearing, "It was appalling and also tedious." Some will claim the earth moved, even if it didn't, to sidestep conflict in favor of a post-coital cuddle.
  5. The final cited reason was to deceive a partner. Some of these dissemblers might be planning to cheat on their partner. If so, then what better way to allay suspicion of their designs than convincing the partner that their relationship still has a sexual spark?

Spotting a Forgery

Do different people have different primary motives for faking? There were gender differences in the study: Men and women didn’t seem to fake orgasm for the same reasons. Men were more likely to fake to avoid conflict while women were more likely to fake to enhance sexual pleasure, but also to provide positive feedback and because they were bored.

The gender difference was more pronounced in cases of full-on fakery than episodes of exaggeration, or what Jonason calls “quasi-pretending." When men and women quasi-pretended, they tended to do so for similar reasons. But women who play-acted all the way through climax were more likely than men to do so to enhance pleasure, provide positive feedback, and alleviate boredom. It remains possible that men are similarly motivated, but less confident in their acting ability, given that the male orgasm is more difficult to fake.

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People high in narcissistic traits tended to fake for pleasure and deception, while those higher in psychopathic traits faked for all of the most-cited reasons except for providing positive feedback to a partner. Women were more likely to quasi-pretend if they were attractive. Men were more likely to fake if they had more sexual experience or were more interested in flings than long-term relationships.

Jonason concludes that, although he identified five primary reasons for faking an orgasm, it might be possible to boil these down further to two broad reasons: Some fake because they are concerned for their partner and their relationship, while others fake for more selfish reasons.

He also suggests that his research indicates that the common idea that only women fake orgasm is untrue, and that, "by including … 'quasi-pretending,' it appears that men may actually pretend more than women do. " Harry seemed surprised when Sally faked her orgasm, but what if he had been fooling her all along?

Center for Female and Male Sexual Medicine: Urologists

How Common is It to “fake” an Orgasm, and Why Do People Do It?: Center for Female and Male Sexual Medicine: Urologists

Both men and women pretend to have orgasms, and the practice of “faking” is fairly common. Research suggests that women are more likely to fake orgasm than men are.

For example, a 2009 study published in the Journal of Sex Research reported that among a group of college students, 25% of the men and 50% of the women had pretended to reach orgasm. Among participants who had had vaginal intercourse, 28% of men and 67% of women said they faked orgasm.

Women often fake orgasm by making corresponding sounds, like moaning or gasping. They may breathe more quickly or move in ways that make their partner think they are climaxing. 

Since men typically ejaculate when they reach orgasm, faking it may be more challenging. However, if a man wears a condom, he might be able to dispose of it before his partner realizes he hasn’t climaxed.

Men and women cite many reasons for faking orgasm. Sometimes, they just want the encounter to end, especially if they know they are not going to climax.

Often, people have their partner’s feelings in mind when they fake orgasm. They want their partner to think they enjoyed the experience. Or, they may want to avoid making their partner feel inadequate or anxious about performance the next time they have sex. 

Some heterosexual couples feel that there is a proper sequence for orgasm, with the woman climaxing first. So a woman may fake her orgasm to follow this sequence, even if she feels she will actually reach orgasm with a little more time.

Experts have also found that some women fake orgasm because it makes them more aroused, leading to greater sexual satisfaction. 

Many couples think of orgasm as a goal to be achieved by the end of sex and that if orgasm doesn’t occur, they have failed in some way. But orgasm is a complex process that may not happen all the time. Focusing instead on the intimacy shared rather than a big climax can make sex more fulfilling for both partners. And if one partner does not reach orgasm regularly, it may be an opportunity for couples to discuss what pleases them or experiment with new sexual activities. 


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Artificial orgasm | Be Healthy

Man is the “top of evolution” for that, in order to benefit from deceiving his neighbor. Anywhere - even in bed.

In the wild, everything is simpler. Guided by instincts, a male, for example, a mammal, pounces on a female with a very obvious goal - to continue the race. She most often does not experience any orgasm from this (higher primates or pigs are a pleasant exception), but she is also driven by instincts. A few productive gestures and you're done. The male, in turn, receives satisfaction and, with a sense of accomplishment, goes to graze further. And if there is absolutely no need to cheat with a beast, then a person is “the pinnacle of evolution” for that, in order to benefit from deceiving his neighbor. Everywhere. Even in bed.

Our brother is being fooled

No matter what we think, no matter how civilized we may seem, we live in a good old patriarchal society. Want, ladies, voting rights? Please! Do you want to move up the corporate ladder on a par with the men? Try for health! Pins you to serve in the army? Yes, as long as you can handle it! But no one is going to cancel your main task of giving birth. And therefore, be prepared for the fact that no matter how small the current male Homo sapiens is, sexual intercourse, as you understand, cannot be avoided. And whether you experience “heavenly pleasure” in the process is a second matter. Of course, “yes” would be better, but if “no”, then sometimes you can pretend that you have received pleasure from sex.

Reasons why women cannot orgasm


This refers to the inexperience of one or both partners. Either he cannot bring the woman to the "peak", or she still does not really understand what she specifically needs from her partner. Usually, with age, these problems are solved by themselves, but while the girl moans, rolls her eyes and wriggles "like in a movie." And to the question "are you finished?" answers in the affirmative.

Sexual incompatibility

This happens all the time. It’s good if the partners have only recently started dating and are only looking for each other’s intimate features and passions. The imitation of an orgasm by a woman in this case is a kind of way to prove to her partner that she is fine with him, and he is dear to her. But if partners have it, how would it be softer ... Incompatibility of calibers is a more complicated case. Either the man's sexual organ is too large for the lady - then she will give out moans of pain for orgasmic ones just so that the man finishes faster and the torture stops. If the boy’s caliber is too small, traditional contact simply cannot bring the partner to the pinnacle of pleasure. But why offend the little one? Would be a good person ...

State of health

You never know what happened. cystitis, for example. It is not very up to orgasm here, if

when you penetrate the vagina you experience pain or burning. Or the first day of your period. Where is there to enjoy, if you climb the wall from pain?


A woman is also a person. And she can be bad at heart. The reasons for this are countless. From a broken nail to a boor who crushed his leg on the bus. And since the female orgasm is less physiological and much more psychological than the male one, a lot really depends on the mood.

It's such a job

Have you ever wondered how porn films are made? Not amateur for a personal archive, in which you and your partner put the camera on the bedside table and do acrobatic sketches in front of the lens. We are talking about professional films of frivolous content. I'm telling. It doesn't matter if it's a short video with sexual intercourse or a full-length story, everything is done according to the laws of creating a normal movie. Namely, a lot of takes, during which the director demands to change positions, change the plan (that is, cameramen, lighting and men with microphones run around), for which you need to freeze, depict this or that emotion on your face, and so on. What kind of orgasm is there after an eight-hour filming shift?

Men cannot be trusted

According to statistics, from 20 to 25% of men at least once in their life only pretended that they had reached orgasm. How is this possible? Yes, very simple. At night, in a condom, under a blanket, and then the light would not come on. And immediately into the shower or a condom in the window. With sufficient acting talent, even an experienced partner can be deceived. Especially if you've been with her recently.

Or there is also the teaching of Tao. It is simply forbidden to waste one's own energy there. Therefore, Taoists manage to internally direct ejaculation not outward, but into the bladder. Which, by the way, is very useful for conserving energy, but damn bad for men's health. If such a Taoist ever wants a child (we don’t live in India, secular people), but that’s all. Sperm will follow the beaten path somewhere deep into the body. Look for her there.

Reasons why a man cannot have an orgasm:


It is unlikely that if a boy has sex for the first time and his partner is equally inexperienced, then there will be an orgasm. And both of them. So to speak, "dissatisfied with brotherhood."


A man, of course, is a funny animal, but also quite vulnerable. If the partner is not to your liking, few people are able to abstract and finish. For this, “mommies” arrange “brides” at the points of sale of love. No man, if he has not been released after serving a 15-year sentence, would want to sleep with a crocodile.


It's a myth that men want always and everywhere. After all, we all live in perpetual stress. Sometimes you just can't get the problems out of your head at work. Nothing personal, just not up to it.

State of health

It's not so bad if it's impossible to achieve orgasm because of the state of intoxication (although sometimes men deliberately drink a certain amount of alcohol so that the act lasts longer and the partner feels good). But more than half of the men in Russia after 40 years old have problems with the work of the prostate. And the reason for this is hypodynamia, venous diseases, drunkenness, weakened immunity and irregular sex life. In short, they are to blame.

He is a Taoist

Finished with oriental techniques.


Women pretend in bed more often for one simple reason - so that the partner reaches orgasm in turn and does not feel flawed. In any case, whether she pretends or not, conception is possible (if there is no violation of the reproductive function). And the natural encoding of all life on earth is to leave offspring.

Men's simulation of orgasm is purely selfish. Either so that the lady would not be uncomfortable, or to be left behind, or because of his own convictions. So it goes.

8 reasons to have an orgasm every day

Eight reasons why you should not shy away from sex and what benefits a woman brings an orgasm. Regular sex not only makes us more beautiful, but happier and healthier.

Kristina Gudikhina


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Happy woman

only benefit

Big savings on cosmetologists and cosmetics

Guessing a happy woman who reached the pinnacle of pleasure last night is not so difficult: her skin is radiant, her smile does not fall off her face, and stars shine in her eyes. For all this, you can express the highest gratitude to your lover - his talent helps a woman produce estrogen during sex - a beauty hormone.

Fitness in your bed

The same estrogen produced during active sex helps to keep the appetizing shape in decent condition. In just half an hour (some half an hour) of having sex, partners can contribute to weight loss - about 200 calories are burned. If you recalculate to the currency of the gym, then half an hour of sex is equal to 15 minutes of running. Instead of cardio exercises in the morning, how do you like this idea?

An increase in the army of fans

"Trouble does not come alone," says an old proverb. Indeed, where there is one man, there, according to statistics, a couple more charming guys walk nearby. All this is easy to explain: after sex, the body exudes a large amount of pheromones that attract men.


Click and watch

Sleep well and sound

If morning sex is a great replacement for exercise, then sex before bedtime is the perfect weapon against insomnia. Sex normalizes sleep, allowing you to quickly relieve tension after a working day, relax and fall asleep. Take note!

Smiles, songs and dances

We don't know a single woman who has a negative effect on sex. And all because sex is one of the ways to relieve depression, and very effective. In the process of orgasm, such an amount of oxytocin and endorphin hormones are released into the blood that the lucky woman experiences a feeling close to euphoria. In addition, these hormones of joy successfully suppress others - the hormones responsible for the state of stress, improving mood.

Home pharmacy

Sex can even be attributed to natural "grandmother's" methods of treatment. Do you suffer from frequent headaches or discomfort with PMS? This is not a reason to refuse sex, but on the contrary - a signal to action! All the same endorphins and oxytocins are your helpers in the fight against painful sensations.

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