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Take this What Race Am I Attracted To quiz to find out. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

It’s a Tuesday night in a run-down tavern, and a speed dating session is in full swing. A number of well-dressed men have gathered inside the dimly lit area to try their luck at making a new connection or two. Tonight appears to be a standard event, with the exception of one tiny detail: it’s a specialized date night for Asian ladies.

According to Shaun Comerford, general manager of Fast Impressions, race-based events are quite popular. According to him, the match rates are substantially better because prospective partners have already checked one of their boxes.

“I don’t know what it is, but I find Asian ladies beautiful, there’s something about them,” one speed-dater says.

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The Benefits of Cross-Cultural and Interracial Dating
Sophie Song, 29, is married to Han, a 27-year-old Korean man she met while he was on a working holiday in Sydney. Ms. Song says that she has always preferred males with brown eyes and naturally black hair, but she also prefers more feminine-looking men and is not drawn to those with huge noses and a lot of hair.

Ms. Song grew up in Sydney in the Blue Mountains with little exposure to people of other ethnicities, but she believes her ideals and upbringing are more in accordance with Asian culture. Also, you must try to play this What Race Am I Attracted To quiz.

She says she’s always wanted to marry and have a family, and she believes the Korean men she’s met are more “family-oriented.”

“In Australia, men are culturally encouraged to avoid family life.” That, I believe, is a popular cultural phenomenon. “Korean guys are more encouraged to have a family and children in their society, and that really hit me,” Ms. Song says.

Similarly, John Carrol, 53, of Melbournian, used an internet dating website to find a Filipino wife based on his previous relationship with an Asian woman.

About the quiz

Despite having previously dated Caucasian women, Mr. Carrol told Insight that what drew him to Asian women was the idea that they were better caregivers.

“I had this preconceived notion that they would look after me better than a lesser lady would.” “There is truth to that, and I still believe it,” Mr. Carrol added.

“She makes sure I eat something; I have a habit of going a long period without eating something.” She demonstrates genuine concern. We openly admit that we couldn’t live without each other – the first time she stated that I felt 10 feet tall.”

“On the other hand, guys have this concept that they [Asian women] can be bossed around and dominated and all that.” But, as much as I hate to break it to you, that is not how it works. They have their own sense of dignity and self-worth. They may take more than the ordinary western woman, but you can’t simply walk over them.”

He proposed after roughly three months of speaking with Edelisa and before they’d met in person.

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What Kind of Person Are You REALLY Attracted To?


Image: Shutterstock

You probably know what you want in a partner, but is it the same as the kind of person you are REALLY attracted to? When we say REALLY attracted to, we don't mean the eye candy that anyone with half a brain would find attractive. We are talking about the kind of attraction that you might be somewhat unaware of, but the type you always end up welcoming into your life. 

We cannot think of a single person who would disagree that certain traits are attractive to everyone. It's really great when we find ourselves attracted to someone with looks, money, or charisma, but it's not always the case. Our attractions run deeper than the things that can be seen on the surface. Our attractions are really uncontrollable, and sometimes not on the mark with what our brains tell us to avoid. It's best that you find out the kind of person you REALLY find attractive so that you can have your eyes open when the next suitor comes calling. 

As you go through the quiz, we will try to get to know all about you. We'll also look at things like your preferences and your past relationships. Once we've gathered enough information, we'll tell you exactly the type you are attracted to! 

What is the first thing that you notice about a person?

Their smile

Their eyes

Their personality

Their body




How long do your relationships usually last?

Less than 6 months

Less than a year

3-5 years

It varies.



Where do you usually pick up girls/guys?

Dating apps

Really random places

At work/school

The club/bar




Would you ever make the first move?

I don't think so.

If I'm drunk enough.




Which of these words best describes your flirting style?



I don't have a flirting style.





The body type that is most appealing to you is…

I don't have a preference.




Which body part are you most attracted to?




What hair color do you like most?




I don't have a preference.




You would like to be with someone who is…






Your partner has to be good with…







Do you believe that opposites attract?

Sometimes they do.

I don't think so.




What kind of kisses are your favorite?

Eskimo kisses

Butterfly kisses

Kisses on the cheek

French kisses




Which of these is a deal breaker?


Bad hygiene


Quick tempered




What do your exes have in common?

I dumped all of them.

They're all mean people.

They're all very sweet.

They're all very hot.




Saturday nights are usually for…

Doing whatever you want

Netflix and chill

Sleeping in





What color outfit would you usually wear on a first date?




Which of these dating apps have you used?



Coffee Meets Bagel





The person that you’ve been seeing sends flowers/chocolate to your office, what do you do?

Send them back

I don't know what I would do.

Send them a smiling face emoji

Give them a call




Your date starts an argument with someone who made a pass at you, what do you think?

Leave the room

Ask him to stop

I can take care of it myself.

Nothing, I'll let handle it.




How would you describe yourself?







Which age range do you fall into?




What is your zodiac sign?

Gemini, Aquarius, Libra

Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius




What do you usually call your friends to vent about?

My relationship





Which of these 2017 songs was your song for the year?

"Despacito" - Luis Fonsi

"Bodak Yellow" - Cardi B

"Unforgettable" - French Montana

"Shape of You" - Ed Sheeran




Which of these festivals would you attend?

"Running of the Bulls" - Spain

"Coachella" - California

"Oktoberfest" - Germany

"Carnival" - Trinidad and Tobago




Which state would you take a girls/guys trip to?



New York




Which of these meals sounds good to you?

I would like to try something different.

Steak and fries




Which of these high school clubs were you a part of?

The student council

Photography club

The debate club

Another club




What did you mostly do in college?

I didn't go to college.

Worked hard

Slept a lot

Partied hard




Which of these is a reason why you would get arrested?



I would never get arrested.




You Got:

Test: What nationality is your sexuality? Ustaliy.ru

in Psychological tests

published Psychologist

Everyone knows that each country has its own sexual customs and traditions that affect sexuality and temperament. Do you want to know more about your sexuality? What nationality do you most resemble in bed? After passing this test, you will find out which country you have the bed "mentality" of.

    • Daily, but there are exceptions

    • Several times a week

    • About once a week

    • Several times a month

    • About once a month

    • It was so long ago that I can't remember

    • About an hour

    • Several days

    • Week

    • Never

    • Sometimes

    • Permanent

    • Long legs

    • Sensual lips

    • Slim hips

    • Expressive eyes

    • Pumped torso

    • Beautiful back

    • Strawberry

    • Oysters

    • Red wine

    • Whipped cream

    • Masala

    • Chocolate

Did you like it?

59 Points

Yes No


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Questions about sports: sports quiz with answers

  • Oleg Andronik
  • Questions

Everyone has a favorite sport that he likes to watch. But how much do you know about your favorite sport, athletes and teams? Whether you're a fan or an athlete, these sports questions will test your knowledge.

The questions in this sports quiz are divided into different categories of sports games and sports and are suitable for children and adults. They range from simple sports questions to complex sports questions. Every question has an answer. So you can fill the gap in your knowledge about sports.

And now it's time to test yourself in a sports quiz.

General sports questions

The first round of general sports knowledge consists of simpler questions suitable for any audience. For this round we have 15 general questions about sports

  1. What type of sporting event did Mark Twain call "a good walk ruined"? (Answer: Golf)
  2. At what races in 1995 did jockey Frankie Dettori win all seven races in the UK? (Royal Ascot)
  3. What was the first football player to score five goals in one match at the World Cup? (Answer: Oleg Salenko in the Russian national team) (Test yourself how many questions you can answer in this football quiz?)
  4. Which sport's playground is exactly 274 cm long and 152. 5 cm wide? (Answer. Table tennis)
  5. What color is the center of an archery target? (Yellow)
  6. Who won the first Rugby World Cup in 1987? (Answer: New Zealand)
  7. How many balls are in snooker? (Answer: 22 balls)
  8. Which annual sporting event attracts the most spectators and live fans at the event? (Answer: The Tour de France cycling race. The number of spectators and fans who line up along the cycle route is an average of 12 million people).
  9. Which sport can only be played with the right hand? (Answer. Horse polo)
  10. Who was the first boxer to defeat Muhammad Ali? (Answer: Joe Frazier)
  11. What is the total marathon distance? (Answer: 42 km. 195 m)
  12. In what sport do teams compete for the Stanley Cup? (Men's Ice Hockey)
  13. What is the national and most popular sport in Canada? (Answer: Lacrosse, which even surprised me! That's a trick question)
  14. What is the current men's high jump world record? (Answer. 2.45 m, which was established and still holds by the Cuban Javier Sotomayor at 1993).
  15. In Finland there is a wife-carrying competition with obstacles, where the husband has to carry his wife throughout the distance. Is it true that the winner gets the weight of a woman in deer meat? (Answer: False, they get their partner's weight in beer!)

Interesting Sports Questions

  1. How big is a baseball? (Answer. From 22.9 cm to 23.5 cm in circumference).
  2. What sport is called the "king and queen of sports"? (Answer. Football and athletics).
  3. Who was the first and only wild card to win Wimbledon? (Answer: Goran Ivanisevic in 2001)
  4. Which is the only country that has participated in every World Cup? (Answer: Brazil)
  5. In track and field, competitors need to complete three steps to complete the triple jump. What are the steps? (“leap”, “step”, “jump”)
  6. What was the name of the American athlete who won three Olympic gold medals in team volleyball? (Answer. Volleyball player Karch Kiraly)
  7. In 1988, this pair of athletes were crowned absolute world champions in sports acrobatics. Who are they? (Answer. Married couple Yevgeny Makhalichev - Svetlana Grozdova-Makhalicheva)
  8. What boxer was the 1980 film Raging Bull about? (Answer: The film is about boxer Jake LaMotta)
  9. In 1976, this gymnast became the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 in the Olympics. What was her name and what country did she represent? (Answer. Romanian gymnast Nadia Komenech)
  10. What sports athletes regularly eat chankonabe, a protein-rich pot-cooked dish? (Answer: Sumo wrestlers)
  11. What are the four styles of swimming? (Answer: Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and crawl or otherwise freestyle)
  12. What are the three types of melee weapons used in competitive fencing? (Answer: Saber, Foil and Epee)
  13. This country is known for producing the most Formula One World Championship winning drivers. What is this country and how many winners does it have? (Answer. Great Britain, 10 winners)
  14. Modern pentathlon (pentathlon) is running, shooting and riding. What other two sports are represented? (Answer: Swimming and fencing)
  15. In which sport do athletes say "catch a crab"? (Answer. Rowing)

For sports motivation, I advise you to read quotes about sports from famous athletes.

Sports Quiz: Sports Nicknames

Most great athletes and teams have a sports nickname that is said fondly after a win or cursed when they lose. Check yourself and other members if they know these nicknames in this section.

  1. What was the nickname of football player Fitz Hall? (One Size)
  2. Which of the German strikers was nicknamed "Bomber" or "National Scorer"? (Gerd Müller)
  3. What was the nickname of British ski jumper Eddie Edwards? (Eddie Eagle)
  4. Which basketball team was known as the Dream Team? (Team USA)
  5. Baseball player Mike Trout is known by what nickname? (The Millville Meteor)
  6. What is the cinematic nickname given to the great Martin Offia of the British Rugby League? (Chariots «Chariots»)
  7. What is the nickname of the Belarusian UFC fighter Vladimir Matyushenko? (Known as "The Cleaner")
  8. World boxing champion Marco Antonio Barrera, what was his name? ("Baby-faced Killer")
  9. Who is nicknamed "Thunder from the Deep"? (Boxer Konstantin Tszyu)
  10. Which of the athletes is called the nickname "AK-47"? (Basketball player Andrey Kirilenko)
  11. What was the name of the biathlete Ursula Disl? ("Turbo-Diesel")
  12. Tennis player Roscoe Tanner received what nickname? (The Cannonball "Cannonball")
  13. What is the nickname of hockey player Alexander Ovechkin? ("Alexander the Great")
  14. Which of the athletes received the Nickname "Albatross"? (Swimmer Michael Gross got this nickname for his huge arm span - 213 cm. )
  15. By what nicknames was the cyclist Robert de Wild known? ("Flying Dutchman" and "Afro-Bob").

Olympiad, Olympic Games quiz

It's time for the final round dedicated to the pinnacle of sports glory - the Olympic Games. Complete the quiz with these 15 Olympic-themed questions.

  1. Which country has most often participated in the Olympic Games but has not won a medal? (Answer: Monaco, 28 games without medals)
  2. What were the winners of the games at the first modern Olympics awarded with? (Answer, with silver medals)
  3. How many medals did China win at the 2008 Beijing Olympics? (Answer: 100 medals: 51 gold, 21 silver and 28 bronze).
  4. Who was the first athlete not to pass a drug test at the Olympic Games? (Answer: The first victim in history was the Swede Hans-Gunnar Liljenvall).
  5. Which swimmer won seven gold medals at the 1972 Olympics? (Answer. American swimmer Mark Spitz)
  6. Who won five gold medals in front of an angry Fuhrer, ruining his home Olympics? (Answer. Black track and field athlete Jesse Owens)
  7. Who is called the "queen of Soviet gymnastics" who won the most Olympic medals? (Answer: Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina with 18 medals: 9 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze)
  8. At what Olympic Games did basketball player LeBron James win his first gold medal? (Answer: At the Beijing Olympics in 2008).
  9. In what year did Soviet athletes win the basketball tournament of the Olympic Games and with whom did they play in the final? (1972, USSR v. USA)
  10. Which athlete holds the absolute record for the number of Olympic gold medals? (Answer: American swimmer Michael Phelps: 23 medals)
  11. Which country remains the most titled Olympic field hockey team? (Answer: Indian men's team).
  12. How many times have the Olympic Games been cancelled? (Answer: 4 times: 1912, 1940, 1944, 2020)
  13. Where will the next 2024 Olympic Games be held? (Answer: In Paris)
  14. Until 2021, how many times has the Summer Olympics been held in Asia? (Answer. 4 times: 1964, 1988, 2008, 2020 (1921).
  15. How many new sports have been added to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games? (Answer: 5 types: baseball and softball, karate, surfing, rock climbing and skateboarding

Before discussing questions about various sports, see the questions and answers for a quiz with friends.

Athletics questions

  1. How many lanes are on a typical treadmill? (Answer: 4 to 9 individual lanes.)
  2. What is the width and length of the running track in the stadium? (Answer: Track width - 1.22 ± 0.01 m. Length - from 400 meters for the inner track to 460.70 meters for lane 9)
  3. Which athlete is considered the greatest sprinter of all time with 8 Olympic gold medals and 19 world records? (Answer: B. Usain Bolt)
  4. What is the decathlon in athletics? (This is a 10 track event)
  5. How many runners from each team are in the relay? (4 athletes)
  6. What is a relay race in athletics? (Answer: A race in which each athlete of the team completes his part of the race in turn).
  7. How many laps does an athlete need to run on a standard treadmill in the 10,000 m? (Answer: 25 laps)
  8. What is the speed of the fastest person on the planet? (Usain Bolt 9.58 seconds in 100m)
  9. How many hurdles do athletes have to clear in the 400m hurdles? (10 hurdles)
  10. How often are World Championships in Athletics held? (Once every two years)

Questions about sports: figure skating

  1. When and in what city were the first World Figure Skating Championships held? (In 1896 in the Yusupov Garden of St. Petersburg)
  2. Who was the first Soviet couple to win Olympic gold? (Answer: Lyudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov)
  3. When did figure skating become an official winter Olympic sport? (Answer: 1924 in France.)
  4. In which jump does the skater take off forward and spin three and a half times? (Answer: triple axel)
  5. Who is the only skater to win Olympic gold medals with two different partners? (Answer: Artur Dmitriev)
  6. Which figure skater in pair skating won Olympic gold three times in a row with two different partners? (Answer: Irina Rodnina, won in 1972, 1976, 1980)
  7. Why are figure skaters Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean so famous? (Answer: They got 12 points 6. 0, one from each judge at the 1984 Olympics)
  8. In what position does the skater skate when performing the double lutz jump? (Answer: the skater skates backwards)
  9. What do Navka / Kostomarov (2003), Grishuk / Platov (1997), Oksana Baiul (1996) and Michelle Kwan (2003) have in common? (Answer: They all skated to the same piece of music “The Feeling Begins”)
  10. Which skater was the first to perform a combination of a quadruple toe loop - a triple toe loop - a triple loop? (Answer: Evgeni Plushenko)

Questions and answers about swimming

  1. How many swimmers are on each team in international team competitions? (Answer. 4 swimmers)
  2. At the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, who won the most gold medals in swimming and how many? (Answer. Swimmers from the GDR, 12 medals).
  3. Who is considered the greatest and most decorated Olympic swimmer of all time with 23 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 2 bronze medals? (Answer. American swimmer Michael Fred Phelps II).
  4. At what age did Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe become the youngest world champion? (At age 15)
  5. How long is the race track in an Olympic size pool? (Answer. 50 meters)
  6. How many laps does an Olympic swimmer do in the 10,000m marathon freestyle? (200 laps)
  7. Which style of swimming is often considered the most difficult in competition? (Answer: Breaststroke
  8. Where is the headquarters of the International Swimming Federation or FINA? (Answer: Lausanne, Switzerland)
  9. What is the order of strokes in individual medley? (Answer: Butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle)
  10. Why are sports swimsuits so tight? (Answer: to prevent resistance)

About sports: questions about golf and golfers

  1. What is the longest club in a golf set? (Answer: Driver (or wood #1))
  2. According to USGA regulations, how many golf clubs can you carry in your bag? (14 clubs)
  3. Who is the oldest player to win the Masters tournament? (Answer: Jack Nicklaus, he was 46 years and 82 days old when he won the title in 1986).
  4. What are the four major golf championships? (Answer: Masters, US Open, UK Open, and PGA Championship))
  5. Is golf an Olympic sport or not? (Answer: yes since 2016)
  6. What is the name of the biennial tournament between women golfers in Europe and the USA? (Answer: Solheim Cup).
  7. What is the oldest golf course in the world? (Answer: Old Course "Old Course", built in 1552).
  8. Which country has the most golf courses? (Most in the US).
  9. Who is known as the king of golf? (Arnold Daniel Palmer, who turned golf from a game for the elite into a sport for the masses).
  10. In which major golf tournament does the winner get the green jacket? (Answer: Masters)

For rugby fans, questions about the sport

  1. Who is credited with inventing "rugby union"? (Reply to William Webb Ellis)
  2. In which city did Ireland defeat New Zealand for the first time? (Answer. Chicago in 2018).
  3. Who is the youngest rugby player to play 50 matches for their country? (Answer. Georgian Vasil Lobzhanidze - 23 years and 110 days)
  4. Which country has won the Six Nations Cup the most times? (England with 28 clean sheets).
  5. Who is the top scorer in the Six Nations Cup with 26 tries? (Answer: outside center Brian O'Driscoll.)
  6. What is the nickname of the Japan national rugby team? (Answer: Cherry Blossoms, and since 2015 Brave Blossoms).
  7. Who won the 2017 Women's Rugby World Cup? (Answer: England won.)
  8. Which country does the Sipi Tau before the game? (Answer: Tonga)
  9. In what year did the British and Irish Lions play their first international match? (In 1888)
  10. What is the nickname of the New Zealand rugby league team? (Answer: Kiwis in Rugby Union are known as All Blacks).

Sports Questions: Baseball Quiz

  1. What was the name of the baseball player who was inducted into the Hall of Fame for inventing the curved ball? (Answer: William Arthur "Candy" Cummings)
  2. What does the abbreviation "AB" mean? (Answer: batting)
  3. Who was the first major league player to hit the ball at over 160 km. in hour? (Answer: Nolan Ryan. His legendary fastball was nicknamed the "Ryan Express")
  4. What does the term "double homicide" mean in baseball jargon? (Answer: double play)
  5. Which player holds the record for hitting balls? (Answer: Shortstop Hughie Jennings hit the ball 287 times in his career)
  6. How many baseballs could Johnny Bench hold in one hand? (Answer: 7 balls)
  7. Which team has won more World Series than any other team? (Answer: New York Yankees. As of 2020, the Yankees hold 27 World Series titles)
  8. What pitcher didn't have a right hand? (Answer: Jim Abbott)
  9. Which player was killed by a pitch by Yankees pitcher Carl Mays? (Answer: Ray Chapman. This is the only pitching fatality in Major League history.)
  10. What year was Major League Baseball (MLB) founded? (Answer: in 1903)

Questions about tennis and tennis players

  1. Who was the first to win Wimbledon by wild card (invitation) from the organizers? (Answered by Goran Ivanisevic in 2001)
  2. How many Grand Slam singles titles has Serena Williams won? (Answer. 23 wins).
  3. Which Russian tennis player has won the most Grand Slam titles? (Maria Sharapova, 5 wins)
  4. Who is considered the most successful tennis player of all time? (Steffi Graf)
  5. What is the name of the tennis player who has won the most Grand Slam singles titles? (Answer: Margaret Court, 24 wins)
  6. Who is the only tennis player to win the US Open on three different surfaces (grass, clay, hard)? (Answer: Jimmy Connors)
  7. How many times has Andy Murray won the Davis Cup? (Once in 2015).
  8. Who is considered the founder of professional tennis? (Answer: Walter Clopton Wingfield, who patented the rules of the game in 1874 in Wales).
  9. How many innings can a player play in a game? (Answer: no limit).
  10. Who is the only member of the British Royal Family to ever play at Wimbledon? (Answered by George VI in 1926)

Questions about boxing and boxers

  1. Whose ear did Mike Tyson bite off during the fight on June 28, 1997? (Answer: Evander Holyfield)
  2. On October 30, 1974, a heavyweight match was held in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo called "The Fight in the Jungle". Who was Muhammad Ali's opponent in this match? (Answer: George Foreman losing to Muhammad Ali)
  3. I was known as the father of modern boxing. Who am I? (Answer: James Corbett)
  4. What is Mike Tyson's boxing nickname? (Answer: "Iron Mike")
  5. In what round was Muhammad Ali knocked out in his first fight against Joe Frazier? (Answer: in the 15th round)
  6. By what age did Kostya Tszyu become the world champion? (Answer: by the age of 25, having won everything from bronze to gold).
  7. In what year was Konstantin Tszyu inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame? (Answer: in 2011)
  8. Who is considered the founder of the Soviet school of boxing? (Answer. Arkady Kharlampiev)
  9. Which Soviet boxer saved the commander of a partisan detachment by knocking out two Germans? (Answer: Nikolai Korolev in 1942).
  10. What was the name of the Soviet boxer who did not win a single world championship, but became a legend because of the fights in the concentration camp? (Answer: Andrei Borzenko became the best gladiator, who spent more than 80 fights in the dungeons of the concentration camp and won all of them, defeating the SS champions).

Cycling Q&A

  1. Which of the three Grand Tours (Giro d'Italia, Tour de France, Vuelta a España) is the oldest? (Answer: the Tour de France, first held in 1903, the Giro d'Italia in 1909, and the first Vuelta a España in 1935.)
  2. Where was Lance Armstrong born? (He was born in Plano, Texas, USA)
  3. What bike did Lance Armstrong ride on his last Tour de France? (Answer: Trek 5900 SL)
  4. What is the main difference between the Tour de France and the RAAM? (Answer: The Tour de France is a multi-day race divided into 21 stages, while the RAAM is a continuous (no stages) time and endurance race.
  5. What country is the cyclist Jan Ulrich from? (From Germany)
  6. Which country ended the 20th century with the most medals in cycling? (Answer: Belgium had 25 gold, 11 silver, 11 bronze).
  7. How many riders wore the yellow jersey in the 2007 Tour de France? (Answer: 4 cyclists: Fabian Cancellara, Linus Gerdemann, Mikael Rasmussen and Alberto Contador).

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