All wife cheat

Married People, Single Sex (1994)

August 6, 2022 Wilf Hunter Cheating, Cheating Wife, English Language, USA/Canada

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 90 min | Year: 1994 |  United States of America

Half erotica, half quasi-documentary, this movie purports to show the angst of three married couples who are friends. Think of "thirtysomething" as a cable show. Wendi Westbrook plays Shelley, who wants her husband to be more creative in their sex life. Clod that he is, he refuses her every attempt to spice things up until she decides to get into a master-slave relationship with a man introduced to her by her friend.

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Cheating Notes

The three married couples are:

Artie and Fran - Fran isn't having sex with her husband for at least a year now.

Mike and Beth - They announce to their friends that they're divorcing but still technically married. Mike still wants Beth.

Shelley and Will - They still have sex, but Shelley wants something kinkier, like master-slave sex.

40:50 - Shelley goes to Beth's house and finds her in a master-slave session with Richard.

50:30 - Shelley dares Beth to suck on her husband Will's tongue during a game of Truth or Dare involving the three couples. Beth agrees and makes out with Shelley's husband for several seconds in front of everybody, including her own husband.

54:53 - Shelley meets and fucks her new master Richard in a hotel. It's hot, made hotter by their dialog which goes something like:

Master Richard: You like it from behind, don't you? (while fucking Shelley from behind)

Slave Shelley: Yeah. . Ungghhh...

Master Richard: Why?

Slave Shelley: Because it makes me feel like a whore.

Master Richard: Does your husband fuck you like a whore?

Slave Shelley: No... Ungghhhh...

Master Richard: How does he fuck you?

Slave Shelley: Like a wife!!!

1:00:47 - Shelley wants her husband to fuck her master-slave style, but he says he can't do it while he is on top of her on the bed. They end up insulting each other, and Shelley cries and leaves to go to her master Richard's place instead. We then see her getting fucked hard by Richard. It's hot because we see the contrast between her dull sex with her husband earlier and her very lively sex with her master. Richard also tells her to not have sex with her husband anymore.

1:18:59 - Shelley fucks master Richard again. The scene is shorter this time.

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Categories: Cheating, Cheating Wife, English Language, USA/Canada

 Director:  Mike Sedan

 Stars:  Chase Masterson, Joseph Pilato, Bob Rudd, Darla Haun, Wendi Westbrook, Robert Zachar, Shelley Michelle, Teri Fruichantie, Samuel Mongiello

Genres: Drama

Country:   United States of America

Language:  English

Release Date:  1 January 1994

The Reasons So Many Married Women Cheat And How To Address It

Most married couples don’t ever imagine their relationship ending in infidelity. But the truth is that cheating occurs in even the happiest marriages. Why? Loneliness can play a major role in affairs, as does boredom, impulsivity, and alcohol. Sometimes a close relationship with a colleague is taken too far during a long night at the office. Other times a spouse turns to infidelity to fill a physical or emotional void left unfilled. But the root causes differ with every relationship — and rarely does the infidelity follow a recognizable script. For example, married women cheat just as often as married men.

“We have this idea socially that men are cheaters, all men are susceptible to cheating, that men are dogs, right?” says Alicia M. Walker, an associate professor of sociology at Missouri State University. But the data tells a very different story.”

In the process of writing her book, The Secret Life of the Cheating Wife: Power, Pragmatism, and Pleasure in Women’s Infidelity, Walker learned that women cheat at the same rates as men, if not more. Turns out, the cheating wife is not an anomaly. And depending on the age group and behavior, sometimes women cheat even more often than men.

“Way more women are cheating than we think,” she says. “We just don’t like to talk about it and we don’t like to think about it. You don’t want to think that your neighbor, your Sunday school teacher, or your friend is doing this. But the reality is, you know a woman who’s cheating, you just don’t know that she is.”

Why Do Women Cheat?

So why do women cheat? Some women cheat to avoid boredom; other women cheat because they feel neglected. Still, other women say they cheat just because they want to. The reasons for infidelity are complex and unique to each relationship. Walker makes clear, there’s no one specific reason for infidelity within a marriage.

“A lot of the time the reasons are physical, sometimes they’re emotional, and, sometimes, as much as we don’t want to admit this or know this, sometimes it’s just a matter of somebody having an opportunity,” says Walker. “There’s a lot of data showing that a woman will have an affair with a coworker and are more likely to report that ‘My marriage is great and I’m super satisfied. I literally saw an opportunity and took advantage of it.'”

The concept of a cheating wife contrasts a lot with what our culture tells us about women. To many, the thought triggers stronger reactions than that of a cheating man, which is more expected based on historical norms. “We want to think of women as not particularly sexual unless they’re deeply in love or they’re married or in some monogamous relationship of some kind,” Walker says. “We just don’t want to think that women are just as sexual and just as interested in having sex with multiple partners or a variety of partners or they get bored with marital sex.”

What to Do About Cheating in Marriage

Given the emotional and financial tolls of cheating, (not to mention their impact on children, which is bigger still) rethinking our preconceptions about female infidelity is only the beginning. Open minds are important, but when it comes to preventing infidelity, communication is paramount. All relationships need to begin with honest conversations about sex, preferably before marriage.

“Something that some of the women in my study brought up that I never thought about was that when they were searching for an affair partner, they were having these candid, frank discussions about sexual compatibility and sexual preferences,” says Walker. “When I got married, I never had any of these conversations, and I started thinking, ‘You know, that’s true, we don’t have those conversations.’ We kind of wander into these romantic pairings and we fall in love and we kind of think that the sex is going to take care of itself. But, according to the data, that’s not true.”

First, it’s important to be open to what your spouse is interested in. A lot of the women Walker interviewed said that when they talked freely about their fantasies or desires, they were met with disgust that made them feel ashamed. Cheating presented them with an opportunity to feel validated and accepted.

“It was really pretty sobering, to be honest with you,” Walker says. “This is a person who’s pledged to love you for all time and you say to them, ‘Hey, I want to try role-playing,’ or whatever it is, and then think about having the person that you love and trust the most say, ‘That’s disgusting. What’s wrong with you?’ If you listen to that for years, and then in walks somebody who’s not only like, ‘That’s not disgusting,’ but they’re into it, you can see how attractive that would be.”

Infidelity Versus Open Marriages

In conducting her research, Walker was surprised to also learn that a lot of the women that she interviewed were interested in the prospect of an open marriage.

“They don’t want to leave their husband, they love their husband, they’ve got a great life, but what they really want is variety in their sexual partners,” she says. “It’s not just, ‘Oh, I want my husband, and I want this one affair,’ it’s: ‘I want my husband and I want to taste all the parts of the menu!’ ”

Walker also discovered that most cheating wives see the act as an exercise in power. Old-fashioned chivalry feeds into socially accepted norms that can put women into subordinate roles early on in the relationship. For women who cheat, infidelity can feel like a means of taking back that power.

“They always felt like they had been chosen, rather than choosing themselves,” she says. “And then they go online to Ashley Madison, or any other site, and there are all these men, and now they’re choosing rather than being chosen.”

They’re given the opportunity to have autonomy over their relationship in a way that many of them have been stripped of within their relationships, despite being otherwise fulfilled in other realms. In the end, attentiveness is the key. When you’re with your spouse, Walker says it’s vital to make sure you’re thinking of her needs as well as your own. If you’re not, some could feel compelled to look elsewhere.

“You should really start looking at your own behavior in the bedroom and really make sure that you’re holding up your end of the table. Because, if you’re not, there’s somebody out there who’s more than willing to do that.”

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Do all women cheat? Are there no believers?







All women are cheating) just like it) is the same all mans.

A DO NOT change only




in short, those who would be glad. Yes, no way and no one))))

The list on the woman has long been known.




Available because you are bored with one man and want diversity, and tell us about your wife How did you find out about the change? Did she marry someone she cheated on?

women cheat mainly because of attraction, wanting someone in particular man. It’s just that some hold back, while others satisfy their Wishlist and desires.

There are both faithful men and women, those who really love their spouse and simply do not look at others.


The question is. that ONE is changed and the other is not.

But such as the author does not understand this)





is so clear)))

The question is. that ONE is changed and the other is not.

But people like the author do not understand this)



Jolit so it's clear)))

The question is. that ONE is changed and the other is not.

But people like the author cannot understand this) the more I read you, the more I understand how stupid you are




fool, did you even realize that your wife made the first wrong step? everything else is the consequences of her action

Even in court, both sides are heard.

in all respects, the author deserves BRANCHING horns.




fool, did you even understand that the wife made the first wrong step? everything else is the consequences of her act

Normal person in any conditions will remain normal, and not hysterical in pants





I don't understand how a person who put his own child on the street can be surprised at betrayals and pretend to be innocent



we can't know WHO made the first wrong move.

Even in court, both sides are heard.

in all respects, the author deserves BRANCHING horns.




It makes no sense for the author to marry the second time

There are deer. They MUST have horns.

This is nature.


one friend constantly cheats on her boyfriend with her ex and doesn’t even consider it a betrayal ... bueeee experts

Maria Burlakova


219 answers

  • Ekaterina Golikova


    46 answers

  • Vladimir Titarenko

    Fitness nutritionist

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  • Maxim Sorokin

    Practicing psychologist

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    Family psychologist

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  • Sergey Veksler


    23 answers

  • Vera Vladimirovna Zolotykh


    145 answers

  • Letosheva Tati

    Expert in Eastern practices

    6 answers

  • Alla Buraya


    81 answers

  • Irina Gudkina


    19 answers

  • #23


    Take it easy on the corners, bunny. I can read.

    A normal person in any conditions will remain normal, and not a hysteric in his pants



    The second time to marry the author does not make sense, but she has only one cheating there is a good reason, her husband does not sleep with her and does not give a divorce.




    Nyune -Gollychi on corners, Bunny. I can read.

    A normal person will remain normal in any conditions, and not a hysterical woman in pants, can you say this about yourself? or are you lying?

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    due to male infidelity there are fewer divorces because wives tolerate and forgive.



    I can. But you still won't check

    but tell me, have you ever had the whole world collapse? Or do you only hear about it? I don't believe it. do you know why? what is acceptable to you in yourself, you may not forgive another person - this has always been the case with everyone.

    tell me, have you ever had the whole world collapse? Or do you only hear about it?

    "the world has collapsed")))

    snotty tragedies have gone)))

    gone. trite. not funny. June 08, 2011 that ONE is changed and the other is not.

    But people like the author cannot understand this) the more I read you, the more I understand how stupid you are





    "The world collapsed")))

    snotty tragedies went)))

    . trite. not funny.


    tell me, have you ever had the whole world collapse? Or do you only hear about it?



    • Strange man

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    • Lost in a relationship

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    • ruined my life itself, I hate myself ...

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    • Irdate other people's relations

    • Brats



      Everything is explained simply: women are definitely less bound by the concepts of morality (if there is no fear of punishment for a woman, morality does not exist), women tend to forgive themselves for everything in advance and shift their guilt on others, including those who are deprived of normal self-criticism, tk. the flexible female psyche constantly builds powerful psychoprotection in front of reality, so that the woman would be "more comfortable" and sweeter to look at the world, well, and so on.

      why is everything so simple in the topics about "do all men cheat"

      And everything is so complicated in *** wires about "wife cheated"



      Speak, dear


      And the divorce does not give, neither itself, neither for itself, nor people?)


      Mushroom forgive in advance and shift their guilt onto others, including those who are deprived of normal self-criticism, tk. the flexible female psyche constantly builds powerful psychoprotection in front of reality, so that the woman would be "more comfortable" and sweeter to look at the world, well, and so on.

      In general, women are not a self-adjusting mechanism.

      Rigid frames - the woman becomes silk.

      No - the woman is blooming and there are no limits to blooming.



      Oh, don't talk like that, ok? Somehow it’s not comme il faut, to experience a tragedy, and then shout on the forum what a hero you are. And look down on others and teach life. If your world collapsed at least six times, this does not justify bestial behavior towards others.




      Not a wife - there is no infidelity and the case in the hat)



      Authoritative bandit in the region . .

      9000 # 45


      does not justify what the author admits in public. and obviously, as a person, he grew up after this story. but you didn't answer my question. Was he very uncomfortable for you?

      Bullshit about grown up. When they grow, they become more flexible, the frames go away. And then a person beats himself with a slipper in the chest and collects statistics that suits him.



      You can add the inability to control your emotions and control yourself.

      In general, women are not a self-adjusting mechanism.

      Rigid frames - the woman becomes silk.

      No - the woman is blooming and there are no limits to blooming.




      I have never cheated on my men :))



      Guest Jolitak it's understandable)))

      The question is. that ONE is changed and the other is not.

      But people like the author cannot understand this) the more I read you, the more I understand how stupid you are

      in solidarity. Jolie has no mind, no fantasy.




      I, I never cheated on my men :))


      Experts told why women cheat and how to prevent it

      MOSCOW, March 7 — RIA Novosti. The behavior of a woman's parents and girlfriends, as well as her reaction to films in which the wife is unfaithful to her husband, can betray a predisposition to looking for relationships on the side, psychologists and sexologists say. On the eve of International Women's Day, experts told RIA Novosti how to prevent the betrayal of a beloved woman and whether it is possible to restore relations if she nevertheless embarked on a "crooked path".

      Thirst for change

      According to the family psychologist, candidate of psychological sciences Irina Obukhova, the word "betrayal" already implies a desire to change something in life, if something does not suit a person.

      "He wants to change something in his life, but he is afraid to do it. Therefore, he tries to get in touch at the level of flirting on social networks, views at work, and so on," she said.

      According to a sexologist, psychotherapist, president of the professional association of sexologists Yevgeny Kulgavchuk, each person understands in their own way what adultery is.

      "Indeed, for some man, the correspondence of his wife with a classmate will be a betrayal. The woman herself may also think so, while the other may not think at all that she is cheating in this way," the doctor noted.

      He recalled that some women like to repeat the proverb "the husband ate too many pears."

      "This shows the emotional insignificance of this husband, and psychologically the woman considers herself free for love. Often this happens in formal marriages," said the sexologist.

      Crooked path

      According to Obukhova, the motives of male and female cheating are somewhat similar. First of all, it is boredom, a feeling of dissatisfaction, resentment and compensation for betrayal on the principle of "I will answer you the same."

      "But for a woman there should be a solid reason for cheating when something fundamentally doesn't suit her in a companion. However, if a man cheats, he does it not because he wants to change something, he often needs passions. But a woman subconsciously looking for changes, she wants warmth and affection, which is not enough," she explained.

      Kulgavchuk added that, as a rule, women are driven to cheat by feelings of underestimation, emotional emptiness, as well as a desire for fleeting passion and adventure.

      "Many other reasons can be added: from a desire for revenge to condescension from pity. There are fewer motives for male infidelity. As a rule, this is a search for new sensations and a search for recognition," he said.

      To find out if the woman you love has a predisposition to cheating, you first need to look at her parents, the expert believes.

      "Then look at your girlfriends, because whoever you mess with is what you'll get," added Kulgavchuk.

      The doctor also advises to watch films with similar scenarios together, then pay attention to the emotions and statements of the beloved woman when discussing the film.

      "Often, men at the reception ask me a question, how to guarantee the absence of female infidelity? I answer that everything is simple here: you need to love a woman and make her fall in love with you, feeling and surprising her, it is important to take care of her. You also need to respect her, be able to talk heart to heart with her, pamper and protect. Truly in love women who know how to love, as a rule, do not cheat, "he concluded.

      Punctures of a traitor

      According to Kulgavchuk, there are no clear signs that you are being cheated on. However, several worrisome points can be identified.

      "As a rule, this is an emotional distance, the emergence of new interests, habits, tastes, a sudden attention to one's own appearance. Also, the appearance of new closed "islands of time", irritability and anxiety when a partner tries to pick up the phone or look at the contents of the mail. Transparency changes to defending the rights to personal time," he explained.

      Obukhova also believes that absent-mindedness towards a man, inattention to his problems, can also indicate that a woman has relationships on the side.

      "For example, she often asks how things are at work, but does not listen to the answer. Also, at first in the house, she becomes more playful, she kind of shifts her attitude from the man she likes to her husband. But soon this disappears ", the psychologist explained.

      Understand and forgive?

      According to Kulgavchuk, the ability to forgive betrayal depends on the age, experience, wisdom of a particular person.

      "If it's appreciated, it's worth forgiving. Otherwise, you just might not find a mate. Anything can happen in life. It's important to be able to draw conclusions. And in a crisis period, don't continue to blame, but try to understand," he said.

      The doctor also emphasized that it is definitely not worth telling the details of infidelity to your spouses. After such revelations, many people cannot sleep peacefully, torturing themselves.

      "You need to understand the causes of adultery not in the kitchen in nightly vigils with alcohol, which sometimes end in beatings or murders, but in the office of a sexologist," he noted.

      According to Obukhova, casual relationships on the side that do not continue can both positively and negatively affect the future of a family, a couple.

      "If a relationship is in the air in a couple, then betrayal will only push for parting. You can consider going to the side as an element of novelty, which supposedly strengthens the marriage. But I am against this, because any betrayal is based on the phrase "we have no irreplaceable" "This is a depreciation of a partner. But if the relationship is strong enough, then betrayal can be accepted and forgiven," she believes.

      Learn more